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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 21, 2002

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report some of the video and eye witness evidence that occurs on a daily basis of UFOs. These include landings, crop circles, mutilations, near misses and encounters. Todd Zechel's report on cylinder recovery. NASA's Spacecraft Contour missing, Maine moving lights, Massachusetts flying triangle, Connecticut dark sphere, New York daylight disk, Pennsylvania flying triangle, Maryland red lights, Virginia dancing lights, Georgia flying lights, Alabama flying triangle, Florida disc, Illinois lights, Colorado lights, Nevada flying boxes, Washington egg near Blue Angles, Canadian UFOs, Argentina mutilations, English alien face, Greek landing, Ukrainian Air Show UFO and alien creature causes riots in India.


W. Todd Zechel writes, "Regarding Filer's Files #33 and Canadian UFO expert Wilbert Smith (who claimed UFOs were the most highly classified subject in the United States Government) died of brain tumors." I worked on a case involving a now-deceased CIA guided missile expert and Patent Attorney for Werner Von Braun and Herman Oberth, Commander. Alvin Moore, who recovered a mysterious broken-off cylinder on his property in Virginia around the time of the 1952 flap, and after a UFO had followed an airliner en route from Martinsburg, W. Va., to Washington, DC, and was tracked suddenly dropping off air traffic control radarscopes. Over 20 years ago I wrote about this case, first for SAGA'S UFO REPORT and then FATE. I had become friends with Moore through Art Lundahl, founder and original Director of the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center, also my friend and UFOlogical mentor. Lundahl and Moore, both former Navy officers, served together in the local Navy Reserve unit and in the CIA. Moore met Captain Donald Goodspeed of Canadian Army Intelligence at CIA Hqs, where Goodspeed was liaison. He gave Goodspeed the mysterious cylinder to take back to Canada for study by Project Magnet and Wilbert Smith.

Lundahl later learned through CIA sources that the physical evidence had been studied by the A.V. Roe Company, which was then under contract with the USAF to build a 'flying saucer,' in what became known as the AVRO Disc &#34 Eventually the material was returned to Moore, but shortly turned up missing from his CIA office safe after the Director of the Office of Scientific Intelligence, Marshall Chadwell, had asked to examine it and then returned it to Moore. Neither the USAF or the Canadians or the National Bureau of Standards ever could identify the material, although the Bureau said, it was not a meteorite or a natural substance. Only Howard Cross of Battelle, for the USAF, said he thought it might be from an open hearth furnace--which made no sense in light of the fact it had come crashing from the sky, damaging trees, and embedding itself in the ground, where Moore's caretakers found it. There was a picture of the object in the Blue Book files at the National Archives, as well as the Forest Service agent Edward Crocker's report about the tree damage. Who knows what's left now?

In 1967, Dr. Condon and Robert Low and others from the Condon Committee came to the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) to confer with Director Art Lundahl, who told them he needed good UFO pictures or films to study. Condon subsequently put out a press release announcing to the public that the Condon Committee was seeking UFO photographic evidence to study. He left out, however, that this evidence was being obtained for the CIA for it to study. While at NPIC, Lundahl told Robert Low about the Alvin Moore physical evidence case. Low talked to Moore, who explained he no longer had the material, but said he had submitted a full report to Project Blue Book, including a photograph of the object and Forest Service agent Crocker's report. Subsequent to this, the USAF told Low they had no such records of the case--which was a lie--and the Condon Committee never even mentioned the case in its report, presumably concluding the two distinguished CIA men were somehow lying, but not the USAF! I subsequently not only found Moore's report in the Blue Book files, but interviewed scientists at the National Bureau of Standards who had examined the material and issued their own report stating it was not a meteorite or an identifiable natural substance. Thanks to W. Todd Zechel, Director of Operations, Associated Investigators Group


NASA's missing $159 million Contour solid-propellant spacecraft STAR 30 apparently broke in two pieces as it hurtled away from Earth. Mission director Robert Farquhar said, "Kitt Peak telescope images show two parallel trails indicating the comet-chasing spacecraft has split in two. If they were pieces of the spacecraft, they were moving slightly slower than expected, he said. Mission officials planned to attempt to have a giant radar antenna at the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico and the Goldstone radar station in the California desert bounce signals off the objects. Thanks to NASA.


BROOKSVILLE - Sergeant Peter Carminati reports, "I live just in from the coast twelve miles south of Blue Hill in a hilly area. I see this thing on clear nights as three separate white lights with a large center light about 75 degrees up in the northwest quadrant of the sky. The other two lights are smaller, but appear to be equal size and are port and starboard positioned a little to the rear. I first noticed this on July 29, 2002, and it is still there in the same position. I checked Google for the Space Station and that's not it. The following events were observed on different nights: 1. A thin beam of white light shot up 90 degrees perpendicular to its relevant position in a two-second flash. Assuming this thing is about 300 miles up, that light beam may have been about 50 to 60 miles in length. 2. A thin beam of white two-second flash shot downward about 75 degrees to starboard. 3. The tripod of lights are in a "right bank" position, some 15 degrees off the horizontal. 4. The movement is so slow, it seems to be in a geosynchronous orbit over the Quebec/Maine Border in the Thetford Mines area. It takes two hours for it to move a short 5 to 7 degrees toward the north between 10 and Midnight. On humid nights it is smaller, but goes hyper with uneven zip flashing. Thanks to SSgt, Peter Carminati USAF (Ret)


FITCHBURG -- NUFORC reports that on August 12, 2002, the witness saw a triangle shaped object hovering between apple trees on a hill that overlooks his backyard at 7:30 AM. The object then rose from the ground level to 300 feet up over the tree line in less that a second. The witness woke his son and pointed to the object. He ran downstairs and grabbed his digital Olympus camera running into his back yard. The witness states, "The object had moved 200 yards east and I snapped six pictures of a triangular object that I cannot explain. There was no wind, there was no sound and it moved faster than any object I have seen. It seemed to spin like a top. After examining the pictures at 800X, we noticed a white field around the object that looked very interesting. Thanks to Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ROXBURY -- The witness reports on August 11, 2002, "I was in the back yard at dusk when I looked up to observe a private plane flying over head, I then noticed a second higher flying dark gray to black craft that was the shape of a squashed sphere. There was a lump on the bottom center of the metallic craft that was traveling north smoothly and without a sound. This object did not appear to be a balloon as it traveled much faster, but there was no sound. I ran to the house for binoculars and sure enough it was indeed round (spherical) in shape. My wife and I watched until it disappeared to the north. Thanks to Peter Davenport


NEW YORK -- Peter Davenport spoke to this quite convincing observer who stated, "I was having lunch on my terrace that over looks the Empire State Building on August 10, 2002, around 1:45 in the afternoon when I saw a disk shape flying object to the left of the building. I grabbed my camera and began recording. The object then flew up along the building and then zoomed away to the right at a speed of light. Following that I saw another object even higher in the sky zooming away at a speed of light. Incredibly I have all of it on tape. Thanks to Peter Davenport


SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- On August 3, 2002, about 11 PM, a witness reported seeing a triangular shaped object, appear in the east, and move west at a high rate of speed across the entire sky. The high altitude object was faintly lighted, and larger than a nickel at arm's length.

BEAVER COUNTY -- The wife was awakened at 3:45 AM, on August 4, 2002, when a bright round object could be seen about 100 feet from the house behind a tree. She woke her husband and they saw the object hovering at 50 feet high. At first they thought it was the moon, but realized it was too large, and too low. It illuminated the field with a whitish glow. Thanks to Stan Gordon who is holding a National UFO Information Week Display on August 24, at Westmoreland Mall, Route 30 East in Greensburg, PA


CHURCHVILLE -- As the witness came out of the "Signs" movie at 9:30 PM on August 3, 2002, he happened to look up and above the tree line in the parking lot he saw three bright red lights with a little white light at each end. " I just stood there with my mouth open, trying to see what it was and it changed into a little dim light and then disappeared. In the movie aliens invade Earth, was this the Power of suggestion?


LURAY BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS -- On August 7, 2002, at around 10:30 PM, I looked into the night sky and noticed two flashing objects in the sky over Skyline Drive here in Luray. Two objects were flashing red and white lights, possibly blue or green as well. And they were moving in ways that I've never seen anything move before. They would suddenly jerk to the left or right, constantly varying speed and direction. The objects moved in and out of a patch of clouds. For over two hours. These were soon joined by 5 or 6 more objects that included smaller triangle orange-white lights that didn't blink or strobe like the others. The strobing objects flashed in an irregular pattern. When they would go into the cloud, you could see flashes like heat lightning. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LAGRANGE -- Tom Sheets MUFONGA reports that a lady who grew up attending air shows with her father a 33 year veteran Captain for a major airline. She has been observing a white star-like lights flying all around the Troup County sky, performing aerial acrobatics at high speeds beyond the capability of any aircraft she's ever seen. The witness says she can quickly identify normal aircraft lights, and these are very different. The lights will grow larger and larger and move until it's almost overhead, then it will hover, and change to a different color, then shrink in size in about one-second, becoming a pinpoint of white light again as it flies off. They change to orange, green and red, and they seem to be very close during those times, but there is no sound. It is obvious the witness knows aviation and aircraft thoroughly, and some parts of what she has described just does not fit the category of 'misidentified aircraft. Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFONGA


PALM COAST -- On the evening of August 7, 2002, disk shaped objects with colors of blue, green, orange, yellow and white were spotted. Blues and reds were more easily visible. One was in the northeast and the other in the southeast sky. Not that high on the horizon. They looked round at first, but upon high magnification, they were more flat and the lights were in a straight line. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HAZEL GREEN -- On August 2, 2002, a couple were on the back porch to watch an electrical storm was moving in. They report, "It was only lighting but we thought it was like having our own free fire works display." We could still see the stars above us but the lightning storm was all around our city with just this clear spot in the middle. After watching the storm for a while we both noticed what looked like a car with its high beams in the sky off to the northeast. It moved our way slowly and made no noise until it was right above us. We could clearly see, it was a flying triangle with two bright lights on the front with three white lights in a circle underneath with a red light in the center. It was about fifty feet off the ground and traveling southwest very slowly (too slow for an airplane). I used to be in the army and I know the sounds of both airplanes and helicopters and the hum from this craft was not the same. As soon as it went back into the storm clouds, the wind started blowing at a high rate and within a minute after it disappeared the storm just stopped. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BARRINGTON -- On August 7, 2002, the witness was sitting on his deck on a clear evening at 10:34 PM, when he noticed a bright yellow satellite light at the lower left of the Big Dipper. This light was brighter than the star Lyra. I used a 10x70 pair of binoculars and did not see the usual red and green lights of an aircraft. The brightness began to fade quickly after it traveled about 20 degrees towards the North star and faded out. At 10:37 PM, a similar bright star-like object moved south from the Dipper bowl and traversed about 15 degrees before it too, faded. Both objects were yellow, and disappeared after moving toward the zenith 15-20 degrees. I've seen many satellites blink and flash as they roll, but they are always white in color and never this bright or yellow in color. Thanks to Peter Davenport


BRECKENRIDGE -- My girlfriend and I sat on the edge of a stream, just watching the water and listening to the trees. At the same time, we both looked the middle of the afternoon, and were totally mesmerized by the sight of a HUGE disk floating silently the midst of some light cloud cover in the rocky mountains. The disk was gray/sand in color and had no lights whatsoever. It was approximately 100 yards in diameter and floated slowly over us at an altitude of approximately 1500 feet. My girlfriend and I did not discuss the event for two weeks Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

DENVER -- After 45 years of being interested in UFOs, I finally saw one, or rather, three. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science organized an astronomy camp-out August 9-10, to view the Perseid meteor shower from the mountains. We were camped out in tents on a perfect viewing night. I was looking straight up to the zenith around 3:00 AM, when I saw three orange point-lights. They traveled east to about 45 degrees elevation where they were lost in the light from Denver. The objects were not stars or planets. Autokinesis can make such objects move around a lot within a small area, but not traverse 45 degrees of arc. They were not meteors, which last only seconds since I watched for at least a minute. They were self-luminous, because it was 3 AM. The objects could have been high altitude aircraft but I suspect they were not due to their formation. Two objects were forward, one a little behind the other, and the third was way back from the other two. Aircraft flying in formation normally maintain equal distances from one another. The objects were in a triangular formation in which no side of the triangle was the same length as any other side. Thanks to Dr. Richard DeTar Pangurcat


HENDERSON -- The witness saw a light illuminating his backyard, which then turned into two square intersecting boxes at 11:30 PM on August 2, 2002. He says, "I looked out my sliding glass door and saw a large bright light shining through the trees in my backyard. Then the light turned into an object in the sky that resembled two square boxes, intersecting each other, with lights surrounding the boxes. The object began to move to the east and turned back into a bright light, and made a loud rumbling noise, similar to that of an airplane. It drifted off toward the east until I could see it no longer.


SEATTLE -- While on top of an eight story building on August 2, 2002, I was watching the Navy Blue Angels flying team practice when a white egg shaped UFO flew by moving from south to north at 12:30 PM. Commercial planes fly through this space quite a bit, but this was at least three times higher moving at about the same speed as a 777 jet aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport


TORONTO -- My uncle was looking up at a helicopter on August 4, 2002, when he saw a small circle being followed by a larger circle flying in formation. At 5:00 PM, they were stationary for about ten minutes and the smaller one disappeared and a minute later the bigger one split into two and vanished. After a short period of time many more objects started flying across the sky and then vanished. They circled back and continued flying for 35 minutes. They were stationary in different spots in the sky. Looking at them with binoculars they were two crafts close together. My theory is if they were UFOs, they were watching a large gathering of nearly a million people. They moved much faster than the planes approaching or leaving the airport.

EDMONTON -- The witness had just gotten out of work on August 3, 2002, and was waiting at a bus stop at midnight. He states, "I heard an odd buzzing noise, and looked up to see a small silver disk floating several feet above me. I could not define the size of the craft, as it appeared to be both near and far away. The object jutted back and forth and moved extremely fast in different directions. After doing so it sort of blinked a blinding blue light and shot straight into the sky.

HOUSTON AND SMITHERS BC -- Brian Vike drove 40 minutes, to interview a retired teacher and her civil engineer son. They saw an object shoot across the Telkwa Mountains on July 29, 2002, they will never forget. Her son gave out a loud yell and she immediately looked up and saw a HUGE, bright, glowing white/yellowish oval object flying across the sky at low level. She said, "I couldn't move, I was in shock and it was slightly oval, kind of walnut shape that had intense brightness. It would be like a round circle stretched. At arm's length it was the size of her finger nail. It was "just" above the timber, and the object shot down the valley one and half miles away heading southwest at a quick pace. Thanks to Brian Vikes HBCC UFO Research -


EL CHURCHAL -- "The discovery of three dead burros, showing signs of mutilation, raised the number to seven in Jujuy province. The animals, belonging to Miguelina Martinez were found lying in a pasture field. One of them was missing an eye, another the tail and the anus, while the third one, was missing its fetus."

EL NAUCO RANCH -- During the last two months six cows and four bulls have been found mutilated on the ranch. Aside from bovines, which are involved in 90 percent of these events, horses, pigs, sheep, guanacos and wild boars have also been mutilated." Thanks to Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi


WINCHESTER, HAMPSHIRE -- On August 15, 2002, an 'impressive' new formation about 600 feet long of a clearly non-human face was spotted of almost photographic quality. Like the Chilbolton "face" and "Aericibo" crop circles of last year, it is composed of dot matrix tufts of wheat. Lucy Pringle flew over the formation, confirming its location at Crabwood Farm near Pitt. The alien face looks rather menacing and is holding something that looks like a CD disc that contains a possible code. Skywatch reports that Steve Clementson visited the alien face crop formation and the scan lines and Gizmo polarity are aligned to Stone Henge. This is because the received signals are neither strictly electrostatic, nor strictly electromagnetic, but affect either. Due to the close proximity of transmission masts, all of which bristled with microwave antenna, Paul was able to detect a strong RF transmission at 1500 megahertz. The terrain is very uneven, being on the side of a hill and you cannot see the whole formation at once. Attempting to hoax this formation would have been very difficult. People visiting the formation claim they feel sick. The circle appears to contain a deciphered code that allegedly states:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. (damaged word). there is good out there. We oppose deception." See story on decryption at: Thanks to Bill Hamilton Skywatch International, Inc.


The Italian Center for UFO Studies reports there were 46 sightings catalogued for July, compared with 43 cases in May and 41 in June (and as opposed to a mean 38 monthly reports during the first half of the year). Most of the reports are in the Veneto region with 30 sightings. Thanks to Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici


KOZYAKA -- According to the Athens News Agency, "Dozens of peasants saw a UFO land in a farm field near Trikala in northern Greece during the morning hours of August 7, 2002." "The flying object was disc-shaped and 10 meters [33 feet} in diameter, with hundreds of small portholes on it. The UFO landed and left traces on the field." The villagers described the flying saucer which caused enormous light flashes and made unusual maneuvers. Thanks to Haktan Akdogan of Sirius Space Sciences Research Center of Istanbul.


Last weeks Russian Dog Fight story in Filer's Files #33 apparently is the rehash of a year old May 31, report. Russian researchers do not know Vickie York or how she got this story.


LVIV -- According to preliminary conclusions of the Ukrainian Commission of the air show crash at "Sknyliv" airdrome killing 76 and wounding 241 on July 27; the crash took place due to numerous violations and faults of the show organizers, military and Lviv authorities. The President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma listened to the report of Ye.Marchuk about the preliminary conclusions that confirmed the crash was caused by pilots who deviated from their task. Ukrainian Minister of Defense Volodymyr Shkidchenko does not exclude the possibility that many will be removed from the Armed Forces of the Ukraine.

The immediate causes of the air crash are: first -- a mistake of the "Su-27" crew in their piloting technique during performance of the unplanned element; second -- unsatisfactory control of the crew's operations, conducting of flights a direct non-fulfillment of duties by Anatoliy Tretyakov and Yuri Yatsyuk. The deciphering of the "black box" completely confirms the words of experts. The pilots saw "Sknyliv" at 12.43. Within 5 seconds deputy commander of the 14th Air Corps A. Tretyakov allowed them to perform their flight task. Nine seconds later Volodymyr Toponar made a first step towards the catastrophe, which is confirmed by the statement of the second pilot Yuri Yehorov: "Vova, why should we go there". Assistant director of the flights in the pilotage area Yu.Yatsyuk did not notice the violation and allows the pilotage. Another recording of the flight recorder -- warning signal of the computer about dangerous lowering. Yu.Yehorov says to V.Toponar about a large fuel load in the plane. "We have 6 tons. Do you understand?" Seems like V. Toponar does not hear him. His answer is: "Where are the viewers?" It becomes clear that the pilots lost their orientation. Yu.Yehorov also cannot tell where are the viewers. A minute and a half remained till the collision with the earth. V.Toponar cries out that there are no people on the right, and reports to the flight commander he will perform the figure to the left. The fatal figure of the air show started a 12.43. 4 seconds later the Earth responded. Yu.Yatsyuk, emotionally by now, commands: "To the left! To the left!". The last words of the pilots were recorded 16 seconds before the end of the recording. There were only reports of the board computer: "Limit angle of attack". "Limit overheating".

The pilots of Su-27, both Col. Vladimir Toponar' and Juriy Egorov do not consider themselves guilty. The pilots who were able to eject prior to the final crash and have traumas of a backbone are in the hospital. According to Col. Toponar, 'the craft at a certain moment became been unruled' (uncontrollable). what happened, for me was a little bit unexpected. At the last second they struggled for control of the aircraft to save as many bystanders as possible. There was a command order to fly directly above heads of the people. Col. Toponar denied the findings of the state commission that claimed the direct reason of accident became a deviation from the task and execution of the figure which was not a stipulated flight task. He had accomplished these acrobatics before in standard test flights.

The real UFO was caught on video and shown on both Russian and German television have been ignored by the Ukrainians. Russian television is reporting an unidentified object skimmed a Ukrainian fighter jet moments before it crashed into a crowd of aviation enthusiasts. The object could only be seen when footage of the disaster was slowed down. Thanks to Anatolij kutovoj@MAIL.IAE.LT.

Editor's Note: Assuming the UFO was there at the time of the crash it was either attempting to aid the pilots or to cause harm. The SU-27 is shown recovering from a dive and flying level momentarily as the cylinder shaped UFO passes directly underneath. Diagrams of the video on my website show that the SU-27 as it appears to recover from the acrobatic maneuver but appears to be in a stall. This UFO stabilization appeared to provide the pilots with time and attitude to successfully eject., UFO CENTER PHOTOS


Don Ware writes: "There would be less debate about use of the phrase "under God" if more people broadened their understanding of what God is. Many cultures have differing views of God because their religion teaches only a part of what God is. God is omnipotent, omniscient (all knowing), and omnipresent. God is universal consciousness." We are each eternal spiritual beings. There is a spark of God in each of us; Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Intelligent life is abundant throughout the universe. God is in angels and aliens. Seraphim and cherubim watch over us. Archangels and those such as Pleiadians have been our teachers throughout history. When you expand your consciousness to be able to accept that there if some form of consciousness in animals and trees and even the planet, you may understand God as "all that is." Some early cultures understood God as the sun. Regardless of what anyone's religion has taught them, we are one nation under God. Thanks to Lt. Col. Donald M. Ware Ft. Walton Beach, FL for his thoughts.


A. K. Johnstone, PhD, explores with evidence, the creation of a weather shield to deter UFOs from entering earth's atmosphere, as well as the erratic weather changes in recent years. Numerous UFO sightings are examined from a scientific viewpoint, including plasma sheaths and fireballs. Order illustrated book, $14.95 from Hancock House, 1-800-938-1114.

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