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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 17, 2002

George Filer:
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UFO SIGHTINGS INCREASE: Connecticut fast lightspotted, New Jersey phantom train, Pennsylvania lights, Georgia sphere seen by pilot, Florida ruby light, Wisconsin lights, Illinois Flying triangle, Iowa cylinder also disc chased by fighters, New Mexico cylinders, Oregon fast moving disk, Washington lights, Canadian orbs, Mexican UFO at Mt. Popo, Argentina mutilations continue, Sri Lanka disks. Scientists now say there could be 30 billion Earths. My assumption is we are not alone.

CIA H. Marshall Chadwell Scientific Director of the CIA stated, "At this time the reports of incidents convince us that there is something going on that must have immediate attention. Sightings of unexplained objects at high altitudes and traveling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of vehicles. 1952


Astronomers now think there might be as many as 30 billion earth-like planets within our own Milky Way galaxy. If they're right, it is very likely our civilization is not the only one in the universe. The recent discovery of a Jupiter-sized planet in its own solar system sets the count of candidates to a symbolically important total of 100 extrasolar planets. Although we won't know for sure until the next generation of space-based telescopes are in place, scientists are now willing to speculate that earth -- sized planets may be as common as the gas giants we already observe. These large planets provide protection from asteroids for the protection of life on Earth size planets. Virtually all the 1,000 stars out to about 100 light-years distant have been surveyed and about 10% have been found to possess planetary systems. Thanks to the Electric Warrior and BBC - (BBC)


If there are 30 billion Earth like planets, we can make the assumption that some civilizations are advanced enough for space travel. It is logical to assume some have visited Earth. Therefore, we must look for evidence of their visitation and interaction with humans. These Files weekly point out sightings by people on the ground and flying aircrews, but the key evidence for ET visiting Earth should be first picked up by satellites searching the heavens. These UFOs known as Fast Walkers or uncorrelated targets are being picked up on a regular basis by our satellites.

EARTH IS A REFUELING STATION: Often these lights do not appear as full size space ships. They may only indicate the propulsion system or running lights of the craft. Earth may be a kind of Disneyland where space travelers stop for entertainment, rest, relaxation, food, water and refueling. There is evidence for alien bases. Often stories are related where high speed lights zoom in from space and crash into bodies of water. Some hover above fresh water lakes or reservoirs. Then the small lights suddenly expand to hundreds of times their size and become full size space ships. After taking on water the spaceships again diminish in size and fly off. Others launch small craft usually disc shaped to forage for food, conduct research, and apparently obtain entertainment and minerals.

The evidence indicates they may have been coming to Earth for thousands of years bringing DNA, seeds and animals, changing the landscape, even providing humans with greater intellect, perhaps bringing a higher standard of morality. Jeff Challender has released his new video that examines NASA's Space Shuttle encounters with anomalous objects. The video features 102 events captured from ten different shuttle flights. Here is evidence for scientists to study for the reality of UFOs circling our planet. Any open minded person can see the anomalous objects coming in from space and entering the atmosphere and darting around the Earth. The objects often move at thousands of miles per hour and suddenly stop over thunderstorms and appear to take on energy. The American people are funding NASA, it only seems fair that they should testify in front of Congress and show their own films and explain the anomalous objects. Dan Golden former NASA Director would be an ideal witness. I would certainly support NASA, if it was open with the American public concerning these objects. Many astronauts and cosmonauts are already talking.

Editor's Note: This and other tapes will be shown in the Air Victory Museum UFO exhibit in Medford, New Jersey.

SCIENCE HAS RESPONSIBILITY: Probably the greatest mathematician of our time is Nobel Prize winner John Nash who was played by Russel Crowe in the movie a "A Beautiful Mind." In the climax of the picture that won four academy awards, Nash said in his acceptance speech.

"I've always believed in numbers, the equation, logic will lead to reason. After a lifetime of such pursuit I ask what truth is logic, who decides reason. My quest has taken me to the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional and back and I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important discovery of my life. It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found. I'm only here tonight because of my wife, she is the reason I am. She is all my reasons." Nobel Prize Ceremony Stockholm 1994.

Mathematically it is likely there are other civilizations in space. What is the most important mathematical information other civilizations could bring to Earth? Perhaps their message is God is Love and your nobody unless somebody loves you? Only interpretation of facts by science without love is disaster.


MOSCOW -- Russian space officials proposed to send a six-person team to Mars by the year 2015. Russia's space program hopes to work closely with NASA and the European Space Agency to build two spaceships capable of transporting the crew to Mars, supporting for up to two months and safely bringing them home, said Nikolai Anfimov, head of the Central Research Institute of Machine-Building. The roughly 440-day trip is expected to cost about $20 billion. The so called, "Mars curse," began when the Soviet Union kicked off Mars exploration in 1960 by launching two unmanned spacecraft four days apart, but both failed even to make it as far as Earth's orbit. One resulted in an engine explosion that scattered debris and contamination over the Baikonur launch pad in one of the worst accidents in Soviet space history. That was followed by repeated attempts and often repeated disappointment. The bad luck for Russia continued on Nov. 16, 1996, when the Russians launched an ambitious $300 million spacecraft, Mars 96, which they hoped would prove to the world that despite their economic struggles after the Soviet breakup, they could still run a first-rate space program. Mars 96 suffered an engine failure just after launch and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Russia has never stopped planning to reach Mars." NASA's Mars program, plagued by its own series of setbacks, got back on track earlier this year when the unmanned Mars Odyssey spacecraft found large amounts of water on Mars.


SOUTHINGTON -- On July 10, 2002, my brother and I saw something that we both had never seen before. My brother is 11 and I am 14. When we were swimming in our pool at 9:55 PM, and noticed how many planes there were in the sky. We counted four in about 6 minutes, then after a while we saw what appeared to be a very big white star. It started off like it was just rising. at this point I sent my brother in for the camera, but by the time he got out the so called star went flying at the speed a little faster than a plane. It flew northwest and out off sight and appeared to be "flying" at the same level as the airplanes. My brother Nolan said it was a spacecraft right after we saw it leave. I went up stairs to change into my PJs and I found my current event school papers that was about you. Thanks to Bryan and Nolan Rickard,

Editor's Note: Bryan, although your case needs further investigation, it could have been a bright landing light or if it moved faster than a plane it was possibly a UFO.


ATSION LAKE -- Evelyn Galson reports that several people riding in cars near Route 206 have spotted a single light similar to a locomotive's head light off in the distance on Wednesdays, June 26, and July 3, 2002. There is an abandoned rail line in the area that parallels the road. Suddenly the light appears to move down the track towards the cars. The witnesses are terrified by the huge light that now moves away from the tracks and hovers just above their cars. Frightened by the closeness of the giant light that seems only a few feet from the roof of the car the occupants report driving at high speeds to get away from the light. The light remains in close proximity to the cars during the high speed chase. Finally, the light seems to lose interest and departs. This general area has a long history of UFO reports.


Reading -- Kathy Noll reports, "I was at my brother's house for Father's Day on June 16, 2002, standing in the yard facing west at 11:00 PM, when I saw a bright white light in the sky." It was twice the size of Venus and moved from side to side and up and down, which could NOT have been an airplane. Then it suddenly disappeared. I drove around a bit in my car searching the sky but there was no sign of it. I have had computer problems ever since. Thanks to Kathy Noll.


ATLANTA -- On May 18, 2002, at about 2:30 PM, a former major airline pilot was sitting in his yard enjoying the clear sunny weather and observed a glint in the northwest sky. Upon closer examination, he saw a flying ball bearing or silver sphere. It was traveling "tremendously fast" and was easily observed against the clear blue sky. It was the size of a BB at arm's length. His observation lasted through 50 degrees horizontally in about seven seconds. The object flew a straight line course with no stops, starts or zigzags. Witness said that he estimated that the craft would have traveled horizon to horizon in about 20 seconds. The witness added that the speed indicated to him it was not any type of balloon or other craft with which he is familiar (keep in mind that the witness was an airline pilot for 24 years). Altitude estimation was not easy, but he stated that it appeared to possibly be above the normal Atlanta area commercial traffic. The witness stated that he was still alert to such events due to the fact that other 'unknowns' had been encountered during his flying career. A phone conversation with this witness confirmed the details he provided in his initial email. This case has been assigned for further inquiry to Mark Kravitz of Marietta Georgia. Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFONGA State Director.


GULF BREEZE -- Don Ware reports, "I got a phone report on July 7, 2002, of a UFO sighting over the sound in Gulf Breeze. At 8:15 a ruby red light 1/4 the size of the witnesses thumbnail came down from a stormy sky to the sound and was not seen after it went behind a boathouse. This was right after a strange storm cloud seemed to reverse direction. Don will speaking at the IUFOC Convention starting February 2, on "Planet X: A Philosophical View." Thanks to Lt. Col. Don Ware USAF ret.


BAYFIELD, MASON COUNTY -- Alan A. reports that on July 2, 2002, there was a dog barking a few miles away on a clear night at 3:32 AM. I was driving up the long driveway and to the north one star seemed to be brighter then the others. I know a little about stars, so I thought that it might be Jupiter, even though it looked too low in the sky. I parked my truck and looked up another time, and it was not there, I looked down for a second and looked back up and there it was. It was really bright and much closer than it was the first time. It was not moving, but it was now about 75 yards away, and 50 yards above the tree's. The light was white, at first I thought it might be a light from a helicopter, but it was not making any noise, and it was not moving. Then a second brighter light came on right next to the other one. I was amazed when all of a sudden it went out.

DUNDEE -- Danny N. reports, "I was on the public fishing pier at the Long Lake Campground on July 14, 2002, and observed a large sphere with green, blue and possibly red lights spaced evenly on it at 4:00 AM. It was high in the sky and moved slowly to the east. I could see several white blinking lights, although they were faded in color and they were some distance away from me. I had a nibble on my rod so I tended to that and when I looked up that object was gone but there was another object moving in the same direction. It was triangular in shape and had lights in rows of 1,3,5,7 in red, orange, and yellow colors. It was high in the sky and it also moved slowly to the east. Thanks to UFOwisconsin.


EVANSTON -- On June 18, 2002, the witness saw a white light floated over a baseball field for five minutes before he told someone else to pay attention. We looked across the entire sky at 9:15 PM, to make sure it wasn't any type of reflection. The circular object continued to float for ten more minutes before it started to drift away. The white lights were very bright and did not flash or blink and were much larger than an aircraft.

ROCKFORD -- On June 30, 2002, the witness was on his way to bed when he looked out the patio door and saw four lights in the sky. Three of the lights were white and bright and formed a flying triangle longer than wide. There was one light on each corner. A red light was in the middle towards the back. The object was heading northeast in a slightly circling line of travel moving about 30 mph. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


COUNCIL BLUFF -- A copier technician and friend on July 6, 2002, reports seeing ten or more UFOs flying above he backyard deck on Hartman Street from 10:16 to 10:30 PM. The UFOs were flying west and almost looked like they were going to run into each other but did not. The craft were at high altitude an estimated 30,000 feet. There was a commercial jet aircraft with flashing lights, but it did not seem to notice the UFO lights. The UFOs moved at a very fast pace in a straight line between each other. They look like very bright lights, that looks like a star moving across the sky. They had the brightness of an on coming train. Just picture a train coming down the track at night. Thanks to Stefan Duncan and


TULSA -- Reggie Borges Tulsa World staff writer reports, Henryetta residents felt tremors after seeing a large missile like object fly over on July 6, 2002, at 7:00 PM. Twenty people reported the tremors to the police after Shirley Brown and friends reported seeing the strange craft. The cylinder could have been some kind of space debris that later crashed.

BARTLESVILLE -- On July 10, 2002, my wife called me from where she works and asked me to please go outside and crank up the umbrellas she had positioned over her new plants to protect them from the 100 degree heat we had here today. I was outside cranking up the second umbrella around 1:30 PM and I looked in time to see a fast moving disc shaped object flying low to the northeast with two low zooming US fighter jets not too far behind it. Right after they passed by a giant sonic boom occurred that rattled everything so much even the trees quaked. When I came into the house a couple pictures and a mirror had fallen off the walls. I saw just a few minutes ago a news report saying that a blast was felt as far away as Tyro Kansas. A good 40 minute drive from here. The news says they don't yet know the cause of the blast, but I can tell you what it was. It was two jets in hot pursuit of something flying dangerously low for a populated area in my opinion. Thanks to


SOCORRO -- On June 19, 2002, two lighted objects showed themselves for nearly one hour. Two witnesses saw two sets of lights each having six lights in a side by side formation moving northward at about twenty-thousand feet up in the vicinity of the "Trinity" site where the first atomic bomb was exploded. They stayed in plain site long enough to call the police here in Socorro, but instead of taking a report, the dispatcher wanted to 'send 'a car around to talk to me. Lights were going on and off at about six-second intervals in unison on both crafts, with a speed going from slow to fast and back all during this time, this went on for most of the sighting time, until the lights just went out. Several minutes later they reappeared now slightly west of the original position, now going south until they disappeared. I went to police station next day, they gave me a weird look, and said it "was a weather balloon" from Alamogordo. Thanks to Peter Davenport.


MERCURY -- The exceptionally qualified witnesses were traveling in a two car convoy on Highway 95 east of Mercury, NV on both June 23 and 26, 2002, using 14 channel handheld radios, for communication between vehicles. On both the trip north and on the return trip south we noticed very strong broadband radio interference with both our radios for a period of tens of minutes 30 miles east of Area 51. I have tested these radios and they break the preset squelch at a distance of about 2 miles, broadcasting an estimated 500 mw at roughly 440 MHz. The interference we observed broke the squelch many times on the radios. If the distance between us and the transmitting antenna was 30 miles, the transmitter would have been transmitting at least 5 kW in a narrow band of one channel. I observed that the interference occurred in all 14 bands of our radios, so this would indicated a broadband transmission of at least 70 kW to achieve this phenomenon. The total power from the transmitter could be much higher, depending on the bandwidth. It is well known that typical military broadband radios transmit only a few watts or less. The only use I know of for very high power broadband radio transmissions is to transmit over extreme distances. I once calculated that I could transmit a receivable signal over 2 million miles (the distance to Mars at close approach) with only a few hundred milliwatt's of output power if I used a broad bandwidth of 10 MHz. I cannot guess what would require the kind of broadband power that I observed near Area 51. Thanks to NUFORC


ST. HELEN'S --On June 26, 2002, the witness woke up around 3:00 AM, and looked out the bedroom window and saw an object that measured about 1/16th of an inch, eight inches higher than my nine foot arborvitae hedge, which is ten feet from the house. The object first caught my eye as a white light, speeding left to right. It stopped and I could see what appeared to be white lights rotating around the disk like bottom. Then fifteen seconds later, it moved quite rapidly about four inches to the right and stopped. After thirty seconds it moved rapidly right to its original position. This was repeated four times. I watched for fifteen minutes.


MABTON -- The two objects flew very slowly and came towards us in a southwest direction on June 26, 2002. As they came closer at 10:50 PM, we saw four lights on each object with two lights in the center close together, and two on the edges. They made a very low and quiet rumble as it came closer. After ten minutes it turned northeast and I saw three green lights on the back of both objects with a flashing light on the right side. Thanks to NUFORC.

SPOKANE -- The witness reports seeing a strange light many times over the last year and half. On June 16, 2002, the light was seen close to my house at 10:00 PM, and is much brighter than the stars. It moves and hovers. I watched last night for over and hour before it faded away. On one occasion last October I saw a craft right over my house, travel very slowly to tree line, meet with another light, about a half mile from my house and hover there for less than an hour. When it was over my house it was blinking red and white. When it is at a distance, last evening for example, it is a bright white light. I live south of Spokane, just west and north of Spangle. I live on 10 acres in the open and have always noticed this light to the west of me. Editor's Note: A judge has also seen these lights and taken numerous photographs.


TORONTO -- Sue Darroch writes thank you for continuing to put out Filer's Files. It is very informative! We agree with your observations, that we do have several reports involving the lake that include submerging unknowns. I personally believe it is some sort of "UFO hotspot." I am 35 and have had two UFO sightings of my own -- eleven years apart and one at fairly close range that involved Lake Ontario and both were in close proximity to a nuclear generating station. One of these sightings was investigated by MUFON. A great book on the subject of Lake Ontario sightings is "Gateway To Oblivion" by the late Hugh Cochrane.

MUSKOKA -- On July 6, 2002, a couple had a sighting at 9:30 PM, while cruising on the lake they saw a very bright light off the port side of the boat in a westerly direction, about 35 degrees off the horizon. The witness reported, "I realized it was moving in the same direction as us at about the same speed passing some treetops. I sped up the boat to about 30 mph and sure enough the lighted object did the same thing, just enough to stay with us. My wife and I were amazed that it reacted. Was it a fluke? We slowed right down again to almost a stop and it did the same. I sped up and turned 180 degrees and watched it turn the same way in the same direction. It banked in the turn as opposed to an instant change of direction. I came to a stop and turned the lights out. It sat in the sky in one spot. I couldn't leave the lights off too long because another boat was coming along and passed me 200 feet off my starboard side. I thought the light might then pick up the other boat but it stayed still. My wife was feeling spooked so we decided to head back to the cottage. During this 5 minute trip our friend stayed with us. We tied up the boat and the object drifted slowly out of our site over the trees. Thanks to Sue Darroch Para-Researchers Of Ontario

Jennifer Jarvis of ORBWATCH has regular watches over the lake. Historical documents on her web site claim the orbs have been there for over 200 years. The "Quebec Gazette," of the 22nd December 1791, contains a letter giving an account of a violent earthquake that occurred on the 6th at Bay St. Paul and relating the fact that there were thirty shocks in one day. On the 17th, about five o'clock in the evening, "a globe of fire appearing to the eye of the size of a 48-pound cannon ball was observed in the sky coming from the northeast, disappearing in its perpendicular descent above St. Paul's Bay, after bursting with an explosion." This strange "great light" which Dr. Nooth observed on the evening of the 23rd may have been a repetition of the "globe of fire" of the 15th. See

SURREY, BC -- On June 20, 2002, the witness was out on his apartment balcony at 6:30 PM using his phone when he spotted a disc shaped craft that was silver on top, with a darker bottom. He grabbed his field glasses but was unable to detect a cupola on the craft. The sky was clear and he estimated that the UFO was about 3000' from him at an altitude of 500.' It was hovering and moving slowly S.S.E. when he first saw it. He watched it move behind a house and finally lost it from view when it headed south and disappeared behind some trees. Total viewing time 3 minutes. During the viewing period he had time to phone Terry Tibando, Vancouver Working Group Coordinator for CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) -- in Port Moody describing what he was watching. Thanks to Life Boat News,

ERIN TOWNSHIP, ONTARIO -- Crop Watch 2002, received a report of odd formation of possible 'symbols' in a wheat field found on July 13, 2002, by a local resident. The symbols are 60 meters (200 feet) long; difficult to tell specific shapes as only observed from ground. Also other very small markings are nearby with a symbols 3 to 4.5 meters (10 to 15 feet) in size, with the wheat stalks flattened in overlapping layers, with some stalks bent over. There are numerous bent and swollen nodes on stalks, about 1.5 times normal size. This is the sixth report for 2002.


MT. POPOCATPÉTL -- From watching the online webcam, At 12:32 GMT, on June 26, 2002, a circular reflective object crossed just up the main slope of Mt. Popo. It appeared to be glowing, just prior to sunrise. The address for the camera is at


MIAMI -- Susan "Sunset" Cerdan writes, "We had a wonderful meeting with a representative of Jerry Wills, the contactee who just returned from a year's stay in Peru. I talked to Jerry on the phone and he says the aliens are everywhere in that country, in Cusco, Lima, Machu Pichu, all over! It almost sounds like the same things that are going on in Tepoztlan, Mexico with contact Carlos Diaz, he tells us the aliens (who look like you and me, are all over Tepoztlan, just as they are in Peru. Bill Jones, a medical intuitive was here for our last meeting to tell us about the workshop Jerry will be teaching here on July 13, 2002, in Lantana, FL. The workshop will be, "An Advanced Healing Medical Intuitive Training". Jerry will be teaching things he has learned from his contact with the aliens. For further information contact Bill Jones at and Susan Cerdan at the FURST Group Vero Beach, FL


COLON -- Semanario Colón reports on July 12, 2002, that bovine, sporting non-traditional injuries, was found in a pasture. It was mutilated and this time cattle rustlers were not to blame. The government drafted an official report blaming the shy red-muzzled mouse. By comparison, popular tradition suggests the Chupacabras or aliens. Forti, a rancher from Colón had the fright of his life when he found his bovine with strange mutilations in his pasture. The parameters followed by the alleged mice in causing the wounds are identical to the ones repeated in hundreds of cases: precise cuts on the chest, the tongue extracted with admirable precision and the absence of genitalia.

ENTRE RIOS Province -- In the past two weeks, "strange low-altitude maneuvering lights' were seen. Saturday night, a resident of Parana filmed 15 lights which spun around in circles for ten minutes. The strangest case involved police officers in two squad cars at Routes 39 and 6. The officers saw a powerful light make maneuvers July 1st. I t approached the squad cars, producing "sparks similar to those of a photographer's flash"--a colorful spectacle full of "admirable" color bursts. At a given moment, the light pulled back and the vehicles stopped operating. The engines wouldn't turn over and the lights were off. Half an hour later, after the lights left, the police siren turned on "all of a sudden" and the engines responded to the ignition. The five occupants of both Renault 19 vehicles could find no explanation for what happened. The law enforcement personnel reached for their side arms, but the strange light was not impressed.

ESTEBAN ECHEVERRIA -- Residents notified the Squad Car Command last night after they saw strange lights changing colors and landing on the edge of the lagoon. Other lights seemed to land in the Monte Brown area and also in the proximity of the Fish and Nautical Club, where guests at a dinner held in the honor of racing fans caused the number of eyewitnesses to be even larger. Thousands of gallons of water are reported missing from tanks and reservoirs over night. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Translation (C) 2002 and


"Sri Lankan scientists say blue-white light UFOs reported by hundreds of villagers have been confirmed by a team of observers. A mysterious blue ball was first seen over historical ruins at Dimbulagala. Professor Chandana Jayaratne, an astrophysicist at the University of Colombo say, "The V-shaped beam of light travels at high-speed between locations and makes a buzzing noise similar to a bee." We cannot consider these stories as being fabricated. The light beam unlike any other we have seen before -- rotated, suddenly disappear and reappear a few seconds later 350 meters away. "We camped near the Parakrama Samudraya and an intense light beam emitting a 'V' came from the jungle." "It could change its direction to avoid colliding with trees and for three days we observed the same UFO." Daily News - Rashomi Silva. Thanks to FarShores


Jeff Challender has released the new video "What Is the Truth?". The second in a series of videos examining NASA and its space encounters with anomalous objects. The video features 102 events captured from 10 different shuttle flights. These events were culled from over 1400 hours raw footage of live NASA broadcast, recorded between October 2000 and April 2002. please specify vhs ($25), or dvd ($30). Available in ntsc, or pal. Send orders to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way Sacramento, CA 95833-2011

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