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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 20, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs were observed over Vermont, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio radio flap, Texas, California, and controversy in Turkey. Abductees wanted for scientific study.


In 1968, I briefed General Brown the USAF Chief of Staff most mornings on the intelligence situation in Vietnam. Later, at a press conference on October 16, 1973, he stated:

"I don't know whether this story has ever been told or not. They weren't called UFOs They were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places. They were seen up around the DMZ (demilitarized zone) in the early summer of 68. And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and was no enemy at all involved but we always reacted. Always after dark. The same thing happened up at Pleiku at the Highlands in 69. Department of Defense Transcript of press conference in Illinois.


SHAFTSBURY -- The witness was walking her dog in Shaftsbury Valley near Route 7A, when she saw lights in a string across the sky on January 20, 2002. The string of ball lights were heading south towards Bennington about 6:00 PM. The witness states, " I thought a plane was flying low that had lights strung across the front of the plane and wings and was ready to crash." There was absolutely no sound from the object." I then supposed I saw a searchlight going across the mountains, but it did not really make sense since I heard no sound of either a helicopter or plane. It appeared to be a string of beaded lights in a horizontal pattern. I ran inside and got my daughter and son to come out and look at the strange object, since I had no clue what it might be. The other witness reports, "My Mom brought my brother and me outside to see some sort of object over the mountains with about fifty lights -- ones you might see on a passing airplane. None of the lights were flashing as it moved about halfway down the mountain. It moved slowly across the mountain in a horizontal fashion, with a few lights disappearing from the left, and then reappearing on the right. The sighting of this object frightened me. It was moving south towards Bennington. The only thing that makes sense was a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport National Reporting Center,


OLD BRIDGE -- Sam Sherman writes , "My wife and I were driving home from dinner on Cottrell Road coming to the intersection of Ticetown Road in the Old Bridge area on February 15, 2002, about 9:05 PM and noted a large whitish/yellow Planet-like object. I always check the sky for unusual phenomena. Suddenly another lighted object emerged from this one and was flashing various lights and heading in a southwest direction. I pointed this out to my wife who felt it was a plane. I was about to dismiss it too -- when this object quickly looped around from the direction it was headed in, to a circular arc -- heading east. Then it stopped dead in its tracks and appeared like a star or planet frozen in its place. Gradually, it may have been rising up, as it quickly became lost in the clouds and was obscured. Thanks to Sam Sherman

MORRISTOWN -- MUFON reports they received a sighting from two 30 year old witnesses who saw a red light that changes to white with rings on February 12, 2002, at 8:10 PM for few minutes. The object was flying between 500 to 1000 feet in the northeast. It was blimp like, 50 feet in size with a glowing surface. The object was blue-white with exterior white lights that brightened and faded in and out. A dog was very curious about the sighting. Thanks to WUFOD


HOLLYWOOD BEACH -- On January 20, 2002, the witness reports, "We were on the beach on a warm summer afternoon, and had watched a plane take off over the water and it crossed in front of the moon. Then my wife saw a light which looked like a bright star about ten degrees from the moon. This was a clear day with bright sun at 2:20 PM. About 5 degrees from the first object, another appeared. After about ten minutes, three less visible (about 1/4 as bright) objects appeared, in a straight line, two degrees below the lower object and lined upward at about a 45 degree angle to the horizon. Because these were less visible the two witnesses could not see them. All three of us saw the first 2 objects. All objects seem to be stationary. With the bright sun and clear skies I feel that what we saw was indeed 5 objects that were stationary and the sun was hitting them at an angle to reflect light towards earth. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CINCINNATI -- Some sort of UFO outbreak apparently occurred on February 18, 2002, as per Newsradio 700 WLW in Cincinnati according to Louise A. Lowry. Callers to the station reported something near Blanchester, and other callers said that something was seen over Zanesville, Ohio. I took an excited phone call from Bill Jones of Ohio MUFON informing me of the action tonight, he said that at some place in Ohio that Interstate 75 was "closed" due to traffic stopping to observe a UFO. Jones informed that 2 people with OHIO MUFON had also observed something that they couldn't explain. Sightings also were reported from Atlanta. It could have been some sort of mass-sighting of a fireball meteor. But the reports and times seem varied and from what I've heard this is describing a hovering object with multicolored lights. BILL BOSHEARS of the SCI-ZONE, took calls from a witness near Fairfield, Ohio (Butler County) who reported seeing a UFO to the east of his location at around 10:30 p.m. He said the object was visible for 30-minutes before it moved due east towards Dayton. The caller speculated Wright Patterson AFB involvement as per the object heading toward Dayton. Motorist heading east on 125 near Amelia, Ohio around 10:00 p.m. observed colored lights in a straight line, describing its sequence as blue, red, blue, red, blue, etc. This caller also saw something else around 10:12 p.m. traveling near Eastgate (Clermont County). Bill Boshears and his co-host, from their vantage point in Mt. Adams (near Downtown, Cincinnati), said that they stepped to the window and saw an object with 3-lights rapidly fly through the sky. Both carried on over this object and suggested it was a UFO.

Don Weatherby, database coordinator for MUFON website (WUFOD), called in to the station around 11:20 p.m. to ask the listeners to submit reports to their online database. One caller claimed to have taken 15-pictures and Boshears said he would post them on his website Another caller said that he was on Interstate 70 headed eastbound through Richmond, Indiana when he saw an object close to the ground. The caller said, "The object went straight-up then straight back down and made a 'left turn." He said there was a green and red object toward Dayton, and a third one with red and blue lights. There were two more following 'vertical' to each other. Boshears asked if it hovered? The caller said they were moving fast and made a hard left turn. Tim from Dayton said that he saw something with blue and red heading south, and that it could not have been a helicopter. He said it made a sharp angular turn and made the sound of a 'broken-down aircraft.'

Boshears added that the object he saw over downtown Cincinnati made a sharp, angular turn. and the object was 'not a jet aircraft.' Another caller said that at 10:55 p.m. he saw lights coming out of the south from his vantage point near Mason, Ohio, near Interstate 75. This caller said that he saw an object with two white lights and one red light that flashed like a strobe. He also said that there were six objects separately heading north-northwest that seemed to approach Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County). This man claims to be in the army and said he would know a helicopter or plane if that was what this was. He said another object came out of the west and attempted to intercept the first object, which he said was visible for the past 40-minutes. The last object was moving at a high-rate of speed. Mike in Oakley called Boshears and said, he stepped on his porch after hearing the radio program and saw one object head south and then saw a few more seeming to fly around the Oakley area heading east. This caller said the object looked like a standard swept-wing military aircraft. Boshears complained that his 'chatroom' was flooded with people from all over the country reporting UFOs. Boshears has returned after a commercial break, very winded, claiming now to see three objects to the west of Cincinnati that have appeared in perfect alignment, one after another. He is saying this is 'unbelievable' and his co-host also agrees that these are not airplanes. I should inform that from his vantage point in Mt. Adams, air traffic to the Greater Cincinnati Airport will come in from that direction, over Delhi and into northern Kentucky. When I stepped outside moments ago I did not see any air traffic, but for a Sunday night that's not out of the ordinary. (P.S., I notified a contact in Clermont County who advised around 11:15 p.m. of seeing six-planes lined up in that area, routine Airborne Express traffic to Wilmington Airport.

Larry, south of Lexington, Kentucky, called in to report that at the I-75/I-64 split in Lexington he saw an object with a puzzling light pattern that strobed like an ambulance, and two objects heading south. Dave on a cellphone called, said he was headed eastbound on 70 at mile marker 46 says a huge diamond-shaped white light shooting intermittent strobe lights down at the ground. The caller said it was standing still about 300-yards away from him. He said it was stopping traffic on the interstate. Boshears said that truckers across the Midwest are talking about this on CB radios. Boshears had said that WPAFB had told "him" that they had nothing going on. I presume that since he said this, he had called WPAFB or someone in the newsroom had called WPAFB. Thanks to Louise A. Lowry.,


FORT WORTH -- On Thursday, January 31, 2002, the following three sightings occurred about 9:55 PM. The witness reports, "We where traveling east in N. RICHLAND HILLS when we saw a glowing bluish/green object soar through the sky many times faster than any man made craft." At first it was a bluish color then as it got farther away, it turned more greenish. The whole time it had a bright white light behind it.

HELOTES --- The witness and his wife were watching the moon just rising in the eastern sky, when they saw a large bluish white sphere looking light traveling at high rate of speed along the eastern sky. It was moving north to south parallel to the curvature of the horizon. It traveled for approximately 30 seconds at a tremendously high rate of speed. As it disappeared into the southeastern sky it almost looked like afterburners of a fighter jet.

DALLAS -- The witness who is a commercial pilot and his wife spotted a rocket like object with a bright bluish-white afterburner like streak of light traveling north to south over NE Dallas heading toward Houston at about 10:00 PM. The witness stated, "The approximate altitude was 10,000 to 20,000 feet with a speed over 500 mph with a trajectory like that of a rocket." No sound or structure was heard nor seen. Sky condition: CAVU and called Air Traffic Control (Fort Worth Center), they had a number of calls concerning the object. They have no idea what it was other than possibly a satellite returning to earth. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BANNING -- A government employee reports seeing a structure of lights, resembling the Phoenix Lights, in front of the mountains on January 23, 2002, at 7:10 PM. The witness reports, "I live up the hill on Bluff Street and driving down the hill, my wife pointed out a pattern of lights that resembled the Phoenix Lights. There were 6 to 7 lights in that similar pattern, with the pattern tilted about 5 degrees from level at a very low altitude of about 1,500 feet. The object looked about one mile across, perhaps, even bigger in size. It was enormous. After watching the object for some minutes, I decided to get a better look. The object was initially near the Morongo Indian Casino off the 10 freeway... In 10 to-15 seconds, we saw it move and now appeared to be over the Palm Springs International Airport. They had to see whatever the hell this thing was...absolutely no mistake about it. We lost sight of it after ten minutes. The lights were of a goldish, coppery color...very distinct...could not miss this object. The sky conditions were absolutely clear...unlimited visibility.


Mark Rodeghier writes, Are UFO abductions physically real events? When an abduction occurs, are there measurable changes in the environment that will confirm that an abduction occurred and, perhaps, help us understand the forces behind these events? We each have our beliefs about what is causing people to report abduction experiences, ranging from aliens, extra-dimensional beings, to odd psychological conditions or sleep paralysis, but it has been very difficult to get definitive evidence for any particular theory. Some investigators over the years have attempted to use a video camera in the bedrooms of abductees to obtain physical proof of an abduction event. These efforts, though, have met with little documented success. If abductions are, at least in some instances, physically real, then we would expect that those beings doing the abductions would leave some trace in the environment. Even if super-aliens have the ability to transfer a person through a bedroom wall to a waiting UFO, that doesn't imply that the environment in the bedroom would be unaffected while the transfer was occurring. Based on this assumption, the UFO Research Coalition (composed of MUFON, the Fund for UFO Research, and the Center for UFO Studies) decided several years ago to initiate a research project to monitor the potential physical changes associated with an abduction event. Our working hypothesis is that some physical changes must occur during a real abduction event (although we are uncertain as to exactly what these might be).

The official name of the project is the Ambient Monitoring Project, or AMP for short. Specifically, we have constructed a device that is placed in the home of an abductee and left there for about 4-6 months. The device is small and attractive, about as big as a woman's makeup case, designed to blend into the home. It records various physical parameters and stores the information, which is then downloaded to the computer of our project engineer (Tom Deuley, a longtime MUFON official) every day. While the device is in her home, the abductee keeps a daily journal of experiences related to the abduction phenomenon. Then, when the data collection period is over, the journal will be matched up to the physical data to see what was recorded at those times when a person thinks that she may have been abducted, or something similarly odd occurred. The project officially began in the spring of 1998. Those most involved with the project include Rob Swiatek from the Fund, myself from CUFOS, and Tom Deuley. AMP started with the development of two prototype devices, used in three pilot cases. From this experience, we constructed the final monitoring device, which was used for the first case in the summer of 2000. As of this writing, we consider the project a success: we have successfully collected data from several abductees with few technical problems. This project would not have been possible without the assistance of some very supportive abduction investigators and, most important, some generous and cooperative abductees and their spouses and family. We thank them profusely. The identities of those involved will be protected and kept confidential, per normal scientific ethics that mandate how to deal with human subjects. We are following standard research protocols in this project in every possible respect. This includes the recording and analysis of the data. Our project engineer, who collects the data, has no idea what is recorded in the journal by the abductees. And the abductees and UFO investigators are not told what the device has recorded. The data will be archived and later, when the project has ended, be compared and correlated to determine what can be learned.

We follow this protocol-which means that there are no results yet to report in this article-because it is crucial in the study of anomalies to design rigorous research that removes any chance to alter the data to fit some preconceived notion. As we know, there are skeptics and debunkers who are only too happy to find deficiencies, real or imagined, in any serious research project. The results of AMP, whether positive or not, will potentially be quite important for Ufology. Obtaining physical confirmation of an abduction event would be an important advance in our study of UFOs. Finding no physical evidence of abduction events would be open to several interpretations, but it would be just as important a finding. We are always searching for additional abductees willing to volunteer for this project, and that is where you can help. We need investigators who know of abductees who might want to participate, and we need abductees who are willing to be a part of this study. There are no costs involved, as our research grant is sufficient to cover such things as a second phone line, which is necessary in some homes. If you are interested in volunteering to participate or help with this research, please let us know as soon as you can. After you contact us, and we decide whether you meet the selection criteria, we will send you additional information to explain your tasks and answer all your questions. You can contact Tom Deuley, the project engineer, by e-mail at, by phone at 210-804-0552, or by mail at 2827 Sir Phillip Drive, San Antonio, TX. 78209.

Editor's Note: I have participated in abduction research and we were able to capture strange moving lights on the video camera late at night. A pet cat watched the light as it floated about the room, although the abductee was not aware of the light. We can speculate the light was a reconnaissance vehicle prior to an abduction, or the light represents an electrical-magnetic anomaly strong enough to cause the abductee to fantasize. But the light is visible for all to see and represents a fantastic potential for lights without an electrical power source and wires. Capturing and understanding this light represents potential for a new billion dollar industry.


KAHANA BEACH -- Early in the morning, before dawn at 3:50 AM, the witness retired attorney and marine naturalist and his wife saw a round, or spherical object which was bluish green moving north at a high rate of speed just above the surface of the ocean on both January 22, and again on January 26, 2002. The witness reports, "I started to reach for my binoculars, but the object flew out of sight before I could zero in on it." Four mornings later, at about the same time, I saw an identical object moving in precisely the same way over the same stretch of ocean. They live in a studio apartment directly on the ocean and had a clear view of the object. They are both good observers who have never before seen a UFO. He said, "During the second sighting, I saw the object for a somewhat longer period of time, since I leapt from my bed and went onto our waterfront deck, where I could observe it a bit longer and watched it grow faint and disappear at a high rate of speed." Thanks to NUFORC.


ADIYAMAN -- In summary, at around 11:00 PM on the night of January 26, 2002, the General Directorate of Police in Adýyaman received a phone call informing that a brilliant flying object was observed at the eastern side of the city. The Police confirmed sighting of the brilliant flying objects and filmed the sighting for over five hours. The following night, at around 2:15 AM, two similar flying objects were filmed by the watch guard of the Security Directorate between 2:29 and 3:00 AM. Governor of Adýyaman Halil Isýk claimed five UFOs were observed. Twenty police officers and hundreds of civilians witnessed this incident. The film was sent to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center whose analysis indicated it was a UFO. See Filer's Files #6 for details.

ADIYAMAN -- Raimo Lonka from Finland writes, Regarding the recent UFO sightings in Turkey. There is a quote from a Turkish UFO research organization Sirius:" The glowing objects do not make any sound and exhibit and advanced technology and do not fit any category of conventional aerial devices." Another Turkish UFO research organization (TUVPO) reached quite a different conclusion after their study i.e. the cause for the UFO sighting was Earth(quake) Lights. (Link below). So it seems that the case is at least a bit controversial and I would like to see the readers informed about this controversy. However it's quite interesting how two "scientific" studies on the same subject reach a quite different results. What might be the result of the third study? Thanks to Raimo Lonka, Helsinki, Finland

Erol Erkmen writes, A short while ago, there were 2 different reports from 2 different Turkish groups about the Adiyaman UFO observations. One of the groups was TUVPO and the other was Sirus. And as everybody agrees, the analysis results of the TUVPO had put an end to the arguments (ref 4 & 5). The event was accepted by Governor of Adýyaman Halil Isýk d as ALP, which is in a category of earthquake lights. And the day after, an earthquake occurred on the same active fault plate. We published proof that indicates the inaccuracy of the analysis reports and the declarations of the Sirus group. Sirus claimed that they had analyzed the frames by using techniques which, in fact, they do not have and declared that the event was UFO-related. I had reported these to G.A. Filer myself and he asked me if the event was UFO-related or not and e-mailed him that they were not. I believe that an institution which publishes periodic newsletters for their members must conduct serious research about the topics which they want to publish. Do I need to remind that in the objective publication understanding, a link must be given to the opposite side supporters? As a result, in your latest reports, I saw that the coverage reflected only the Sirus side as UFOs - and got dismayed about it. I've started to think that Filer's reports are not reliable. Please give me the answers which will make me give up these thoughts. And I also guess that your replies will attract lots of people's interest. Regards; Erol Erkmen

Ref 1:
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Ref 3. Mysterious Aerial Lights Attend Quake in Central Turkey,
Ref 4:
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(TUVPO) writes, "Explanations for these phenomena have ranged from social misperceptions and delusions to some variant of mystical or extraterrestrial intelligence." However the only testable concept that has been formulated to date is the Tectonic Strain Theory or TST. It states that most UFO phenomena are natural events, generated by stresses and strains within the crust of the earth...A basic scientific motive, the understanding of nature and of the hidden mechanisms within it, has stimulated the development of the TST; it was never intended to serve a debunking function. The pursuit also has been encouraged by the prospect of practical application. If ALP are indices of tectonic strain and it generates earthquakes, then the possibility existed that some form of ALP, such as UFO reports, could be used to help forecast the locality or occurrence of earthquakes.

Editor's Note: Dear Erol, I receive a thousand e-mails a week, so sorry for the delay. I'm happy to present your argument for Earthquake Lights. Each group has some strong arguments on their side, and I do not pretend to be an expert on these lights. I have seen and chased structured UFOs, while both ground and airborne radar's tracked the UFO, but I have personally never seen Earthquake lights nor heard of them being tracked on radar. Most of my knowledge was gained by attending a lecture by Paul Devereux at Princeton University and reading his books. He showed numerous Earthquake lights during his lecture. None appeared to fly like UFOs. Most simply looked like hovering or floating lights close to the ground, similar to ball lightning. Most lasted for only a few minutes apparently caused by stresses within the Earth.

Frankly, the Turkish Governor Isýk's' description of the lights sounded like UFOs to me than Earthquake lights. However, without seeing the actual film it is very difficult to make an assessment. I frankly was not aware of TUPOV and felt Sirus' analysis was reasonable, because the descriptions matched UFO activities. Earthquakes occur around the world almost daily and seldom are Earthquake lights seen and then they are seldom observed above a hundred feet in altitude and only for very short periods of time. These lights were filmed for five to six hours by the police. According to your study their was no seismic activity in the Province and the closest recorded seismic activity was in Osmanive some 160 kilometers southwest much closer to the Mediterranean Sea.

A major Earthquake occurred in Cay, Afyon on February 3, 2002, almost 700 kilometers northwest and a week later. I doubt if this would have much bearing on Earthquake Lights in are almost always associated with earthquakes. "Earth Lights Revelation" by Paul Devereux states, "Lights have been reported down the generations by victims of earthquakes worldwide, but were shunned by most modern scientists because of the anecdotal nature of the evidence." Page 19. He states, "A third broad category of terrestrial light phenomena is that of earthquake lights. They come in a wide range of forms-such as streamers and aurorae-like displays across the sky, balls of light, glows in the atmosphere, sparkles of light on hillsides, slow lightning, and occur in association with some, but no means all earthquakes." "They can appear before, during and after earth quake activity and sometimes at distances of tens of miles from the epicenter of such seismicity." A quote from John Derr Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.

Since Earthquake Lights are generally believed to move along active faults, we would need to plot the UFO movement in relation to any active fault lines. As I understand the fault lines are dozens of miles north of the city. Based on the descriptions the UFO movements they did not follow fault lines and seemed to stay over Eastern where to my knowledge there has not been active seismic activity. Furthermore, the multiple lights were filmed for six hours and appear to have set the world's record by far for Earthquake Lights. According to Paul Deverux, Earth Lights usually haunt certain locations for hundreds of years. Generally the lights are associated with tremors, are sighted near bodies of water, frequently there are minerals and mines in the area, the lights generally issue in one direction, and are often accompanied by gaseous material. Frequently, people actually see the lights coming out of the Earth in basketball size balls. Dr. K. V. Ettinger of the University of Aberdeen says,"I cannot imagine any process related to piezo-luminescence which will generate lights high in the air.' Page 200.

I must admit my knowledge of this area of Turkey is limited although, I have flown over the area on many occasions and have not seen or heard of similar reports. I'm not aware of the mining of minerals in the immediate Adýyaman area, although if I remember correctly there are copper and chromium mines east of the Euphrates River. I'm not aware of any fault lines running through the city. I would be very interested in learning how Earthquake lights can stay airborne at altitude for many hours, without any recorded seismic activity? I would assume there is a seismograph in Adiyaman, that would have recorded any underground disturbances? The last sentence of each Filer's Files state: "Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation." Thousands of UFOs are reported each year over areas where there are no fault lines. The following article may provide another possibility since US Air Forces are stationed at Adana Air Base, Turkey not very far away.


What looks like a flying saucer, takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane? The next remote-controlled surveillance aircraft on the hunt for terrorist fugitives like Osama bin Laden, apparently. Pilotless aircraft came into their own in the Afghan conflict, greatly reducing casualties in US Air Force and ground troops on both reconnaissance and attack missions. But today's uninhabited aerial vehicles, or UAVs, have big drawbacks: they need a runway, they are slow and they cannot hover. But a bizarre machine that aims to fix all these problems passed its first wind tunnel tests last week at Norway's National University for Technology and Science in Trondheim. The disc-shaped SiMiCon Rotor Craft (SRC) appears to be inspired at least partly by the design of Star Trek's USS Enterprise, but has a single rear jet engine below it--and a conventional tailplane above. A full-size machine will have a diameter of just 4.5 metres. The circular fuselage is shaped like an aerofoil and contains retractable rotor blades that extend telescopically from the disc. These are driven by a small jet engine and allow vertical takeoff. The rotor blades retract into the circular wing, but can be extended again when the craft needs to hover or land. Thanks to MUFON's John Schuessler and Max Glaskin World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service.

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