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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 27, 2002

George Filer:
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LIFE ON MARS is indicated by new Filer's photographic analysis.
UFOs were observed over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina in 1920, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, California, Canada, UK, and Malaysia.


Based on my analysis of recent images coming from Mars, and intelligence information there is strong evidence that intelligent life once existed on Mars and may continue. As a former Air Force Intelligence officer my analysis is based on my interpretation of the extraordinary evidence. Scientists often state where there's water there is life? I feel where there is Martian water, heat and geometric structures there is life. University of Arizona scientists announced that photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) show evidence of recent catastrophic floods. A team of researchers studying photographs of Mars has found teardrop features that they say were sculpted by flowing water within the last ten million years. Infrared and gamma ray images indicate there are large reservoirs of water, just below the surface of Mars. My photographic analysis indicates that all over the planet there are what appears as ancient structures and anomalies such as forts, faces, pyramids, walls, and tunnels. These anomalies are not natural geological formations, but in my opinion represent ancient cities or religious centers. We could ignore one or two anomalies, but there are hundreds. We can speculate, that the Martian climate was making catastrophic changes, the atmosphere was rapidly deteriorating possibly due to meteorite bombardment or changes in the sun. These atmospheric changes probably caused the Martians to seek shelter underground and possibly on their Moon Phobos to preserve their civilization. They may have left both a face and pyramids on the surface as a signal to others who would eventually visit Mars. The Germans in World War II due to allied bombing also rapidly moved underground and developed manufacturing and living quarters in a relatively short time. Virtually all ME-262 aircraft were manufactured underground. There was also an enormous underground complex of Mittel-werkes factories in the Harz Mountains. It was formed with two broad tunnels, with twelve miles of underground installations that manufactured the V-2 rocket, the V-1 Flying Bomb and several types of anti-aircraft rockets. These facilities are similar to the underground facilities on Mars.

While in college I met President Eisenhower and was told that the Mars' Moon Phobos was most likely an artificial satellite launched long ago by an advanced Martian race. Jeff Rense has an article that confirms this speculation. Dr. S. Fred Singer, special advisor to President Eisenhower on Space Developments in his published opinion backed a claim first made by the Soviet astrophysicist I. S. Shklovsky. The Russian scientist's announcement that Phobos was a hollow artificial satellite proved the existence of a Martian civilization, set off heated arguments among astronomers. Shklovsky based his decision on a long study of Phobos' peculiar orbit, which other astronomers also questioned. Shklovsky is also famous for having written a 1966 book with Carl Sagan on SETI. The book states, "We now come to discuss our enigmatic planetary neighbor Mars, which seems to provide the best opportunity, in the immediate future, for the study of extraterrestrial life. In this chapter we will discuss the physical environment of Mars and the possibility that life could have come into being in the ancient Martian past and survived until the present day" "Intelligent Life in the Universe." page 259.

Dr. Singer backed the Shklovsy's calculations and said, Phobos would make an ideal space base, both for Martians and earthlings. In July of 1988, the Soviets launched two unmanned satellite probes named Phobos 1 and 2 headed for a landing on the planet's mysterious moon, Phobos. I watched closely when the first one failed in route, but the second successfully took up orbit around Mars in January 1989. Significantly, its infrared cameras picked up underground heat emissions and numerous other anomalies on Mars. A Phobos picture, released on Canadian TV, presents an infrared scan radiometer image of the Martian surface that showed clearly defined rectangular areas. These are interconnected with a latticework of perfectly straight channels, that resemble city blocks. The heat signature of what may be a set of underground caverns or channels are just too geometrically regular to be formed naturally. According to Dr. John Becklake of the London Science Museum, "The city-like pattern is 60 kilometers wide and could be easily be mistaken for an aerial view of Los Angeles." The infrared geometric patterns clearly indicate Martian intelligent life. On March 28, 1989, Phobos 2 then headed for the moon Phobos, when its cameras picked up an Unidentified Flying Object. The Phobos satellite failed as the UFO came closer. The last photos may be seen at

President Eisenhower was apparently excited about the possibility of life in space and often made doodling of strange craft on his White House papers. When I visited the President's Museum in Abilene, I took a photo of some of his doodling showing what appears to be a typical Flying Triangle. Eisenhower's Science Advisor Dr. James Killian, gave a briefing on March 14, 1958, claiming "Mars is much more exciting than thought and conditions more similar to earth are there. Undoubtedly some form of life, although probably not ones which we would recognize." In 1963, Raymond H. Wilson, Jr., Chief of Applied Mathematics at NASA, joined Shklovsky and Dr. Singer in their Martian conclusions. He stated that "Phobos might be a colossal base orbiting Mars." New studies this year indicate subsurface reservoirs exist. The heat and water provided by geothermal activity would be good news for biologists who would search for possible life on Mars. The shapes of some of reservoirs indicate they are made by intelligent life forms. I must admit that my analysis of Mars is not strictly scientific, but includes intelligence data gained from retired Soviet Air Force Colonel Marina Popovich, who told us that Phobos, one of the two Martian moons, is an artificial structure. Thanks to Jeff Rense and Space Com, (


PINE BUSH -- Dr. Bruce Cornet reports that on February 2, 2002, several people witnessed a strange set of lights over Pine Bush after a UFO meeting, which I attended. Then on 6 February there was another multiple witness sighting near Pine Bush involving other club members. And now your account of a diamond-shaped craft. The locals take it in stride, and there is a group of people living in the area who are very interested in this phenomenon. They typically attend the UFOs meetings every first Wednesday of the month at the local town hall in Pine Bush. These old timers (skywatchers, that is) are interested in finding new safe places to skywatch, since most of the old ones are now off limits due to residential development and local ordinances (for Montgomery, NY) against skywatching.

One witness reported, last week I went to New York and again decided to stop in Pine Bush on the way back at about 8:00 PM on Saturday, February 23rd. There was a lot more traffic and even a school function taking place. As I approached the corner "Stock Market Lane" and Route 52 facing North I noticed colorful lights in the distance I would say about a mile away heading west at which point I turned right (west) and the craft moved evenly parallel to the road, still about a mile off. It then turned towards us and fearing I would miss it again I stopped at the side of the road. It passed right over us and I could clearly make out a dark diamond shape even though it emitted a "jetliner" sound similar to what you describe. It was very low (about 1000 feet) and passed over Route 52 in a south east direction. We were about a mile west of the Pine Bush sign in a pretty deserted stretch of road and I decided not to push it, remembering your account of how a craft "charged" at you as you headed back a few years ago, so I left. I would like to go back with more people to make an extended observation.
Contact Sue and John Mann at Thanks to Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geologist, Paleobotanist, Palynologist


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- On February 24, 2002, Chris Augustin age 21, who is a Rutgers University student experienced a period of missing time. I spoke with Chris who told me he was stopped at the red light traveling home from his girlfriends house at 10:08 PM. He had not been drinking and noticed a Chevy suburban pickup truck behind him with bright headlights. In the two seconds it took to start to move his car away from the light, there was a period of missing time. A familiar song that he had recorded early in the day just started playing on his CD music player, when he suddenly blacked out. He awoke as the song ended 3 minutes and 40 seconds later, and he was parked on the side of the road. He noticed the truck had passed and was several blocks ahead of him. He believes it was the same pickup truck due to the large rear view mirrors that he had previously noticed. When he awoke he felt fear, helplessness, phobia, headache, nausea, shock, and his motor skills were adversely affected. Assuming the music played the entire 3 minutes and 40 seconds, the pickup must have slowed or stopped before moving on. He is trying to find the pickup truck since he noticed the truck turn into a development in Gloucester County. He feels disoriented confused and paranoid and hopes to find some answers. Investigation continues. Thanks to Chris Augustin


MOUNTVILLE -- The witness who is an amateur stargazer saw a relatively fast moving object (relative to a plane or jet) on February 8, 2002, and thought it was a satellite. At 12:23 AM, the witness reports, "Much to my amazement the light stopped, and at this point couldn't take my eyes off of it. Others were in bed and I was hesitant to wake them up just in case I was seeing things, but continued to watch. It was white lighted mostly, but would get very dim and brighten up again. It seemed to just be hovering with only slight X and Y movements. It was very still outside with little wind. After watching it for a bit, I decided to get a second opinion for another member of the household. I'm not sure what that persons thoughts are at this time but I know what I saw. I went into warm up for about two hours. I returned to sit down on the same step and used the same reference points and there was not a bright star anywhere close, and I knew that I had seen something. At this point I scanned the sky and 45 degrees to the north of the position that I saw the same type light. Again sat to be in a stable position, got a nonmoving point of reference and watched. The same type bright and then almost dim to nothing type light and slow movements in different directions. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center.


Rodriguez Gil writes, "I wanted to share a sighting told to me by my grandmother who passed away in 1991." She had this sighting when she was about fourteen years old in 1920. She, her mother and other family and friends while picking cotton in the fall saw something large that in her words "looked like two pie pans placed together lip to lip, zig zag across the sky and come to rest in the field" in front of them where they were working."

She said, "Two little bald white men got out and pointed short sticks at them." "They were the size of little boys, but their faces seemed older." One of the little bald men began digging and poking in the dirt with something like a shovel and put some dirt into a bag. "He then took a small plant and put that in a bag also." "All the while the other little man kept his stick pointed at them." "Both little men then backed up one after the other and entered this pie pan shaped thing, still pointing the sticks at them as they walked backwards." "She said it presently lifted off and zig zagged back in the direction it came." "She said, that they all thought it had something to do with the government." She mentioned that they looked the size of 8 to 10 year old children and the UFO was bigger than an automobile. They talked about it for little while and then went back to work. It seemed to have impressed her as something very strange, but she said that they had to get back to work in order to make their days wages working from sunrise to sunset. Thanks to Gil


CLERMONT -- The 26 year old college graduate was traveling down Lake Louisa Road towards Lake Shore Drive on February 2, 2002, when he noticed a bright light down by the lake at 2:53 AM. The bright light was like a truck's high beams or a spotlight shining directly at him. The object was just above water level down in the valley. The witness states, "When I started to pass from its view, the light started to approach up the hill and made a slow move across the road above my car. It flew directly over my car, just in front of my hood at 15 to 20 feet in the air. At this point my '99 Ford Mustang completely died on me! The battery and all. I couldn't get the engine to turn or anything. I was sitting right below this thing and it was dead silent. I had the window about a 1/4 of the way down and I could hear nothing. It was probably the eeriest silence I can ever remember. The bright light sat there for about 30 seconds and finally started moving off to my right. It took some time for my eyes to adjust and stop seeing spots. It rose out of view and darted off as though it was shot off like a slingshot at a 45 degree angle. I was able to start my car after a minute. I believe in rational explanations to events like these, but this really scared me. My car is working perfectly and I have never had any problems with it before of since. It couldn't have been a helicopter because the light was at a low level and there was dead silence.

LAKE WALES -- The witness reports there were 2 sets of 4 all in a straight line on February 2, 2002. Slowly one by one the bright light started to disappear (as if the light was being turned off by a dimmer switch) in the first set of 4 at 9:00 PM. The second set of 4 - the second light from the left slowly went downward toward the earth and then slowly disappeared. Then the first light, fourth light and third light (in that order) slowly disappeared.

LAKE WASHINGTON, MELBOURNE -- On Saturday, February 2, 2002, at approximately 9:15 PM, my husband and I were leaving my mothers house, when he observed a reddish orange light. All of a sudden a second but smaller light appeared above and to the right of the first light that suddenly disappeared and then reappeared. I called my mother out who had her binoculars. When looking through the binoculars you could observe the lights pulsating. The light would take turns appearing and disappearing and changing shapes. This continued for about 45 minutes, when one by one seven lights appeared in a perfectly straight horizontal line. Above and left four more lights appeared. The next thing we heard was what appeared to be two military jets and a helicopter.

MOORE HAVEN -- The former head of security for a major corporation reports seeing on February 2, 2002, glowing amber lights in the northern sky that were stationary. The objects hovered for several minutes then one sped off to the west. The remaining object then dimmed and disappeared. After several minutes both objects returned at tree top level but several miles distant. Once again they disappeared and returned one by one. Finally, six distant objects appeared just above tree top level equally spaced apart over a one mile area. The objects regrouped just to the west of their original position dimmed out and disappeared. [NUFORC Note: There were numerous reports across the U. S. on February 2, 2002. We also know that there is a military bombing range in the vicinity of Avon Park, FL, where yellow flares are observed at night. Avon Park is to the north-northeast of Moore Haven, which sits on the western shoreline of Lake Okeechobee.} PD

DELAND -- Two nights later, a huge flying triangle with glowing orbs on the corners, on February 4, 2002. It was an absolutely clear night when the witness stargazing at 7:00 PM and looking at Orion's Belt line of stars. Just to the right of the belt he saw three glowing orbs then noticed complete blackness in between the lights and saw that it was a craft. The witness states, "It wasn't moving real fast but it was very big and moving west, I screamed for my wife to come and see and she also saw it.


EAU CLAIRE -- On February 16, 2002, at about 9:00 PM, Jerry was standing outside his place of work to take a break. Jerry reports, "I looked to the south and noticed a very bright light in the sky that I thought was Venus or another planet because it was so bright." At that point another worker came outside, and I asked him what he thought it might be? He thought it was an airplane. Another worker came out and thought it was a helicopter, because it started to move straight up, but there was no noise. The light looked circular, and it had two lights that flashed red on either side of it. When it moved closer, the object changed from a circle to a triangle shape. The flashing red lights were on either side of the points at the base of the triangle, and they were flashing in unison. Then the triangle started to rotate right, and it seemed to divide in half and become two separate pieces. At about a 45 degree angle it came back together, and reformed into a wedge shape that resembled an F-16 shape with swept wing. The red lights were at the tips of the wing. At this point I realized that this was not the whole object. A darker black object surrounded the bright light. It was ringed by faint flashing white lights that gave it it's shape which was very large, maybe two times as big as a commercial airliner. The object approached, stopped, rotated clockwise ninety degrees and headed southwest. This craft did not display normal flying characteristics in the five minutes we observed it. Thanks to John Hoppe, Wisconsin's UFO Reporting Center


URBANA -- The witness reports seeing, seven to nine bright amber lights were moving across the sky from southwest to northeast on February 2, 2002. They began at about 11:30 PM and ended by midnight. The lights were amber colored, and would occasionally flash bright white for a moment before going back to amber. They moved steadily, not zigzagging or stopping and starting. They were traveling northwest, coming from the southeast. They each took about five minutes to cross the sky from horizon to horizon. There was first a pair, moving at the same rate, far enough apart to be distinctly two separate objects. Before they disappeared over the horizon, a solitary object moved in the same direction. This solitary one was seen to flash. Five minutes after that one disappeared over the horizon, four more came from the same starting point, moving in a line together. At about this point, the rear one began to flash white for 30 seconds or so, then went back to amber. The objects were very bright and large; more so than planets, stars or any airplanes. I am a 26 year old college student and several passersby also stopped to watch.


DESOTO -- The witness reports that on February 4, 2002, I was going home, eastbound on K10 at 6:35 PM, and I noticed lots of aircraft. Lights to north were moving in unison, but they were not separate aircraft. It was triangular in shape, with a light at each apex--these three lights flashed/blinked red and white at the exact same time. And in the middle of this "thing" was a row or bank of five lights, which pulsated from right to left. They went from orange, yellowish, red, and then white, all down the row. I'm sure many others saw this, the damn thing was HUGE. I estimate it at around 800 meters long, and 500 meters wide at the base. It was fairly low, flying at about 1000 meters for 6 to 8 minutes.


PHOENIX -- On Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2002, the witness was roasting turkey on the barbecue when he heard a very loud jet roar and looked up to see a very thick double contrail not very high up in the sky. A white passenger-type jet was emitting thick contrails at 6:15 PM as it flew over in the cloudless blue sky! From where I stood, the craft was five inches long, and it was near enough to make out what airline it was, but there weren't any markings at all. The thick contrails were emitting from each wing. The aircraft was heading from SW to NW. As I watched the contrails continued unbroken then suddenly each contrail had a short break in it, and then each contrail continued for a very short length and then the entire passenger-type jet blinked Out! It just vanished into a clear baby blue sky before my eyes! It was nowhere to be seen. I went inside to record the event in my journal.

Editor's Note: Myself and other MUFON personnel have witnessed the same events. A typical airliner, that appears to a witness on the ground to be "five inches long," would, indeed, be at a very low altitude. Typically, jet aircraft at low altitude do not generate contrails indicating they were spraying chemicals possibly in preparation for the Olympic Games. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


RIPON -- The witness reports seeing an unidentified dark triangular object stationary in the sky on February 2, 2002, at 6:00 PM. The unidentified object stayed stationary in the sky for the duration of the time I video taped it. I drove my car east approximately 3/4 of a mile until I reached the end of the street. The object was further east and appeared to be approximately 1500 feet in the sky. I was able to get a closer inspection of the video tape on a larger Television. The object appeared to be floating in a stationary position. The object did move slightly up, down, left, and right. I was unable to determine what the object was. Thanks to NUFORC,


HOUSTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike writes that numerous sightings are continuing 700 miles north of Vancouver in the great Northwest. The most recent took place last Friday night around 9:00 PM. Several witnesses watched a very "large" bright white light break through the cloud cover and descend just over tree top level. This light (object, craft) moved along side the highway and right over top of some of the witnesses. Last night I received the following email from some folks here in Houston, Canada. Early this year, on Hungry Hill, my wife and I were traveling from Smithers to Houston heading west. Only ten minutes away, we saw a what appeared to be a very large craft with very dim lights glowing from underneath. We watched it for a long time as we climbed Hungry Hill, we both agreed it could not be a plane. I remarked to my wife jokingly that the lights on the craft were so dim that he should hit his highbeams. Well, just then the lights got super super bright and the craft sped off. There were a lot of cars of the highway that night who must have seen it. My wife said, we saw the craft this year. The wife said it had a flashing light as well as the bright white lights. She thinks they were red. The witness spotted Brian in the post office and noticed his UFO Research jacket and did a search on google for HBCC, and came up with Brian's web site.

Something I found a little strange, due to my investigations, I have the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) looking into me as well as this sighting. Why I have no idea, but boy did they ask questions about myself. Everything from the color of my eyes, drivers license number, weight, height, color of hair, etc. I just thought that rather strange since I was not one of the witnesses to the event. I have no idea why the heck there has been so many sighting reports this way, but there has been many. Thanks to Brian Vike, Independent UFO Field Researcher HBCC UFO


OAKHAM -- We saw a triangular object with a bright white glow around it darting about in the eastern sky on February 6, 2002. At 9:45 PM, I first noticed a very bright light darting about in the eastern sky but at a closer look we could see it seemed to be a triangular shaped object which had a bright white glow around it, at one point it got very bright but faded again and almost disappeared. It was moving around very quickly and in very strange shapes, sometimes it would move up, then to the left, to the right and back again, other times it would fly in a big circle. We left after an hour of watching the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PETALING JAYA -- Against the backdrop of political upheavals and an economic slump in the country, there were smiles among a group of extra terrestrial watchers here who claimed there had been an increase in UFO sightings last year. The Center for Malaysian UFO Studies (Cenmyufos), which looks into reports concerning "unidentified flying objects" said there was also a reported case of alien abduction near Tambunan, Sabah, early last year. Ufologist Ahmad Jamaludin, the center's-coordinator, said there had been six UFO sightings last year compared to only three in 2000. Three of the sightings were reported in Sabah, two in Kedah while the other was in Penang. He said the most sensational UFO encounter was reported in February when a man living near Tambunan claimed that he met a square-headed alien who wanted to take him away. The man later went missing for 11 days. "This could be the first reported UFO abduction in Malaysia. There is a cycle in UFO sightings. It will peak every 10 years," he said, adding that the most recent cycle peaked last year. Thanks to Clarence Chua, and Robert Trundle More @ The Star Online: Copyright © 1995-2002 Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd.


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