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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 6th, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs were observed over New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Canada, Chili, Scotland and Turkey.


Robert Roy Britt a Senior Science Writer says, NASA's Kepler Mission to find Earth-like planets has gotten the green light and will launch in 2006, to monitor 100,000 stars for telltale dips in light indicating an Earth-sized planet in an Earth like orbit has crossed in front of the star. Kepler could provide the first census of planets that have the potential to support life. New calculations by Lineweaver and Daniel Grether, both of the University of New South Wales in Australia, feel the formation of Earth, was orchestrated or affected by Jupiter, the largest planet with by far the bulk of the solar system's mass, excepting the Sun. "Our solar system is Jupiter and a bunch of junk," as Lineweaver puts it. When Jupiter developed, it simply bullied other objects into position or out of existence. Jupiter is Earth's protector. In the past Earth was pummeled by asteroids and comets, making it difficult for life to take hold, but it could have been much worse without Jupiter.

In 1994, Jupiter used its immense gravity to lure comet Shoemaker-Levy into a death plunge. Had the comet hit Earth, it would have sterilized much of the planet? Most of the roughly eighty planets discovered outside our solar system are more massive than Jupiter. So how many Jupiters are out there orbiting Sun-like stars in the Milky Way Galaxy? "At least a billion, but probably more like 30 billion," Lineweaver told And the math behind that? "There are about 300 billion stars in our galaxy. About 10 percent (or 30 billion) are roughly Sun-like," he explained. "At least 5 percent (1.5 billion) but possibly as many as 90 percent to 100 percent (about 30 billion) of these have Jupiter-like planets." But with what's known of planet formation, some speculation is possible. "A reasonable guess is (there are) the same number of Earths as Jupiters," Lineweaver said. Thanks to 29 January 2002

Editor's Note: The newest estimate of exoplanets in our galaxy alone is now 30 billion, therefore it seems reasonable that to assume advanced life forms could exist and might have the technology to visit Earth. Most scientists now agree that there is other intelligent life in space, but they argue it would take too long to get to Earth from other exoplanets. NASA scientist Paul Hill in his book "Unconventional Flying Objects" says it doesn't take as long as most scientists think. It took months and even years for Earth's explorers to find new continents. Explorers on board alien spacecraft can travel from nearby star systems in similar periods of time when traveling near the speed of light. There is also some indication that gravity can compress or bend space. In 1954, German Rocket Scientists and other experts did a study of UFO's and concluded there were unquestionably alien space ships in our atmosphere.

JUPITER TWO GIGANTIC STORMS : Two gigantic storms are interacting on Jupiter. One is a "white oval," a 70-year old hurricane nearly the size of Earth. The other is the famous Great Red Spot -- a centuries-old tempest twice as wide as our planet. See for details.


SCOTCHTOWN -- The witness was traveling west bound on State Highway 17, and saw in the distance a group of white lights with a central blinking red light moving off in distance at 6:15 AM. There was heavy traffic both directions as he drove four miles east of Exit 119 that intersects with State Highway 302 which leads to Pine Bush. As he approached Exit 119 he suddenly aware of very large (size of 737 at least) three large white lights substantially touching each other in horizontal row. The craft was very low with an altitude of only 300 feet descending silently as though gliding, Its speed was 60 MPH as it passed over Highway 17 traffic, and continued to my right descending over trees and rooftops and then turned left toward Pine Bush. The witness says, "It was banking 45 degrees, revealing three large white moderately bright circular lights defining a perfect equilateral triangle and a same size circular red light in center." None of the lights were blinking. The area between the lights appeared black and triangular, barely distinguishable from sky which was still dark and completely overcast. The craft passed about 100 feet over and in front of me. The object descended far enough to disappear below my horizon. The terrain to my right at that point is below elevation of Highway 17, where only treetops and rooftops of buildings are visible. I did not pull over to shoulder because of traffic risk. Within seconds I saw road sign saying "Pine Bush." Passed same but doubled back onto 17 and then 302 and a side road off 302 in direction of apparent landing looking for object but did not see it again. Stewart International Airport is fifteen miles east with C-5 aircraft.

HUDSON RIVER -- On January 12, 2002, the witness reports seeing a formation of two very bright lights, that looked like they where stacked on top of one another. The witness drives home for 25 minutes parallel with the Hudson River between Mechanicville and Saratoga. As she drove along the river she couldn't see anything except the bright lights. At first, she thought it was an airplane but it was hovering and the lights where arranged differently, and were too big and bright to be an airplane. The witness reports, "At the same time I looked around because they would keep disappearing and reappearing." I also saw a standard plane way to the right of the strange craft. I stopped my car and watched this strange formation, and the lights would go away. Then it would appear in the same spot again, not moving. Then it just disappeared and was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center,


HAZLET -- Robert La Marco writes that my wife and kid's had a sighting of a very bright disc shaped object over Hazlet on January 22, 2002. I myself did not see it, but they were going to basket ball practice, south bound on Route 35 , when my wife saw a bright disc low over the trees in the direction of Holmdel, NJ. She stated to me it just sat there in the sky, not moving, then in the blink of the eye it shot off east at incredible speed towards the Atlantic Ocean. She stated to me, "IT WAS NO PLANE! Her and both my boy's saw it very clearly, it was at about 8:00 PM. thanks to R. J. La Marco,


JAMESTOWN (ADAM'S FARM) -- The witness reports, "On January 12, 2002, I stepped outside my work with a coworker at 5:30 PM." We watched what we thought were some kind of strange aircraft then as we studied more we noticed that the aircraft was not anything of this earth. They moved in ways that I have never seen. They hovered for a long period. When we went to leave work just a little while later, there were several military jets flying over Jamestown. He then called and reported this to WGHP and WFMY television,and called Piedmont Triad Airport. No one had received reports. Thanks to NUFORC.


WHITESBURG CHATSWORTH -- State Director Tom Sheets reports he visited the primary witness (PW) on September 10, 2001, and received a thumbnail description and sketches of the event. Upon arrival PW stated that more objects/lights had traveled off into the distance and disappeared just before my arrival. Tom surveilled the area until about 3:00 AM with negative results.

SIGHTING ACCOUNT -- Event location is a 500+ acre tract of land consisting of woods and fields with the Chattahoochee River as the eastern boundary of the tract. The home of PW is an antebellum southern plantation house in excellent condition; in fact this tract was once a large plantation before and during the War of Northern Aggression and is currently preserved in a natural state for deer hunting. The home sits on a prominent rise overlooking the tract to the N, NE, and E. The actual interview took place at the witness' home on September 15, with other family members also present. MUFONGA Field Investigator George Lainhart was also present and assisting this inquiry. PW indicated that during the first half of June, exact date unknown, his 18 year old son came into the house one night at about 10:30 PM and woke him up saying there was a strange craft over the property that had lit up the area in clear, mild weather. PW went outside into his front yard and observed what appeared to him to be a glowing oblong object off to the northeast hovering just over the trees near the river at what he estimated to be about 500 yards away. PW stated, "He got out his binoculars and looked and rather than seeing a glowing object, under magnification it appeared to have a ring of red and white lights around a center line, the white lights very bright, with the red lights seeming to blink in sequence around the object." The object was about 1/2 inch long/wide at arm's length and illuminated the treetops in that vicinity. At this point, the other family members were also outside. PW then took up his large high candlepower spotlight used for night fishing and shined the beam on the object and received a dramatic reaction.

The object immediately flew SW at INCREDIBLE speed closer to the PW and his house and hovered over a large lone tree in front of the house in the adjacent pasture or field. PW described this burst of speed as unbelievably fast. He described the object in this closer location as being at the '10 o'clock position,' and that it was about 2 inches long/wide AAL at that time. PW stated that he was then able to see that there was actually a solid structure behind the lights, and it appeared to be a dull gray or very much like brushed stainless steel, similar to a DeLorean sports car or Greyhound bus coloration. Shortly thereafter, six additional similar objects appeared and began flying and zipping around the tract of land, moving faster, then slower, but never again with the incredible speed described above when Object #1 went from the 2 o'clock to the 10 o'clock position. PW stated that at one time, three objects were stacked up in a hover, one above the other. These events went on with no sound or other unusual affects and at relatively low altitude for about 30 minutes, and then suddenly all of the objects simultaneously vanished. This writer separately interviewed the 18 year old son who first spotted the craft and alerted his father. He said that a bright light on the field first drew his attention outside and he went inside to rouse his dad. His account was similar to his father's, adding that they zipped around, going off, coming back, no sound, and that he noticed four of the objects side by side in a sort of formation right before they vanished. Also interviewed was the 14 year old son, whose description was similar, however the lights earlier described as being red appeared more orangish to him. Along with his father, he also provided a sketch. The wife of PW had similar descriptions, but said she was more aware of the bright lights on the object's mid-line than anything else, and that she was VERY upset about the event, having never experienced anything like it before. She added she was very tired or weak the next day, but said it might be from just being up late. Daughter-in-law of PW, the fifth witness, was not available for interview. The PW was also perplexed by an event occurring a week or more earlier than that described above. He indicated that a close friend had visited for an overnight stay and had camped out on a remote part of the property. The next morning before departing, he asked the PW if he had pulled a joke on him during the night, asking if the PW had sneaked down to his camp and shined the night fishing spotlight on the wall of his tent. The PW said no that he had not done that. His friend indicated that during the night an extremely bright light had shown through his tent wall, and he had thought it might have been the PW doing it. This individual was not available for interview, but was described as a male, 36 year old advertising executive and licensed pilot.

George Lainhart is a police SWAT rifle marksman and worked for me before my retirement as Chief of Police in College Park. Lainhart still serves in this SWAT capacity, and brought along some of his laser range finding equipment used in his tactical enforcement duties. George zeroed the trees indicated as being illuminated by the first object at the 2 o'clock position and found the range to be 336 yards from the front of the house (PW had estimated 500 yards). Next he zeroed the lone tree in the front field at the 10 o'clock position to which the object moved at blazing speed to then once again hover, and found the range to be 74 yards. Lainhart then proceeded to check on foot as much of the property as he could reach, with nothing of any importance found and made photos of the area.

The PW is a 39 year old acoustical technician, married with 2 children. Besides his employment with a major acoustical company, he lives on this former plantation as a caretaker, living in the historic house and looking after the grounds. Having grown up within sight of Hartsfield Airport, this PW certainly knows what should and should not be in the sky, and the various appearances aircraft might take in their flight. Discussions with him about aviation in general proved this out. I found the PW seemingly forthright, with a good grasp on reality.

About 3:30 AM, upon leaving my night surveillance at the event site, I located Officer Josh Hobbs of the Whitesburg Police Department whose patrol zone includes the event site, but had no information regarding UFO reports earlier in the summer. He also serves as a Carroll County Deputy Sheriff. He did advise me that he would check with his associates and call me if he gained any information. The local convenience store personnel, the Newnan Georgia State Patrol Post were contacted, but no one had heard or seen UFOs. A unique feature of this case is that there is a LARGE Georgia Power Company generating Plant Yates about 1 mile south of the event site. My efforts to enter and speak with the security personnel were in vain due to the high-level security lock-down.

The PW and his family had the perfect 'viewing stand' on a small hill overlooking the property to experience this event. It was absolute quiet with good weather conditions, with benefit of binoculars, with 30 minutes of observation time, and a low level, relatively up close experience. Outside of some sort of super advanced, highly technological, super secret man-made craft Ufologists know nothing about, this did not appear to be a man-made object(s). The object made no sound; and moved from a hover to absolutely blinding speed from the 2 o'clock position to the 10 o'clock position to another hover. These objects made intricate joint maneuvers when other objects appeared; all vanishing simultaneously as if a light switch was turned off. Of course to be ridiculous, standard aircraft from Hartsfield International or Dobbins AFB might be considered because their approach patterns can be seen MANY miles away to the N and NE...tiny pin point lights with which the PW was intimately familiar...he pointed them out to me during my night surveillance. The investigation indicates the family is being truthful and a hoax is very unlikely.

Someone not accustomed to the quick methods Ufologists use to size a distant object wpuld be caught unawares. The close to matching size estimation at 1008 feet and 222 feet (2.22 feet difference) tends to demonstrate the PW is being truthful in his account and his estimation of approximate size at both locations. If he was being deceitful, the PW had no time when asked these questions, to figure out what to say in order to keep everything approximately consistent in size. I do not feel that a man-made object or other 'normal' celestial or atmospheric occurrence was responsible for this event. I classify this case as SIGNIFICANT. Thanks to Tom Sheets. The details, maps and sketches of the case can be seen at WUFOD


MIAMI -- The former Army witness while driving next to a dimly lit park, on January 16, 2002, and noticed a bright red "flair-like" light in the sky. It had a tail like a comet, but it faded away. The light continued to "glide" forward until it slowed almost to a halt and split into three red lights, but a less intense red. The first object continued on the same path, but the other two stayed behind to form a triangle and became a white halogen lights aligned and parallel to each other. Those two lights began going up and down like the cylinders of an engine and disappeared as the first red light continued and disappeared. Shortly after the sighting, when the car was parked and the key was out of the ignition, one of the windows was left down. The passenger pushed the button for the window and without the key in the ignition, the window rolled up. To our surprise, all of the windows were operating with the ignition off. After a minute or so, the windows stopped like the battery had died. Later we noticed a military search plane circling at low level in the same area.

PORT CHARLOTTE -- The witness was traveling south on I-75 on January 16, 2002, at 7:40 PM, when a formation consisting of three lights was sighted. One light was extremely light and two other were less bright but of equal intensity. A light beam came from the large object, radiating downward and moving back left to right once. The formation changed as the distance between the bright object and the two lesser objects increased. Then a star burst around one of the smaller lights. It looked like a burst of energy and then the light disappeared. The second smaller light dropped further down then became smaller. The large light became dimmer and then displayed another burst of light and disappeared. Many cars pulled over to watch the event unfold.

LAKE WALES -- On January 15, 2002, at around 7:00 PM looking up in the northeast sky, we noticed a bright long white tail (thought exhaust) with 3 bright long orange bars in front of it at an angle. It traveled south for a little while, then not a sweeping turn, but it turned left and went up and away. As it turned we saw a big circle in the middle (silver in color, seemed to twinkle) and two smaller circles on each side that seemed to drop from the middle one and form a triangle. The smaller ones either faded out or went faster out of view.

LIVE OAK -- The witness reports the UFO was hovering in one spot at 7:35 PM, with three lights in a row on the sides of the saucer on January 15. There was also a light on top. The witness stood staring at the UFO, as it got closer and larger. He says, "I could only see the out line, but I couldn't really see a color -- if it was a color it was a dark one. It all happened in less than a minute, and it was gone in a flash"

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- The witness noticed an elongated orange light 15 degrees above the horizon in the eastern sky about 7:30 PM, on January 15, 2002. It was about the length of a fingernail at arm's length, and angled at about 45 degrees upward. This initial light seemed to 'grow' a tail which streamed downward with a bright golden glow, stretching to one finger length (at arm's length). The cone of the light itself did not move. The cone was like a five-pointed star which extended slightly beyond the circular light center. After about 25 seconds, the 'tail' shrunk back until only the original light was visible. Then, from the center, two lights emerged and created a triangular pattern, half a finger-length across at its widest span. These 3 lights were differently colored: red, blue, and gold. Two lights moved away from the center one, creating a larger triangular shape. First the red, then the blue light gradually faded out. Then the gold bottom light moved toward the horizon where I lost sight of it.

SARASOTA -- While driving east, on January 15, 2002, I noticed a large gray triangular object in the sky at about 45 degrees from me view. It was about 7:35 PM. It seemed to hover without a sound and eventually trees blocked my view. It had a triangle shape with light at each point. (NUFORC Note: Event may have been a missile launch, possibly from a submarine.) Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

AVON PARK -- called to report tremendously bright orange light hovering over the bombing range for several hours. These lights were hovering on both February 5, and 6, 2002, during the early evening hours. Smaller lights were observed around the huge center light. The light is so bright that it is difficult to look directly at it. Rick speculated the light may be an orange sodium vapor light aboard an unknown type of hovering craft. The light appeared to be at an estimated 20,000 feet too high for helicopters. Thanks to Rick Berstling


CHERRY VALLEY -- The witness was driving home from work about 6:35 PM, going west on State Street on January 9, 2002, and noticed a bright, glowing, totally red craft moving across the sky, as if it's entire surface were lit up in darkish red neon. The red was like that of a dark beaded glass strawberry. It was flying high, at an altitude I'd expect to see planes, and it moved south directly across as much of the sky in about a minute. When it was in front of me it started to veer off to the southwest. At first, all I saw was the totally red oval light. After a while it seemed to change position, and then what looked like 4 red, glowing "legs" became visible. It brought to mind some kind of bug or a crab, except that it had fewer legs. The way it flew reminded me of a helicopter. There were no white or green lights on the craft.


ELK CITY -- Jim Hickman reports that, "On January 25, 2002, at 6:40 PM, I was outside preparing to go to my day job, when I noticed an unusual light to my east, I would guess it was about 12 miles from me at 10 degrees above the horizon. It was a series of flashing/strobing white lights lined up horizontally. The lights were very strange; some of the lights would "flicker" while others would "strobe." I have never seen this type of lights before on aircraft. I'm a retired air force aero medic, and I have had many aircraft firefighting/rescue schools and I'm quite familiar with military aircraft types. I received a similar sighting report in the same area a few years ago, I have it detailed in my book, "5000 years of UFO's" by America House publishing. The object appeared to be moving very, very slowly to the south so I followed. I also turned on my radios, (I'm a ham radio operator, KA5UFO), and tuned to the Clinton-Sherman ATC tower frequency, 119.6 along with the local airport channel, 122.8, hoping to hear the aircraft talking to the tower. No luck, then I remembered that the CSA field is closed to air traffic until 7 am. This helped me to rule out an aircraft. It wasn't a star, planet, weather balloon, blimp, or swamp gas. This object was in my sight for about 5 minutes when it appeared to make a fast turn to the east, and the lights "winked" out and it disappeared within 5 seconds. I will have a full report filed with MUFON as soon as possible. Thanks to Jim Hickman Author,, MUFON Research Specialist for Media Operations


GRANITE FALLS -- The witness reports that on January 10, 2002, around 3:20 PM, when my mom and I were on our way home when I noticed a bunch of lights and thought I saw a plane hovering above the mountains. The object began to move closer in our direction. When we pulled up to the stop sign it was almost over us and we could see that it was a round silver disk with colored lights all around it. There was a smaller silver disk rotating in the center. We got out of the car and we noticed that it made no noise and headed west towards the water.


POINT MUAGU -- The witness was by a campsite at 4:30 AM near the naval base on January 11, 2002, when he saw two lights moving in the water with a light about 100 feet above. The one in the air started to move side to side in a strange way. The two in the water began to move with it. The way they moved was like no plane. The one in the air started south towards Malibu, that's when others that looked like stars began to follow, and scan the waters as if it was a group project. The objects were airborne for thirty minutes and were gone. The lights in the water never took off they seem to dive.


CAMBRIDGE -- The witness reports, "It was about 9:15 PM on January 27, 2002, when my boyfriend and I went out to look at the stars. He was looking through the binoculars for several minutes, when I heard him gasp, and he pointed. There was an object with bright lights ascending from the tree's that stopped and hovered there for about a minute then it slowly flew above the house making no noise. Just as it was over the house it picked up speed and flew out of sight. The black or gray UFO was the shape of a boomerang. The lights were spectacular white along the top and one red one on the bottom.


LOTA -- Chilean TV cameraman captured nine apparent UFOs, traveling swiftly across the skies of Region VIII. These objects are difficult to determine, even in clear blue skies, and move from left to right of shot [meteors, perhaps? Santiago Channel 13, is still carrying the video in RealPlayer format can be viewed via

BUTACO -- Researchers of the OVNIVISION Chile group were able to witness the transit of a UFO and capture images of this strange luminous body through a video camera and a still camera. The capital of the Mallecas region has recorded a significant number of UFO sightings in recent months. The ufology team visited the Corazon de Maria Church, where they were had the privilege of making a sighting. While photos were being taken, they were able to witness the transit of a strange luminous body over the clear skies over Angol at 8:10 PM for five minutes Thanks to the. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. and Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center. Translation (C) 2002


COATBRIDGE -- Mark Fraser reports, "A few friends phoned me on Sunday, (Feb 3, 2002?) to tell of a UFO (or supposed UOF) sighting over region of Coatbridge direction." They were coming back from Glasgow via Hamilton and noticed three distinct very bright yellow white lights in triangular shape and pulsing in the middle area. Supposedly it was very high up and disappeared for a few seconds to only to return again shortly thereafter. They are generally sound people and sounded quite shaken after seeing it. Personally my money is on the triangular USA military crafts. Thanks to "Mark Fraser" Scottish Big Cats., UFOScotland and Joe Haas


ADIYAMAN -- At around 11:00 PM on the night of January 26, 2002, the General Directorate of Police in Adýyaman received a phone call informing that a brilliant flying object was observed at the eastern side of the city. The Police called the patrolman on duty at Adýyaman-Kahta highway at the eastern side of the city by radio, who also confirmed sighting of the brilliant object flying in the sky. The Chief of Police was notified and a police team was sent to the area equipped with night cameras. They spotted the brilliant object, which was rotating around its own axis and spreading out colorful lights, and managed to film for around 5 hours. The following night, at around 2.15 AM, two similar flying objects were observed. The objects were also filmed by the watch guard of the Security Directorate between 2:29 and 3:00 AM. The Chairman of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, Haktan Akdogan talked with the Governor of Adýyaman Halil Isýk on the phone about the incident. Governor Isýk reports five UFOs were observed. Twenty police officers and hundreds of civilians witnessed this incident. The film was sent to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center.

VIDEO ANALYSIS: Five objects are viewed which are glowing, moving and much more brighter than any star or planet. At close-ups, the objects are rotating around their own axis. Enlarged by computer the objects were scattering around lights in various colors. The brightness and proximity of the objects reveal they were inside the atmosphere. The light beams spread out by the UFOs have been measured by spectral photometer, which also confirmed that the objects were in motion. The objects hovered and then started moving unlike aircraft. The glowing objects do not make any sound and exhibit an advanced technology and do not fit any category of conventional aerial devices. Thanks to Haktan Akdogan, Chairman of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, . Editor's Note: A powerful earthquake toppled numerous buildings in central Turkey on February 3, 2002, killing at least 42 people. Seismologists feel there may be a connection between the UFO lights and "earthquake lights," that may have predicted the earthquakes. It is known that flying lights often occur before earthquakes and serve as a warning. We send our condolences to the families in Turkey.

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