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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 22, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This report includes a: Maine boomerang UFO, a New York cylinder with powerful lights, South Carolina daylight disc, Mississippi flying disc, Thirteen flying triangles in Ohio, Illinois cross shaped hovering craft, Texas gold glow, South Dakota bluish balls, Colorado teardrop UFO, California disc, Washington UFO, Canadian flying triangle, Mexican blue fireball, and UK sightings. Jeff Challender NASA flights


OLD TOWN -- A college student and his girl friend were driving on January 10, 2003, when they noticed three lights brighter than a car's headlights in the sky at 6:40 PM. He pointed the lights out to her. They wondered what they were because there are no towers that could explain the lights. They pulled the car over in front of a large Catholic Church with the craft hovering overhead." The witness says, "It was a boomerang shaped ship with three lights with one at each end, and one on the tip of the 'V.' The ship took off very slowly at first and gradually speeded up. We tried following it but it eventually flew so fast that it was gone in a short while. The ship traveled in the direction of its 'V' shaped point. It had wings like the wings of a plane but flew at only 200 yards above the ground and never got any higher.

We could both make out its shape and two other lights that blinked which were match smaller and were red and blue. The reason we are sure it was a UFO or a governmental craft is because it made absolutely no sound at all. While it hovered above us and as it took off it was completely quiet. I have always been extremely skeptical about UFOs, but after tonight I cannot overlook the evidence that there are UFOs out there. This was real. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ST. JAMES -- A teenager was on his driveway skateboarding at 9 PM, on January 9, 2003, when a circular object came from behind the trees and flew nearby. Its light was very bright, but only if you were looking directly at it. If you were looking straight you wouldn't notice it. It was moving extremely fast and seemed to stop on a dime, and made right angle turns without slowing down or changing altitude. After observing this for about a minute, other smaller lights departed from the original one. There were three objects now each with about twenty lights. There were sixty lights on all three of them that were blinking very fast and were powerful to look at. They did not make any noise as they flew across the night sky. The witness reports I'm pretty sure that there was five minutes of unexplained time loss. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PAGELAND -- The observer was on Highway 9 going east about ten miles from Pageland in a very rural area at 3:30 PM, on January 9, 2003. The witness states, "At first I thought it was a low flying jet fighter but the object was a bright glowing disc shape with some detail moving at high rate of speed to the south on a mostly sunny day." This is my first observation of a UFO and I never believed they existed before today.

AIKEN -- The witness was driving on US I-20 on January 10, 2003, when they saw a slow pulsing light cross above the interstate moving in a NNW direction at 7:30 PM near the first Aiken exit. The shape of the object seemed long due to the pulsing lights along the side of the craft. We turned off onto SC highway 19 and stopped just a short ways down the road. The witness reports, "I observed this object for around 30 minutes in a stationary position." Then the object moved toward the north very slowly. One small aircraft was around as if the occupants were watching the object's lights, but did not fly too close. At least it seemed that way due to the path the smaller aircraft was flying. Thanks to Peter Davenport


VAN CLEAVES -- The witness reports observing a disk shaped object at 9 PM, on January 9, 2003, with lights across the front. It also had one small red blinking light on it. The object did not move and that's what made us think it could possibly be a UFO. It was flat across the front and shaped like a saucer. The object was not very high in the sky, and was just above the tree line. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WASHINGTON COURTHOUSE -- The witness says, "My husband woke me up at 12:25 AM, on January 7, 2003, while driving home from a trip to ask me what these lights were in the sky?" I said a tower. He said, "No they are moving but very slowly." There were three objects. As we passed two, the third was hovering above a house, and I still thought it was a tower. So he pulled the car to the side of Highway I71 north and we sat there. We then witnessed a craft turn and fly away slowly and then circle back around. Then we saw more craft come from a distance. They started out looking like a bright light but when they got closer, we could clearly see two big white lights that were close together. We watched as they just circled around very slowly in about a two mile radius. We could see they had smaller lights as they turned and hovered with a red non-flashing light in the back. They could turn 180 degrees while hovering in position. One flew towards our car as it circled at about 900 feet in altitude.

I rolled down my window, and it sounded like a very quiet slow moving jet, but it was too low and too slow for a jet. The main body of the craft was also slightly illuminated. My husband has 20/15 vision and we sat for fifteen minutes watching. We drove on and saw another six aircraft in the next ten miles. All were slowly flying south towards the area where we were watching the others. One of the six flew right above our car. This time, I held the wheel while my husband was watching out the window. I got a totally clear view of the bottom of one, that was only about 800 feet above us. It was triangular with delta like wings. Looking straight up from underneath we saw three lights across the bottom with a red one in the middle. The main part of the body was lit up. I called my local Meteorologist and he called the national weather service in Wilmington. They said that Wright Patterson Air Force Base has many flights around there and Airborne Express also has a terminal nearby. These were not jets and if it was military, would there really be thirteen craft flying around the same area? Does the military make a quiet, slow moving, hovering aircraft? Very weird, yet very exciting!

WILLIAMSBURG -- The next day, on January 8, 2003, sixty miles south of Wright Patterson the fifteen year old observers were coming back to his friend's house from swimming at the local indoor swimming pool. We walked into his breezeway and heard the sound of a low flying airplane, so we went looked up at 7 PM. I saw what appeared to be an airplane except it had a light sitting on something about ten feet from the fuselage. It had three lights near the front and the back that were red white and blue. I kept looking and the plane was flying toward me when it stopped, then hovered and flew a little higher and BACKED UP! It did this numerous times so we got my friend's Mom and she saw it too. It was flying higher when it dropped suddenly, hovered and then flew away. I thought I was crazy but the next day I was at school and told a friend I saw something weird. That's all I said, and he gave me the same description saying he and his Dad saw it too!

Editor's Note: The military has not announced owning a FLYING TRIANGLE of this type, but there are numerous sightings of low flying large triangles. Technically these aircraft are breaking flight safety rules. Yet no one has ever reported seeing one of these craft parked on the ground any where.

CINCINNATI -- Around 2:30 AM on the morning, a 14-year old boy heard a strange aircraft fly over his house on January 8, 2003, Very scared, the boy looked out his window, and suddenly, he heard a voice in his head. This voice sounded strange and spoke in a language that he didn't understand. Extremely startled, the boy went back to bed, and again heard the voice. No more is known about the experience.

PORTSMOUTH -- While out on my porch 10:30 PM, on January 9, 2003, I happened to look up in to the sky in the northern direction. There was a long, almost hot-dog shaped blue object in the sky at about maybe 50 degrees. It was the same color blue as the base of a flame with one part of it brighter than the rest. It stayed lit in the sky for about 1 1/2 seconds then disappeared. About five seconds later I saw the same 'thing; but now in the northeastern part of the sky at about the same degree. Whatever it was produced no sound nor did it blink. It was just a steady "glowing blue hotdog" shape of light. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PALOS HEIGHTS -- The witness was driving west on a main street through town and noticed a large white light just above the tree line to the southwest at 12:45 AM. The witness reports, "I continued driving and noticed the light did not appear to move in any direction, but it was very large in comparison to the planets." It was the size of a penny. I drove several blocks and noticed it was moving in a slow, north/northeast direction. It was now about one block to my southwest direction, and about 100-150 feet above the houses in the area. I was at a stop light turning south towards the object. Another motorist was also starring at the object. At this close range I could see the definite shape of a 'X or cross' with one set of "wings" larger then the other. One set glowed red underneath while the smaller set was white. At the tip of each "wing" was a white light. The other motorist was watching with me for about 45 seconds and then drove quickly away. I continued to watch the object which was almost stopped about half a block directly in front of my car. I stopped to watch it hover for roughly a minute before it flew east at a medium speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC .


FT. THOMPSON -- The witness reports, "I saw four balls of bluish-green light hovering over the big bend dam located on the Missouri River on January 3, 2003." The balls proceeded to move east towards Highway 50, and as they passed over head at 2:29 AM you could see light moving in a circle. The object was a disk shape object, and made no sound as it shot straight up into the air. The others followed and they disappeared. We talked to local law enforcement and they had many similar reports dating back to early 70's. NUFORC


CIBOLO -- At precisely 4:45 AM on January 9, 2003, the witness reports observing a gold glowing object in the northeast, but nestled in the light of the moon. The object was vividly clear and stationary for 2-3 minutes, then moved back away further north in the clouds and the light vanished. It then began to glow brighter, and seemed to come back towards the witness out of a cloud and then stayed in the original position for two minutes again. The object repeated this process three times. I also observed a plane flying under the object and away from it. The plane blinking lights made the huge clear glow of the UFO unmistakable. The object was ten times the size of the plane blinking in the distant horizon.

SPICEWOOD -- I was inside looking out at the evening sky on January 8, 2003, when I noticed a bright "cylinder" shaped object moving slowly from east to west coming in the direction of my house at 6:15 PM. As I watched it come closer towards on our house on Lake Travis. I noticed that it seemed to have many lights in a "clump," with other lights below it. I also noticed that it was moving in a starting and stopping pattern, rather than smooth. It did stay on the same course. I turned my head to knock on the window, so that my husband could come out and see when I looked back up, it was gone. NUFORC


PHOENIX -- A silver bell-shaped metallic object which emitted an orange light was observed traveling northbound at a rate of 180 mph at an elevation of 2000 feet for a period of ten minutes by three individuals on December 31, 2002, at 4:40 PM. The object noiselessly covered a distance of 30 miles in a period of about ten minutes, passing over the cities of Chandler, South Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. It was moving parallel at nearly directly above the Interstate 10 Freeway. The object was observed from the parking lot of the 3 observers place of employment. The object had an irregular flight path, constantly, if only slightly, changing altitude & direction, but moving in a northerly direction. It was observed from a distance of roughly two miles.

Due to the clear daylight conditions and close proximity of its observers, as well as the object's Omni directional movements, its shape was clearly discernible and was not that of any aircraft known to the observers. There was no tail, wings, fuselage, or propellers visible. As it maneuvered perpendicular to the earth, its underside was seen to be black. When horizontal, it appeared the have a highly reflective metal surface. There was an intermittent orange glow about it. When first sighted about four miles away it had a diffused look, reminiscent of a gigantic piece of Saran Wrap. Suddenly, it assumed a much smaller solid and more circular appearance as it quickly moved closer to the initial observer. At its closest point, its somewhat bell shaped outline became apparent. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BUENA PARK -- The witness observed a silvery colored disk hovering in an upwards position December 31, 2002, at 1:30 PM. The disk leveled out and moved quickly southeast. There was no sound.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The witness saw three slightly glowing UFOs on January 6, 2003. They changed formation slightly and were moving to the east at 5 PM. The lights were changing in their brightness. He stated, "I could see many stars so I was pretty sure there was no fog or clouds and the space between each light was equal, but after a few seconds the space changed so that I believe they are not aircraft."

MCKINLEYVILLE -- An object was seen to the west over the Pacific Ocean on January 7, 2003, that was flashing many different colored lights 3:30 AM. The lights were red, yellow, and green in color. The movement of the object was most peculiar because it moved quickly and not in a straight line. It would move left, then stop, then up, then stop, then right, stop, further right, sudden movement to the left, down, left. It just didn't look like the movement of an aircraft. Myself and a friend watched for about half an hour before it disappeared. There was no noise Both observers are college educated, but neither of us are experts in aircraft identification.

MORO BAY -- My girlfriend and I were driving home from a movie in San Luis Obispo on January 7, 2003. At Cuesta College we saw an obscure yellow light in the distance at 9:20 PM. As we got closer and closer, we could make out that the light was moving. When we could see the Moro Bay smoke stacks in front of us, the aircraft flew overhead, across the highway. It was an orb-like shape with many flashing lights on it. It wasn't that far overhead, and it wasn't moving as quickly as a normal craft. We pulled off to the side of the road and saw the craft fly over the mountain on the other side of the highway.

BURBANK -- The witnesses saw six orangish objects fly west of Burbank towards the ocean on January 11, 2003, at high speeds. The witness stated, "Periodically they would slow down almost to a stop, and then resume flying very fast again. Then they all stopped, and slowly their bright light resembling stars almost faded out after five minutes." In speaking with other friends who were not with us that evening, they had also witnessed the sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SNOHOMISH -- On January 9, 2003, the witness pointed out to his wife a strange light in the sky at about 9:00 PM, to the north that was very high and distant. It was twinkling like a helicopter or an airplane at night. The witness reports, "It would move side to side, then up and down quite rapidly, and at other times it was quite stationary." We decided it must be a helicopter seen from a great distance, circling as if searching. At no time did it vary from the same general spot in the sky, it simply would change direction, noticeably. Therefore, it was NOT a star. I went out again after sleeping until about 3:00 AM, and the object was still there with the same behavior. When I got up at 6:00 AM, it was still doing the same thing! It had not changed from the same general position in the sky, which you would expect if it was a star, due to the Earth's revolving. Sometimes it was stationery and at other times, rapidly moving side to side, and occasionally slightly up and down for nine hours. No helicopter can stay airborne for so long! NUFORC


CALGARY, ALBERTA -- On January 10, 2003, two brothers report sighting a flying triangle at 9:30 PM. Reports of these flying triangles are becoming very numerous and may indicate a base in Northern Canada.


MEXICO CITY -- Jose Luis Rueda Quintana reports that on January 11, 2003, at 7:25 PM a group of five persons spotted an object 40 to 50 meters in diameter flying at high speeds. The craft was blue in color, and made no sound. Five witnesses saw the passage of a blue colored object that crossed the sky at a great speed and disappeared behind clouds heading west. Although the sky was splashed with clouds the moon illuminated the witnesses. The object flew at an angle of 40 degrees level towards moon and flew into a cloud that did not allow them to see where the object went. Its speed, was five times greater than an aircraft flying in the urban zone, some felt it was as large as the distant moon, but in fact was smaller. The witnesses felt the object was flying about 600 meters altitude towards the mountainous zone, near Tlalnepantla.

EARTHQUAKE -- Mexico was just hit by a massive earthquake on January 21, 2003, at about 8:00 PM local time in the Colima area not far from Mexico City. The earthquake is 7.8 mag. Reports from Mexico City are starting to come in. that power has been cut off in parts of the Mexican capital. We hope the casualties are minimal.


STOKE-ON-TRENT -- The witness looked up on a clear December 28, 2002, night at 7:10 PM, when he saw red M shaped objects flying in a V formation. The objects slightly varied in position during flight. They were flying at least 20 x faster than I have ever seen anything fly before. There was no sound whatsoever. They were flying east over Anchor Road at Longton Stoke on Trent.

BANGOR, NORTH WALES -- The witness was driving along the A55 Expressway towards Bangor on January 7, 2003, when he noticed two very bright white/blue lights. One was stationary and the other was heading towards it at 6:45 AM. The second light started to circle around the first one in a clockwise direction and then stopped. They were both stationary with a small gap between them. Then one light started to move upward and just disappeared, while the other moved slowly away to my left gathering speed and disappeared. These were not helicopters or jets, these just very bright white lights changing to a shade of blue. When I arrived at work, two people at work also mentioned seeing blue flashing lights and they agreed these were not aircraft.

DR. ELLEN CRYSTALL, author of the book "Silent Invasion," died December16, 2002, after more than a two year battle with pancreatic cancer. Her book relates her excellent story of researching large flying triangle shaped aircraft over Pine Bush, New York. Ellen will be missed by the UFO community. She was born in 1950 - 2002 and will be greatly missed..


SACRAMENTO Bee Newspaper article by Will Evans writes" Thursday, when NASA launches another shuttle into orbit, the folks at Mission Control won't be the only ones following its every move. Jeff Challender will be watching every second of shuttle footage available on cable television from his Sacramento home. And he'll be recording it, adding it to his collection of hundreds of missions, for proof. Proof of what, he doesn't know. But Challender, 49, believes National Aeronautics and Space Administration cameras are catching glances of UFOs. Alien spacecraft, space animals, secret government experiments or none of the above -- Challender has no idea what they are. But despite debunkers who say he's staring at ice particles or other space junk, Challender doesn't think the white spots occasionally moving across his screen can be explained by normal means. These flying objects are, at least for him, "Unidentified." "I don't go for the flying saucers and little green men routine," he says. "All I know is that there is something appearing on NASA video that doesn't belong there."

Though there are many UFO trackers in Sacramento, he's one of only a handful in the world that scope NASA flights for clues. And for his patience and dedication to detail, watching video that he says produces about 10 seconds of "interesting" material out of several hundred hours, he has become respected as a self-taught "expert" in the wider UFO community. "He has probably more expertise than anyone else, certainly outside of government, in looking at the film," says George Filer, a retired Air Force major who runs a UFO Web site from New Jersey. Challender, disabled by a severe spinal injury, lies on a mattress surrounded by an arsenal of recording equipment for his work: nine VCRs, stacks of VHS tapes, two DVD burners and a DVD player. With his massive, hand-built, quadruple-hard-drive computer in front, he seems suspended in some kind of space vessel himself. But the only thing that hints of extraterrestrial interests is a little silver alien, perched on top of his computer. Challender grabs the NASA footage from Channel 72, run by the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium. From this mission he'll probably examine 30 to 40 hours of tape, sometimes straight from breakfast to when his family calls him to dinner. The longtime aviation junkie started taping missions in 1997, just for fun, to edit each one into a documentary. But in 1999, he saw something that grabbed his attention: an illuminated dot, pulsating as it whizzed across the screen. Then, later, he saw many white dots moving around, changing direction and speed. What were they? Challender has been tracking similar "anomalies" ever since. "I want answers," says the former railroad laborer. "I believe something's going on and the facts are being kept from us."

NASA isn't so sure. "I'm not aware of any visuals of [extraterrestrial) activity," says Fred Brown, executive producer of NASA Television. Challender points to incidents where the camera seems to zoom in on one of the dots and then cuts off the live footage -- signs, he says, of a cover-up. Nonsense, Brown says. "If those things were out there and we were trying to hide them, we wouldn't put them on NASA Television." Challender is probably seeing bits of liquid or ice, close to the camera, blown around by jets of gas from the shuttle, says Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the SETI Institute, a nonprofit organization running what used to be NASA's "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence." "You have to be careful," he says. "They're very impressive if you're naive." But Jack Kasher, a retired University of Nebraska, Omaha, physicist, says he's viewed Challender's findings, concluding that they aren't ice particles and challenging anyone who says so to prove it. Still, Shostak says, why would SETI spend millions searching for alien radio signals if there were Martians buzzing around every NASA mission? Shostak believes that there [/TEXT9_6_16] is alien life. If 10 percent of stars had planets and 1 percent of those supported life, there could be millions of worlds with life just in our galaxy, he calculates.

NASA would have no incentive to hide any evidence. "That would be the greatest thing for NASA. Their budget would go up instead of going down," he says. Bernard Haisch, ex-director of the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, has led several NASA studies, and doesn't think the civilian agency is involved in any coverup -- but he thinks there probably is one. In fact, there are quite a few government people and aviation experts -- even famed astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell -- who believe the government knows more than it's telling.

"I know there's something out there because I've chased 'em," Filer says. Flying in the Air Force in 1962, he was ordered to follow a supernaturally large object detected by radar and came close enough to see its lights before it disappeared. Aviators apparently have so many such experiences that one ex-NASA scientist founded the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, which compiles UFO reports from pilots. Since the government no longer investigates UFO reports, the task falls on these private organizations and on amateurs.

The Mutual UFO Network, for example, is dedicated to investigating all sightings. Cynthia Siegel, director of the Sacramento chapter, is training half a dozen locals to become "field investigators," to document sightings with interviews, photographs and video -- even soil samples. "There are so many more accounts than people realize," Siegel says. The National UFO Reporting Center recorded two Sacramento-area reports in December: a "cigar-shaped craft" and a "triangular craft with three large white lights." Challender, searching for more using a different technique, founded Project P.R.O.V.E. It stands for "People Recording Orbiting Vehicles from Earth," which says it all. Challender holds his ordinary camcorder to the sky when the International Space Station passes over Sacramento and waits for something unusual. So far ... nothing. "But I don't give up hope," he says. An even more difficult project may be establishing credibility for UFO buffs. To help change the kooky image, Linda Willitts of Folsom works on Project Disclosure, which gathers testimony from top government and military figures who "believe." On the other hand, she participates in what some consider the definition of kooky, traveling around the country to summon ETs through meditation. "We ask them to show up and they always do," she says. That's not Challender's style. He shirks the "true believer" label and diligently fills out incident reports for everything he sees, striving to be scientific. Yet, he knows he's unlikely to solve the puzzle from his home in Sacramento. "The only way I will find out is with full government disclosure. Or if something lands in my front yard and asks me if I want a ride," he says with a chuckle. "But I'm not holding out for that." Thanks to the Sacramento Bee, 1/14/03, Will Evans

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