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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 30, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs were observed over Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, California, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, England and Italy A new UFO Museum opens in Ankara, Turkey.


CARLYLE -- Paul S. wrote, I was abducted October 28.1999, on the north side of the railroad bridge while boating in Carlyle. That was my third known abduction that year. Two were from The Lake of the Ozarks. I remember very little of the actual abduction, but I was able to recall the position changes. It took some time to figure out what happened and I am still remembering only bits and pieces. I remember boating under the bridge near the railroad embankment when I paused to open a map in order locate the main channel. The next thing I remember is being one quarter of a mile into the stumped filled northern section of the lake. I was understandably confused and disorientated. I figured out where I was with a map and compass, which is normally not needed there. I then proceeded to explore and fish the area totally forgetting the position change. I was reminded by what I think is an unusual trigger using the GPS equipment in my boat. I found a way to put my saved GPS trails on a computer map. When I put the saved trail from that fishing trip on the map I got a shock.

The trail went over the railroad embankment and back in a rapidly moving narrow parabolic curve. Somehow the boat had to be flying in the air. Then there is a gap and the spot the trail starts again is the spot I remembered, "appearing" at. When I saw the evidence, the memory of the position change came back as if I had never forgotten it. The same thing occurred at the second Lake of the Ozarks abduction. I went to a therapist in St. Louis and in eleven sessions was able to get no further. I kept blocking up when I got to the point of the abductions. I do have a memory of a gray alien and a structure on the craft. I have some other mental pictures, but I am not sure of them. Predictably I began to remember some things from my childhood that indicates a possible history of these things. I have been writing a narrative of the events as I recall them with my opinions and thoughts on it. It seems to be good therapy. I seem to be affected less than many abductees. Thanks to Paul S.

Editor's Note -- I encourage abduction reports particularly when some evidence such as this Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking is found. The GPS system provides accurate time and location within fifteen feet giving credibility to an alleged abduction. In recent years the science as made amazing strides and interest in abductions has been hurt by the lack of supporting evidence. Here is a case that provides some key evidence. For a thousand dollars anyone can put a satellite tracking system into their vehicle that is about the size of a pound of margarine. The only way this tracking data could have occurred is with a hovering craft.


FREMONT - Unidentified flying objects are not unusual in Rockingham County. At an increasing pace over the last decade, UFOs have been sighted performing a gymnast's repertoire of aerial maneuvers. The Web site lists 33 documented sightings since 1995.

On January 24, 2002, New Hampshire may have been visited again. At 10:04 p.m. Fremont Police Officer H.D. Wood was dispatched to Main Street to investigate a report of two objects hovering silently in the air. The objects were described as "bright and full of lights," according to the police report. Wood had been on these calls before, though his department lacks any protocol to follow and the police academy does not train cadets for these situations. "Quite frankly, I don't believe we have a policy as to how to handle this kind of thing," Wood said. "I guess it's common sense, really." Wood said the witness was describing the actions of the UFOs, as he was en route. The witness described the objects as hovering silently in the air. The larger of the two objects flew south toward Sandown. The smaller object flew north toward Brentwood. They were gone when Wood, assisted by a Brentwood police officer, pulled up. "We arrived on the scene and (the witness) said, 'I'm not crazy. I'm not on drugs,'" Wood recalled. He said the witness and the witness's wife and daughter all saw the objects. The witness claimed a passing motorist also saw the event but didn't stop. Wood investigated the area, saw no evidence the snow had been disturbed and wrote his report. Without other witnesses or any physical indication of a visitation, Wood said he considers the case closed. "In my mind, if it's substantiated, you call the FAA to see if there are any reports of aircraft in the area," Wood said. "Then you call other dispatch centers to see if they've gotten calls, because what happens is, if something is sighted, everyone is going to call." Wood said his first reaction when he received the call was to seek background on the caller. "To be honest, when I did get the call I did pull up my laptop to see if we'd had any previous contact at this address," Wood said. He describes himself as a skeptic, but said he absolutely believes the witness did see something. "I was skeptical at first," he said. "Then I listened to the person discuss the issue and they were very adamant that they saw something."

Fremont Police Chief Neal Janvrin was an officer with the Exeter Police Department on Sept. 3, 1965, the day of New Hampshire's most notorious UFO sighting, an incident that became the subject of a book, "Incident at Exeter." That day would be a significant date in history for believers in alien visitations. It is rare that a police officer can substantiate a sighting, but on this day two of Janvrin's fellow officers, Dave Hunt, and Gene Bertrand, as well as many civilians, would report seeing a large, elliptical object with red lights around it. The object reportedly moved between houses and trees while the lights blinked in sequence. Janvrin said he's been on UFO calls before, but he's never seen a UFO himself. Janvrin said the only thing an officer can do is take a report. "Obviously, if we get there and we see something we would try and photograph it," he said. "If there was some sign of disturbance we would record it." Janvrin said he doesn't consider himself a non-believer, but does not have enough evidence to say he is a believer. "You look up in the sky, you see all the suns, and every sun has so many planets I guess the possibility does exist. We're on this planet," he said. He added that Hunt and Bertrand's experience gives him pause to reconsider. "They were two guys who I worked with and I trusted," Janvrin said. Thanks to: Rockingham News, Plaistow / NH. Published: Jan 25.02 Byline: Jeff Kaplan and Farshores. FarShores UFO News -


WILKES-BARRE -- Ron Hannivig reports that photos have been taken somewhere over the Wilkes-Barre area of three UFOs. These are excellent photos however, as the old adage goes "if it's too good to be true it probably ain't." My best interpretation of the photos was that the UFOs appear to be ceramic in composition. They might well be a boniface and properly documented sighting of three UFOs - and I will/we will try to track down the source to find out if it could be credible, or not. Thanks to RonHannivig, Simpson, PA


BEL AIR -- As the witnesses were driving south on Tollgate Road on January 7, 2002, they saw a bright fluorescent green colored glowing egg shaped object with a faint blue center. It was traveling from northeast to southwest it seamed to suddenly drop from the sky and followed a path that started high and decreased lower in the sky even though when the object did disappear it was still very high but lower from where it started. We listened for an explosion like fireworks, but we heard or saw nothing. We figured it could not have been a meteor because the object would have been white, red, or yellow and it would have not followed a curved arc shaped path. The object from our car window was very large and it was traveling at an extremely fast pace, like a falling star. The object had a faint blue center surrounded in green. There was no tail. You could definitely see a blue dot in the center of the object and you could notice where the objects edges were. When the object disappeared it was going very fast and was still very high above the horizon. It disappeared instantly with no explosion, sound, or change of shape or color.

BALTIMORE -- At the same time witnesses saw a streaking white light that turned blue and accelerated at incredible speed. The witness says, "I noticed a streaking white light similar to a "shooting star" but two or three times larger. The light suddenly turned into a blue light that was even larger and then accelerated forward at an incredible rate and was no longer visible." Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


NEW KENT -- The witness was driving home from work east on Interstate 64 on January 11, 2001, when his friend said, "Look!" He looked and saw a fluorescent bright green vapor like craft at 5:45 PM. It moved from north to south very fast faster than any airplane could possibly travel. When it reached the road it turned in a southern direction. With a great burst of speed it shot off into the sky and in one or two seconds it completely disappeared. We could see the light (vapor) go from large green mass to a tiny flash as it disappeared. There was no sound. It looked like something you would see on Star Wars or something. I have never experienced like this before but this was definitely a UFO! As it was going away from us toward the south, traveling as fast as light. The weather was as clear as a bell. This was real.

RICHMOND -- A green fireball traveling from the WNW to ESE on January 7, 2002. The sighting lasted about two seconds at 17:43. The interesting thing is that the cloud cover was thick and fairly low. The fireball appeared to be just inside the clouds. The location of the sighting was driving into the parking lot of the Tuckahoe YMCA on Patterson Avenue. Another witness states, "I was in parking lot at Midlothian Turnpike and a colored light flew by at 5:45 PM It was a beautiful bluish green and very bright moving at a steady rate of speed with no sound. My coworker Alice W., was stopped at the light at 5:45 PM, at Hull Street and Hicks Road when she saw a fast moving bluish light higher than the treetops. It was moving much faster and lower than an airplane. She also saw a second stationary bluish light off to the right. Her description matches mine. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


PINEVILLE -- The witness reports that he was living between the towns of Pineville and Mullens in July of 1957 and one day my father and older sister saw was a space capsules of some sort being chased by three or four USAF jet aircraft. I was a tot at the time and did not understand what was going on. The Air Force jets shot these UFO's out of the sky around 1:00 PM, or else they were shooting at them and drove them away. This leads me to believe that there could perhaps have been many encounters that our government has had with UFO's through the years and have shot them down for national security purposes. I do not know the exact date of this, but I believe it to be in the summer sometime between 1955 and 1957. My dad has since died but every now and again my sister mentions this sighting. Neither of the two made a big issue out of this or reported it to anyone. I can attest they are both people of integrity and would have never made up the story. It is still a very real incident in the mind of my oldest sister to this day. Truth sticks in a person's mind forever, falsehoods soon fade in the passing of time.


The witness reports that on January 9, 2002, the UFO hovered and did not move for two hours. At 3:00 AM, in only ten minutes it flew behind the tree line and was gone. It was a round very bright blinking light that was brighter than the northern star. With binoculars you could see it had flashing white, red, and green lights.

Walter Sheets MUFON State Director reports that sightings have been relatively quiet as far as incoming Georgia reports go for 2002. I would like to mention again that the short trend of noncooperative witnesses continued through the end of 2001, with another that filed an initial report, but failed to do a sit-down with our personnel to make it 'official.' This type of thing happens -- just wish it would happen somewhere else! I particularly dislike the way some witnesses have acted -- standing up our personnel, not returning phone calls etc. Of course, with persons acting like that, their reports would probably not have stood up to our first hand scrutiny anyway.

We did receive one older unusual report via WUFOD, that during October of 1997, a Jefferson Georgia couple arrived home one night at about 10:00 PM. They turned into their driveway and noticed a red glow eight feet away from their front door in the yard and six feet off of the ground. Upon closer examination, the red glow was the intensity of a red Christmas light, and about the size of softball. It hovered as the witnesses drove to the end of the driveway and began to observe for several minutes. They noticed that their three outdoor dogs were sitting in a small circle underneath the glowing ball. The 45 pound dogs appeared to be nervously happy, stretching their necks upward and excited. They would not break their sitting position, and were only intent upon looking up at the glow. The dogs were normally frisky types that would go after something aggressively, but not that night. It was almost like the glowing ball was 'talking' to their dogs, making them happy while they sat underneath in the circle. The Mrs. finally walked toward the glow with her husband unsure about the wisdom in that. She said that she would have reached out to grab at it, but that it moved upwards to about 25 feet and then blinked out as she approached. She felt the round ball was still there even after it blinked out at 25 feet due to the dogs continued conduct. After failing to relocate the ball of light, they went on about their evening activities. About ten minutes later, her husband went out back to feed the animals. He called them, then once again observed the red ball of light as it flew over the house into the backyard. It continued into an adjacent field for about 500 feet and landed in the field and then once again went out, vanishing for good. These are excellent witnesses.

On April 25, 1998, about six months later, a report of a red glow in the shape of a thin straight line, hovering, then moving at incredible speed, was reported in Comer, by a University of Georgia student, majoring in physics, See ISUR File #100132, and Thanks to Tom Sheets.


NORTH OF FREEPORT IN STEPHENSON CO. -- On January 9, 2002, the witness reports, "I was driving north on a country road and looked over to my right at 7:00 PM, and just above the horizon were three orangish/white lights." They weren't blinking and seemed to be still. I turned right on the next road keeping my eye on them the best that I could. After I turned the one blinked out and the two remained. They were so close and bright it seemed I could easily catch up to them and see what they were for sure. No matter how fast I drove I couldn't get close. I noticed the one up ahead of me looking as if it was going to cross over the road ahead of me, so I thought I'd be able to see it just over the next hill because it was a clear view for miles around. Well, I get over the hill and it was gone. I then saw them over Rockford, so I gave up my chase and came home. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


ALEXANDRIA -- On Monday, January 14, 2002, Sondra Coaker observed a succession of four white lights blinking on starting from the left at 7:15 PM, going to the right, and then blinking off from the right to the left. This was done three times southwest over the city, These lights were very bright and when one would light up the others followed in succession and went out in succession. They were lined up in an angle at 45 degrees high. Thanks to Sondra Coaker


FOUNTAIN HILLS -- At precisely 3:00 AM, the witness saw a bright light in my front yard on January 10, 2002. He looked out his window and saw a triangular craft hovering over the street with red and yellow lights moving around the shape of the craft. I watched it for approximately fifteen seconds and went outside to investigate. I walked up the spiral staircase to our roof but it had already left. I stayed on the roof for about ten minutes and saw a little flash as if something was leaving our atmosphere.

PHOENIX -- On January 10, 2002, the witness was driving south on Litchfield Road in Avondale area of Phoenix at 9:30 PM, when he saw an extremely bright object burning bluish white streaking across the night sky. The object appeared to be headed in a southwestern direction when it appeared to me in the left peripheral area of my sight. The witness pointed and shouted out excitedly to his 8 year old daughter. The witness states, "Then the object seemed to explode into an orange and red ball of flame then blinked out. A moment later it flared up again directly below the point I had last seen it and was falling toward the ground and no longer streaking across the horizon as before," he said. Then it burned completely out just before reaching the horizon. Before and after the orange-red blast, the object was burning so brightly that it cast a faint blue hue on the horizon, lighting up everything in sight. It also had a burning white tail that trailed behind it.

CHANDLER -- Twenty minutes later, another witness was driving south on Route 101 between Ray and Chandler Boulevard at 9:50 PM. A defining green cylinder shaped object flew overhead and skimmed diagonally through the sky at a high rate of speed much like a shooting star. The only possible thing I could have mistaken this for is a meteor. However, it was a definite color of bright green and had a defining shape of a cylinder. It did not resemble a shooting star or a meteor in the way that they both appear to have tails as they shoot through the sky. This did not, it flew through the sky like a perfect and very fast craft. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director NUFORC


KAPULA BAY, MAUI -- The witnesses were out whale watching on Kapalua Bay on January 9, 2002, when two round lights appeared in the middle of the Bay at 7:50 AM. At first, they thought it was a boat as it started to move across the water, but the two lights moved together very smoothly, and started flying so they thought it was a plane flying very close to the water. As it moved steadily across the Bay the witness ran to get his binoculars. The two lights move from right to left. The witness states, "With the binoculars I still could not see anything but two round lights, there was not any craft or any kind of mass around the lights." If it had been a plane, the object would have had to be coming in our direction. As the objects reached towards the shore on the left of the Bay they rose like a plane, then disappeared. At this point they were going away from our direction and they were still two rounds lights. If it had been a plane there would not have been two round lights because of the direction they were going. All of this took only two minutes. It was a beautiful clear morning and many tourists go out whale watching. It puzzled me and I could not could not come up with a reasonable explanation for these lights. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, NUFORC


MERIDA, YUCATAN -- On January 22, 2002, at 3:05 PM David Antonio Triay Lucatero reports sighting ah elongated discoidal shaped, silvery-white in color for 20 seconds. I was standing outside, looking at the sky to the north, when I saw a discoidal object emerge from a small cloud at an altitude some 30 degrees over the horizon. It moved from west to east at high speed, making a small curve toward the southwest and then returning to a northwest heading. Its movements appeared to be intelligently guided; when I calculated that it heading lead it toward a cloudless area, I ran into my house to fetch some 16 x 50 binoculars and an Olympus f=50mm camera. This one-minute delay in returning to the place where the sighting occurred meant that the object had already vanished from sight. No trace of it was found after scanning the sky with binoculars, stressing the fact that its heading took it toward a part of the sky that was free of clouds. The sky had scattered clouds at 764 meters (2500 ft), wind was blowing ESE at 29.0 km/h (18 mph) the object left no wake in its path. It could be seen as having a metallic volume (sic). It could be said that the object's size was about 1/4th that of the waxing Moon when seen to the east. Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Ing. David Triay Lucatero, Grupo CAFE, and Louise A. Lowry SHnSASSY1,


CALAMA --There was a one-of-a-kind break in the morning routine of some workers and residents of the El Loa region who saw an enigmatic static and cylindrical light. Reports place the event at around 7:30 hours to the west of Cerro La Cruz. According to eyewitness accounts, the distance did not allow for a detailed view of the light, therefore it could fairly be described as an unidentified flying object or UFO. "The fact is that I don't know what it really was, it could have been a weather balloon or something else, I don't know, but it looked very strange," said a resident who was heading toward Chuquicamata at that time of day. When consulted about this event, the authorities of the Office of Civil Aeronautics of Antofagasta and Calama pointed out that their instruments picked up nothing at the time in question. "Generally people notify us when sightings of this kind take place, but this time we received no reports of anything similar," explained Renzi Jara, manager of the El Loa Airport. Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center


RICHMOND, NORTH YORKSHIRE-- The witness reports that on January 3, 2002, an unidentified object approached diagonally from the south at 150 mph. It was a 100 feet long yellow egg shaped object about 50 feet tall with a blue light being emitted from beneath. It stopped at 4.00 PM, and hovered ten feet above the field next to the golf course for about 25seconds. As the object hovered above the field we could see at least ten sheep in the field. The object appeared to be hovering above a sheep which didn't seem to be afraid. It wasn't moving much at all. Then the sheep simply disappeared into thin air. This is when the Object left at an incredible rate which was then followed by a sonic boom. It departed at approximately 300 m/s. in a vertical direction. After we had gathered our selves we went straight to the farmer who confirmed that one of his sheep was missing. Please contact us soon as we have been held responsible for the sheep disappearance as the farmer thinks we have played a practical joke on him. Thanks to


The Italian Center for UFO Studies (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, CISU) there were 630 Italian sightings during 2001 As already and duly evidenced, 2001 saw a veritable wave of UFO sightings in Italy, with a doubling in the number of reports with respect to the media over previous years. The wave was centered around the summer months with more than two-thirds of the cases. August was the most popular month during this wave, the other Italian waves tend to occur during the autumn. The monthly lists of cases have already been accessible for some time on the Internet Website of the C.I.S.U., at URL Thanks to the Italian Center for Ufological Studies


ISTANBUL --"The First International UFO Museum of Middle and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle-East" has opened in Istanbul on January 18, 2002. The news of this grand opening has been broadcast in many national TV channels including CNN Turk, NTV, Kanal D, Star, ATV, BRT, TV8..etc and publicised by many leading national newspapers such as Hurriyet, Milliyet, Star, etc...Even the Russian television mentioned the opening in evening news. The museum is located right at the center of the 10 million populated city of Istanbul which connects the two continents of Asia and Europe. The aim of this project is to inform not only the Turkish citizens but also millions of tourists coming to Istanbul from all over the world, about the UFO phenomenon. Our main goal is to serve people coming from every country presenting them the proof of the UFO & E.T phenomenon. The project has been supported by the data and archives of hundreds of associations and institutions worldwide, which are conducting scientific research on this subject.


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