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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 23rd, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Europa is covered with a layer of water, Maryland - incredible sighting, North Carolina - egg video, Maryland - blinking lights, Georgia Synchronicity, Florida - chevron shaped lights slowly moving north, Ohio - flying triangle report, Michigan - possible UFO Landing, UFO Wisconsin reports low flashing lights, California - boomerang, Washington - photos continue, Canadian - UFO sightings increase, France UFO near tankers, and unconfirmed reports from Russia indicate a UFO crashed into Kalingrad Harbor.


What we find in these pictures," says Michael Carr of the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California "is pretty good evidence there is water at fairly shallow depths on Europa." From various observations, both from Earth and passing spacecraft, scientists have concluded that Europa is covered with a layer of water probably 50 to 100 miles thick, surrounding a rocky core. The surface is undeniably solid ice, though fractured and blistered into a ball-of-string appearance. The question: is there, beneath the ice, any liquid water? The friction caused by the gravitational pull of Jupiter, as well its sibling moons of Io and Ganymede, might be enough to heat Europa's inside.

Another tantalizing observation: Europa's surface, unlike the other moons of Jupiter, is relatively clean of craters. Perhaps eruptions of water from below had filled them in. Carr's group examined in detail one particular slice of Europa's surface. Galileo's images, some 40 times more detailed than the Voyager spacecraft had taken 17 years earlier, allowed the researchers to piece together the fractured patterns almost like a jigsaw puzzle, seeing how the pieces used to fit together.

"These icy crusts have broken apart into rafts that have moved, rotated and tilted," Carr says. "Everywhere we look, we're finding evidence for this kind of breakup. This is a pretty good indication there is a mobile layer down there."

FIVE MILE WIDE DOMES OF ICE - Another group, headed by Robert Pappalardo and James Head of Brown University in Providence, RI, assert in a separate article in Nature that while there may once have been water below, it has now frozen. As evidence, they point to dome-like structures, some 5 miles wide, that dot the surface of Europa. These domes, they say, are much younger than the cracks and fissures. "We see evidence," Head says, "that Europa has undergone a change in its tectonic evolution." In this picture, beneath the icy crust is yet more ice, but warmer and able to stretch, twist, and flow much as glaciers do on Earth. The warmer ice (still heated by tidal friction) would expand and push upwards towards to the surface. "Rising like a lava lamp, essentially," Head says.

Paul Geissler, a senior research associate at University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, and his colleagues find indirect evidence that the outer crust is rotating slightly faster than the rocky interior. Other measurements of Europa's gravity hint that the rotation of the rocky interior is precisely locked into the 3½-day orbit. A completely solid Europa would rotate as one piece. For the icy crust to slide over the inner core requires the equivalent of planetary motor oil in between.

"It doesn't actually prove there is an ocean on Europa," Geissler says, "but it is consistent with that." But, he adds, it's also consistent with the ice-flow model of Head and Pappalardo.

Search for Life - If the answer is indeed liquid water, then there may be life in the ocean. Europa is much too far away for sunlight to warm it. But it is conceivable that the tides could rub the rocks hot enough to give rise to underwater volcanoes. And that environment would resemble the volcanic rifts that lie at the bottom of the Earth's ocean, an environment now known to teem with exotic organisms. That's the big question," Sqyres says. "We don't know the answer to that. The answer is 'maybe.'" Thanks to Kenneth Chang


BALTIMORE -- Bill Bean writes, "I had an incredible sighting on April 22, 2003, at 3:45 PM, as I was turning onto Quarterfield Road in Severn about a mile and a half from BWI Airport. He says, "As I waited for traffic to clear so I could turn, I noticed a Southwest Airlines Plane rising in altitude from take off, and I was stunned to see a silver object about one third of the size of the plane, traveling directly under the wing section." This object was very close to the underside of the plane and seemed to be perfectly moving with the plane. I grabbed my camera and got two shots. [I will post the photos on my site, and send you some copies, when I get them processed]. Thanks to Bill Bean


CHARLOTTE -- The home of the witness is located about one mile (*) northwest of Charlotte Douglas airport. He states, "While sitting on my back porch at 3 PM, watching clouds and airport traffic on April 11, 2003, I noticed an egg/orb heading north to south very slowly at about 10,000 feet. At one point it seemed to briefly pause and continue. It was shiny and hard to see without my polarized glasses. I happened to have my camcorder with me and I got a little footage of it but I couldn't see it in the viewfinder, only on playback could I see it and the few seconds was poor but there. The clouds at that time were moving west to east. I'll keep watching. Thanks to Peter Davenport


Tom Sheets, State Director of MUFONGA writes, "Synchronicity is more important in our lives than most folks realize. It has entered my life at different points and amazed me with the results. I have an associate that has experienced similar mind boggling events that tend to remind one of the "Twilight Zone." Jung devoted much of his research to this phenomenon, and even published a ground breaking study on synchronicity. Anyhow, enough of to the point.

There are many reports of credible UFO investigators and researchers that have experienced apparently anomalous incidents while in the pursuit of their work. Examples would be the many national conferences during which unknown objects have appeared to the attendees individually or before a group of them, this has happened on MORE than one occasion OR I would simply write it off as being a minor coincidence, mistaken aircraft etc. This has been described as occurring during lunch breaks, enroute to various places after the day's activities cease, or during the morning commute, etc., also in relation to the routine investigation of other cases in the field. MUFONGA's Olivia Newton and some of her FPR investigators had their encounter in the rural counties east of Atlanta a couple of years ago ("String of Pearls" event); yours truly experienced the dramatic aerial display in 1997 in Jeff Davis County when enroute to interview the local police officers about multiple UFOs they had been encountering on night patrol.

While returning from Clarkesville on Saturday night, this writer had a minor experience that MIGHT have been meteor related, but it DID NOT look like a meteor. Like most in our group that have attended the several recent Leonids Skywatches, this writer has seen thousands of meteors, in their every type and style, combine that with an active interest in astronomy going back to the school years. At 10:33 PM, I was southbound on I-285 approaching its intersection with I-20 on the west side of Atlanta. Speed about 60 mph, vehicle a Jeep Wrangler with a substantial rectangular windshield, the sky was clear. Suddenly a small round orb-like glowing light, about the size of a BB held at arm's length, entered my field of vision from the upper left area of the windshield, traveling at a slight angle downward to the right (actually more parallel than downward). This light was definitely smoothly ROUND with a moderate white glow. It was visible for about 2-3 seconds, possibly going behind some trees or terrain. It covered about 40 degrees of arc in the 2-3 seconds of being visible. There was NO apparent trail or streak common to most meteors. It did NOT appear to be burning out, the intensity appeared to be constant during the short period of observation, color was a moderate glowing white, which gave me an impression that it might appear to be even a glowing pale blue if larger or closer.

Some meteors only streak, with no specific identifiable head that is visible since most are the size of a grain of sand, this thing had a definite ROUND structure, even though tiny like a BB at arm's length. The only thing this object had in common with a meteor is that it too came down out of the sky and was hauling butt! The objective is this, any other MUFONGA personnel that have experienced unusual or interesting episodes that MIGHT be related to our travels/activities in this business, PLEASE let me know. Just send an email. That old cosmic trickster is always at work! Seriously, if what the enlightened researchers say is true, that this "intelligent force" does exist, and can intrude on our reality at the most unusual times, then we should look more closely at events considered to be synchronistic. Best and Semper Fi! Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA


PENSACOLA -- The witness was out in his porch finishing a cigarette on April 10, 2003, and watching the low lying moving clouds when I noticed a triangle pattern of dull white lights moving south to north at 11:15 PM. There were approximately 9 total lights in a triangular formation or "V" shape with another semi triangular row behind the front row of lights. The second row of lights appeared to move about slightly but stayed in a general formation with the front row. The lights moved overhead just above the lower lying thin layer of clouds with no sound whatsoever. I looked for light tracer beams from below to see if it was possible beams of light from the ground but there was no trace. These lights appeared to be relatively low and just above the lowest strata of cold-front clouds in the night sky and moving in the opposite direction of the clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport


Frank Reams writes: "I am a UFO Investigator and State Section Director for Ohio. I recently sent in an investigation report to MUFON about a case I had just east of Columbus, Ohio on March 7, 2003. This was a slow moving silent flying triangle with bright lights at the corners. It was only 300 feet above the witness at about 2:30 AM. The case you have in your Filer's Files in the April edition of the MUFON UFO Journal by a pilot at 0515 on March 7, 2003, is very likely the same object reported by my witness less than three hours earlier. I was unable to find any other witnesses on the ground, but this is too big a coincidence not to be the same object. Please let me know if you can give me that information. Also, if you would like a copy of my report from that night, I would be glad to send you a copy. Thanks to Frank Reams


WISCONSIN RAPIDS -- Kelly reports, "As I was driving home from work at about 10:30 at night on April 9, 2003, I saw through the trees a bright light flashing." There were two of them flashing, one low and then one up and to the right. They would flash alternately. I drove a little bit further to where the trees were lower and I could get a better view. There were about 5 pairs of these lights flashing all over the southern sky. I looked around and to the northeast I saw two orange lights. From my vantage point they looked about a foot apart. They didn't move, and they just faded away, one after the other. When I got there, there were no more flashes. It was kind of freaky. They were really bright, kind of like strobe lights, but not blinding, or as fast as strobes.

WISCONSIN RAPIDS -- On Thursday night April 9, 2003, Bobbi B. says, "A little after 11:00 PM, I took my dog outside and looked up into the southeast sky and noticed two bright lights moving steadily, one going north and one going to the south." I thought at first they were planes, but then they started flashing. At first, the flashing was bright white but then they started flashing blue, green, and red. The light on the left then swooped down and up very quickly. It (*) looked like a bug swirling in the air, that's how quick it was. Then I saw the light on the right come to a stop. The flashing stopped and then it was just one big bright light again. It then started moving STRAIGHT down. Very slowly. That's when my heart started pounding and I thought, "What does that?" While I was watching these two lights, I noticed smaller white lights circling around them quickly. I got my boyfriend to come and see and we saw them move fast past the front of our house and out of sight. He reminded me then while he was looking up in the sky about what he told me he'd seen about 6 months ago. When he was on his way home from Wausau, he saw a large comet-looking thing heading straight for the ground. He said it was very large and bright green. Scary! Thanks to Wisconsin UFO sightings:


Vicky Weagle, reports, "Last night, April 22, 2003, I was told about a sighting where a UFO was landing in the field near a witnesses house in Michigan. He saw a green flashing light move closer to his position and apparently land. He ran to the top of a nearby hill and down below there was a flashing green beam, from some type of object and apparent footprints heading towards his home. He asked me what he should do? I told him it was important to secure the site, pending investigation, and warned him about the possibility of radiation. He seemed scared and I felt he should be contacted by a field investigator. I was shocked to find out that there is no state contact information on the website anymore. Thanks to: Vicky Weagle

Editor's Note: If this is a verifiable real case, it may be significant.


FRESNO -- Two witnesses saw a boomerang with lights floating across the night sky on April 5, 2003, at about 7 PM. The observers said, "It was like a boomerang shape but changed fluidly and had lights that dimly flashed in succession to one another." It moved slowly across the crystal clear night sky without making a sound even though I was close enough to hear any aircraft engine. It flew south quickly and disappeared. I know we have nothing human made that can move and hover like it did. Thanks to Peter Davenport


SPOKANE -- For over a year an important judge who lives high on a mountain overlooking the city reports seeing and photographing strange lights. Jeff Sainio, photo analyst for MUFON, indicates preliminary analysis of these photos show flight patterns and lighting changes not usually present with traditional or known aircraft. The judge states, "I can tell you that in forty some years of watching the night skies and aircraft, I have never before seen what I have been observing since February. I do not presume to know what these lights and craft are, or where they come from. They may very well be of terrestrial origin, but then again, they may not. I have been in contact with a number of organizations in an attempt to get someone with credentials and expertise to investigate this ongoing flap. See Filer's Files UFO Center Views

COEUR D' ALENE LAKE -- On March 10, 2003, an unusual amount of activity was noted on the west end the Coeur D' Alene Lake. Many sightings have been reported in the area over the years. Loud, rumbling, deep low motor noise but like something being dragged but not screeching, anyway. As it grew louder, and I felt my house humming with vibration, I found myself with a smile on my face and a feeling of comfort, as I said to myself ,"Oh, it's just them."


HALIFAX NS -- My name is Sydnie Douglass and I am 12 years old. On Easter April 20, 2003, a group of my friend's and I went to fly kites and at a big field called "the pit". When we got there we saw a funny looking object in the sky. When we got home we went to your web site and found something that we thought sounded like what we saw. It had a triangular body, with a fat short rod coming from the nose. When it flew over us, at about 20, 000 feet altitude, it didn't make a noise. It was painted black (or a very dark color). By the way it happened around 7:30 PM.- Thanks to Sydnie Douglass


CORRECTION -- The "London" sighting referred to in Filer's Files last week was in Ontario Canada, not England. There's definitely no Highway 401 in the UK Highway 401 is the main superhighway running the length of Ontario, right past London.

LONDON, CANADA -- Driving eastbound at 8 PM, on the 401 towards London on April 4, 2003, the witness saw a blue sphere appear in the sky, that accelerated towards the ground behind the treeline. There was a visible blue streak which trailed the sphere that appeared to crash. Following this, the area of the sky where the object 'crashed' was illuminated in a blue light for several seconds. It could very well have been some type of meteor, but the fact that there was this blue light associated with the object and the illumination of the sky made the event quite strange. This event occurred during a barrage of freezing rain, which hampered visibility. I seem to only remember two or three other cars on the road at the time. Thanks to Peter Davenport:

HOUSTON -- A fellow stopped me while I was heading out the door of our local grocery store. He told me, theat he and three others, who were witnesses, to a sighting on April 11, 2003, at 8:00 p.m. in the Houston Estates. Looking south towards the Morice River, they noticed the strangest set of lights at very low altitude, above the Morice Valley Road. I was told the only thing which could be seen on it were the three colored lights. The witness said it was as if the object was rotating, as the lights kept changing position. The color of the lights were, yellow, blue and red. The strange thing about this sighting is that was that it flew like it was making a simple sketch of a Christmas tree. So starting from the top of a tree, it zipped down and out to it's left, then moved quickly straight back in towards the trunk of the tree. Then it dropped a bit, moved extremely fast, and came to a complete stop. Then once again it continued to move at high speed making the same maneuvers over and over again, like it was drawing a tree in the sky. The object was about two miles away. Binoculars were brought out but no shape or body to the object was observed. The object/lights vanished instantly after ten minutes.

TERRACE -- A gentleman called to report a sighting on April 11, 2003. He put his girlfriend on the telephone and she explained, "She and her boyfriend were burning off the grass from around their garden, when she looked up and noticed two very bright lights. One of the lights was heading to the northeast towards Kitwanga and the other flew in the opposite direction. The "lights" were at a very high level and lasted for only a second or two. The color of the lights was silver/white.

WILLISTON LAKE, MCKENZIE, BC -- Brian Vike HBCC reports, "A single witness, a logging truck operator, was coming back from picking up a load of logs on March 19, 2003, when he saw a bright flash of white light directly in front of him at a fairly high altitude heading northwest. He thought he had seen a meteor but before the light disappeared it changed direction. After this change in its flight path, it just vanished. The sighting lasted 3 to 4 seconds. It was the size of a pea at arm's length. No sound was heard.

TERRACE, BC -- At 10:55 PM, two witnesses, just about a 1/2 kilometer west of Terrace watched an extremely large object fly very low in overcast skies over the Skeena River on April 3, 2003. They reported seeing a huge dark colored object in the shape of a flying cross. The witness says the body of the object was certainly longer than the wing span. It moved very slowly without sound. The bottom of the object had six panels of colored lights. They were unable to see the height or the thickness of the fuselage. It was just too dark, and with the colored lights being so bright on the bottom of it, it obscured the view. This sighting lasted almost ten seconds before they lost sight of it due to the tree line blocking their view. The object was the size of a 737 jet airliner, but it had no flashing lights. Brian Vike says in 2002, "I received a very similar sighting report.

HOUSTON, BC -- Brian Vike reports, "A witness called to say while driving home from Perow, BC to Houston at about 11:20 PM,on April 14, 2003, she and a friend saw a single red light flying very low and rather quickly west." She told me that the red light was flying just over the top of China Nose Mountain. As she watch it almost reach China Nose Mountain it rose up rather quickly to get over the peak and continued on at the same altitude until she lost sight of it. This sighting lasted 5 to 6 seconds.

(HBCC UFO Note: If a small personal aircraft flew that low among the mountains it would have been very dangerous. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research, Editor: Canadian Communicator (Paranormal Magazine), Paranormal Magazine Canadian UFO Hotline: 1-866-262-1989, Canadian Communicator


MARSEILLES -- Paul Harman's writes from the Netherlands, "In 1974, I was a seaman aboard the 70,000 ton oil tanker "Diloma" owned by Shell-tankers. We were dry-docking in Marseilles, France. About October 17, 1974, eight crew members were on the aft deck waiting for water to fill the dry-dock. It was about 1:30 PM with a clear blue sky and a bright light was hovering above the city. It was flying at 150 meters in altitude and one or two kilometers from the dry-dock. The light was as bright as a star and had a diameter 1/4 of the full moon. We didn't hear any sound coming from that strange light so it was unlikely to be a helicopter that can easily be heard at that distance. Our nautical officer was quite sure this light was neither a star nor a planet. After thirty minutes the light was still in the same position and we saw a smaller light that moved slowly out of the city towards the big light. On approaching the big light the small light reduced speed and very slowly it entered into the big light. We were all stunned. Five minutes later, the light flew at incredible speed straight up and disappeared in space. I was a 17-year-old boy and I knew nothing about UFO's. After my sighting I started reading a lot about UFO's and I became a real and strong believer. I saw so I believe! Read more about my sighting and UFO's on Thanks to Paul Harmans the Netherlands


KLININGRAD, RUSSIA -- Skywatch International Inc. reports that James L. Choron provided information regarding a crash of an unknown craft on Friday, April 18, 2003. The entire Russian Baltic Fleet and a large number or residents of Kaliningrad (formerly Koenigsburg), a city of over 3 million inhabitants, in the Russian Baltic enclave on the Baltic Sea, watched in awe as a "flying wing" shaped UFO winged over rapidly and plunged into Kaliningrad Harbor at 6:17 PM, local time. The event was caught on videotape by a local RTR Russian State Television news crew, which was present on the massive naval base, filming a documentary segment on the fleet for airing on Russian television. The UFO, described as a "Flying Wing," with two elongated, dome like protrusions on top, and three similar structures, underneath, was over flying the Baltic Fleet. According to a Russian Naval Commander, the craft was apparently caught, accidentally, with in the sweep patterns of ship mounted search radar's, which came on to track it's progress, causing some sort of malfunction which resulted in the crash. "It was traveling at a tremendous rate of speed" he said to RTR reporters, on the scene. "It was very low, not more than 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) altitude, when our radar's came on. It simply winged over, and dove into the water, as if it has lost either power, or control." The light gray colored craft, with no apparent "seams" or rivet patterns visible, was estimated by onlookers to be the size of a small airliner, and traveling at speeds in excess of Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), was absolutely quiet as it passed, but made a "tremendous noise" as it plunged into the water, causing a geyser of steam and water, mixed with small debris, which shot an estimated 500 meters (1500 feet) into the air.

A civilian onlooker, said, "That whoever was in control of the craft made a deliberate effort to take it away from the naval ships and the shoreline before it went into the harbor." One Sovremini Class Destroyer was lightly damaged by flying debris, but, so far, no casualties have been reported. Radiation levels at the site, are high, but the source of the radiation, as well as it's nature, have yet to be determined. Russian authorities, from the Ministry of Health, are quick to point out that the radiation levels are not dangerous, simply "higher than normal." So far, debris recovered have been small, averaging less than a meter (just over three feet) in diameter, at the largest. Most debris recovered, to date, have been what appear to be "skin material" of an unknown alloy, and interior bracing and piping, composed of a very high grade and extremely pure aluminum. All metal debris have been dispatched to various institutes and universities for analysis, including the prestigious Bauman Institute of Engineering, in Moscow, and the Moscow State University School of Metallurgy. It is considered highly doubtful that any significant remains of crew, if, in fact, the vehicle was piloted, will be recovered. "This looks like your basic 'hair, teeth and eyeballs' situation, one Russian Navy diver said, somewhat grimly. It is interesting to note that, in spite of the high speed at which the craft was traveling, and it's extremely low altitude, there was no characteristic "sonic boom" associated with it's approach, and no noticeable vibration on the ground. This has led many observers, especially those associated with the Russian military establishment to speculate that the propulsion system of the craft was based on some sort of "antigravity" device. "Whatever it was," said one Russian Naval Captain, "it was certainly not one of our craft, and I am also not aware of anything of this sort being present in the West." The immediate area of the crash will be dredged, starting in the next several days.

The entire episode is noteworthy in that it was not only captured on videotape by an RTR news crew, but was instantly aired, not only on RTR, but on all major Russian Network television, via a live feed from the RTR crew, in Kaliningrad. Updates have followed on each regular news broadcast, since the initial downing. Russian Government officials are quick to point out that the downing was, in fact, accidental, and not a "shoot down."

Divers, however, report that the water in the vicinity of the crash is, in fact, noticeably, several degrees warmer than normal. The water surrounding the crash site is, understandably, reported to be "murky" with extremely poor visibility. This leads many of the divers and supervisory personnel to speculate that at least one relatively large fragment might exist. Wintersteel enjoys a very good relationship with the Russian Navy, as well as with the mainstream Russian media, and will be posting photographs of the site, and debris recovered, as soon as they become available. Thanks to Skywatch International and James Chorton, Wintersteel,

Editor's Note: It seems a crash of this magnitude would be reported world wide. It seems that if we wanted to obtain intelligence on the Russian fleet, satellites would have been used rather than a low flying craft. The Russians and the US are thought to own craft of this description.


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