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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 5, 2002

George Filer:
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UFO SIGHTINGS: Pennsylvania lights, Virginia cylinder, Kentucky object, Minnesota lights, Nebraska photos, Oklahoma crash, Nevada daylight UFO, Washington sightings continue, Canada sightings, Puerto Rico UFO, Venezuela daylight disk, Argentina mutilations, England sighting and Turkey daylight video. MARS HAS WATER AND LIFE? Are you confused about Roswell? See Roswell Yes?


The Ames Research Center reports that outside our solar system here are now 69 planetary systems. There are 77 planets and 7 multiple planets systems. Science is now starting to add credibility to my assertion that there is life on other planets. Many of the stars being examined have planets, many have multiple orbiting planets all indicating planets similar to Earth and able to support life are common in the universe. Furthermore, some of these planets have likely sent messengers, and are at this movement or in the past have visited Earth. If we take a moment to examine the evidence we find almost every major group on Earth claims to have been visited and taught by visitors from other planets. Throughout our planet there are structures that cannot be explained. Many such as the pyramids could not be built today to the specifications that exist in the ancient monuments. The ancient history or almost every major religion, speaks of visitors from space. Many aborigines and Indians believe they were transported to Earth.

Numerous religious leaders readily accept the concept that God could have created and planted life on numerous planets throughout the universe. We can assume that a type of morality was also provided us. Most civilized people can agree that certain standards of behavior or laws are normal for a civilized society. Many great religions teach that commandments were brought to Earth from alien messengers often called angels. Today within the US judges are ordering the removal of the Ten Commandments from schools and public places. The Commandments that man should not murder, steal, and lie. These commandments provide the minimum standards for man to enter the universe and live in peace with other civilizations. The moral teachings of ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Hindus, Greeks, and Romans are surprisingly similar to our own today. There is a kind of law of human nature, that we all agree to, but don't necessarily follow. This seems to be in bred into our genes. If we realistically examine the human race, we can speculate our Earth may be the home for problem or unlawful type personalities of the universe. However, we seem to be born with an inner knowledge of what is right or wrong, what we ought to do, not what we do.


EASTON: Sam Sherman reports, "On this past Saturday night, June 1, 2002, I was invited to be a guest at Becky's Drive In Theatre for the World Drive-In Theatre premiere "Drive-In Movie Memories," by Don and Susan Sanders. As a longtime producer of films for Drive-In Theatres, I appear in this film and was one of the guests at the festivities celebrating the anniversary of the creation of Drive-In theatres. In my UFO investigations I have some compelling footage of a UFO over Durea, PA in the daytime and at night. The daytime footage (enlarged) shows a metal spinning object flashing many colors. At night it appears like a bright light with color fringing. Further investigation has revealed that there have been many similar sightings in Pennsylvania. Since Becky's outdoor Drive-In Theatre is not far from the Durea area, which has been a minor UFO hot spot, I expected to see something. During the showing of the movie (I was sitting outside on a bench) I scanned the dark sky and spotted one bright light (similar to the one in the Durea footage) and to the left of it a similar but dimmer light. I pointed this out to my family and friends sitting nearby. We watched as these lights slowly moved down from their fixed positions to where they had rather quickly moved below the tree line and were gone. Maybe UFO occupants like to watch movies at Drive-In theatres. Thanks to Sam Sherman


WILLIAMSBURG -- V. Smith reports strange orb type lights cylindrical type craft over I 64 between Richmond and Virginia Beach during the last several weeks. He says he talked to one guy in the Virginia Beach area who swears he saw a UFO land in this area. There have also been several drivers with different Virginia Trucking companies who have said they have witnessed strange things in the area while driving. One driver with my company claims a missing time episode of about 3 hours. I had a friend in dispatch pull up the satellite tracking report on his truck for that time. During this period of missing time his truck was stopped in the middle of the road for three hours, but no one ever saw the truck. Yet the satellite tracking report shows the truck sitting there and moving 3 hours later. The satellite tracking system this company uses has been known to be off by a space of about one block. The thing is there is nowhere to pull over in this area. We had at least 15 other trucks go through this area in that time frame that never saw his truck. I know this driver, he is a very straight, level headed guy, he is a Southern Baptist, but he was scared as hell. It bothered him so much he recently quit driving and he had been driving for 18 years. The driver we are discussing has expressed an interest in finding out, if any others have had similar experiences? I marked the area on my map. I believe it was the mile marker 135-150 corridor. Thanks to V. Smith.


HENDERSON -- On May 13, 2002, the witness reports hearing a whooshing sound as he walked outside and looked to see what it was at 6:32 AM. The witness states, "I saw a black object hovering about as high as a light post and It hovered for about two minutes before a red light shot out of the side. The light moved in a circle and then retracted and the object flew away." It was a little cloudy but visibility was good. The witness elects to remain anonymous. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


DULUTH -- The sighting lasted from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and I saw it in Morgan Park, on May 24, 2002, during the entire night there were two round lights that people might think were stars facing west. They were four times their normal size and much more active. I saw a little light fly into one of the big lights. They seemed to be watching me as I watched them.


OMAHA -- Gil Rodriguez reports, "I visited my son Gil Jr., his fiancée in Nebraska and on Saturday morning May 25, 2002, my son, and his younger brother, his mother and I took a walk over to his uncle's house to see if they were ready for church. My son called his Aunt Lisa outside to the back yard. Around 10:15 AM, while they were talking I was looking at the sky and I saw what looked at first like a whitish or light gray wisp of cloud move from behind a larger cloud mass, moving faster and ahead of the larger cloud. It was a bright and sunny morning with a beautiful blue sky with clouds. This wispy cloud was roughly circular but it also seemed elongated vertically. I called my son and asked him if he saw the object? He at first said that it looked like a parachute and then he said maybe it's a hand glider. The problem with that is that this thing was between 20,000 and 30,000 feet up, so we dismissed that. He then said, "It has something revolving around the middle or that the middle section was turning." He reminded me that I had my 35 mm camera with zoom lens with me and I took it out and took five shots before it moved higher up and away out of sight." There were five of us who witnessed this sighting, myself, my son, his mother, his brother and his aunt Lisa. It's harder to believe when you have a sighting by yourself, but when you are with 4 other people it becomes an event that you can verify with 4 other pairs of eyes. Thanks to Gil Rodriguez.


LAWTON -- Scott Sadowski reports that on June 2, 2002, I saw what I believe to be something crashing to earth, at approximately 8:30 p.m. I was traveling north on Sheridan Rd. and as I looked to the West I noticed an object moving toward the ground leaving a fiery trail behind it. When I first spotted it, it was about 35 degrees above the horizon. The object itself was about the size of a pencil eraser held at arms length. The trail was about as long as a dime is wide when held at arms length. I watched this object for five minutes. I noticed that although I could see the tail shifting, moving and burning out, it seemed like it was happening in slow motion. This led me to believe that the object was very large and/or very far away. When I last saw the object it had descended to 20 degrees above the horizon. When I came out of the restaurant it had descended below the horizon and I could no longer see it. I have been surprised that today I have neither heard nor read anything about an impact. I was also curious as to whether or not you had received any other eyewitness accounts or had heard anything about this incident. Thanks to Scott Sadowski and Jim HIckman


ELKO -- The witness reports, "I was on my way to work at 10:25 AM, but had to stop and pay a few bills and I could see a flash like the sun hitting on something in the sky on May 13, 2002. I looked for it and when I found it, I knew it wasn't a plane just by the way it was moving. It was just above the clouds and moving very slow, then it would stop and go back in the direction it just came from. It did this a few times, then stopped and went up very slowly. I have never seen anything like it before, and if it is a UFO it is the first one I have seen. It was flying around in the cloud. I moved up the street and then lost sight of it, but airliner passed close to its last position. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SPOKANE -- Just wanted to give you an update, and let you know that the sightings near Spokane, continue on nearly a nightly basis. There has been a lot of activity around Tower Mountain, upon which several radio towers and microwave transmitters are situated. I have also observed things which I still cannot believe -- such as a large Boeing 707 size, black jet aircraft change its lighting configuration in mid-flight, slow down to ridiculously slow airspeed, descend, and then disappear at the base of Tower Mountain. There is no airstrip there -- there were no flames or explosion -- and there was no sound. I know this sounds absolutely nuts, but I am only relaying what I saw. I leave it to the skeptics and the "analysts" to "explain" it. In that regard the total lack of interest in investigating this over four month phenomena has been absolutely mind boggling. All I can say is that if my experience is typical, no wonder more people don't report, when nobody, including the alleged pros, take them seriously enough to investigate. Answers to this puzzle will not be viewed through the blind eye of inaction, and nothing will be gained by those sitting in their armchairs hundreds of miles away typing via email claiming I must be seeing landing lights." Respectfully, how the hell would they know? They haven't seen what I have seen, I can guarantee these are not landing lights. I would perhaps be more understanding if there were two or three "hotter" spots of activity somewhere in the world, and the experts were all there, gathering information. But when something like this has been going on for over four months and NOBODY shows up, what does that tell you about the current state of "Ufology"? I'll be sending you a few of my recent photos. Post them if you would like. Thanks to the judge.

MUFON's Jeff Sainio writes, "The judge has sent me several photos since the initial submission through Filer; although the frequency of sightings is unusual, typically indicating misidentifications of airplanes, I've not seen any photographic evidence these are airplanes. Any legal airplane, from any direction, has at least 1 strobe blinking once/second visible. These would appear as a bright white spot, with no motion-smearing, on a long exposure. None have appeared. Nor have red/green lights been apparent. Several appear to show nonstandard lighting. A few appear to show color changes; I need some reference photos to verify this. The judge has agreed to do this. Photo sequences appear to show a path impossible for an airplane. I need to do more work before concluding anything here. Thanks to Jeff Sainio.


BRAMPTON -- At 10:00 PM, at least 10 aircraft with very bright lights circling the Brampton area on May 10, 2002, with no set pattern and altitudes. This is the third time we have seen these in the past two weeks. I observed this a few times before and one was a very low and very large flat craft with flashing lights and no sound. There is always a large light in the distance which appears to be stationary. All the craft fly to this light and then everything disappears. Since this is so close to Pearson International Airport it would seem reasonable that they would know what these are and be monitoring their movements, however, in my estimation these are not passenger aircraft.


SAN JUAN, SANTURCE --The witness, Ana Torres a 45 year old computer programmer reports seeing a shiny and silvery UFO on May 23, 2002, at 5:00 AM. Ana says, "Looking through the south window I noticed a UFO suspended over the Caguas-San Juan Expressway." She was so excited that she decided to go to the terrace, to confirm the sighting. The UFO was there and static. It was made of a material similar to "stainless steel," but with a very strange shape. "It was, rounded but had a tail on one of its sides, which appeared to be part of the UFO itself, in other words, a single piece. The tail was surrounded by small white lights all around. The UFO was some 4 blocks' away and at a height of 16 stories, giving the appearance of a mid-sized car." The tail was half as large as the UFO itself, giving it the apparent size of a large car. After two minutes, the UFO suddenly took off in a perpendicular direction at high speed. Ana said, she felt excitement, and joy during the sighting but there were no physical effects. She called her father and friends who were annoyed at being awakened so early. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2002. Special Thanks to Lucy Guzman


CARACAS -- The following is a e-mail communication from Martha Rosenthal of Venezuela's CEINPLA: On June 3, 2002, "Ricardo, age 11, is talking to me as I transcribe the following: "right now at 7:42 p.m. [there is] a UFO over the electric plant located in Bello Monte, an urbanization of Caracas. It is a flattened, shiny disk with lights that look like stadium lights--enormous. They are red, yellow and white with quick color changes. The red color brightens and dims. His brother George, 16, and his sister Penelope, 14, also saw it. [The object] was static at first and then balanced smoothly until it disappeared and reappeared. This occurred twice. His father, Enrique Delgado, claims it was not a satellite. The [object's] type of movement or displacement drew their attention. Even though little Ricardo has seen them other times, he nonetheless remains very excited." Thanks to Institute of Hispanic Ufology Translation (C) 2002.


GENERAL ACHA -- (DNA) - Another cow turned up dead in bizarre circumstances--this time in a field of the region of Quehue. As in earlier cases, the animal was missing certain vital organs and no traces were found in the vicinity. Unlike earlier cases, the cow was putrefying and had not been exsanguinated. Mystery gripped a rural location once more, this time in the region of Quehué. The event occurred in the "Don Luis" field, located 12 km. from said locality, on the edge of Provincial Road No. 18 where a cow was found dead in conditions similar to the four previous ones, given the fact that it was missing the same vital organs. Members of the Quehué police station, under the command of Deputy Sheriff Julio Acosta, together with the officer-in-charge of the General Acha Sheriff's department, Deputy Sheriff Jorge Escobar, and the Chief of Regional Unit III, Inspector Alberto Muñoz, visited the crime scene alongside veterinarians Rodolfo Farina and Raul Noceda, reporting that unlike the previous cases, the animal was putrefying. What is strange in this case is that police authorities scanned the area in which the dead cow appeared and no footprints were found. After examining the animal, veterinarian Rodolfo Farina told LA ARENA reporters that what struck him was the perfection of the incisions performed on the cow, since they were not made with blades: the skin was not torn, but cauterized. He added that no hemorrhaging had occurred despite the fact that ears and the entire eye socket on the right side were missing. Flesh and bone at the level of the lower jawbone were completely peeled.

Unlike previous cases, birds of prey and foxes promptly feasted on a part of the animal which turned up 20 kilometers away. The cow was further missing its udders and showed a perfectly-incised cut that also gave the appearance of being cauterized. The internal organs were sound, however. The dead animal had a broken rib, a fracture which appeared to have taken only a short time before the animal's death, because there was still a hemorrhage that had grazed the lung. The flesh was in good condition aside from the transformations arising from decomposition. The capillaries had blood and blood clots were found inside the heart. Rodolfo Farinas qualified the death as "abnormal," since neither he nor his colleague was able to detect the cause of death. "In my 18 years of practice I'd never seen anything similar -- in the way incisions were made and the organs removed from the carcass." He stated that it would be very important for the National University of La Pampa to take an interest in the case to pursue research and truly determine the cause of death. "The idea is to create several hypotheses and try to reach an explanation that allows us to ascertain the causes of these animals' deaths."

Two more cows were found dead yesterday under very strange circumstances in a field owned by Mario Horacio Guinder, 15 kilometers east of General Acha. As in earlier cases, which now total seven deaths, the animals were missing certain organs. No traces were found on the premises and the causes of death remained a mystery at the close of this edition. The two animals were found 500 meters apart. Police authorities and a professional veterinarian reported to the site and were stunned by the fact that one of the cows had had an embryo "cleanly" removed from its womb, "as though some type of laser beam had been used." Other similar cases occurred in the fields of Macachín and Saliquelló, Buenos Aires Province. "La Arena" (La Pampa) Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Gloria Coluchi. Translation (C) 2002.


CHIRNSIDE -- Ben a twelve year old writes, "I had a UFO sighting between 1:00 and 2:30 on the road to CHIRNSIDE, a place about 15 minutes drive from where I live." When I saw a black dot hovering in the corner of my eye I looked and just as I looked it started going in a z/8 movement (a z with an extra line to make it look like an 8). I was going to tell my mum and dad but I had a feeling that someone didn't want me to! I have actually not told anyone else! This was about 5 weeks ago around May 1, 2002. I'm going to be on the net at


ISTANBUL -- Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center reports the UFO sighting season has opened with a spectacular daylight sighting captured by a video camera. While filming lightening scenes on his amateur camera in Anadolu Hisari, Istanbul, Mr. Saffet Sap, a 42 year old electrical engineer and his sister Serpil Sap, video taped an unusual shaped UFO at 6:30 PM on May 26.2002. He said, "I was looking north when I saw a strange motionless object that started to ascend. There was green, yellow and red lights flashing on top of the object and it had 7 or 8 legs. The object moved overhead and followed a very linear path towards the north." After hovering for a while it departed slowly behind a hill, leaving a greenish trail behind it. The witnesses video taped for 3.5 minutes. The Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center analyzed the film and chairman Mr. Haktan Akdogan presented the video to the media at a large press conference and the images were broadcast on national TV and newspapers. The images amazed the media because they were especially clear and close up. Analysis revealed the object was hovering at 1500 to 2000 meters with ten unlit round portals around the outer edge. The object was scattering lights in yellow, red, and purple. Close up views indicate the object rotated periodically around its own axis. The object would stand stationary and then start moving again without making a sound. Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center states this is definitely a UFO under the control of intelligent beings. starting June 7, Thanks to the International U F O Museum and


Gary G, Ford writes, "I was glad to see you note in last weeks' Filer's Files that underground water can well be liquid in any places on Mars where the underground temperature is warm." Have you read the links at Dr. Gilbert Levin's URL? Dr. Levin was designer, developer, and '1st scientist' for the Viking Lander 1 & 2 Labeled Release devices -- the very ones which repeatedly gave positive signals for microscopic LIFE on Mars in 1976 whose results NASA has been trying to bury with pseudo-science since then. Isn't NASA a Science Organization? Not from my observations! (1) NASA's Pseudo-Science of Martian peroxides and super oxides were THEORIZED in the Martian soil in order to deny the 1976 Mars Viking Lander (L.R.) life evidence. Paramagnetic measurements of the soil by the Mars Viking Landers indicated the soil was quite Magnetic (as is Magnetite, Fe3O4 = FeO.Fe2O3, lower in average oxidation state than less magnetic orange Rust Fe2O3), suggesting Martian soil iron is NOT fully oxidized, in conflict with the Official NASA Line of its having enough peroxides and super-oxides to immediately oxidize the test bacteria food. In fact there IS NO independent data to show there are sufficient peroxides on MARS, nor lab experiments with well-simulated Martian soil here on earth to back that idea, which is simply NASA's way of attacking the Real Results! And no subsequent investigations of MARS, from afar or in the Pathfinder, demonstrate optical or other evidence of sufficient peroxides in Martian Soil or Air! (2) NASA demanding that there are 'no organics' on Mars, ergo 'NO LIFE' - simply because an Instrument - the Viking Mars Chromatograph - indicated negative for organics on both Landers. What they concealed for years is that this instrument's earth double also failed on some Earth rocks and soil samples, and it is a number of orders of magnitude LESS SENSITIVE than the L.R. for detecting small traces of living organics! Levin discusses this in the articles at his website. Any 'SCIENCE AGENCY' would admit there were some positive signs for Life, and plan a new mission. Retired Air Force Titan rockets would have been very cheap to launch and it would NOT be necessary to develop an entirely new probe/lander design.

(3) NASA insists that at Mars conditions of temperature and pressure liquid water would either immediately freeze or boil explosively, so therefore that there can be no liquid water on Mars. Or can there? NASA spokesmen's arguments use the triple point of PURE water. But there is enough of an atmosphere on Mars (mainly of Carbon Dioxide, a substance with great solubility in cold liquid water), as well as indications from soil analysis of the Vikings showing very salty soil, that "single substance" substance equilibrium thermodynamics is invalid in this dynamic diurnal Mars surface situation. Petroleum Chemical Engineers, used to dealing with complex mixtures and dissolved gases, understand that these complex mixtures can behave very differently from pure substances in their gross PVT properties. In a high vacuum (which MARS ' surface air is NOT!), evaporating water molecules would tear away at high velocity, having no air molecules in the way to slow their flight. But on Mars, evaporated water still has plenty of air molecule as near obstacles, so evaporation can be impaired. Because the absolute humidity of water vapor saturated Mars Air is SO LOW, in still air conditions, layers of 100% to progressively less relative humidity Mars air would form over an evaporating water pool. The Mars Viking Landers showed that mid-day temperatures could rise above 10 degrees C, and mid day air was higher. Thus, the retarding effect of Moist Martian Air over a sun-melt pool of frost or ice water could allow liquid water to linger a few hours in Martian Summer midday. Levin discusses these items in slightly different terms. On Mars, is this enough transient water for persistence of life? Why NOT? On Mars, life could have had hundreds of millions of years to adapt. On Earth, viable bacteria from tens of millions of years old salt crystals from New Mexico have been revived, and there are dry lakes in Africa where it rains only once every generation or two, but toads live through the long desiccation, revive eat, mate and reproduce!

On Mars perhaps surviving microbes can devour their more numerous buddies 'which didn't make it? Underground small more 'advanced' organisms resembling ants, perhaps eating fungus could live which grows on organic material left over from better days? The NASA pure substance unreal thermodynamics not only ignores the real world effects of even a thin atmosphere on liquid water evaporation, but also ignores the great effect dissolved salts have on depressing freezing point. Yes, of course, at night, with temperatures plummeting on the surface to -100 C below zero, there will not likely be liquid water, but underground the temperature could be warm in geothermal pockets. The Underground pressure, salt or fluid resistance of ice-blocked near the surface, evaporative paths to the air could all allow liquid water! Some complex underground life, indeed, could be possible. Thanks to Gary G, Ford, M.Sc.


Mark Hall writes, "I have come up with the following draft proposal and goals. The UK Disclosure Project (DSUK) will not be selling any material. If anyone wants copies of the press conference video, etc or wishes to make large donations go to We are not interested in sponsorship or large donations at this time. Anyone wanting to donate any money, please do not donate any more than £10. The one thing that we do not want to be accused of only being in this for the money". If you want to make a large donation, please go to the above US website. Volunteers should put up a table up in the local town/city centre, with briefing material for the general public to read and show the Disclosure Press Conference tape on a portable television. Show the Press Conference tape in local church halls etc. Our ultimate aim is not open hearings, or full disclosure. This is too high an aim to head for, especially for a voluntary group. Our aim is to have a meeting between ourselves, Steven Greer and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Or if we cannot achieve this, a meeting with a senior Blair Government Minister. We hope to achieve this by our contacts who are personal friends of Tony Blair, and by involving famous UK theatrical personalities who are open to the truth, interviewing and gathering the testimony of UK/European military/government/contractor UFO related witnesses. Also to conduct media interviews and lectures and produce a UK/European government briefing video. I have been massively overwhelmed with the amount of new government and TV contacts I have made, by simply talking about Disclosure. Let me know if you have contacts and make see you member of Parliament or Congressman. Thanks to Mark Hall -


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