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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 23, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs were observed over New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, California, Washington, and Austria.


Scientists announced that the two giant clumps of dust in the ring surrounding the star Vega may be planets. Vega is located 25 light years away in the constellation Lyra and is the brightest star in the summer sky. The planets are apparently trapped in this dust ring. Observations of Vega in 1983 with the Infrared Astronomy Satellite provided the first evidence for large dust particles around another star, probably debris related to the formation of planets. This discovery likely inspired Carl Sagan to place the alien listening post at Vega in his novel "Contact." In our Solar System, dust particles created by asteroid collisions spiral in toward the Sun. The gravity of the planets affect the distribution of these dust particles. The Earth, for example, traps dust in a series of dynamical resonance's that produce a ring of enhanced density along the Earth's orbit. When viewed from Earth, the signatures of extrasolar planets imprinted on circumstellar dust may be the most conspicuous evidence of their existence. Up to now more than fifty planets have been detected by their gravitational influence on their own stars. The dust clouds are much easier to detect than the planets because of their much larger surface area. It's akin to seeing the wake of a boat from a plane when the boat itself is too small to be visible. Because Vega is viewed nearly pole-on, it presents a perfect target for more detailed study of planets in its dust cloud.

Editor's Note -- Almost monthly new planets are being located by astronomers. Additionally, we now feel water is abundant in the universe. Like Johnny Appleseed you can take some dust, sprinkle it with water and Apple trees will grow. As I sit here, I hold a stone meteorite in my hand that was found in Mauritania, Africa. Its thought that many meteorites carry the building blocks of life, and the comets carry water. Theoretically, life should be abundant throughout the universe with 200 billion stars in our own galaxy alone. The Bible clearly states there are beings on other planets. "Therefore, rejoice you heavens, and you that dwell in them." Revelation 12-12 New International


RICHMOND -- On January 3, 2002, the witness a construction industry management engineering expert, observed a blinding light very high in the horizon at 9:35 PM. He was traveling on Interstate #95 to exit #25 in Bowdoin. The light was stationary but too high in the sky to be a tower light. The lights did not change in size or intensity. There were blinking red and green lights directly on either side of the bright center light flashing in a regular pattern and appeared to be directly adjacent to the center light rather than offset from it. When I exited at #25 south, I pulled off to the side of the road behind two other vehicles that had also stopped to look; I watched as the craft began to move diagonally northeast very slowly. I called Peter Davenport via cell phone and the craft changed direction and flew almost directly overhead. The object was a wedge or a chevron with a pair of swept wings attached to a center fuselage with solid webbing between the wings and the fuselage. The length of the appendages of were equilateral with a slight curvature of the webbing at the trailing edge. All of the underside surfaces were equally well lit with a diffused light. The surfaces were silver-gray but clarity and light quality faded at the periphery of the object.

It was as though someone shined a spotlight directly upward at the underbody and only illuminated the center portion of the craft. The object flew very slowly overhead and appeared to proceed in an elliptical path north then south again. The visible change in direction was almost immediate and didn't appear to allow time for a west to east arc. There was no discernible sound from the object that was moving very slowly as it passed overhead. It was the size of a quarter when held at arm's length. The sky was extremely clear. The object made two circles then disappeared over the treeline. Thanks to Peter Davenport National Reporting Center


BROOKLYN -- The witness states, "I had a recent short sighting on Saturday, January 5, 2002, at 8:40 AM. while on a bus #46. The bus stopped at Church Avenue and I was looking west out the window when I saw a stationary silver disk in the sky reflecting the morning sun. It didn't move or wobble at any time but just hovered. It had to be above 10,000 feet because there were passenger jets above it to the southwest and northwest. I was watching it for about 15 seconds without looking away and it disappeared. It looked about the size of an air rifle pellet. I have been doing a lot of thinking since I finished reading a Wendelle C. Stevens book. People have been having contact with ET's for a long time and yet the information like those in his books go unreported or unknown to the majority of people. I know very well that abductions/contacts continue happening, but I think that the world should know of these older reports from the 50's through 70's as a way of promoting interest and investigation in other countries. Why aren't the major organizations enlisting investigators around the world to reinvestigate those older contacts along with the newer contacts? I had never reported my sightings until I did with you and I am glad that I did because I can read your Filer's Files and know that others are having sightings and reporting them. Thanks and God Bless.

Editor's Note: There are a few researchers attempting to spread the word and gather data such as retired Lt.Col. Wendelle Stevens. MUFON and most other UFO organizations do not have the funds to support any research. Virtually all investigation is paid for individually by the investigators themselves. Therefore, there is very limited capability. Your corner Pizza Restaurant spends more, so consequently there is little real scientific research that can be done except by volunteers. Real research is very expensive. Those who make large amounts of money in the Entertainment Industry or Business do not appear interested in supporting UFO research. I'm hoping that this will change.


RUTHERFORD -- On January 9, 2002, I was driving on Route 3 west out of Lyndhurst when I saw a bright light to the right of me at 12:15 AM. I thought it was a plane descending ,but as it got closer I realized that it wasn't in the shape of a plane and it was circular. It had two bright lights in the front like head lights and around it were little white lights with a few green and red. It was descending fast, circling down to the ground and then it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the UFO Reporting Center


PONTOTOC -- On January 8, 2002, the witness saw a wedge shaped craft at about 6:40 PM, that was heading southeast at about 2000 feet. It had one continuous light which lit up the whole outer edge of the craft. The sighting lasted about 30 seconds. The craft made no noise. I noticed another wedge shaped object just hovering for almost an hour. It is now 7:30 and it is still there. A large, low-flying rectangular object was sighted on November 19, 2001, at 9:45 PM by the same witness. Three wedged shaped craft had red green, white, and yellow lights. The craft made no sound and flew at 2000 feet. They were traveling west at a very high rate of speed in a triangle formation. Thanks to NUFORC


HONEY ISLAND SWAMP -- On January 13, 2002, Joe and Linda Montaldoy were driving in the swamp that includes Stennis NASA Test Site near Pearl River. They entered near sunset and drove in eleven miles and noticed the last of the hunters drive out about 5:45 PM, so they decided to leave. They wrote, "As we got close to the gate a very bright, circular, strobing light appeared behind the trees to our left in the south." As it came over the tree line we got out of the car to watch it. I judged from the height of the microwave tower I could see that it was about 1500 feet high. It continued in our direction and passed directly over our car. We could plainly see that it was a triangular shaped black object with an amber colored globe in the center, a red light at its front point and a white light at each of its back points. It was about the size of a commercial jet. We only viewed it for a few minutes because the road is narrow and trees line both sides. We left the swamp and were headed back to I-59. As we approached the ramp to the interstate we saw that it had stopped over the swamp and was hovering in place. Because we are involved with MUFON. we called our State Director on our cell phone. The craft now turned back and headed southwest toward Pearl River. I could tell by the way it was headed that it would pass directly over a deadend road I had been on before, so I drove to the end of this road. We got out of the car and spotted it moving very slowly at maybe 800 feet high. We were reporting over the phone. It stopped, turned on its axis, and headed back in our direction and passed directly over us as we stood outside our car. There was absolutely no sound except the barking of some dogs in a nearby yard. We got back in the car and followed it down the road. It was no more than 500 or 600 feet over us and was moving very slowly. ; We were driving only about 20 mph and it stayed right in front and over us. At this point it was hard to tell it we were following it or it was staying with us when we reached the end of the road the object headed south-southeast. We noticed two planes cross right over it at a much higher altitude. As we got back to the interstate the object began to gain altitude and speed. It was headed towards the Pirate Harbor area. We lost sight of it on the interstate, so I decided to get off I-10 and go to Pirates Harbor Road.

We drove down this road 5 or 6 miles and came to an open area. On one side of the road are camps and on the other side marsh. We could see the craft over the marshes. It appeared to be tipped over on its side. I could see no lights; I believe I was looking at the top of it. It was like a black shape against the stars. Before it had been traveling like a flat triangle shape and we could see only the bottom of it. As I watched, it seem to flip over on it's other side and I could see the bottom of it. Sort of like a car would flip and first you would see the hood and roof, then you would see the underside and tires. Then it righted itself, but continued to wobble. It was headed south-southeast toward the Ringlets Pass, which was about three miles from where we were. The Ringlets Pass is a deep-water channel that eventually leads into the Gulf of Mexico. We had to speed up to keep it in sight but it was slowly loosing altitude. When we got to the Ringlets Bridge we could see it had come down into the marsh. We couldn't tell if it was in the water or above the water. Now it was lit up with bright white lights all along the edge of it. We came off the bridge and pulled into the Fort Pike boat launch. We got out of our car and called our State Director back on the cell phone.

The object was over the water about 100 to 200 yards from us. To the right of us in the north a brilliant white light came into view. It was just above tree level, about 300 o 400 feet high and moving very slowly. It would move a little and then come to a complete stop. There was a beam of light coming from under it making a searching pattern. As we watched it started to move toward where we were standing. The light turned off and it passed directly over us. There was no sound. We could clearly see that it was a triangular shape with a red light in the front white lights on both back points and an amber light in the middle. It was the same type of craft that was in the water, but much smaller. As it passed over us it made a circle toward the west and came back around. Several times it came to a complete stop. When it was back to the spot it had started from, it started to circle again. This time it was lower, maybe 200 to 250 feet, and moving more in the direction of the downed craft. Again very slow movement and several complete stops.

As we stood watching, we saw another craft light up from the exact spot the first one had started. Craft #2 was moving in the same path and at the same speed and altitude as craft #1. As #2 passed over us we could see that it was another triangular craft with a red light in front, two white lights in back, an amber globe in the middle, only this craft had two rows of white lights running down the center of it's underside. There were six lights in each row and they were either next to the globe or over it. A third craft now showed up in the exact spot as the other two. It made the same slow, stopping movements and circle as the other two. As it passed over us we could see it was again a triangular craft with the same lights, red in front, white in back, amber globe in the middle. The only difference in this one was that it sent out a beam of light from the front point for about 200 feet. The beam tilted downward but not far enough to reach the ground. Now the three crafts were moving in an extremely slow circle in the sky. They would stop completely and then move again. We were still on the phone with our State Director and at this time he told us we should get out of there.

We took a last look and to the south an object was coming our way. We could not see the shape of this object. All we could see was a row of very bright lights. There were six lights, three lights a space, and then three more. They were extremely bright and they seemed to be blinking on very, very fast. So fast that you couldn't really tell when one went off the one next to it came on. They were flashing and strobing so quickly, that I couldn't really focus on them. Something caught my attention in the corner of my eye, and I turned around and realized that the craft in the water had changed. The white lights around its edge were now red. Then it simply went under the water and disappeared. At the same moment they all just disappeared. One moment there were four crafts in the sky and one in the water and the next there was nothing. We got in our car and made a rather speedy departure. Almost as soon as we were on the road, a triangular craft, red light in front, white lights in back, amber in the center, appeared to our left over the trees. At the same time car lights shone right behind us on bright beam. As the triangle flew over us the car engine started to cough and felt like it was going out, the lights on the car flickered on and off, the cell phone started to ring, but it said dead cell and went blank. All this happened in an instant. The triangle flew over us at about 100 feet heading east to west and disappeared. The car behind us passed at a very high speed and we saw that the plate said US Government. We both got a headache almost immediately. The headache was extremely painful. It felt like an immense pressure in our head and behind our eyes. Our eyes were burning. There was also a feeling of being ill. The incident took place between 5:45 and 8:30 PM Thanks to Joe and Linda Montaldoy

RAPIDES PARISH SHARP -- Bright lights in the night sky have befuddled a couple who is the justice of the peace. However, the eerie lights may have been nothing more than bombing range flares. Raymond and Audrey Cupples were in their Sharp community home on La. Highway 8 at about 8:00 PM. Wednesday January 16, when Cupples noticed a "big, brilliant light" southeast of the residence. The light appeared just above a distant tree line, Cupples said. "I said, "It was strange. I'm 59 years old, and I've never seen anything like this." Cupples said he stood in his front yard watching the light, a brilliant pinkish and red color" -- for nearly two hours. It would flash on and off at varying intervals, he said. At the same time, higher in the sky, between six and 10 smaller lights were steadily blinking off and on, he said. Cupples said the large light, which did not appear to be moving very much, was not round but more of an elongated oval shape. Mrs. Cupples said she came out and "saw it twice. I didn't know what to make of it." Her husband said the large light "did not illuminate the surrounding area." Rather, he said, it was creating the luminescence. The other smaller lights were not near the large light, Cupples said. And they "moved around like a helicopter would," except there was no sound, he added. By 10 p.m. the lights were gone. Coincidentally, Cupples said he also saw two brilliant "shooting stars" fly overhead during the sighting.

Dan Nance, a spokesman for Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center, confirmed that A-10 aircraft were flying over the Camp Claiborne range at approximately the same time as Cupple's sighting. "They did drop flares, which could account for the lights seen in the sky in that vicinity," Flare drops were scheduled to end at 7:45 PM. Patrick Thompson, air traffic manager for Alexandria International Airport, confirmed this. He said the range "was active with flare drops" and that "they light up the sky pretty good." However, Thompson said the Cupples' sighting lasted until about 10 p.m., more than two hours after the end of the flare run. The Town Talk, Alexandria - Pineville / Byline: Andrew Griffin Published: Jan 19.02 Thanks to Farshores.


DUBUQUE -- The witness reports, "What we saw was clearly a UFO with light blue flashing lights at 7:15 PM, on January 3, 2002. There were four of us in the car driving on Highway 61, when we saw the UFO come toward us as we drove along. It seemed to change directions and go the way we were going for a few seconds. It was only 50 feet above us so we got a good look. It was saucer-shaped with a dome-like top. It acted like it wanted us to stop the car. The flashing lights were very bright, as they would flash on for a second, go off for about 1 and a half to 2 seconds, and then back on again. The UFO was saucer-shaped and had a dome-shaped top. The saucer had windows, 4, or 5 on the side we could clearly see. The light seemed to be coming out of these windows. Finally it started flying away from us and it disappeared, so we thought. Then I saw the light blue lights again in my rearview mirror, which followed us for about six miles. The lights were not getting further away from us as we drove on. By the time we drove into the city, it was gone. We know what we saw and no one's going to tell us any different.

MARION -- At 7:30 PM, on January 3, 2002, a few minutes after the above sighting. The witness noticed four motionless sources of light, flashing red, blue, and white. The one craft I could see from my bedroom window, and I am looking at one as I type this that is in the shape of a "+," but this may be due to the window. At this time, which is now 9:02 PM, it still hasn't moved from its spot. The other three remained motionless too, but I cannot see hem now. I witnesses one ascending to above my window's view, so I went outside, and it is still there. I can see that both Saturn and Uranus are visible. Some would say that these are planets. Well, there are two things wrong with that. 1: there are four objects, not two. 2: What planets flash blue and white, then occasionally red? They could be helicopters. This town has only 26,000 people and the biggest city in a 50 miles hasis only 100,000. Why would four helicopters hover over a small town not moving one inch in three hours? Nothing of national importance is in this town. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LAKE OF THE OZARKS -- My friend first saw the object, a bright light at 5:30 PM, on January 2, 2002, about half the size of the moon or twice the size of Venus and larger than most plane and helicopter lights I've seen. After rounding the corner I was looking for the object and I saw it again, hovering about the trees over an area where there are boat garages and little else, near the Osage Beach City Hall, and across from Lake of the Ozarks General Hospital. It looked to be approximately the size of a large jet airliner, was very low, and appeared to be ready to land. It didn't appear to have wings and had two blue lights in the back underneath it, then two other clear lights and two red lights toward the front, and of course the extremely bright head light. We continued down the road but were a bit shaken up by what we'd seen. I expected to hear an explosion or something because I thought it was a jet plane that was about to crash. There was nothing to indicate that anything had landed or anything else. The object was larger than a helicopter and the one at the hospital was parked and locked. Thanks to NUFORC


VAN BUREN COUNTY -- Kaleeh Rodgers writes, "I was on my way home from Church Wednesday Night January 16, 2002, and my friend Carla was driving. I was sort of gazing out the window in boredom when I saw an odd shaped object that had two beam-lights that shot straight forward, like a flashlights beam. It had a triangular hook on the bottom of it. This object stood completely still, it didn't seem to move in the least. Carla said something to me, and I looked at her to reply, but when I looked back, the object that had stood so still had disappeared into the dark night's sky. God Bless, Thanks to Kaleeh Rodgers


SACRAMENTO -- Jeff Challender writes, "Today, January 11, 2001, was one of the most incredible days of my life. My wife, son, and I were out house hunting today. As we sat at a red stoplight, my son in the rear seat exclaimed, "What is that?" I looked where he indicated, and there, coming from the north was a silvery orb. It moved in our direction at very good speed. The traffic light changed, but I didn't want to stop watching, so I pulled up in a nearby parking lot (This was in Roseville, a suburb of Sacramento, at 12:25 PM). From there we watched this orb move almost directly over our position, where it came to a complete stop! It hovered for several minutes, and began to move slowly to the west. After perhaps a minute or two, it turned, and began to move back to the north from whence it came in the first place. We watched it until it was lost in some clouds. We were about to leave for our appointment, when Max shouted that there was another one. Sure enough, another silvery orb, just like the first, was sailing along toward our position from the north. We watched it do a near exact repeat of the actions of the first. It got almost directly overhead, and stopped! This one hovered for nearly five minutes before slowly moving off to the north again. We watched this one until we could no longer see it in the haze. Amazed, and somewhat shocked, we continued to our appointment with our real estate agent. We talked for an hour with the agent when yet another silvery orb went streaking across the northern sky from east to west. This one went so fast that it was gone in less than 10 seconds. I hollered to the others when I saw it, but this one was gone before any of the others could find it. WOW!! What a day!! I've seen UFOs before, but never three separate objects in a day, and never for over 20 minutes. The real pity is that I hadn't brought along my camcorder. This would have made a great film. This is one day I won't forget any time soon. Thanks to Jeff


Robert Collins reports Blue Book closed it's doors in December 1969, but yet here almost three years later Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) was still collecting and classifying UFO reports. The names and events are real. On October 14, 1972, Airman First Class (AIC) Steven Briggs and Airman Dennis Hillsgeck were instructed to check the Tactical Air Navigational (TACAN) facility located eight miles east of McChord Air Force Base. The TACAN site was situated on government land maintained by the United State Army, Ft. Lewis. Briggs and Hillsgeck drove to the TACAN site at approximately 1300 hours. Upon their arrival, they opened the locked fence surrounding the TACAN facility and entered the compound. Once inside the compound, they opened the TACAN building and began to conduct a systems check of the TACAN equipment. At 1400 hours, Briggs heard a strange sound outside the building that sounded like a high pitch engine. Briggs exited the building to investigate and observed a saucer shaped object directly above the TACAN building. Briggs watched as the object landed just south of the TACAN compound. Briggs was startled by the object and entered the TACAN building to summon Hillsgeck. Once Hillsgeck and Briggs exited the building together, they observed two "creatures" walking towards the fence. Briggs returned to the building and telephoned (555) the base security police. He yelled that they needed help at the TACAN site because "intruders" were attempting to enter the facility. Sgt David Holmes, the Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant, 62nd Security Police Squadron, received the phone call and dispatched Sgt Dwight Reid and AIC Michael Tash to the scene. It took the security police patrol 17 minutes to travel to the TACAN site.

Upon their arrival, they observed Briggs and Hillsgeck standing near their government vehicle. Both appeared to be in a daze. Neither could speak. Sgt Reid summoned an USAF Ambulance to the scene. Hillsgeck appeared to have been burnt around the face. AIC Tash walked around the area and found marks in the soft Washington state dirt. Then suddenly, Sgt Reid yelled to AIC Tash that an object was directly over his head. A saucer shaped object was hovering just above the TACAN facility. Sgt Reid attempted to communicate to the security police law enforcement office by using his Motorola HT-220 portable radio. However the radio did not function. Sgt Reid then yelled for AIC Tash to return to the police vehicle. Sgt Reid and AIC Tash retrieved Briggs and Hillsgeck and drove from the scene. Approximately one mile from the TACAN site, Sgt Reid was able to communicate with the security police office, requesting assistance and declaring a "Covered Wagon." Four additional security policemen arrived on scene, including, Sgt Darren Alexander and his military dog-Champ. Sgt Alexander and Champ drove to the scene and started to search the area. Approximately 400 yards south of the TACAN site, Champ alerted. Sgt. Alexander observed two "creatures" standing near a remote power station. Sgt. Alexander yelled for the two "creatures" to stand and raise their hands. Both creatures then moved towards Sgt. Alexander.

Sgt Alexander observed that one of the creatures was holding an object, which Sgt. Alexander thought was a weapon. Sgt. Alexander fired six rounds from his military issued Model 15, .38 Caliber Revolver. After firing the shots, Sgt Alexander returned to his vehicle and radioed Sgt Reid that he had fired at the creatures. A Security Alert Team (similar to a police SWAT) arrived. They conducted a search of the area and observed the saucer shaped object sitting on the ground, directly east of the power station. They circled the object and called for a supervisor. Captain Henry Stone, Security Police Law Enforcement, arrived on scene but the object departed just as Captain Stone walked towards the object. The object flew off in an easterly direction and was out of sight in a few seconds. Office of Special Investigations agents arrived on scene and conducted an investigation. Statements were taken from all involved. Evidence was collected from the scene, to include shell casings from the rounds fired by Sgt. Alexander. This incident was classified as Top Secret and remained in the OSI files as unsolved. Copyright 2001 by Robert Collins


VIENNA -- On Friday, January 11, 2002, at 5:50 PM, Herbert F.C. stepped outside his home in the Hietzing section of the capital, and then he "saw the object heading heavenward. I heard several loud booms, and then I looked up and saw a bright yellow-orange light." "At first I thought it was a passing airplane. And then out of it came several smaller lights. I called my son who was upstairs in his room. My 14-year-old son went to his window and saw 'something like a star' rising upward rapidly. A moment later, four more bright UFOs passed directly over our house. These lights hovered briefly and then departed to the north." Herbert added that he contacted the Flugsicherung (Air Traffic Control) at Vienna's international airport, but the controllers "had no reports of UFOs on their radar screens at that time." Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 7, #3 January 15, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor.


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