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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 18, 2000

George Filer:
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During the opening ceremony of the Australian Olympics, at around 8:35 PM EST, a giant cloth was raised slowly from the floor of the arena. On it was one of the most important Windjina icons in the 100,000 year old Aboriginal culture. The Australian Aborigines history seems to indicate that extraterrestrials visited Australia in the distant past. Sir George Grey discovered in 1847, ancient Aborigine writings and Wandjina hieroglyphics that depict a ten foot giant wearing a helmet and space suit. Thanks to John W. Auchettl and Phenomena Research Australia [PRA]


UFO activity has started to pickup as the weather cools north of the equator. I have noticed that the watchers take interest in various natural occurrences and disasters. They almost seem to know what is going to happen and move into position for observation. For example, UFOs are often reported near Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and hurricanes. Our satellites often pick up uncorrelated targets not in the computer data base indicating UFOs operate in space. We can assume the watchers advanced technology understands the intricacies of the world around us, By keeping an eye on their activities we may be able to predict future events. On September 12, 2000, the Sun unleashed a surprising powerful full-halo coronal mass ejection (CME). The leading edge of the CME reached the Earth on Thursday, Sept 14, 2000. Three more coronal mass ejections are heading toward Earth following solar eruptions on Friday and Saturday. The CMEs could trigger aurora at middle-latitudes when they arrive tonight and tomorrow. A severe geomagnetic disturbances including aurora at middle latitudes when the shock front arrives.

Over two hundred Near Earth Orbit asteroids detected have also been detected in the last five years. Some asteroids have been reported hitting the sun. In addition, after a long period of low seismic activity our Earth has been hit by a sharp increase in earthquakes in the last two weeks hitting the Pacific Rim locations of Taiwan, Indonesia, Tonga Islands, and Qinghai, China. These earthquakes are often followed by earthquakes in North and South America. For those readers who live in California you may have major Earthquake activity. Often animals pick up trouble beneath their feet and try to run away when an earthquake is imminent. So watch your animals and the UFOs for predictions of trouble. It is reasonable to assume that all these factors may be related to what goes on in the world around us. For example, the sun's activity appears to be related to snow storms and other weather patterns. Heavy flooding has been reported in Japan and the United Kingdom. Some researchers have even suggested the UFOs may be manipulating the weather. This cycle of activity may be more closely related than any of us suspect. I once studied cycles in relationship to the stock market. Many strange cycles are repeated every few years that seem to effect the stock market. I don't know what it might mean, but mankind may also be influenced. We're having elections in Yugoslavia, depending who wins we may have further invasions. To add to our woes many large animals are becoming extinct at a high rate. This week Time Magazine declared in major coverage that it may be "too late" to save the planet. Space Weather is at Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are listed on Harvard's College of Astronomy website


Dan Reichel, who has a PhD in physics from Caltech and Michigan writes, "I owe it to myself to stand up for what I believe to be true, rather than be bandied about by the opinions my peers might subsequently have of me." Their opinions on such matters are unfortunately the result of prejudices and lack of information. I am certainly not the first PhD educated physicist to come out in support of the UFO phenomenon, and I have no doubt that I will not be the last! "I think one of the biggest problems these days is that everyone seems to be content in treating UFOs, crop circles, transient lunar phenomena, extraterrestrial sightings, alien abductions, the Cydonia region of Mars, ancient astronauts, pyramids, etc., as many unrelated phenomena." Author Zecharia Sitchin certainly went a long way toward tying many of these together with his book, "Genesis Revisited." Unfortunately for the readers of Krapf's book, "The Contact Has Begun," it sits rather like the District of Columbia, and most readers may not realize that it is surrounded by a whole continent of additional, related information -- that tells a much larger story than many might be willing to put in print (lest they end up with burning crosses on their front lawns with suggestions like "the Anunnaki created Adam and Eve", or, as Timothy Good alleged in one of his books, they genetically engineered the personality of an embryo implanted in a woman 2000 years ago -- whoever that might be (?), to teach us to be good and kind to each other -- a lesson many of us have yet to learn). How many are ready to understand that the underlying meaning behind what Krapf has written is that the Nephilim of the Old Testament will be returning in 2002? How many know that the true meaning of "apocalypse" is "unveiling" -- not at all anything like "Armageddon"? Most movies and movie-preview-hype I have seen seem to use "apocalypse" and "Armageddon" as if they are synonyms, while an end to US government secrecy surrounding UFOs and EBEs is, in fact, an apocalypse, as is a formalized return of the Nephilim/Anunnaki after many centuries of "remaining hidden in the background." I'll be meeting with one of the priests of my Roman Catholic parish to discuss such matters this Thursday evening. Hope I don't end up excommunicated! Thanks to: Dan Reichel PhD.


Greg Avery the MUFON State Director who obtained his Juris Doctor (JD) from Tulane University in 1976, sent me a video taken mostly near his home. The video shows what appear to be commercial aircraft making contrails that crisscross over his home. The aircraft appear indistinct but this may be do the distance. The contrails appear much thicker and heavier than normal. Has the camera zooms into the contrail dark disc shaped objects can be viewed flying in the vicinity of the contrails. These dark objects or hockey puck like objects may be changing the contrails in some way. Later in the day a pattern of hazy clouds followed by cloud cover develops. Thanks to Greg Avery JD


SUMTER -- An Air Force Senior Master Sergeant writes that he has noticed essentially the same set of circumstances as Filmed by Greg Avery. Actually similar reports are coming in from various places in the US followed by cloudy skies and heavy rains. These may simply be coincidental occurrences but again a pattern seems to be developing.


In Jacques Vallee, "Passport to Magonia" there is a famous UFO sighting that took place in Japan in 1235, which represents one of the first scientific investigations of a sighting. General Yoritsume and his army observed mysterious lights in the heavens. The lights were seen by large numbers of the Japanese Army causing excitement as the UFOs circled, swinging, and moving in loops above the encampment. The General ordered a full scale scientific investigation and the key scientists of Japan gathered together to provide an explanation. Their answer seems very similar to ones we observe today. The answer read that the scientists had agreed that the UFOs were completely natural, it is only the wind causing the stars to sway." In 1361, a flying object about twenty feet in diameter emerged from the inland sea off western Japan.

The painting of the Madonna and Saint Giovannino, in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence is attributed to the 15th Century school of Filippo Lippi. The craft is hovering over the Madonna and child with a small angel apparently holding the baby Jesus. The craft is an oval or discoid shape with radiating gold spikes of light are painted around the perimeter. It's a fine painting of the UFOs seen today.

Berne Bennett from Tampa MUFON writes that a painting by the Italian master Carlo Crivelli adorns the Church of the Annuziata in Ascoli, Italy. The work, painted in the year 1486, clearly shows a hovering craft, appearing much the same as modern depictions of UFOs, emitting rays of light. The painting, called "The Annunciation," is only one of many medieval and Renaissance masterpieces that depict a UFO. All of these paintings depict aircraft that cannot be explained in terms of the technology of that era. We may, therefore, consider the possibility that the masters were depicting craft from an alien civilization.


KEENE -- Brian Crystal reports a good friend sighted a disk flying above Marlboro Street on September 5, 2000, It was a clear daylight sighting of a craft moving towards the southeast at 12:30 PM. It was flying in a straight line faster than an airplane at only a thousand feet up. There was no contrail and no sound. The UFO was quite bright and could possibly have been a reflection of the bright sun during this particular time. The disc appeared white, not silver-white like airplanes, and suddenly disappeared.. I told the local Keene Sentinel Newspaper about the sighting the day after, but was told by reporter there needs to be more than one sighting. Please feel free to share this sighting and let me know if anyone else has had a similar one. Thank You and God bless. Thanks to Brian Crystal


LEHIGH VALLEY -- Dan Shope, "Of The Morning Call" Newspaper reports, "A bright streak across area skies early Saturday September 11, 2000 prompted calls to dispatch center. Maybe it wasn't "War of the Worlds" or "Mars Attack," but there was something a little creepy about the sky on Saturday morning about 3:30 AM. Reports came from Northampton County to Lancaster County that something unusual was seen. It wasn't a plane, or even a saucer. It was probably a meteor or space junk, according to an official of Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society. "I didn't see it myself,'' society secretary Ray Hannis of Macungie said. "But someone who did see it gave me a call. "The way it was described, it was probably either a meteor or space debris. This light moved from north to south, into Lancaster County. That's the direction most meteors move. Usually, if the movement is west to east, it's space debris." A Northampton County dispatcher late Saturday confirmed the office received reports about the lights. A man who identified himself as a police officer in the Northampton area called to report that the object was huge with a color like a welding arc.

A meteor is a bright streak of light that appears briefly in the sky, Hannis explained. People sometimes call the brightest meteors "fireballs." One appears when a particle or chunk of metallic or stony matter called a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere from outer space. Friction generated by its passage through the air heats the meteoroid so that it glows and creates a shining trail of gases and melted meteoroid particles. Visible about 30 to 60 miles above the Earth, most meteoroids disintegrate before hitting the ground. Meteoroids can be traveling as fast as 60 miles per second when they hit the Earth's atmosphere. Most glow for about a second. Harris' other theory was that debris from man-made spaceships or satellites had re-entered the atmosphere, causing the bright light. But he was leaning toward a more natural event, a meteor. "They go across the sky, and then they just wink out,'' Harris said. "They just burn out or explode." ? Contact Dan Shope,

Editor's Note: Unfortunately the story didn't tell us how long the welding torch lasted, but we find most UFO reports last from two to five minutes.


FAYETTEVILLE - A 16 year old was talking on the phone to his girlfriend on August 21, 2000, when he looked out the window at 11:00 PM, and saw a bright light. He says, "I couldn't make out the object but it seemed pretty advanced to travel so fast and then slow down and stop. It speedup and slowed again. It stayed bright and moving fast for about 30 seconds but didn't make a sound.. It was moving at a fast speed and then just disappeared or faded out like a star or a light dimming. My girlfriend said, maybe the secret base nearby may be doing some kind of test flight. There are two military bases nearby one everyone knows and one is secret. Others in the family reported a bright light not too far from our house in 1997. My grand uncle had the same incident before just like what I saw South Carolina near Summerton. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


John E. Combest, Director Houston UFO Network writes, "I read with considerable interest the report from Mauk, Georgia where the two witnesses observed the high-flying UFO in near proximity to a fighter jet aircraft." The UFO was thought to be connected to the "loud explosion" heard just immediately prior to the sighting. What I find fascinating about the description of the UFO is its "pulsing" motion as it "contracted and elongated" in the direction of motion. I have seen a short segment of color film footage taken perhaps twenty yeas ago of a UFO as it moves right to left at a slightly ascending angle and passes over a hilly area. That UFO also appeared to pulse from point to point wherein it had a certain around shape at each of those points (perhaps 1,000 feet apart), but when moving from one point to another along a straight line it seemed to shrink to a small-diameter elongated shape. This is to inquire if the couple in Georgia captured any of the scene on video, and whether any other UFOs moved in a similar manner. Very few UFOs are reported to have such motion, and I suspect the apparent motion and change of shape are only illusions caused by the force field propelling the UFO. Thanks John E. Combest


TROUT LAKE -- James A Gilliland reports that on September 13, 2000, a very large golden object flew in from the west going east. It was below Mt Adams about two thirds from the top. As usual there were no running lights, no sound and it was brilliant golden white. It was much too close and low to fit any other category other than a UFO. There was another overhead sighting as well later that evening. Thanks to James Gilliland ,


ANTIGONISH, NOVA SCOTIA -- Today, I received an e-mail message from MUFON's former Provincial Director for Nova Scotia (Steve MacLean) advising me of a very recent sighting that he is looking into. On September 11, 2000, at about 12:00 mid-night a single witness saw a large white and amber orb with two red lights hovered for one minute 200 feet above the ground right in town. He called the police and Coast Guard that night. It moved slowly to the north and went below trees. It made no sound, had no wings, and did not revolve. My source is investigating. Thanks to Eugene H. Frison Alian10094

SUDBURY, ONTARIO -- Michel Deschamps reports that between March and June he received nine UFO reports, but four were the direct result of projector-type lights being reflected off the clouds at Sudbury Downs racing track and casino.

DOWLING, ONTARIO -- Vincent Hickey reported on July 20, 2000, that at around 10:20 p.m., he saw a blue light that exploded within seconds of being seen. Half a second later, a large, bright ball of light appeared from nowhere and hung there for a few seconds before vanishing. On August 21, at around 9:30 p.m., a Sudbury resident saw two white lights, side by side, that would flash on and off like the lights at a railroad crossing. The lights would also go up and down several times, and also move side to side before eventually disappearing from view. At around 10:25 p.m., my buddy and I were taking a long walk along Lake Ramsey on August 25, 2000, watching a freight train and noticed a red light which looked to be at the water's edge. As we walked a few more yards, we watched in amazement as the red light suddenly zipped across Ramsey Lake, from west to east and disappeared. It traveled at level flight with a speed of a jet fighter. The basketball size light remained bright red flew 5 or 10 feet high.

ALBERTA, GUNN - My cousin and I were driving on August 25, 2000, when we saw a bright light towards the town of Onoway. We saw two lights one greenish-blue one red at the front of the craft at 10:05 PM. As it got closer we saw a third yellow-orange light. The craft was triangular shaped but was square on the corners. It hovered at 400 meters in altitude, and started to move westward and flew directly above us. It stayed in the area for awhile before there was a flash like lightning that lit up the sky and the craft was gone.

MATTAWA , ONTARIO - On August 26 and 27, thirteen miles of north of Mattawa a Sudbury resident reported that he and his cousin watched as a large white ball of light floated across the sky at 9:00 PM. It was ten times bigger than the brightest star. A camper who wasn't much of a believer in UFOs, said: "Look at that star! How come it's zigzagging like that?" They all stepped away from the fire and looked up in the sky. The white light was pulsating with different colors. It started to go up and down, then move from side to side. It would shoot straight up and come right down again. They were amazed by what it did and watched it for almost 20 minutes before it disappeared behind the tree line, over another mountain. Ten minutes later, as they were talking about a second flash, a third one appeared in the southern sky. It wasn't high in the sky, but was doing the same thing as the second one, dancing up and down, zigzagging all over. They watched it for almost an hour before they got tired of looking at it. Thanks to Michel M. Deschamps MUFON Provincial Section Director for Sudbury, Ontario (705) 670-2759

VISCOUNT, SASKATCHEWAN -- Two crop circles measuring 45' and 43' diameter, about 100' apart, were found by a farmer in wheat field September 12, 2000,while combining. He reports no tracks when first found, and very neat lay, with plants pressed down fairly hard to the ground, but not damaged. The circles are located well into the field with no nearby roads, etc. in a relatively remote area of the country, just south of Viscount. Two similar circles were found at Viscount last year. Thanks to Paul Anderson


GLENROTHES, FIFE -- Thought you might like a look at this photo I took September 7, 2000, on my Kodak DC215 Digital camera. I was taking photos out back of my house and did not notice anything unusual. But after I transferred it from my camera, I couldn't help but notice the 2 bright lights on it. The Original picture is paint shop pro format. For which I will keep. If you wish it, it is 3.6 meg in size. Thanks to Mr_Honestt at yahoo (john) Editors' Note: It appears that two triangle shaped craft are flying in close formation almost directly behind the other. It is possible that it is one craft, but we are only seeing part of the object. The brightness is very typical of many sightings and may represent ionization of the air similar to plasma or ball lightning. The pixels around the craft do not appear the same as pixels in the sky around it suggesting that the craft were placed in the picture from some other photos. Analysis of the photo continues.


UFO Scotland Online reports that an article out of the October Issue of Popular Mechanics "Science's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries" says: Two recent discoveries in deep space have dramatically changed the odds that we are not alone. One involves a mysterious cloud near the center of the Milky Way. The other involves emissions from pulsars. Using the National Science Foundation's 12-Meter Telescope atop Kitt Peak in Arizona, astronomers have discovered sugar in a cloud from which new stars are forming. "It means it is increasingly likely that the chemical precursors to life are formed in such clouds long before planets develop around the stars," says Jan M. Hollis of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The sugar in question is glycolaldehyde a simpler molecular cousin to table sugar. Its discovery 26,000 light-years away from earth is exiting to astrobiologists because this 8-atom molecule of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen readily combines with other molecules to form ribose. Ribose is a building block of the nucleic acid DNA, the chemical carriers of the genetic code found in all living organisms.

At this year's meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Paul LaViolette offered evidence that pulsars are located and send signals in precisely timed radio pulses that appear to be some sort of intelligent message, exactly what remains to be seen. Finding the molecules that form the genetic backbone for intelligent life on Earth and signals too organized to be random, strengthens the argument that we are not alone. Thanks to UFO Scotland


BARENTS SEA -- Based on various intelligence reports I have been able to obtain I have attempted to reconstruct the August 12, 2000, sinking of the K-141 nuclear attack submarine Krusk the pride of the Russian Sub Fleet. The Krusk, commissioned in 1995, was one of eight active Oscar II class submarines of the new Northern Fleet. It was one the most powerful weapons system in the World that the Chinese wanted to purchase. The Russians were involved in military naval exercises, that likely included Chinese observers. Two U.S. Los Angeles attack submarines, the U.S. Memphis and Toledo and the British Splendid submarines were conducting surveillance of the exercise. The submarine Kursk carries 24 Granit missiles code-named SS-N-19 Shipwreck that have a 1,600-pound conventional warhead. They can also be armed with an H-bomb warhead equal to one half million tons of TNT, enough to destroy a city or a carrier fleet. Shipwreck missiles are stored in launching tubes external to the inner pressure hull. It may have also carried a newer Stallion missile. The Kursk reportedly completed a successful firing of SS-N-19 Shipwreck missile and was reportedly given permission to fire again. The Russian Naval forces believe they tracked a foreign submarine near the Kursk. This may have been a sub decoy similar to our unmanned aircraft or a unidentified submerged object (USO) that our sonar's often track near submarines. There may have been some confusion on the identity of the underwater objects, but apparently multiple underwater targets were tracked by the Russians.

One version of the story is that permission was given to fire an anti-submarine missile against the intruder. The German newspaper Berliner Zeitung claims the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great fired a new Granit missile that accidentally hit their own sub rather than the intruder. The Russians have strongly denied this version of the story. Allegedly, the weapon, armed with only a target-seeking head, flew 12 miles before diving into the sea near the two underwater objects. Anti-submarine missiles are designed to identify and ignore their own Russian vessels and track the engine noise and magnetic anomalies radiating from enemy subs. The missile it was thought operated flawlessly and a short time later a small underwater explosion was detected.

The second version according to General Valery Manilov is that Kursk was attempting to surface when a foreign submarine with its reinforced keel traveling in the opposite direction at the depth of about 18 meters ripped through the Kirks's light external hull and punctured its hard interior hull. Russian divers found characteristic marks formed during a dynamic collision of two objects. The edges of the internal hull near the point of impact are bent inward. It is clear that there was an impact from the outside. Further, the elements of the superstructure atop the fin of the Kursk have been shaved off and the release mechanism of the detachable rescue vehicle has been jammed. The Russians also claim to have found what looks like the tail of another sub on the seabed.

We know that at 11.39 AM, a tremendous explosion was detected by the Norwegian Seismic Institute measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale. Estimates of an explosion of 5 tons of TNT have been announced, but this seems much too small of an explosion to cause such a large Richter reading. The conventional weapons aboard the Kursk were only a three quarters of a ton of TNT making an explosion of this size doubtful from within. The Russians also claim there were no nuclear weapons aboard their sub. The Richter scale reading of 3.5 indicates a nuclear tactical weapon size explosion. A particularly large explosion may have led the Russians to believe that an enemy weapon had deliberately destroyed the Kursk killing their 118 sailors.

The Russians have requested permission to examine the two US submarines known to be in the area. A collision or even the explosion of the several torpedoes could not account for exceptional size of the recorded explosion. The Russians were very angry and apparently considered a response such has destroying the US and British subs. A retaliation may have led to World War III. Although, the US news media has never picked up the story, Pravada claims war was only averted when Putin and Clinton had a 22 minute telephone conversation calming emotions. Allegedly, the USS Memphis submarine was tracked by Soviet satellites to Bergan, Norway where it was given repairs. According to Agence France Presse U.S. Defence Secretary William Cohen's rejection of the request from his Russian counterpart Igor Sergeyev " has only strengthened the case that the Kursk clashed with another underwater vessel." Cohen refused the inspection request explaining that "he did not think it was important or appropriate for the inspection to take place. "Obviously the Russians do not want to conclude they destroyed there own sub with their own missile. Therefore, they are concluding it was hit by the US Memphis. Other reports indicate the front of the Kursk is gone indicating a tremendous explosion either from within or from the outside. Some reports list that two powerful explosions were recorded. The Russians certainly must have considered the possibility that the foreign submarine had then attacked and destroyed their submarine possibly in retaliation to the missile firing. The Russians were very upset about the loss of one of their newest and finest boats and were considering a massive response. Allegedly, President Clinton assured the Russians that the US was not involved. One report claims the Russians have found part of a foreign submarine. Like most of these incidents it is difficult to sort out what actually happened.

THE 11TH GREAT UFO CONGRESS will be held at the Days Inn in Bordentown, NJ on October 7 and *, 2000. Scheduled speakers are Tom Carey -Roswell Crash, Hans Holzer, Life After Death, Antonio Huneeus UFO Briefing Document, Don Ecker The Dark side of the Moon, Vicki Ecker - In search f the Secret Keepers, Mike Mannion -Project Mind Shift, Pat Marcattilio -The Origeins of Civilizations, James Mosely - A Skeptical Ufologist Sam Sherman - Edwards AFB Encounter

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