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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 13, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs were observed over Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, California, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. Sam Donaldson, TV News Journalist anticipates first contact this year. Help from London for abductees. Officers in California and Missouri report UFO sightings.


NASA plans to develop atomic-powered rockets that could greatly increase the speed of spacecraft and nuclear reactors to energize outposts on distant planets. The 2003 NASA federal budget proposes to spend $46.5 million to begin developing nuclear electric rockets and $79 million more to build atomic-powered generators that can fly on spacecraft. Eventually NASA would eliminate chemical rockets that are relatively slow. To travel greater distances much more powerful and faster propulsion systems are needed. In the last hundred years man first flew powered aircraft in 1903 at a few miles an hour with the Wright Brothers plane to 14,000 mph to go into orbit around Earth. The next hundred years should see a similar increase in speed. Generally NASA's Spacecraft are powered by solar cells that convert sunlight to electricity. Once the Spacecraft reach distant planets the sunlight is often so dim that there is little electrical energy for instruments. It is apparent our space technology is slow compared to the high speed passes made by alien UFOs. It is apparent we're using comparatively primitive technology. We're in contact with various NASA personnel who are very frustrated by NASA's unwillingness to look at their own videos of high performance spacecraft that can literally fly circles around our own shuttle missions. It would seem NASA would attempt to study the alien technology but there seems to be a feeling if we don't acknowledge they are there, maybe they'll go away. I've have noticed the Shuttle crews and NASA use various code words for UFOs. Everything from Santa Claus to fast moving stars.

NASA envisions rockets using nuclear fission or fusion that could fire for months, driving the spacecraft to greater and greater speeds. The Disclosure Project has the testimony of hundreds of FAA, military and intelligence personnel who have seen documents and in some cases have been inside recovered alien craft. There is more evidence than most people realize. Weekly there are dozens of eyewitnesses, photographs, video, cattle mutilations and landing traces all pointing to alien craft. Many scientists admit there is likely alien intelligence on other planets in the universe. This intelligence may be thousands of years ahead of our technology. Additionally, they only have to make the trip once to be seen in our skies. We have the testimony of respected professionals to help us determine what is actually happening. The aliens could have underground or undersea bases, or bases orbiting our planet. Former CIA Director and Navy Admiral Roscoe Hillenkotter in 1960 stated: "Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control……It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and their purpose."

Daniel Fry an Aerojet-General engineer was doing field work at White Sands Missile Range when he heard a voice booming out of a saucer hovering above him. It was actually a space probe and the alien stated his race had inhabited earth tens of thousands of years before. He said, "They now live in life-support spaceships and that their life spans are over twice that of humans." Fry claimed after his initial encounter he was contacted again by the alien who claimed he had readapted to earth's environment, and was posing as an international businessman. The report sounds outlandish, but Fry made a detailed engineering report on how the alien craft functioned and its propulsion system. His description of acceleration by a force identical in nature to a gravitational field in the book, "Steps to the Stars" led MIT Professor of Electrical Engineering Parry Moon to assert that, "A more rigorous treatment might be of great value to scientists. Source is "UFOs Politics, God and Science" by Dr. Robert Trundle. The point is that a respected engineer was told that the aliens visiting Earth live aboard spaceships, and even live among us. A trusted Admiral and the first Director of CIA told us they are here, and he devoted the remaining part of his life to help bring out the truth. As Director of NICAP, he told us, its time for the truth to be brought out about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense," from Bruce Maccabee, "What the Admiral Knew" International UFO Reporter, Nov 1986. The following high quality witnesses are spotting UFOs daily!


NORTH CANAAN -- The Boston Globe article states, that area residents report hearing a sonic boom, and seeing a fireball. Authorities found no evidence of a plane crash but many people saw a fireball, Saturday afternoon, February 9, 2002. Police, firefighters, and airports received calls at about 2:30 PM from people who described seeing a fireball in the sky, hearing a sonic boom and an explosion. "It looked like a long metal item, and another said it looked like a piece of metal with a fireball,'' said a police dispatcher at Troop B, who refused to give her name. David Paine, a state police spokesman in Massachusetts said officials believe it could have been a meteor. ''There were a number of calls for sighting of fireballs and sounds of sonic booms in Russell, Montgomery, Pittsfield and into New York state,'' said Lt. Paul C. Maloney, another spokesman for the Massachusetts state police. ''We did send an aircraft in the areas (where the sightings were reported) and they saw nothing at that time.'' The Federal Aviation Administration, which received calls from southern Vermont and western and central Massachusetts, said it had no reports of missing aircraft and had been told by the North American Aerospace Defense Command there were no military activities taking place. Thanks to the Boston Globe. Feb 10 2002


FREMONT -- The witness was asked by his wife to come outside at 10:00 PM, January 20, 2002, and look at a ball of light that had been just sitting across Route 107 that she had observed while taking the dogs out. He came out to see two bright balls of light no more than 2000 feet away across the street in a sand pit. The lights were a blend of red, green, blue and white. The larger one was three car lengths in a circle, about sixty feet in diameter, while the smaller light was about two car lengths in a circle. They were about fifty feet above the treetops. The smaller of the two fled northeast at a high rate of speed and the other one hovered above the treetops. It hovered back and forth and up and down for about eight minutes. And the weird thing was it made NO SOUNDS! Not a hum, not a whisper! Then it gradually continued over Route 107 and headed off toward Danville, NH area at 20 to 25 MPH at about fifty feet above the trees. The witness states, "After researching, I found that we have a power grid about a mile away." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center,


SOUTHWICK -- On January 16, 2002, the witness was outside at 10:15 PM, on very clear night, when he heard what he assumed was an airplane. The witness stated, "When it got closer I noticed that there were only red and white lights (typically the planes that fly over here also have green lights and that's why this caught my attention). The lights were very bright and as the object got closer I saw that it was not a plane at all but an object that was shaped very much like an octagon with bright red and white lights. I watched as the object headed east. The lights were so bright that I could see the object for several minutes a long way off. I called my sister in Springfield (which is approximately 20 miles from here) and told her to go outside to see if she could see a UFO. She saw the object but thought that it was a plane. When I asked her if she saw any wings on the plane? She said, "She couldn't see any wings, but could see another aircraft heading her way." What seemed very strange was that both of the aircraft seemed to turn and fly back this way. I watched until the object finally disappeared heading south. The second aircraft was still in sight when the octagon shaped object disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


NORTH TONAWANDA -- The witness was standing outside smoking a cigarette on January 16, 2002, when he noticed about 20 objects moving northeast at 12:10 AM. They did not have exterior lights but they appeared to be metallic. The witness stated, "When I first noticed them they appeared to be in a formation, but they moved around in groups of about five into different formations. They appeared to be very high and moving very quickly. They were not aircraft that I've ever seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WASHINGTON DC -- Steve Basset an UFO disclosure activist says he's doing his best to help TV newsman Sam Donaldson live up to a New Year's resolution about extraterrestrial contact. Steve Basset of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC) doesn't think that Donaldson's comment on ABC's "This Week" were at all tongue-in-cheek. "No," Basset told The Electric Warrior, "He was quite serious, and he made essentially the same resolution last year. On the first 2002 broadcast of ABC's "This Week" with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, Sam once again repeated his New Year resolution that this would be the year we would make contact with extraterrestrials. X-PPAC is making every effort to inform Sam (one of the good guys in this town) that extraterrestrial contact is "old news" and he can change his resolution to, "This is the year we finally have open congressional hearings and the UFO/ET cover-up comes to an end." Thanks to The Electric Warrior, and Those Who Know Don't Talk


SPENCER -- Terri Bechthold writes, "I saw the strangest thing this morning February 4, 2002, as I was taking my two dogs out for their recycling walk before I left for work. I have to get up at 4 to leave my house for work by 5:00 AM. I always look up at the dark sky while my dogs are conducting their business. I saw something I've never seen before and will never forget. I saw the Moon halved, one side dark the other lighted and then moving clouds only the clouds were passing behind the Moon. I immediately took my dogs inside, grabbed my telescope, and looked to make sure it wasn't an optical illusion. Lo and behold, the clouds were passing behind the Moon. Was it really just an illusion? Thanks to Terri A. Bechthold.


WINTER HAVEN -- Lee Malone wrote, "I was shocked to see a sighting in Lake Wales last week in Filer's Files 5 since I live one town away. My wife and I were leaving the in-laws on our way home and while facing towards Lake Wales, we saw a very extremely bright light like the color of the sun yellowish orange. I took it to be a flare or something, but suddenly it split into two very bright lights and just hung about 20 degrees elevation from our vantage. Suddenly three smaller lights dropped out of the bottom of the two and they immediately went out. Then all at once a complete row of six appeared lower about 4 degrees and stayed stationary and illuminated. I was a former MUFON investigator trainee and prior Air Force Flyer so I know what we have in the sky and I've never seen anything like this. This sighting occurred on February 1, and again on February 3, 2002, and I have spoken to other witness's. Please see attached photos I captured from video. One of pictures has street lights in it but you can see the row of lights between them. At first, I was truly inclined to think they were flares but something about them was just too odd. I was able to observe them for 30 plus minutes and flares last only a couple minutes. Also, on one night a sector of the sky lit up like a Christmas tree and then just as sudden they all went out. I realize C-130's drop illuminator flares and they do burn orange when the canister burns up, but I've never seen it last over 20 minutes and stay stationary. Thanks to Lee Malone. Photos can be seen at


CAPE GIRARDEAU -- On January 26, 2002, a police officer observed a circular object traveling southbound approximately 400 feet in altitude and no more than 30 MPH. The object appeared to "float" over city and made no noise at 9:45 PM. The object was approximately 50 feet in diameter and white or a "shiny" color which reflected light from below. The object was not displaying its own lights and could only be seen from the reflection of lights below. I aimed a handheld radar at the object, but did not receive a reading. The sighting lasted for one minute. A report of the incident was reported to the UFO Center by telephone following the event. ((NUFORC Note: Witness was encouraged by his police department to report the incident. The witness and Peter Davenport appeared on the Jeff Rense radio program on Feb. 12, using his correct name. Thanks to NUFORC


BIGELOW -- On Friday, January 25, 2002, at 8:00 p.m., Daniel Williams was burning brush on his property on Wayne Mountain, when he noticed an unusual black cloud approaching from the west. I was clearing my property, cutting and burning small-diameter pine trees on a bonfire five feet in diameter, with seven-foot-tall flames. The sky was unusually clear with an extremely bright three-quarter moon. I noticed an airplane blinking at the southern horizon and to the west there was a black cloud gliding towards me no higher than a 1,000 feet. The moon was reflecting off the curves of the nose of it, as it came closer. No lights, no blinking as it approached." I stood there and I realized that what I was seeing was very dark and shaped so damn strangely. It was shaped like one of those 'candy corn' sugary candies, but the front of it was blunt and it tapered back to an actual oval." I could plainly see it drift by with no windows and no lights, but the streetlights were reflecting on its underside. As it continued, I saw the UFO's stern that had two large round, dark red, very dimly lit circles like dirty red taillights of an automobile. Then I saw that they were surrounded by segmented 'flaps' or raised areas that encircled the red circles and filled each side of the oval rear." "I would guess this craft to be 100 feet (30 meters) long and 40 feet (12 meters) wide. I noticed it was cruising with the right side of the craft lower than the left side, but it was maintaining a straight line (course). It continued on out of sight, slowly floating." "I realized that I was standing next to my fire, and 'they' could see me, too. I was numb. "This thing did not look aerodynamic. The front wasn't pointed enough. I realized that all airplanes must have (navigation) lights, blinking all the time. This had nothing but those big eerie dark red burners." Bigelow is 20 miles northwest of Little Rock. Thanks to ROUNDUP Volume 7, #6, 2/5/02 Editor: Joseph Trainor


WICHITA -- Dean Schreck writes, "I saw something in broad daylight a month ago that still has me puzzled." It looked at first like a pod or capsule like plane with balloon like distorted shape above it. As I drove closer, the upper objects beneath had no cable, ropes or anything that I could see connecting it to the bottom plane like object. The blobish shape of the upper object gradually changed as the two shapes moved closer to the ground. It came to look like one of those curved mattress-like parachutes viewed from the side. I watched this for a couple of minutes or more. The object(s) moved down behind some trees and out of sight. If this was a military vehicle of some kind that was parachuting down to earth, it landed somewhere in an open field on the edge of a well populated area. This makes no sense to me, does it make sense to you? Thanks to Dean Schreck


MEXICAN BORDER -- A Border Patrol Agent with the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service reported he was on duty at in Jo Valley (spelling?) on January 31, 2002, approximately 70 miles east of San Diego, when he witnessed not fewer than a dozen disc-shaped objects pass over his vehicle. He stated that his patrol dog, a German Shepherd, began acting strangely, and stuck his head out an open window. At about the same time, the officer heard a peculiar, low-pitched warbling sound. He looked out the front window of his patrol vehicle, and was amazed to witness a disc-shaped object, with a dome on its top, move slowly across the sky at a seemingly slow velocity. The officer looked back to the area of the sky whence the disc apparently had come, only to see a cluster of not fewer than a dozen, perhaps as many as 30, discs, all identical in appearance to the first, moving across the sky from west to east. The officer jumped out of his vehicle to get a better look at the objects, when he noticed that there was a "boomerang-shaped" object in the midst of the cluster of discs. He turned on his overhead flasher lights, at which time the boomerang-shaped object appeared to accelerate away from the cluster of discs, and fly very rapidly up into the dark morning sky, and out of his sight.

The cluster of discs followed behind the boomerang, and all of the objects disappeared from his sight, as well. The discs exhibited a white, or yellowish, light around their flanges, which fluctuated in intensity. Also, he reported, the discs appeared to have a black margin on their margin. Except for the warbling sound he heard at the outset of the sighting, the objects gave off no perceptible sound. The officer added that based on the assumed distance the objects were from his location, had they been military jets, the sound that would have emanated from the objects would have been deafening. The officer estimated that the objects' diameter was "two or three times the length of a city bus," or 100 to 150 feet. The officer's supervisor confirmed to NUFORC that the officer had submitted a written memo about the incident, and that the officer would not be permitted by his commander to speak any further about the incident. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HAMILTON, ONTARIO -- The witness says, "I was partying at a friend's house on January 18, 2002, and everyone had fallen asleep by 5:00 AM. I decided to clean up my friend's rather atrocious house and this required taking the garbage outside. It was a clear night and as I placed the garbage bags into the bin I noticed a bright light far away on the horizon. The light began an unbelievable ascent into the sky. Because of the rate at which the object could climb I first entertained the notion of this vessel being an unidentified flying object. The light seemed to be emanating from one source but if I glanced away for the briefest moment, the light appeared to be made up of multiple lights that were arranged in a semicircle pattern. The object had risen to an enormous height in the sky and I thought it was going to disappear, when suddenly it began a descent with the velocity at which it had previously risen. I remember a feeling of fright coming over me. As a rational person I was terrified at the notion that something inexplicable could exist, and yet here it was before me. The object was coming in my direction as it descended. I lost sight of the object for a second and then it reappeared directly overhead. I estimate it must have been about a mile-and-a-half above the ground. It sliced through the clouds effortlessly and as soon as it had appeared overhead, it was gone. The underpannel was marked with an 'X' and had white lights outlining this shape. There appeared to be a red light moving around the object in a circular pattern. I remember hearing a low buzzing sound that accompanied the vessel as it flew overhead. I was completely overwhelmed by the sight.

HOUSTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike writes that numerous sightings are continuing 700 miles north of Vancouver in the great Northwest. He says, "I was just telling you a bit about the sighting on Friday, February 1, 2002, when a UFO buzzed a car, well there has been another sighting last night Monday, February 4, 2002. Again these two witnesses who reported hearing and seeing an object (bright white light) are large business owners here in Houston, BC, who are creditable folks. The wife heard a humming sound and looked out a couple of windows before seeing a large bright light hovering above the Bulkley River here in Houston. She then franticly called to her husband who also witnessed this object. I hope to have a full report after I get back from Vancouver. What a time to leave town for three days, but there are sightings almost nightly plus reported cattle mutilations, and crop circles all reported by reliable people. So lots going on out here right now. Will keep you posted. Thanks to Brian Vike (yogibear)


CERRO LA SANTA -- On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 10:30 p.m. Mr. Luis Marrero, a retired UFO researcher, was returning home along Route 52 (Las Americas Expressway) from the city of Caguas to Ponce. As he reached the vicinity of the Las Catalinas Mall, he realized that at 35 degrees altitude, and very close to the giant television transmitters, he could see a static ball of light. Luis told me that he estimated a 600-foot diameter for the light. Upon reaching the toll barrier, he noticed that the white ball of light increased in intensity. When this occurred, and after approximately 3 minutes had transpired, two smaller balls of light emerged from the white light. One of them was yellow in color and the other blue. Both headed vertically downward toward the forest below, where they vanished from sight. He was unable to see them again. Just when the small lights--which Luis described as having a size similar to auto headlights--vanished from sight, the larger light vanished, evaporated or "shut off." Luis was surprised that the towers' lights were off, something highly uncommon, since those lights are always on. He thinks the white ball of light may have caused a blackout in the area. On the following day (Thursday) there was a blackout in Cayey's Barrio Beatriz, not far from where he had seen the light. Thanks to Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Lucy Guzmán and


CORDOBA -- South America's current UFO flap logged another encounter last week, this time in Argentina. On Thursday, January 30, 2002, at 5: AM, two young women were walking to work in the small town of Capilla del Monte, when they spied an unusual light. "A UFO emanating rays of bright light colored yellow, blue and white was seen by the two young women in the province of Cordoba in central Argentina. The report, which was written in El Diario by Jorge Suarez, said the UFO was first seen over the Cerro Las Gemelas (hill), provoking terror in both of the witnesses. A third witness said the object disappeared as it was rising at a dizzying velocity in front of the startled gaze of both women." (See NotiOVNI for February 3, 2002. Thanks to Daniel Munoz.


Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, is leading a team of researchers, including engineers at Purdue University, to design a new class of spacecraft that would serve as orbiting hotels perpetually cruising between Earth and Mars. Thanks to NewsAlert see full story at


LONDON -- Karin an abduction researcher writes, "I usually have around 3 or 4 Experiencers I'm counseling at any time, from all around the world. I try to find ways they can help themselves, as well as share how they can benefit best from hypnotherapy (through preparation). There may be others who need help? It's usually what we imagine that most frightens us. There was no one to help me 16 years ago when I began to question my odd memories and Experiences. Through learning hypnotherapy I discovered that I had all the answers I needed inside myself; from working with others I now believe that we all are connected to an Inner Wisdom which is trying to communicate with us. We need to learn how to listen to it and then work together to integrate what we've learned into brave, meaningful, happy lives. In return for my client's anonymity, I'm given the right to share their stories. It may help others to hear them! A great deal of the investigation and integration process is discriminating amongst Experiences. They range from normal Aware Sleep Paralysis, to out-of-body journeys, to being sexually abused by invisible beings, to all the more 'normal' lights and trips and lessons of the better known UFO abductee. Having one kind doesn't mean you've had them all -- this is a common misunderstanding -- one which frightens many. Although many folks experience trauma from having to acknowledge the odd reality of alien interference in their lives, the real difficulty is in facing further incidents, of whatever kind, even just psychic. I think I'm helping to prepare them for these through self-analysis, a wider understanding of the phenomena, and knowing protective techniques. My motto is: I extend one hand in friendship and cover my ass with the other. Shortly, I hope to put the exercises, Time Line instructions, and discriminating list of similar types of Experiences on a web site, so folks can just access it without having to contact me unless they need counseling. I have put together exercises which greatly improve our ability to discern memory from fantasy; I'd be happy to share them with Paul, or with anyone. I'm currently creating a course on CE-IV and anomalous experience investigation, therapy and counseling for the on-line College of Integrated Therapies, here in London. For now, though, they'll have to write to me first. I'm happy to help :-) Karin


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