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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 2, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs HAVE BEEN REPORTED in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Washington, Canada, Scotland, Belgium, France and New Zealand. The number of UFO reports dropped as they have done in recent years during the Holidays. Most of the December reports occurred on December 1, when a Russian Proton rocket reentered the atmosphere over the US Middle West. However, many of the more than 40 sightings did not seem to be the space debris. There are indications that more than a dozen UFOs were inside our atmosphere throughout the US and Europe that night. Sightings in 2001 remain high similar to the year 2000 with more than 2,500 reports each year in the US alone. UFO reports have steadily increased over the last five years. Most sightings are reported over the Internet indicating a fairly high level of sophistication for those able to use the Internet and find reporting sites. The increase in sightings may be attributed to the increase in Internet usage. However, the average report takes thirty minutes to fill out, so those making the reports are convinced they saw something very unusual and very important. This filtering process helps rule out hoaxes, mundane stars, satellites, aircraft and the like.


Dr. Bruce Coronet sent me a list of questions for scientists to ponder. Here are a few to ponder.

1. Are scientists and journalists aware that much of the research staff on a pivotal government-funded study of UFO evidence - the Condon Committee - resigned or were fired when they challenged its director's intention to report a pre-ordained conclusion that all UFO sightings can be explained in mundane terms?

2. Are scientists and journalists aware that the chief scientific consultant in the Air Force's Blue Book study of UFOs later characterized the project as a publicity maneuver to mollify the public, himself convinced by the evidence he saw that genuine, unexplained aerospatial phenomena are in our midst?

3. Are you aware that reports of these two government-funded, now-discredited studies - the Condon Committee and Project Blue Book - are the primary reasons why most scientists and journalists have dismissed UFO evidence as pseudoscience?

4. Are scientists and journalists aware that hundreds of thoroughly credentialed pilots and military officers have officially documented sightings of structured craft demonstrating motions possible only through gravitational propulsion, and that some of these sightings are accompanied by radar records?

Editor's Note: I happen to be one who intercepted a UFO at the request of London Control and had the structured object on my radar. Four hundred government employees are prepared to testify before Congress under oath that UFOs are real as part of the Disclosure Project.


Robert Roy Britt reports that NASA's Kepler satellite mission will study 100,000 stars to search for other potentially habitable planets. NASA gave the final necessary green light Friday to the Kepler mission. The space agency also approved the Dawn mission, which will orbit the two largest asteroids in our solar system. Kepler will be the first spacecraft devoted to the search for Earth-sized planets around other stars and an important step toward finding life elsewhere in our galaxy, if it exists. Both missions are part of NASA's Discovery program. The decisions mean the missions will now be funded and planning and construction can begin. Each is slated for launch in 2006. The Kepler satellite will orbit the sun and study some 100,000 stars for four years, looking for planets that are similar in size to Earth and in similar orbits around their stars. Only planets with orbits in this so-called "habitable zone," where it is not too hot and not too cold, could have liquid water, scientists say. And liquid water is seen as a necessary ingredient for life as we know it. "This will be the first mission that ought to be able to produce a census of Earth-sized planets in the habitable zones around other stars," said David Morrison, a member of the mission's science working group at NASA's Ames Research Center, which will oversee the project. Current ground-based searches typically find only very large planets that orbit very close to their host stars and almost certainly could not support life. About 80 of these so-called extrasolar planets have been found. Thanks to and Robert Roy Britt


The witness reports, "On Sunday, December 23, 2001, I think I saw a UFO. I was driving on the Garden State Parkway when I saw four big, dull balls of light in the sky. I'm pretty sure the lights were not coming from the ground such as a searchlight, because I didn't see a line of light coming from the ground. The lights kept separating and then coming together again. I'm also pretty sure they were moving in the same direction as our car because we were driving at about 70 mph for fifteen minutes and the UFO was right above the car the whole time. I drew a picture that shows how the lights were moving. Thanks to MUFON HQ and RabbitSc8


NEWTON/CLEVELAND -- CHRIS B reports. I was driving to work in Sheboygan from Manitowoc on December 26, 2001, and as I approached the wayside on I-43 just north of Cleveland I spotted what appeared to be an UFO above the wayside. At 6:26 AM all that was visible were three white lights in a row. I could almost make out the body of the craft, but with it being early morning visibility was minimal. The object didn't blink or make any noise that I could hear over the sound of the car engine and road noise. The object was stationary when I first saw it and stayed stationary as I drove past to the south. I would estimate that the object was between 300 to 500 feet in altitude and was about the height of a radio tower. When I drove past this area on my way home, I looked for any towers that I could have mistaken for the object, but there was none anywhere the object flew that morning. I'm sure there were other witnesses since the Interstate was full of morning commuters. Thanks to UFOWisconsin and (Jenny Hoppe)


DULUTH -- A large Flying Triangle craft, about four times the size of a stealth jet was seen while two men were driving north on Highway 53, thru the northern suburb of Hermantown on March 5, 2001. The Flying Triangle was dark, but the color seemed to be a gray silver color with a light on each corner and one in the center from 9:30 to 10:00 PM. The craft crossed the highway from the left side, moving to the right. It was moving very slowly, almost hanging over the highway for a while. One of the men thought that it should be moving faster and be out of site when compared to commercial planes. It was a little higher than treetop level, about a block high. They pulled the car over to the side and stopped to listen. There was no sound coming from it. It continued drifting slowly until it went past a bunch of trees and then it suddenly either took off extremely fast or just disappeared. It was angling in the direction of the Duluth Air Force Base, which has been officially closed for quite some time. I think there are Air National Guard fighter jet operations there now, since the September 11, attack. The unidentified craft was triangular shaped, except in the back. It wasn't a straight line like a true triangle, but was indented some. Thanks to (Bonnie)


On Monday, December 24, 2001, at 7:00 AM, Mike was starting to feed the animals on his farm. He was checking the goats when he saw a blue Ball of light at tree top level, headed south to north and then disappear. Mike said, "Almost looked like it was over our lower farm. I've been busy so this is the only time I can get this sighting out to you. Thanks to mike (mike stephen)


TULSA - JONES/RIVERSIDE AIRPORT -- Rich Edmunds writes, on December 31, 2001, I was on the first floor roof of my job site, taking my regular coffee break checking out the sky as I often do, when I saw a red light about 30 degrees off the north horizon. It was moving very slowly to he south at 11:40 PM CST, At first I thought it was probably a helicopter since I see them often enough from this location. However, the light did not blink on and off like even a helicopter light would. It only flickered when it changed at all. It made no sound that I could hear and when helicopters are around I do hear them. I turned away for no more than five seconds and when I looked back, there was a second light, this one white, not as bright moving a bit faster from west to east. On a 2-D drawing, it would have been lower than the red light. It was moving slow enough and at a position that I have trouble believing that I would not have seen it before turning my head. It is as if it came from nowhere (or maybe from the red light)? I watched it for maybe 30 seconds before it just went out. This got me very excited. I continued watching the red light as it moved closer until it was about 45 degrees off the horizon. I noticed that it was no longer red but more of a copperish orange color. I am almost positive that it came to a complete stop (it moved so slow that it was often hard to tell if it was moving at all) and then began to move easterly for about 30 seconds and then it suddenly dimmed to the brightness of a dim star and then went out altogether.

I watched for two more minutes but neither light reappeared. I then had to go back to my work duties. The moon was nearly overhead and was behind a thin layer of clouds. It had a slight ring around it. I could see what I think was the planet Jupiter with no problems. Now here was a small band of heavier clouds between the moon and the part of he sky where the lights were but I am 90% sure that the lights did not disappear due to clouds. These lights were not satellites as they were much too bright and I have never seen a red satellite. I don't think I have ever seen a light act in such a manner. I celebrated my 45th birthday on New Year's Eve and this certainly was a fine and unexpected present from someone or something. Thanks to Rich Edmunds


KENNEWICK -- Today is January 1st, 2002, last night at 10:00 PM, K.. Colman along with three adults and three children, got the opportunity to observe the presence of three unexplainable lights. He reports, "They put us in nothing short of complete amazement! I first saw one beautiful light that was traveling in a somewhat upward yet horizontal direction. It first came into my view when it rose above the peak of our shop in our backyard. I quickly went into my home and alerted my family and friends. We all gathered on the deck of my home and saw in the sky three beautiful golden colored lights that reminded me of big gold Christmas bulbs. Each object seemed to be Gold in color, circular shaped about the size of a quarter, held at arm's length, with a white light on each one. All three unidentified objects looked to be identical.

As we watched in amazement they rose to a position almost straight above us. They moved in a very smooth way, at a very moderate speed they hovered over head for seven to ten minutes before the first light suddenly went straight up and disappeared, just that fast. Then the next light moved to what looked like the exact place in the sky, and did the same thing. This light faded away then reappeared and then quickly disappeared in a straight upward direction. Then, the third light also moved to the same place in the sky and, it too, disappeared into the sky in a straight upward direction. It was simply mystifying, and totally captivating! I have never seen anything like this in my life it was so exciting, I simply cannot put it into words how completely awesome this sighting really was! The kids thought it was cool. However, the four adults that witnessed these things are just blown away! What a great experience! We will never forget this New Years celebration that is for sure! Thanks to K. Coleman


EDINBURGH -- Andrew Hennessey reports that world shattering footage was shot on a Digicom at night by Steve X an associate of Russell Penman on Sunday, December 23, 2001. The footage clearly shows three massive motherships over the estuary beside the city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The ships one half to one mile long [best guess at this time] are elliptical, clearly curved at the front -- the front terminating in three giant headlights. The two hours of substantial Digicom footage clearly show one many windowed, and many layered mothership issuing forth bright shiny pod shaped ships or beings glowing white. Over the course of the two hours -- these ships are disgorged by the mothership in clear focus as they fly off in twos or in formation or singularly over the City of Edinburgh and its suburbs. There are two other ships of similar configuration further off in the distance. This wonderful footage is of earth shattering significance, but also comes by way of several other amazing photographs and other stills by the Penman 'group.'

This is the clearest evidence I have ever seen that Alien life has a massive social engineering program for the human race. We could not clearly see the other two ships doing the same -- as the light capsules were tiny in proportion. The other two ships were decloaked simultaneously -- in the drop zone of the Lothian's. On top of other fabulous daytime footage by Brian Mac Phee also of the forth valley at Stirling, near Edinburgh. Central Scotland is again confirmed as one of the hottest hotspots on the planet. Over the piece, I watched hundreds and hundreds of little lights fly out of the mothership at all levels of the structure, sometimes hanging back so the others could catch up, they flew and scattered in all directions over the sleepy Capital of Scotland - a city which anciently was once thought of as a Jerusalem with its seven hills and its Masonic connections and secrets. We are not alone. Thanks to Andrew Hennessey Transformation Studies Group.


On January 1, 2002, Jeff told me during his radio show about the considerable upswing in UFO activity in Belgium and France, including the Flying Black Triangles. (I'm a regular guest on the Jeff Rense's Radio Show, the first Tuesday of the month.) Jeff Rense reports that the Flying Triangles are back in Europe, particularly in Belgium and France! In 1989 and 1990, the Flying Triangles were reported almost nightly.

In mid-October a young lady reported a UFO in the Avioth area of northern France. The very dark, square shaped UFO had four lights, one at each corner.
Last month, UFO sightings became widely reported on the TV news and popular newspapers, reporting that "A new wave is hitting Belgium." One of the more popular Belgian papers, "La Derniére Heure" (The Last Hour) on December 19th featured a detailed report by one of its noted writers, Gilbert Dupont, about the return of the triangles, with new reports of blue lighting on the underside of the craft, as well as orange and yellow. Belgian TV interviewed two young men in Namur, who reported a very close encounter with a silver, cylindrical shaped UFO. Triangles are being reported with varying lighting structures; red, green and blue lights, as well as UFOs that are orange in color. Many of the Belgian UFO organizations believe the Flying Triangles are US military related considering the presence of SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), in Brussels, Belgium. The craft cause vibrations that rattle windows and dishes. They are described as huge flying buildings, possibly two triangles stuck together. Thanks to Jeff Rense who has a detailed report on his web site at Rense.Com.


GISBORNE, NORTH ISLAND -- On December 29, 2001, Lawrence, writes that I was on our computer at home online, when my wife who was outside opened our front door and asked me to come and have a look at something in the sky. As soon as I got outside it didn't take long to catch sight of the large light overhead at 7:43 PM. My first reaction to this object in the sky was in reference to its speed, size, and brightness. Having personally seen numerous lights in the sky during a UFO flap over Gisborne, New Zealand in 1976; I knew what we were looking at in the night sky was unusual. The object/light was larger than the planet Mars (which was also visible). It was definitely pulsating in brightness, set against the backdrop of a clear sky with a full moon to the east. By the time I was called by my wife Kathleen, the object was directly overhead, and took between 30 seconds and one minute to disappear over the southern horizon. I even jumped on top of our fence to watch the object as long as possible. During the whole time of observation, the object's speed remained constant and in one direction. It may not have gone in a perfect straight light across the night sky, but its direction did not deviate. The apparent size of the object somehow concerned me. My wife, not normally interested in things in the sky above, was quite elated and curious during this observation. To me its varying brightness caught the eye. I waited during the sighting to see a color change, but none occurred. However as stated above, its size stood out compared to other objects; i.e., stars/planets. I checked up at ( for other known objects in the sky at that precise time. Nothing seemed to match this object we had seen. We would both like to know what such a bright/large object in the night sky could have been? In addition, what travels at the speed this thing was doing? LATITUDE: 38.65S LONGITUDE: 178.00E. Thanks to Chuck Warren -


Bill Clark, I'm writing to ask for your comments on some research I have done, presented in full on my web site at I was dismissed post haste from the Ph.D. program at the University of Texas at Austin a week ago (yes it was the day before Christmas), and I believe it is because of my research into the UFO enigma. I am appealing this decision, and would appreciate your support by signing the Guest Book on my web site. My theory is that the UFO's achieve lighter than air capability by virtue of a chemical derivative of Freon. You may recall Freon was banned worldwide a few years ago because it was shown to damage the ozone layer. Yet, Freon is four times heavier than air ~ how can it make it many miles into the upper atmosphere to interact with the ozone there? I believe it does so by virtue of reacting with something in the air, which then renders it ultra lightweight.

An aircraft, which is not affected by gravity, could do everything we know UFO's to do. I am an international expert in energy conservation, and have for many years protested the Freon Ban because the new "ozone safe" Freon is 25% less efficient than Freon-12. My efforts have met with such extreme resistance from the highest authorities in government and in the engineering societies, that in recent years I have sought some explanation for their behavior. I believe the banned Freon is still being manufactured in massive quantities (obviously it is, because the ozone hole doubles year to year even with the Ban in effect), and that the government and industry knows about it, and what it is being used for. I have all the details on my web site, along with my credentials and other supporting evidence. I hope you have a chance to visit, and especially to leave your comments in my Guest Book. Thanks and best wishes for a wonderful New Year, Bill Clark Lagos Vista, Texas, (Bill Clark, P.E.)


Michael Moriarity and Eric Close have been cast in The SCI FI Channel's Taken, from Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks is an upcoming original miniseries scheduled to air during the fourth quarter of 2002. The 20-hour miniseries, which started production in September in Vancouver, weaves together the stories of three families over three generations and their roles in the history of alien abductions. In addition to Moriarity (Law & Order) and Close (Now and Again), the cast will include Willie Garson, Anton Yelchin, Ryan Hurst, Chad Morgan, Rob LaBelle, Catherine Dent, Tina Holmes, Steve Burton, Julie Benz and Joel Gretsch. Principal photography continues through the end of May 2002. Leslie Bohem wrote all 20 hours of Taken and production will commence in Vancouver. The miniseries will interweave the stories of three families and their experiences with UFO abductions. Burton will play Randall Keys, a World War II fighter pilot who encounters strange lights in the night sky while on a mission over Germany. Benz will play Kate Keys, Randall's wife, who is forced to raise their son alone as Randall struggles to cope with his abduction experience. Thanks to Robert Collins.


TORONTO -- Lawrence Fenwick writes, "I've seen five UFOs, three of which were multiple-observer events." One was seen in broad daylight in 1996. All were in the city of Toronto. I retain physical evidence from three UFO incidents, none of which were from my sightings. One was from northern California, one from Israel, and another from Don Mills, Ontario, a Toronto suburb. The California and Israel artifacts came from cases investigated by police officers. All evidence has been tested in private or university laboratories. All were declared non-terrestrial in the way in which the constituent elements were combined.

This does not eliminate the possibility that some scientific, intelligence agency and military people working together may be responsible for most, if not all, abductions, with the use of mind control techniques and advanced technological devices, using creatures genetically engineered to appear non-human. The Don Mills, Ontario item was an implant 1.5 by 1 mm. in size, consisting primarily of aluminum, titanium, and silicon, all of which can be used in a transducer, according to an engineer at Panasonic in Mississauga, Ontario. The implant was removed surgically in a hospital in 1988 and, after almost immediate preliminary lab analysis at the University of Toronto, was analyzed completely at an industrial laboratory in Mississauga. It had been implanted by some entities that seemed alien. It was placed in a lady's left earlobe on the night of July 12, 1961, For three years, she heard what she called periodic buzzing signals "like Morse code" in her left ear. They gradually faded away. Many years later, she gave lectures about UFOs, stating that they and the creatures associated with them were extraterrestrial and meant no harm. Was this propaganda instilled in her to condition her audience to a particular point of view? The earlobe was still a bit swollen at the time investigators from CONFORM were in touch with her in 1986. The lady passed away in 1992 at age 74. Due to ridicule of the UFO topic, we call her Betty Stewart. Her son has threatened to sue me if her real name is published as he is afraid of ridicule in case anyone reads her real name and finds out he is her son.
Thanks to Lawrence Fenwick


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over a hour-long tape of UFOs shot in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011 Jeff had an operation on his back and is still in pain, we ask you to send your prayers.


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