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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 20, 2002

George Filer:
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UFOS WERE OBSERVED FROM THE COLUMBIA SPACE SHUTTLE, over New York, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Canada, West Indies, Argentina, England, Italy and Yugoslavia.


The Chinese space program is ambitiously supported by China's army, the largest in world. They realize that space is the next high ground and the US has moved into Afghanistan on their border. It is also possible the Chinese have a secret program that is already sending craft into space. Our Shuttle missions are regularly shadowed by unidentified flying objects, that could be from China, Russia, the US or alien. Chinese and Russian radar's like our own regularly plot the movements of the UFOs. The Chinese Military is much larger than the US and only technology keeps the US ahead. Foolishly the Clinton Administration provided much of the technology to China for advanced satellites for weather, resource monitoring, intelligence, and communications purposes. The US is closely watching quality problems at China's Jiuquan Space Launch Center where the Shenzhou was first launched in November 1999, circling the Earth 14 times before parachuting back into Inner Mongolia. In January of 2001, Shenzhou 2, a multi-module space vehicle circled the Earth for almost seven days and 108 orbits. Sometime this spring the unpiloted Shenzhou 3 craft will be launched and assuming this flight goes well Chinese astronauts will likely make the next flight. China claims they will have astronauts on the Moon by 2010.

If the Chinese wish to attack Taiwan they are now in position to obtain the intelligence needed from their own satellites. China is also working on a military space war-fighting strategy. They have a small aircraft-shaped space shuttle that will carry missiles designed to destroy US and Russian satellites. They are also developing quick access to orbit rockets, anti-satellites, powerful ground-based lasers to blind spacecraft, plus intercontinental ballistic missiles. This is why President Bush wishes to develop a US antimissile system hoping to neutralize Chinese weapon systems. The system could also theoretically be used against UFOs. China is rapidly building a strong Navy and already has one nuclear submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles along with four other nuclear subs.

Chinese scientists have a more open mind about the reality of UFOs, and feel some may belong to either the US or Russia. In China, the Falun Gong sect of an estimated 100 million practitioners represent the largest group opposed to Communist rule. The practitioners of Falun Gong openly recognize the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. This provides a certain respectability for UFOs and China has asked the United Nations for open reporting and research into UFOs. When a UFO struck a Chinese passenger airliner that was forced to make an emergency landing the Chinese newspapers carried the story. The first issue of Filer's Files January 2, 1997, reported that Reuters World Service story stated: "The Yangcheng Evening News said, the object collided with the Boeing 757-200 passenger plane on December 19, 1996, on a flight from Beijing to Wuhan, capital of central Hubei Province, according to an edition of the newspaper seen in Beijing on Wednesday. The plane belonging to a Hubei subsidiary of China's Southern Airlines made a successful emergency landing at Beijing's Capital International Airport, it said. The Chinese are well aware that those who control the high ground control the world.


Jeff Challender writes, STS-109/Columbia has been a very interesting mission. Anomalies were seen during several phases of the flight, including post-ascent, rendezvous with Hubble, during spacewalks, and at the point of Hubble's release back to orbit. All of the goals of the mission were met in excellent fashion. The entire power system was overhauled, and the Hubble's deep space vision was improved ten fold. During rendezvous and capture, a reflection of HST's flat base appeared in a payload bay camera lens, which looked for all the world like a classic "flying saucer." To the untrained eye, it could easily have been mistaken for a UFO. A white object was seen several times during space walk activities, and although it had some resemblance to the Moon, it was in the wrong part of the sky. While astronaut Jim Newman was working on the HST power system, an object was seen from his helmet camera. This object came into view from underneath Columbia, came to a complete stop, and executing a 90 degree right angle turn, went back under the Shuttle. Some fifteen seconds later, this, or a similar object streaked past the astronauts at extreme speed, appearing to originate from the same area where the first object disappeared.

During the release of Hubble back into it's orbit, a strobing object was seen moving from 7 o'clock toward 2 o'clock. The camera operator tried several times to move the camera in order to eliminate the object from the field of view, to no avail. It continued to enter the screen. At this point, the feed was cut. Some time later, the tapes made by the crew from inside Columbia of the HST release were replayed in their entirety. The same strobing object was in the area of Hubble, but from a different angle. Disregard the incident involving Commander Altman and the capcom. It is a demonstrable case of ice chips caused by a small fuel leak. Thanks to Jeff Challender

A letter from Joe Love says, "I've been watching hours of the Shuttles STS 109 mission and I'm convinced I saw and recorded an awesome extraterrestrial craft that was imaged by the space shuttle camera at 3:30 AM Eastern time on March 1, 2002. It was a most graceful beautiful object in flight that I have ever seen. It seemed to be several hundred to a thousand feet from the shuttle and a hundred feet in length. Basically it was a glowing, golden colored, long and narrow band that kept a crescent shape most of the 38 seconds it was in view. It looked like a convulsing worm, tumbling nine times end over end. It straightened out once. The best part is the six bright, golden, brief flashes of light (unevenly timed) as if reflecting the sun, but the sun was on the opposite side of the Earth. During the mission press conference a reporter asked about the anomaly, Brian Austin-Lead Flight Director for STS-109 stated, "It was more than likely a piece of ice. Snip. It appeared much too far away and large to be ice. Thanks to Joe Love.


Bruce Cornet has been contacted by new witnesses, who say, "I just got your email and wanted to let you know that I had seen two UFOs in the same week. The first was January 27, 2002, in Accord, NY, close to my home in the early evening. It was a triangle shape with typical lights but, the back of it was so dark that it may have had more construction to it as in the diamond shape or manta ray. It was massive and flew over slowly fifty feet above tree line. On February 2, 2002, I was on my way to an UFO party when I saw the same object that the others had seen, but in closer detail in Walker Valley on Route 52 around 7:30 PM. It was triangle shaped but a double Decker. Lights were extensive in the front and looked as though it had windows. Again it moved slowly above the tree line. This object was so large that the car in front of me had also taken notice and drove slowly to observe it. I pulled off the road and couldn't believe it. The front two lights were very far apart, that is what caught my eye first. When the object became closer it had a dim glow in the front, between the two "headlights". The glow looked like windows in a slightly arched line. Thanks to Bruce Cornet Ph.D.,Geologist, Paleobotanist, Palynologist


Tom Sheets, State Director of MUFONGA reports, I conducted a sit-down interview with the police officer that observed the floating rectangular light. He added the following;- First, he indicated that he was so concerned about the event that he logged the date on his PC calendar; 28 Sept 01, also adding it occurred between 9:30 and 10:30 PM, and not recalling any unusual weather or storms occurring at the time. 2- During the first half of the event, when he initially reached for the bed table lamp, he could not find it, as if it was not there, nor was the adjacent dresser touched when he reached for that. While I was taking photos of his bedroom, he also recalled that the glowing red face of his digital clock radio was also not sits at the base of the lamp. Moments later, he reached out again and the lamp was there and was turned on, the floating light vanished for the first time and all then appeared normal. 3- During the time when he stuck his finger into the light, he was able to see it come out the other side, leading him to initially tell me it only had height and width, no depth. 4- He is further sure that there was no normal light leaking into the room from another source. 5- He added that within days of the event, he had 3 lamps with fluorescent bulbs all burn out on the same day, this had never happened before. He thought this odd at the time, but connected it to nothing strange. Two years ago lightening struck his back fence and ran along the fence. At the end of October he had a major PC failure. The officer described that sometimes his cat would jump up and go on alert and seemed to look at things in the living room that no one else could see. This activity is not necessarily strange conduct for a feline. There are LOTS of BIG boulders on his property so I may have our Geologist and the Deputy Director of Science for MUFONGA to take a look. Witness cited no other unusual conditions existing in his home.
Thanks to Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA, ISUR Board


VESTABURG -- On February 20, 2002, the witness heard high pitched sounds and saw a bright light that lit up her entire yard at 3:30 AM. The witness says, "I was awakened by a loud noise that sounded like a base drum going Baboom, Baboom, several times. This proceeded into a high pitched sound that would change octaves for a long period of time. I thought I was losing my mind so I got out of bed and went to look around the house to see if I could find what it was and my three acre yard was lit up like daytime. The high-pitched noise would start up, then stop for 30 seconds or so and start up again. My husband also heard these sounds and our cat was going crazy. My brother lives three miles away and he also heard it. I could not see any form of craft in the sky but there was a very bright light shining down. Finally everything stopped.

GOLDEN, COLORADO -- The previous day similar strange noises were reported at 2:00 PM, but no lights were seen.


LAWTON -- Jim Hickman investigates and reports the witness "Joe W." states: On 3/11/2002 at 1:30 AM, I was driving west from downtown and noticed several green lights and one larger red light near the western horizon. They began to move in an erratically with smaller green lights orbiting around the larger red light. As I got closer to home I realized that the lights were heading in my general direction so I ran into the house to grab my digital camera. When I ran back outside, the objects were now much closer, and nearly overhead so I managed to get one picture. At the time I took the picture the objects were moving slowly over head a 100 feet away. After I took the picture, I made the mistake of checking the display on the back of the camera to see if I got it. The object sped off to the east and was quickly out of sight. I didn't notice any sound coming from the objects, but they did seem to disturb all the dogs in the neighborhood which were barking. At slowest point while nearly overhead, the object was moving at 10 mph for a brief period of time. As it moved off to the east, it gained speed to probably several hundred miles per hour. The witness is former military who now works as a civilian at Fort Sill.

Investigator's note: The weather that night was partly cloudy, breezy and cool. Lawton is the home of Fort Sill a huge military base, and Altus Air Force base is about 35 miles to the west. This sighting is similar to the Hudson Valley sightings in the '80's. with a large slow object hovering overhead with multicolored lights, then fast exit, altitude 100' or less, no sounds, animals affected, etc. I was involved in a UFO incident near Lawton myself in1983, where a huge triangle shaped object hovered overhead, (I was able to see structure), and then followed my vehicle for over 20 miles. This sighting was verified by the Kiowa County Sheriff's office who's dispatcher saw the object as I was in radio communication with him, and by Altus Air Force Base, who sent up an aircraft to investigate. I have written a full account of that evening in my next book, I call that story "Encounter at Lost Lake." Thanks to Jim Hickman Author, "5000 years of UFO's" MUFON Research Specialist for Media Operations


PALMER -- The witness reports seeing strange "planes" Saturday night, March 9, 2002, in the night sky in central Texas. I live out in the country and we usually don't see many planes. We were coming home and these "lights" kept just fading into existence, just showing up out of nowhere. Usually a plane kind of "turns" and it's light faces you, it looks like a bright star until it turns again and you can see its blinking red light. Well, it started with two, then three, four, five and then six glowing lights just sitting there. Gradually each one seemed to "turn" and move towards the left with blinking red lights and flew off until there were just three, sitting there. They formed a triangle with the middle one moving from the right side to the left, forming the triangle. Thanks to Melody,


PHOENIX - ESTRELLA MOUNTAIN'S -- On February 14, 2002, the witness was driving south on Loop 101 when I notice 4 to 5 objects appeared in the Estrella Mountains at 9:15 PM one by one. These objects were not in motion, as I noticed a commercial aircraft passing by. Each object was blinking two colors, orange and red, and were lit for 5 to 6 minutes, then one at a time disappeared. When I got home I ran to the back yard, with my wife, and the objects were gone. Then we noticed two more objects off to the west towards Buckeye. These objects looked the same as the first five. My wife witnessed these objects with me as well. As we were watching, the objects to the south came back, to the Estrella Mountains. We watched another five minutes and they again disappeared.

A second witness about 9:30 PM, also on the 14th, saw some very bright lights towards the back of his housing development when he turned onto the West Point Parkway. They lit up the sky like a baseball stadium's lights. The witness states, "I looked past a desert field towards Luke AFB to see a GIANT blimp-like object hovering very close to the ground." It had very, very intense spot lights all around the top and all around the bottom. In the center were multicolored lights much smaller, but they seem to move or 'chase' around the middle. I drove home to go get my camera hoping my husband could see this object. However all we could see were two glowing reddish-orange balls in a vertical pattern directly over Luke AFB. They blinked out suddenly and reappeared in a horizontal pattern. The next day a coworker described seeing the same object.
Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


LAS VEGAS -- A construction worker reports seeing a very low flying circular blue object moving at very high speed directly over job site on February 15, 2002, at 4:06 PM. The witness says, It appeared to vanish and I was yelling for others to look to get more witnesses. After it vanished I looked around to see who was looking. No one was looking in my area so I was not going to say anything but then an Iron worker from a boom lift said, "Did any of you guys see that ?" I was relieved that someone other than myself saw it. It flew over about 400 feet above me, completely silent. He said it was a BUO, "Blue unidentified object ?" I said and he said no "Big unidentified object." We see military craft all the time. Shortly after four F-16 fighters were cruising the area. Enough said. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


LONDON ONTARIO -- Keith Warren writes, "I live in a city of about 1/3 million people located half way between Detroit and Toronto and on Saturday, March 16, 2002, I was at my sisters house party and let our dogs out about midnight. That night it was very clear and cold, I looked up and saw two bright red orbs about the size of big beach balls that flew over my head at about 1000 feet. They were beside each other, just a few feet apart. They were also kind of bumping and grinding around with each other at 300 to 600 mph. They were moving silently and incredibly fast. These were not of human origin, as they flew southwest they merged together and shot away at 1000 times faster.

CALGARY ALBERTA -- On February 17, 2002, I was playing basketball in Abbeydale and as it got dark a bright ball of light flew above us no more than 50 feet away in an overcast sky. My friend saw a white ball of light for a few seconds that faded away really quick. These were not meteor showers, and the way it moved is indescribable. It moved in a perfect straight line without sound and was very bright without a tail. A similar sighting was also posted from Calgary on January 17th. As The UFO flew over my cell phone rang and recorded the time and date of the call. Thanks to NUFORC.

WILMER -- Brian Vike reports from British Columbia of a possible abduction when three young girls watched a circular object hover right over their heads, they freaked and took off. One of the girls, sitting in the back seat, watched the object as it passed over their car." She said, "There were seven large bright white lights passing overhead with two orange lights at either end." It was similar to a boomerang in shape they estimated it was 450 feet (135 meters)" in length.

HOUSTON, BC -- Her husband and "friends" watched 5 points of light come together in a clear sky, then move out at the same time to some distance and disappear sometime in February 2002.

TELKWA --First week in February at 6:15 PM, the witness telephoned me explaining she watched an extremely bright white light just east of Vanderhoof on Surgeon Point Road. Six new crop circles were discovered in this area by Brent Miskuski who flew over this area in September 2001. Brian Vike investigated the crop circles then but now there were more lights. The witness said she only observed the bright light for a minute after she came up over a hill. The object was above her and resembled an airplane's landing light coming into an airport but there are no landings at this time. Two other witnesses reported seeing the light.

SINKUT MOUNTAIN -- It was either Thursday or Friday morning, February 28 or March 1, 2002, when the witness saw a white and extremely bright light in the direction of Sinkut Mountain at 5:30 AM from her kitchen window. Her first thoughts were that it was just a logging truck. The witness looked through binoculars and saw a pure bright white light for quite some time. The light would move, then stop, leave and return. The light would zip around so quickly that it could not have been any aircraft or logging equipment. Two witnesses traveling on Langston Road heading towards Prince George at 5:45 AM also saw the white light. Investigation by Brian Vike determined there was no logging or construction equipment working the mountain.

TERRACE, B.C. -- On the night of February, 1, 2002, four witnesses saw an orange and red very bright light which seemed to be in the shape of a square. This light was sitting close to the top, or just below the top rim of the mountain. Their first thoughts were that this was the moon, but the real moon was also visible. They said that if you looked at a good sized home and were seeing it from about 400 yards away, it seemed to be about the same dimension. It looked very glossy with the orange, red and yellow. The witness also talked about a possible faint colored band running across the face of the light. Thanks to Brian Vike (Yogi) Independent UFO Field Investigator/Researcher


SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIA -- Kathy writes, "My boyfriend, Craig, and I were in St. Lucia a few weeks ago and we saw a few different UFO's." I saw a white light on February 11, 2002. dance up and down and side to side in the sky and disappear behind Petit Piton. Soon after, Craig saw a red orb zoom by. Then, we noticed every night for the ten days between 10 to 10:20 PM, there was a flashing white light in the same spot in the sky. After twenty minutes the lights would fade or go further away? It could still be there If you looked up at Orion, there is a very bright star to the right of it. Then if you go over just a bit more to the right and down, there it was same time every night. Why was it flashing? Thanks, Kathy Noll


SANTA ROSA -- Saturday night, March 9, 2002, several anomalies were observed from an observation post staffed by personnel some 60 km from Santa Rosa. As a result of the intensity of said manifestations, CEUFO personnel routinely conduct skywatches and take turns in order to achieve a wider coverage. This Saturday, at 21:20 hours, an object flew over the city in a NW SE direction. It's size was that of "a very large star" and it moved at regular speed. Just minutes prior to 22:00 hours, three pulses of light or "flashes" were seen to the SE of the city. At 22:20, a "luminous cloud" crossed the city following an SE-NW heading. It's size was considerable but witnesses were unable to pin down its altitude. The sky was partly cloudy but this "cloud" was completely independent from the rest. One of the witnesses claimed that "the Moon appeared to be behind the object" by way of an example of the luminosity issuing from the "cloud." Thanks to Quique Mario and C.E.U.F.O. Proyecto condor Translation (C) 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology


CHORLEY -- I was in the White Coppice are of tonight and noticed what appeared to be a "string of pearls" configuration traveling toward the northbound M62 motorway. The "pearls" were highly luminous and not "lit up" in the usual sense of the word. The pearls were moving quite slowly so I took off in the car in an attempt to follow. I met up with it near to the motorway junction at Chorley. I must say that it was easy to follow because of its slow speed. It continued to fly over the M62 north then turned toward Blackburn. It didn't increase its speed until it passed the BA works at Salmesbury, I then had to hit the gas to keep it in sight. Luckily the road was quiet so I could put my foot down. (In case there are any police on the list, I won't say what speed I was going) Even though I was really shifting the "thing" soon outpaced me and I lost sight of it near to Great Harrowed, it then simply vanished over Penile Hill. There were 6 "pearls" that seemed to belong to one object. But it must have been quite large. There were no strobe lights. I must mention that throughout the "sighting" I didn't feel at all well, lightheaded and talking to myself in a sort of moaning and muttering way. Once the "pearls" left I began to recover. I later stopped at a shop and mentioned what I'd seen, the shopkeeper told me that he too had seen such a phenomenon when stood at his shop door chatting to a customer. His opinion was that it was the witches of Pendle on their broomsticks Who knows since they have been reported for hundreds of years? Thanks to Bill

MONEYASH, DERBYSHIRE -- James Allan reports: I was camping, and it being a dark clear night, I was doing a bit of stargazing-on March 3,-2002, at 21:00 hours. I was looking at the plough, and I noticed what looked like three stars moving. They were dimmer than the stars that make up the plough, but quite white, not red or blue. There was no flashing of lights, just three pinpricks of light. I estimate that the three points filled about a fifth to a quarter the size of the 'dipper' bit of the plough. The lights seemed as if three satellites were moving in unison, but much, much slower than I have ever seen satellites moving. Perhaps the source was further away/higher altitude? They were in a triangular pattern, but elongated in the direction of travel. They moved slowly from the area of the plough, down to the horizon in the East-North-East. This journey took about 2 minutes from when I first noticed the lights, to when I lost them in the orange light pollution near the horizon. UFOzone Comment: I would suggest that this may have been a sighting of a formation of satellites, due to the consistency of appearance, color and movement, and the fact that the lights did not exhibit characteristics which would rule out this possibility. Thanks to Dan Bright and James Allan


The Italian Center for UFO Studies reports a slight increase in Italian Sightings in January compared to a lull of the preceding months. In fact, the number of cases so far reported or detected by the CISU working group on Italian sightings totals 30 for the month of January, versus 26 for November and 17 in December. Five observations occurred during daylight hours, while the others alternately concerned lights in the nighttime sky. Eight reports relate to the "mini-flap" caused by the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon on 26 January. Meanwhile, the annual totals for 2001 have been updated, up to 650 sightings, confirming the exceptional nature of the last year with respect to the media coverage during recent years, which had remained steady at around 300-350 cases. At the center of the summer wave, Lombardy and Tuscany totaled nearly 100 sightings each. Thanks to Giorgio Abraini and Sebastiano Ridolfi.

"I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS"-- Convinced that he had been abducted by UFOs, a young man from Conegliano Veneto (Treviso) went to the police in order to provide what amounted to the first report of its type in our country. The "abduction" was said to have occurred around the middle of last July. The extraterrestrials picked him up, brought him to a secret location and utilized him as a guinea pig in experiments featuring "extremely sophisticated pieces of equipment." The aliens allegedly "removed a section of his brain," thereafter returning him to his home. Skeptical in the face of the young man's experience and the events, the agents balked at the report and invited him to appear on the Maurizio Costanzo TV Show. Thanks to La Tribuna di Treviso, February 20; UFOTEL, edited weekly by Edoardo Russo for the Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici,


GODIJEVO -- Authorities are investigating after hundreds of people in a Montenegrin village reported seeing a cluster of giant UFOs. People in Godijevo say they rushed out of their homes after hearing a series of loud blasts and saw huge illuminated objects seemingly hovering overhead. Officials are investigating numerous recorded sightings, but have been unable to offer an explanation so far. According to the newspaper Vijesti, many witnesses claim the UFOs changed shape before heading off into the sky and out of sight. "I went outside after hearing a commotion and when I looked up and there were twenty large luminous circles, it was as if a UFO was hovering over our heads. The sky must have been lit up for hundreds of metres," said Sead Hodzic. There iare no hi-tech facilities to generate such lights in the area. Filed March 7, 2002,


Robert Colins writes...The below document (see link) was leaked to Tim Cooper in early 2001. This is page 21 of 19 "bleed through pages" (many of the pages were dated to different periods) with this page dated October 2, 1962, (JFK era) and is likely the "second cover page" to the Mj12 Executive Briefing. We believe the "bleed through" pages are due to either thermal fax's printers or carbons. Please notice the code word "White Pebble" and "Project Jehovah" under Mj12. Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Theodore von Karman and James Doolittle were all reported to be connected with Project Jehovah. These and other such "code words/projects" have appeared in a number of other documents. Also, please note that this is copy 1 of 2 with TS Control Number "T310010-055" where "T" means CIA Tinker files (this is very hard to read on the JPG image) plus the "I" and "R" switched in the word "SECURITY." The reason for this "typo error" was for tracking the document. This document was probably typed from its appearance by one of the Mj-12 Group Technical Advisory Panel (MTAP-12) members and since "access" was extremely limited there was likely no "peer review." Sources tell us that this document "reads right" but regardless, Bob and Ryan Wood are continuing to have forensics done on this and the other 19 pages. Thanks to Robert Collins

Editors Note: Majestic was an important operation in World War II. Seldom if ever are the same codewords used for different projects. "White Pebble" and "Project Jehovah" would make excellent codewords for UFO studies. Saucers or pebbles are reported skipping across the surface of the water, Jehovah is the Hebrew word most often used for God in Hebrew scriptures and ties into the concept of visitors from the heavens.

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