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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 11, 2000

George Filer:
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The Geminid meteor shower will peak the evening of December 13, and the early morning of December 14. The meteor shower normally produces plenty of shooting stars however, an almost full Moon will hurt viewing as it rises around midnight. You will probably be able to see some of the brighter meteors, and perhaps a few UFOs.


Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev, the station's first full-time crew, were launched aboard a Russian Soyuz ferry craft October 31, 2000, and docked with the space station two days later. The crew has been on board for a month when the STS 97 Shuttle Endeavor astronauts conducted a rendezvous. Jeff Challender has been monitoring the television downlinks. He was able to capture a video of a fast moving UFO passing the International Space Station that is shown on the left side of the video. The curvature of the Earth is represented by a curved streak of light in the center of picture. A UFO moves from the right to left of the screen at an estimated 35,000 mph. The object appears to be at some several miles away as the object appears to pass behind the space station. The small ball of light is moving from east to west; this is the opposite direction of objects sent into orbit by man. Apparently, the UFOs are interested in the Space Station and around the area. Thanks to Jeff Challender, See:


SALISBURY-- Gerry at Far Shores writes that on December 7, 2000, Scientists the were examining the mysterious fireball that landed in a Salisbury, NH backyard this week. Several neighbors say a softball sized, glowing object landed in the woods behind their homes starting a small fire. The only sign that anything happened was two small patches of burned leaves. Most experts agree that it probably wasn't a meteorite since they seldom start fires. Russian scientist Andrei Ol'khovatov said it may have been what he describes as high-speed ball lightning, a rare electric atmospheric discharge. An engineer at a US Department of Energy lab in New Mexico said he's heard of similar cases caused by electrical flashes. Richard Spaulding said, "I think they are an electrical manifestation -- akin to lightning, but with nothing to do with thunderstorms." Thanks to Foster's online,,


SARATOGA -- Larry Clark reports that on November 30, 2000, Fannie L. Sarr saw two luminescent lights flying over the tree tops in a perfect elliptical motion. The luminescent lights then became erratic in their movements at 6:45 PM. Fannie said, "My son and I were driving home from the school when I saw a luminescent light in the sky moving with great speed." I told my son that I thought I saw a UFO. As we continued to drive we both kept looking and within a minute we saw two luminescent lights moving in a very fast elliptic rotation over the same area over and over. After we watched the movement of the lights for a few minutes they started to become erratic. I started to feel a need to get home quickly as they appeared to be right over my house. As we drove away we lost sight of them because of the trees. When we reached home I sent my husband to go see if he could see them, but he did not. Shortly after this occurrence I noticed that the internal clock on my computer was not correct and I had to reset it. Perhaps there is a connection between the clock in my computer and the lights? Thanks to Larry Clark -and and

LONG ISLAND -- Sheryl Wade writes, I read George Krug's sighting on Easter morning 1999. I'm responding because very early Easter morning, I was looking at the moonless sky in a north eastern direction at 12:15 AM when an object flew over my head just above the trees. The amazing part is that if I wasn't looking up I would have never seen it. It was big, fast, and quietly moving southwest towards Amityville. That same morning something crashed right off the Southern State Parkway at Exit 32 that took down trees in a field and accomplished a lot of damage to the land. They quickly tried to plant new vegetation and blocked off from the public what happened. It was chalked off in the news as a meteor. Thanks to Sheryl Wade,


EAST BRUNSWICK -- Ed Nolan writes I am a stock room manager for a retail store, so was in the process of removing trash to dumpsters located directly behind the store at 4:35 PM in late November. My helper and I were walking back to the rear door when I noticed a black object that appeared at first to be a balloon coming over the tree line moving east. As it came closer it took on a teardrop shape. It flew directly over us, and dipped its nose at us, revealing that it was not round, but was in fact a craft of some sort. It was all black with two fins running the length of it. It was an elliptical shape as viewed head on, similar to the body of the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft. Because there were clouds overhead, it was very easy to see the black object. It was like nothing we had ever seen before. I am very familiar with every known aircraft type in the world, and this was definitely not a known aircraft. Once it was directly overhead at 300 feet it was obvious to us that it was either extraterrestrial, or a government black-ops craft. It never changed speed or altitude, but did do the dip and wobble when directly over our heads, affording us to get a good look at it. We have had no ill effects from our encounter, other than to say to each other, "They are real!" Martin an engineering student at Rutgers University also saw the object. Airplanes were also seen at the same time. Thanks to Ed Nolan.

WEST ALLENHURST -- On Thanksgiving evening November 23, 2000, observed a V-shaped and crescent-shaped object silently crossing the sky with dull or faint orangey/pink lights. At 6:15 PM, four of us were getting in our car. As my husband was unlocking the car I was gazing up to the sky and noticed a faint light crossing the sky. I continued to look and I noticed that there were 6 or 7 faint lights in a V shape. I called to my family to look up to the sky and they all saw it as well. We watched as it silently crossed the sky. As we drove, I continued looking up and saw the same type of faint lights but now there were 8 to 10 "lights" in an arc or crescent shape. Even though the "lights" were faint, the "object" appeared relatively close compared to planes that you see in the sky. There was no sound either time, and there was a hint of a "shadow" where the body of this craft would be. The dull lights were orangey/pinkish on both of the sightings and were steady, not blinking or flashing - heading in a southerly direction. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center


PHILADELPHIA -- Tommy wrote Malcolm Hawthorne that, a few months ago three friends and I witnessed an event that I couldn't explain nor could anyone in our local astronomical groups. What we saw was a set of three identical objects flying in the same orbit. These objects made a perfect triangle which spun. After this we saw three single objects flying in the same orbit one after the other. Then we saw another trio of objects, for a total of nine objects. All the astro groups claimed that it seemed like low flying satellites, but I'm smart enough to know better. Thanks to (Malcolm Hathorne)


EASLEY -- On November 27, 2000, Vicki Rholetter, her husband and her mother-in-law were on Highway 129, returning home when they saw a UFO hovering in the sky. Vicki reported, "We were returning home from a shopping trip at 5:15 PM when a large object flew a little too low off the ground." It didn't appear to be an airplane, and there were none of the usual flashing navigation and warning lights one would expect with an airplane. It didn't look like a helicopter, either. "It didn't appear to be made of any metal, not that we could see." "As far as we could tell, it just looked like a big white glob of light hovering in the sky. " It also changed shape, too, before it disappeared. My husband said that it looked a little triangular to him but I thought it appeared more cylindrical at first. As we watched it, it started to pulse. "First it got very bright, then dim, then very bright again and finally very dim, and then it just faded away completely." I noticed that as it got dimmer, it took on a rounder shape." "I'm really a little skeptical of UFO sightings, but I really don't know what else it might be? It's definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol.5 # 49, 12/7/00 Editor Joseph Trainor


ATLANTA -- Several disk-shaped objects were seen moving north at 9:30 PM across the sky on November 23, 2000. The discs were bright at the onset, then slowly faded away similar to a reflecting light that moved away from the light source. The first sighted two objects were followed by a formation of about 8 to 12 UFOs. Then a pause and then a new formation of UFOs were repeated several times. The discs were moving against the wind in the upper atmosphere and above the cloud cover. The fading away of the objects could have been due to the clouds. It is not possible to define if the brightness of the objects was due to their own light or if it was reflection from the sun. The objects were disks shaped as seen with low powered binoculars. No noise but this may have been due to the distance. I am a scientist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

ATLANTA -- Formations of between 2 and 12 disc-shaped white-yellow lights (as seen with binoculars), at first bright as they appeared in the sky, then dimming as they were moving towards north-northeast. All seemed to be of identical shape and size. In total, over 50 of these lights were seen by three scientists (including one B.S. and 2 Ph.D.s), and two professional high tech people (including a MBA graduate from Harvard University), and by a 13-year girl. The last formation disappeared behind clouds which started to move into the area. The whole episode lasted for about 15 minutes.

Editor's Notes: Two sets of witnesses apparently saw these UFOs. Seldom do US aircraft fly in formation at night. A formation of twelve aircraft is exceptionally rare. These observations suggest a large mother ship off loading smaller craft was nearby.

DALTON -- I was driving around my neighborhood about 7:15 PM on November 27, 2000, when I saw what seemed to be two bright lights about a quarter of a mile away above the tree tops. I drove towards the object trying to get a better vantage point to identify it. As I got within 500 feet, I got the scare of my life, it was a saucer shaped craft that was about 70 to 80 feet in diameter hovering 100 feet over a house. It had two bright lights on each side of the disk and many multicolored lights between. None of the lights were blinking. I rolled down the window to listen, but it did not make any sound at all. I had slowed down to about 5 mph when the craft, which had been hovering on a horizontal axis, slowly turned onto a vertical axis and very slowly moved off towards the southwest. As it moved off I noticed what looked to be a very weak bluish light emitting from what previously was the top and bottom of the saucer when it was hovering horizontally. The color of the craft was gunmetal gray or black, since it was dark and the lights on it were bright, but they were not illuminating it like I would have expected them to. After it had moved over the treeline I did not see it again. I saw this object at a very close range and it was the most awesome thing that I had ever seen. I am a very credible and intelligent 32 year old in great health and have 20/15 vision in both eyes. This was not a common object. This was a real craft that was made and operated by intelligent beings. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC,


LINCOLN -- Scott Colborn related this story to me while we were on the air on his radio show "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" on KZUM 89.3 and Lincoln Cable TV #10. On November 30, 2000, a farmer heard his dogs barking very loudly on a farm off Highway 2. The barking was the kind the dogs made when a car approached their home. The witness looked outside and noticed a very bright light in his field around 7:00 PM. He decided to walk over to the field, and invited his dogs to join him. Normally, they were always willing to go for a walk, but they were afraid and refused to go. The farmer walked to a grove of trees on the edge of his field, but the lights that had been very bright, suddenly blacked out. Since the field was now dark, he decided not to go further and returned to his home. His dogs acted very violently toward him and did not seem to recognize him, so he ran into his home. He ran up to the second floor and used his binoculars to search the field. The lights were now on again, and he could see a disc shaped object. He focused his binoculars better and was able to see portals or windows in the disc, that he calls "a unit." He noticed movement in a thicket near the disc. Suddenly something moved quickly from thicket to the unit. Shortly there after the object brightened and took off. He has been very busy had so far has not checked field for landing traces. Thanks to Scott Colborn.


AVONDALE -- I was going to the backyard on December 1, 2000, when I turned to the southwest, towards "South Mountain," and I saw a whole bunch of lights in the shape of one big triangle at 6:45 PM. It seemed to have helicopters flying along side the Flying Triangle that looked like they were "protecting." The sky was sort of pinkish purple that day.

PHOENIX - The witness reports that a Flying Triangle UFO was seen by her eleven year old grandson while taking out garbage on November 20, 2000. My grandson along with his mother called me to tell they had seen UFOs at 8:45 PM. He describe them as Flying Triangles but it was too dark to see how many they were. He did say the Flying Triangles broke apart and became three. A bright green beam was seen. Two of the UFOs left going south while one just hovered. The area was near freeway I-17 and 27th Avenue. The mother (my daughter) came to look and noticed that two UFOs seemed to hang in the sky. Then another light joined the two and started to move toward their home. I told them to pray they are demonic and you don't want to let them know you are curious.

VAIL -- My son in law and daughter witnessed a large glowing teardrop shaped craft flying very low at almost 100 meters off the ground on November 4, 2000. They drove toward it the craft flashing their lights. The craft "doubled" it's height, and started to move west along the railroad tracks. The sighting was near a new golf course two miles north of I-10 Interstate. As the craft moved west, two A-10 fighter aircraft tried to follow it. It increased in speed and lost the A-10 aircraft. The color of the craft was a "glow in the dark" light green/white. It had a red light at "pointed" aft end. It was encircled with different colored lights around the perimeter. It made no noise during any movement. My daughter says that there was a dark area, like a windshield on the upper "dome." My son in law is an electrician and my daughter is waitress.

PHOENIX - On November 28, 2000, Jason Ingraham reported seeing a mass in the shape of a Flying Triangle with a deep red light on each point that three lights would blink on an off together. Around 7:00 PM Jason observed it moving northwest for about 10 seconds when the object began to lean to the left and began to rotate in a clockwise motion. I was able to watch it long enough to see it make a full rotation before disappearing behind some distant trees. The movements were so smooth and unwavering that it seemed unreal. There were 6 normal airplanes in the sky along with the very different Flying Triangle.

SCOTTSDALE -- While watching TV at 8:45 PM, we saw three very bright lights in the southern sky over Phoenix on November 4, 2000. The three lights were in a triangle pattern, one on top and two on the bottom. The bottom left light went out first for about ten seconds while the other two remained on. Then it came back on. Then two of the lights went out at exactly the same time for about ten seconds and they reappeared. The lower left light went out again and did not come back on. Finally the other two lights went out and they did not reappear. While this was going on we saw a normal size commercial airplane heading for the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport in the distance, but it was very SMALL in size compared to the triangle we witnessed. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Editor's Note: The Flying Triangles are being seen on a regular basis over Arizona.


LOS ANGELES -- Rob Maine reports a very strange twist in the contrail story. On December 8, 2000, for the first time contrails have been used to write a message in plain English! At 3:00 PM on Wednesday the words "WHO ARE WE?" with a question mark were repeated all over the Los Angeles sky in block letters! This was at contrail altitude in what ought be a violation of FAA rules over a major city! I viewed through a 20 power telescope what appeared to be an unmarked Boeing 770 aircraft. At 1:00 PM, today I viewed a test of this high altitude sky writing when a perfect H and R and a question mark were written over the San Gabriel Valley. There were two planes visible during the writing of the message. One aircraft appeared to be a KC-10. I watched the formation of a perfect block letter E with two planes flying in formation and turning off the "contrail" at the exact same moment to form the out crossbars of the E. This proves once and for all that we are not dealing with a normal contrail, but a spray that is being controlled by valves! This should have been seen by at least a million people, but I will be surprised to see if any news media mentions it at all. The message was clearly readable for 45 minutes over Pasadena with a hundred people on the street and no one noticed. Could this be a psychological test to see just how brainwashed the American people have become? I find astounding that such a blatant display could occur over one of the largest cities in America and nobody notices it! The planes appear to be coming from the Antelope Valley and Edwards or Vandenberg Air Force Bases. They are gray and have no markings and are usually two or three engine jets such as DC-10 or 767 types. Lots of dot and dash trails appear that seem to be clearing the nozzles or something. These aircraft were flying far above the airliners coming from Los Angeles International Airport. They apparently have stopped trying to hide their existence and thrown down the gauntlet. Has anyone else seen this mysterious WHO ARE WE? Thanks Rob Maine


ONTARIO -- Just received a report from CPR-Canada Ontario director Drew Gaily, of an ice ring found in eastern Ontario, near the village of Delta. According to Drew and local reporter Peter Dunkley, the ring is in pond ice, and is about 15 feet in diameter and 3 inches in width. The ice is very thin, and apparently would not support anyone walking on it. Also, the surrounding area has a light covering of snow and no footprints were seen anywhere. The ring appeared the night of December 2, 2000. Though not a "crop circle," this is the tenth report now of circular type phenomena received this year. I have also just received reports of three similar ice formations, in Ontario and Quebec, from late 1999. Two are said to have been circles or rings and the other is a more complex 'pictogram,' all in ice and snow. Thanks to Paul Anderson


On the weekend of November 11-12, 2000, several people reported seeing a UFO over the island of Crete, which then traveled to Northern Greece. Witnesses reported seeing a bright light just after dusk. The light would approach and then move farther away. The object was enveloped in a green or red cloud-like light and was about the size of a full moon. The sighting was filmed and shown on Greek national television. I am collecting a research database on past and current UFO and paranormal events in Greece and Cyprus and welcome reader feedback. I can be reached at Thanks to Alexander Zikas, M.S. Engr., MUFON Virginia."


Pravda News announced December 6, that Igor Sergeyev, Russian Defense Minister believed the US submarine 'Memphis' had collided with the Russian 'Kursk' sub causing its sinking. He confirmed comments by Norwegian Northern Force commander Admiral Einar Skorgen, that Russian antisubmarine aircraft had pursued a foreign submarine on August 17, 2000, into Norwegian waters. The US sub was believed to be damaged and was escaping from the site of the sinking. Admiral Skorgen also said, Russian aircraft got so absorbed in the pursuit that they nearly violated the Norwegian air space, so Norwegian fighters were scrambled to ward them off. Allegedly, the "Memphis" sub was observed making repairs in Bergen, Norway.

Apparently, in a move to show their displeasure with the US the Russians have moved TU-95 Bear recce/bombers to two Siberian bases and are expected to probe Alaskan defenses. Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said, "US F-15 Eagles and Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft were deployed to forward operating locations in Alaska and Canada to counter the Russian move. During the cold war the Soviets often deployed Bear bombers from Russia to Cuba penetrating US defenses along the coast.

On October 17 and November 9, Russian SU-24 reconnaissance aircraft and SU-27 interceptors buzzed the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk in the Sea of Japan and took photographs. The Russian air force chief General Anatoly Kornukov claimed the Russian aircraft's approach came as "an absolute surprise" to the Kitty Hawk, which didn't raise their fighters into the air until the second flight.


Robert Collins writes, in the website link below there is a LANL Area map. In there the reader will note areas marked as A, B, and C. These are the areas reported to be the three major underground facilities devoted to studies of recovered UFO/Alien artifacts. A big caution here, since there is no proof that any of these facilities exist at this writing. They are only being reported. The Facility marked as "A" is said to be one of the original underground facilities devoted to the study of "alien artifacts" and dates all way back to the early fifties. It was dubbed or nicknamed the "Dulce Complex." If one drives by the front gate of TA 49 you will see that it has a simple fence with a lock on it, nothing unusual: The perfect cover? Please see,

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Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is picking up UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO better and then they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions and using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also learn the difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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