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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 8, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space, One forth planetary systems have Earths (Millions likely), Clonaid claims first human clone, but has not provided proof, Virginia black teardrop ship, North Carolina oval shaped UFO spotted, Georgia ball of light moving at tremendous speed and photos analyzed, Florida strange skywriting solved and circle with beams, Texas lights around the perimeter, Colorado large and silent flying triangle, California elongated solid green UFO, Washington row of horizontal lights, Canada three large circular objects, Puerto Rico mysterious object falls, UK bright silver light, and Australian UFOs sighted. Letter from Spokane, UK UFO Magazine reports Spanish researchers videotape hundreds of UFO-like images in space. Shop at 100 stores online at the Mall Without Walls


New Scientist reports, "One in four of the planetary systems identified to date outside the Solar System are capable of harboring other Earths, say astrophysicists, a much higher proportion than anyone expected." The researchers decided the race to detect an extrasolar Earth-like planet is taking too long. So, instead of scanning the skies, they modeled all the planetary systems known so far to work out which could be hiding habitable planets. Since 1995, astronomers have unveiled dozens of planets orbiting nearby Sun-like stars. Current methods can only detect gas giants like Jupiter but life, at least in the form that we know it, can only get started on a solid surface where water can pool. A small terrestrial planet made of rock would be a more likely abode, but it could be years before we are able to detect such planets. To narrow the search, Serge Tabachnik and Kristen Menou of Princeton University in New Jersey, have created computer simulations of the 85 systems known in August 2002, the time of their research, to estimate which might harbor habitable planets. Although similar work has been carried out for a few individual solar systems, this study, which will appear in The Astrophysical Journal, is the first to address the entire known set.

GRAVITATIONAL TUGS: The first thing they looked for in each system was whether a small terrestrial planet could exist in a stable orbit. The gravitational tugs exerted by gas giants can force smaller planets into unstable orbits or eject them from a system altogether. So for a smaller world to be habitable, it must be far enough away from its larger cousins so that their gravitational pull does not seriously affect its orbit. The planet must also be within the "habitable zone": the region surrounding a star within which a planet can support liquid water at all times. The researchers found that around a quarter of the systems contained regions where life-friendly planets could in principle exist. This is much higher than previously thought, says Tabachnik. Extrapolated across the entire Galaxy, that makes a lot of new Earths. Greg Laughlin from the University of California has done similar calculations and agrees with these new results. "[They are] in line with what I would have expected," he says. But the authors warn that their results are preliminary. There could still be other gas giants, further away from the stars, which have not been detected yet, these could affect the stable regions that have been found so far. Thanks to Mark A Garlick and the New Scientist


So far Clonaid has failed to provide any proof of its claims of successful cloning of a baby girl born the day after Christmas.


CENTREVILLE -- One black teardrop-shaped ship approximately 20 feet in length on December 13, 2002, at 11:40 PM, the nose finished in a slightly dulled point. Backswept wing-like extensions were fixed from the middle of the ship to a foot or so behind. It seemed to shimmer as it moved, exceedingly hard for the eye to follow. Unarmed, silent, no lights, no aircraft nearby (strangely enough), left no trail, no magnetic effects. However, the ship did leave a very slight mental signature almost like a ringing in the ears or a tone just below human hearing. It stayed for two minutes, and then left in a rush. As it picked up speed the shimmering stopped or perhaps intensified? But either way, it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MARSHALL -- The witness and a friend were sitting by the window talking on December 15, 2002, when suddenly they saw CLEARLY a very well defined round white-light-filled shape descending slowly across the sky. The witness said, "My mouth must have been so open because my friend rushed to me and shook me. All I could was shout, "Oh my God" and I rushed outside at 11:00 PM. By the time I got out I couldn't see it anymore, but we both observed a VERY unusual thick white smoky trace, the type that airplanes leave. The trace disappeared in midair. Strangely, we both felt an incredibly strong energy current both inside and around, like suddenly the entire area had been charged with an electric charge of super strength. What ensued was even more puzzling -- a strong and continuous cacophony of animal noises -- wild barking of dogs most notably -- permeated the air until 3 AM. I couldn't sleep that night. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SUWANEE -- On December 15, 2002, at 7 PM, it all happened less in than a second. I still am asking myself questions about what happened. I am sure that what ever I saw didn't come from this Earth. The main reason I am writing this is to inform people that there is other life beyond our capability of grasping. I was fascinated by what I saw; it is a beautiful once in a life time experience. It happened so fast that I could hardly tell exactly what it was, but it was very close and was a highly concentrated purest white light.. It was LIGHT ITS SELF, and it didn't streak any light behind it like a comet.

Three hours later a fourteen year old witness saw a light appear behind a neighbor's house at 10:30 PM. The light proceeded at a high speed on a horizontal path until it disappeared and landed behind some trees. My son described the light as "perfect ball of light that did not give off light, but 'was' a light that made no sound. It moved at a speed unlike anything I or my son have ever seen, and is hard to describe." Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

MACON --MACON --A.K. Johnstone, Ph.D. writes, "Scanning structures in George Heards' November 2002, daylight photos of chemtrails over Macon, revealed several unidentified objects:
Photo1: Rod shaped object above a restaurant and filaments of charged particles (plasmas) near the trails:
Photo 2: Two cylindrical shaped objects at a right angle to each other. Photo 3: Enlargement of the larger filament in photo 1 (Note ball-shaped plasmas within the plasma filament).
Photo 4: Corkscrew-shaped plasma filament above chemtrails.
Photo 5 Wave shaped plasma filament which appears to flow from the trail. Discs and cylinders are also visable in the photographs if you look closely. After photographing similar objects above Spokane, Washington chemtrails in October 2002, I suggest that the electrical plasma filaments may be created by the cylindrical and disc-shaped objects. Input from interested parties is welcome. Thanks to A. K. Johnstone, Ph.D." Author of "UFO Defense Tactics -Weather Shield to Chemtrails" 1-800-938-1114 to order..Photos are at Views: Filer's Files UFO Center Views


PORT ST. LUCIE -- At 2 AM, it started as a circle on December 17, 2002, and changed colors, almost as if it were spinning. Sometimes beams of light would shoot out of the bottom. It started out as a circle then every once and a while, it split in two and a beam of light came out of the bottom. Since it was really late we didn't watch it for that long but it moved in odd ways. Sometimes it would zigzag, and every time it stopped it seemed like it was spinning because it was changing colors.

BOCA RATON AIRPORT -- The strange skywriting reported last week was accomplished by an independent skywriter pilot named Jerry Stephens who is out on a regular basis writing "Jesus Loves U" in the sky. Thanks to Kathy


MARSHFIELD COUNTY-- Kat R. reports that on December 26, 2002, my husband and I were traveling with our new snowmobile and the sky was very clear, with tiny airplanes all around with the Big Dipper directly ahead. We were somewhere north of Marshfield when at 8:50 PM, we saw a round, solid green colored object that came from the left side and our first thought was that we were going to witness the crash of something. It was coming at an angle left to right, top to bottom across the windshield! We realized it couldn't be a plane as there was only the green color. There was no pulsing or flashing or quirky moves, just the same speed, almost like slow motion in a sense, although we were so locked in to what we were seeing, time seemed to stand still, no tail like a comet, no flames, and close enough, it seemed that were it a plane we would've seen the shape of the tail, etc. We were coming up an incline with a bank of trees and object appeared to be coming down, but nothing was to be seen as we rounded the bend. The object was the size of a dime at arm's length. Thanks to Kat and UFOWisconsin


PASADENA -- A bright light was traveling over the Houston Ship Channel on December 21, 2002, with red and blue flashing lightsaround the perimeter, making Que-ball turns. The witness at 3 AM, walked out on the front porch to smoke and glanced up. He states, "My attention was instantly drawn to a brightly lit object traveling toward the NE at about the speed of a private plane, over the Houston Ship Channel, two miles away." It passed a yard light slightly above my neighbor's house, and I watched it travel fifty feet above the roof. Casually wondering why I was looking into what might be an aircraft landing light, I was startled to see it make a 180 degree Que-ball turn, without diminishing its speed. It retraced its flight path, and made another Que-ball turn, and, continued on its original path, but, descending below the ridgeline and out of sight. It was simply a large, bright light with red and blue lights flashing around the perimeter, yet, the light always seemed to be pointed straight at me, indicating that it was radiating in all directions.

This is not the first time I have seen lights in the Sky that seemed to be shining directly at me, while traveling in directions at physical odds with landing lights. The first time was in December of 1999, multiple objects over Ellington Field and Baybrook Mall, in Clear Lake City, Texas. They disappeared up I-45, around downtown Houston, and then flew west.

HOUSTON -- I am an ex-USAF pilot having flown the C-141B all over the world. The object appeared to be several thousand feet high, moving slowly without any noise on December 19, 2002, at 7 PM. It had a chevron shape with orange lights high lighting the shape. It was a clear night sky and the orange lights were very, very dim and the craft did not stay in view very long. If the object were actually high in the sky, it would have been an enormous object. This occurred while my 5 year old son was looking at the stars and wanted to know what that was. At first I did not see it but then I noticed the shape blocking the light of the stars. This is my first experience with something I can't explain. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


DENVER -- The witness spotted a 'V' shaped object with a main set of lights on the front on December 13, 2002, at 11:40 PM. He says, "I couldn't count them but there were about ten large lights." Behind these lights there were several dimmer ones defining more of the object and perhaps more smaller lights. It was fairly large and moving west just above the tree line at an estimated 200 mph. It was only 600 feet in altitude and 1/8th of a mile south of me. It didn't make any noise and it disappeared after it went behind a tree. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SONORA -- I would like to report a UFO that my wife observed on December 28, 2002, at 12:30 AM. She was lying in bed when she noticed a light outside our bedroom's sliding glass door. The light caught her attention because it consisted of an elongated solid green light with a red light at one end. Neither light flashed for the 3 seconds. The lights formed a solid line across and were the width of an index finger at arm's length. The green portion taking up 80% of the light area. The lights were traveling west and disappeared in about the center of the window. We had solid cloud cover at about 5,000 feet. We are accustomed to seeing airplane lights as there is a local airport 5 miles away. Thanks to Destry


SEATTLE -- The witnesses report seeing a row of different colored lights north of their home on December 15, 2002, some distance away for at least an hour around midnight. My wife asked me to go outside and observe stationery lights over Capitol Hill in Seattle. The row of lights was of different colors and was not quite horizontal to the ground. We could not judge the distance or the size of the object, but it appeared to be very large. We had a high powered telescope, but could not locate it, but our binoculars worked fine. We observed a red light break away from the row of lights and a faint whitish beam come off now and then from the lowest part of the object. Our house is near the flight path of SeaTac Airport and commercial planes came between us and the object. The weather conditions were rain and the wind was blowing at 10 to 20 miles an hour. Since I could not focus on the object with the telescope, we finally went inside. We took digital photos, but they did not come outt. I am a real estate appraiser and my wife is a homemaker. We are both college grads. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ROSSWOOD, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On January 4, 2003, at 2:40 a.m. Brian Vike had a phone call from a witness who explained that her and a passenger were driving along the highway when they both saw three large circular white objects hovering near the peak of the Rosswood Mountain Range. The driver stopped and they both watched the objects as they slowly descended down the mountain. The objects dropped down behind a small hill and both witnesses lost sight of them. She said they sat watching for a while just in case they might return. But that was it, they were gone. They observed the lights for close to three minutes. I asked if she could determine the distance between each of the lights. A "rough" guess is that the lights were 1/4 of a kilometer a part and at an equal distance between each other. Brian will be paying these folks a visit after the winter is over as I still have a few others to visit along the route between Terrace and Prince Rupert. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFOSOURCE, editor of the Canadian Communicator


SAN JUAN -- On January 6, 2003, an object of unknown origin crashed against the leaves of a palm tree and burned almost a meter of grass in the backyard of a San Juan residence, according to Puerto Rican police officials. According to the report, a strong smell of sulfur inundated the site shortly after the fall occurred in a family dwelling in Carolina, the municipality adjacent to San Juan. The property was owned by Matmari and Martin Rodriguez Carrasquillo. The couple advised authorities of the incident a few days after it occurred. Police advised the Arecibo Observatory in northern Puerto Rico of the event. Officials from the observatory and the Environmental Quality Board (JCA) conducted a radiation test, yielding results which showed the object came from beyond Earth's atmosphere, according to the police report. Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez. Mundo (newspaper); Mundo Misterioso (Website)


YSTRADGYNLAIS -- I saw one object, which looked slightly triangular teardrop in shape streak across the sky 6:30 AM, on December 11, 2002, approximately northeast to southwest with a large trailing fiery plume behind it. It moved at a constant, speed which seemed extremely fast and there was no sound. At the same time there was a plane in the sky traveling in the opposite direction. The object seemed to be much closer, brighter, and faster than this plane.

CONGERSTONE -- The sky was bright over the fields and we could see the northern lights at 10:56 PM, on December 12, 2002. To our right hovering in the air stationary, just hanging in the air for approximately 5-10 minutes very low just above trees shining a bright light was an object. It was very difficult to see any shape, because the light was so bright. Then it rose slowly and gracefully into the air a considerable way (a few meters) and came overhead, very low and very quietly, gliding above us. It seemed as though the engine had been turned off and it just glided above us, above the village and disappeared out of view. We ran outside to watch as it went over, there were colored lights blue, red yellow and white fairly dim now, and we think it was a Diamond shape. Very strange. A second craft followed its path; but we think this was an aircraft which was noisier and had a more familiar shape.


EVANS SHIRE N.S.W. ANIMAL RESERVE -- The witness reports seeing a three lighted object of extreme size fly over on December 14, 2002, it then seemed to release objects at 90 degrees to it into the atmosphere, then turning the craft seemed to emerge from the stars. At 2:32 AM, it consisted of 3 lights in a triangle with a gray-black matter within the triangle. It was passing southwest when spotted directly above after flying halfway to the horizon. It turned southeast as it did the triangle rotated so the light that was on the side before was now leading. Simultaneously "shooting stars" entered our atmosphere at 90 degree angle to the side of the object. There were about eight of them. My mate had only just mentioned a low buzz of alternating pitch when we saw it, that became louder when the object had almost reached the horizon. My friend has lived on an animal reserve for 17 years and this sound was not related to any animal. The only other thing is during its flight other shapes of the same size and ability to simulate them selves out from the stars came more present, but did not move accept for one. Another witness and I saw a light that became a moving three light triangle for five seconds and then stopped and we lost it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


Mary Pritzl writes, "Most people do think, I am just weird. You may share my story and there is no need to change my name. I think it is time. The time is here and "they" want the word to get out and those of us who are affected by the knowledge will be drawn together. I do not fear the foreign powers and a nuclear battle, "They " will not permit it to happen to this planet. I feel the reason we are seeing more sightings is the fact that mankind has done about as much damage as will be permitted and the outside forces who depend on the survival of the earth are banning together to keep watch. They are obviously no longer being inconspicuous.

The bible says the meek will inherit the earth. I surmise this as saying the environmentalists, the holistic healers, the human beings striving for the betterment of mankind are the meek and shall remain when the time comes. Those who have been trained conscientiously or sub- conscientiously will be here to lead the way and share all the knowledge that has been stored. I have read about many abductees who say that they have a tremendous amount of knowledge that has been implanted, but they will not be able to use it until it is time and safe. Last night a friend called me and asked me to call on my Gods, for her little girl who is very ill. Although I only have one God, I am not sure how to define God. Two weeks a go I went to see a friend because I felt one of her children was ill. She is two months pregnant. I asked her to consider having an amio. test of the ambiotic fluid because I felt something was amiss.

She called last night, asking that I call on my God. She said, I know that you see something that I can't see, but I believe in you. Please think about us and ask your spirit friends for advice. Her first born 7 year old had begun medical tests that were appearing very negative. I did not know her daughter was about to begin medical tests. But I was told whatever it is it would be arrested if she sought medical help soon. We shall see. If I help her child, there will be more people who will believe in the insight we all could gain from our mysterious friends above. I always said, God gave us these huge brains and we utilize only 10% of it, people with extra powers are those you have been able to step beyond the 10%. I will contact the man in Spokane and I thank you again for believing I am not nuts. If there is anyone I can help or who wants to hear more about weird Mary in Spokane, feel free to pass along my email. UFO's here are cigar and triangular shaped. It would be interesting to learn what the different shapes mean. Each planet may have their own identifying vehicles. Thanks to Mary Pritzl


AT THE NATIONAL SPACE CENTRE! A full-page advertisement in the January 2003 issue of UFO Magazine has generated considerable interest among the UFO community. It refers to an event taking place on the weekend of 24-27 January, when some extraordinary satellite images of anomalous objects will be screened at the National Space Centre in Leicester. The screenings will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7.30 PM. For the past two years, hundreds of extraordinary UFO-like images have been gleaned by a Spanish-based team using two space-based satellites and which defy explanation. NASA initially tried to explain the images away as pixel faults, passing meteors or asteroids, etc., but when a European-led consortium presented them with images that clearly were none of the aforementioned, they 'clamped up.' On Tuesday, 7 January 2003, Mr. Mike Murray, one of the founders of EUROSETI, visited the offices of UFO Magazine to conduct a WORLD EXCLUSIVE filmed interview. Those wishing to attend the lectures at Britain's National Space Centre in Leicester should book their seat a.s.a.p. with EUROSETI hotline number is: 01733 293720. Thanks to David Kingston

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