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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 13, 2000

George Filer:
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SPACE WATCHERS ALERT -- On October 30, 2000, a large near earth asteroid (NEA) 600 meters in size came close enough to the Earth to be named a 'near miss.' The asteroid passed the Earth without prior warning from NASA, whose astronomers have now named it Toutatis. If the asteroid it hit the Earth it could have resulted in a major catastrophe.

There should be a brilliant display of Leonid meteor showers on November 17, and 18th between local midnight and dawn. There could be a modest outburst of Leonids this year with brief flurries of shooting stars that should be seen over most parts of the Earth. Three streams of the debris storm should pass near our Moon. On November 17, around 0500 UT the Moon will pass approximately four Earth-diameters from the center of a dust trail left behind by comet Tempel-Tuttle in 1932," says David Asher of the Armagh Observatory, an expert on Leonid debris filaments. "The Moon will be considerably closer to the trail than Earth," raising the possibility of vigorous Leonid activity there. When Leonid meteoroids rain down on the airless Moon, they won't cause "shooting stars" as they do on our planet. There's no atmosphere on the Moon where cosmic debris particles can incinerate as fiery streaks of light. Lunar Leonids will simply hit the surface at 140,000 mph. Some larger impacts may be seen from Earth with telescopes. Last year surprised Moon-watchers captured video footage of at least six exploding Leonid meteorites while the Moon passed through comet Tempel-Tuttle debris stream. Various lights and what appear to be UFOs traveling across the surface of the Moon are more common than generally believed.

Astronomers have also discovered the Moon has a tail made of sodium that extends behind as it moves through space. Sensitive cameras that can detect sunlight scattered from as few as 5 sodium atoms per cubic centimeter can pick up the tail. The Lenoids are expected to add dust to the tail after impacts by the meteorites.


Jan Lamprecht writes, "For decades many people have been looking for evidence of advanced Alien life in space -- hopefully nearby. I was watching the BBC's "Earth" Series of geology program that claimed there is a big mystery surrounding the Moon's existence and how it got here. The odds against random capture of the Moon are billions if not trillions to one. This has led some people to suggest that the Moon was STEERED into orbit by someone. Amazingly too, the angular diameter of the Moon, as seen from the Earth matches that of the Sun, as seen from the Earth almost exactly thereby giving rise to total eclipses. In my book "Hollow Planets," I made the point that maybe our view of the universe is back-to-front or inside out. What if, our whole view of the universe is SKEWED by the fact that we live on the OUTSIDE of a planet? Thus, we think (naturally), that all life forms should exist on the outside of planets and that is where we go to look. We never stop to think that maybe we are NOT THE NORM! Our whole thinking is conditioned around the concept that we are THE NORM. Logic dictates that this is the most likely possibility. Yet, what if our views are wrong? For example, life on the outside of planets is actually a dangerous business. Think about it. Living on the OUTSIDE of a moving object is not a good idea. It is like someone driving a car at breakneck speed along a highway with you sitting on the hood! That is crazy isn't it! And yet, living on the outside of a planet is no crazier. There is ample evidence that life here is dangerous. Meteors are the main danger. Even tiny meteors can decimate life on the outside. And meteors are a real danger. Lots of them abound and it is only a matter of time before they strike us. The surfaces of neighboring worlds are pockmarked with craters caused by them. Even a single strike could decimate the world.

There is, I believe, one argument that is FRIGHTENING in its implications in showing that our position here upon the Earth is completely UNNATURAL and therefore something that has been planned and devised by a higher intelligence. It is this!. In the BBC's Earth series, they ended on a rather strange note. They mentioned the calculations done by a French scientist. He wrote a computer program to calculate the effects of planets and the Moon on the rotation of the Earth. He found that when he factored in the presence of the Moon, that the Earth wobbled slowly around its axis (precession) over a period of 26,000 years. Then, he did a fascinating thing. He removed the Moon from the equation. His model then showed that the Earth, like all other planets without large moons like ours, would then become UNSTABLE. Over a long period the Earth would flip this way and then that, and even lie on its side like Uranus does. And that was when it all struck home.

If the Earth were a "normal planet" and were that unstable, it would destroy all the life on its surface. If the Earth wobbled this way and then that way, it would cause tremendous harm to all the things living on its surface. Instead, the presence of the Moon, and the Moon alone, makes the Earth a much more stable place. So, going back to the fact that the Moon must have been steered here, it would seem that maybe, those who steered it here did so with the purpose of using it to stabilize this planet's rotation. Could it be, that whoever put the Moon here ALSO put US here? And that whoever did this must therefore have intelligence so great, and a science so great that it boggles the mind. All this suggests to me that the presence of the Moon is definitely NO ACCIDENT, and that the presence of the Moon must therefore be linked to the presence of life on the outside of the planet - and that it is an aid to the existence of life here. Surely, this proves that there is an incredible intelligence out there with capabilities, which stun our little minds! Thanks to: Jan Lamprecht and Jeff Rense.

Editors Note: Genesis 1 tells us: "Then God said, "Let there be bright lights in the sky to give light to the earth and to identify the day and the night; they bring about the seasons on the earth, and mark the days and years" And God made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night." Zecharia Sitchin told me that Genesis is true and a summation of Sumerian writings. We must consider that our alien visitors may have placed the Moon in orbit around the Earth. Further it may be normal to live underground on planets where meteors are numerous.


WESTBURY, LONG ISLAND -- October 20, 2000, my wife and I are educated professionals who were driving northbound on the Wantagh Parkway in Nassau County at 8:45 PM. As we approached Hempstead Turnpike I noticed a glowing disc in a clear sky. I must admit it appeared to be very similar to those I have seen on TV documentaries about UFO's. There was a light emitting from the top downward to create the shape of the saucer. The color of the light was whitish blue. I pointed it out to my wife who also had the same reaction of awe as I did. I noticed that it moved toward the east, then slightly north, then ultimately westbound until we lost it behind some trees. Because of its appearance and movement, we knew it could not have been a plane, helicopter or even a blimp. I assumed it would be clearly seen by thousands. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC-

LONG ISLAND -- Betty LaRosa writes that her friend who is quite shy, tells her of frequent sightings of triangle shaped objects which fly over just before dawn. She lives on the South Shore of Long Island near the inland waters before entering the Atlantic Ocean. She says they are always traveling in a southerly or southwesterly direction. They are barely visible, but their forms appear to be triangular with white lights on two sides and a red light in the center of the craft. They make no sound, and appear to travel in groups of three to five craft. Thanks to Betty LaRosa Editor's Note: We have frequent reports of unidentified craft over Long Island so if your in the area keep looking up.


SAXTON -- Bob Loughry reported watching the object on November 1, 2000, after dark for about twenty minutes. Bob reported that the unusual object was watched by several neighbors using binoculars, and also by Saxton Borough police officer and also an officer from neighboring Liberty Township. "I went outside on the front porch about 7:30 PM and saw a bright object in the sky. I called several neighbors, and also "911" which is why several police officers stopped to look. It was glowing white and as viewed from the porch, about the size of a quarter to a half dollar. "The object was probably. He was looking in the direction of E. Eichelberger and Son store, and the object as big as a car was hovering in the sky to the right of the store. It was between 250 and 1,000 feet in the air. It gradually descended and may have landed on Abbott's Ridge, for at that point the lights went out. "Both police officers said they didn't know what it was, except a UFO. Several Stonerstown residents reported seeing a similar object on October 25, after dark. It was more distant than the one seen Oct. 28, and they said it made erratic maneuvers in the sky, the kind that a conventional aircraft could not make. Thanks to Jon Baughman Broad Top Bulletin, Saxton, Pa. 11/7/00.

READING -- On October 31, 2000, a witness whose home overlooks a valley noticed a Moon size white light moving slowly across the valley. He was able to get his father who also witnessed the unusual object. It was flying at low altitude over the valley for about a half hour. The next night the object also appeared but flew off to the west.


DAYTON - Scientist Robert Collins says, "Tonight at 9:30 PM I stepped out side to look at the night sky which I do often when it's clear. I noticed an aircraft flying west close to the Dayton airport: I'm 5 minutes away from the airport here: Something struck me about this aircraft because it's position lights didn't look right: Besides the normal flashing red and green there were two steady orange looking lights on both wings. I've never seen this type of light formation before. I got my binoculars out and sure enough this aircraft was spraying a thick trail of what has been video taped and seen before. I didn't think this was interesting and I didn't think it was beautiful . was damn mad ! That Chemtrail is now spreading itself out so it looks like a typical cirrus cloud right over the top of me. Seeing is believing! Thanks to: Robert Collins


CHALLIS -- The Challis Messenger by Anna Means reports, "Many rational people believe we are not alone in this universe. Three hunters in an unspecified location near Challis learned for themselves on the night of September 27 that this theory may hold water. The National Institute for the Discovery Science (NIDS) e-mailed the Messenger two weeks ago asking for help locating three individuals who reported an "anomalous encounter" in these environs. The report revealed that one individual spotted a dark triangular object floating silently above him while he was standing by his pickup. The hunter said he and his three buddies were in a dry camp, so alcohol couldn't be blamed for what he and two of the others saw. The man indicated that as he approached his pickup at about 9:45 PM, he "got a feeling of a thick, heavy blanket above me and chills down my spine." He said he shined his flashlight on the "dark triangular object floating directly above us and our camp trailer." The man fell into profane disbelief and then called out for his buddies to come see for themselves. He said he could see rounded dark edges and a flat bottom that had a texture like suede leather and was colored gold-gray. He said that after he shined his light on the object it throttled up with a deep low sound of intense power and floated straight up and then forward up a steep canyon moving like a hockey puck sliding on ice.

Two other party members grabbed their binoculars to check it out until it moved out of sight. The account said that as the object throttled up, three lights, one on each corner of the triangle, came on. Each light was about 10 feet in diameter and glowed like a dim dome light. Another light in the center was described as being 20 feet in diameter, protruding below the bottom of the object about eight feet, was deep red and pulsed once a second. The outline of the entire object had a light halo around it. The shape, wrote the hunter, was a perfect triangle with radius corners and radius edges. "There was no smell, no feeling of blowing, prop wash or thrust of any sort." Thanks to Gerry at Far Shores and NIDS


ONSTED IRISH HILLS -- Todd Lemire says between 6:45 and 7:00 PM while out trick-or-treating with my husband, our seven year old son, a friend and her ten year old son, "I looked up and saw this greenish-white light cruising west at an incredible speed." The object was about 300 feet high and made absolutely no sound. I told the others to look up. We were awestruck! As this pulsing light that never lost its glow passed before us. A part seemed to disengage itself and fall to the east and disappear. It was similar to when the Challenger explosion in 1987. My husband and I both said to each other, right then. "That was no falling star!" My husband, and I are both star-gazers. There was absolutely no arc moving parallel with the earth with no trail. It moved two to three hundred miles per hour at a steady consistent speed. The sighting was reported to the police. A friend at work also saw a UFO we come up with the conclusion that there had to be two or more. The time of her sighting was closer to 7:00 PM and it was more white in color. I was talking with one of the farmers in the area and said his son and he were outside working around 7:00 PM, when his son asked him, "Did you see that?" The farmer said he'd only seen a greenish glow as he had his head faced toward the ground. His son told him that he had just seen a light pass directly overhead their barn." Thanks to Todd Lemire


SOUTH WEST, ND --- David Fugere reports, "I had a sighting similar to the Woodlands October 26, sighting at 9:00 PM. I saw the formation of circular white lights on the bottom of the craft but wouldn't call them lights in the usual way of thinking about lights. I can best describe these lights by a glow in the dark toy. If you take one of these toys and light it up good and then put it in a dark room and let it dim down for a while you got the lighting that I saw. I'd be curious to know if this person could relate to that as I'm quite convinced we saw the same thing. My craft too had six lights on each side, but did not line up perfectly with the ones on the other side. Perhaps there was a light missing on one side. My sighting definitely had one light at the point and then tapered down on each side forming a perfect 'V' with both lights at the end. Each was side lit up, joining some in the back. I was looking straight up when it popped up over my house. I doubt if it was any higher than 300 feet. I could not make out any solid structure in-between the lights even when I got my binoculars on them. It flew south west over our town for at least 15 seconds. I've also seen discs that have displayed the exact same type of lighting. The lights and the shape match. Thanks to Dave Fugere:


DEMING -- On Thursday, October 26, 2000, Todd Hall "was driving west on Interstate Highway I-10 at 8:10 PM when he watched an object hovering over a mountain. As I descended the mountain, I saw the object was hovering over the town of Deming. Todd noticed that it changed shape from time to time. Most of the time, the object kept a short cylinder shape and periodically changed to a wedge shape. Todd watched the object for about 30 minutes. Todd said, "At one point, I even pulled to the side of the road so as to pay more attention to the thing." "After about 30 minutes, the object changed to a flat shape and moved up vertically for about three seconds and then just vanished." Todd described the UFO as "dark in color with a slight metallic look at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. Object stayed fairly stationary, moving slightly to the west." Thanks to Joe Trainor Editor of UFO Roundup 11/9/00 #45.


San Francisco -- Field investigator Chris Altman reports that October 21, 2000, a United Airlines pilot that does not want his name released at this point. The plane is a 737 Boeing aircraft that was coming into San Francisco at about 3:00 PM. The pilot as well as twenty other witnesses all stated that they saw a large cylindrical object pace the plane for about 12 minutes. The plane was about 35 miles out of San Francisco when the pilot observed a large object about 1 mile away on the port side of the plan. The plane was at about 15,000 feet at the time of the sighting. The object was 45 degrees low on the port side. It was estimated to be about 300 feet long, very dark in color, and clearly had no windows on it. After about 10 minutes of being paced, the object rose very rapidly to a point where it was about 2000 feet over them. Then after 2 more minutes it just simply shot up and out of sight. The Air Traffic Control stated to him that they had nothing on radar other than the 737. Other witnesses are being contacted, as someone took photos and video tape of the object. The pilot also told me that he noticed that many instruments fluctuated when the craft rose by them. Thanks to Chris Altman.

LAKE COUNTY -- David Shields and I just wanted to tell a short story related to triangles. This is a rural area, and in the early 1970s, my brother and several of his friends and many residents observed a huge black triangle over this area for about four days. They described this black craft as being about 100 feet across with lights on the three corners. My brother and his friends said it just seemed to silently float along at 40 mph just above the trees. They often fly on moonless nights. Just thought that you might be interested in the triangles not being a new thing, but maybe a return. Thanks to David Shields


MONTREAL -- B. J. Callaghan a skeptic writes I was sitting in my living room watching TV on October 13, 2000, between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. Four different times, about 15 minutes apart a large white ball streaked across our picture window and sky. My window is quite large, taking up the entire wall. The fireballs were about the size of a basketball, bright white and moved extremely fast, crossing my window in a second. This happened four times in an hour and may have been meteors . Thanks to B J Callaghan


Nick Balaskas writes, "My friend Michael DeRobertis and the F-15 pilot who had the experience with a UFO don't have any good explanations for this strange encounter. Michael allowed me to share this UFO incident with you. Michael writes, "The wingman was flying an F-15 single-seat fighter on a mockup aerial combat mission of two planes." His leader was flying a two-seater F-15. They were entering downwind for landing at about noontime, and he was following his leader about a mile back at 2500 feet at 250 knots. It was a sunny day, no clouds, and visibility unlimited. When he was looking at his leader, he saw a bright yellow spot on the ground or near the ground. The light then started to rise, apparently toward the leader. Before he had a chance to warn him, he realized it was moving towards him. When it got close, it passed from the front window to the side left window, and passed a few hundred meters away (very close in aviation terms).

It then continued to "fly continuously in the opposite direction while climbing. The object was round, with bright yellow circle of lights on top. Its surface was metal-like, with silver-platinum color. It left no trails or fumes behind. He estimated that it was doing some 300 knots when it passed him. The whole thing lasted 15 to 20 seconds. It did not look like any known aircraft or a missile. He was so stunned, that he did nothing. As a trained and veteran fighter pilot, he admits that he should have retracted his gear, gone to afterburners, and chased the son-of-a-bitch! But he admits that he was shocked to his bones. When he reached debriefings, he talked to his leader. The guy saw nothing -- he was already preparing for landing and watched the runway on his right. However, the back-seat guy DID see something, but only that some yellow lights passed them on the left and below. The next thing he did, was to call his friend from the Air Force, and ask him if he has any explanation. The reply was, "We don't have budget for those things but I don't believe it was any secret aircraft. He says that he cannot explain what he saw. Thanks to Michael De Robertis, and Nick Balaskas


NEWCASTLE -- Gerry @ Far Shores reports investigators remain baffled after more sightings emerged today of an unidentified flying object over Wearside on October 31, 2000. The five-foot pear-shaped piece of silver metal was first spotted hurtling towards the ground by Jenny Cook in Hendon on Tuesday morning. Police launched an inquiry following the report by the 18-year-old Sunderland University student but, despite a ground search of the area, failed to find any trace of the object. The Echo has now learnt that officials at Newcastle Airport were alerted after a similar sighting three hours later above Penshaw. Ron Atwill spotted a mysterious five-foot long gray object narrowly miss a passenger jet as it made its descent towards Newcastle Airport. Mr. Atwill, a retired prison service worker, saw the object at 11:45 AM. He said, "I was looking up as a passenger jet was flying quite low in the distance and I saw this thing almost hit it. I rang the airport to see if they might have spotted it. It was about 20 feet away from the plane. It was a silvery gray and very flat, pear shaped and about four to five feet long. Detective Inspector John Watts, of Sunderland City Center Police, said: "We had a report of a strange object in the skies about the size of a small car. Thanks to Gerry at


Jack Petersen writes, "I am in the middle of going over the one and only UFO cattle mutilation movie ever made called "ENDANGERED SPECIES" In it I find almost every single aspect you mentioned in last weeks Filer's Files #44 dated 11/7/00. This amazing movie starring JoBeth Williams and Robert Urich was produced way back in 1982. You should go rent it at the local video store if it hasn't been removed by some agency to cover-up the truth long ago. I read a small film magazine report at that time making a short comment on how the government was highly angered about the content of this film. They finally had it removed from general circulation at the time. I was lucky to find it several years ago. Thanks to Jack Peterson

Richard Buchli writes, "If the abductions are real, and they are really growing the babies in artificial media, is it not possible that all of this missing blood is in some way being used as part of the nutrients in the supporting fluids?" What do you think of that idea? Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D. of Dori Presentations, LTD.

Harv Howard writes, Last week you had two very revealing areas of real news! I would suggest that the findings of the meteoric specimens is vastly important to giving us some insight into the manner of power for the craft. Perhaps they are dislodged as a "door" opens to allow the animal to be off-loaded. That opening, whether a genuine hatch-type door or some miraculous opening in the solid side/bottom of the ship, then cause the collected space dust to be dislodged and fall to the ground directly underneath the craft. However, I think there is a better explanation. I've long been a proponent of a null-mass drive for UFOs rather than the more commonly cited "antigravity" drive. A craft generating a null-mass field for itself would not repel space dust that came within its vicinity as it travels. While not attracted to the mass of the vehicle, perhaps there is still a magnetic attraction (simple static electricity perhaps) between ship and particle. Such a ship coming down to hover near the ground may have this attraction charge overcome or neutralized by the close proximity to the Earth's surface. And/or if it were to depart at a sudden high velocity, it would probably "shake loose" some of this loosely bound material. Thanks to Harv Howard

Editors Note: One of the field workers who helped collect the hemoglobin evidence in the cattle mutilation case was Royce Myers. I inadvertently left out his name. Again I want to thank Nancy Talbot, William C. Levengood, Phyllis Budinger, Jean Bilodeaux for their ground breaking research.


This weeks Filer's Files are dedicated to "Tien" our Siamese cat who passed away in his sleep a few hours ago. He was a friendly cat who lived with us for 14 years. He was a talker and constantly meowed or talked to us. He frequently sat on my lap as I typed these files, so my life is a lonelier because I lost a friend. I assume he has gone to kitty heaven and perhaps we will meet again.


AREA 51/Watertown Saucer: Robert Collins writes..It has been reported over the last several years that in Reverse Engineering these reportedly recovered Saucers the Air Force and others were required to design our own control systems around the "Alien" technology because it was said that the "Alien" control systems were so far advanced that we had no hope of understanding them if we were to get a working device within a reasonable amount of time. Well, whats reasonable ? Fifty years ? See,

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