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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 26, 2001

George Filer:
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The new year brings spectacular Disc shaped UFO reports in Chile, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon and England. Flying Triangle reports come in from New Jersey, Alabama, and Georgia, maneuvering lights are reported in Florida, Indiana, Texas, and United Kingdom.


Jeff Challender writes, "I've been looking through the raw material gathered so far from the STS-98 mission. There have been some anomalies, and no thanks to NASA very limited live television. The pattern on this flight has been a dearth of live downlink TV. There are two kinds of coverage: One is called KU-Band, which is full motion television just as we are used to it. The other is called S-Band, and is a herky jerky slide show type of TV, changing images every 20 to 30 seconds. I have noted that it is getting more common, as time passes, that the S-Band slide show is used during most of the "action" parts of the mission. That is: during dockings, undocking, space walks, and any other time when it is likely that large numbers of viewers are tuned in. This was particularly obvious during the installation of the new Destiny module, and during space walks, as well as this morning's undocking. During the Destiny sequence, the S-Band slides went in sequence for a while, but there was a very large, distinct gap just before Destiny was locked to Alpha.

One wonders why? This morning, the KU Band downlink was in use right up to the last seconds before separation. Then, at separation, the S-Band was kicked in, and stayed in use until the operation was complete. KU-Band was restored after all was over. Hmmmm. It didn't stop me from detecting an object in space which has appeared three times this week. I have jokingly named this object the "Twinkie," due to it's shape. A couple days ago, an orange orb was seen hovering off the Shuttle. It bore some cursory resemblance to the Moon, but a check of the ephemeris showed the Moon to be nearly 180 degrees away from the camera angle. Also, the Moon never has an orange color when seen from space. There's more, but unfortunately, there is no time or room here to describe them all. I plan to release a new video containing all the anomalies garnered from the flights of STS-92 (Oct. 2000), STS-97 (Dec. 2000) and STS-98 (Feb. 2001). The video, like my previous release, "What Do 'They' Know," should raise some eyebrows in the coming months. Kindest regards, as always, Jeff


WANAQUE RESERVOIR -- On February 16, 2000, a Flying Triangle was observed floating over Ringwood and the reservoir at 1:30 AM for ten minutes. A 37 year old male reported the sighting of the Flying Triangle at treetop level around 50 feet in altitude. The object had a dark surface, and was the size of a baseball at arm's length. The object hovered and appeared unsteady has it wobbled changing direction in flight. The Flying Triangle caused a strange tingling sensation in the ears of the witness. The object had blue_white lights that did not conform to FAA regulations.

DEAL -- On a winter Sunday morning in 1984, my friend and I were going to try to catch the sunrise at the beach. We were on a street in Loch Arbor when I noticed to my right, low to the ground and very close to the base of a house, a luminous golden pink cloud shaped object. It was moving very quickly following the outline of the side of the house. It moved across the yard and crossed directly in front of our vehicle. The car's headlights made the object very visible and gave the impression of a cloud rather then being a defined circle. It was about 42 feet high and 4 feet wide. It moved in front of our vehicle and continued across the street and disappeared behind a house. It seemed to be an entity rather than a mechanical device. It reminded me of a hound dog tracking a subject the way it was low to the ground and followed the contour of the house. It moved at about the same speed a tracking dog would. My friend, who was driving said that a dark area in the cloud looked like an eye shape to her. The object was a beautiful pink color with a golden hue with no sharp borders or definitive edges. We were both awestruck. Thanks to Martha Nuzio


HUNTSVILLE -- David Ring writes, "With all the news you have been including about scientific discoveries I haven't noticed anything about the disc developed in Labs in Huntsville that can generate it's own gravity field as either a ''push" or a "pull." See article in October Popular Mechanics. When activated this disc has the ability to nullify the effects of gravity. The inventor theorizes that she may be able to design a disc that will be powerful enough to extend the field of the disc up out of the earth's atmosphere. A novel mode of space launch to be sure. I've seen no other news on this no headlines. She uses the Bose-Einstein effect and extremely low temperatures as the route to her gravity field. Conversely, Hutchison has rediscovered the means to achieve his gravity defying effects using a very different less theoretically sophisticated approach. Thanks to David Ring


Renowned investigator John Thompson received a call from a former Navy mine countermeasures software specialist who reported that unusual military helicopter activity has been ongoing in Randolph County, Alabama. To him the helicopters seemed to be searching for something and flew so low as to cause cattle and horses to scatter in fear. Above average helicopter activity has also been confirmed in neighboring Troup and Heard counties in Western Georgia. On Monday January 29, 2001, just after dawn, the Randolph witness said he saw a large Flying Triangle moving towards Heard County. The slab-like triangle was of "weathered gray" color on its sides, with its back being of a darker color and possibly concave. Its thickness or height was approximately a quarter of its total length. The software specialist said that the best way to picture what the Flying Triangle craft looked like is to imagine taking the pyramid on the back of a dollar bill and slicing a thick lateral wedge from that pyramid. It had non-blinking red, yellow and blue lights on its back.

WEDOWEE -- Initially the Flying Triangle was seen near Randolph County High School on Highway 48. Because of the craft's low altitude--less than a 1000 feet--and close proximity to the high school the witness was able to estimate the sides of the craft of being 150 feet long and its thickness, or height about 35 feet. The Flying Triangle was seen for five minutes and moved at a speed of only 50-60 miles-per-hour. It was last seen traveling slowly eastward over Omaha towards the Heard County line. There was no noise from the craft. No wings, protruding structures or engines were seen on the triangle UFO. The witness's description seems to match the craft seen on 1/5/00 in St. Clair County, Illinois by many law-enforcement officers. It is thought by many that the Illinois UFO was a stealth blimp of some kind. Calls were made to 911 centers in Randolph and Heard counties, but there were no other reports. There was a low ceiling that morning with a temperature in the 30s. A woman in northwest Troup County, said a military helicopter buzzed her car. After flashing the headlights of her car on three extremely low-flying helicopters who were flying in front of her, one of the choppers circled back and dove at her car twice. Thanks to John C. Thompson


SARASOTA - A couple was driving on Highway I-75 between Bradenton and Sarasota just after noon on February 16, 2001. The witness indicates his fiancé was driving, when he looked out the passenger window at the clouds and saw an object dart across the sky very fast west of his position over the Gulf of Mexico. The object looked far away, yet he saw it clearly. It was round and bright white in color and flew into a small puff of cloud. The cloud was only a few miles off the Gulf coast. The object stayed in the cloud for about 5 seconds, reversed trajectory and flew up at around a 45 degree angle to another small cloud, stayed there for another ten seconds. It then shot off at a right angle to another cloud EXTREMELY fast. The object then remained in the cloud and did not come out. It just did not look normal. Thanks to Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center NUFORC


ESCANABA -- Three adults at home on Friday, February 9, 2001, (the first night) noticed a bright light in the sky. After watching for twenty minutes they looked through binoculars and saw a large round shape, with white lights in the center and red and green around it. It stayed there for over one hour, then slowly descended and turned red before going below the trees. This object has returned for three nights now, and many people are watching it. The witness reports, "I took a very good video of this object and am wondering what it is? Escanaba is located in Northern Michigan on Lake Michigan. Thanks to MUFON Worldwide Data Base


TELL CITY -- Saturday evening, February 10, 2001, at 9:00 PM, my husband was getting ready to go to bed when he yelled at me to look at all of the airplanes flying by. I glanced through the window that faces west and saw an odd shaped bright light. When it started bobbing around, I got my video camera and started taking pictures. It danced around, disappeared, came back, and came so close the first time that I got a stunning look at it. It was round, except at the very bottom, and looked flat. It had two lines through the middle, a round circle in the center of the parallel lines, and an emblem in the middle of the circle. There were designs on the top and bottom parts. I viewed this for about 5 seconds, then it gradually moved away and across the trees, then into a bright ball again. It had a dark side and a bright side. When it was bright, there would be a jagged streak of light moving upward, dimming the bottom part as it went. After it dimmed, it would then get smaller. It bobbed around, disappeared, and maneuvered for several minutes. Then the dark side got very close and was very large. It had the same markings on that side as the bright side. There were red, yellow, and orange lights. It came very close 3 times before it finally disappeared. I have great movies of this. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC who spoke by telephone with this witness, and found her to be a good witness.


AUSTIN -- David K. Pevehouse writes, I witnessed a plane laying a contrail at 5:00 AM in that was horizon to horizon in length. I should really call it a chemtrail due to the fact it stayed in place for over 20 minutes keeping its thin shape. I looked down a little ways from where the plane was and to the left and noticed a sparkling strobe light. It seemed to sparkle and strobe at the same time. The colors were blue greenish, purple and moved funny, back and forth very fast. It was darting north then south, again north and south. I looked at different areas of the sky to see if it was my vision but I did not see the same thing in other areas of the sky. Only way I can describe it is that it was very strange and seemed to move like a bug, very erratically. Thanks to David K. Pevehouse


PHOENIX -- It was 7:30 PM on February 6, 2001, when the witness left his driveway and turned north when a brightly illuminated sight in the evening sky caught his attention. "My gosh! Look at that! He said to himself. He pulled the car to the curb and got out for a better look. The witness stated, "I saw four very brightly lit domed circular craft! Each was illuminated totally in brilliant white light. They were each four to five inches in size from where I stood." The domed top was clear on all the craft. They were moving from south to north in a diamond formation. Each swayed back and forth and traded places, still maintaining the diamond formation as they collectively traveled forward to the north. "I watched them as they grew smaller, and smaller until they disappeared in the distance," the witness stated. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC National Reporting Center


ROGUE RIVER -- In one of the best reports I've received recently an SR-71 Air Force Crew Chief phoned to tell me he and his family of four had a witnessed a disc shaped UFO outside their home around 8:30 PM on both February 21st, and 22nd, 2001. It started when he noticed a bright light at the top of the mountain behind his home. Since the nearest airport is 35 miles south in Medford, he thought it was strange to see a plane with its landing lights on. The home is located in a rural area with two mountains behind the house, one 2000 feet and the other 3500 feet high. Twenty minutes later he looked out again and saw the lights were still there. Grabbing his binoculars he was able to get an excellent view of the craft that was flying lower toward his home. At first, he noticed a bright diamond shaped light that at first didn't move. Then it started getting lighter and brighter and smaller and bigger. It started moving down a hill. Then it stopped. Then it got lighter, brighter, smaller and bigger. Then it went back up the hill and seemed to stop. It kept on doing it over and over. The disc shaped UFO flew down the side of the mountain and moved at its closest about 400 yards away. The disc was almost as large as his fist at arm's length. It had four triangular shaped panels or windows in a X pattern. Two panels were above the rim and two were below emitting light. The disc was made of a grayish metallic material. The Crew Chief assured me he had never seen a craft in the Air Force or any where remotely similar. The craft slowly climbed in altitude up the side of the mountain sweeping its bright lights appearing to be searching for something. The red glowing lights appeared to emit flares as it slowly flew up the side of mountain very close to the trees. Radio towers are on the top of the mountain.

The following night there was a similar bright diamond shaped light in the northwest sky just above the ridge line in the back of their home. They watched the light pull apart from the sides and pull back together several times. The light divided and a separate bright red light came from the north and pulled up next to the bright light. The second hovered for almost ten seconds and zigzagged off to the south very quickly. The bright light hovered and then maneuvered and suddenly disappeared. The object followed the ground to the top of the ridge and went over the top and stopped just on the other side. It stayed there for about 5 minutes and was gone. My son yelled, "Look to the right." The UFO was moving left, right up and down with terrific speed. It was not a helicopter or plane and there was no sound what so ever. Insects, frogs, and other animals started to make sounds only after the UFO left. They saw the object for 15- 20 minutes. The Crew Chief's eleven year old son said, "The UFO was cool and awesome!"

Editor's Note: Several elk herds live in the mountains and the UFO crew may have been searching for food. In Oregon there have been reports of UFOs picking up elk and abducting them. The witness also reported the sighting to Peter Davenport who also felt he was a high quality witness.


ANTOFAGASTA -- Two airborne jetliners spotted a giant silver UFO hovering at an altitude of 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) near the city of Antofagasta in Northern Chile. "A feeling of disquiet and consternation spread over much of Chile's Second Region, including large cities such as Calama and Antofagasta, due to the sighting of an unidentified flying object around 11:00 AM on Friday, February 16, 2001. "The phenomenon was even observed by commercial aircraft when flight paths brought them close to it." "Witnesses identified it as a small silver dot towards the west of El Loa's provincial capital," Antofagasta, "which remained initially still and with a swinging motion" "Many tried to see but were themselves thwarted in the pursuit of this goal as the object was some distance from the city. Nonetheless, others were able to see it both unaided and with binoculars."

"Air traffic control personnel from the Cerro Moreno Airport followed the UFO's movements through accounts from the airline pilots." "Two of the three airliners crossing the city witnessed the object. These were LAN-Chile Flight 560, and Avant Airlines Flight 471. The event took place at around 11:00 AM, had a total duration of between 20 and 30 minutes, being first noticed by LAN-Chile Flight 560 after establishing visual contact with a shiny, oval object of incredible size. This was immediately relayed to the Air Traffic Control Center in Santiago de Chile and was picked up on their radar screens, which have nationwide coverage. "The phenomenon was also seen by Calama airport's control tower since 10:45 AM who saw an oval, shiny object. Avant Airlines Flight 471, flying between Calama and Antofagasta reported the object to the regional capital's air facility. The UFO was 'flattened and elongated, like two plates facing each other,' and was seen 72 miles north of Antofagasta at Vector 350. "Airport personnel explained that 'Radar systems filter information, otherwise even cars could show up onscreen as well as air traffic moving slower than the stipulated speed. Nelson Lope, Cerro Moreno's airport manager, confirmed the object's presence and noted that two commercial flights flying over the Pacific Ocean picked up the apparition without being able to identify it. He added that the airspace occupied by the UFO contained heavy clouds, which did not allow for a more objective interpretation. He discarded the weather balloon theory. "The UFO was tracked by radar operators of the Fifth Air Brigade of the Fuerzas Aereas de Chile the Chilean Air Force based at Cerro Moreno." (See the newspaper La Estrella del Loa for 2/17/01, Thanks to Scott Corrales, and UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 6 #8 2/22/01, Editor: Joseph Trainor

Editor's Note: It is refreshing to see that UFOs are freely reported by the news media, airline crews and radar in Chile. Despite frequent sightings in the US everyone involved seems afraid to report these incidents, even when crashes or our aircraft occur.


LEICESTER, ENGLAND -- Andy Seaton reports that, "On the morning of January 24, 2001, I woke at 05:10 AM, sitting up and looking out through our East facing window (we sleep with curtains open). I observed what I first took to be a star, my attention was drawn by its unusual sparkling appearance akin to a fireworks sparkler. It then began to move in a very jerky fashion, not unlike the flight of a butterfly. The general direction of movement was south to north. The morning was not yet fully light. There was only a little wispy cloud above the object. I woke my wife (a skeptic) who, when I showed her, had to agree it was indeed a UFO. We continued to observe until it disappeared traveling northward. The whole sighting lasted about five minutes. I have had an interest in UFO's since I was a child, but this is my first definite sighting. Thanks to Andy Seaton

DERBYSHIRE DALES - Farshores reports the February 15, 2001, the Matlock Mercury Newspaper reports that close encounters continue in Dales as the national media picks up on the long string of UFO stories. Last week, sightings including the videotape episode in Bonsall were reported by the Daily Mail, Channel Five and BBC News. Now the Mercury has received word of another close encounter - the 20th sighting since the first back in September. Paul Hannan (37) of Yeld Close, Bakewell saw a dome-shaped craft at around 8:00 PM on February 3. "It was over Haddon," he said, "more or less on the Manchester flight path. "I shouted to my wife, 'Look at this bright light out here!' Mr Hannan, who saw a similar object in Bakewell during the mid-1900s said the craft was a brilliant white light in the sky. Through the binoculars, he could see the light gradually fade.

TANSLEY -- The 21st sighting surrounds a Wirksworth couple who saw a large blue light with an orange tail which shot across the night-sky. The man was going for a walk with his girlfriend on Summer Lane, at about 7:30 PM last Thursday when they saw the strange light. He said: "At first I thought it was a plane crashing - it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. "It had a massive glowing tail at the back of it - but it went far too fast for a plane. "My friend also saw it." Thanks to (farshores)


GOTHENBURG --At the age of 12, the witness reports I saw a big cigar shaped UFO moving slowly and silently following a horizontal path over Gothenburg. I was with my parents , and also joined by 3 adult neighbors. It was silver colored and reflected the light of the afternoon sun. About every 10 seconds it lit up completely like a light-bulb and ten seconds later, the light was turned off and it was again silver colored. We saw no lights, windows or fins on the cigar- it was completely smooth. No sound. After about 5-10 minutes it suddenly turned around, and took off in the direction from where it had come. The speed was now accelerating and it went from horizon to horizon in a few seconds. Thanks to MUFON Worldwide Data Base


Art Greenfield writes, "In your Filer's Files # 7 on 2/13/01 is the report of the call to Larry King's show where Shirley MacLaine was asked about what President Carter had told her about UFOs? I was that caller." The story of this is in my soon to be printed book. Additionally, when I first called in to the show and told the call screener what I was going to ask Shirley, the screener said: "Larry is going to love this!!!" I followed up with a letter to President Carter himself, asking him to reveal what he knew to the public, but I have not had a response. A year of so later when President Carter was a guest on the Larry King Show, I called in and told the call screener I wanted to ask the President what he had told Shirley MacLaine about the government knowing about aliens and recovered UFOs was true? The screener said that President Carter had told them he would only answer questions about his new book. But that was not the end of the story. Just a few months before Art Bell retired, he read a news wire item at the beginning of his show. Art said that former President Jimmy Carter had been at a book store in Oregon for a book signing on his new book. A man in line to get his book autographed asked President Carter about his campaign promise that if elected, he would look into what the government knew about UFOs and aliens. Art Bell said, "President Carter just looked at the man and did not answer in words. "Tears sprang from his eyes." Thanks to Art Greenfield Cocoa, FL 32926


The official ICCA count per month looks is as follows: January: 1 / February: 1 / March: 4 / April: 6 / May: 21 / June: 40 / July 103 / August: 70 / September: 4 / October 1 / November: 1 / December: 0.
The official ICCA count per country was as follows: Canada: 9 / Czech Republic: 32 / Denmark: 6 / England: 139 / Finland: 1 / France: 1 / Germany: 25 / Italy: 2 / Malaysia: 1 / New Zealand: 1 / Poland: 1 / Russia: 1 / Slovenia: 1 / Spain: 3 / The Netherlands: 15 / USA: 14.
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Bob Durant, writes, "I got a long email from Harold Egeln concerning a new play to be performed in New York City. The play is based on UFO abductions, which I think is a "first." The shows are at 8:30 PM except Sunday March 4, at 4:00 PM, followed by a Panel Discussion with Experts on the Topic. 145 Sixth Avenue (between Spring and Dominick) Tickets are $15 to $20, Box Office @ 212.647.0202


BORDENTOWN -- March 31 and April 1 at the Days Inn on Route 206 at the NJ Turnpike Exit #7. Jan Aldrich, Don and Viki Ecker, Dolores Cannon, Richard Cassaro, Bob Durant, and Nancy Talbot have been invited to speak. Call Pat Marcatillio for reservations at 609 631-8955


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an hour long tape of UFOs shot in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011

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