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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 15, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. UFO wave predicted in March, Raelian movement and irrational thought, Maine the vehicle was completely silent and very big, New York three flying triangles, Pennsylvania diamond oval shaped object, Maryland sphere strange bright lights, Virginia cigar shaped UFO affects car, North Carolina oval shaped UFO spotted, Georgia beacon in sky, Florida domed craft, Alabama egg causes battery failure, Iowa's hovering objects, Missouri white, red, and green lights, Kansas discs photographed, Oklahoma flying black cigar, Texas UFO with lights around the perimeter, Colorado teardrop, California pilot spots flying triangle, Canada three large circular objects, UK bright silver light, Italian sightings will set record in 2002, South Africa UFO follows satellite, and Australian spheres sighted. Letter from Priest and a Chimpanzee started Aids.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Sir Arthur C. Clarke.


Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D., and UFOCAT archivist for the Center for UFO Studies writes, "Based upon a careful analysis of trends in historical UFO reports in the UFOCAT database, I am making the following prediction. There will be a worldwide UFO wave in the month of March 2003 that will reach its maximum between March 15 and March 25, 2003. I am reasonably confident that this wave will involve Northern Europe. Another likely region is the Pacific Ocean, including Japan and the Hawaiian Islands, and possibly the Alaskan Aleutian Islands. I wanted to go on the record now, a full seven weeks before the anticipated peak in UFO activity, before any upswing in reporting starts. I would like people to keep their eyes and ears open. I am reasonably certain about the timing, if extrapolations from previous peaks can be trusted. The worldwide wave, will probably not be centered in North America. A paper outlining my reasons for this prediction will follow. Thanks to Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D., UFOCAT archivist Center for UFO Studies,


The Directors UFO Research Coalition composed of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, the Mutual UFO Network, and the Fund for UFO Research announced on January 8, 2003,:
LIMA, OHIO -- This is in response to a recent news release by the Raelian Movement, which supports human cloning, stating their belief in a claim by a French journalist that "on December 13, 1973 he was contacted by a "visitor from another planet and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome extraterrestrials as "the ones who made all life on Earth" begin and were "the origin of (our) main religions." It is important for all scientists (and others) to know that this claim is not supported by the community of serious researchers of the UFO phenomenon.

Furthermore, the support by the Raelian Movement of the Intelligent Design or I.D. Movement is evidence of their lack of the understanding and application of the scientific method or a true understanding of evolution. The officers, scholars, and other researchers associated with the J.Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, the Mutual UFO Network, and the Fund for UFO Research, recognize that the scientific method of physical examination, replication, and being predictable must be applied to the serious study of the UFO phenomenon as reported by many hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide over the history of the subject.

The anecdotal claims of conversations with purported unidentified entities or sightings of unidentified flying objects require a very high level of organized analysis and study by scientists trained in many formal disciplines. The unverifiable anecdotal testimony of a 56-year-old former French magazine sportswriter does not meet the standards of credible evidence for the application of rational scientific thought. Nor does it justify the emergence of a new religion based upon only this unverifiable testimony. The explanation of the very real UFO phenomenon will ultimately depend upon sufficient acceptable scientific evidence and not upon declared adherence to a religious belief. Thanks to:

J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Chairman, Phone: 773-271-3611/ Email: Website:

Mutual UFO network International Director John R. Schuessler, M.S., Phone: 303-932-7709/ Email: Website:

Fund for UFO Research Don Berliner, Chairman, Phone: 703-684-6032/ Email: Website:

Editor's Note: So far the Cloneaid laboratory has failed to present evidence of successful cloning of a baby as claimed. The Clonaid founder Claude Vorilhon is leader of a sect called the Raelians. He claims a space alien visited him in 1973, revealed that life on Earth was created scientifically through DNA and genetic engineering by an extraterrestrial race called the Elohim. It is evident they have received hundreds of millions or dollars worth of publicity due to the cloning announcement.


HOLDEN -- The witnesses were leaving a New Years Party and were driving on Route 46 when they noticed two lights in the sky about a mile away that seemed stationary. The witness says, "I kept driving very slowly and trying to see them above the trees, and three miles down the road I spotted a large flying triangle coming toward us a couple hundred feet up." My girl friend saw it fly over our vehicle without any noise at all. It had green, pink, and yellow flashing lights and flew from east to west. I later talked to someone where I volunteer at the veterans clinic and her brother had seen it also. Since, then I have had some strange mental images and missing minutes. I also have a place on my stomach that the skin is very dry and nothing helps to get rid of it. I have talked to my veterans counselor about the incident. Thanks to bmj and Peter Davenport NUFORC


ALBANY -- The witnesses report going for a short night time stroll at 10 PM, on January 8, 2003, when one noticed a light out of the corner of his eye and looked up to see three flying triangular objects with a number of lights on each corner. The witness told his friends to look up and tell them, he was not losing his mind. Their mouths dropped as they also saw the three triangles. No one spoke; no one knew what to say or how to explain what they were seeing. Then the objects disappeared out of sight and it was like they had never even been there. We continued walking in silence not knowing what to say. I never believed in any of this until now! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PITTSBURGH -- The witness was walking to the local Drug store on January 7, 2003, when he looked in the sky and saw a huge diamond shape craft. It was going across the sky extremely fast at 11:00 PM. The sighting lasted for a minute, then it was gone

MIDDLESEX TOWNSHIP -- I was walking on the Appalachian Trail on January 7, 2003, with my dog around 5 PM, and my dog started to bark. I noticed an extremely bright light where my dog was barking. I ran towards my dog who was about 50 yards away and I noticed an oval shaped object lifting higher into the sky. By the time I caught up to my dog the oval shaped object was hovering around 100 feet above us. It moved back and forth for a few minutes, then zipped out of sight. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WESTMINSTER -- The witness was walking his two dogs on January 4, 2003, and noticed a bright object in the sky over her neighbor's house and assumed it was a shooting star at 8:50 PM. The object was moving from west to east at a steady pace. Then behind this object appeared three additional bright white light objects that would be the size of an egg held at arm's length. The light from these objects was as if it was revolving. There was no color, just white light. Then there were two other groups of the objects that appeared out of the western sky and flew east out of my sight. No sound was made. The witness states, "They seemed to be about 1500 feet high, they were close, and I counted fifteen objects, and their flight pattern seemed to be in a straight line." I live two miles from the Westminster Airport and I'm used to seeing all types of flying craft, but at 46 years of age I've never seen anything like this before. I called my husband, who is a police officer for the state of Maryland and he tried to contact the local airport at 9 PM, but it was closed. We watched the news to see if anyone else reported the lights in the sky, but to no avail. NUFORC


FALLS CHURCH -- The witness reports, "I was going home from work on January 11, 2003, with a few associates and my car just stalled at one of the stop signs." I was surprised as it was a new car. I stepped out of the car to look in the hood and I saw a flash of light reflected from my car. I looked up and I saw this long lighted flying thing, which was there for a few seconds and then disappeared. I did not think much of the sighting, but when it disappeared my car started by itself, without turning the keys in the ignition. NUFORC


CHARLOTTE -- I was coming home from my girlfriend's house around 7 PM, on January 6, 2003. I came up my road (there's a hill on my street) and I saw a triangular formation of three extremely bright, round lights up in the sky. They were about 200 feet up and a mile or so away. I jumped out of my car, ran in to tell my mother and she ran out and we both stood in our back yard staring at the lights. They hovered in the sky without moving for about two minutes and the lower "UFO" in the triangle drifted up and to the right towards one of the other "UFO's." Once it got close, the upper right "UFO" flew off out of sight at incredible speed. The "UFO" on the other side did the same shortly after that. One UFO was left hovering in the sky, with its bright light kind of twinkling.

The single UFO light came on and went off and on for the next hour. It flew random zigzag floating actions in the sky. My father came home later that night and saw it too. He said, "Oh my God, I thought you guys were joking!" - The weird thing is that it was so windy that night, and the entire sky had a sort of pale amber tint to it. Our gate in the back yard kept slamming shut and my Mom told me that earlier in the day she had heard a very loud noise around where the lights were coming from. Also the pets were acting weird. The objects were not moving at all times, so they were definitely not airplanes. They were close enough to us, that if they were helicopters we would have definitely heard them. Plus, any type of aircraft I've ever seen is not capable of disappearing out of sight at the speed these did. Very spooky, something strange is definitely going on. We have pictures and video. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MUFONGA's Olivia Newton of Lilburn reported that a family member living in Dekalb County had reported a spectacular light observed on December 4, at about 10:15 PM. The witness described an extremely brilliant white light traveling horizontally at about 20 degrees off of the horizon. It was completely silent, and was the size of a baseball at arm's length. This witness is particularly observant and reliable; a retired law enforcement official of the State Game and Fish Commission.

LAGRANGE -- On January 4, 2003, MUFONGA's reliable source was outside for about two minutes at 7:00 PM, and observed another unusual "beacon" type of light in the sky. Rather than being stationary, it was moving east, and was blinking off and on at about ten-second intervals. She described it as a sort of "slow-glow" type of illumination. The light would come on slowly, then fade out slowly at ten-second intervals. Again, this witness was raised in an aviation family and indicates that what she has been observing is unlike any normal aircraft lights with which she is familiar. Past interaction with this source has revealed that she is VERY objective.

MUFON's Tom Sheets says, "I was standing with John Thompson next to a field in the boonies near Lagrange a few weeks before our Leonids Skywatch. We were comparing the appearance of distant aircraft landing lights when a REAL MONSTER rock slid in and burned up right overhead. Truly awesome, nothing during all of our Leonids activities even compared. As to the 5 Jan Lagrange "slow-glow" lights, I can recall nothing similar in my sky watching, which includes living and working around Hartsfield Airport for many years. We have to consider several factors that might influence any night observations of lights or meteors...the atmospheric conditions both low and high, humidity, haze, pollution, the eyesight of the witness etc. At any rate, it's difficult to make any firm determination on unusual events occurring in darkness, far away, silent, and oft times happening very quick.

On January 8, 2003, indicates that Senior White House reporter Sarah McClendon, 92 years old, passed away. Ms. Sarah served in the White House press corps beginning during the tenure of FDR (!) and continuing right up through her recent illness. She was a friend to the UFO community, and a few years ago was solidly behind efforts to get the UFO issue before Congress. I still use one of her positive articles in the orientation of new MUFONGA members who have never had deep exposure to Ufology. Thanks to Tom Sheets Georgia Director of MUFON.

Editor's Note: I spent several hours with Sarah, she was a wonderful lady and I for one will miss her.


WINTER SPRINGS -- While standing in my backyard on January 11, 2003, with a friend, I spotted a bright object coming from the southwest at 12:10 PM. It was very high up and moving in a slow, straight line and faded into the east. I asked my friend to have a look and we watched the object for 5 minutes. With binoculars, the object was somewhat flat on the bottom and domed on top. Not like pictures of flying saucers that I've seen. The top was domed like half of a circle. The object seemed compact in shape, not long and stretched out like an airplane. The object was a very strange shade of green, kind of lime colored, and never changed it's brightness. It was almost as if the brightness was a light and not necessarily the color of the object. It was VERY bright.


MOUNDVILLE -- Two egg shaped objects with lights were observed moving in a 'Z' pattern on January 6, 2003, by several witnesses. The witness stated, "The batteries and lights on our vehicle stopped when two egg shaped objects approached us. We were in the Talladega National Forest when two egg shaped objects about the size of the tops of trees were observed. When the lights flashed it illuminated the sky and the whole area. The lights were red, yellow, and blue. They moved left and right and up and down sort of in a Z shape. When we approached the lights and battery needle stopped in our vehicle. One object came about 50 yards from our vehicle, then it immediately left. This object was spotted off and on for over an hour.


WINNEBAGO -- At about 8:30 AM, on January 2, 2003, my husband noted a bright light in the sky and told my 15 year old foster son and I, "Come and look at the UFO." Not really believing him, we looked thinking he was foolish. We saw at first a bright light and then as we watched, it began to change colors in a circler motion. We saw a disk shape craft with lights that circled around the craft changing colors from white, to red, green, and blue. It hovered for the longest time and then began to come a little closer. I got the binoculars and looked and I could see it was in a disk shape or like what you would see in the television shows. The coolest part was that we were able to see what appeared to be windows all along the top half of the craft. The UFO stayed around for an hour and a half. My 21 year old daughter and I saw it again the next night. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


AURELIA -- Julie W. reports, "I was driving home from work at 8:10 PM, on January 2, 2003, and I noticed a bright object in the northeast sky and noticed that there were red, green and white lights on the object that was not moving. It was at that time that I noticed another hovering object exactly like the other one to the southeast. Then I noticed an airplane above the object on my left, and that made it very evident that what I was watching was just sitting there. I got within a half mile from Aurelia, and tried to call my husband but, the phone was busy. When I got home I told him what I had seen and that I had tried to call, he said he hadn't been on the phone. Also, my computer was really having problems--my connection is through a satellite. I had a similar experience several years ago in NW Iowa, only there were many more UFOs, and my children and I witnessed a one only a couple of hundred feet away. Thanks to John Hoppe, Director UFOWisconsin,


BLUE SPRINGS -- The witness reports, "My girlfriend and I observed a bright flashing light in the sky on January 1, 2003, with the colors changing from white to red to green in that sequence." The object hovered in one spot for 30 seconds and then began to move in random directions. While moving, the object would change it's rate of speed constantly and then stopped suddenly. It was higher than any helicopter could fly and made sharp movements that airplane could not. It also moved in a small circular motion followed by a slightly larger circle. Another object had the same light pattern on it and moved in the same formations as the original almost as if the two where communicating. I stopped watching at 6:30 AM. I hadn't had anything to drink. Thanks to Peter Davenport


WICHITA -- Matt Hitt phoned to tell me he was at the local mall on January 8, 2003, when he noticed a disk shaped craft flying over the area. He went into the local drug store and purchased a camera and film and started photographing at 5:20 PM. His taking photos of the sky caused a crowd to form and look at the UFOs flying overhead. An Air Force Captain dressed in uniform was amazed to see the disks. He pointed and said, "That's not a plane!" He claimed he was a pilot and had never seen UFOs or anything like that. Their were heavy contrails high in the sky and the UFOs were flying around below the contrails. Matt called me immediately after the sighting and seemed quite excited. Thanks to Matt Hitt


ENID TO TULSA -- The witness was driving back from Enid on January 2, 2003, when he saw a silver/black cigar like object far away past the hills at 4:30 PM. It rocked slowly back and forth like a leaf falling, but not falling. After two minutes it was gone, leaving no trail, no fast bang, or light.


PAYTON -- The witness reports seeing an unidentified object that looked like a flying teardrop and was circling around the sky at 7:37 PM, for about five minutes on January 1, 2003. The craft flew back and fourth in a straight line. The craft was a metallic silver and had one florescent light. There were planes in the area, but the lights on these planes blinked, while this did not blink and moved at a comparatively slow pace. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SAN JOSE -- Near dusk at 5:20 PM, a private pilot saw two black, triangles hovering in a very slow flight pattern on January 1, 2003. The sky was still bright blue and these triangles did not fly like our planes or birds. The witness said, "I watched for ten minutes as they headed from the east to the west and then slowly, back toward the west again." They moved progressively closer together, and appeared to be about 45,000 feet altitude. Several jumbo jets passed underneath at 15-20,000 feet during my observation. The flying triangles were clearly not flying like the planes, nor did they look anything like any kinds of planes I have ever seen. I am a private pilot and quite familiar with the flight patterns in this area. I have also observed many birds of prey such as hawks and eagles and these craft were not like any bird. This is the first time I have ever observed anything like this. I have always been extremely skeptical about UFO's and have not really thought they were anything but mistaken identities. However, these objects were clearly some kind of object that I could not identify.

SPRING VALLEY -- My family and I were sitting in the back yard about twenty-five minutes after midnight right after the New Year's started. We were all talking, when I saw a bright orange reddish light coming from the north; I told every one, "Do you guys see that?" It was very bright and flying very slow. When it got closer, the lights started to dim and then they would get bright again, then it started to go west very slow almost to a stop. It started to drop something we could not figure out what it was. Then it started to go west and we could see spinning lights, and finally the light turned off.

BURBANK -- My wife and I are musicians we were retiring home on January 1, 2003, and were unloading our equipment. I had asked my son (age 15) and his friend to help me unload our truck I glanced to look up for Orion and immediately noticed six moving stars that I didn't recognize. They were orangish yellow in color and in a pattern like thin #4. I called to my son, his friend and my wife. The craft was traveling in northwest and very high (could've been 100-200 miles). We all noticed that they began to turn southwest. The turn was abrupt and they formed another pattern similar to the Big Dipper. They continued to extend starting to form a single line and then one by one seemed to shoot straight up out of sight. I did also notice that one or two seemed to have smaller lights shooting out from them before they disappeared.

BURBANK -- On New Year's Eve my family went outside to bang some pots and pans and shoot off our party poppers at our friends home. During the celebration I looked up at a very clear sky and noticed two orange/red orbs glowing and moving very slow across the sky. One was in front of the other. The orbs were traveling west and sparks or fire of some sort, like a sparkler trailed off from the fireball. The shapes took a turn and started heading north and they both burned out within five seconds of each other. My sister and I had seen some five weeks ago heading east across the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ITALIAN UFO NEWSFLASH 381--The Italian Center for UFO Studies (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, CISU) reports, "The drop in reports in the month of December notwithstanding, 2002 went out as a record-setting year, for sightings and reports of UFO phenomena in Italy." As of this writing, in fact, the number of cases histories gathered and filed by the Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) totals 724 for last year, compared with the 796 which made the preceding 2001 one of the richest periods of the last 24 years. It is expected that in the coming months -- as usual -- the total of cases for 2002 will grow to surpass that of 2001, which at this point a year ago saw "only" 630 cases. This result is, in part, due to the always-increasing efficiency of the CISU telematic working group on the Italian caselog, which by now is fully operational and manages to systematically monitor the reports gathered from every available source. The month-by-month distribution of Italian sightings for 2002 was less spotty than that for 2001, which was much more centered around a summer flap. Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna turned out to be the richest regions for reports, followed by Veneto and Tuscany; and the usual prevalence of Northern Italy was confirmed, with 56% of the observations. More detailed information is on the CISU Website at Thanks to Giorgio Abraini


BEIRUT -- On January 3, 2003, two unidentified objects were seen over Beirut at 8:23 PM. Each craft was different. One was saucer shaped and the other was like an oval and there was much light surrounding each of them. The craft were visible for fifteen minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PORT ELIZABETH -- From south westerly direction towards the south easterly direction crossing the path off the satellite four times and then vanished on January 1, 2003, a stream off exhaust fumes could be seen behind the craft. ((NUFORC Note: Witness describes self as having significant technical experience. PD))


SYDNEY -- In the suburbs directly west of Central Business District on January 13, 2003. Dominika went outside to move the garden sprinkler at 11:10 PM. She looked up and saw three spheres below the clouds east of us and called out to me. I joined her outside, it was apparent that this was not normal air traffic. They glowed orange red, made no sound and traveled very slowly west. The first sphere was larger and maintained a steady speed and luminosity. The other two stopped occasionally and dimmed and brightened, then continued. They took a couple of minutes to get about 10 km west of us then faded and disappeared. They were several times larger than airplanes. Normal air traffic was absent for another half hour after. Thanks to Paul Van Komen


I thought about your statement of "messengers" and I am very familiar with the thought of superior technology from two or three thousand years ago. We always look at things as though we have a "lock" on technology -- as if there cannot be another civilization in the Universe which exceeds us in knowledge. The complicated part of accepting "technically superior messengers" doing God's work is that you then have to think about God and the role played by this Supreme Architect of the Universe! This frightens people -- and more so, It really frightens the church! Those that are in charge of "protecting" the sacredness of the church (bishops), shut their minds when it comes to the possibilities of ET's and higher level beings. Unfortunately, the thought of anything other than what we can see and touch in the here and now is too much for many people, so we have to deal with (be tolerant of) the denial by the church and the masses that follow dogmatic teaching! One of these days it will all be revealed without question . . . unfortunately, there will still be those that will not accept it! So, we just keep going on, collecting the evidence, and living our lives as best we can! Actually, when you get right down to it, it's all we can do, no matter what the circumstances! Have a great day -- will keep in touch? Father. T


The origin of the main HIV virus that causes Aids in humans has been discovered by an international team of scientists. A chimpanzee named Marilyn enabled them to confirm that the Aids virus first passed into people from a particular subspecies of chimp in the Central African rainforest. Infected chimps do not get sick or develop Aids and therefore may hold a possible cure for the disease.

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