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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 11, 2002

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis. After visiting the hole in the ground that was once the World Trade Center I have some thoughts. Features this week are: Knowing the past gives us knowledge for the future. Ancient Cave Art shows UFOs, Mars data indicates ancient civilization. UFO may be in Earth orbit, Maine spheres, New York flying triangle, New Jersey disk, Pennsylvania flying triangle, Virginia craft vanishes, Georgia multiple UFOs, Michigan landing, Colorado daytime disk, California shiny balls. Canadian sightings continue, Ireland flying triangles, English police film UFO, Spain sightings, and dancing lights in Greece.


Last week, I visited Ground Zero in New York to visit the remains of the World Trade Center, I mourned the day that changed America forever when some 2800 people died in an act of war. These acts will not go unpunished, but I wish that humans could move on to greater things. I wondered what visitors a thousand years from now would think. Two of the tallest buildings in the world had been turned to rubble, and now where they once stood in grandeur, there was only a hole in the ground. Certainly a terrible waste of lives but I hope something good will come out of these explosions that destroyed the World Trade Center.

It is interesting to remember the largest explosions ever seen by man occurred on Jupiter in 1994, when a comet slammed into the planet creating fireballs the size of Earth, but also spreading the key building blocks of life and bacteria around the planet possibly making this planet habitable sometime in the future. Last week NASA announced that cosmic smog is the key to life in the universe and may have seeded life not only on our planet, but in countless other planets throughout the universe.

As I examined the huge hole in the ground, I thought there is better evidence that large structures once stood on Mars, than what is left at Ground Zero. Our satellites are now probing Mars and discovered a network of large tunnels and evidence of ancient settlements and fortresses. If we study Earth's past we can assume it is similar to Mars. On both planets we can see evidence of past civilizations. The ruins on Mars appear similar to those of ancient Babylon or Egypt with pyramids and walled cities.

It is evident giant meteors have hit both the Earth and Mars in the past causing catastrophic destruction. Scientists believe the dinosaurs were wiped out on Earth by these impacts. Civilization may have developed on Mars, and when the meteors started crashing to the surface they were forced to go underground. Remnants of a vast tunnel system have been found on Mars, and new satellite images indicate part of the tunnel system may have ended or started at Cydonia. The tunnel appears to end near ancient structures very similar to our own train stations like Grand Central Station. The so called Face on Mars has attracted speculation that a Martian civilization may have left its mark to show future travelers that Martians once existed, similar to our own Sphinx commemorating its past. As an Intelligence Officer I did bomb damage assessment in Vietnam, bombs like meteors can create terrible destruction. The Martian landscape appears destroyed by aerial bombardment from either war or by meteors. The same meteors can bring both destruction and carry the building blocks of life.

I feel we can learn from the past and there is more evidence than most people realize. According to the Koran, the Bible and ancient Babylonian writings there was a flood of gigantic proportions on Earth and a few humans were saved on Noah's Ark. Ancient writings in America also tell the story of this great event on Earth that may have been caused by a meteor. In a similar situation after catastrophe on Mars, life chose to go underground for greater safety. Perhaps they chose to escape to another planet?

UFOs exist and our ancestors have been telling us about them and actually even painting and drawing them since the Stone Age in their Paleolithic art on cliffs and in caves. Their earliest creative art is amazingly accurate and rivals the great European masters. If we visit the Stone Age Caves of France and Spain today we see spectacular paintings of bison, deer, mammoths and bear. There are also painted objects apparently flying above these animals. I showed my three-year-old granddaughter Alex the paintings, she can identify each one of the animals and also pointed out the UFOs flying above them. In the parlance of archeologists these flying forms have been given the name tectiforms. There are hundreds of these drawings with disks shining down their lights, and flying triangles and flying wings. A few birds with wings can also be seen.

Throughout ancient writings such as Ezekiel's wheel we are told of ancient flying objects such as the "Boat of the Sky," as the Egyptian sun god Ra, whose boat sailed over the heavens and was originally the Uaa Nu, "the divine boat of Nu, or Noah. In Roman times many Roman soldiers carried shields that had the likeness of a disk shaped UFO carved on each one. The sky God Mithras was worshipped in Persia and the religion spread to Rome. Mithras was the Mediator between heaven and earth, controlled the rain and also had a flying boat in the sky. The Indian Vedic writings in the Mahabharata tell us that there were gods who could fly and that King Varuna was associated with Noah. The Ramayana describes a vimana as a double-deck, circular flying cylindrical craft with portholes and a dome. It flew with the speed of the wind and gave forth a melodious sound. Nancy Redstar has interviewed the leaders of numerous American Indian tribes in her book "Star Ancestors" and they agree that they were brought here from another planet. Could American Indians often called Redman come from Mars the Red planet?

I know the sun exists even when it is covered by clouds
I know the energy of love even when it is not given
I know the miracles of God, even though he does not speak
I know there are UFOs even though they do not communicate
I feel my mission is to show the world these greater things.

I view the force behind creation as intelligent and loving. For me this intelligence and healing energy is called God for others it is seen as simply energy or nature. It seems logical that God or this energy would choose to have many mansions, that are many planets with life. After all it's a lot of space to waste. In the great religious writings of Genesis it states "In the beginning God created the heavens and Earth." The latest scientific findings indicate this is the case. I think his plan is to teach us greater things. See FF UFO CENTER PHOTOS


Mitch Battros (ECTV) reports, "It has been described as 'Minor Planet' then changed to a NEA (near earth asteroid) then changed again to a NEO (near earth orbit). Bill Yeung discovered the object September 3rd in CCD images taken with an 0.45-meter telescope in Benson, Arizona. The fast mover was "auto detected" when he analyzed his images with DC-3 Dreams' PinPoint software. It has been given a name of "J002E3". At one time, it was thought it could be 'space junk.' But within a few days the MPC removed the object from that listing; preliminary orbit calculations suggested it was traveling in a large, 50-day orbit around the Earth, not the Sun. Roger Sinnott of Sky & Telescope stated efforts by Tony Beresford in Australia and other satellite experts have failed to match this object with any known artificial satellite. There is now very serious questions as to its origin. It has been remarked that if this object is in a Earth orbit, it should have been detected easily. The discoverer of this UFO Bill Yeung, states " a 16th magnitude should have made it "a piece of cake" for survey telescopes like LINEAR and NEAT, or for CCD-equipped amateur instruments, to locate long ago." See:


RICHMOND -- My daughter called me from Maine to tell me that she and two women saw them and a police officer as well. The UFOs were all over the sky all night long. Many of them were orange in color and darted about the sky. Quarter size objects with radiant light beams all around hovered in vertical line then darted away. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ROCHESTER -- On August 29, 2002, the witness woke up in the morning to go get something to drink and looked outside to see how nice it was. The witness says, "I heard a low noise almost like wind and looked up to see a triangle shape craft in two tone gray at 3:20 AM. The front and rear had a darker color and the center was a lighter color. My first reaction was Wow, and I was awake and thought this was a stealth bomber. It came from the west and was performing a right turn heading south towards the greater Rochester International Airport. I think the only reason why I heard the craft is because of its right turn. it flew at a steady speed with no other movement the speed of travel I don't know how to explain but it wasn't very fast at that time when it leveled out it took off a little faster with no sound. It had what looked like two lights on either the top or bottom. I think these bright blue white lights were at the points. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KEARNY -- Patrick Huyghe reports "My name is Sergey. And on August 31, 2002, my wife Natasha and I saw something which we could not classify as an ordinary event. About 11:30 PM, I came to the kitchen to take a coke from refrigerator. The light in the room was off, but I did not turn it on because I came only for short time. Since it was dark in the room the light object suddenly appeared in the window drew my attention. It was disk-shaped brightly lighted object flying in the sky. It came out from behind of the tree and crossed the part of the sky visible from our window and disappeared behind the building. It was about 5 miles away above Newark and heading west or northwest and was moving fast. I cannot judge the object's size but can assume it was same or larger than passenger aircraft and flying below the clouds. I observed it for about 10-15 seconds. I called my wife Natasha who was just in the next room and she also saw it but for less time. We are absolutely sure the object was real and are amazed. Thanks to Patrick Huyghe author of Swamp Gas Times

MONMOUTH COUNTY -- David H. Korey reports that on September 8, 2002, at 1:32 PM a LOG 78 degrees f, crystal clear cloud free sky, unlimited ceiling, while lying on a hammock staring up to the sky just above and to the right I observed a white light darting in an area that would be equivalent to a softball held at arms length. I watched it closely for about 45 seconds and saw no other air traffic for several minutes prior. The glowing object darted to a stationary point just south west of where it displayed these movements. It seemed to start glowing and disappeared. I have been a police officer for 23 years and have seen many explainable things in the night's sky. This was NOT one of them. The only description I can equate is when the watch crystal catches a beam of sun and dances around the walls / ceilings. Sorry for the low tech description for a possible high tech event. Would love to know if radar tracked this event. Thanks to David H. Korey and Bruce Coronet, WUFOD


DOVER -- It was Friday night, September 6, 2002, and I was heading south on Route 1 towards the Delaware beaches for Labor Day weekend. I was on my cell phone with my girlfriend when I saw something resembling stadium lights in a field where no such thing belonged. I pulled over about 1000 feet of it at 9:05 PM. It was a triangle shape object with numerous white lights hovering 250 feet off the ground, and didn't make a sound. I was about 6 miles from the Dover Air Force Base, but no craft could hover like this. After about two minutes it very slowly made its way across the road, heading northeast. I quickly hopped in my car and made a U-turn, but it disappeared over some trees. I arrived home an hour later, where my stepbrother and his girlfriend were waiting. He had been 20 minutes ahead of me and saw the same thing. Two years ago a very similar object was reported in the same area. Thanks to Peter Davenport:


AUBURN -- Near sunrise I was looking almost straight up, and saw three "stars" in a large triangle formation on September 5, 2002. They were the only stars visible in that area of the sky at 5:30 AM. One was moving very erratically, back and forth in a wobbly motion. Sometimes, it reversed its direction suddenly. Then the other two lights were wobbling, too. The total shape of the triangle formation changed shape, with the light on the right-hand point of the triangle doing the most movement. When it got closer to sunrise they disappeared. I don't think any aircraft could have changed direction so quickly and wobbled so erratically. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LYNCH MOUNTAIN, APPALACHIA -- On September 5, 2002, two doctor friends visited the witness bringing their telescopes to do some deep sky observing. One of my friends told us to look at a "jet" as we watched it go over at 6 PM, but we knew it was no jet, it was a long black cylinder with a smaller cylinder on each of it's sides, also black. One red light was in the center of the largest cylinder. There was NO sound at all from this craft. The witness states, "Now comes the wild part, an eerie green glow started at the point of the red light then haloed the entire craft, and then right in front of three of us the damn thing vanished! It was still daylight and a clear day, no clouds at all! I am no flake, I own a very successful outdoor billboard company. Thanks to Peter Davenport


SUWANEE -- The witness was sitting on his back patio looking south over Atlanta at 7:00 PM, on August 28, 2002, and glanced up about 60 degrees and spotted a bright light in the sky. It was still very much daylight, and I thought to myself that I might be looking at Venus. However, upon further consideration I realized that Venus would be much lower in the sky by that time, so I reached inside my sliding glass door and grabbed my binoculars. It was hovering at about 10,000 feet. When I centered the object and focused, I saw what looked to be a metallic sphere surrounded (seemingly attached) by three or four smaller spheres which were rotating around the larger, center sphere (imagine a basketball surrounded by three or four bowling balls). The object drifted slowly to the west, but definitely under control, not at all like a balloon caught in the wind -- it was a very windy day at least at ground level but the object drifted only about two hand lengths during the five minute or so time span that I watched it. As well as drifting to the west, the object also drifted higher. I lost the object after watching it for about five minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KEENE TOWNSHIP, IONIA COUNTY -- I'm not sure talking about this is advisable, but since there is material evidence still visible after a month, it is a duty to notify someone who is familiar, investigates and record occurrences seriously and accurately. I'm a retired physician, graduate of Michigan, age 75. On August 3, 2002, there was a severe electrical thunder storm that night associated with high winds. My wife and I were considering going to our underground storm shelter and I wish we had because we might have seen the object. Six days later Peg came in from mowing the lawn and told me we had crop circles outside. Since we hadn't the type of crops where crop circles are made, I didn't pay much attention and 4 or 5 days later, we went out to see what she had observed. There was a 12 foot ring where all the grass was dead and brown, the width of the ring was about 14 inches. Six days later in this ring of every thing brown, puffballs grew. This is when I took pictures, measured, and took a soil sample and about 5 days later a second ring appeared with subsequent growing of puffballs. There are a number of other things to report. Thanks to Chad


Marlene D. reports, "My husband and I who are pilots were returning from Nashville headed for Wisconsin on August 18, 2002. We were flying an IFR flight plan at 12,000 feet for most of the trip because of the clouds. The Chicago Flight Center cleared us to descend from 12,000 to 5,000 feet. During the descent at 500 feet per minute at around 140 knots I looked back behind the right wing and saw a white light between the cloud banks and far in the distance. It appeared to me as a landing light on a plane. It was five or more miles away and almost parallel to us. Within a few seconds it flew closer at a great rate of speed. As it was the closest to us at 1,500 to 2,000 feet, I could see the bright white light was all it was. There were no wingtip or tail lights -- there were not wings or body. As the light descended rapidly next to us it was still a white light from the back. This all happened in a matter of 5 to 6 seconds. I felt it was on a collision course with us as we were descending into the same cloud it had disappeared into. This happened at 9,300 feet of altitude 20 to 25 miles south of Dubuque, Iowa. ATC did not call us with info on another plane in our vicinity. A plane would not normally have on it's landing light at 9,000 feet, and the speed and the path of it's descent is not possible by any aircraft I am aware of. It had to travel 5 or 6 miles in a matter of 6 seconds. That's one mile a second. I do not think this was another plane. I do not think a meteorite could travel in a level path and then dive. Thanks to UFOWisconsin


LITTLETON -- I am in sales and have a great view of the sky outside my window. On August 29, 2002, at 3:00 PM, there is a storm blowing through the Denver metro area. I just walked outside of my building to watch the clouds churning, and looked up to the southwest, and I saw a dark circular object -- almost like a child's helium balloon -- sort of hovering and "drifting" toward the north. I was surprised at how slow it moved because the wind was pretty strong. It was at this point about 1/2 to 3/4 miles away. I could tell it wasn't a balloon, and it went out of sight around the corner of my building, so I ran through the building to the other side and caught sight of it again. By this time it was a disk shape, more elongated, and flying a bit faster toward the north. It suddenly slowed down, then wobbled and went slightly sideways, and at that point it changed to more of a white color briefly, then it tilted back to a horizontal position and started moving again to the north. I ran inside and yelled to some friends, "Come tell me if this isn't a flying saucer!" and they all 4 ran out. One of them could also see it, but the others couldn't. It was flying rapidly to the north. It was still an elongated dark object. We watched it for a few seconds until it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport


WESTMINSTER -- On September 8, 2002, between 4:20 PM and 5:00 PM I looked to the northeast sky over Brookhurst Street and witnessed several shinny little balls in the sky, about 8 yet 5 being most visible. I thought they were stars showing through the blue day time sky. They were not. I had noticed they had taken different shapes since I began monitoring them in the sky. I asked a neighbor to check them out. She also noticed that they were not normal airplanes or balloons. Since balloons would just travel as the wind pushed them and not change geometric shape. These things were changing geometric shape in the sky, from triangular, to T- shaped, to Orion's belt, and others. Alfred Loya D-Link Systems, Inc. Thanks to Peter Davenport


RODNEY, ONTARIO -- We could see the Northern Lights which are rare in these parts. My boyfriend and I sat outside on September 7, 2002, to determine if they were a group of satellites that had flown by the previous night. Again we saw three objects moving across the sky from north to a southeast direction, but this time they passed by at 22:08 instead of 22:50. Would this rule out satellites? These objects appear to be flying above airplane altitude and follow a similar path as some satellites, with the exception of these objects flying in a triangular formation. It's like three stars just start moving out of nowhere and then just fade out after about 3-4 minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike

PARRY SOUND, ONTARIO -- The object was observed by three adults while we were boating in Georgian Bay on September 1, 2002, fifteen minutes after midnight. The actual latitude and longitude can be retrieved from data stored in my GPS. We were anchored overnight near Port Rawlston in Parry Sound and the sky was clear and given our remote northern location there was no interference from rural lighting. The object compared to commercial aircraft observed earlier, appeared to be at a higher altitude and was extremely large. It consisted of three lights in a triangular shape. Not a perfect triangle but with one side shorter than the other. It traveled west with no sound. As it went further west the lights suddenly dimmed out and it was no longer visible.

MISSION, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- CROP WATCH 2002, reports two formations in corn on September 8, 2002, both circles are about 6 meters (20 feet) diameter attached straight path. They are in Fraser Valley near Vancouver. These are the 11th and 12th reports for 2002. Ground photos are at:


WATERFORD -- On Sunday, August 25, 2002, at 10:05 p.m., Stephen O'Hanlon was in the outskirts of a city in Southern Ireland, when he spotted an unusual formation in the sky. "I saw four orange-colored, triangular-shaped objects flying in formation almost over my head," Stephen reported, "The two craft in the rear were moving erratically from side to side but not in unison. One seemed to drop into a curve or a crescent as it flew in perfect alignment with the others. The one to the left was more erratic and seemed to jerk from side to side but also followed the crescent shape (trajectory--J.T.). There was absolutely no sound." The UFOs were "triangular, all four were exactly the same size and were orange in color, glowing slightly. They were the size of light aircraft and flew very close together. They flew at least 1,000 to 1,500 feet (300 to 450 meters) and kept at the level until out of sight." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 7, # 36 September 3, 2002 Editor: Joseph Trainor


TIJUANA -- On September 1, 2002, dozens of residents claim having seen a UFO at 2:15 AM that had a diameter of 50 meters and hovered at low altitude, even while covered by a cloud. Our sources, noticed a powerful light in the sky. They woke up other neighbors and friends, since they were afraid that they were suffering from a strange collective hallucination caused by liquor. However, this was not the case, since those who were awakened saw exactly the same thing, a highly luminous object that made no sound. "Grupo Xendra de Mexico" is attempting to see if any video recordings or photographs of the UFOs exist, so as to incorporate them to the wave that has been recorded in recent months in the land of the Aztecs. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2002.

WEBCAM POPOCATEPETL VOLCANO -- Continues to capture images of a UFO that flies around the volcano on a regular basis. Thanks to Dr. Oren Swearingen, See:


BRIGHTON -- A police helicopter has captured images of a UFO traveling across the coast and was followed for about 10 miles. None of the crew members on board the helicopter had seen anything like it before or since. The footage has aroused the interest of UFO enthusiasts. So what could it be? Well, some people think it could be a balloon. Thanks to MUFON Canada

SPAIN UFO Sightings Over Seville Continue

SEVILLE PROVINCE -- Is experiencing a startling amount of UFO activity including landings and humanoid encounters. L.L.R. was driving along the road on July 23, 2002, belonging to the Boliden-Apirsa Mining Company at 9:45 PM, when he saw a small light which was crossing the road. The witness states, "I kept getting closer, and when I saw that it had no intentions of braking, I flashed it with my high beams without slowing down, the thing was right in front of my car." "I collided against it and turned away, expecting an impact, and there was only an explosion of multicolored lights, so I got out of the car to see what happened, but there was nothing on the road!" No accident, no casualty, nothing whatsoever! I became hysterical and looked under my car, but found no traces of glass or other materials. "The hood of his car showed signs that something had indeed made contact with the vehicle, but when I looked there was nothing, only some sort of a thick water that vanished upon touching it...nothing more," he said. I had trouble starting the car, and the battery refused to work. Thanks to José Manuel García and Scott Corales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2002.


AGRIA, VOLOS -- The event took place almost an hour ago, moments after midnight on September 4, 2002. While walking we saw three lights moving in parallel from east to west. The middle light was bouncing between the other two lights, moving like a pendulum. Soon after that the formation changed into a triangle that was continuously changing shape and dimension. Just as they were reaching Cassiopeia they aligned again and performed a very tight and fast 180 degrees turn without any reduction in speed. Right after the turn, the formation started changing again. For a moment the lights gathered close forming a bright single light but almost immediately it broke again into three lights, until it disappeared.

HIGH STATE OF ALERT -- President Bush ordered closing of embassies abroad and putting missile batteries on duty around Washington. It is suggested you drive with headlights on and leave your outside lights on tonight.


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