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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 2, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space.   A brilliant fireball was seen exploding over Chicago. UFOs were sighted in Rhode Island - sighting of large glowing object with a red blinking light, New York City - bright object disappears after 15 minutes, Florida - big oval with bright lights, Kentucky a small object flashing red blue and green, Wisconsin flying triangle, Illinois - UFO report on the radio, Michigan - one center light surrounded by lights in circular shape, Arizona - strobing blue light dropping "midair bombs, Canada - sightings continue high, England captured on digital cam object over London, Scotland - manta like craft seen in daylight, and in Australia cigar shaped UFO flies over a school. Support our troops who are now 25 miles from Bagdad in the fight to oust Saddam.


"It isn't just the U.S. government which has kept quiet about alien visits. It would be arrogant of an American like myself to assume that E.T.s would only choose to visit my country. Indeed, I've heard convincing stories about governments all over the world that know of alien visits -- including the British government. Not all governments are anxious to keep their findings quiet. The Belgians have admitted that aliens may be out there and have released information about sightings that cannot be explained away as military planes, weather phenomena and so on." October 25, 1998


As some of my readers may know, I spent many days and nights in war in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia as a U.S. Air Force Officer. I can understand the strong feelings on both sides of the argument for and against the war, but I think it is useful to review some of the basic facts about the decision to go to war. The military in the U.S. or Britain does not decide when to fight, or even who should be fought. France, Russia, China and most of the Moslem world are against the war based on their interests and beliefs.

The Bush Administration and both houses of Congress have voted overwhelmingly to remove Saddam Hussein from power. The British and forty other nations have made similar decisions. These nations have decided Saddam is too dangerous to trust with weapons of mass destruction that include chemical, biological and nuclear weapons that numerous defectors claimed he was building. According to Fox News during Saddam's eight-year war with Iran he used chemical and probably biological weapons killing thousands. During his evasion of Kuwait thousands of Arabs were killed, raped, and captured. Six hundred Kuwaitis are still missing and believed to held prisoner. During the 1991 Gulf War, the Shiites attempted to overthrow Saddam and an estimated 250,000 were slain. In 1998, the Kurds in Northern Iraq were attacked with chemical and biological weapons killing an estimated 200,000 many of whom were women and children. (Charles Forrest Fox News 3/31/03, 8 PM).

Saddam controls about a tenth of the world's dwindling oil supply and its billions in profit were being used to build dozens of new palaces, conduct research into weapons of mass destruction, and strengthening his military. Intelligence sources from several nations claimed Iraq had strong ties to terrorist organizations including providing financial support and bases in Iraq.

President Bush and other political leaders decided they had to protect the people of the US and its allies from even greater terrorist attacks than the World Trade Center. They ordered the military to prepare for war if Saddam chose not to leave Iraq. Much of the world disagrees with the US administration because they are not the targets of the terrorists or the Saddam.

Several Frenchman have written me expressing their horror with the war and that I should be for peace. I tried to explain that the situation was like World War II, and Saddam had to be stopped before he carried out his plans. Also, I indicated I would like peace as soon as possible.

Saddam could have left the country and  avoided the war altogether. Most people agree that Saddam has a brutal regime, and that he is now sending his people on suicide missions.  It appears much of his family is preparing to leave the country as coalition forces drive to positions 25 miles from Bagdad. Saudi Arabia's foreign minister Prince Saud al Faisal strongly suggested in an interview broadcast Monday on ABC -TV that Saddam Hussein should step down from power for the sake of the Iraqi people. If his staying in power [is] the only thing that brings problems to his country, we expect he would respond to a sacrifice for his country, as he requires any citizen there to ... sacrifice for his country,"

Joni writes, "You can't even compare the first Iraq war with this one. This one is much more dangerous with terrorists IN OUR COUNTRY! We went through 9-11. I am sure you did not experience the horror like I have when for days I was worried about my friend who's husband was by the World Trade Center! I originally came from New York City and saw MY CITY BOMBED. When they come for you, who will fight for YOU?" Thanks to Joni.

One of the men who I have had great respect for is newsman Walter Cronkite who is a liberal and against the war stated recently, "The time has come to put all of our, perhaps distaste, aside, and give our full support to the troops involved. That is the duty we owe our soldiers who had no role in deciding this course of action." Protests support Saddam not our troops.


The television set must be connected to a VHF antenna not to a cable for this to work.

1.) Turn power on.
2.) Select channel two.
3.) Adjust contrast to maximum.
4) Lower brightness fifty percent.
Once the TV is set you may see changes in your screen if a UFO is near by such as:
a.) Two or three intermittent white horizontal lines that sometimes move to the top of the screen
b.) Flashing ripples occassionally strange letters or writing
c.) Diagonal streaks of light
d.) Screen will glow stark white
NOTE: The audio may also be affected by a UFO.

As television is a visual medium, optimal results are obtained by observing the interactive clash between broad spectrum electromagnetic noise and an "occupied" channel two at 55.25 megacycles. With higher channels above the 100-megacycle range, most interference becomes increasingly less effective. To make today's ultra-sophisticated television receivers more susceptible to electrical noise, simply turn the antenna so that you deliberately and slightly weaken the channel two broadcast signal. Thanks to"Free UFO Detectors," by Robert A. Goerman, FATE magazine, April, 2000, Volume 53, Number 4, pages 22-25 and Ron Regehr

Editor's Note: The tremendous propulsion systems of the UFOs have the power generating capability equivalent to an average electrical power station. UFO's are known to effect radios, various electronic equipment, and compasses to a varying degree. The equipment will often change radio frequency, change the compass direction, create odd noises and cause the equipment act up in various ways. Often batteries or lights will drain of power and stop functioning. There are also numerous reports of aircraft instruments malfunctioning, cars stopping, and homes literally shaking as the UFOs pass over. Unusual animal behavior is also frequently noticed.


PARK FOREST -- Observers in several Midwest states were startled as brilliant fireball streaked across the sky and exploded around midnight on March 27, 2003. The rocky asteroid with a mass of about 10 metric tons was probably about ten feet wide. Some 500 fragments scattered over a ten miles of south of Chicago suburbs . A chunk of the space rock fell through the roof of Noe Garza's Park Forest house, swiped a window, and rolled across the floor before breaking a mirrored closet door. "I thought somebody was breaking in. It was a big bang. I can't really describe it. I mean it was too quick to think," said Noe Garza, whose house was hit by a meteorite. Garza and his family didn't know what was happening until they turned on a light. That's when 13-year-old Robert realized a five pound meteor fell just a few feet from where he was sleeping. "As soon as I heard the big noises, I just curled up in a little ball and stayed there until it was all over, and then I yelled for my dad," said Robert. A news photographer shooting a fire scene on the Southwest Side caught the flash of bright light before midnight that experts say were meteor fragments streaking across the night sky. People as far away as Ohio reported seeing the light. Reports of small meteorites actually making their way to the ground have come in from Park Forest and Olympia Fields. "Lit up the whole room. Sounded like a plane crashed or lightning going off. It was bad," said Chris Kasco, house hit by meteorite. A Harper College astronomy professor is collecting meteor fragments This is the biggest thing to hit Illinois in a heck of a long time, to be funny about it," said Paul Sipiera, geology professor. "It's been more than 60 years since Illinois has been hit by meteorites that were witnessed as they fell to the ground." The old story is we're getting hit every day by hundreds and hundreds of tons of meteorite, but this is only the ninth meteorite ever recovered from Illinois. Fireballs are surprisingly common: Researchers expect an asteroidal object one meter in diameter or larger to strike Earth's atmosphere about 40 times per year. Few are seen, however, because they usually appear over unpopulated areas. Thanks to


BRONX -- On March 21, 2003, a track runner reports he was running at around 8 30 PM, and spotted a very curious object in the sky, that at first he thought was an airplane. But the thing didn't move and it was much higher then the clouds, which were high, also. It was standing still at first for five minutes or more. I could see it very clearly, but then it started to disappear a bit from the coming clouds, but then again it was at the same position for another fifteen minutes. The light would vary in brilliance so I stayed there until I couldn't see it any more. The sky was now clear around the object, so I checked all the stars, but even the biggest star didn't look like this shape. My intention is just to report this event, because this was the most interesting thing I have ever seen in my life and I can't figure it out. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PORTSMOUTH -- On March 16, 2003, the observer saw an object in the eastern sky from his home looking from Aquidneck Island towards Tiverton. The witness, says, "I first saw the object's light coming from the south at 9 PM, and it was heading north. It caught my attention because the object was so bright and was moving slower than most aircraft I've seen. Using binoculars I was unable to distinguish what kind of aircraft it was. It moved north and then appeared to hover and then turned east. It was a large glowing object with a red blinking light beneath the bright round yellow/orange glowing light. I lost it in the evening clouds over Fog land. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ORLANDO -- Peter Davenport, reports the witness was driving home on March 17, 2003, when she saw something big and bright in the sky that looked like a blimp, but it seemed so big and was round, not the shape of a blimp. The witness reports, "I stopped my car at 10:50 PM, and kept looking, it wasn't too far away, and it was moving slowly not too high above me". I was scared because I had never seen anything like this so drove home and told my boyfriend about the sighting. He could tell that I was shocked because my eyes were watery. He said, "let's go upstairs to see if you can see it again". We looked towards the direction that I originally saw it but didn't see anything. Then, I looked towards my right and there it was. My boyfriend saw it at that time and agreed with me that we've never seen anything like this. It was a huge very big oval with bright lights (white) with a small red light on top. We then went outside to see if we can still see it and we still saw it but we had a better view from upstairs so we headed upstairs again and kept looking until it disappeared into some tress. Please report if you saw anything. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


BARBOURVILLE -- On March 15, 2003, we looked outside about 11:15 PM, and saw a flashing light high in the western sky that was flashing red, blue, and green. It seemed to be hovering and moving slowly to the right for 45 minutes to an hour. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, a very bright twinkling star, would be in the southwestern sky at the time indicated. PD))


MONROE -- A witness who occupies a position of considerable responsibility reports, "I am still confused as to what I saw on March 17, 2003, while traveling to the airport at 5 AM. I travel to the same airport and return biweekly over the same route. Traveling from Toledo, Ohio to DTW (Detroit Metro Airport) the weather was foggy. I was driving cautiously, just trying to stay awake. Fog to light, fog to light. All of a sudden the fog seemed visible; it was still there. I could see it clearly. I was in the center lane of a three lane road. I looked for the source of the light; it was a shock to me, going from dark and fog to what seemed to be afternoon sun and fog. On my right, hovering was a bright light. I saw one light in the center and several in a circle around the center light. It was so weird; I began thinking what is that? Then I was out of sight of it. I saw tail lights in the fog braking ahead of me before I came to that area, indicating they also saw the light. I did not brake, but I began driving faster. I am not a believer of these things. I was also thinking that a street lamp was out of place. It was not the same time driving from one light to another. I am an Electrical Engineer; so thinking logically comes naturally to me. I had my cruise control "on". I saw something that did not belong there. I am submitting this because I hope any other persons driving that day, on I-75, saw the same thing. I have not been able to get the thing out of my mind. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


GALESBURG -- On March 26, 2003, my son heard on the radio that there was a sighting of a light, that flew northwest across and was gone in an instant. Several people are reported as seeing it. But they didn't go into great detail, probably because it happened so fast. Later they tried to talk it down, saying that it was probably a cat that got electrocuted in the area. Have you ever seen a cat flying in the sky, with lights? They can sure come up with some wild explanations, can't they? Thanks to Tianca


PHOENIX -- The witness who resides in the Chicago area was on vacation on March 14, 2003, when he looked out the window and noticed a bluish-white strobe light about 15-20 miles away. At 8:20 PM, the phenomenon turned spectacular and unimaginable as it erupted into a glowing white streak of sparks flowing behind it as it flew straight down out of the sky. Later, out of the corner of my eye I again saw the same strobing light release an orange sphere which resembled the so called "flare" of the massive UFO sighting that occurred in Phoenix's past. This was followed by more white streaking spark-lights in the sky that was about a 1000 feet long tail. After doing various maneuvers, "S" shapes, and dive's, which were highlighted by the white spark streaks the UFO, which I was seeing, dropped several "midair-bombs" which resembled a high altitude fireworks mortar explosion. There were two colors of the sparks coming off the explosions, one was solid purple, and one was solid green. The purer of these two colors I have ever seen. I was in complete awe, when I then raced to get the attention of my brothers girlfriends mom. She was also fascinated by the encounter. The site was so spectacular, and visible, there had to have been at least a thousand people witness it on the road driving west at the time. It was in the northwestern sky. I heard no sounds during the UFO encounter, but I definitely heard the roar of the fighter jets during the day.

LEUPP/FLAGSTAFF -- While driving from Leupp to Flagstaff, on March 10, 2003, my friend and I saw a shiny object in the southern part of the cloudless sky at 2 PM. It was round and seemed to levitate and flew up and down. I stopped the car and we both looked up and both saw it. A few minutes later the object disappeared! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KAILUA-KUNA -- I had an incredible sighting on March 17, 2003 at 1 PM while on vacation that I'm not reporting here, because since that time I have been even more vigilant, and today I think I saw something that may be worthy of a quick investigation. I was watching The National Geographic Channel, Expedition Journal: "IN THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY". Towards the end of the program, a photographer who was being profiled on the show was charged by a musk ox near the seaside. In the next scene as the narrator speaks about photographing subjects under all conditions, two men are shown walking down a country road. Something is moving in the sky very discreetly. It happened very quickly and I didn't tape it, but my gut tells me it may be a good UFO shot. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike says, "Report after report is flying in with more than thirty witnesses watching "two black triangles" at Terrace, B.C. over Lakelse Lake area. Now, not 20 minutes ago I received a report about a cow (bull) mutilation.

COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- The witness had just stepped outside on March 25, 2003, to have a cigarette and said he noticed this "thing" out of the corner of his eye at 8:55 PM. He said, "The craft was just above the clouds after it broke into a clearing in the night sky. It was a very large black flying triangle with three points of light on each of the object's tips". It moved very fast and was totally silent. The craft was flying roughly east to west just above the cloud cover. He checked with the weather channel and was told it was about 11,000 feet. He was located around the shadow of Burnaby Mountain and the object was seen close, or flying over the 401 Freeway. It was bigger than three jumbo jets that could have fit into the object easily. The object was witnessed for approximately 3 to 4 seconds and freaked him right out !! Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

TORONTO -- Martha F. writes: I live in downtown Toronto, and upon returning from the variety store, I went inside my studio; and glanced up through my street level window, and noticed an object moving east to west towards my direction. I thought at first it was probably a helicopter or a blimp, as we have a number of hospitals and a sports stadium in the downtown area. As it moved closer, it appeared to be a dense black object moving at a steady pace. I went outside, and my view from the sidewalk was an egg-shaped (oval) black object up in the sky. The time was Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 6:23 PM. It was still light outside and there were no visible lights on the object as it moved out of sight over my building. At arm's length, the object was about half my thumbnail in size. I would love to know if anyone else reports anything similar. Best regards, Martha
P.S. We've enjoyed listening to you on the Jeff Rense show.


CARACAS -- In a report from investigator Arturo, a young couple observed the displacement of a circular UFO near the Ávila Hill at level of the Mariperes Urbanization. The strange object, provided was blinking green and yellow colors, and was seen between 22:00 and 23:00 hours on March 19, 2003. It made a short vertical route that culminated after its fast concealment in the neighboring mountain. Thanks to Arturo,


VILLA VALERIA IN THE PROVINCE OF CORDOBA -- The initial data in our possession suggests that a mare turned up dead with mutilations on its jawbone. No traces of blood were found and the incisions practiced on the tissue were perfectly cauterized. The animal belonged to livestock rancher Daniel Godoy, whose property is located 120 kilometers southeast of Rio Cuarto, along Rt. 35. Initial information states that the animal did not suffer from any illnesses. Police from Villa Valeria reported to the scene, and no report has been produced to date. Thanks for translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, IHU.


LONDON -- On March 17, 2003, the witness had just got some tools from his shed, and looked up to see a light in the sky. He says, "At first I thought it was just the sun shining off the side of a plane, but then it disappeared then reappeared, so I began scanning the area where I last saw it. Suddenly it appeared again, so I ran inside and grabbed the camcorder." Once I found it in the sky again, I realized that what I was capturing on video was no airplane. It was a very clear and sunny day. I have it recorded on tape going and coming for over half an hour. It looked like a cylinder at times, and then it seems to change. At one point in time you get a very clear shot of a plane going under it. This was first seen from my back yard, and then I moved to the front of the property. I would be very much interested to here if any one else reported this same object. I also think anyone on that plane may have had a better sight at it as well.

ELLESMERE PORT -- The witness observed a bright round object which appeared to be the size of a football. The object was much lower than a passenger airplane which was also visible at the time. There was no sound at all, and at the time there was absolutely no wind. The witness reports, "I watched the object as it moved steadily across the sky, and then changed direction to the north. It seemed to accelerate and curve off westwards towards Ellesmere Port. The object remained intensely bright until out of sight. Thanks to NUFORC


BUCKHAVEN FIFE -- On March 30, 2003, at 3:30 PM, when the witness was digging the vegetable plot an object about the size of a car came out from behind houses across the road from the two witnesses. He yelled "UFO" and got his partner to watch it as he ran for his camera. The object was about 100 feet away It looked oval, approximately 8 by 12 feet wide with an underneath part which revolved and had a pink/red flashing light. It looked tatty, black, and the two ends of the oval almost flapped like the fins of a manta ray would move. It was a clumsy looking object and just seemed to float. I went out my front door with the camera but the object was a dot in the sky by then, I started clicking anyway. For that couple of minutes there was no traffic and the street seemed quiet. I ran across to the neighbor's house and watched it with two more people. One of them said it was a kid's balloon because he could see the string. He'd only been watching it for a minute and had rushed outside for a look when he saw me running with my camera. I didn't tell him it came out from the side of his house and that it was the size of a car when I first saw it. It was not a kid's balloon.


CANBERRA -- Five witnesses were outside their school talking on March 19, 2003, when one looked up to see some sort of 'cigar' flying quite slowly in the air at 8:50 AM. The observer says, "I told my friends and they looked up, two of them said it was a jet or a plane, but it didn't have any tail or wings." Then after about three seconds it zoomed off with incredible speed. My friends said it was just a jet, but one of my friends and I don't think so. You might not believe this but I swear I'm telling the truth under God's name. Peter Davenport writes, we will invite the witness to have his fellow students submit reports, as well.


NASA's Ames Research Center in California has invented a biological method to make ultra-small structures that may be used to produce electronics 10 to 100 times smaller than today's components. The new method uses modified proteins from "extremophile" microbes that live in near-boiling, acidic hot springs to grow mesh-like structures so small that an electron microscope is needed to see them. According to principal investigator Jonathan Trent, "Our innovation takes advantage of the innate ability of proteins to form into ordered structures, and for us to use genetic engineering to change nature's plans, transforming these structures into something useful." The team took a gene from a single-celled organism that lives in near-- boiling acid mud and changed the gene to add instructions that describe how to make a protein that sticks to gold or semiconductors, said co-investigator Andrew McMillan. The new protein is crystallized to form tiny, flat, lattice-like structures that act as nano-templates. The structures are made of rings about 20 nanometers across, and are 5,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. The minute pieces of gold or semiconductor that stick to the protein are about one to 10 nanometers across. Today's standard computer chips have features that are roughly 130 nanometers apart. An array of nano-particles can serve as computer memory, a sensor, or as a logic device. Applications also exist in the biomedical field. Visit for more information.


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