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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 16, 2001

George Filer:
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UFOs are showing interest in China's space launch, in Maine, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Nova Scotia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Greece. We also discuss abductions.


Jeff Challender writes, "On 9 January, 2001, China launched an unmanned space ship the first of the New Millennium with a UFO looking on. The Shenzou-2 is the name of this craft that flew majestically into space. The instrument and descent modules are based on the Russian Soyuz design. The descent module will be returned to Earth after seven days. Shenzou-2 itself is the orbital module, and is a fully equipped space lab of Chinese design. This laboratory portion is expected to stay on orbit for the next six months conducting 64 scientific experiments. Fifteen of these are inside the descent module, and will come down in China on or about 15 January. The rest are with the orbiting lab, with twelve in the interior, and 37 mounted on the spacecraft exterior. Payloads include micro-gravity experimental devices such as a crystal growing device, life science experiments covering 19 species of animals and plants, space ray and particle detectors and other scientific equipment. As the first space launch of the Millennium, Shenzhou 2 launch was assigned the International Designator of 2001-001. The Chinese call Shenzhou 2 "the first unmanned spaceship," as opposed to Shenzhou-1's "experimental spaceship." Shenzhou 2 is fully functional having life support systems operating as if there were a live crew aboard. It is "basically identical to a manned spacecraft," say the Chinese. It would appear that China is on the verge of a successful manned space flight, possibly later this year.

Jeff Challender writes, "While looking at the photos of the Shenzou-2 launch, I noticed a bell or pyramid shaped object flying next to the space launch during the flight to orbit. At first I considered that it might be a piece of the launch shroud which protects the space craft during ascent. That must be ruled out since in the picture it can be seen that the escape tower rockets have just been fired. These must be clear before the shroud can be jettisoned. I also entertained the possibility a part of one of the solid rocket boosters may account for the anomaly. But they can be clearly seen to be still in use in the photograph. Shedding any one, or any portion, of these before the proper time would result in loss of control of the entire rocket. So, we have some sort of oddity in the field of view. Bell shaped objects such as this one have been seen during NASA Shuttle flights. Such an object was seen twice during the flight of STS-101 in May 2000." The official Chinese space agency photograph can be seen at Thanks to Jeff Challender who has numerous videos of UFOs in space.


Mitch Battros writes that Earthquakes abound along the West Coast. What seemed to start with a 6.9 earthquake off the coast of Alaska, may be connected to a chain of earthquakes. Most notably is a 7.6 quake which hit Central and South America January 14, 2001. Since then, at least two moderate quakes have hit the California coast. Meanwhile the search goes on for El Salvador quake victims after a mountain of dirt toppled on Las Colinas on Saturday. Over 500 people are believed under the rubble. Thanks to Mitch Battros
Editor's Notes: Sightings of UFOs are often reported near natural disasters such as Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions


SACO -- On December 29, 2000, I was driving into Saco at 10:10 PM when I noticed a very bright white light. The craft had seven lights on its under side and a big one in the front. The witness stated, "There was no tail on the triangle shaped craft!" He drove east chasing the object and lost it in the trees, but picked it up at Route 1 moving very very slow. He pulled into the Shop N' Save parking lot and watched the craft move fly over. He said, It was three times the size of any air craft I had seen before and it had a huge white light in the front," one large square in the bottom center, and three smaller squares on each wing, with a red light on each wing tip. Have Í been witness to a top secret craft or a space ship? He said.

NORTH WHITEFIELD -- Another witness nearby writes, "My sightings have been numerous the past six years but this is the first time I have seen them early enough in the evening to get my husband and my son to look also. Six years ago, I woke at 3:15 AM, and looked east out the window and saw a twinkling star in the distance but I noticed that it had colored lights and it was moving incredibly fast. I thought I was seeing things. It went zipping around the sky. A few months later, I was cleaning out a mobile home that belonged to an elderly couple and found a VERY CLEAR picture from 1967 of a "flying saucer" over our same treetops. I showed it to my husband and said I had seen one in the night some months ago. I live in Maine and about 30 miles from Brunswick Navel Air Station so I've always hoped what I'm seeing is just some kind of military secret. This past summer, I saw a triangular craft with four very large "balls" of light on it appear briefly just below a cloud and then disappear back into it. I have seen the "craft" I saw tonight on many occasions.

My most recent sighting was at 7:00 PM, on January 1, 2001. I saw colored lights and asked my husband where his binoculars were? He said, "Why do you want them?" I said, "I'm going to look at a UFO that has been bugging me for years. I wish I had a telescope because that thing sat there for 3 1/2 hours without moving much. It moved three times when an airplane entered the airway. Each time, the craft blinked red and green lights more frequently like normal plane's lights when another airplane would fly near. It would move horizontally and a bit vertically. When the airplane passed, it stopped and remained stationery until the next plane came along. About 75 minutes after I spotted this first craft, a second one appeared from the north. About that time, I told my husband there were two of them out there now. He started to take me serious and went out with the binoculars to look and agrees that he's never seen anything like it. About an hour later, two more showed up. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC,


MUFON Headquarters reports that a witness who is a Police Officer in Alabama writes, "I am a private pilot and I was an air traffic controller with the FAA. A few months ago I was on patrol at 02:30 AM and observed an object with three lights, amber in color on the left side, middle and right side of the vehicle. I went to my patrol car, drove to the middle of the school parking lot and watched. The vehicle traveled to the southeast and there was never was any sound. The three lights stayed "pointed" in my direction. There were no anti-collision lights on this vehicle, just the three amber colored lights. I got a pair of 10x50 binoculars and could see the vehicle was a dark color with squared "windows." My police radio never stopped working nor did my patrol car shut off. At a point one to two miles to my southeast the vehicle turned directly north without making a slow banking turn. It turned from a heading of 120 degrees to a heading of 360 degrees in an instant! As I continued to observe, I could make out that it was triangular in shape and 300 foot in length, using the high school football field as a size comparison. As the vehicle turned north the three amber colored light turned again and faced me directly. Since the moon was not out I was about to observe star constellations and the North star. I reached into my patrol car and got my maglite flashlight. I shined 30,000 candlepower at the vehicle. Though this may have possibly been considered a stupid thing to do, being a cop, I am very curious. Nothing happened. The vehicle continued northbound and disappeared. We have Columbus Air Force Base and Meridian Naval Air Station near us. When my Chief relieved me at 6:00 AM, I told him what I had seen. He asked, "What time?" and when I told him he told me to forget it! Thanks to and Alan


Marilyn Ruben writes that, "Alien Abduction Experience and Research (AAER) has received an excellent photograph of six glowing aliens standing on a garage roof at night that look like a singing choir. This September 29, 2000, a photograph was taken after the witness saw movement and heard a sound like "humming electric lines." The photograph of the possible glowing aliens was studied by biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood of Pinelandia Biophysics Laboratory, Grass Lake, Michigan. The photograph shows a group of what appear to be glowing aliens standing on a roof at night. Glowing aliens are not new to abductees and experiencers who have reported seeing them. But why would the aliens appear to be glowing? Is there a possible physics explanation for this? According to biophysicist Dr. Levengood, the appearance of glowing aliens may be attributed to "a very significant Doppler shift in a highly active energy form, which is beyond our ordinary methods of monitoring electromagnetic energy. The final state from this Doppler shift appears to be in the 'actinic region' of the spectrum where it stimulates photo-luminescence in the green region of the visible spectrum." Note to readers: "Actinic" means in the region of the x-ray and ultraviolet light. The alien choir photo was studied at length by various scientists with Ph.D's and MD's in the field of physics, biophysics, biology, medical, zoology, etc. This emphasis on scientific investigation is what makes AAER different from other web sites. AAER is deeply entrenched in field work and lab experiments involving Quantum Physics, and Quantum Mechanics. The photograph and enhancements may be seen at . Thanks to Marilyn Ruben


BLOOMINGTON -- Joseph Trainor reports that on Friday, January 5, 2001, eyewitness G.E.D. was driving east on Indiana Highway 45 between New Unionville and Bloomington, he reported, "I saw a very Unusual aircraft on my way home from work. I saw a bright yellow light with a white light, maybe not as bright, hovering in the sky. There were two red lights on top, none on the belly. So I rounded a bend and I saw that the craft was about 50 feet above treetop (level), crossing the road from right to left (north). directly overhead." "I pulled off to watch and noticed that other vehicles behind me had also done the same. There was no noise. I rolled down my window to listen but there was no sound. As the craft passed over my car, I got a quick look at it against the night sky. It was triangle-shaped with a white light at each of the three wing tips (corners) and appeared to be black in color. A mile or so down the road, the snow looked (as if it had been) blown across the road like drifting. The rest of the road was clear. I thought it was a helicopter at first until I saw the thing. It was not like anything I had ever seen." Bloomington is approximately 68 miles south of Indianapolis. Thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. and UFO Roundup Volume 6, #2 January 11, 2001 Editor: Joseph Trainor


CHICAGO -- New Year's Eve at 11:45 PM I was watching TV with my wife and friends when our neighbor came over asking, "If I saw the alien spacecraft?" I said no but went outside with our friends. After about 20 minutes I saw two sets of lights going in circles for about 30 seconds. Then one of the lights got brighter and a ray of light flashed toward the ground. This was about half a mile away, when I saw something go up the ray then it disappeared. I called the cops and they told me that other people had been filing a report saying they had seen aircraft in the sky.

ROCKFORD -- Robert R. Clark It has been almost a year and the flying sun colored objects have returned over Northern Illinois. I didn't personally see them this time but all three affiliated TV stations had videos of them that were broadcast. They had the usual experts trying to explain them away. We all know that we have been visited for many years by these friendly visitors. I say that they are friendly because if they weren't they could have did us in long before now. Their appearance was on January 11, 2001, about nine o'clock in the evening. They lingered around for quite some time before they disappeared. Sincerely, Author of "How The Heptans Colonized Earth" WTVO television in Rockford reports video of lights changing position in the sky over the city. Here are pictures of the lights seen over Rockford. The lights changed position. The station showed a video on Thursday at 5, 6, and 10 PM. The Rockford Register Star Newspaper also carried an article claiming that scores of people saw the lights. The Rockford police received eight calls from citizens regarding the moving lights. The video and photos suggest that UFOs were operating over the area. Some suggested the lights were caused by pranksters. Others claimed they moved to fast in different directions to be lighted balloons are similar pranks. Thanks to Todd Livengood and Joe Stefula. The photos can be seen at .


HAVRE -- The witness states, "On December 28, 2000, my daughter woke me up at 4:00 AM, and after I got her settled in to bed, and saw a bright light high in the sky." It was not a star, as it would get brighter, than lighter. I watched for maybe two minutes, and it blinked out." There were no clouds, but it seemed to have a haze around it. Then tonight, I was letting my cat out at about 5:50 PM, and there was a very bright light in the sky again. I grabbed my camera and took a picture, and grabbed my binoculars. It looked like a sideways white neon light, with a blue spike-like thing on top. Almost like a toy top. It was positioned almost sideways. I am still shaking! I have my parents video camera from filming Christmas stuff, and as soon as I went in the bedroom to grab it, it was gone when I came back. Dogs in the neighborhood were barking, but my own, wasn't. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC,


CARSON -- I was on my way to the store on December 29, 2000, 6:20 PM and had made a right hand turn onto 213th Street when I noticed a bright red light, visible through the windshield of my car. It appeared to be disc or perfectly round in shape and was sharply defined. It caught my attention because it was not the usual red color I have seen on aircraft. I live not far from the sheriff station and helicopters are based there. The color appeared as a bright crimson red but did not have a glow to it. As I continued west I had to move up closer to the windshield and peer up as the object seemed to be moving in an easterly direction and when overhead it disappeared. It was like a disappearing cone. Thanks to NUFORC,


NEW GLASGOW -- While driving to an outside festival, "River front Days," in August 2000, around 10:00 PM, I watched as a large, triangular shaped object floated at a steady slow speed over my truck. My window was down as the night was muggy, but I heard no sound from the object, which seemed to be flying rather low, similar to the height used by small aircraft landing at the near by airport. I was on one of the higher streets, driving toward the river front. The black object blocked out the stars as it passed, and seemed to circle the crowds below, returning and passing over my truck a second time. The speed was slow, in relation to the size. The craft was at least 40 feet down any side, was silent, had three lights, one at each tip, and from the bottom center seemed a spot of maybe light blue.

LILLOOET, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian reports he interviewed Sue Ward a wonderful 83 year old lady who had a sighting in the winter of 1966, and remembers like it happened yesterday. Finding myself alone, except for the family cat, after the family breakup and ultimate divorce, I traveled up the Fraser River Canyon to the small village of Lillooet, two hundred road miles north of Vancouver. I rented a dandy suite overlooking the Fraser River Canyon with sliding doors opened onto a wide sun deck. The P.G.E. rails were just beyond the fence and the freights trains rumbled by. Came the darkness, the valley was pitch black except for the odd set of headlights of cars traveling into town. There was no road on the mountainside. One Friday night my friend and I were watching the Dean Martin Show which aired at 9:00 PM when she exclaimed, "What's that?" I jumped up quickly to share her excitement and immediately saw a huge red swirling ball with flaring red orange flaming edges coming towards us from above the west side mountain. As we stood side by side, we watched the whirling fire ball hurdle towards us, so fast that we both ducked down, putting our hands on our heads as we truly expected to be hit as it crashed upon us. But, as we crouched and watched, the thing hovered just above the mountainside spinning and flaring, to right, to left, to right again, for a few seconds. It hesitated on the final jerk to the right, then in erratic short jumps, still spinning and flaring, it began to recede, grow smaller, to nothing, back into the sky from whence it had come. We returned to the room, quite shaken up." I put into words much as I have in this account, using my extended arm to describe the movement. "Exactly !" she snapped. Thanks to Brian at HBCC UFO Research


A recent count showed that the UFO Working Group Netherlands (UWN) have received 340 UFO reports from the Dutch public during the past 5 years. These reports aren't known to the international public, because they haven't been translated into English. This problem also applies to the rest of Europe. It's my impression that very few UFO reports from non-English-speaking countries make it to the (English speaking) international UFO news channels. Editor's Note: We're always looking for foreign reports.


CRETE -- A spectacular UFO sighting occurred over the island in the Mediterranean on November 9, 2000. A thousand witnesses saw the UFO at an estimated 500 feet hovering above the island. The witnesses who reported the sighting are two educators male and female in the their early thirties. The story was covered in the national news and taped for over six days. Greek experts have been called in but nothing has been released by authorities. The object appears in the sky every day at around 5:00 PM and disappears several hours later. The object changes shape frequently and omits rays which seem to be flames. It then changes form but is usually round. I seems to stay idle for hours then instantly changes direction. Thanks to MUFON WFOD


Researcher John Thompson writes, ''I have finished reading "Grand Illusions" by Gregory Little which Tom Sheets has also highly recommended. Excellent read. I feel the illustrations, of aliens with naked women, distract much from the otherwise rational material presented by Little. His illustrator must be a sex-obsessed abductee! His illustrations look much like what "Jimmy" the Alabama abductee drew so often (and that's a mouthful!). Little kills the ET angle most persuasively. I agree the "bow" that seems to tie the whole UFO riddle is energy beings that normally can't be seen in our narrow spectrum of visual light. What side of the electromagnetic energy spectrum they enter or leave I don't think can be proven as he suggests with his heaven and hell corollary. Nevertheless, we are talking of the same creatures whether you use Keel's "ultraterrestrials"--as according to Little, Keel called the entities this as he thought they came from the ultraviolet end of the invisible light spectrum--or my more correct--I'm biased!--innerterrestrials (INTs) for the name of the aliens seen. Little, unfortunately, offers no reason why INTs over the millenniums would what to conceive with humans. Like Vallee, he documents much correlation of alleged sexual activity between these entities and humans by reflecting on past religious writings. Since my investigations have shown conclusively that we are not dealing with real physical creatures--you can run 'em over, stick your hands through them and have them do much the same to you without real physical harm--their is absolutely no reason for the INTs to collect human semen or be impregnating women as many abductees believe. What is really going on is that this is all mind games; using man's preoccupation with sex to cover for what they are really doing: conditioning and polluting mankind for their own sinister purposes. It also keeps victims from talking about what has happened to them from sheer embarrassment. The mental "sex" images created, thus, serve a dual purpose. Little MAY be right about certain spots on earth--allegedly lines, holy spots, etc-which he says are also often geomagnetic anomalies--as being an aid for these creatures to function better in and for their victims to perceive them better. I have long wonder why certain spots seem to be teeming with UFO activity and others have none. These same UFO hotspots are also repositories for much cesspool paranormal activity such as old time spook, ghost and haint sightings. On the other hand, this can't be totally true, as abductions seem to flourish everywhere. Of course, Little is absolutely right, in stating that fairy, ghost, haint, bigfoot, mothman, and gray, etc., type sightings are of the same origin throughout the ages. They are in my estimation all demonic innerterrestrials. I also agree that true UFOs are not real physical craft but come out of this same normally invisible spectrum that he, Keel and Jung have spoken of. It is real and it is not real! It can manifest itself into physical appearing structures but there will NEVER be found any physical parts. For this reason there are no alien artifacts stored anywhere. Dr. Gregory Little really slays the ET book writers without naming them. Like me he doesn't think they are as naive as they pretend. Instead, for the most, they are frauds. ( I won't name 'em publicly but I think you know from my past writings who the head charlatan is.) I can tell you this I will not speak with any of these same individuals on a public format anywhere. All, as Little says, have done immeasurable harm to ufology. Nothing has been done within ufology in 50 years to prove what is going on. Abductions are a mental health issue that our best scientists should be studying and, more importantly, combating. Unfortunately, many of our scientists and government leaders are abductees. It is all not accident that ufology is floundering once again. Many resist without knowing they are resisting. The best abductees are the ones who do not have a clue they have been had. Contamination is widespread and growing. Our society, and subsequently mankind's, will suffer, or perhaps even end, as the problem continues to go unchecked. The INTs or "Shadows" are increasingly on the move. Expect more moral degradation; more strange murders; more uncommon suicides; more twisted people who conceal their true unhealthy identities. The ultimate suicide may be of earth from an unlikely nuclear "dark" event cause by normal appearing world leaders who are really closet abductees. COPYRIGHT 2001 by John C. Thompson. All rights reserved. Thanks to: John Thompson.

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If you enjoy Filer's Files every week and want to support my efforts, please make a donation via PayPal
I am offering fourteen years of Filer's Files on a DVD with thousands of photographs and sightings for a donation of $50 that includes this year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

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