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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 13, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOs were observed over New York, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington, Canada, Argentina, the United Kingdom and Italy. The Mars Odyssey spacecraft proves Mars has water.


Jeff Challender writes, I've been trying to keep on top of March 5, 2002, STS 109 shuttle mission. The astronauts have repaired the Hubble Space Telescope and a reflection of the flat end of Hubble Space Telescope in the payload bay camera lens showed a possible UFO. Sorry the photo could make a pretty convincing "flying saucer" to the untrained eye. There was an anomalous event on STS-109, during the HST capture. I must get you a copy of it. It's laughable! There were strobing objects, two of which were flying in formation, and the Capcom was trying his damnedest to get the Shuttle commander Scott Altman to make some sort of remark about it, and he more or less sidestepped the issue. He said he really didn't look out the windows with a critical eye, and tried to leave it at that. The Capcom kept at it, and he still wouldn't commit. It was like the old saying. Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. At least that's how I saw it. Contact Jeff for the video. Thanks to Jeff Challender,

Editor's Note: NASA says that ice crystals came off the engine bell housing and appear as glittering prisms of light. One of my fellow Disclosure Project witnesses, Mr. Harland Bentley says: "I have been in a graduate program for nuclear engineering…and have been working contracts since 1963: NASA, Department of Energy, and several other electronics firms in the DC area. I was at a facility in California….doing classified work…which I can't say too much about…..Our astronauts were doing a loop around the moon… in 1967 or 1968…I heard them say they had a bogey [term used to denote UFOs]…it was another type of ship. There were portals there that they could see in. They could see beings of some sort. They did not describe these beings, they just took photographs. They just said it was a saucer shaped craft. Then they said, 'There they go,' and they [the bogey] went out of sight almost immediately." Thanks to the Disclosure Project


PASADENA -- We have been telling the readers of these files for years that water abounds on Mars. NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has now found strong evidence of vast areas of Mars have water. The water is believed to be ice mixed in with the dirt, dust and rock that form the top three feet of the planet's surface. William Boynton of the University of Arizona and chief scientist for the spacecraft instrument that measures the abundance of hydrogen says. "The suggestion that water is present in such quantities could bolster the theory that the planet could have harbored life." `The results are exceeding our expectations,'' said Roger Gibbs, the Odyssey deputy project manager for JPL. Odyssey, even though it is less than two weeks into a mapping mission expected to last at least 917 days, is already changing scientists' view of the planet, said R. Stephen Saunders, Odyssey project scientist for JPL. The spacecraft is intended to map the chemical and elemental makeup of the Martian surface and hunt for water and hot springs that could indicate geothermal activity. Another instrument, designed to measure the planet's radioactive environment and the risks it may hold for any future astronauts, has malfunctioned. However, initial data collected before the instrument ceased working suggests that en route to Mars, astronauts would be bombarded with about twice as much radiation as are the crew members orbiting the Earth. Thanks to Mars Odyssey:


Robert Collins writes... What the viewer sees in the image in the below link is a picture of a wooden "MASK:" Pictures of this "wooden mask" came from Bill Moore in 1994. There is a big story behind how Bill got those pictures which will be divulged at a later time. The bottom half of the picture shows what has been determined to be "National Security Agency" (NSA) and USAF labels on the lower back bottom of the wooden mask or, "NSA #731" and "USAF-DOD SK (SIC?) 557 or 237" (note, this is even harder to read on a JPG image). As one source just said, "the reason NSA had it is because this same face appeared in a figure photographed on the Martian surface in 1978. This same face (and similar impression) was photographed on the ground ~300 miles northeast of the other face that was photographed on Mars. " Robert Collins says, "I keep thinking of the Fish Gods talked about in Sumerian/Abyssian legends ...ala Zecharia Sitchin ... Also, my theory is the Aliens created these figures/structures (if they prove to be real) on the surface of Mars to give us "hints" just like the "hints" with crop circles. There just wasn't enough time for advanced life to have evolved on Mars. "See:


PINE BUSH -- Dr. Bruce Cornet is investigating recent sightings of a triangular and diamond-shaped craft have been spotted along Route 52 between Flurry Road and Pine Bush, and on Route 17 (Gareth, on February 13, 2002) between exit 120 for Middletown and exit 119 for Pine Bush (Salvatore Cirami, 12 Jan. 2002). Further investigation reveals the craft flew over Freeze Road. The craft flipped onto it's left side, and traveled in a vertical orientation for a short distance before making a hard left turn -- a "right angle" turn to the left. Mr. Cirami was able to see the lights on the bottom of the triangle because the craft flipped vertical before turning. Once it turned northwest, the top of the craft blocked the lights. Then the triangle rotated into a horizontal mode, followed by it dropping like a rock out of sight into a field. That field was correctly identified by Mr. Ciramin on aerial photographs after he went back to the location and retraced his steps. The craft did not drop down over any concrete landing platform. What looks like a concrete platform on the aerial photograph is actually a very large building with a light colored roof, which is located on top of the hill where the sign and crosses are located. Hope this clears up the confusion. It is important for your readers to realize that these types of performances appear to be staged events. The triangle disappeared in as unlikely an area for such a large craft as the many craft I have witnessed near Montgomery, NY, disappearing into farm fields between tree rows. You have witnessed it with me.

I suspect that these areas were chosen by ETI to indicate where skywatchers should go if they want to resume sky watching again. Off of Midland Lakes Road is a short dead-end road called, Freeze Road. It has a culdesac right next to Route 17, as well as a pull-off and bench for people to sit at. To the north is a hill, upon which rests a large billboard sign for Nevele Grande hotel in Ellenville. I don't know of any similar pull-off along Route 52, which has a similar good vista for viewing aerial craft. Pine Bush enacted an ordinance to stop skywatching, or at least give the police a law which they could enforce whenever the need arose to arrest people who were causing a problem. Since 1997 the farm fields on the east side of West Searsville Road have been heavily developed. The area is just too developed for skywatching, which means that other areas need to be scouted and found. Thanks to Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geologist, Paleobotanist, Palynologist


BALTIMORE -- On March 6, 2002, Bill Bean was leaving home at 8:45 PM, and noticed a slow moving bright, white light, in the northern sky. Bill reached for his camera, and took three shots. He then drove to Liberty Gardens Road. Bill says, "As I was stopped at the light, I saw the object once again, and it was moving very slow to the south and was much lower this time, so I watched it cross the sky, turn right, and circle back toward me." The craft was moving very slow until it passed in front of me, then it made a sudden burst of speed before making the circle back. It looked very light in the air, like it was playing around in the sky. I turned right and stopped the car to watch in absolute amazement as the craft passed by again it was even lower. It flew over the office buildings and the lights from the parking lots, and buildings allowed me to see this thing clearly. It was a black flying triangle craft, with three big, white lights [one on each corner], and a red/orange flashing light in the center. The most amazing part of the sighting came when the triangle craft tilted on its side to reveal the underside. I was shooting photo after photo [I shot 15 in all]. The object leveled out and took off with a tremendous burst of speed. Thanks to Bill Bean


IRMO -- On February 6, 2002, the witness noticed white lights visible from Interstate 26 westbound at Route 76 exit. Two or three side by side lights did not appear to be moving. As we got off the Interstate, heading southwest on 76, we saw that the lights were ahead of us, over the Dutch Fork Elementary School. As we passed to the southeast of the lights, I was looking almost straight up at them and saw they were three white lights in an equilateral triangular formation, with a red flashing light in the middle. I had not seen the red light until I was looking up at the object from underneath. The lights began moving slowly southeast towards Columbia. The red center light was blinking once every second or two, but not constantly. It would appear to stop for a few seconds and then start. The object flew below the horizon towards the southeast at a couple thousand feet up, but the pattern of lights seemed too big for a helicopter. At arm's length the pattern was the diameter of a penny. There had been heavy helicopter activity in the area since nightfall. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


MAYSVILLE -- A National UFO Reporting Center anonymous report states that around 7:00 p.m. on February 2, 2002, a "chevron-shaped" object was sighted "patrolling" between power plants on both the Ohio and Kentucky sides of the Ohio River. Investigator Ken Young, determined these are Killen and Stuart power stations, both operated by the Dayton Power & Light Company. On the Kentucky side of the river, the station was identified as the East Bend Kentucky Power Plant. I then contacted the Mason County Sheriff's office and the Maysville City Police Department but nothing was reported' there. I then called the East Bend, Kentucky power station at 606-883-3165 and talked with the chief security guard at the plant. He confirmed from their log books that an unusual incident DID indeed take place. The security chief said that the guard, also an officer with the Maysville police department, was on duty at the security office and logged the sighting of an unidentified aircraft. The guard wrote the following notes in his Activity Report: "APPROXIMATELY 1900 HOURS, 2/2/02, AN UNKNOWN AIRCRAFT FLYING TOWARD THE POWER PLANT. IT WAS VERY CLOSE WHEN IT TURNED SOUTHWEST, FLYING AROUND THE PLANT. NOTIFIED SUPERVISOR." The security supervisor was leery of planes flying near the power station during this time of terrorist concern across America.

I placed a call to the Maysville Police Department, to speak with the officer that logged the unusual sighting. I can't tell you what it was," the officer said, describing the object as moving slowly toward the plant while he was on duty around 7:00 p.m. The officer said that he was seated at the main gate with the river to his left and the power plant behind him as the silent object approached. The "unknown aircraft," he said, was composed of three multicolored lights in a triangular formation. These lights were red, green and white. He said that due to darkness, he could not discern structure behind the lighting. He did stress that the object seemed closer than usual for an airplane, and moving at a slow steady pace. He also added that while not being a good judge of heights, the object was close enough to be of some concern.

The Dayton Power & Light Company's Killen Station on Us Route 52 in Manchester, Ohio informed that there was no guard on duty during the night. The Stuart Station, also on US Route 52 in Manchester, said that she was aware of numerous people at the plant who spotted "something in the sky" a few weeks back. She did not see the object, but heard about it and the sighting had many at the plant people "talking." The East Bend Power station and the Stuart station are coal fired. This is a very significant event due to the recent terrorist events and alerts that have alarmed the nation. That witnesses are collectively describing an aircraft that they cannot identify makes this report all the more interesting. Thanks to Peter Davenport and KENNY YOUNG


MENOMONEE FALLS, WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Allen T reports on February 27, 2002, the witness says, "My daughter and I had just dropped off my son at a Boy Scout meeting and turned onto Main Street in Menomonee Falls heading east towards home at 6:55 PM. We both saw a brightly lit object coming down at a rapid speed approximately at a 250 degree angle. It only lasted a few seconds and seemed to disappear over Lake Michigan. We looked at each other in disbelief. It looked like a flaming jet crashing, but it was moving too fast. Makes you wonder? Note: We will be following up with this eyewitness to obtain more information. John Hoppe,


ASHGROVE -- The witness reports that on February 27, 2002, at about 10:12 PM, my daughter called me into her room and said, look at that! I looked out the window and saw an object the size of a softball at arm's length in the northern sky at ten degrees above the horizon. It shot straight up to about 30 degrees and seemed to float back down. It appeared to be flat with a raised top, had a red strobe like light on top the size of an eraser on a pencil, and white light on each end or edge. The craft made no sound and accomplished many very fast maneuvers and went straight up and disappeared, not out of sight, it just flashed out. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


BEE BRANCH -- On February 13, 2002, the witness saw an object that he thought was most likely a weather balloon. I know it is not a celestial object, like anything I have ever seen. At 8:00 PM my brother-in-law and I were atop east mountain looking at the moon with his 10 inch reflector scope. We were waiting for it to get darker for better viewing of deep space objects to add to our catalog of observed bodies. While looking at the Orion nebula I noticed a bright reddish star due south just above the horizon, at about 8-10 degrees. The object appeared to be stationary and seemed to be white alternating red, like it was pulsing or rotating. After a few minutes Jim turned the scope on the object and to our amazement it was showing all the colors of the spectrum, with even a greater degree of rotation. It appeared to be moving at almost the same speed as with the earth's rotation. After thirty minutes, I went home and called the Little Rock air base to see if it was indeed a weather balloon. They gave me the UFO hotline # so that I could report the sighting. I called and left a message, then went back to the mountain. The object was still there but slightly more to the west. We started looking at other deep space objects and noticed that by 10:30 PM the object was gone. We knew it was no celestial object that we had ever seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LAWTON -- Bill Hickman writes he received a report from the witness who on March 3, 2002, stated, "I took a photo on the west edge of Lawton just minutes ago. I was returning from some late night shopping at the local Wal-Mart and noticed these objects in the distance moving around the sky rather erratically. When I got closer to home I realized these objects were moving in my direction so when I got home I ran inside and grabbed my digital camera. I ran back outside, and snapped only one picture before they sped out of sight. MUFON's Dr. Bruce MacCabee is looking at the photo now and we should have a preliminary report soon. Thanks to Bill Hickman, MUFON Investigator and author of the Hickman Report.


Bill Clark writes, "If you doubt the government has a dark secret having something to do with UFO's read on. I am one of the most respectable engineers you'll find anywhere - I'm a licensed Professional Engineer in several disciplines; I've published two textbooks with McGraw Hill; I attended the US Naval Academy; and was awarded the Army's highest peacetime award for my activities at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico fifteen years ago. I stake my reputation on the following: Three months ago I was a top Ph.D., student in Aerospace Engineering at the top orbital mechanics group in the world. I had passed my written qualifying exams and all the formal courses I needed for a Ph.D. with a 3.8 GPA. I had also completed my dissertation, an optimization of the Earth to Mars trajectory. Three months ago I submitted a short paper on some research I had done into a possible scientific basis for how UFO's work. The last ninety days have pure, unadulterated hell. Within a month of my writing this paper (published last fall by an Australian Ufology magazine), I was expelled from the University. I have appealed the dismissal, but the University is doing everything in their power to stop me.

I've submitted two dockets of favorable evaluations of my research from experts in celestial mechanics, orbital mechanics, and optimization all over the world. They would not accept them. I appealed this blatant act of obstruction to the Dean of the Engineering College, the Dean of the Graduate College, the President of the University, members of the Board of Regents, my Texas State Senator and the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. The rejection was unanimous and overwhelming. Likewise with my appeals to ABET (the licensing agency for college engineering programs), the US Department of Education (their Dallas Office of Civil Rights), my two US Senators and my US Congressman, Ron Paul. They were even uglier than the Texas folks. Like I said, I have a worldwide reputation in certain engineering circles -- most notable energy conservation and electrical design. It says a lot that the authorities would break so many rules, so obviously, and with such malice and such disregard for my reputation, and my legal status as a Professional Engineer. It tells me that my research hit a very raw and sensitive nerve. You can read some of my research on my web site at The optimization computer program is there, for free; and some rough drafts of a few technical papers. I would appreciate it if you would sign my guest book if you go there. The Center for Space Research is at UT Austin (the equivalent of JPL); they have recently begun research into formation flying using GPS technology; keep an eye out to see if UFOs start flying in tighter formations in the near future -- if they do, head for the hills! Thanks to Bill Clark Austin, Texas


APACHE JUNCTION -- On February 16, 2002, I was in my two story bedroom, attempting to close the blinds at 9:30 PM. I glanced outside to the west to the Mesa-Phoenix City lights. I looked and looked and saw what I thought was part of the moon with a red light underneath. (like when the sun goes down in the west and there is a red sky and the sun shines on a mountain.) I took a double take...then I ran downstairs and went to the front of my home and looked to see if I saw the same thing I did in the window. It was there! I went back to get my daughter and when we came back, it was gone! I went immediately to the TV for any reports, but there was nothing on TV or in the paper. I can't believe that no one saw this. It was huge and just hung there. I have never seen anything like this before. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MILTON -- CORRECTION: Last week we reported an inverted cylinder was seen near Milton by a witness and his girlfriend on February 11, 2002, at 11:50 PM. The actual sighting took place in Milton, Washington not Milton, West Virginia. The witness took five photos. The sky was black, except for the orange glow of this object bouncing and moving erratically around the sky. It would move slow and steady in one direction, then suddenly move quickly about the night sky. As it moved south we jumped into the truck to follow and parked on 10th Avenue in Milton and watched it moving to the south and east. The orange glow coming from below the object was bright, but would at times glow brighter then fade some. It seemed to get eight to ten miles away, then it started moving back toward and to the west of where we were. At it's closest point to us the orange glow faltered then grew stronger. As it grew stronger it instantaneously released a shower of sparks. This happened twice very quickly. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


Brian Vike reports he received four new sighting reports on March 9, 2002. There has been sixteen reports coming in for northern BC in a little over a month. For 2001, I received six reports for the whole year. I will be heading out shortly to talk to some of the folks, and to look around the areas where this has taken place.

VANDERHOOF -- The two witnesses reported that the bright lights looked as if they were on a landing (meaning an area which has been logged and now clear of timber) on February 1, 2002 . They reported that these lights flashed on and off repeatedly and moving around too fast for a night logging operation. On February 28, 2002, near daybreak they saw the same lights again. The lights were approximately 13 miles east out of Vanderhoof, BC heading towards Prince George on Langston Road. Both times these lights were observed, the witnesses thought they were seeing someone logging using one of the big machines as the lights were so bright. The witness told me her husband had made a call to the Forestry Services to inquire. The Forestry said there was no one logging at all in that area (on either occasion).

KITWANGA -- The witness tells me he saw the bright light on Highway #37 about sixty kilometers north about 4:45 AM in late February 2002. There is a large swampy area off to the left and through the trees he saw the reflection of the moon on the water. The fellow went on to say that there was a very, very bright light in the swamp. His impression of what he saw was a gas station canopy lit up as it was so bright. He mentioned he saw the light 3 times while slowly driving down the highway in the space through the trees. The light would disappear and reappear and he had a good view of it very distinctly the second time. He described the light as an orange/yellow in color. The light was huge and as far as he knew there was nothing what so ever in the area. He said the bright light was stationary and did not move an inch. I asked how far the light was positioned in the sky and he said either it was sitting on the ground or just above it.

TERRACE -- The witness reported to me that he is a body builder and was doing his cardio workout the morning of March 4, 2002, when he saw a star shoot across the sky and came to a complete stop at 5:30 - 5:45 AM. It did a loop in the sky and then went straight up and disappeared. I informed him that colored stars do not do loop in the sky! It was like a star, but a very bright star with a blue, green red color to it that lasted only ten seconds. Weather conditions were clear and it flew from east to west.

TERRACE -- On the evening of March 8, 2002, the witness reports seeing a most unusual circle of really bright lights for five minutes. "We live ten minutes from the airport and these lights were not from a plane, these were most set of lights I have every seen." This took place in the evening between 9:00 and 10:30 PM. He said, "This is the first time I have seen what I believe to be a UFO!"

KITIMAT -- On March 5th, around 8:45 PM amateur astronomers were looking at the star chart in the latest issue of the Star News magazine. The couple and their nine year old son saw a bright light with a red and orange layer going straight down. The object had a tail like a ball of fire and disappeared behind a tree situated roughly towards Mt. Elizabeth a 5,500 foot mountain fifteen miles northeast. Thanks to Brian Vike


TARTAGAL -- The Electric Warrior reveals that Latin American newspapers have reported a number of UFO sightings that are presumably occurring in neighboring regions of Argentina and Chile. A UFO photograph captured in the Cachi region of Argentina last year is said to correspond with recent eyewitness testimony. The Argentine newspaper that published the photo said the image was clear and startling. A student who filmed a UFO with a family camcorder said she came forward only after reading about a delegation of specialists who were assembled to study the strange sightings, which are reportedly occurring in the Salta region of Argentina on a daily basis. Translations were provided by the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

CALAMA -- A student managed to capture a UFO on film on February 15, 2002. (El Tribuno) - "All I want is for these images to be analyzed and digitized by experts who have the necessary technology with which to decipher this mysterious UFO which after the three minutes of filming and the total of six, seven or ten minutes it was there, vanished at an unreal speed toward the north." Another A spectacular UFO sighting was made by the Calama UFO Center's director, Jaime Ferrer, who managed to capture the object with a digital camera. The specialist pointed out that the object in question was a small green sphere. Thanks to


Southern England -- A Flying Triangle was tracked across England on March 3, 2002. UFO investigator David Kingston received reports of a bizarre triangular craft with red and blue lights, zooming across the skies from Cornwall to Poole. The mystery machine was first spotted in St. Austell. There were also reports of it not far from Lyme Regis later the same day, then over Portland and Poole. Mr. Kingston, who first witnessed unexplained flying objects while serving with an RAF intelligence unit during nuclear tests in the Pacific, is at a loss to explain the latest sightings. He says: "I received a number of consistent reports of a craft flying over the West country on February 15 and there is nothing like it in the world aircraft guide. It was said to be triangular, 100 feet long with red lights all the way up on the right hand side and blue lights on the left hand side. "Underneath was what appeared to be a very large light, in the middle, glowing pale electric blue through to purple with a corona surrounding it. "Four or five people witnessed it and described it as gliding silently at about 2,500 feet. It was described as hovering quietly at Portland. The last sighting was near Poole, about two hours after the first." Kingston first heard aircrew talk of seeing UFOs, during the nuclear tests on Christmas Island in 1957, he has catalogued hundreds of reports and witnessed many strange sights himself. Thanks to Gary Farshores, and Citizen via This is Gloucestershire, March 02.02

WHITLEY BAY --A thirteen year old student writes, My teacher in assembly today said that around 10:30 PM on March 4, 2002, on the Whitley Bay coast (NE England) he saw three UFO's in a triangle formation moving at light speed to different positions.


The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) reports the number of close encounters of the third kind in Italy has surpassed the 1,000 mark. In fact, "Project Italy 3," which archives and catalogues all the UFO cases involving humanoids that took place in Italy, conducted by Paolo Fiorino has logged in the thousandth episode of this type, out of the over 15,000 UFO sightings gathered and filed up to the present by the C.I.S.U. [Communication by Paolo Fiorino]

MONSELICE (PADUA) -- According to the statement made to the press by Antonello Lupino of the International UFO Center, the object sighted at very low altitude by two women in on the evening of last 3 August was gigantic and was even photographed by a meteorological satellite. There was in fact visible, in a Meteosat image captured at 10 p.m. that evening relative to the geographic coordinates for Monselice, a solid object having the enormous dimensions of approximately two square kilometers, which was not present in the subsequent scan at 10:30 p.m. [Il Mattino di Padova, 24 February; Ufo-Italia, 25 February; collaboration by Gildo Persone'] Collaborators on this edition were: Andrea Bovo, Paolo Fiorino and Gildo Persone. You may get it directly via e-mail by subscribing (just send a blank message to:


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