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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 28, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This report includes an: Unidentified object in space, UFO on NASA Camera, Maine boomerang UFO, New York pulsating object and five discs, West Virginia missing time, Georgia silver sphere investigation, Florida daylight torpedo, Alabama glowing plasma, Mississippi light over Gulf, Illinois beam of lights, Kansas pilot says light paces aircraft, Oklahoma huge orange ball, Texas gold glow, New Mexico diamond, Washington UFO lands in river, Mexico forty spheres, Argentine sightings continue, UK sightings, Finland flames in the sky, United Arab Emirates bright oval body and Australia flash of light.


I was watching NASA TV on my computer on January 16, 2003, at 2:02 PM EST time NASA was broadcasting a live close-up shot of the earth. I saw a round metallic object streak across the earth from right to left at about a 9 o'clock angle from bottom to top and then turn to about 11 o'clock angle upward traveling very fast. The object appeared to blink on and off as it traveled. At this point the camera was zoomed out from what was happening and then paned over to the left and I lost track of the object. This sighting lasted 3 to 6 seconds

NUFORC Note: We have spoken with this witness on a number of occasions, and he sounds sincere and credible to us. Jeff Challender, noted follower of the NASA television broadcasts from U. S. space platforms, scanned the tape for the time indicated. Nothing was found. Thanks to Peter Davenport.


Read the headlines in the "The Perth Times," while the Evening News of Scotland worked the claims into an account that says, "We're Doomed." The images are irrefutable in that they are from official satellites owned by NASA. They resemble the kind of spacecraft we used to see in sci-fi films like Star Trek," Graham Birdsall, editor of UFO magazine, was quoted as saying in the Perth newspaper. Last week, forwarded press reports about the imagery to Paal Brekke, the European Space Agency's deputy project scientist for SOHO stated, "Ever since launch, there's been people who've projected their fantasies onto the SOHO images, seeing flying saucers and other esoteric objects," he noted. "Mostly, we're just amused by the unfounded claims, but in recent days, we've been receiving so many questions and claims (in news stories) that we'd like to set the record straight: We've never seen anything that even suggests that there are UFOs 'out there.' That is, to our (trained) eyes." Brekke pointed to the new How-to UFO guide on NASA's SOHO Web site. It should be noted that we do see objects moving in SOHO images," the guide said. "Over 500 comets have been discovered in SOHO images, most by amateurs using LASCO data which have been downloaded from the Web. The cosmic-ray hit shown within the white box, part of a much larger image of the sun and its surroundings, was enlarged and processed to produce the UFO-like image seen at the top of this article. See photo at: views Filer's Files UFO Center


OLD TOWN -- Zak Keenan writes, "Last week, Filer's Files reported about a college couple seeing a large flying triangle hovering 200 feet over the Catholic Church at 6:40 PM on January 10, 2003." I am a college student in Old Town, and a frequent reader of your reports, but I am a little skeptical of that UFO report. I was out at 4:30 AM, on January 20, and I too noticed a triangle shaped craft on the north end of Campus facing the direction of downtown Old Town. I was stunned. It was a ways off in the distance and it was hard to get an estimate as to how far away it was. I watched the craft come closer, and seeing how it was triangular shaped I knew it could very easily be the wings of an airplane. In my view of looking at the object I saw two towers that I believe are navigating towers for aircraft flying to Bangor International Airport ten miles to the south. The object I was viewing made very little noise, but I could faintly hear some noise as it moved closer. As much as I wanted to believe it was a UFO, it made more sense to pass the object off as a C5 cargo transport plane that frequents BIA. With the upcoming war in Iraq it only makes sense that they would be out there at night and flying a little lower trying to get more accustomed to flying in those conditions. I appreciate all that you do. Thanks to Zak Keenan

Editor's Note: The witnesses described a silent craft hovering over the church at 200 feet altitude. A C-5 aircraft would make tremendous noise and would stall out of the sky at less than 150 mph.


LOCKPORT -- The witness reports, "I was up 4:45 AM, Friday on January 10, 2003, working at the computer and opened the window to get a breath of fresh air and saw in the distance a hovering light, that was pulsating colors." It looked like somebody took a flashlight and shut it off and on repeatedly, but very quickly. I saw white, the main color with different hues of red and yellow. I watched this for about seven minutes and the light did not move at all, it seemed to be perfectly stationary. I would have expected some movement. Near the end of this event, the light became very bright and then dimmed out with a reddish hue and vanished, sort of "winking" out.

HUDSON FALLS -- The witness reports, "On January 16, 2003, between 09:30 and 09:40 AM, I witnessed five orbs or disk shaped objects 18 miles south of Lake George, at extreme altitude heading southeast." The sky was bright blue and the first object was followed in the same flight path by another about 35 seconds behind. The second object was then followed by two more disks one slightly ahead of the other. The third set of objects was then followed by another disk once again 35 seconds behind. They were followed by the fifth disk again 35 seconds behind the fourth. They flew leaving no contrails. Just north of the objects flight path was a jet airliner flying much lower at an estimated 30,000 feet leaving a large contrail. The discs were light blue and silver as the sun glistened off them. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MARTINSBURG -- Bobby Darren (synonym name) writes: "I really enjoy reading your files and experienced some missing time early this morning on January 24, 2003, before I got up for my newspaper route. Also, when I was leaving my house I was startled by a very large dark colored flying triangle hovering 50 feet above our roof, where my bedroom is located. When I left the house the flying triangle tilted slightly and flew off to the east with a really deep sound. The next morning around 4:00 AM as I drove through Eastern West Virginia, I saw six glowing orbs along my route changing from solid colors to a fast pulse. They hovered over houses at tree top level moving very slow from the north to the east. There was also a very big round object with a very bright light out there. This object came up from the ground northeast from my location and was very big. It seemed to follow my movements thru my whole route. I've shown friends and family these objects and we are all left wondering what is going on in our skies. I have tried taking pictures of them before with 400 and 800 speed film, but the local Wal Mart would either lose the film or nothing came out. I was thinking of getting binoculars with a digital camera built in, Radio shack sells them for $99.00. But I would like to talk to somebody that owns a pair first. I didn't see anything Sunday, but this morning I saw a few more orange orbs, and the real big bright object came up from the ground from the south today. Thanks to Bobby Darren


CAMPBELLTON -- Mark M. Kravitz, FIT and Tome Sheets State Director conducted the investigation of a "silver sphere," seen at 2:20 PM on May 18th, 2002, by a retired Eastern Airlines Commercial Pilot with 20/20 vision. The witness took them out in his yard and explained he was looking at the NW sky above the treeline and saw a silver sphere (like a ball-bearing), move from NW to SE at a high rate of speed before disappearing in seven seconds. The object reflected light but too far away to discern any sound coming from object, nor any specific features. The witness drew a diagram of the sighting and were taken to the area where the sighting took place. He lives in the flight path of Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta. Based on his knowledge and many years of experience as an airline pilot (retired), he's certain this object was nothing that was recognizable to him.

During the formal interview the witness went back over the facts he had written in his personal account and a Form #1 was completed. His facts remained consistent, concise and to the point. He seemed truthful in his story of what occurred, and we found no motives for him to fabricate such an account. He did indicate past encounters with unknown objects while in the cockpit. The witness was found to have had a desire to fly since his early life, and all of his younger years were devoted to achieving this goal. He is also interested in the various activities of the ISS and shuttle missions, and sometimes monitors their orbital passes. He seemed pretty well versed regarding the UFO phenomena in general, having studied it since his first encounter from the cockpit. These investigators are of the impression that he was describing exactly what had occurred in a forthright and truthful manner. No other witnesses have come forward. I contacted the Dobbins AFB PIO office and inquired if they had any similar sightings, but I never heard anything back from the office. We contacted local law enforcement agencies, but there was no record of any UFO reports on that date. These investigators doubt that this was a hoax, due to background of witness, his age, demeanor and previously known reputation. There were three other sightings that this witness has been involved in and he gave us some details of these previous sightings, as well as how he panned for gold near his property.

SIGHTING EVALUATION -- Although this case was easy to investigate, due to witness experience and detailed knowledge of event, it was unfortunately not possible to corroborate thru other credible witness reports, photos, videos, etc. However, we both believe he definitely saw a solid type object that was unknown to him, traveling at a high rate of speed across the horizon and definitely was not any type of aircraft that he was familiar with. Due to these limited facts, I determined this event to be classified as an ORDINARY UNKNOWN. Based on his 20+ plus years in the airline industry and his description of the incident, it's our belief that what he saw was NOT any known aircraft.

During the interview conducted by MUFONGA's Mark Kravitz, this writer closely observed the witness, adding occasional questions or comments. The witness was observed in the manner of a kinesic or forensic interview, and was found to be totally calm, collected, with all of his facts remaining the same throughout. No signs of stress, nervousness, or negative factors were noticed. This writer's opinion reflects that of Mark Kravitz, that the witness was relating exactly what he observed in the manner of a highly trained professional aviator. He is known to this SD via his interest in astronomy and the monitoring of the orbiting ISS and shuttle missions. Thanks to Tom Sheets, State Director Georgia MUFON and Mark Kravitz


CAPITOLA -- The witness was feeding his sheep on January 14, 2003, and heard a loud jet engine overhead, so he looked up and saw the jet at about 5,000 feet heading north. Below the jet, at about 1,000 feet I saw a large torpedo shaped object flying south. The jet and noise were gone in about ten seconds; but, the tube was silent, big and slow. It was faster than any blimp, but much slower than a plane like a Cessna 172. It was not a blimp because it was much slimmer, and didn't have a pod beneath or fins or engines. It was shiny as a mirror and I didn't see any wings. I began to scream "look, a spacecraft!" over and over. Three girls ran over and I believe they saw it. My neighbors came out to see what all the fuss was about, but it had passed behind some trees and was about rice grain size. I would estimate its actual size was two semi-trailers. I'm located 15 miles east of Tallahassee. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CULLMAN -- The witness reports, "My wife had just let the dog out on January 11, 2003, and was watching from the living room window. At 10 PM, she said "Come LOOK at this!" What I beheld was a huge glowing orange plasma like fire? There was an orange ball in the sky to the south-a few miles away. The sky was crystal clear and no moon. The object had a trail of very thin plasma coming up off of it and coming down below it giving it a shape like a bulbous ice sickle. It continued north straight toward our house and the plasma faded slowly and revealed either a diamond shaped or triangular shaped craft with a row of greenish lights all the way across the bottom. It also had blinking lights on the wing tips and there was NO sound!

MOUNDVILLE -- On January 16, 2003, at 4:25 AM, I spotted a UFO. This is the third time I have seen these objects in less than a month in this area. After the first time I was scared if I had really seen it, but since then I was obsessed to explain what I had seen. So a friend and I went to the same spot where we saw the object the first time. This time there were two objects that were round with glowing light beams coming out of them. They changed shapes and moved in a zigzag formation. I have a very clear video of one object, as it moved and we were able to follow it for fifty miles. On the video you can see clearly that the beams change colors, the object changes shape, moves very fast and makes no sound. I want someone to look at this video. MOUNDVILLE -- Two egg shaped objects were observed moving in a 'Z' pattern on January 6, by several witnesses who stated, "The batteries and lights on our vehicle stopped when two egg shaped objects approached us."

BOAZ -- Also, on January 16, 2003, the witness reports seeing a white craft that changed to different colors at 12:30 AM as it hovered. The top seemed to open up and it looked like something poked its head out and then the arms raised. Then a figure seemed to parachute out of the circle and it floated down for a ways. Then it looked like it changed into a small plane and then disappeared. NUFORC


BILOXI -- My fiancé and I were driving west on Beach Boulevard on January 12, 2003, and had just passed the Keesler AFB entrance when we saw a string of lights hovering over the water at 7 PM. We passed some trees and looked over the water and the string of lights just "disappeared." Then we saw an aircraft coming from Keesler headed toward the UFO, like it was going to investigate the same area. We noticed that the traffic on the other side of the road was slowing down also, so they probably saw what we saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WAUWATOSA -- The witness reports he was driving on January 8, 2003, at 4:30 PM, when he noticed a bird flying along about 50 feet above the ground. It was just flying swiftly through the wind, and then BAM, it stopped dead flight just like it hit a wall. I assure you that their was nothing in the way that could disrupt my view, but the wounded bird then fell and hit the road. Whatever it hit was transparent. Interestingly, the street lights at this intersection where this occurred have been messed up for three days now. It was very strange. NUFORC


NORTH JUDSON/KNOX -- I am a 20 year old girl currently living with my 31 year old boyfriend and our 6 month old baby girl. On January 15, 2003, 7:20 AM, I was on my way to an 8:00 AM appointment on State Highway 10 headed east. My boyfriend's mother was driving when I looked out and saw two lights beside each other like a pair of eyes, They switched places pretty fast and flew off in opposite directions to the east and west. I don't know why, but I didn't tell my boyfriends Mom. After traveling seven more minutes we entered the Knox Welfare Office. I looked out the window and saw what could've been one of objects headed south until it was really small. I turned away convinced of my first sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CHICAGO -- The witness reports that on my drive home on January 13, 2003, at 9:30 PM, I noticed that the sky was much brighter than normal. I noticed vertical lights in the sky that seemed to be projecting light from the sky to the ground. On my journey home I must have seen about 40 - 50 of these lights. Some of those lights where alone and others where paired up in 3 - 4 lights equidistance of one another. What's strange is that these lights couldn't have been commercial advertisement because they could be seen for a distance of 10 - 20 miles away? I called a few friends in different areas and they all confirmed the lights, as well as some callers did to a popular music station that I was listening to at the time. At about 10:00 PM, I took out my digital camera and took a few pictures. At the same time I saw military aircraft flying around. Thanks to Peter Davenport


WICHITA -- Around 8:30 PM, on January 8, 2003, I was flying a commercial propjet from Dallas to Wichita when I noticed a flashing of light to the port side. The light was far enough behind the wing that I doubt the cabin crew saw it. We were flying at 18,000 feet. The flashing light paced our aircraft in steady northward direction. I can only describe the flashing as what the tail of a sparkler looks like or a Roman candle. I noticed that the flashing would illuminate trees, so it was very close to the ground. It appeared that the light was occasionally traveling through trees. The light would flare-up and then it would go dark for 1-5 seconds and then appear again. The flashing light would only occur in dark spots on the ground as if it was intentionally bypassing areas of man-made illumination. I turned, and asked a fellow passenger if he saw the light, and he replied in the affirmative. When the flashing light reached the south side of Wichita, it then turned to the west and I lost sight of it. It appeared that the light deliberately avoided flying into Wichita. I did not see an object, only the flashing light. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


NORMAN -- The witness who occupies a position of responsibility in social care was in his backyard at 1:27 AM, on January 11, 2003, when he saw a huge semicircle with vague light above it in a flatter formation. The observer states, "The sphere was bright orange with black tendrils of various shapes on the surface and at first I thought it might be the moon, but it was too low and strange." I found the moon much higher and it was a white quarter moon. This object was definitely round, though it looked as if the sphere had been cut off at the top, like an upside down dome. I ran inside and got my video camera and followed it the whole way down into the tree tops where it looked like it sat on the tree tops for a while. I went in to call my sister, a pilot, and it was gone when I came back out. I checked my camera but the film did not come out. Thanks to Peter Davenport


DALLAS -- At 7 AM, on January 16, 2003, at 4:25 AM, I noticed a large lit object, almost directly overhead and I called to my wife to see the VERY bright planet. When we looked again some ten minutes later, it had moved about a foot at arm's length which is too far for a celestial object to move in a short time frame. Fifteen minutes later; we both saw that it had disappeared! As I drove her to work, we saw contrails of two VERY fast moving jets converging on the EXACT spot where the light had been. They crossed this same patch of sky over and over again in an "x" pattern. It seemed to be searching for the object for about fifteen minutes. I returned home, I got binoculars to observe, and could only make out the contrails (puffy, and definitely corkscrewed) converging again and again on this same spot for at least thirty 30 minutes. Then the light reappeared and I see it was round with a shadow! Both jets made tight turns and converged on the spot again. They were a foot away at arm's length when the light blinked off! As the planes crossed each other, I saw the light reappear to the south two feet away at arm's length! Again, the jets executed tight turns and converged on the same spot, only to have the light disappear again. This occurred two more times, and then the light disappeared totally. I witnessed the short, jagged contrail-producing jets crisscross that patch of sky repeatedly until 10:30 AM. I saw a multitude of Sweets and American Airlines planes flying low producing no trails. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ROSWELL -- Pat O'Rourke writes, "I am a 53 year old retired health care worker and Chaplain. Two friends from Pennsylvania went with me to Roswell, NM for my birthday on January 11, 2003. We drove west outside Roswell to look at the night sky and slightly east we saw what looked like a very large bright star at least 25,000 feet high that was diamond shaped. It was clear out after a rain with just some clouds here and there, with one that seemed to circle this star. All of a sudden the "star" made swift movements to the right and back and than a bit up and down. For the most part it seemed to move right a small space and back again rapidly. We ALL said "DID YOU SEE THAT?" We all watched for a time and then got back in the car. Thanks to Pat O'Rourke Bucks County, PA.


RIDGEFIELD -- The witness stated, "We were sitting watching TV at 7:45 PM, when my friend said, "WOW!" I looked just in time to see a green ball fly through the sky and appear to land in one of the rivers, but can't be sure." On January 14, 2003, a bright green colored ball of light came from the northeast going at a rapid speed to the southwest and seemed to land in the river. Our home sits along three rivers: the Columbia; Lake and Cam. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PROGRESO -- Ms. María Barrera, 42, says that on January 17, 2003, she saw 40 glowing metallic spheres over the Port of Progreso bridge leading to the harbor area. The spheres were rising and descending and seemed unaffected by the prevailing wind. This discards the possibility that they were balloons or flocks of birds. After a brief time period, the spheres disappeared toward the horizon. She said that last year, she and construction workers saw 80 spheres executing a variety of movements over the same site. Thanks to Scott Corrales Translation (C) 2003, IHU. and David Triay Lucatero.


BUENOS AIRES PROVINCE -- Numerous sightings have been reported in different communities during January of 2003. On Saturday, January 11, numerous blue, red and green, fireballs were reported over the city of Buenos Aires. They were moving at variable speeds and following flight patterns unattainable by commercial aircraft. On January 17, 2003, an electrical technician saw an intense white light over the coastal city of Necochea. The object engaged in a variety of maneuvers and made no noise. In the city of San Andres de Giles, Juan Carlos Ferreto was startled to see the perfect seven meter circle in his soybean field that appeared that a disc had landed burning the grass. It left a talc-like ash at its center but the rest of the plants were very green, and 40 centimeters high. Juanc Carlos Mendizabal remembers at the same spot on September 4, 1981, another ash-filled circle was discovered, a large Australian water tank was drained, and the electrical system (fuses, wires and windings) had completely melted. Thanks to Scott Corrales Translation © 2003, IHU and Guillermo Giménez,


PLYMOUTH -- In the last few weeks my husband and I on three separate occasions have seen strange lights in the daylight sky, that are unnaturally bright, like an artificial light. They could also be seen through clouds. On January 14, 2003, at 4:15 PM, they were completely stationery and seemed too large to be any type of aircraft. The three events lasted for almost a minute and the objects were gone. This happened at very busy times and it would be interesting to know if other people have seen anything? NUFORC


ESPOO (KILO) -- There were flames in the sky on January 7, 2003, at 10:15 PM, that looked like an airplane on fire or a candle. At first, it was about same size of an aircraft, and then it moved away from us and became smaller and smaller. The flames were yellow and looked just like a little camp fire. There was not any kind of sounds. The fireball duration was for about two minutes.


SARAH -- The witness reports that, "I was looking towards the place where the sunrises in the east on January 12, 2003, just prior to the time of sun rise." A bright oval body appeared surrounded by brighter spots at 45 degrees elevation above the horizon. I tried to take a photo with my camera, but unfortunately the batteries were empty. When I came back to the balcony five minutes later the oval body had disappeared. NUFORC


PEMBERTON (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) --At 9:39 PM, a bright flash of white light (like a camera flash) lasting a half a second was observed in the southern sky 30 degrees to the west of the Southern Cross constellation and 60 degrees above the horizon on January 14, 2003. The sky was clear and no sound heard. The sighting was in a country region 20 kilometers from the town of Pemberton in the south west of Western Australia.

WYREEMA -- Driving home on January 2, 2003, at 10 PM, last night, looking through the front windscreen of our car, my wife and I both saw a bright pale blue, oval shaped object. It traveled from left to right about one-third of the way across the windscreen and turned away from us at ninety degrees and traveled about half way down the windscreen, it did a little left to right wiggle and disappeared. I think it would have been about five kilometers away, it was a clear night on a country road, it appeared and disappeared with nothing blocking our view, and the whole event took place in less then five seconds. When I saw it, I said nothing to my wife, because I have never seen anything like that. I was spooked when my wife said, "What was that?" with a stunned look on her face.

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