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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 4, 2002

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eye witness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis. These include landings, foraging for food and water, mutilations, mining, near misses and encounters. Features this week are Cosmic smog is 'key to life in space', Rapid warming of Polar ice caps, Massachusetts daylight cigar, New Jersey football UFO, Virginia semi-circle UFO, North Carolina photos, Florida lights, Ohio UFO dives into lake, Michigan daylight disk, Illinois aircraft hazard, Oklahoma glowing objects, Louisiana shadow on the moon, Texas daylight disk, New Mexico flying triangle, California flying triangle, Washington fabulous lights, Canadian daylight UFO, Chile UFO video, India space creature kills twelve, and UFO over Japan.


Cosmic smog may have seeded life not only on our planet, but in countless other solar systems throughout the Galaxy. According the New Scientist Print Edition other solar systems will have the same mix of organic ingredients as ours. That is the implication of a new study of meteorites, which reveals that important complex organic molecules survived the formation of our Solar System and were brought to Earth on these rocks. It suggests ours and any other solar systems would have been dusted with this mix of organic ingredients very early on, giving life a head start that could make it common elsewhere. "It makes us more sanguine about finding other habitable planets," says Max Bernstein of NASA's Ames Research Center. Organic molecules in the meteorites might have helped the earliest organisms capture energy. The molecules, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), are common in interstellar space, and many believe they were among the raw materials for life. But until now no one knew if the PAHs in meteorites are ones that survived the birth of our Solar System, or if they formed from scratch only later.

Cosmic Dust -- PAHs are a family of compounds composed of two or more linked benzene rings that share carbon atoms. The simplest, naphthalene, is used to make mothballs. Others, many of them carcinogenic, are components of smog and smoke from burning fuels or tobacco. PAHs are the most abundant form of carbon known in the Universe. They also make up well over half of the organic compounds in the most common type of meteorites, called carbonaceous chondrites, which have rained down on the Earth along with other cosmic dust ever since the planet formed. These meteorites contain samples of the material from which the Solar System formed 4.6 billion years ago. Chemist Richard Zare of Stanford University fired a sensitive laser probe at fresh slices from two different meteorites and analyzed the organic compounds released from the carbon grains in the meteorite, looking in particular at the ratio of heavier PAHs to naphthalene. Zare reports to the American Chemical Society that the ratio was surprisingly uniform throughout the meteorite that means the molecules have not been altered since the rock formed, he says. "We're getting a chemical snapshot of the smoggy Universe before the Solar System formed," he says. Although PAHs themselves aren't found in living cells, they are easily converted into other molecules that are essential for life such as amino acids. Recent findings indicate that bugs could travel in comfort aboard meteorites and that live bacteria are cultured from a meteorite. Thanks to Jeff Hecht and NASA.

Editor's Note: This indicates that organic ingredients have spread across the Galaxy aboard a fleet of meteorites seeding the estimated 100 million Earths in our Galaxy. Assuming a civilization on one of these Earth like planets was a hundred thousand years ahead of us they would have by now colonized the entire Galaxy. We should be looking for evidence that this civilization has established bases on our moon, on Mars and even Earth. The UFOs in our skies may indicate that space travelers stop for food, water and entertainment at our oasis in space.


JPL reports recent NASA airborne measurements and a new review of space-based measurements of the thickness of Earth's polar ice sheets concludes they are melting much more rapidly than previously believed, with unknown consequences for global sea levels and Earth's climate. Large sectors of ice in southeast Greenland, the Amundsen Sea Embayment in the Antarctic are melting rapidly by processes not yet well understood, said researchers Dr. Eric Rignot and Dr. Robert Thomas. Their study, published this week in the journal Science, "Earth's polar ice sheets are changing over relatively short time scales, that is, decades versus thousands of years. Rapid changes are common and the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets together hold enough ice to raise sea level by 70 meters (230 feet)," he said. "Even a small imbalance between snowfall and discharge of ice and melt water from ice sheets into the ocean could be a major contributor to the current sea level rise rate of 1.8 millimeters (0.07 inches) a year and impact ocean circulation and climate. The review reports Greenland's ice sheet is losing 50 cubic kilometers (12 cubic miles) of mass a year due to rapid thinning near its coasts. That's enough to raise sea level 0.13 millimeters (0.005 inches) annually. "Rapid coastal thinning cannot be explained by a few warm summers and is attributed to a dynamic ice sheet response," Rignot said. Thanks to NASA


The military is set up to spot and catalog near Earth objects (NEOs) in space and should keep track of them as a service to humankind, says Air Force Brig. Gen. Simon P. Worden, deputy director of operations at U.S. Space Command. That's because the same equipment that watches space for terrestrial threats like missiles could cover extraterrestrial bogies at relatively small extra cost. Worden concedes there is a high "giggle factor" in the idea, but cautions the U.S. Aerospace Commission that the problem isn't limited to extinction-level events. An asteroid as small as 100 meters in diameter could release enough energy to devastate a wide area below even if it never hits the surface, while a sea strike could inundate coastal areas. Satellites are vulnerable to fast-moving objects as small as the dust particles left over from comets, and a bright meteor could spoof missile warning sensors with gave consequences in a tense international crisis." He could just as well be talking about UFOs. We have tried several times to get the attention of agencies like NORAD about using the data that the systems have been taking for years even though the data isn't related to the primary mission. Thanks to John Schuessler

Editor's Note - Uncorrelated targets coming into and leaving the atmosphere are picked up several times a week. Correlated targets are various types of space junk tracked and kept in Air Force computers while uncorrelated targets are unknowns.


BOSTON -- The witness observed a silver cigar shaped object moving across the sky on August 21, 2002, at 2:30 PM. He states, "This object was flying very high in the sky close to Logan Airport and. moving very fast from left to right. This movement went on for about one minute then the object vanished." Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WHITE PLAINS -- Two witnesses report seeing a small disk, "My twelve-year old daughter and I were heading home from a visit on August 21, 2002, and I turned left out of the Westchester County Airport entrance at 2:30 PM onto 120A South, and I saw something on my left, quickly approaching my car. My daughter saw it too. It looked like a small disk, no more than 12 inches or so in diameter, and it was rapidly spinning vertically and moving towards us. It was dark brown with a metallic quality, and as it passed the car it made a strange sound. Not a buzz, or a motor-like sound. More of an electronic sound that changed pitch as it approached my car, then hovered for a second just at the left side of my windshield, very close to the driver's side window, and then quickly disappeared. We both saw and heard the exact same thing. It lasted only a few short seconds, but it remains very clear in both of our minds. We didn't actually see it "disappear"; it just flew quickly away and wasn't in sight anymore. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PLAINFIELD -- Mike K. a chemical engineer phoned to tell me that he had spotted a spheroid or fat football with rounded ends flying over on the evening of August 28, 2002. The object was twenty-five feet in diameter and moving very slow at about twice the height of the trees The UFO flew with the longer part flying vertically. The object was 35 to 45 feet tall and appeared illuminated from the inside. It had a red strobe on the bottom. It was flying far below jets approaching Newark Airport and was moving from east to west at an estimated ten miles an hour above Plainfield Avenue. There were no appendages visible like would be on a dirigible or balloon. The midpoint of craft seemed to a rotate and numerous green and red lights could be seen. The witness was very sincere and sure that it was not a standard craft of any type and felt this was nothing from Earth. A similar object was seen in Quebec the same evening. Thanks to Mike K.


MIDLAND -- On August 13, 2002, at 11:30 PM the witness and her boyfriend were walking when he saw a huge bright light. The witness reports seeing a semi-circled shaped object with six or seven lights that shined down onto the tree tops moving very rapidly through the sky. We stood there and stared at it for about 15 seconds but heard no sound. It was moving very rapidly east and never changed direction. The trees are about 60 feet high and the object was about 20 feet above that. The object was the size of a football field. As it was going east it was moving towards the back of his house and was hard to see, and in a matter of seconds it was gone. They promised to make illustrations of their sighting." Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CAROLINA BEACH -- The couple decided to go outside on the back patio and have a cup of coffee on August 16, 2002, since it was one of the first cool nights in a while. When I looked up, "I was a little startled to see several fairly bright lights in the sky at about a 45 degree angle to the north of our home at 10:00 PM.." After watching closely for 15 minutes the objects never moved. The lights were above a fairly heavy cloud cover with a 'halo' effect around each light. The moon was to the south and almost full with a large halo. Closer examination of the phenomena revealed that the lights formed an almost perfect square. My first inclination was that they were located at the corners of some object but because of the clouds...I couldn't tell whether I was seeing four separate objects or one large object. My wife suggested I get my camera and I took several photos...all of them very disappointing with the digital cam. I tried taking a mpg movie...but when I viewed it, the lights did not show up at all. I managed to get a tripod and take exposures ranging from 1-8 seconds on F2. The pictures showed the lights, but they had a blue cast because of the low light. I took the pictures and downloaded them on my computer...then enhanced one of them in Photoshop to brighten it. The trees then showed up and the lights took on a more realistic appearance. Thanks Brian Vike investigator HBCC UFO Research.


BOCA RATON -- The witness reports seeing a bright light south of the Sawgrass Expressway hovering for a minute then disappearing. He states, "On August 27, 2002, while traveling on Lons Road just south of the Sawgrass Expressway, I witnessed a large bright light probably about four hundred feet up at 6:55 AM." It remained stationary as I focused on it. When it came time to head west on the Sawgrass, I turned my head to view the light again and it was gone. I guess they have the ability to become invisible when they want and visible when they want people to see them. This was not my first sighting in Florida and probably won't be the last. I guess the sky was perfect for a good cruise this morning. Thanks to Peter Davenport MARKET AMERICA NUFORC


LORAIN -- Albert J. Watkins writes, "I live 20 miles west of Cleveland and after reading Filer's Files #10, I wanted you to know I was standing on the Lake Eire shore on the evening of February 13th when the strange lights were seen in the sky as reported. I was with multiple witnesses and we saw what was no meteor shower, nor was it a helicopter. We observed orange and dim red lights that would appear just above the horizon, then becoming amazingly bright, so much so that it would reflect off of the lake. These lights would then disappear, only to reappear hundreds of yards away. After watching this dazzling display for at least an hour, we contacted the Coast Guard and the dispatcher told us what we were seeing was "Light refraction's off of a frozen lake." This was unusual as the lake was not frozen that night, nor had it really froze at all this winter. My friend, Daniel told me he has seen unexplainable objects" over the lake since April of 1999. He claims to have seen a craft up close. However, I have seen lights moving about very quickly, so fast that if you were to blink, you would not mark their movement, or VERY bright lights that hover without noise, and then disappear suddenly about 15 times since. I believe that there is quite a lot of strange activity going on out there. Thanks to -Albert J. Watkins


GRAND RAPIDS -- While driving on I-96 west bound on August 18, 2002, a couple looked north and saw a disc shaped craft in the sky at 1:25 PM. Trees got in the way and when they cleared, the object was gone. We were 5 minutes outside the city limits and when we exited she told me what she saw. My wife is 59 and professionally employed and has never seen anything like this before
Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


TINLEY PARK -- Although the object appeared to be round, it may have been a little oval according to the witness on August 24, 2002. "I saw this object at 6:36 PM, which I believe to be an advertising balloon climbing, and flying almost due south. My wife believed this to be a UFO too. I just hoped if it is an advertising balloon, that the wire that keeps it on the ground snapped off at the right end, otherwise it is a danger to any aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport


DURANT -- I am not really into this type of thing. I am a preacher's wife. But, I keep seeing things and my husband sees them, too. It's freaky, I don't know if it's meteors, or our imagination working overtime. On August 21, 2002, at 1:21 AM. we saw a whole bunch of fiery balls darting to and fro in the western sky for 20 minutes. Some came, some went away, and some stayed, and kept moving. Some were going straight, and some made sharps turns. Some got brighter, and some faded. We thoughts some planes were about to crash. Tonight was like my umpteenth sighting of something strange. I woke and was looking at the stars, when a big flash of light came out of nowhere. I thought maybe it was an angel. But, as it got closer, it's flying southeast, I noticed it had a line of lights at it's middle flashing different colors. It was pretty close to the ground north of town. I saw a small, dark in the middle, glowing object, mostly red in color, that flew right over my house.


Ken M. reports that, "On July 28, 2002, I was coming home from the store and the moon was at a low angle in clear view straight ahead of me at 11:20 PM. There was a huge shadow in its lower left hand corner, shaped like a box. Getting out of my car to get a better look I saw the shadow was a large translucent grayish darkened area, not completely blackened out. It flew away seconds later. My best guess that night was that a meteor would be the only thing that big to cast such a huge shadow on the moon not a UFO; however, it seems now with all the numerous reports of UFO activity that if it were a ship, then it would have been the mother of all ships. Thanks to


COLONY -- The witness reports my daughter and I observed a bright disk shaped object flying over on August 24, 2002. "I was talking to my 16 year old daughter in the dining room when she pointed to something in the sky at 4:00 PM. "We watched a very bright, white disk-shaped object traversing the sky about 500-700 feet up going north at a fairly fast pace. It had a definite disk shape to it. We grabbed the binoculars and watched it fly south and noticed it seemed to rotate and began to change from a disk to another shape and this is when I knew it was not a plane for sure. It was descending to the ground at a 25 degree angle. My daughter also saw it maneuver in the sky and no sound was detected. The winds were out the south at 5-10 mph on a sunny day. I have a Masters of Education. in counseling psychology and research UFO's.

RICHARDSON -- On August 25, 2002, the next day after the Colony sighting a solid white disk was seen traveling extremely fast going due south. The disk raced across the sky very fast at 10:00 PM with the entire event happening in thirty seconds. It was very defined in it's path. I have seen meteor showers and this was a totally different experience. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


FORT SUMNER -- The witness reported seeing triangular shaped objects with red and gold lights as well as the trail behind it. "We saw at least 50 lights in the sky behind a blinking object on August 22, 2002, at 9:00 PM." This was not a usual air craft. It was red and gold and it maneuvered very fast and shone as bright as a light bulb. They were lined up right after the other and forming an unknown shape. They flew at least ten seconds apart. It was triangular shaped and also had lights on the bottom. NUFORC spoke with the witnesses to this event, and they sounded to be credible. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ORANGE COUNTY -- Ed Brooks writes, "I saw a huge flying triangle with a box shape attached in the sky on August 27th at about 10:30 PM. What caught my eye was how low these stars looked. I have a tremendous curiosity regarding UFOs and whenever I get the chance I will search the sky. But, until last night have not seen anything when I noticed the perfect shape and really started looking. This group of three white lights in a triangle with two white lights forming a square behind with a total of five lights that wobbled in unison. The UFO appeared to be extremely large and moving slowly. Within 1 to 2 minutes I was startled to see white lights darting into and then out of this shape. This was exciting as I realized these lights disappeared as they met this shape and then reappeared as they left. I viewed this for five minutes and then I went and got my roommate to take a look. We both viewed the triangle as it began to move away at a faster pace and going higher at the same time as the lights became less bright. All this time it was bright white with an occasional red or blue light darting in and out in all directions. In 15 minutes a totally clear night became completely full of clouds and the show was over. This shape was moving in a northeast direction. Thanks to Ed Brooks

SALINAS VALLEY -- The witness was driving home on August 25, 2002, to Chualar when he saw an egg shaped object that glowed baby blue in the dark sky at 8:01 PM. He states, "I was driving the back roads, and the object looked a 1/4 of a mile high with a beautiful light. I don't even remember how I stopped on the side of the road. I got really scared because I didn't know what had happened. Somehow while I was looking at the object, I received some type of input from the craft. "I swear to God I'm not joking around and it's time to let every body to know they're here." stated the witness. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KELSO -- I woke up about 1:30 A.M. on August 28, 2002, and observed what I thought was an aircraft moving to the north. I opened the window and saw the object had a bright orange light in back and 3 or 4 small orange lights where the wings would be. It was either very large or low flying. I observed the object for 10-12 seconds and there was no sound. There were no flashing anti collision lights that you would normally see and I have never seen an airplane at night with all orange lights.

MATTAWAN -- The observer saw a large fireball with gold like flames coming straight down at 2:30 AM; on August 28, 2002. The fireball had a short tail. With arm extended, it was the size of a 'female' thumbnail. The gold fireball continued downward towards the Hanford Nuclear Site and broke up into six or seven pieces, not exploding, and the pieces stayed close together and continued downward. I lost sight of them behind the trees. Perhaps it was space debris, but it concerned me because it was heading straight for Hanford Nuclear Site. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


VANCOUVER, BC -- On Saturday, August 24, 2002, 11:59 PM the witness reports, "My wife received a phone call at 11:45 from my brother who told us a meteor was visible in the west and was viewing it 18 kilometers away. I said that was impossible, so I hauled out my telescope and spotted the object at 50 power and perceived it was no airplane. At 200 power, I had a clear picture of a flying saucer shape. It glowed very intensely and had a weird rotating sensor beam on the top part of the saucer. It flashed aqua color first and then orange-red much like a rotating spot beam at a 0.5 second rotation. One beam could scan orange-red and then aqua. I then took relative size calculations from both my brothers and used my GPS to get the bearing. My calculation indicates the object was 30 meters in diameter at a distance of 200 KM that puts it over Vancouver Island. The object must have been under power. My brother watched it for an hour while I watched 45 minutes before it went behind some trees. I can't say this was an alien space ship, but if it was not, the Earth has developed a new type of ship that is quite impressive.

ST-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, QUEBEC -- A large blue and green sparkling sphere about the size of a small car was seen by observers on August 28, 2002. The witness states, "I was walking on the river promenade going east at 6:45 PM when I heard a sound like a baseball going thru the air very close to my ear." I looked up and saw a large blue and green sparkling sphere straight above my head at about 20 feet in the air and going about 20 mph. When it passed me it started to go up in a very steep manner then vanished as it was gaining altitude.

HOUSTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike interviewed a witness August 27th who saw objects coming out of one of the large mountains in his area. I also talked with a couple of other witnesses tonight claiming the same, and seeing all kinds of strange objects in the area around the same mountain. So I am off to investigate these reports on the weekend. Looks like another 3 hour drive one way. At least all this keeps me a busy boy. Will fill you in after I get back. Thanks to Brian Vike


SANTIAGO -- The appearance of a series of UFOs in two recordings made during the last International Air and Space Fair caused expectations and surprise. The luminous phenomena appear to monitor the maneuvers of a Chilean Air Force's Mirage Pantera fighter plane. It has a duration of 1 min 35 seconds, shows the takeoff of the fixed-wing fighter, then a blurry, pixellated flash of light. The video is at
Thanks to Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology


UTTAR PRADESH -- Times of India reports, "With a death toll now exceeding twelve, and new sightings reported, India's Intelligence Bureau has set a trap for the UFO known as Muhnochwa, which is Hindu for Face Scorcher. "With five visuals of the Muhnochwa caught on videotape--three of which were recorded by the team of intelligence sleuths in the state--the scare does not seem to be unfounded." An extraterrestrial body (ETB) with electromagnetic effects is indicated in at least three percent of the cases. While the Indian agencies have yet to admit the presence of an ETB, foreign research agencies, intelligence reports said, have already been to the affected areas, met the witnesses and collected necessary data." "Sources said that after going through the videotapes provided by the wife of a lawyer in Mirzapur and another frame recorded by a resident in Sitapur, which has the flash of light speeding from one end of the lens to another within a second, an intelligence team reached Sitapur and set up an ingeniously-designed observatory." "A cement mixer was fitted with orange, yellow, green, to the most common red and blue lights. The apparatus was put on a hill in total darkness hoping to attract the ETB. And it did at 1:05 AM, a flash of light neared the apparatus. 'It was like the photocopier's top plate with the sharp light while taking impressions,' revealed a member of the Indian Intelligence Bureau team." "Questionnaires were answered by the victims. Out of a sample study of 100 injured victims, ten were found to be victims of an insect bite or scratch. Ten suffered the injuries indirectly (like bruises while running). The remaining (80) reported experienced one or more: (1) electric shock; (2) Saw a sharp light; (3) Felt a hard round object." Out of 80 people, 65 were found to have suffered physical injuries, and there were three who tried to overpower the ETB. All three had suffered hundreds of scars, as if caused by a blade, on the palm of their hands, that were inexplicable and this is what raised the possibilities of an ETB being out there." Thanks to the Times of India for 6/18/02, and Prasant Solomon, UFO Roundup's correspondent in India.


TOKYO BAY AREA -- On August 11, Toshie Nakagawa saw some unexplainable thing in the sky after the Japan UFO meeting. While having dinner on the 9th floor with a magnificent view of the Bay one member spotted a very strange shiny object in the northwestern sky just a few minutes past 6 PM. At first I though it was an airplane, but this luminous object was getting bigger for a minute but then suddenly disappeared. A second later the shiny light appeared again in the different spot! It looked as if it was teleported from one place to another in a second! And this time the light was getting much brighter and illuminated about a minute and then again vaporized. Thanks to Toshie Nakagawa (OUR-J)


Grant Cameron writes that as a point of fact Wilbert Smith died of cancer of the lower bowel, not a brain tumor as was reported in last weeks Filers Files. Smith claimed UFOs were real and that he had seen one up close. I have tried to correct the brain tumor story for 20 years. Unfortunately, it continues to live on. Thanks to Grant Cameron, The Presidents UFO Story


A. K. Johnstone, Ph.D., explores with evidence, the creation of a weather shield to deter UFOs from entering earth's atmosphere, as well as the erratic weather changes in recent years. Numerous UFO sightings are examined from a scientific viewpoint, including plasma sheaths and fireballs. Order illustrated book, $14.95 from Hancock House 1-800-938-1114.


Pat Marcatillio is holding a UFO conference in Bordentown, NJ on October 12 and 13 at the Days' Inn. Ingo Swann, David Jacobs, Tom Van Flandern, Jim Moseley, Bruce Maccabee and others will be speaking. Details are at--


Jeff Challender has released the new video "What Is the Truth?". The second video examining NASA and its space encounters with 102 anomalous objects. These events were culled from 1400+ hours raw footage of ten live Shuttle flight broadcasts between Oct. 2000 and April 2002. VHS $25. Send orders to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way Sacramento, CA 95833-2011

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