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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 11, 2000

George Filer:
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Air Force Colonel Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper who was one of the original Mercury astronauts claims that the government has withheld information that alien spacecraft have visited Earth. Cooper claims the government has "swept under the rug" the truth about unidentified flying objects. "Each administration has probably tried to figure out how, with the least embarrassment, they could confess to this whole thing," he said. His new book "Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey in the Unknown" (HarperCollins Publishers, $25) reveals new information about his own encounters with UFOs. Cooper says "They need to clean the slate about what has been going on or has not been going on," Sitting on top of an Atlas missile he flew into space in 1963.


BERLIN -- My name is Carol, and last night September 10, 2000, my family was sitting out side and we all saw strange lights in the sky. They were flying in a circle coming together flying around again. If I could draw it on the computer it would look like a wheel. We watched for about twenty minutes. I wanted to call someone about it, but didn't know who to contact. When my husband got home from work he told me other people had also seen it in the sky and reported it. It was called in to some radio stations as unidentified. I have seen things over the years. I am 52 and it all started back in the 50s when I was around 12 years old. Thanks to Carol Alian10094


PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Chuck and a female witness noticed several strange flying objects in the sky on August 20, 2000, at 7:45 PM. He happened to have his Sharp Video camera with him and started to video tape shooting towards the sunset. A strange white disc shaped object was hovering in the sky. The object had a white and black exhaust or contrail beneath it. At first Chuck thought the object might be a rocket, but rockets do not hover in the sky for an extended period. The UFO started to climb higher in the sky and the exhaust or contrail disappeared. The disc was about the width of his thumb at arm's length with the exhaust about the length of his hand. The UFO did not appear to move laterally but climbed quickly out of sight almost straight up. Several other balls of light or UFOs are apparent on the film in the distance. The film shows a road scene, a restaurant, telephone pole and the objects in the distance. Chuck then zooms 64 times to a close up of the object that appears as a white spinning disc. The video is several minutes long and allows the viewer to see the UFO for an extended time. Further analysis of the film continues. Thanks to Chuck in Scranton.


ROCKY MOUNT TAR RIVER RESERVOIR -- Martin Richer writes, "I had a sighting of some sort in early September last year shortly after Hurricane Floyd came through this area and brought catastrophic floods. Many deaths occurred in this vicinity and rescue helicopters blanketed our area. My back door sits just 280 feet from the river's edge but luckily, my home sits high enough that we avoided major damage. Three days after the worst flooding, I took my boat out to explore the damage and as I returned to my home I waded towards shore when I stepped in a hole. I stumbled, dunking myself in the brackish flood fouled water. I rose up sputtering, gasping, and cursing, and tried not to lose my temper. I looked up and 500 yards across the reservoir was a craft of some sort.

It was about 25 feet across, and somewhat boxy in shape, although all edges were smoothed out and rounded. It appeared to be completely white in color, and had no visible windows, doors or, antennae. There were no apparent lights or seams. The sun had just set and was near the craft, but below the tree line. It made no detectable noise, and was at a distance no more than 100 yards past where I can easily hear a small motorboat engine. It just hovered there about 300 yards above the trees. It slowly moved away from me towards the north, rising slowly to 1000 feet. In a smooth motion, it accelerated rapidly and was lost to sight behind the tree line within a second or two. From the time I first noticed the craft or whatever sitting stationary till it began to move back and to my right took about 12-15 seconds. It took perhaps another 12-15 seconds to move out of sight. This thing didn't exhibit any flight characteristics unknown to conventional craft, only it's appearance and lack of sound was odd. Thanks to Martin Richer


COLUMBUS -- Researcher John C. Thompson writes, "A major break has developed in the February 5, 2000, central Georgia 'mystery boom' that was widely reported by Columbus news-media" Jim Steen of MUFON in Columbus alerted me to new witnesses in Mauk, Georgia. The Marion County couple were at home when at 5:20 PM they heard, like tens of thousands of others, a loud explosion that knocked items off their living room shelves. They ran outside and saw a high flying "tiny white speck" with contrail behind it almost directly overhead. Simultaneously, another object emerged at a 75 degrees from the contrail of what they thought was a fighter jet flying to the southeast. The 41 year old husband described the UFO as a "shiny metallic spear" that contracted and elongated as it moved at a dazzling speed away from the fighter.

The UFO looked exactly like a metal cigar canister that moved many times faster than the jet. At its greatest length, the UFO was "eight times" longer than the jet which could be compared near it. At its shortest, it was half that size. It "oscillated" in size as it flew away silently to the southwest. The wife said the UFO was many times bigger than the jet and was a metallic disc that was rapidly spinning as it sped away in excess of 2000 mph. A soft whoosh from the engines of the overhead jet could be heard. The large blimp size UFO--the husband said "was much bigger than any Fuji film blimp. It made no sound and covered a third of the horizon in only "4 seconds." It disappeared behind a stand of short pines. The visibility was excellent, ceiling unlimited, 65 degrees F, with little wind. The jet, whose swept back wings and fuselage could clearly be seen, meanwhile, was still in sight nearly two minutes later at a 140 degrees azimuth. Both craft appeared to be at the same altitude. It can be estimated, based on the fighter's small apparent size, that they were flying above 20,000 feet.

Within 18 hours 10 to 15 military jets were seen to be flying a "tic-tac-toe pattern" over Marion and adjacent Taylor County. This abnormal military air activity went on for ten days. Tree-hugging Blackhawk helicopters were seen within four days following the blast doing search patterns. The dark Blackhawks had absolutely no markings. Some were seen with side refueling probes and with forward "bulbs." Such helicopters, "Pave-Hawks," with refueling probes and forward infrared internal sensors, are stationed at Hurlburt Field near Eglin AFB in northwest Florida. Many thanks to Jim Steen and John C. Thompson, copyright 2000. All rights reserved.

Editors Note: The 347th Wing at MoodyAFB, GA. has F-16s fighters whose length is 49 feet 5 inches long. Estimated size is 8 x 50 = 400 feet in length for the UFO. Eglin AFB has F-15s that are 64 feet in length.


ANN ARBOR -- Daniel C. Hoppin writes that on Saturday, September 9, 2000, my brother and girlfriend were walking down a crowded main street around 9:30 at night. I saw a family pointing up at the sky and overheard the little girl ask her dad "What is that?" to which the father responded, "I don't know, we've never seen anything like it." I looked up and saw an object moving north, high overhead. At first I thought it was some kind of odd shaped balloon, but as I watched, it turned. The object was a red/ochre color, and shaped like a horseshoe, with the open end facing the back. At this point I drew my comrades attention to the object, and they watched it as well. The night was hazy, and the object wasn't lit, so it was not obvious unless you were looking right at it. My brother thought that the reddish color was actually a reflection of the downtown lights. We watched the object slowly move north straight above the street, until it faded away in the haze. A plane traveling a similar flight path flew over at what seemed the same altitude. We estimate the UFO was half a football field or 150 feet in length. We heard no noise. There are several blimps that fly out of Ann Arbor, but what we saw wasn't a blimp, airplane, helicopter, or flock of geese, it was solid, and like the little girls daddy said, "I've never seen anything like it." Thanks to Daniel Hoppin (Daniel c Hoppin)


CLEVELAND -- On Saturday, August 19, 2000, at 2:00 PM, Floyd Juillard was a passenger aboard an America West jetliner making its final approach into Cleveland International Airport. Just then, he heard the pilot's voice on the intercom, "Ladies and gentlemen, Cleveland Center has just cleared us to descend to 12,000 feet. Please return your seats and trays to the upright position." As the jetliner entered the inbound air traffic over Olmstead Falls, Ohio, Floyd peered out his window, looking north towards downtown Cleveland, and spotted a rectangular UFO. It was "silent and fast, heading west at (bearing) 260 degrees true. I was looking north at first, but I followed it west with my gaze." He described the UFO as "four lights spread in a rectangular shape and first moving slightly up and down and slightly east and west, close to the terrain. At times it moved to the west and traveling at great acceleration until it was almost immediately out of sight." He added, that the four lights, "Resembled Fourth of July handheld fireworks. Thanks to UFO Roundup Volume 5, # 36 9/7/00 Editor: Joseph Trainor

DAYTON -- Ginny Burgess writes, "Thanks for accepting my call concerning the article "Ridicule of UFO Reports Started with the Robertson Panel." I wanted to let you know prior to sending the reports we documented of numerous kinds of aerial activity happening here in Ohio. We made this known to various UFO groups and government agencies in an effort to try to figure out what was going on here. We not only got treated with disbelief but with ridicule. Many of the reports I have of what has been happening locally here, for about six years now, are ones that I have had to document much of myself because sightings were happening so frequently starting in the fall of 1996. There was so much activity happening here that you may find the numerous reports by local people hard to comprehend as having occurred. Thanks to: Ginny


LOVELAND -- On the night of August 25, 2000, my 14 year old son and I were returning home from football practice. As we were headed in a northerly direction at approximately 21:30 MT, my son exclaimed, "Hey Dad, what the heck kind of aircraft is that?" As I looked out the driver side window, I saw exactly what he was puzzled over. About 1000 feet up, directly over the city was what appeared to be a saucer or disk-shaped craft. This craft had, what I can best describe as a white, strobe-like light on top. Around it's entire circumference was a rotating orange band which seemed to revolve in a clockwise motion around the object. What was even more interesting was that this object then turned off the strobe effect and it's rotating orange light. At this point in time the craft was roughly 300 yards away from our car and we had been viewing it for about 1 minute. It then appeared to assume the conventional aviation lights of a small plane! As we turned west to continue the drive home, my son said "Look, that thing is following us!" It seemed to be keeping a parallel course with the route we were taking. As we pulled into our driveway, it remained on it's current course and we quickly lost site of view. The total viewing time of this incident was between 2 and 3 minutes. I am a computer specialist by trade and my son is a bright, mature, and fairly average teenage kid who dislikes being the center of attention. The only reason I'm reporting this incident is because we felt it so bizarre and it needed to be archived somewhere.


SEATTLE -- I awoke at 4:00 AM to use the bathroom on September 2, 2000. I heard a sound coming from outside that caught my attention because it was coming from the sky, but didn't have the focused, directional sound of a jet engine. When I looked out my bathroom window facing north, I saw a cigar shaped object with several bluish white lights on the side (roughly 1/3 to 1/2 way between the front and back). The object was flying fairly low in the sky in a singular, easterly direction and from it's size, it appeared to be fairly near. I viewed the object for 3 seconds before it flew out of the view of my window. The sound was still audible for a few seconds after I lost visibility. Slightly stunned, I returned to bed but was unable to sleep. I got up again 1 or 2 minutes later but did not sight the object again. (NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness, and we found her to be exceptionally convincing in her description of her alleged sighting.) Thanks to Peter Davenport


LOS ANGELES (AP) - An F-117 stealth fighter flew close enough to a United Airlines jet to set off the passenger plane's onboard radar September 7, the airline and the military said. The incident occurred shortly after United flight 174 left Los Angeles International Airport for Boston about 8:30 a.m., said Chris Nardella, a spokeswoman for United, which is based in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village. The Boeing 757 was flying at about 10,800 feet when its onboard radar equipment detected an approaching aircraft. Nardella said the crew kept the plane at that altitude until the Air Force jet passed overhead. Preliminary reports showed the United plane and an F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter came within 500 feet vertically and six-tenths of a mile horizontally of each other, FAA spokesman Jerry Snyder said Thursday night. According to Visual Flight Rules, which the Nighthawk flies by, ''this 500 feet separation was within safe perimeters for all passing aircraft's,'' Snyder said. The stealth jet, which is able to evade radar, was broadcasting its position publicly when the near-miss occurred. ''The F-117, on a training flight, was not in stealth configuration and was flying according to FAA rules,'' the Air Force said in a statement. Under such conditions the plane uses a standard transponder to alert other aircraft to its position, the Air Force said. The F-117 flies out of an Air Force facility in Palmdale, about 60 miles from Los Angeles, and the squadron is based at Edwards Air Force Base. The United flight carried 166 passengers and seven crew. Thanks to Kenny Young- UFO Research

Editor's Note: The article notes that the Stealth appeared on the jetliner's transponder and onboard radar. Some airliners carry a biostatic radar that can pick up Stealth aircraft. These radar's do not send out a signal in the normal sense but pickup aircraft in the general area. The Chinese Embassy in Kosovo used these Biostatic radar's to track Stealth Fighters during the recent war in Yugoslavia. After this information was passed to enemy forces the Biostatic radar's on the Chinese Embassy were destroyed.


Since the first of the year the sun has been near the peak of its eleven year activity cycle. There are more sunspots, solar flares and UV rays from the Sun than at any time since 1989. The sun is in the maximum phase of the solar cycle now, and it will probably persist for another year. This years activity is it's definitely bigger than average. Fortunately, our atmosphere shields you from most harmful radiation. There has been an apparent correlation between a lower number of UFO sightings and high sunspot activity. Last fall reports were averaging 400 reports per month but with the sunspot activity reports dropped sharply to around 200 a month. Larry Hatch has been conducting a massive study of the best UFO reports over many years had decided to compare high sunspot activity with his database of more than 10,000 highly reliable UFO reports. At first his raw data seemed to show there was no apparent difference between low and high sunspot activity.

He writes, "It took over 15 years to dig through all of this and catalogue some 17,660 sightings." I compared 239 months of Low sunspot (SS) activity with 193 months of high activity, so naturally one would expect more UFO sightings during the low months if you just take a raw count. Much more telling is the number of sightings per month, i.e., For LOW SS months I divided 6214 events by 239 months to get 26.0 events per month. For HIGH SS months I divide 4708 events by 193 months to get 24.4 events per month. Granted this is still higher for low SS months, but not much higher. I don't call myself a statistician, but would wager that they would not consider the small difference highly significant."

The U* Database Attributes deals with apparent or presumes activities of UFOs or their occupants. The majority of listings here fall into one or another category below. Here's the breakdown for Row #5, split between low and high sunspots months as described earlier:

     ROW #5          Low SS (6179)    High SS (4743)
                     Count  Percent   Count  Percent
     Observation     1669   27.01%    1230   25.93%
     Beams & Rays     458   7.412%     356   7.505%
     Samples taken?   162   2.622%      75   1.581%
     Missing Time?     88   1.424%      57   1.202%
     Abduction?       111   1.796%      65   1.370%
     Medical Ops?      39   0.583%      14   0.295%
     Signaling?       145   2.347%     120   2.530%
     Communication?   101   1.635%      61   1.286%
     All records --- 6179   100.0%    4743   100.0%

In all categories except one (Beams and Rays) the activities reported during low sunspot months exceed rates for those in high sunspot months. The biggest discrepancy is in "signaling", a loose grab of apparent behaviors indicating some sort of information transmitted to or from a UFO via lights, beams, radio, etc., etc. A classic example might be a pair of disks firing thin laser-like beams back and forth. This is nearly twice as likely during low-SS months. "Communication" means any transmission of information between a UFO "entity" and a human observer, often in the context of an abduction. Again this is much more likely in low SS months. "Medical Ops" are entirely or almost entirely within the abduction framework. Your classical nasal implant, if listed at all, goes here. With every caution against statistics of small samples, note the nearly two to one ratio favoring low-SS months. The 6th row specifies what is acted upon, or often merely "observed" or apparently studied by the UFO. Missing Time and Abduction reports alike are roughly 19% more common in the same low SS months. I find "sampling behavior" very interesting. Plants, animals, rocks, dirt, (humans?) Here the odds nearly double during low SS months. Whether simply observing or taking samples, something or somebody is acted upon. Row 6 of the indicates the apparent "objects of attention":

     Row 6           Low SS (6179)     High SS (4743)
                     Count  Percent    Count Percent
     Nuclear Fclty    104   1.683%      70   1.476%
     Dirt, Soil..     371   6.004%     228   4.807%
     Plants and Veg.  302   4.888%     198   4.175%
     Animals          220   3.560%     134   2.825%
     Humans           453   7.331%     303   6.388%
     Vehicles         907   14.68%     695   14.65%
     Structures       464   7.509%     331   6.974%
     UFO Landings    1281   20.73%     756   15.94%
     All records --- 6179   100.0%    4743   100.0%

In every category, low SS months show a higher incidence. Only Vehicle cases, (usually cases of vehicle interference) are in nearly equal ratios. Soil and animal samples, traces and effects show the greatest discrepancies. Nuclear Facilities are military and civilian and do not necessarily show "clear intent," often it was mere proximity. UFO Landings include cases where the craft stopped within say 2 meters of the ground, close enough to drop a ladder. Again, the non-SS months predominate by a nearly 4:3 ratio. Dirt and soil include trace cases (presumed landings) and soil sampling. The data accumulated so far, seems to indicate a smallish but consistent bias toward periods of low sunspot activity. The categories above, which generally indicate relatively close encounters, seem to bear this out more clearly than the raw numbers for sightings of all types posted earlier. As for quality of the data, please by all means check my list of *U* Database Sources: A Special Thanks to Larry Hatch for his work.


LAKE COWICHAN --On August 3, 2000, between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM three persons witnessed reoccurring UFO sightings. The witness reports, "At first there was only one that we all saw and it moved in a triangular pattern for about half of an hour moving fast then slow, but always in the same triangle shape." The object was dim and then bright all of the sudden and repeated this the entire time. We saw along the horizon just above the tops of the trees about a dozen UFOs. It was hard to count because they moved so fast, almost dancing with each other. During this time there were numerous shooting stars with a huge bright flashes that flew in the exact direction to the spot where we observed the UFOs. The UFO's were red, green, blue and orange. Most had like a blue/green tracer that followed it. These must have been UFOs since I have never seen anything move in such sporadic directions as these did. They could move across our entire field of vision in a split second and then be right back were we first spotted them."

PITT LAKE -- The witness and two companions were occupying a cabin on August 4, 2000, when they spotted a bright white light that suddenly "appeared" without warning at 10:55 PM. Larger than any star or satellite they had ever seen previously. The light appeared in the Southwest and traveled slowly and erratically to the Northwest before fading from sight.

VANCOUVER ISLAND -- A woman was on her sundeck on August 7, 2000, looking westward when she observed a shiny ball-like object that seemed to be reflecting sunlight at 4:30 PM. It was flying towards Powell River at normal speed for a commercial aircraft. She watched it for several minutes as it flew above Harwood Island. She could see it fairly clearly and was sure it was not a normal aircraft. She called for her son to come out and have a look. That was when it stopped, appeared to reverse its course, climbed at an incredible speed and disappeared in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds.

PROCTOR FERRY-- On August 17, 2000, the witnesses two dogs woke up and wanted to go out at 11:30 PM, when she saw an object with red, blue and green flickering lights around the top. Calling her partner out they watched the object move up, down, left and right without any noise. The dogs normally stay asleep all night. After twenty minutes it headed off and landed on the nearby mountain top. Its lights went out, came back on and then went out again. The witness stated there have been lots of sightings in Proctor and over Kootenay Lake.

SURREY -- The witness was driving her truck along 96th Avenue on August-21, 2000 in, heading west towards Scott Road at 10:50 PM, when she suddenly saw a bright light "appear" on her left, traveling quickly at 500 to 1000 feet. She thought at first it was a plane about to crash. It was heading north and had red and green lights on it. She had it in view for no longer than 20 seconds before it disappeared from view behind some trees.

SHAWNIGAN LAKE -- On August-21, 2000, we saw a spectacular fireball come down over the south island. The fireball was some distance to the west, over the hills, fairly close to the horizon at 10:52 PM. The center of the fireball was green, and it left a bright, glowing yellow tail. At one point it flared brightly as if it had partly exploded, and then several pieces glowed yellow as they fell.

WHITE ROCK -- The witness looked out of her window around midnight and saw a bright white diamond-shaped light traveling south to north on August-21, 2000. She was looking west. As soon as she saw it a car alarm went off across the street! She turned away from the window and next she knew it was 1:00, it seems that she had somehow lost an hour. Thanks to: UFO*BC and Gavin McLeod

THE 11TH GREAT UFO CONGRESS will be held at the Days Inn in Bordentown, NJ on October 7 and *, 2000. Scheduled speakers are Tom Carey -Roswell Crash, Hans Holzer, Life After Death, Antonio Huneeus UFO Briefing Document, Don Ecker The Dark side of the Moon, Vicki Ecker - In search f the Secret Keepers, Mike Mannion Project Mind Shift, Pat Marcattilio -The Origeins of Civilizations, James Mosely - A Skeptical Ufologist Sam Sherman - Edwards AFB Encounter

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