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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 24, 2002

George Filer:
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UFO SIGHTINGS CONTINUE: Cosmonauts claim extraterrestrials visit Earth, In 1952, alien armada flew over Washington, DC, Flying triangle seen in New York, Virginia policeman sees UFO, Wisconsin lights, Arizona red strobe lights, Nevada flying triangle, California cigars and lights, Canadian dark UFO, Chile UFO, Uruguay and Argentina's mutilations continue, Slovakia crop circles, Turkey military briefing, South Africa carries these files, and Philippine sighting. Space Shuttle anomalous images turns out to be reflections.


This weekend Earth will enter the outskirts of a cloud of comet debris marking the beginning of the annual Perseid meteor shower, which peaks on August 12th and 13th. The Perseids are one of the year's most inviting shows. Thanks to NASA

WATCH OUT FOR SPACESHIPS -- The International Space Station and friends continue to fly above Earth and you might get a glimpse. For locations and time see:


In Filer's Files #28, we reported that on June 8, 2002, at about 5 :35 PM, CDT, as the STS 111 Shuttle Endeavor was crossing the Atlantic, at the lower right part of the screen, four to six anomalous lights in a diamond shaped moved across the video screen. NASA investigated the lights and announced that the Multi Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) used for supplying the International Space Station has highly reflective tape on its grappling points. Lights shinning on the circular reflective tape combined with camera movement made it appear that anomalous lights were moving across the video screen. These reflections at first stumped several of the PROVE experts and myself. I agree with NASA's assessment that we were looking at the light reflections on the tape rather than objects in space. However, this explanation does not fit for hundreds of other moving objects in space and our atmosphere.

Jeff Challender, Dr. Oren Swearingen, and David Sereda have put together videos of hundreds of unidentified anomalous objects in space that astronauts and cosmonauts have privately acknowledged. Russian cosmonauts are much more willing to discuss their own sightings than our own astronauts.


GENNADIJ STREKHALOV aboard the MIR Space Station says, "On the last two flights I saw something. During the flight of 1990, I called Gennadij Manakov, our commander: "Come to the porthole. Unfortunately, but this is typical, we did not manage to put a film in the camera quickly enough to film it." We looked on Newfoundland and the atmosphere was completely clear. And suddenly a kind of sphere appeared. I want to compare it with a Christmas tree decoration, beautiful, shiny, glittering. I saw it for ten seconds. The sphere appeared in the same way as it disappeared again. What it was, what size it had, I don't know. There was nothing I could compare it with. I was like struck by lightning by this phenomenon. It was a perfect sphere, glittering like a Christmas tree decoration. I reported to the Mission Control Center, but I did not say that I have seen a UFO. I said I saw a kind of unusual phenomenon. I had to be careful with the choice of my words. I don't want someone to speculate too much or quote me wrong.

COSMONAUT VICTOR AFANASYEV'S DRAWING of an elongated flying triangle UFO seen flying formation in April 1979, with his space vehicle website is on my website. Victor states, "I think we are not alone, something of extraterrestrial origin has visited Earth." The alien craft turned toward ours, followed us and flew formation 25 to 29 meters away. We photographed the metallic engineering structure that was and 40 meters long. The film was later confiscated. See his drawing at


Washington Post staff writer Peter Carlson reports on Sunday that, In the control tower at Washington National Airport, Ed Nugent saw seven pale violet blips on his radar screen. What were they? Not planes -- at least not any planes that were supposed to be there. He summoned his boss, Harry G. Barnes, the head of National's air traffic controllers. "Here's a fleet of flying saucers for you," Nugent said, half-joking. Upstairs, in the tower's glass-enclosed top floor, controller Joe Zacko saw a strange blip streaking across his radar screen. It wasn't a bird. It wasn't a plane. What was it? He looked out the window and spotted a bright light hovering in the sky. He turned to his partner, Howard Cocklin, who was sitting three feet away. "Look at that bright light," Zacko said. "If you believe in flying saucers, that could sure be one." And then the light took off, zooming away at an incredible speed. "Did you see that?" Cocklin remembers saying. "What the hell was that?"

It was Saturday night, July 19, 1952, fifty years ago -- one of the most famous dates in the bizarre history of UFOs. Before the night was over, a pilot reported seeing unexplained objects, radar at two local Air Force bases -- Andrews and Bolling -- picked up the UFOs, and two Air Force F-94 jets streaked over Washington, searching for flying saucers. Then, a week later, it happened all over again -- more UFOs on the radar screen, more jets scrambled over Washington. Across America, the story of jets chasing UFOs over the White House knocked the Korean War and the presidential campaign off the front pages of newspapers. " 'Saucer' Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals," read the banner headline in The Washington Post. "JETS CHASE D.C. SKY GHOSTS," screamed the New York Daily News. "AERIAL WHATZITS BUZZ D.C. AGAIN!" shouted the Washington Daily News. As rumors spread, President Truman demanded to know what was flying over his house. Soon the federal government was fighting the UFOs with the most powerful weapons in the Washington arsenal -- bureaucracy, obfuscation and gobbledygook. That seemed to work. The UFOs never returned. Snip.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee isn't laughing. "One thing you have to understand: This is serious business," he says. "The skeptics like to make fun of us." Maccabee, 60, is a civilian physicist for the Navy and a prominent UFO believer. Maccabee buttresses his argument with an official government report. It's called "Quantitative Aspects of Mirages" and it was issued by the Air Force in 1969. "They proved in their own study that there wasn't enough temperature inversion to cause this effect," he says. "The Washington sightings cannot be explained as a radar mirage. "In the '70s, he filed the Freedom of Information Act request that led to the release of the FBI's file on UFOs. The file was called "Security Matter X" -- "the real X-Files," he says. Maccabee believes there were "solid objects" in the air over Washington 50 years ago. "And I think those solid objects were not made by us," he says. "And by us, I mean human beings." After 50 years, the debate over the Washington UFOs goes on and on. "You have dueling experts and dueling reports," says Kevin D. Randle, author of "Invasion Washington: UFOs Over the Capitol," a new book on the 1952 sightings. "One expert says it was temperature inversion. Another says it wasn't. In that situation, you have to refer back to the air traffic controllers and the pilots who actually saw the objects." Former controller Howard Cocklin is still convinced that he saw an object over National that night. "I saw it on the screen and out the window," he says. "It was a whitish-blue object. Not a light -- a solid form. An object. A saucer-shaped object." Now 83 and retired, Cocklin says he never saw anything like that saucer -- not before, not since. "It just went away," he says, sitting in an armchair in his Fairfax living room. "Where did it go? Why don't people see these things today? Why 50 years ago?" Thanks to Washington Post


SETI director Jill Tartar has told that she believes extraterrestrials could be present in our solar system. Her comments were made in a discussion about Fermi's Paradox, which states that, if there are extraterrestrials in the galaxy, then they must have colonized it. But there is no evidence of their presence here, therefore the implication is that they don't exist. Tartar says, "I would claim that we don't know that. We've so poorly explored even the local neighborhood of our solar system that there could well be probes, artifacts, even large, slow ships within our solar system that we wouldn't have detected yet. It's possible that there could be, in fact, within our solar system some evidence of an extraterrestrial technology. They may be here." Ms. Tartar also said that, she doesn't believe that they're "abducting Aunt Sally," but then makes the surprising comment that there have been attempts to find ships that might be on long-term station in our solar system at points of minimal gravity, using both reflected light and radar observation. There are many places that large ships could be located that would be very difficult for us to detect, such as in the asteroid belt or the rings of Saturn. They could be virtually indistinguishable from local objects if hidden in such places. Tartar's comments reflect an increasing openness among astronomers to the idea that an extraterrestrial presence in our solar system isn't impossible. This is because the assumptions in Drake's Equation, which basically says that extraterrestrial life would be extremely rare, are being called into question by the large number of planets that are being discovered orbiting other stars. Thanks to Spacecom.

Editor's Note: Enrico Firmi was at Los Alamos where UFOs were being sighted almost daily, when he is said to have asked the question in the late 1940s, "Where are they? His reasoning was that if technically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are prevalent, some of them ought to migrate to other star systems colonizing new planets as they go. In a million years they could colonize an entire galaxy.


SELDEN -- On June 27, 2002, at 10:25 PM, the witness went outside to get something out of his car, and noticed there were four lights shaped as a circle in the sky. It was flying in some kind of formation. He ran inside got his video camera and recorded about three minutes of footage. The flying triangle had four bright lights in the sky. It was maybe a couple of football fields away on a 90 degree angle. They were moving in a fashion of a triangle or a square, they were close enough to illuminate the street I was standing on. I'm still trying to give some kind of reason for this, but I don't know how they just disappeared after three minutes without a trace. I'm in shock. My video camera died in middle of taping and it was not the batteries that were fully charged. I'm scared and shocked. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


BERRYVILLE -- The witness was standing on the front porch on June 29, 2002, talking on the phone when a bright kind of fluorescent light flew over the house. It flew from the back and it went halfway out to my yard. It was about 10 PM, dark outside and I really freaked out. It was dead silent -- that's what is so weird. Everything was lit up for about ten seconds and then it was gone. The light flew in a straight line -- really weird! My house is kind of secluded with lots of land around it. This was like a scene from a science fiction movie and I don't even like those kind of movies! I know what I saw and I have never believed in UFO's.

MOUNTAINS -- On July 15, 2002, my husband a police officer went to check on our cabin in Western Virginia. He was on the balcony looking out through the woods and spotted a very white ball of light clicking on and off and moving around very fast. It was not a firefly as it was too big, but more the size of a flashlight. At night out there you can hear every little noise so if it had been a person he would have seen them moving and heard the crunch of the gravel under their feet. Finally the object just went away very fast...maybe it clicked off. He is not sure about the ending. So since the ending was vague, I decided to check him and see if there was any new marks on his body. Sure enough he has a brand new scar, very dark in color shaped like a boomerang right above his ankle. He can't explain how he got this. He thinks it is an old injury that has suddenly changed color and become prominent again? I don't buy that, but that is his story. Pam


TRAVELERS REST -- The witnesses walked out on the back porch at 10:00 PM to watch the thunder storms and heat lighting on June 30, 2002. To the northwest they could see a bright light reddish in color almost like the color red star in Orion. The witness states, "I observed it for a while thinking it maybe was a plane, but after a while I noticed no movement. I could see local aircraft moving in and out of cloud cover, but this object was just hovering there. I used our binoculars and the object moved very fast up and down leaving light trails behind it. My girlfriend claims they return every summer. It had to be a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


KALAMAZOO TO MUSKEGON -- On June 2,,2002, the witness reports, "We were driving home and when got to Kalamazoo at 9:30 PM, I noticed a UFO in the western sky with lights all over it. Although it was pretty far up, the lights looked red, orange, white and a bluish-green color. It looked like other small craft were coming out of it or beams of light were shooting off. It pretty much stayed with us for about two hours. As we neared Muskegon it looked as though it was going towards Lake Michigan, it got smaller and disappeared. The next night from my father's house in North Muskegon, we spotted the same object near the moon. My father said, "He had seen two of the same type 30 years ago. One of them shot a laser and hit the other one, and then they both disappeared." The third night, the UFO just twirled around and moved a little. Later, we saw four of them through the telescope that had three circular things underneath twirling clockwise, almost like balls of fire. On June 26, we drove to Lake Michigan and saw two lights just over the water. Thanks to Peter Davenport


MILWAUKEE -- Bruce S says, "I was at a cookout at my friends house on July 14, 2002, and we were helping my buddies daughter track down jets in the sky. At around 5:45 P.M. (it was sunny and clear) my cousin saw a jet and pointed it out to the child. He then stated to me, " What's that next to the jet?" I looked and I figured it was Venus or a new supernova or something. We argued back and forth whether or not the thing was moving, and eventually it started to move. I kept track of it for 2-3 min. and watched it slowly fade away. Now I know well enough that you cannot see "normal" stars in clear daylight, I know what a plane looks like and it definitely was no bird. There were 3 other witnesses also. The object looked like a normal white star, with no pulsing. It's distance was very, very high. It's motion was very slow, with a slow fade. Thanks to UFOWisconsin


PHOENIX -- On June 16, 2002, Ken Cohagen I walked out side a little after 9 PM, and saw a bright star-like object moving east across the sky. It didn't appear to be a conventional aircraft as there were no blinking marker lights visible. It flew along the same flight path and altitude as the commercial aircraft. At first I thought it could be a satellite but as the object passed through Orion's belt, its light intensified for a few seconds. The object continued on for several seconds while becoming dimmer and seemed to disappear. A minute later a flashing red strobe light appeared in the exact spot that the original object vanished from. The object reversed its course and traveled back in the exact flight path it had taken before. Within a few minutes I lost sight of the object in the smoggy haze. The event lasted 5 minutes. Thanks to Ken Cohagen


RACHEL -- Ike Bishop writes, "The sightings were incredible, we saw the "Black Triangle" three consecutive nights. The first night the sighting lasted for 1 1/2 hours, so got a good look at it. I am sure it came from 51 or was destined there as we saw it rise from the area of S-4 on the third night. The craft looked to be much larger than the reported 600 feet in width. We estimated it to be closer to a half mile in width as it filled some of the familiar saddles of the mountains as it passed through. The thing moved very slowly, each night, and the technology must be incredible as there is no sound at all. We were three to four miles from the craft. The silver and blue corona of flashes make it difficult to photograph, but we did get video, as did the CBS crew I was there with. The other two sightings were interesting. One was a silver ball 30 to 40 feet in diameter which moved through the valley in daylight. The other was the so called "fastmover" which is being tested in the valley. It came directly over our pickup at about 3000 feet on its approach to land at Groom. It was sort of oval in shape from the bottom and had a V shaped tail section similar to the "Pumpkinseed craft." It had an orange glow on the bottom, and a blue flame from the exhausts. It was quite noisy, similar to the Stealth Fighter. We have seen it before in the valley at about 35,000 feet or higher but could see only vapor trail at that point. It is extremely fast. Thanks to Ike Bishop Idaho MUFON State director,


CLAREMONT -- Two distant three-sectioned cigar-shaped white UFOs were observed on June 23, 2002, around sunset. Two witnesses observed two very distant UFOs about 65 degrees above the northern horizon. They were cigar-shaped to the naked eye, but with binoculars they could be seen to have three sections. They were white, as seen in reflected sunlight and were a little smaller than a high-altitude jet and they drifted very slowly east. At one point a plane approached one of the objects and flew in its vicinity for several minutes. Finally the objects themselves became fainter and disappeared from view.

MARTINEZ -- An exceptionally credible witness observed a large glowing ovoid at 2:25 AM, that descended rapidly on June 29, 2002. It descended from the south at a 35 degree angle and disappeared behind the ridge west of town. It was a glowing yellow in color and was roughly ovoid in shape and the size of my little finger nail held at arm's length. I got the impression that it was a large object about five miles away before disappearing behind the ridge. I would be interested in knowing if any other San Francisco Bay Area residents saw this object?

NAPA -- I saw three silver orbs in color apparently reflecting sunlight on June 29, 2002, moving swiftly across the sky. The first was not as bright but the second and third ones were very bright but small. They appeared to be very high in the atmosphere and changed directions very quickly. I did not see all three orbs at the same time, it may have been one Orb crisscrossing.

LOS ANGELES -- An antique dealer was sitting in a friends home on Crestview Drive at the very top of the Santa Monica Mountain Range on June 29, 2002. He noticed an orange colored cone shaped object slowly pulsating moving west to south around 3:45 AM near a large Radio tower. The witness states, "I was looking off to the west and a cone shaped bright orange to red light appeared to turn in a right to left motion. I was looking a half mile away toward a hillside that is undeveloped. It moved to the left four car lengths and flew around for twenty minutes. Thanks to NUFORC


WEST VANCOUVER, BC -- On June 29, 2002, stingray shaped sphere glided in from the northeast at 7:05 AM. Witnesses said, "At first, we thought it was a piece of four feet square plastic in the shape of a white sting ray fish. It passed in front of our apartment and swooped down over the water to approximately 100 feet for about ten seconds. Then it climbed towards the northwest and disappeared into the clouds about 2/3 miles away. While I watched, my girlfriend saw it through the binoculars, and said it was gray/black on one side. We called the West Vancouver Police and reported the object=. There was no wind.


VILLARICA -- El "Diario Austral" de La Arucaní reports on July 10, 2002, dozens of families saw a UFO over the city. In the control booth of Radio Apumanque, announcer Patricio Castillo, was playing music when at 21:15 hours, when the station's phone began to ring. The radio controller heard the voice of his coworker Pilar Castillo, asking him to look out the window because there was a very strange object in the sky. Patricio saw the strange object in the dark and rainy winter night. "I looked and I saw a luminous object hovering with three red lights and then it made a very swift movement. I looked away to play a song and it was gone," he explained.

The object was seen from several points of the Lake Region by hundreds of people. Alberto Sandoval of Radio Pianisima, while playing ranchero songs was also notified about the UFOs. He grabbed his camera and managed to film a luminous sphere. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Translation (C) 2002 and


SALTO -- Diario "El Argentino" (Gualeguaychú-Entre Ríos) Sunday, July 14, 2002, reports A resident of Salto is still astonished after finding mutilated sheep. Two sheep were found dead on the property of Walter Antonio Remedi, located at Colonia Gestido. The man found a dead sheep with mutilations with missing an ear, an eye, the tongue and all of the flesh on the left side of the head. A swath of black fur and a lump of fat were found at its side, and 500 meters away, a second dead sheep was found with similar injuries. There were no signs of spilled blood. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology and


SUCO -- El Diario News reports, that on June 28, 2002, very near the border with San Luis Province a well-respected livestock producer found 19 dead animals within an Australian-type water tank. These tanks are steel-sided, sheet metal with a conical cap. Nine of the bovines were dead, according to subsequent medical-veterinarian examinations due to asphyxiation through immersion. The rest were alive, but affected by the low temperatures and were near dead due to freezing. The news was confirmed by police officials of Regional Unit 7, headquartered at Rio Cuarto. What no one can explain is how the 19 animals could have entered the enormous water tank, bearing in mind that they first had to cross an electric drover (sic), then a 1.50 meter tall fence, and finally, "jump" over the tank wall. Later, farmhands found a mutilated cow that had given birth to a calf. The cow was stressed showing burns and precise incisions in different parts of her carcass, as though experts had deftly used a special scalpel. These cases, according Dr. Cumin, have been investigated from the onset by veterinarians from the National University of Rio Cuarto. Ufologists posited the challenging possibility that teleportation occurred moving the 19 animals of large size and weight from their cow pen into the tank. Government authorities who have been blaming red-muzzled mice for the mutilations now must explain how the mice carried the bovines into the tank.

SALLIQUELO -- Headlines announced new animal mutilations, "Mouse nowhere to be seen." Aniceto Fernández's calf was found with incisions identical to other mutilations on a farm adjacent to his own? The owner believed that the animal fled or was carried to the neighboring property. The phenomenon continues with reports of alien creatures being spotted near mutilations.

MISSION LAISH -- Livestock producer Luis Fernandez visited the Colonia Yataí Police Barracks to report nine more cattle mutilations in his field that holds 1400 animals bring the total to 21 in the last 60 days. The animals' hides had a total lack of coloration bordering on the transparent while normal hides are opaque and hard. The mutilated cows were brought in to feed the dogs who are used to eating anything but they would not eat the meat. The meat had turned black, and "not even flies" came close. Thanks to El Diario del Sur de Cordoba-Villa Maria 7/9/02.


NITRA-DRAZOVICE -- Pravda reports the discovery of three large crop circles by glider pilots engaged in an international competition. These are the first pictograms since 2000. According to expert Miroslav Karlik, these crop circles are not faked and would not have been found except for the pilots. "Rings with diameters of 15.5 meters, 7.40 meters, and 6.30 meters connected via half-meter wide paths were visible only from a bird's eye perspective. No curious crowds had trampled them, and so they could be examined" said Karlik. Had it not been, nobody would have seen it. The crop pictogram did not exhibit any increased radiation, which has been typical of most crop circles in foreign countries. Ufologists report pictograms are an undeciphered messages from extraterrestrials. Karlik says nearly 80 percent of sightings are tied to strategic objects, such as power plants. Six eyewitnesses and the director of the UFO Club of Trnava says, "We saw a slow-moving triangle with red lights that flew to the electrical plant and then returned seven times. Thanks to Farshores and Nitra Radosovice 7/13/02.


ISTANBUL -- On 5 June 2002, Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center Chairman was invited to Foreign Languages Department at Navy Headquarters to give a lecture to 70+ high ranking officers. During the conference, written and visual evidence was presented to Navy and Air Force officers. The Turkish military has been studying the UFO cases for many years, but due to their secrecy policies, UFO truth had not being disclosed openly to the public. For this reason, military authorities wanted lecture closed to the news media. Despite Turkish military secrecy, their cooperation is very positive for the future of disclosure of the "UFO Reality" in Turkey. Also, an interview with Haktan Akdogan is due to be published in the army magazine "Skylight." Thanks to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center and International UFO Museum.


Cristo Louw writes, "Grrreat day to you! Thanks for the communication and I definitely do NOT mind sharing info. I live out my passion of sharing information of how extraterrestrials have always been interacting with us humans and how we need to become a conscious member in our galactic family. My motivations are akin to your "Disclosure Project" and to obtain credible witnesses. You're most welcome to use anything on my site.

PRETORIA -- On June 30, 2002, Chris Barkhuizen spotted a silver disk approached at a speed five times faster than commercial jets at 4 PM. Thanks to SAUFOR (South Africa's UFO Resource)


MINDANAO -- On June 28, 2002, at 1:30 PM, Eleazar H. Allen and his fellow workers at the Dole Plantation in Polomolok, saw a bright gleam and he reports, "We saw it was coming from the south and was about the size of an A-320 Airbus without wings, approaching at high speed for at least five seconds. Then it abruptly backed away at a speed ten times faster until it was gone." He added that the UFO "was silvery with metal strips along the back, like a wingless jumbo jet. It was approaching at about 150 miles per hour and departing at ten times that speed. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 7, #28, 7/9/02 Editor: Joseph Trainor


Jeff Challender has released the new video "What Is the Truth?". The second video examining NASA and its space encounters with 102 anomalous objects. These events were culled from 1400+ hours raw footage of ten live Shuttle flight broadcasts between Oct. 2000 and April 2002. please specify vhs ($25), or dvd ($30). Available in ntsc, or pal. Send orders to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way Sacramento, CA 95833-2011


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