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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 16, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. UFOs reported over Iraq. Dr. Herman Oberth the Father of the Space Age says UFOs exist, Russian Pravda reveals attacks on UFOs and Soviet KGB UFO Research Centers, Maryland - blinking lights, Florida - Marine has missing time, Ohio - amazing photographs, Texas - miniature UFO saucer flies up to witness, Canadian - newspaper article about Brian Vike says and UFOs, Columbia - UFOs seen by eighty witnesses, Argentina cattle mutilations return, England - blue sphere crashes toward earth, New Zealand disc with colored lights, and UFO Disclosure survey results poll


NAJAF -- According to Joseph Trainor editro of UFO Roundup, on March 27, 2003, an oblong luminous UFO hovered over the holy city of Najaf located about 60 miles south of Baghdad not far from the ancient city of Babylon. A photo showing the unknown object, with a G.I. of the 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division pointing at it with his forefinger, appeared in the newspaper Euronews. UFO Roundup correspondent Mohammed Hajj al-Amdar stated, "The UFO's appearance caused great excitement among the Shiites who saw it. They said it had come from Allah's Gardens of Bliss to protect the Tomb of Ali." Najaf is a holy city to Shiite Muslims because of the golden-domed mosque that stands over the grave of Ali, the son-in-law of the prophet Mohammed. Babylon and ancient Babylonia are located in present day Iraq. The looting of the museums is a great tragedy and every effort should be made to recover the lost artifacts..

Did God help Coalition forces win a stunning three week victory? The last book of the Bible predicted the fall of Babylon. After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority and the earth was illuminated by his splendor. With a mighty voice he shouted: "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! It has become a home for demons, a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every foul and hateful bird; for all the nations have drunk the wine of her impure passion." Revelation 18.

On Sunday, April 6, 2003, UFO Roundup reports that about 1 AM, Baghdad time, five cylindrical UFOs were seen hovering over the Khulfafa mosque in the Shebab district, on the east bank of the Tigris River. The faintly luminous cylinders were "caught by a fixed, night-vision camera" and aired live on FOX TV(which would have been 4 PM, April 5, 2003 in the USA- Thanks to Joseph Trainor- Volume 8, #16, April 16, 2003.)

Jerry Rowles MUFON Washington writes, "Sometimes I do trust God has His hand directly in human affairs and provided God's speed and protection to our troops. writes: "When things didn't seem to be going well, mom would say, "It's an ill wind that blows no good." Well, this story tells how an ill wind blew a lot of good! I am sure that all of you heard about the sandstorm in Iraq Tuesday and Wednesday (the worst in 100 years some say) and the drenching rain that followed the next day. Our troops were bogged down and couldn't move effectively. The media was already wondering if the troops were in a "quagmire" and dire predictions of gloom and doom came from the left wing media. What they didn't report was that yesterday, after the weather had cleared, the Marine group that was mired the worst looked out at the plain they were just about to cross. What did they see? Hundreds if not thousands of anti-tank and anti- personnel mines had been uncovered by the wind and then washed off by the rain. If they had proceeded as planned, no doubt, many lives would have been lost. As it was, they simply drove around the mine fields and let the demolition teams destroy them." Thanks to Jerry Rowles.


Editor's Correction: Last week, I gave a quote attributed to Professor Oberth, stating "We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present is unknown to us..." Although he said something similar to this in an interview with MUFON's Antonio Huneeus, I was unable to reach Antonio to verify the exact quote. Therefore, I stand corrected, however, Oberth specifically stated for publication, "It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our earth for centuries. I think that they possibly have been sent out to conduct systematic, long-range investigations, fir of men, animals, vegetation and more recently of atomic centers, armaments and centers of armament production" "Flying Saucers Come from a Distant World" The American Weekly, October 24, 1954.

In Paris Flammond's book, "UFO Exist!" Oberth is quoted as saying, "These objects (UFO) are conceived and directed by intelligent beings of a very high order. They do not originate in our solar system, perhaps not in our galaxy." From a Press Conference in Innsbruck, Austria June 1954.

Ole Henningsen writes from Denmark, "Professor Hermann Oberth was a strong believer in UFOs = spaceships and he attended UFO- conferences and held lectures about his belief. I personally heard two of his lectures, one in 1966, in Denmark arranged by SUFOI, and one in Germany in 1967, arranged by Karl L. Veit. Close to Nueremberg, Germany, there is a museum devoted to him and his "rocket-life". According to my files, Hermann Oberth stated (translated from his Danish lecture manuscript dated May 1, 1966): "Regarding the UFOs, there is only one explanation, which until now has not been refuted, namely the Major Keyhoe- hypothesis, that UFOs are spaceships from other planets." But he always in his lectures strongly supported a scientific approach to the UFO-phenomenon. His first appearance with an UFO-lecture was at the DUIST- conference in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1960, as far as I know. Mr. Karl L. Veit from the German organization DUIST used in some way Hermann Oberth and his celebrity to promote DUIST and UFO-Nachrichten. Oberth appeared in more DUIST-conferences during the sixties. I had a short correspondence with Hermann Oberth in 1987. He answered my question, but he also told that due to his age and weakness he was not any more able to devote any time to UFOs.

He died on December 29, 1989, at the age of 95. His most widely recognized contribution to space-travel was his book published in 1923, "The Rocket into Planetary Space." He later on published books on other topics. Hermann Oberth joined the Wernher von Braun-team at the V-2 rocket complex in Peenemünde, Germany, during WW II, and thereafter the U. S. Army's Ballistic Missile Agency in Huntsville, Alabama. A short period Von Braun was his assistant during the 1930's. Oberth retired in 1958 to the town of Feucht, in Germany. I visited his museum: Thanks to Ole Henningsen SUFOI Denmark


In the April 1, edition of Pravda, Russian journalist Dimitri Sudakov claims that the attacks mounted by the military against UFOs are always unfruitful. In his article, UFOs Impossible, Sudakov reviews at least five real and documented incidents of attacks by military aircraft against UFOs, where they suffered no known damage. The journalist indicates that the first incident took place in October of 1944 in Europe. US Air Force pilots encountered several ball-like UFOs in the airspace. Pilots decided that they saw new secret Nazi weapon, which was rumored a lot back in those days. Americans opened fire on those balls, although no bullet managed to cause any damage to them. Sudakov offers in its article concrete evidence that guarantee the reality of these facts, including the commission opened by Sir Winston Churchill in England in 1952 to investigate to the UFOs. Apparently, he was worried because no military weapons could damage the extraterrestrial craft.

Pravda also reports the KGB ordered 4 million soldiers to watch the sky in search of UFOs until the dissolution of the KGB and the Soviet Union in 1990.. Yuri Andropov, leader of the Ex- Soviet Union's KGB showed an acute interest in the UFO and ordered the creation of a program that lasted 13 years that forced each soldier to monitor the Russian sky in search of sightings. Igor Sinitsin, who worked with Andropov for six years in the Politburo, revealed that the Soviet leader maintained a file on the UFOs in his daily agenda. Sinitsin added that the KGB controlled what was published on this subject in many other countries. Both military and civilian UFO research centers were created under the direction of the KGB. Thanks to:


BALTIMORE -- The witness reports, "I was driving home from the night club where I work on April 3, 2003, at about 3:05 AM, when I saw lights coming towards me from an unusual direction." As I exited unto I 695 east and drove east for two miles the object which looked like dull white car headlights hovered. As I approached the Francis Scott Key Bridge, I also saw two pulsating smaller white lights blinking on opposite sides. There was no sound coming from the object and the smaller light next to the road was only 30 feet off the ground. As I slowed my truck to get a closer look the lights were in a round pattern. The object was just to my right over Fort Smallwood and 200 feet high. As I slowly approached the bridge the still stationary object disappeared from my sight as I went unto the bridge and when I got to the other side of the bridge the object had disappeared. This object was not moving and didn't make any sound. I never have been scared of visible lights like this before especially for me to pull over close to underneath the object and get a closer look. Thanks to Peter Davenport


MERIWETHER COUNTY -- On Sunday, April 13, 2003, my brother and his wife were driving in my Ford Explorer on a Highway 41. We left the town of Warm Springs, and headed northwest to Greenville on a two lane road that is very isolated rural road. At the "blink of an eye," a hoard of bright red lights manifested inside my SUV. I panicked initially, and slowed my speed to around 30 miles per hour. I felt some sense of security as I had two passengers with me. My sister-in-law yelled out, "Pull over, are those police lights?" There was no police car and no other activity. It was 9:15 PM, there were hundreds of extremely erratic small red strobing lights. Some had short laser-like beam qualities as might be seen in some high-end disco club. All three of us announced we were all experiencing this event. I felt this was not of this World! My sister-in-law was in a panorama of bright red lights, in the back seat, but none of the lights were in the trunk area. The same lights were on my brorther's feet and legs, the floor board was a hue of red. I looked out the window and over the dash board onto the hood and did not see any activity outside. This event lasted about 20 seconds and ceased, as quick as the onset, when a vehicle appeared in the distance. Thanks to Peter Davenport


MIAMI-- John Burch writes, I served in the Seventh Marines in Korea and when I returned to the US, I had guard duty for President Truman. They don't let crazy people stand next to President with a loaded 45 revolver on his hip, so here is my story.

"In October of 1952, I was on liberty in Miami and was sitting on the lawn swing with my girl friend about 9 PM in her backyard. Not more than five minutes passed when I had the feeling that I had blinked out, and was back on the swing in a millisecond. As I sat wondering I realized our conversation had suddenly stopped and above our heads something was starting to illuminate. About six hundred feet above us was a disk shaped craft the size of a dish plate at arm's length. It was motionless, but the perimeter was illuminated by a faint blue light that appeared to come from the top center. The light started to brighten as if turned by a rheostat. As the light around the perimeter brightened the craft started to slowly rotate up to the southwest and as it rotated the light glow was changing from blue to a bright orange red. The glow of the light was like a source of energy as opposed to illumination. It sat motionless for about ten seconds than shot into the sky and disappeared among the stars in a split second. I couldn't

While I tried to grasp the wonder of what just happened, my girlfriend started crying hysterically and jumped out of the swing. She cried, "We just saw a flying saucer!" She insisted we call the Miami Herald to report it, but their were not other reports. Just then her parents came home and we told them the story. They acted like I had drugged their daughter, and looking at the clock they suggested I leave, because it was after midnight. We had three hours of unexplained missing time. I was a confused young man because I know we had been on the swing for just five minutes. I retired in 1988, and have had six sightings since then. Thanks to John Burch,


During the last several years, George W. Ritter has taken numerous photographs of various types of flying cigars, saucers and strange looking craft. These are almost always moving at high speed and difficult to determine their exact size and dimensions. Similar vehicles have been captured on video indicating the UFOs are moving at tremendous speed. The foreground remains in focus indicating this is not caused by camera movement. Photos can be seen in views: Filer's Files UFO Center Views


COLLEGE STATION -- Erik writes, "I had a UFO encounter in 1965, with a flying saucer that was only 18 inches wide and a few inches high. I saw it flying over a field of grain near the New Braunsfels River. I was near a field with many steers and was not too far from Texas A & M. University. The saucer was flying over the grasses and came toward me and then stopped abruptly only two feet from me. I stood there stupefied in awe. I tried to grab it sneakily, but it sensed my intention within a second or more of my attempt and took off like a shot and left the area. Thanks to Erik Ekstrom.


SACRAMENTO -- Hi, my name is Spencer and I had a UFO sighting on January 14, 2002 at 7:01 PM, on the Garden Highway going to a King's game. The shape of the ship was an acute triangle moving about 20 MPH. It had four lights, one on each corner and one big blue one in the center. Thanks to Spencer

LOS ALAMOS -- The witness reports seeing two F-16's pursue a cigar-shaped object in the skies over Los Alamos, on April 5, 2003, at 12:15 PM. The witness says, "I was outside when I heard the roar of jet engines from Vandenberg Air Force Base, but these were unusually loud. I looked up and saw two low and fast flying F-16's in pursuit of a small cigar-shaped object that was ahead of them by about 500 feet. I watched as they continued to chase the object until they went over the mountains. Thanks to Peter Davenport


BRITISH COLUMBIA -- He's not weird and he does not sleep with a tinfoil cap on his head, although some of his friends do cower and point to the sky when they see him. Houston resident, Brian Vike began his interstellar interest as an amateur astronomer, an attraction that would lead him to become one of B.C.'s leading Ufologists. Today he is the Director of HBCC UFO Research. He is a weekly guest on radio talk shows across North America, has been filmed and interviewed for Canada's Life Network and has been contacted by CBC TV for a future interview. Retiring from a job at the local Houston mill due to a back injury in 1982, Brian found himself with lots of spare time on his hands. Three years ago, he decided to create a web page, one that expressed his own curiosity about unsolved mysteries in the world. The site includes pictur strange events he wants to share with others and encouraged people to call with their stories. Good timing for Brian. In 2002 Houston became a virtual "interstellar hotbed" of unexplained bright, moving lights, large, hovering "disk or cigar-shaped objects" and over one hundred witnesses willing to report their experiences. It was a record number of sightings, putting Houston B.C. in 4th place on the Canadian UFO Survey's Top Ten list. There were 483 sightings for all of Canada, with 173 of those in B.C., and 100 of those just from the North. Brian tells me, "B.C. usually is the hot spot every year." Heads up, I say! As a volunteer field investigator, Brian receives calls at his home in Houston. He keeps a list of quick questions beside his phone to ask the caller. Size, altitude, flight directions, color, sound, distance, an couple in Smithers reported 2 objects floating over Hudson Bay Mountain, Brian used the computer program Heavens Above to discover that what they saw were planets. "They said they felt stupid," says Brian," but I told them, 'Oh, no! This is great. We've solved something here'."

HOUSTON --Brian Vike writes, "Boy do I have a case in my hot little hands. I received a large parcel today in the postal mail. This looks like a possible abduction case. Or from what I have here, it is 95 pages of documented goodies. Plus samples of clothing to be tested. I think this could be one of the biggest cases I have had yet!

TERRACE -- A witness contacted Brian saying, "When I read the Terrace Standard Newspaper April 2, 2003, on an article called: Was there a mass UFO sighting?, I said to myself that is what I saw. In the middle of March 2003 between 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM, I was out in my backyard and saw this bright glowing object moving around in a fast downward movement. The object was falling between the backyards of 4800 Block Tuck Ave. or McConnell Avenue. It was falling down fast like a shooting star or a meteor and I was waiting to hear an explosion. I didn't hear anything and read the article about the UFO sighting in the Terrace Standard , I knew I saw something that night. It was down low and glowing. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research Editor: Canadian Communicator Toll Free Canadian UFO Hotline: 1- 866-262-1989 Email -,


JUAICA MOUNTAIN -- Edgar Maple reports that during a UFO watch, several UFOs of orange color were sighted in the Tabio region of Cundinamarca. The Contact UFO Group made up of eighty people and directed by investigator William Cháves saw UFOs during a watch on Saturday, March 15, 2003, from the 22:45 to 00:20 hours. They initially observed orange lights, then later from same location smaller lights were caught on video magnetic tape. Minutes later it was possible to observe small bluish lights like currents rising from the ground. In a space of ten minutes smaller inner lights changing form and size were seen. The eyewitnesses were overwhelmed by the sight. Thanks to Edgar Maple.


CUCHILLO CO -- TV producer Francisco FAZIO, reports there are many animals being mutilated in Cuchillo-Co, La Pampa. Some farmers and producers of the town of Lihuel Calel are upset by the repeated bovine animal mutilations on their farms. A young producer who has her field near Provincial Route 13, says, "I have had cattle mutilations since April 2002, right up to April 13, 2003, of this year without interruption." All Argentinean provinces have cattle mutilations with the same characteristics. ¨In 15 days I had six fat young black cows mutilated in a very good field with last occuring on Tuesday only 500 meters from the street and 4 kilometers from my house. On Friday, in General Acha there were similar mutilations¨. ¨They have perfect cauterized cuts of the testicles and vagina¨. ¨Its very strange because there are strong shocks on the body, similar to a hot fire¨. ¨These are no natural disease causes, no dogs, no native people of La Pampa, no mouses, or natural disease, causing this economic damnation. Its a big problem, say the farmers¨ By: Francisco Fazio. Teléfono: 00(54)(9)(2345)659644


LONDON -- Driving eastbound at 8 PM, on the 401 towards London on April 4, 2003, the witness saw a blue sphere appear in the sky, that accelerated towards the ground behind the treeline. There was a visible blue streak which trailed the sphere that appeared to crash. Following this, the area of the sky where the object 'crashed' was illuminated in a blue light for several seconds. It could very well have been some type of meteor, but the fact that there was this blue light associated with the object and the illumination of the sky made the event quite strange. This event occurred during a barrage of freezing rain, which hampered visibility. I seem to only remember two or three other cars on the road at the time. Thanks to Peter Davenport

BRIXHAM, DEVON -- We saw something weird over my sister's house on April 5, 2003, while sitting outside drinking and chatting. It was dark, but very clear at 9:20 PM. We were spotting planes and satellites going over. I noticed something moving south - so I said, "There's another one, but that's not a satellite," -- It grew in brightness gradually over a period of ten seconds, becoming brighter than Jupiter, which was also in the sky. This phenomena lasted for five more seconds before it gradually faded in brightness and shot upwards at great speed in a Star Trek warp style. Andy, Charlie and Mother saw it too. Thanks to Nick


GISBORNE CITY -- On Saturday April 12, 2003, Laurence Fleming reports that around 11: 50 PM, there was occasional cloud cover. My wife had been outside our home and spotted this object and watched for about 15 minutes. The object displayed a red to green, and yellow color pattern, alternating frequently to blue as well. The object was very bright in appearance and hovered in one particular part of the sky. My wife called me, and I grabbed my new 10 X 50 binoculars focusing in on this very distinct multi color light in the sky. I told her, "That thing's some sort of craft". A spaceship or whatever was hovering in close proximity, at low in altitude, with a very distinct shape. After several minutes of observing this craft, it suddenly vanished and then to our amazement, suddenly reappeared further away in the sky in less than a second!! I haven't seen anything like that before! There was something rotating on this object. The craft eventually was lost from our vision by cloud cover. Regards Laurence Fleming.

John Colaw -- Membership Director of Skywatch International ended his survey poll April 9, 2003, contacting 740 participants with interviews from 24 different news teams and radio shows from all over the world, which helped keep the poll from being skewed to only UFO lists. The results:

  1. Have you ever seen a UFO?
    Yes (384) 53% No (191) 26% Possibly (147) 20%.

  2. Do you know anyone who claims a UFO sighting?
    Yes (549) 76% No (171) 24%

  3. Do you believe some UFO reports are extraterrestrial space vehicles?
    Yes (607) 85% No (111) 15%

  4. Do you believe there is a UFO coverup within the US government?
    Yes (588) 82% No (76) 11% Not sure (55) 8%

  5. Have you read any books or magazines about UFOs?
    No (77) 11% One or Two (147) 20% Three or More (495) 69%

  6. Do you believe all UFO reports are mistaken or hoaxed?
    Yes (79) 11% No (642) 89%

  7. Do you believe in Angels?
    Yes (444) 63% No (261) 37%

  8. Do you believe in Demons?
    Yes (365) 52% No (333) 48%

  9. In your opinion, does the Bible mention UFOs?
    Yes (345) 48% No (99) 14% Possibly (223) 31% Probably not (48) 7%

  10. Do you believe aliens are benevolent?
    Yes (47) 7% No (30) 4%

  11. Do not believe in aliens (51) 7%
    Some good, some bad (363) 51%
    Not sure, but let's be careful (227) 32%

  12. If UFOs and Aliens are visiting, should the public be told what governments know?
    Yes (587) 82% No (14) 2% Depends (116) 16%

  13. Do you believe there is a connection between Aliens and Angels or Demons?
    Yes (176) 25% No (226) 32% Maybe (241) 34%

  14. Do not believe they exist
    (73) 10% 14)

  15. Do you suspect you may have been abducted?
    Yes (154) 21% No (459) 64% Maybe (105) 15%

  16. Do you want to know the truth regarding UFOs/Aliens?
    Yes (687) 95% No (21) 3% Not sure (12) 2%

  17. Do you have an open mind regarding the UFO/Alien question? Yes (695) 94% No (46) 6%.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this effort, including Bill Hamilton and Cliff Capers of Skywatch, Filer's Files, John Hayes of UFO Roundup.


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