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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 8, 2002

George Filer:
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TOP UFO SIGHTINGS: New York pencil, New Jersey daylight triangle, Pennsylvania family sees UFO, Georgia green cigar, Florida football, Alabama disc, Tennessee 90 degree turns, Ohio disc, Indiana photos, Wisconsin UFO rendezvous, Illinois fireball, Texas seven UFOs, Colorado lighted cylinder, New Mexico speeding UFOs, California triangle, Washington photos, Canada daylight disc, UK UFO explodes, China thousands see UFO over capital, Roswell new revelations coming.


PINE BUSH - Life is changing in Pine Bush. Farms close and condos go up. Schools grow and so do taxes. The city arrives in the country. But there are constants, like tales of regular visitors from far beyond New York City. Visitors from outer space. At least, that's what people say. Early this month, John Lewis returned from his job and checked on his kids, who were playing. "What's that Nick?" Lewis asked his 5-year-old son, pointing to something crawling across the seamless blue sky. Lewis watched the object move slowly downward at a 45-degree angle for about five minutes. Then he rushed for his video camera. The UFO was pencil-shaped and black with a long tail. There was not a glint of reflection from the sun. The son, Nicolas thinks it was an asteroid. That same night, John's mother was distracted by a flash of light while driving and three cars pulled over to see the light move toward the condos.

Locals in this tiny hamlet at the northern tip of Orange County have been seeing UFOs for decades. Ellen Crystall wrote a book called "Silent Invasion," which helped cement Pine Bush's reputation as the UFO capital of the East Coast. Groups parked in fields at night to catch a glimpse of the strange lights. There was talk of an underground alien base. The buzz eventually died down. Life in Pine Bush went on, more concerned with visitors from Long Island than from space. The police don't get many trespassing calls on UFO-watchers anymore, says police Chief Daniel McCann. Still, the new diner is called the Cup and Saucer, with a UFO on its sign. Butch Hunt is the man to see in Pine Bush about UFOs. He claims he saw one in the 1960s,and one couple saw a UFO last November. "They had just moved," says Hunt. UFO watchers haven't abandoned Pine Bush, either. They come to the Harvest Inn fairly regularly, says manager Howard Boyd. They are pleasant, not weird, he says. Locally, the United Friends Observers Society still meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Crawford Town Hall. Every time the Crawford police call nearby Stewart Airport after a sighting, the officials said they saw nothing, says McCann. Maybe the aliens moved, It is too crowded' Thanks to Vincent Polise 2002 Orange County Publications,


WANAQUE -- The witness reports he was playing catch on March 31, 2002, when he saw something in the sky. He says, "I looked up, and I saw a lot of yellow dots flying in the sky. I looked at it for about thirty seconds and went inside at 2:00 PM, and got my sisters. They both saw it and agree it was yellowish and silverish. Each dot had all lights that looked about a quarter inch wide. At one point they formed sort of like a L and a flying V and they all remained together. They kept flashing on and off like they were going in and out of dimensions as they flew. They were flying very high. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


SINKING SPRING -- The witnesses report they were visiting relatives and went outside for some fresh air on April 4, 2002, about 7:15 PM, and saw a light to the west. Usually, there are no stars in that part of the sky, so he went inside to get his brother. The witness states, "When we got back outside, the object moved and as we watched, it faded out. It then faded back, and then out again. We started to get scared, so we went back inside. When we came out again, it was rapidly moving off to the southwest and just before we lost sight of it over a hill, it took a sharp 45 degree dive and disappeared from sight. it made no sound and had no apparent shape, but when viewed through binoculars, it appeared to be long and flat like a saucer. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


SUWANEE -- About 10:10 PM, I went onto my deck in the back of house on April 11, 2002, to use the cell phone as sometimes I can obtain better reception when outside the house. It had been raining most of the day so the night was overcast. We back up to the woods and are somewhat isolated. I was talking to our friends when in the distance coming from the north I saw through the trees a flash of light. I could not initially distinguish the color as looking thru the trees dulled any color recognition. Our house sits in a slight valley as we are in the foot hills so there are many high and low areas. It came over the tree line about 150 yards from where I was standing. Something was traveling south putting out a bright green light from a straw or a cigar object. The light came on every two or three seconds directly over our house continuing south then out of sight over another tree covered area. There were no engine noises, and no other lights. This situation was so unusual that I had to report it. As far as my background is concerned I am presently a Vice President of an insurance company. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


MARIANNA -- On April 4, 2002, an object shaped like an elongated football was spotted at 3:30 PM. The witness states, "It appeared to be chrome or silver with no windows and looked like a football except narrower in the center. It was about 300 feet in the air to the north of Interstate 10, moving east in front of me, and I was actually moving faster at 75 mile an hour than it was. It was moving strait eastward alongside the interstate. There were many cars on the road at the time going in both directions, but no one stopped to look.


BIRMINGHAM -- The witness reports seeing a disk hovering at about 20,000 feet in the air on April 3, 2002, at 8:36 PM, It disappeared then re-appeared and with a flash it disappeared again. The disk was not moving forward or backwards, just hovering. Then it started to move a bit, and then zoomed away and disappeared. I stood in the same place for a couple of minutes hoping to see it again and sure enough I did, but this time for about 5 seconds. It was hovering and then suddenly there was a flash, and it was gone.

ADELAIDE -- The witness spotted six bright orange lights in pyramid formation flying from NW heading to SE at 8:30 PM on April 8, 2002. The six objects were bright orange and resembled satellites as they move across the sky. These objects were in formation. Three in each formation, creating a pyramid effect. These exact same six were also spotted two Christmas nights ago, however, they were in a different formation, that of Scorpio. They moved strategically into the same pyramid effects as viewed on the 4th April 2002. The witnesses are all of sound mind, working well paid jobs from Correctional Services Officer to Financial Planner. If anyone can explain what they were exactly, as last time the UFO Society was unable to give me an explanation and to this day I am dumbfounded as to what I have seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


LYNNVILLE -- Please be advised that my husband and I witnessed an unidentifed flying object on April 12, 2002, at approximately 8:40 PM over our home. The object appeared out of the west moving at a blinding rate of speed. It made an abrupt 90 degree turn toward the north then abruptly vanished. It reappeared and made a 90 degree turn toward the west, vanished again, reappeared and moved toward the east, vanished again, reappeared and moved toward the north where it vanished over the horizon miles away. The object was a bright white burn of light, no other color was visable, no flashing light of any sort. Our weather here tonight is low, dense cloud cover and this object was well below the cloud cover and made absolutely no noise. I am very familiar with aircraft, helicopters, and lightning. I have a telescope and am very aware of stars, planets, comets etc. This object was none of the these. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


ELKHART Correction to FF #17. Erik Marshall writes, "I was driving south west (about 35/40 mph) on US 33 past the K-mart and Concord Mall north of Goshen, in an area called Dunlap and I spotted a greenish light out of my drivers side wing mirror. My camera was a Clever-cam digital camera and I was shooting out of the front window of a Ford Explorer. I saw no other cars and thought this was a train coming out of the Robert Young Rail Yards and heading south towards Goshen. It became apparent that this object was traveling much faster than a train and was approaching the road. I pulled out my camera and snapped the two pictures as it crossed over my Explorer, heading towards the mall. It banked and rose out of sight. These two pictures were taken as fast I as could work the button. The object is not in the third frame as the top of the car was in the way. The object traveled south and passed over me from the left rear to the right front of my car. It was low about 100 feet high, but climbing fast. I heard no engine noise but had a since of immense power. It's hard to estimate speed but 400 mph would seem right. The object was dark, but seemed to be delta shaped with wings 15 to 20 feet long. With it being dark, and moving fast and having nothing to compare it to in the sky, these are just guesses. Erik Marshall


MUSKEGO -- The witness reports that on April 13, 2002, my wife returned from the grocery store. I went outside to sneak upon her. As I was approaching her I looked up and saw several aircraft on approach to Mitchell Airfield. Immediately upon fixing my eyes on those airplanes, I saw a small circle shaped grayish colored object streak across the sky in a westerly direction at 12:20 PM. I tried to get my wife to see but she missed it. With my eyes fixed on this new object I walked around the back of the cars to get a better look. This object was flying in a straight line, and the only noise I heard was from the airplane on approach. The UFO was smaller than either airplane and was traveling quite fast without leaving a vapor trail. It suddenly started to turn, but I didn't notice a banking movement as with the airplanes. It started making counter clockwise circles in a very small flight radius at high speed. Then a second object, third and a forth appeared all flying in counter clockwise circles stacked over the same airspace separated by altitude. The objects were going in and out of view as if they were reflecting off the sun, and then not and then reflecting again for five minutes when my eyes became strained from the sunlight. So I went inside and got the camera but when I went back outside they were gone. There were no news reports of any unusual flying objects. The weather was sunny, unlimited visibility, 59 degrees F. Thanks to UFOWIsconsin.


LEMONT - The witness reports, "My buddies and I were out side on the porch in the hot tub at 9:00 PM, on April 24, 2002, when two huge fireballs floated above our back yard and then there left going at about 100 mph. They were about 20 feet tall and 30 feet wide. They seem to be talking to each other by making weird sounds. They would turn to each other and then look back at us. They left burn marks on the ground and toasted the grass. Thanks to NUFORC.


SAN ANTONIO -- The witness says, "Between 9:30 to 9:50 PM in the clear South Texas skies I spotted a total of 7, yes, SEVEN -- separate flying objects on April 17, 2002." Five had steadily flashing lights. The objects were moving far too quickly to be airplanes. I saw the first object moving by itself very quickly toward my direction and then it veered off in a northerly direction. A few minutes later I spotted two more objects of exactly the same quality and size moving very quickly but always remaining the same distance apart. I called my roommate outside and we both watched the two objects quite clearly for about 45 seconds. He went back inside when the objects disappeared behind one of the few clouds in an otherwise unusually clear night sky. The strange thing about these two objects was that they never re-appeared on the other side of the cloud as a satellite or airplane would have had to do at their rate of speed. We figure it should have taken them no more than 10 or 15 seconds to re-appear. Later, I spoke with one of the local TV weathermen who had mentioned on his weathercast the next night that he had seen these same two flying objects. He told me that he and his son also had seen them disappear behind that single cloud and never emerge on the other side. Finally, to my amazement, several minutes later I spotted FOUR MORE of the lights traveling in a different part of the sky. These four flew north and maintained strict relative position to each other with regularly flashing lights. This is the first time in my life I've seen anything remotely like this. They traveled at very high speeds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


HIGHLANDS RANCH, DOUGLAS COUNTY -- The spectator left the evening meeting on April 16, 2002,. and noticed a cylinder shaped object immediately that was just floating in the sky at 8:45 PM. It was larger than an aircraft with running lights that seemed to be whirring around the object. The lights were white with some blue and pink in them. I considered, I was seeing a plane at a strange angle that hid the wings and tail, but there were several aircraft in the sky over Denver and this was very different. The lights were larger and brighter than other aircraft lights. The object was silent and started to move straight down. When I first saw it it was about 40 degrees above eye level, then it just floated straight down like it was going to land somewhere. I lost sight of it behind some hills and trees. The sighting lasted one to two minutes.


ALAMOGORDO -- Per our telephone conversation, here is the sighting report, received from "A". On April 24, 2002, the witness was east of Florida Avenue, north of Indian Wells in the extreme northeast portion of the city at dusk; with the sun setting above the outline of the Sacramento Mountains to the east. The witness was sitting on her porch facing east, and she suddenly observed a light over the mountains. Light was about the size of a nickel held a foot in front of her face. She watched the light for several minutes and the light would ascend above the outline of the mountains and then descend below the outline of the mountains. It also exhibited lateral movement in that it would travel in a north-south direction, sometimes behind the mountain outline and at other times above the mountain line. Horizontal motion was very rapid in that the object went from one extreme to the other in about a second. Witness was four to five miles from mountain peaks and horizontal distance travel was about one-half to three-quarters of a mile. Sighting ended when the object suddenly rose and "blinked" out of sight. Thanks to Wayne Mattson. Editor's Note: Investigation will follow.

RIO RANCHO -- The witness reports, "It traveled across half the sky in just three seconds, stopped, did a half circle and faded to nothing on April 2, 2002." It looked like a satelite but moved across the sky from north to south much faster, and covered half the sky in three to four seconds at 8:50 PM Suddenly, it stopped for about a second, then did a half circle and then faded to nothing. I have never believed in UFO sightings and have never witnessed anything like this. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I just hope someone else saw it as well.


SAN BERNARDINO - The witness reports, "As my wife was getting out of the back yard spa on March 31, 2002, she saw an orange/red star like object fussing about. At that time I saw the object and being a skeptic told her it was Jupiter, but I was astonished at its brightness. I got my binoculars and I turned to see the bright object drop or launch a shiny object that faded quickly, followed by another less brilliant object. Then the main object pulsed several times and vanished. I was stunned and went in and called the police since their helicopter was flying in the same field of view. I reported to them what I had seen. They gave me a local MUFON phone number. The object returned again from the west with more brightness so we gathered ten neighbors to witness the second event. Nobody saw anything like it before.


SPOKANE -- A prominent lawyer, called to report he is taking photographs of anomalous lights over the city almost nightly. I have two photos of a circular object with yellow and red lights that look similar to hamburger that are nearly identical. I should mention that the photos I am sending you are culled from over 1000 shots, the majority of which are simply blobs of bright light. But in a few, I must just get the exposure, time etc right, with what I feel are pretty fair results. The lights fly erratically and maneuver differently than other aircraft. He says, "On one occasion in early March, while driving home, I did see a large strange object with my naked eye at twilight." However, no camera, but I can tell you that it was not a plane - not a helicopter - and not a blimp or a hot air balloon. It was about three city buses long and about two city buses high. It was shaped like a shoe box with rounded corners. It had three glowing steady red lights horizontally across the center, and flashing white lights around its parameter, kind of like a movie marquee. Strangest damn thing I ever saw. It came down from East to West, and floated slowly in the vicinity of some radio towers on a hill known as "Tower Mou" Here is one of two photos, taken sequentially from the same roll of film in late February. On this one, there is some fog or haze appearing at the left which makes me believe that this is not camera "shake" or "smear". Also, these are the only two such photos out of over 1000. If they appear as they do because I bumped the camera, wouldn't you expect the "smearing" to occur more often? It hasn't. This photo was taken at a shutter speed of about 1/4th to 1/8th of a second. If you look closely, I believe that you can see faintly see red and green lights in the light stream. Please see these remarkable photos at


HOUSTON, B C -- Brian Vike reports that on March 21, 2002,., a bright white object with an orange glow around it was photographed at about 7:00 PM. The witness reported that when he and a friend were looking at new trucks at Sullivan Pontiac which is along the business off Highway #16, a very bright white object caught their eye in the field behind the dealership hovering above an old barn. The guys pulled out their camera using the "flash", and as soon as they started taking the pictures the object rose up from it's stationary position and moved slowly towards the two witnesses. At this point they were freaking out and threw the camera down on the front seat, jumped in the vehicle and took off very quickly. They had turned their heads around to see if the object was still coming in their direction but they told me it had disappeared. The object when looking at it with the naked eye was as bright, or brighter than the lights around him, meaning town lights. The object didn't disappear as if it dropped slowly behind a mountain, but rather just vanished. The fellows took the three pictures using the flash on the camera. Due to this event taking place at night the flash is detrimental and washes out the image. Thanks to Brian Vike see photos at:


Bath -- The Bath Chronicle, published April 17, 2002, declares, "In the same week that saw Star Wars playing at the ABC Beau Nash Cinema, some Bath residents had a close encounter of a far less fictional nature." According to the Bath and West Evening Chronicle of the day, "An unidentified flying object moving from Bristol towards Radstock was seen by at least ten people. Now the Ministry of Defence is investigating the incident." And what's more, witnesses saw the object break up and explode. "Among people who saw the object was Wessex Newspapers librarian Mr. Geoff Tarling, " who said, "It was like a huge rocket moving across the sky and then the tail broke off into three pieces and it disappeared," said Mr Tarling. "It looked as big as a fairly large high flying aircraft. It was not moving fast enough to be a meteorite or a shooting star." Other witnesses agreed with Mr Tarling's account. "Mr Tyle and his wife saw an extremely large, brilliant white light and traveling parallel to the ground. At first I thought that it was a shooting star, but I've never seen one that big before.'" A Defence Ministry spokesman said, 'We are looking into it, as we always do when an object is seen near military establishments. Otherwise we don't bother about UFOs.'" Thanks to FARSHORES UFO NEWS -


BEIJING -- Four yellow-colored spiral UFOs made a surprise appearance over the capital of China, on April 22, 2002. The sightings were reported in two newspapers, the Beijing Times and the Shanghai Star. According to the newspaper reports, the four UFOs were seen for just over an hour. The objects emitted beams of bright yellow light. Chinese observers on the streets estimated that the UFOs were "very high up," an estimated 10 kilometers(6 miles) above the earth. They hovered for a while in pairs and then departed to the south. Lan Songzhu, a scientist at the Xinglong observation station operated by the Astronomical Observatory of Beijing said, "The observatory had received more than 10,000 reports of UFO phenomena in the past hundred years, but only five percent of these had no natural explanation." (See the newspaper China Daily for April 25, 2002. Many thanks to Chen Jilin for this news story and UFO roundup Vol.7, #18 April 30, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor


Skywatch International Inc. Executive Director,, Bill Hamilton reports he drove 105 miles to the MUFON Orange County to hear the presentation by Roswell researcher Don Schmitt. Don said, "Almost fifty-five years and four explanations have past and still the Roswell crash of 1947 remains one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Within recent years there has been a proliferation of anti-Roswell books that are not only debunking, but resort to nothing less than pure character assassination. If the critics have won the day why do they see the need to continue the fight in light of their apparent victory? Or is it all intended to stall for time as the remaining witnesses are quickly passing on? In the summer of 1947, an interplanetary craft of unknown origin crashed in the high desert region of southeastern New Mexico during a severe thunder-and-lightning storm near the small town of Corona. A local sheep rancher found its strange debris - and something else - while riding his ranch the following day. On the advice of friends, he drove seventy-five miles to the town of Roswell to show pieces of the debris to the media and civilian and military authorities. The Roswell Daily Record, in a front-page headline article a few days later released by Col. Blanchard, stated that a "flying saucer" had been "captured" by the Army Air Force near Roswell - not Corona - and, as a result, we have referred to a "Roswell Incident", instead of a "Corona Incident", ever since. The elite 509th Bomb Group based at Roswell Army Air Field was the only atomic strike force in existence in the world in 1947, and had dropped the atomic bombs on Japan to end World War II.

Whether by mistake or by intention, the Army Air Force first declared that they had recovered a "flying saucer", and that they were shipping it to "higher headquarters" for scrutiny. Within hours they said that the 509th Command in Roswell and the local rancher were wrong - that what they had found was nothing more than a weather balloon and a tin-foil radar target. To enforce this new version of the story, the Air Force resorted to witness-tampering and intimidation: monetary rewards, new duty assignments and security oaths to silence witnesses. Since then, the Air Force has admitted that they lied back in 1947 with their weather balloon story. They now say that the debris was the remains of a rubber balloon and tin-foil radar target from a then Top Secret project - Project Mogul - which was trying to detect Soviet nuclear detonations by means of high-altitude, balloon-borne, acoustic-sensors. A Top Secret project - yes, but the balloon and radar targets were still the same as before, if you follow that line of reasoning. Further, to combat persistent stories of "little bodies" allegedly found along with the debris, the Air Force held a press conference in June of 1997 to declare that such stories stemmed from high altitude parachute tests - using mannequins - that the Air Force conducted during the late 1950's. Mental "time compression" of disparate events by witnesses was said to be the culprit. To counter the Air Force claims, accepted by the media, there is a plethora of books making the case that it was indeed a UFO that crashed. The problem is, however, that the various investigations by private researchers have been uneven in their research methods, their use of alleged documents and eyewitnesses and, as a result, their respective scenarios and conclusions differ in many respects. The public at large remains confused about the case. Our mission, then, is to determine the true facts of Roswell. We are not there yet, but we promise to spare no expense, to leave no stone unturned and to follow every lead until the truth is known. World War II veterans are expiring at the rate of 1,500 each day. Time is, therefore, of the essence. There were new fascinating things learned weekly.

1) About 2-1/2 miles from the debris field, two alien bodies were found as if they were blown out of the craft after an explosion. These beings looked almost like miniature humans. Eyewitness accounts show they had human-like eyes, ear shells, but no hair on their bodies. These were NOT Grays. More bodies (4?) were discovered near the crashed craft. Two were found alive.
2) General Roger Ramey had subsequent involvement with Project Bluebook and is shown in a press photo talking to General Samford (this photo is cropped at and General Ramey, on left, has face cut out of picture) and the famous Captain Ruppelt. Ramey was heard to remark that the most likely source of the UFOs was interplanetary.
3) There are witnesses that still won't talk. I talked to one who is still living in Orange County and we hope to get a recorded statement from him. Once all the Roswell observers die, it can all be swept under the rug. We cannot let this happen. Thanks to: Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.


Robert Collins writes, "The below 2 page document was leaked to Tim Cooper in 2000, that supports the Mj12 Executive Briefing cover page document seen in the previous report. See JFK era Mj12 Executive Briefing doc at: Note the "bleed through pages" on this 53 document as well. If page 1 is turned upside down then one sees "CODE WORD WHITE PEBBLE, MAJCOMSEC INTELLIGENCE EYES ONLY" clearly printed on the "bleed through" part of the page. Written in the right hand margin of this page are the words "Removed from DCI personal file 1961. Approved by C.C. -E.R. E723." We don't know who C.C. is but E.R. we believe means the Executive Registry and E723 the code for the Roswell recovery. On page 2 we see the mention of the MJ-12/Special Studies Project and Project JEHOVAH headed by Albert Einstein. Eisenhower's signature block follows but then at the bottom is the hand written note, "exempt from declassification, found in Dulles security safe" with the initials K.R. (A Ralph Renick was reported to be a supervisor in the same office as K.R.) which are also seen on the bottom of page 1 as well. Again, typos are used to track documents of this type as the reader will note the typo "errors." From source intelligence the AF's Project Aquarius was established in 1966 and at the same time NSA's Project Aquarius was established to act as a cover. We don't know if "White Pebble" and "Jehovah" were dropped by that time and replaced by other code words or projects but, there was a "White Herring" reported to be a sub- project under Aquarius. See:


On May 11, 2002, George Filer will be speaking at the Roswell Museum at 7:00 PM, about his experience in chasing UFOs while in the Air Force and about the crash at Fort Dix/McGuire AFB on January 18, 1978. the so called Roswell of the East. This little known case is very similar to the story at Roswell, NM. Don't miss this presentation.

PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs available and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune. $10.00. Send check or money order to G. Filer 222 Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055. CD OF FILER'S FILES for the last five years 1997 through 2001 is available for $25.00. Both for $30.00.

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