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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 19, 2001

George Filer:
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As an intelligence analyst I have experience in taking the findings of others and putting them together to develop a possible scenario. Recent scientific discoveries are starting to make the history of our world and our relationship to our neighboring Red planet more clear. I feel we may have more in common than is generally realized. In the history of Earth, much of the great scientific and historical knowledge was collected in the religious scriptures that repeatedly tells of extraterrestrial visitors.

My own photo analysis of Mars images of Cydonia and other areas suggest to me that Mars was once inhabited and defended. The layered terrain on Mars show a striking resemblance to sedimentary deposits that form underneath the water on Earth. NASA is slowly revealing what has been known for a decade that there was and still is water on Mars. These apparent lakes on indicate that Mars likely harbored life in the distant past. Where there is water, microbial life is likely to have thrived. Fossils giving proof of life likely exist in the sediments. Rocks that blasted off Mars from some type of explosions were eventually found on Earth. NASA scientists claim microbial evidence essentially proves life once existed on Mars. I hypothesize that intelligent life either visited or developed on Mars. One area on Mars where there are strong indications of intelligent life is the area known as Cydonia. The famous face on Mars is in the Cydonia area and can possibly be explained away as a trick of nature, but new images show an eye socket, and a well formed eye pupil, an eye brow, and even lips. The Cydonia area also has structures that appear as a fort, a possible city mound, a dozen outpost mounds, a pathway and pyramid like structures. These do not appear as natural formations.

My hypothesis is we are looking at artifacts of an ancient civilization probably defended against attacks. Excellent researchers such as Dr. Horace W. Crater of the University of Tennessee Space Institute and Dr. Stanley V. McDaniel, Dr. Mark Carlotto, both of Scientists for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR)--Erol Torun, Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar and many others have accomplished brilliant research pointing out the mathematical and geometrical anomalies indicating artificial origin of the area. Dr. Stanley V. McDaniel asks, "Does the mound geometry conform to some understandable grid? Is the mound geometry unique? Is there any recognizable cultural or symbolic quality in the patterns that might provide a clue to possible meaning or utility?" See

FORTIFICATIONS ON MARS - My answers to his questions are yes. While in Vietnam as the 7th Air Force Intelligence, III Corps analyst, I spent a great deal of time examining photographs looking for North Vietnamese and Viet Cong rocket sites that were used for attacking Saigon nightly. The enemy would launch the rockets from mounds leaving small burned marks showing the rockets had been fired from that position. I felt the Communist 122 mm rockets were personally aimed at me providing incentive to discover the enemy operations. Eventually we were able to figure out the North Vietnamese movements and construction patterns of the mounds. They brought the rockets to about ten miles from Saigon using small boats on the various streams. They set up and fired the rockets killing my neighbors nightly. The Communist movements, their construction of small mounds or hills could be observed in our daily photographic footage. Eventually we were able to attack the most likely rocket movements and sites.

My analysis of Mars images picked up similar mounds arranged in a geometric pattern indicating alien artifacts and possible intelligent life. The mounds on Mars are not unlike fortifications used by the military on Earth for centuries. They have built similar numbers, with precision, location and geometry to establish over lapping fields of fire. Nature tends to do things by chance, and these structures appear to be designed as either offensive or defensive positions. The general arrangement is in variations of triangles. In one of my favorite military books, "The Tools of War" written by James R. Newman, he provides the reader with a series of drawings of fortifications that were used by Europeans preparing defensive bastions throughout the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, I have visited some of these fortifications with angled walls in Germany and France. The structures on Mars remind me of these diagrams. Many of these fortifications are designed using various triangles geometric variations, because they provide strong defensive positions and fields for cross fire. Often the infantry and ammunition were hidden underground. Only the cannon would be above ground and these were often covered in various ways. I suggest we are looking at ancient Martian fortifications placed in a triangular pattern with key points about two miles apart. In Europe, many similar fortifications were still in use during World War II. The French Maginot line comes to mind with some ninety percent of its fortifications underground. On Mars, there are what appears to be openings to underground facilities. It seems too much of a chance for nature to have built twelve mound like fortifications in a roughly geometric and isosceles triangular configuration at Cydonia.

What appears has a fort, pyramid, city mound, various fortifications all suggest that intelligence at one time existed on Mars. I admit this is not easy to see unless you make the assumption that intelligent life once existed on Mars. Then the signs of their presence are suddenly apparent. The structures appear to represent architecture designed to protect its occupants from weapons fire, bombs or possibly meteorites. Many appear pyramidal in shape with deliberately shaped sloping walls. These structures are similar to Bastions designed for warfare where the slanted angles cause artillery fire to glance off. In any case they seem deliberately shaped as opposed to a natural formation and designed to deflect flying objects. In Vietnam, I analyzed the effectiveness of our air strikes. I see evidence of similar attacks and bombardment. This bombardment is likely from meteorites, but they might be huge bomb craters from a war in the distant past. I count at least a dozen bomb craters or meteorite strikes in the fortifications. Mars has always been known throughout history as the planet of war, perhaps mankind was provided this information by visitors. These images suggest that life once existed on Mars, but this is not our only evidence.


In 1989, the Soviet Phobos 2 took infrared photos of a possible underground city on Mars. Photos shown on Canadian TV, show an infrared scan radiometer image of the Martian surface depicting clearly defined rectangular areas. The film showed chess board like straight channels resembling city blocks. The infrared film measures the heat radiated from a two hundred fifty square miles of checker board square like parallel lines and rectangles. The corresponding surface features taken by regular cameras provided no indication of intelligent life. Dr. John Becklake of the London Science Museum stated, "The city-like pattern is 60 kilometers wide and could be easily be mistaken for an aerial view of Los Angeles."
It is my opinion that the data is too geometrically regular to be formed naturally and that much of the Martian civilization moved underground. The Soviets were then shocked when almost immediately after the infrared images were taken by Phobos 2 that satellite stopped functioning. Embarrassed the Soviets released most of the last taped television transmission sent back to Earth by Phobos 2 before it fell silent forever. On March 25, 1989, Phobus photographed a dark shape described as a "thin ellipse" showing what appears to be a gigantic cylindrical spaceship or huge cigar-shaped 'mothership'.

In his careful words to 'Aviation Week and Space Technology', the chairman of the Soviet equivalent of NASA, referred to the last frame, saying, "One image appears to include an odd-shaped object between the spacecraft and Mars." This "highly secret" photo was later given to the Western press by Colonel Dr. Marina Popovich, a Russian astronaut and pilot who has long been interested in UFO's. At a UFO conference in 1991, Popovich confirmed that their satellite had been destroyed by the alien vehicle. These photos can be seen at

I might remind my readers that at this time our world was locked in the Cold War. Soviet and American forces were prepared to destroy one another but now Russia and Americans are together in space building a new space station. At the time President Reagan understood the situation when he spoke at the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations. Sept. 21, 1987, and stated: "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG US?"


Red Setter writes that, "Already biologists have figured out that we were formed suddenly by hybridization, rather than gradually by Darwinian means." See American J. Human Genetics 2000, authors Royce and Baird from Leicester, where they say that man came about "through hybridization of two widely separated primate lines, which had not interbred previously for 1.9 million years." How then could those two primate lines be naturally interfertile? This result argues to some extent for Sitchin's hypothesis, of hybridization between tall blond aliens (the "Anu" people) and a local primate, homo erectus. Indeed, one of the two sequences is clearly African in origin. However, we have not yet measured the DNA sequence (near telomeres) for a blond alien, hence such a hypothesis cannot be formally proved. Also, the new Human Genome sequence shows that almost half of our DNA comes from invading elements; while over 200 of the 30,000 genes come from bacterial-like sources by unknown means. Further scrutiny of these complex data may show that our species was gene-engineered in the past. Some of those CG-rich genes, e.g. HIC-1 as a tumor suppressor, reduce the risk of cancer and thereby increase lifespan greatly. I expect that fewer and fewer people will believe in Darwin as time proceeds. Best, Red Setter

Editor's Note: Darwinian Theory essentially explains that you and I are here by chance. That once we were ape like creatures and before that worms or cells in a primordial soup. But recent DNA discoveries indicate that Homo Sapiens have had the same DNA for 200,000 years. Suddenly, a couple hundred thousand years ago the brain size of primitive hominids jumped one-third in size and our ancestors became relatively intelligent. I suggest this happened by design, due to an outside force. The scriptures state it was angels sent by God. Strangely that face on Mars looks human and more like my ancestor than the apes. I think our view of history needs some rewriting.


STATE COLLEGE - The witness reports my grandfather and I were walking home from church around dusk on February 3, 2001, when two bright oval objects caught our attention above the tree line. We thought at first it was an aircraft from the local airport. But, because of the tremendous acceleration of the objects, we knew that it could not be an airplane. As the objects passed almost directly above us, we heard no sound at all, even though they were traveling at a high rate of speed. As they sped away, they seemed to change direction very abruptly. The weather was overcast, so we could not maintain visual contact for very long. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


BUFORD -- Brant Connolly says, " I am reporting on a sighting that occurred on February 12, 2001 at 5:20 PM about 45 miles Northeast of Atlanta near the tip of Lake Sydney Lanier." As I was leaving work that evening to go to the gym, I noticed an aircraft coming from the East, traveling in a Westerly direction. I was facing to the South at the time. The aircraft was putting out a very thick double vapor trail which looked kind of odd, so I stood and watched it. The aircraft was about maybe an eighth of an inch long at arm's length, without much detail other than wings. But what caught my attention next was NOT normal. Something else moving caught my eye and I saw two dark "disk" shaped objects moving towards the southwest, at a very slow, controlled speed. The disks were about the size of a pencil eraser at arm's length and about 2" apart, one slightly above the other. There was NO sound, no lights, no wings or other protuberances. The objects were in sight for about 1-1/2 minutes until they were lost to view. Weather conditions were mostly clear with a nice blue sky, and the sun was starting down. The damn things flew practically right over my head and I didn't see them until I noticed the movement against the sky. "The sun clearly reflected off of the airplane, but these things were DARK-NO REFLECTION at all!" Thanks to Brant Connolly


FT. LAUDERDALE - The witness was driving on I-595 when he saw a strange flying triangle shaped object with 3-4 lights on it February 5, 2001, at 7:30 PM. I would guess that it was 75-100 feet in altitude, I thought it might be a light pole top but as I got closer I could see that it was just hovering. I slowed down and it stayed there even as I passed it. Then I saw another closer to the airport in the distance and thought maybe they were planes but neither was moving. I thought maybe they were helicopters hovering but they usually have blinking lights and make a little noise but I didn't hear anything.


ADAIRVILLE -- I saw a total of three triangular shaped craft over open farm fields on February 5, 2001. Two remained at a distance of about a half a mile away from the roadway. One was about 300 yards from my vehicle and was triangular in shape. It had a dome top with a yellow light on in the dome. It was perfectly still hovering 50 feet above the ground. It did not have any engine noise and was perfectly quite. On the tips of the triangular ends was a red light on one side and a blue light on the other. It appeared to be as large as a medium sized aircraft but not the shape of any aircraft that I have ever seen including the Stealth. The lights began dimming and the craft began crossing the road and headed west silently and then flew away very fast. I have seen these several nights while driving home from work.

BOWLING GREEN - Another witness reports, I was outside looking at the moon February 7, 2001, when my kids asked if they could stay out and watch the stars. I looked to the right of the Moon and saw a cigar shaped object in the sky moving east. It turned left towards the Moon and flew in front and just above it. It turned to the west, and changed from a cigar shape to a triangle shape craft. The lights were red and yellow, and then changed to blue and back again. As it flew just above the Moon it looked a little bit silver as the light may have reflected off it. The craft stopped for two seconds and the moved again. It seem to jump forward for a foot and in just a flash it was gone. The craft made no sound, I know it was not a plane since they fly over all the time. The object was 4 inches long with my arm fully extended. Peter Davenport spoke via telephone with this witness, and found him to be quite precise in his description of the object observed by him and his children. He was quite convincing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center


CHILLICOTHE -- "Philip E. Diehl" wrote to Dave Vetterick stating, I was in my backyard in Chillicothe Ohio at 6:41 PM on Dec. 24, 2000, looking at the stars when I heard a faint 60 cycle hum overhead." I looked over in time to see a triangular shaped craft move quickly from due north to due south. I have seen many aircraft in my 53 years, but none that could move so fast or that low that quietly. It was triangular shape with rounded points. It had three large, but very dim lights on the underside that could have been exhaust ports. One in the nose and one on each (for lack of better word) wing. This could have been some secret government craft? I don't know, but I only know what I saw
Thanks to Dave Vetterick


ROCKFORD --Lightfate reports scores more residents contacted the Rockford Register Star Tuesday with personal accounts of having seen strange lights in skies on February 10, 2001. Photographs in Tuesday's paper by the Register Star's Gary Carlson showed orange-gold lights making curious patterns in the Northeast sky. On February 14, Mark Bonne wrote in the Rockford Register Star that. " The odd visions continue to baffle many, but a new theory has begun to gel in response to the latest reports of bright lights in the night sky. Several sources speculated that orange and gold glowing orbs spotted Saturday night were helium balloons carrying flares or candles, likely launched from someone's back yard as a novelty or prank. More than 40 people some from as far as Byron and Caledonia contacted the Rockford Register Star to relate accounts of a phenomenon that started New Year's Eve 1999 and returned twice in as many months. Lee Carlson said four amber-colored lights floated past his Hillcrest Road home. I heard them pop as they went by and saw them slowly burn out," said Carlson, who suspects the balloons landed on Harrison Avenue. Duane Ingram, a physics and astronomy professor at Rock Valley College, said he doubts from descriptions he's heard that people are mistaking stars, constellations or planets as the phantom lights. Ingram said juvenile hijinks seems a more plausible explanation.


Kevin McClellan writes, "I was shocked to read about your report about invisible aircraft." It parallels my experience so closely, I could have written that account. I've never seen an invisible aircraft before (ha ha). Last week, I saw a northbound vapor trail being formed. I've had a lifetime fascination (obsession) with aircraft, so I stopped to notice it. Like your experience, the aircraft was invisible, yet the vapor trail still formed. When I first saw the trail forming in the distance, I got my wife's camera and 500 mm telephoto lens. Looking through, I still saw no plane, just the vapor trail. I then called my wife, who came outside just in time to see the plane appear right in front of our eyes. I took a couple of pictures. The plane had four engines, and was a white, standard jetliner/tanker/commercial aircraft. When I thought about why I didn't see the plane, I wondered if the atmosphere could've somehow naturally masked the plane from my sight. I considered it doubtful, since it remained invisible from the horizon until it was straight over my head, and because of the immediate transition from invisible to visible. So active camouflage is a possibility. I first read about that several years ago, in a cover story of 'Popular Mechanics' magazine. But why would (presumably) the military want to conceal an aircraft over a big city?

Someone with access to lots of white tanker aircraft has been systematically spraying over densely populated areas, for the past few years. I didn't believe it at first, until one year ago, when I looked up to find an "X" in the sky that turned into a grid of white lines. Unlike other contrails, this grid of vapor trails increased in size, until they spread into a wispy cloud cover, with a nice 'rainbow ring' around the sun. For 28 years, I have lived near three international airports (OAK, SFO, San Jose), and Moffet Field (Navy Aviation, NASA Ames). With my lifelong fascination for aircraft, I think I'm qualified to say that these vapor trails were not created along the usual flight routes. After about a month, they stopped spraying in the San Francisco Bay area. Then last November, they began again, usually 2 or 3 days a week. I've taken several photos of them as they turn the spray on and off. After a while, it became like sport, trying to catch them 'in the act'. That's why I grabbed the camera for this latest plane. Normal vapor contrails don't "turn on or off." By the way, the day of my "invisible plane sighting" was yet another "spray day." A couple of hours afterward, the sky was again covered with a grid of vapor trails. After reading and observing, I've come up with a theory. I think it's merely a secret SDI program to place a catalyst in the air, to enhance the effectiveness of an electromagnetic 'boundary layer' in the upper atmosphere. China and Russia would be upset if they knew we had an operational Star Wars system. Solution? Keep it secret, even from American citizens. And that, my friend, explains the invisible aircraft. Thanks to Kevin McClellan


NORTH DEVON, ENGLAND -- Farshores reports, The sighting of strange lights spinning through the night sky was caught on video camera by an amateur photographer. Jo Sherlock has described her close encounter with the UFO, which happened on Tuesday, January 23, as a strange experience that left her feeling "really weird" and her camera batteries low. There were lots of very bright green and blue lights in the dark sky. I had my camera around my neck and the flash went off three times, without me touching it. "I felt really weird and I thought, 'where am I?', even though I was standing in my garden. "The object came closer and it started to spin like a Catherine wheel, standing up vertically, not spinning around flat like you see in movies. It then went away from me, stopped spinning, and went really small." Jo claimed that when she went back outside after briefly going into her house, the wind was blowing heavily when previously it had been quite calm. The feeling she received from seeing the lights, which she filmed all the while, disturbed her most of all. She said: "I just did not feel myself, I thought it was getting at me." Thanks to Farshores.

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