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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 29, 2002

George Filer:
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MARS AS WATER AND LIFE? UFO SIGHTINGS: New York double sighting, Florida missing time, Kentucky meteors, Illinois moon, Wisconsin and Michigan flying triangle, Missouri daylight cigar, Oklahoma photos, California cigar, Oregon orbs, Washington daylight disk, Canada sightings, Argentina mutilations, President Bush in danger, Andrew Lavoie determines Roswell photos taken at 4:15 PM. The "Search for Alien Life Evidence" continues.


New data collected by the Mars Odyssey spacecraft now confirms the existence of vast oceans of water ice just below the surface of Mars. Based on my analysis of recent images coming from Mars, and other intelligence information there is strong evidence that intelligent life once existed on Mars and may continue to this day as predicted in Filer's Files #9 (Feb 27, 2002). As a former Air Force Intelligence officer my analysis is based on my interpretation of the Mars spacecraft images that clearly showed that there was water on Mars. Scientists often state where there's water there is life? There is now scientific confirmation of vast amounts Martian water. There is enough ice to indicate that ancient oceans, and a warmer climate, might have supported life. Scientists now confirm there is enough ice to flood the Red Planet if it melted. A BBC news leak has prompted a major science journal to lift its news embargo, and scientists are now verifying preliminary findings. The journal 'Science' will publish findings on May 31, 2002, confirming there is vast amount's of water. The scientists claim they have extensive data confirming a layer of hydrogen across much of the planet within three feet of the surface.

I also have confirmation of large amounts of heat being produced underground and the ruins of geometric structures at the surface. The heat correlates to areas suspected of having underground geometric structures inferring metropolitan areas may be present. A Martian civilization faced with diminishing atmosphere, lower temperatures, and bombardment by meteors would logically go underground for protection. My analysis of this data indicates that intelligent life once existed on Mars, and most likely went underground in the past and likely still exists. Our own robots or astronauts traveling to Mars would be able to use this water making Mars a more hospitable place. My own interpretation of NASA images clearly indicates that life, even advanced life forms have existed on Mars. See URLs (, and


FARMINGDALE, LONG ISLAND -- On May 4, 2002, The witness said he was driving east on Farmingdale Hemstead Turnpike approaching Farmingdale and I looked up in the sky at 3:45 PM and saw a trail, pretty fat trail in the shape of a circle, but the circle was not complete, it was about three quarters of a circle, and the trail just stopped there. At the end of it, I saw an object it was moving but without leaving any trail. It was like an egg shape object about the size of my thumb. I know it couldn't be a plane because that circle it made was pretty small. The object continue to travel in a straight line until it disappeared. It was below the clouds, and it was a sunny day. There was no sound at all. I pulled my car over during the sighting. It was a busy afternoon, and other people didn't seem too interested, they just went about their business without even looking up. As the luminous trail evaporates it look like chain links.

SMITHTOWN, LONG ISLAND -- The law enforcement officer was sitting in his car at a traffic light twenty miles northeast of the above Long Island sighting fifteen minutes later at 4:00 PM, and noticed something moving in the sky above him. The witness states, "It was moving in a straight line from approx. WNW to ESE and was viewed from about 60 degrees to directly overhead, until it was obscured by the roof of my car." "Without any reference points to determine size/height, I would guess that it was somewhere between 300 to 600 feet in altitude. It's diameter I can only describe by how much sky it blocked, that was like holding up a penny at arm's length, so it was either relatively close and small, or relatively high and large. I could not discern which, although I am leaning toward the former. It's speed, if the former is in fact correct, I would guestimate at about 110 to 120 Knots (about the speed of a Cessna 172," said the witness.

I could not tell its overall shape (whether it was a disk or saucer) due to my looking up from almost directly below it. From below, it was circular in outline. It did not appear to be solid, but more like a ring. It was the exact color of the very clear, blue sky. At the risk of sounding crazy, I would have to say that it was invisible/transparent, with a slight darkness around the edges. What I did see was a wake of whitish blurring sky moving along with it, following it's trajectory, as well as a larger blurry wake, being pushed in front? There was also a somewhat darker white blurring towards the sides. I can only liken it to when a ship is cutting through the ocean, as it's bow pushes through the water, it creates a white foam in front of the ship as the bow parts the water. The foam travels around both sides of the ship, and then rejoins at the stern, and then leaves more foam behind. Other than these "wakes," the object was not visible. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center

Editor's Notes: Two quality witnesses saw a similar UFO only fifteen minutes apart. Videos taken from the space shuttle show that UFOs often use the Long Island corridor particularly in late afternoon moving at high speed. Various security cameras mounted on buildings should pick up the visitors.


THONOTOSASSA -- The witness reports, "I went to sleep on May 5, 2002, I woke up and could not move and it felt like a dream, but then I got out of bed and went to the red light and put my hand on it and it was still there." "I went outside at 4:03 AM, and came straight back and know I was on it for five minutes at the most. I came back in at 4:25 AM, and this isn't the first time this has happened. Every night at 4:00 AM, I wake up. This will go on 3 to 5 times a year. Please help. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PADUCAH --The observation occurred in bright daylight in the afternoon at 4:15 PM, on May 9, 2002. The witness states, "I was traveling north in a vehicle at 5 mph and observed a meteor-type falling object in the north sky. Initial sighting was at 30 degrees above the horizon and it was falling left to right or west to east at 10 degrees from vertical. The object was silver to white and was brightest immediately before it disappeared at 10 degrees above the horizon. In checking with the Regional National weather station the following day, they had other similar reports of the same meteor-like object, one from a location 50 miles to the north. I am curious as to what I observed, since nothing has been reported in the local media.

(NUFORC Note: Other sightings reported from Indiana and Illinois indicate a possible meteor.} "The State Journal-Register," Sangemon County, Illinois: by JAYETTE BOLINSKI staff writer states, "Sangamon County authorities received more than a dozen calls Thursday afternoon PM, on May 5, 2002, of brilliant, firelike streaks in the eastern sky -- a daytime meteor shower that is rare but not unheard of, according to a local astronomer. "It's certainly possible to see a meteor during the day if it's large enough or bright enough," said Charles Schweighauser, professor of astronomy and physics at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Commonly referred to as shooting stars, meteors are tiny particles that orbit the sun and typically are no larger than a grain of sand. The particles are called meteoroids once they enter the Earth's atmosphere. They become visible, rarely for more than a few seconds, because friction between the particle and air molecules creates a blue or white glow. Jayette Bolinski Copyright 2002, The State Journal-Register


WESTERN SPRINGS -- It was Monday evening on May 6, 2002, around 9:10 PM, when the witness facing west and looking straight up noticed a satellite slowly creep in a straight line across the sky directly overhead. The witness states, "Being so close to Chicago, star visibility is rather poor, I can see the Big Dipper, some planets and a few bright stars and I have a knack for spotting satellites." I'll pick it up in plain site and try and follow it across the whole sky until it fades out of view. "The one on Monday was something I never saw before, I thought I spotted a satellite, a pinpoint of light just moving in a straight line north to south, this time, and 2 seconds after I spotted it, it began to slowly grow in white brilliance, he said. "I immediately thought this thing was entering the atmosphere and the 'glint' on this object got to be as bright as a full moon, and I noticed I had to squint it was so bright." .."Suddenly the light contracted and continued its straight line course, returned to its normal illuminated pinpoint of light and faded out. If this is a satellite (or ISS) it is glinting the sun in certain positions that are really going to freak people out. Thanks to NUFORC


MOSINEE -- Two witnesses were driving down the road at 9:15 PM, on May 13, 2002, when they looked up and saw two bright white lights above a field. The witness states, "As we got closer, we saw there was a red flickering light in the middle, so we pulled over and watched whatever it was and it looked like it hovered." Then it took off back toward town. I rolled down the window and listened and it sounded somewhat like a lawn mower. We turned around and followed it and drove about 55 or 60 mph and it was speeding way ahead of us. We thought it might be a plane because there was an airport (Central Wisconsin Airport) that way but couldn't figure out why it was so low and why it was going so fast. As we kept going, we saw it hovering over a field again. We saw that it looked triangular and somewhat flat. We pulled over and watched and it took off once again and we saw yellow lights now. As we followed it back the other way, it looked like it dipped and crossed the road and hovered about 60 feet above a house. We caught up again, pulled over and again it took off very fast and looked like it landed in a field up ahead, but it was too fast to see where it went or landed. Thanks to NUFORC.


HOLLAND -- I saw two very powerful lights at 10:45 PM, on May 13, 2002, coming from what appeared to be the back of some sort of craft. It was in the sky and maybe about 600 feet from the ground. The lights resembled a pair of very bright car headlights. The craft was heading south and to the west a little. I was driving at the time, heading south, and was on a road with very little traffic, so I could speed up and try to get closer to it. I sped up to try to get closer and it appeared to be slowing down. I kept watching it and when I became parallel to it I pulled over and turned off my car. The lights were coming from the back of the craft and there were no lights on the front. There was a less bright light above the two, creating a triangle of three lights. It was making some noise and the closest thing I could compare the noise to was a high pitch radio frequency. I watched it briefly and after about 60 seconds it slowed almost to a stop. It began to go straight up and turn directly around and went towards the north again. I tried to follow it again and it quickly drifted to the west and I no longer could see it. The witness says, "I have never previously seen any objects I believe to be UFOs first hand. I was not on any hallucinogens or drugs at the time of the sighting and I am convinced that what I saw was definitely real - I wasn't just imagining something. NUFORC Note: Peter Davenport spoke with this witness at some length, and we found him to be seemingly serious-minded and credible.

Editor's Note: Multiple witnesses in two states appear to be describing the same vehicle about one hour and thirty minutes apart and 200 miles away across Lake Michigan. If the craft flew a direct course it would have passed through two restricted areas.


KANSAS CITY -- A MUFON-investigator reports that on May 13, 2002, at 1:22 PM, a coworker saw a cigar shaped object in the sky over North Kansas City. The cigar was silver in color and passed over 701 Parkway near Highway 9 at 1:22 PM, in the daylight sky. The object was traveling northwest about 1,000 to 5,000 feet altitude. My nephew was in the military a few years ago and is a trained professional in the art of identification. Thanks to MUFON investigator, ID#7606 and NUFORC.


FORT SILL -- Jim Hickman reports that on May 20, 2002, "TJ" was out on the Quanah Range on Fort Sill earlier tonight, and saw the strangest objects in the sky that he ever saw! TJ reports, "The nature of my job requires that I carry a camera in my vehicle for documenting accidents and incidents on Fort Sill training areas, so I was able to get a picture of the objects." When I got home, I started searching the web trying to figure out who I should report this to, since I'm definitely NOT going to report this to the military authorities. If I did I'd probably end my career real fast. When I came across your website I almost fell out of my chair! The Lawton Triangle picture is almost exactly like the objects I saw, and Lawton is just south of Fort Sill where I saw these objects! Is this bizarre or what? TJ continues, "I was looking west when I first spotted the objects low to the ground behind some tall trees." At first I thought they were the lights from military vehicles. "Then suddenly these lights shot straight up in the sky and just hovered for a minute or so." I just sat there dumbfounded for a moment when it suddenly dawned on me that I should take a picture.

MUFON's Dr Bruce Maccabee's comments on the new photo: "WOW! Got to pull out all the stops on this one! A rare event, two photos of the same (apparently) thing! The numbers of lights at the corners may agree (do agree at two corners) and the shape of the red "car" is as I had predicted (the left and right outlines of the "car" in the Lawton photo would be the actual shapes of the left and right sides of the red UFO image if photographed without camera smear)." Thanks to Jim Hickman Research Specialist. See photo's at:


SILVER LAKE, LOS ANGELES -- The witness and room mate were in their apartment on May 8, 2002, at 9:20 PM, when they heard a loud helicopter engine type sound. The witness states, "I went on to the balcony to see what the helicopter was doing and saw the red lights of the helicopter with something flying next to it." "The thing next to it was hard to see, it had no lights on but there was clearly the outline of some type of flying machine that was flying next to the helicopter moving northeast over the City of Glendale. "It went to the point where I could no longer see the cigar, just the red lights of the helicopter. Then I saw the red lights coming closer, heading southwest from Glendale. Soon the object came back into view, and it was clear that it was a cigar shaped object, similar in shape and form to that of a Boeing 737 without lights. "I could see the silhouette traveling through the bright night city sky and yelled for my room mate to come and look. He saw it and became excited and suggested we go to the roof. There were now two helicopters following it. It went over the area not far from Glendale's Forest Lawn cemetery. There was a marine layer in the air and I could see the object go through the low clouds as it made it's way southwest towards downtown. It continued in the direction of downtown Los Angeles and was lost behind a hill. Phone calls to the local police and media brought no answers. (NUFORC spoke with this witness, and found him to be quite credible. PD)


MCMINNVILLE -- It was midnight, on May 7, 2002, when the two witnesses heard an annoying sound like someone had left a radio on low. My Mom asked me to go check it out and I went to my bedroom which is at the other side of our apartment and could hear the sound louder and clearer. I then looked outside but could see nothing. My Mom looked up above a house nearby to see a saucer shaped craft spinning and hovering with red, blue and some green lights around the whole craft. The saucer hovered there for about five minutes and all of a sudden it just hovered down quickly and disappeared without a trace. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SEATTLE -- At approximately 3:45 PM, on May 5, 2002, the witness saw something shiny in the corner of his eye as he was eating lunch on the 18th floor of a downtown Seattle building. The witness says, "I was looking south toward Safeco Field when I realized that what I was seeing was NOT a plane, it looked like a tin can in the wind, except it looked in control and it varied in speed." "It hovered like a helicopter at times. "It was black on top and very shiny (almost like a mirror) on the bottom. I thought it might be the stealth fighter. Once it got to West Seattle, it shot up straight from about 5,000 feet to at least 35,000 feet. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was NOT a plane, nor the stealth, nor some weather balloon. This thing then zigzagged and must have flipped backwards. It then shot up again, probably another 5-10,000 feet. I could see it's black speck hovering for about 10 minutes. Then it just followed the cloud formations back towards downtown Seattle heading east, very slow. I'm a student at the University of Washington and a runner who doesn't take drugs or make stuff up. In fact, I'd say I'm a good citizen who strives to better not only my life but the lives of others as well. What I saw was incredible and exiting, but very unexplainable and a bit scary too. Thanks to NUFORC


HAMILTON ONTARIO TO WINNIPEG -- Further investigation of the May 9, 2002, night sighting at an altitude of 28,000 feet, reveals three objects were seen in the sky at 4:20 AM, by the three crew members in the cockpit operating the flight. The objects were round with bright white lights and each had a long trail of white light turning to red with some blue. Air Traffic Control had nothing on the radar but another aircraft reported that they saw the same thing. The other aircraft was at 39,000 feet and to them the objects seemed to be at that altitude, whereas to us it seemed to be at our altitude of 28,000 feet. After 1 or 2 minutes the objects suddenly vanished. Peter Davenport spoke with the pilot at length, and found him to be an exceptionally qualified observer. They probably witnessed Russian space debris returning through the atmosphere.

WINNIPEG -- A witness on the ground reports that on May 9, 2002, he saw flashing orbs of light, consisting of five colors, bright white, deep blue, amber, bright red, and deep green! They were in a circular pattern directly above at 6:00 PM! They were too high to be a weather balloon, and it wasn't a plane, because there was no tail from fuel burn off, and no noise what so ever! This object stayed in one spot and did not move and each light would flash at different intervals, never simultaneously! The biggest light was the red one in the center. I was down by the Assiniboine River, and there's no way it was any kind of reflection! It kept flashing different lights at different times for 35 minutes before it disappeared!


LA PAMPA --Diario "La Arena" reports on May 23, 2002, that another cow turned up dead in a very strange way in a field of the General Acha region. As in two previous cases, the animal was bloodless and was missing some organs. No traces were found in the place and the causes of these deaths remain a source of mystery to investigators. During the recent discovery, despite the fact that the animal had been dead for days in the outdoors, it had not yet putrefied. Mystery struck once more in a local field: the latest event occurred in the "El Huitrú" farm some 70 km. from this city near provincial highways 115 and 18, where a dead cow was found with characteristics similar to the first two. It was bloodless and was missing an eye, jaw and tongue. Authorities were unable to find a perpetrator for the crime. Roque Ceferino Estepa, reported that the cattleman claimed that between 18:00 hrs of the 14th and 17:00 hrs. of the 15th of May, he had found one of his 3 years old Aberdeen Angus cows weighing 450 kilograms--mutilated by persons unknown.

Cattleman Dario Garcia alleged that the cow had been found completely exsanguinated, without a tongue, left ear, jaw, an eye, its udders and vital organs missing Incisions were made with sharp hot objects, and the animal's fat was still warm, but there were no traces of blood on the spot. Police under the command of Officer Lucero established themselves in the field together with veterinarian Juan Manuel Orterdag, who analyzed the strange death. This is the third animal to have been found mutilated, which places a shroud of mystery over the police investigation. The same happened only a few days ago at a ranch in the vicinity of Salliquelo, where police investigation has still been unable to find an answer. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Translation (C) 2002. and Gloria R. Coluchi.

Editor's Notes: Similar reports are coming in from Oregon, US of cattle mutilations. It is my opinion that some cattle mutilations are tied to UFO sightings. The ground below the animal is often crystallized, contains meteorite dust, laser like cutting is present, key organs are missing, the blood is drained but the body contains hemoglobin residue. Hemoglobin is the red coloring matter of the red blood corpuscles that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. Pure hemoglobin like that often found at the site of mutilations normally requires a laboratory to be produced. We can assume that our alien visitors require hemoglobin.


An amateur cameraman took an hour video of a UFO over Andorra a small European principality nestled in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, The luminous object seen over Andorra on the evening of April 22, 2002, has generated interest among specialists who have examined the material to be presented by an amateur videographer. Many persons have seen the phenomenon and this newsroom has received reports on the daytime presence of strange lights in the area formed by Escaldes, la Massana and Ordino. The explanation given is that the image shows the planets, weather balloons, satellites, or the Space Station. A stratospheric balloon measuring 100 meters in diameter launched over the Pyrenees may be responsible for the video. Thanks to El Periodic d' Andorra May 27, 2002, and Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Translation (C) 2002.


BERLIN -- Victor Kean writes, "I live in Spandau, and our riverside apartment is two miles south of the normal flight path into Tegel Airport in Berlin. On Wednesday evening at 20:00 hrs CET, I was watching TV which was showing the Press coverage and reception awaiting President George W. Bush. The ETA of "Air Force One" had been published in our newspapers as between 20:00 hrs and 20:30 hrs. Looking out of a window I spotted the easily identifiable "Air Force One" in its two tone blue and white livery at a low altitude and speed as it followed the normal flight path into the Airport at 20:06 hrs. It occurred to me that it as I was able to know at what time and in which direction to look, so could a terrorist! A Ground to Air missile could have easily brought down "Air Force One" which, as you know was carrying Colin Powell and many others in the President's entourage. I sent an E-mail to the 'White House Security' staff in Berlin the following morning suggesting that at least they could have routed "Air Force One" to approach Berlin from some other direction. Your President talks about the "War on Terrorism"...."Air Force One" should at least be camouflaged! Thanks to Victor Kean


There has been one question about the photographs that James Bond Johnson took on the afternoon of July 8,1947 in General Roger Ramey's office at Fort Worth Army Air Field that has so far remained unanswered. Exactly when during that afternoon were they taken? There have been many diverse opinions but little solid evidence of the precise time, even Bond himself can only remember the sequence of events and not their timing. I now believe the RPIT can give a firm answer to this question through new research carried out in the last few weeks. It has been known for some time that in the Fort Worth (FW) images Bond Johnson not only captured the scene within Ramey's office, but also in some of the pictures he captured the scene outside the office through the gap in the curtains of the window seen in the images. It was known some time ago that parts of a car can be made out through this narrow gap, interesting but it seemed of little use at the time and in most prints of the FW pictures these details are extremely vague as the window scene is usually very over exposed. A few weeks ago, by chance I was looking through the scans of the Ramey-DuBose FW image that were obtained by Stanton Friedman. For those who are not aware of these scans and what they contain, they are high resolution drum scans of the original Ramey-DuBose negative held by the University of Texas Library at Arlington and were targeted at the Ramey Message area of the negative. But a couple of general lower resolution scans were made of the whole negative and it was these I was browsing. Some of the whole negative scans appear to be tests, and one in particular is very dark which detracts from the debris content of the image but as I noticed, gives quite good detail of the external view through the gap in the window curtains and as I examined the view, I realized this was the best detail I had seen yet of this area, I also realized I was looking in pretty good detail of a car's number plate and fender, a very distinctive combination. Bond Johnson's memories of July 8th were also easily confirmed, he recalled a hot sunny day and sure enough the car appears in bright sunshine with a noticeable shadow. It was at this point I stopped and realized I was looking at the time of the picture shoot. The fender and it's shadow made a crude but accurate "sun dial." We knew the location of the picture so all we had to do was obtain a sun table for Fort Worth on the 8th July 1947 and then match the angle cast by the fender with the table to obtain the time the picture was taken. Canadian RPIT member Andrew Lavoie already had computer modeling software set up for analyzing the FW pictures so I contacted him with the idea of measuring the shadow angle, he thought it possible to do. By this time I had also tracked down what I thought the make and model of the car who's fender is seen in the image.

With this additional information Andrew refined his "model" to obtain as accurate a time as possible. The car seen through Ramey's window is a 1941 Buick Century Series 60, only this Series had the unique fender/plate combination seen in the images, the Series 60 was widely used by the US military as a staff car and would not be out of place on a mlitary base such as FWAAF. We might also be able to refined this a little further as what seems to be the rear window of the car is seen in the RameyAlone image. This is quite a poor quality view as the only examples I have are from prints and not a drum scanner as with Stanton's scans. This apparent rear window also has what seem to be unique features and in this case they were limited to the "Sedanette" sub model of the Century Series 60 1941 Buick. With the image information and additional engineering information of car itself, Andrew has been able to narrow down the timeframe for the RameyDubose image to a 20 minute slot between 4.05 PM and 4.25 PM Fort Worth time, July 8th 1947. Significantly this not only tells us when the image was taken, but also the time the Ramey Message was being read by Gen Ramey and places it and it's contents firmly in the Roswell Timeline in that 20 min time-slot. Our thanks go out to Andrew Lavoie for all his work in this research. Andrew has placed an illustrated summery of his research on his website located at: Thanks to Neil Morris

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