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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 30, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. UFO reports diminish as the Sun is racked by powerful solar flares, SARS virus may have come from space, Jupiter's moon Europa is covered with a layer of water that might support life, Maine - flying triangle spotted, New York - shape changing object photographed, Virginia - pilot sees shiny metallic cone-shaped object flying at 200 feet, Tennessee - daylight disk, Michigan - investigation uncovers fabrication of UFO Landing, Teardrop light over Lake Michigan, Wisconsin - low flashing lights, Texas - Chevron shape moves rapidly, Arizona - two spherical daylight UFOs, California - daylight wobbling silver craft, Washington - aircraft carrier size flying triangle spotted, Canada - huge black triangle travels quickly, Chile - UFO heads for pickup truck, England - white star like object traveling at high speed, Scotland - large distant bright pink cone shaped object, SRI Lanka UFO, Philippines - strange cigar-shaped object, No confirmation from Russia of alleged UFO crashed into Kaliningrad Harbor.


Mitch Battros (ECTV) has been predicting heavy Sunspot activity followed by powerful solar flares. On April 25, 2003, a third M-Class flare fired away off the Sun and Sunspot count reached 171. The latest flares came from region 337, and have a 60% chance of hitting Earth. M-Class flares create freak storms both in space and on Earth where sudden temperature changes, windstorms, and possible tornadoes often occur. It may take the form wind-shears, or micro-burst. This is very much the same as tornadoes, but without the funnel. This occurs as the result of the jet-stream which usually resides at 29,000 feet, coming 'down to the deck' or near surface. Now here is yesterday's news regarding a windstorm that had the devastation of a tornado, but was not. They have now added a new word to go along with "wind-shear" and "micro-burst." The new one is "straight-line winds." All these new fancy words simply mean one thing. It is the newly learned meteorologist trying to find definitions for something that appears as a tornado, but does not have a funnel. This is not a new phenomena but we are seeing it much more often. Our Sun is in a solar cycle which occurs every 1,200 years or perhaps a 12,000 year cycle. Solar activity is unusually high with solar flares, coronal mass ejection's, and various forms of charged particles. When this chain ejection's hits our Earth's magnetic field, it warps around the Earth in a protective umbrella. This nature defense protects the Earth from being bombarded with supercharges electrical particles that could devastate all electronic devices known to man. When the Earth's magnetic field warps and deflects the solar storms, it pushes down the jet-stream towards the surface of the Earth from 29,000 feet to around 300 feet which is exactly what happened in Texas yesterday, and in Mississippi today. Equation: Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption. Thanks to Mitch Battros, See article of devastation in Texas:

Editor's Note: There has been a sudden drop in the number of UFO reports that may be related to the heavy solar activity. Powerful storms slammed Mississippi, knocking out power to thousands of homes and damaging a school, houses and businesses just east of Jackson. Earthquakes in unusual locations are also being reported with a 4.9 EQ hit Alabama and a 3.7 earthquake hit New Mexico. Can the sun cause Earthquakes?


Whitley Strieber's "Unknown County" website reports that, "Two British microbiologists say SARS may have come from space, riding on a comet." Microbiologist Dr. Milton Wainwright says, "Several aspects of the SARS outbreak appear to fit this general scheme." Debris from a comet, including the SARS virus, could have arrived in the stratosphere. It would have reached the Himalayas, whose high peaks are on the edge of the stratosphere, where particles would then descend to Earth. Then the Earth's rotation and prevailing winds could have blown the virus into China. A recent study of the atmosphere 25 miles into space shows that about a ton of biological material arrives from space every day. Wainwright says the evidence that SARS came from space is the unique nature of the virus, the fact it was first detected in China, the low rates of infection except through close contact, and the failure to contain the epidemic. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe says, "We found huge amounts of bacteria and possibly viruses in space." He thinks there should be global monitoring of the upper atmosphere to detect new viruses. He says, "If it is in the upper atmosphere, it is only a matter of time before it reaches the ground. The pattern of spread suggests this could also occur over the Swiss Alps, but the way the Earth turns means that regions to the east of the Alps, such as Russia, will tend to be infected. We should keep a watch on new cases of SARS. If they are not connected with known cases, then there's a real possibility that it has come from space." SARS virus is said to be deadlier than AIDS. 25-Apr-2003


Years ago we reported large concentrations of water on Mars. Last week, we reported that Jupiter's moon Europa is covered with a layer of water. This week surprising new findings suggest Saturn's giant moon might be covered with water ice, instead of seas of organic liquids or frozen organic solids blanketing Titan as expected, scientists reported. "This moon is a surprising beast," lead researcher Caitlin Griffith, planetary scientist at the University of Arizona, told United Press International. NASA researchers hope the discovery will help shed light on how organic chemistry has evolved in the solar system. "People hope this might tell us what conditions were like very long ago on Earth," planetary scientist John Pearl of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The findings "are relevant to speculations as to whether or not life does or has existed on or in Titan," add Dennis Matson, NASA's Cassini Project chief scientist in Pasadena. The Cassini spacecraft, launched in October 1997, is due to rendezvous with the sixth planet from the sun and its moons in July 2004. Titan is huge, larger than Mercury and heavier than Pluto. Its nigh-impenetrable veil of smog, methane, carbon monoxide and nitrogen gas is "10 times thicker than that of Earth's," Griffith explained. The atmosphere has rendered Titan a frustrating mystery to scientists. "Very little is known about it," she added. As massive as Titan is, researchers knew the moon could not be a dense ball of rock like Earth's moon. Because investigators had detected a large amount of methane and other hydrocarbons in Titan's atmosphere, "we expected to find large quantities of liquid or frozen hydrocarbons on the surface," according to planetary scientist Dale Cruikshank of NASA Ames Research Center in California. In findings appearing April 25 in the journal Science, Griffith and an international research team discovered water ice blanketing Titan instead. "Ice was not expected by most of us," said Cruikshank. "I'm delighted to see this work come out." Although Titan's haze keeps most light from reaching its surface, there are extremely narrow bands of radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum that can penetrate. "They're essentially windows into the atmosphere," Griffith said. Sensitive new instruments at the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope and NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility allowed the researchers to gaze through all these windows. The pattern of radio waves reflected and absorbed from Titan suggests frozen water is exposed on the surface. Thanks to Charles Choi, UPI Science News.


PORTLAND -- The witness was driving on a road in a wooded area on April 3, 2003, just outside of the city with his girlfriend, when they both observed strange and unusual lights in the sky just off the road at 12:46 AM. The witness states, "The lights were on an object like I have never seen before in my life just hovering in the sky." There were three bright lights with one light on each corner of what ever it was, making the shape of what appeared to look like a flying triangle. I pulled my vehicle over to the side of the road to observe it further. We witnessed the triangle for about five minutes. The object had no sound what so ever and thought this to be very strange. I'm also aware of a military base in the area and it could be possible that they were testing something. Thanks to Peter Davenport


WINDSOR -- On April 3, 2003, an object was seen that kept changing shape from round to cigar shaped, then almost like a diamond shape. It then split apart and then came back together at 11:59 PM. It started as two objects after circling a military jet. I have about 122 digital pictures of the jet and UFOs. I contacted the Air Force, described what I saw and they said no type of aircraft like that exists. The military jet after being circled rather quickly by them made a very sharp turn. This occurred in the middle of the day. We are in a rather remote area in a wooded hills near the Pennsylvania border. The object made no sound. The radio was on and the AM band got static for a few minutes as the object flew near. Thanks to Peter Davenport


WINCHESTER -- The observer was driving eastward on Highway 7 in a rural area at 5:45 PM, on March 27, 2003, about halfway between Winchester and Berryville. The witness states, "My wife and I both saw an extremely shiny metallic-looking object flying northward about one mile ahead of us. The object was traveling at about 400- 500 mph, based on my experience as a licensed airplane pilot. It was very low, only about 200 feet above the tree tops. It was difficult for me to determine a distinct shape, but my wife, who had more time to observe the object because I was driving, said it was cone-shaped or bullet-shaped. The object traveled in a straight line and at constant altitude until it was no longer visible over the tree-lined horizon after observing it for about 10 seconds. We heard no sound. Thanks to


FRANKLIN -- On April 7, 2003, a family was driving home from the grocery store when they saw an UFO out the side window at 2:30 PM, on a sunny day. The witness states, "My Mom, my two brothers and one sister and I were driving along in our van watching an airplane making contrails, when I noticed a little white dot in the sky." It was going faster then the airplane and was lower to the horizon, too. It was pretty far behind the airplane, so I don't know if it was chasing it or not. It looked like it was spinning. It was kind of a shiny white, and was an oval disk shape. I couldn't tell if it made a sound or not because the van was making to much noise to hear. We were driving east and I was looking out the window north. It was about three miles east of Franklin, and we watched it for about 6 or 7 seconds before it disappeared behind a cloud. NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness and he sounded to us to be quite credible. PD


Vicky Weagle, in last week's Filer's Files your reported, "Last night, April 22, 2003, I was told about a sighting where a UFO was landing in the field near a witnesses house in Michigan. He saw a green flashing light move closer to his position and apparently land. Vicky has again interviewed the witness known as fightclubmonkey: "Who now claims, to tell the truth, it was my friend who was telling me that this happened to him, but later he told me he was joking." Thanks to: Vicky Weagle aka/UFOOpenline

Editor's Note: Investigators were preparing to spend a great deal of their own money and time to investigate this landing report. Fortunately, Vicky found out the truth before this happened. The public is often unaware that all funding for investigation is provided by the investigators themselves. I'm sorry to say, that I'm not aware of any UFO organization that has more resources than my local Riviera Pizza Restaurant.


MANISTIQUE -- The witness noticed a very large object compared to anything else in the sky. He states, "It was a perfectly round bright red circle with a tapering green tail." The sighting took place at 1 AM, against a clear black night sky over Lake Michigan, on March 27, 2003. It was due south of Manistique Harbor and was very bright and very distinct. It had clean edges, with no glow or haze. It appeared to be traveling straight down, and suddenly disappeared. It was very high above horizon, and appeared large, but I could not tell its true size or distance.

CAPAC -- The witness reports, "I woke up to take a pain reliever at midnight, turned on the TV and sat on the living room couch facing the window, when a creature ran across my porch on March 28, 2003." I quickly jumped up and looked out the door to see it run around the corner of my house on the porch. It was of average height, but had abnormally long arms. Its arms and legs were somewhat spiny and it had a larger than normal bald head. I did not get a good look at the face but I could tell that it was not human. Within a few seconds of this, the lights went out and I could see two large blue spotlights in the sky moving as if it was searching for something. The spotlights were in the field across from me about 800 feet. As they moved away, the power came back on. This morning I called my friend and she said, "Her electricity and lights had gone off and she also saw the blue lights in the sky. She then told me that people around here don't talk about these things. Thanks to Peter Davenport


DALLAS -- The witness reports sighting a disk shaped UFO in the distance on March 30, 2003, at 15:45 PM. The disk hovered in the distance for about five minutes before leaving.

COLLEGE STATION -- On April 20, 2003, the witness was standing outside under cloudy skies when he spotted a craft moving south to north at 11:43 PM. The eyewitness states, "The craft was very large with white lights along the leading edge; and the distance from wing tip to wing tip was roughly 250 to 300 feet. It was moving at rapid pace for 3 - 4 seconds below the cloud cover and turned due east maintaining shape and configuration and vanished without making any sound as it flew into the clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport


TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- The spectator was waiting for her flight, looking out the north windows and saw an airliner about 30,000 to 35,000 feet up flying east. She reports, "The jet was at a more northeasterly point on its path when the two spheres appeared to pop out of the blue lower to and behind the airliner by the Catalina Mountain peaks from 2:00 to 2:04 PM, in the afternoon on March 31, 2003." The spheres dropped down a bit, seemed to stay still for some seconds, and were moving slower than the jet. They also moved in an easterly path with the higher sphere disappearing about 30 seconds after first noticing the UFO. The witness who has excellent credentials states, "When these objects suddenly appeared, I was surprised at their spherical shape and the shape of the jet was clearly recognizable, but these objects were not recognizable as any known aircraft." I called over to a woman in the room to come see this, and she saw the two spheres, the jet, and the one sphere disappear and the jet fly out of her sight to the east with the second object also having disappeared before the jet was out of sight.

The spheres were the same size, and the size of a lower case "o" . The spheres appeared as white but also illuminated uniformly from within--not as reflected light, no flashing light, or lights. The spheres did not glow. The suddenly appeared in mid air literally out of the blue. The objects were not in any formation. One sphere was higher in the sky and to the left of the lower sphere.

((NUFORC Note: The witness who submitted this report is well known to us, she has had considerable exposure to the subject of Ufology, and we consider her to be unusually reliable. PD))


CARLSBAD -- The eyewitness was driving one mile east of Interstate 5 on Palomar Airport Road. at 2 PM, when he looked to his left and saw a triangular craft wobbling and flying slowly at about 40 mph toward the south. The flying triangle was about three hundred feet above the landscape on March 26, 2003. The craft looked like it was totally stainless steel, and had no visible windows. The witness states, "It suddenly tilted and I could see the whole tail edge was lit with a very bright light, like the lights of a night baseball game." There were no clouds in the sky and the craft just disappeared in one-second though it was no more than a half mile away. There was no sound from the craft.

*Note about five years ago while driving at night in Carlsbad my wife and I saw a bright comet like fireball emitting splashes of bright light to its rear traveling about 50 mph in a southeasterly direction towards Rancho Santa Fe going cross country following the contours of the land. There was no road that it followed. This was four miles from the above sighting.


STANWOOD -- At 8:30 PM, the onlooker saw a huge triangle shaped craft going from north to south from his living room window on March 30, 2003. The witness stated, The flying triangle was the size of an aircraft carrier and looked to be traveling in and out of the cloud cover at about 12,000 feet!" There were three white lights that each looked the size of the moon. It was moving very slow with no noise. I was looking to see if it was going to appear from around my tree but it vanished in thin air. My dog did not bark and even the frogs kept up their noise.

MORTON -- Several days earlier, two observers had the sighting of a UFO, that was about half the size of the moon. The observers are a 20-year-old server at a restaurant and her boyfriend a college educated 31-year-old worker in construction. They were driving on Highway 12, just west of Morton at 3:50 AM, on March 23, 3003, when they saw a cloud of smoke with an electric blue pulsating sphere shining from within. The witness said, "The driver, noticed my head movements, and looked skyward at the object and said, "Do you see that?" I responded, "Yes". The lights and "smoke" moved around, constantly shifting its shape. The objects size appeared to be massive. It was about one-half the size of the moon. The object held its position high in the eastern sky for one or two seconds. It quickly moved to the south a short distance, stopped, and changed course several times before flying west at an incredible speed. This object/light was not a reflection of light on the cloud, like a beacon. It was coming from within or behind the cloud. An electric blue light was visibly pulsating behind a wispy cloud, much like the model atom I have seen with two electrons rapidly rotating around the nucleus. The object appeared to be creating its own black cloud to shield its light. I was deeply awed and scared at this point.

The object spastically moved five degrees to the south, then northeast, then up to create a tight triangle type movement. It then shook spastically once again and flew away rapidly directly (west) over our heads. I have never seen anything move like that and had keen sense that this object was observing me as I observed it. The moment I panicked and my heart jumped into my throat, was the same moment the object spastically moved and flew away. When the object noticed we were watching it, it flew away. Both of us were very scared. Thanks to Peter Davenport


COQUITLAM, BC -- The witness who reported the sighting had just stepped outside to have a cigarette and said he noticed this "thing" out of the corner of his eye on March 25, 2003, at 8:55 PM. The witness said the craft was seen just above the clouds after it broke into a clearing in the night sky. He described the object as being very large, black, and triangular in shape with three points of light on each of the objects tips. Also noted about the object was that it moved very fast and was totally silent. The craft was flying roughly east to west. The object was seen just above the cloud cover (at 11,000 feet according the weather channel.) It then broke into the clear sky. The witness was located near Burnaby Mountain over the 401 Freeway. The witness says, "I was shocked at what I was seeing, plus its tremendous size, you could place three jumbo jets into the object easily." Thanks to Brian Vike, Canada UFO Research Org.,


SANTIAGO - Electrical engineer Roberto Caceres, 36, lived through a terrifying experience last February in Chile's 9th Region. For 15 minutes he was followed by a light that caused him to lose control of his vehicle momentarily. Once a year he drives to the country's southern reaches to make contacts for his electrical appliance store. Last February, he was driving to the small town of Freire. He states, " I was driving along very calmly. Some 15 minutes from Temuco, I saw a strange white light on my right that was matching my speed. I thought it was the train, but it wasn't and in a matter of seconds that light crossed right in front of my pickup truck. The UFO headed for my truck. I swerved to avoid it several times. It nearly hit me. It must have been the shape of a football. But I don't think it had a defined body--it was pure light. But it moved at incredible speeds. It wasn't anything known. Thanks to Scott Corrales, IHU. translation (C) 2003 and Christian Riffo and Guillermo Gimenez


NEW BRIGHTON -- The spectator reports seeing a star like object moving from the west to the east on March 30, 2003, at approximately 8:05 PM. It was traveling in a perfectly straight line at speed and there was no sound whatsoever. ((NUFORC Note: We observe that the International Space Station passed just south of the UK, traveling from west to east, at 20:52-22:58 hours on this date. For ground track details see, ((The witness may have observed the ISS? PD))


LOANHEAD -- On Mother's Day, March 30, 2003, the witness and his Mother were near Edinburgh and looked out the upstairs rear window overlooking the Moorfoot Hills, when they noticed fireworks fairly high in the not so distant sky at 2:27 AM. It was more like a flare, as the extremely bright pink glow did not fade at all. It stayed stationary in the sky about one mile away. The witness states, "My Mum and I saw a glowing bright pink object float slowly to the ground and pass behind the horizon, after a few minutes in the same direction, we saw a very bright blue flashing light like the type used on a police car." It just seemed like a blue "earthly light" flashing brightly in the distance. But the previous pink light was far from that, we originally thought it may have been. It was completely silent. This all lasted about twenty seconds, but was definitely something we had never seen before. Thanks to Peter Davenport


MONTEVECCHIA PYRAMIDS -- Three ancient pyramids were discovered by satellite and aerial imagery in Northern Italy, in the town of Montevecchia (40 km from Milan). They are the first pyramids ever discovered in Italy and the dimensions are quite impressive; the highest pyramid is 150 meters tall. They are stone buildings, as recent excavations have proved. They are now completely covered by ground and vegetation, so that they now look like hills. The inclination degree of all the three pyramids is 42/43° and there is a perfect alignment with the Orion constellation and many similarities to the Egyptian pyramids. "Their age is still unknown but they are surely older than 3000 years. Nothing was found nearby which may help to date the structures. The people who lived there were mainly gatherers and hunters. Pictures at: Thanks to Marco V. (Varese, and Farshores - Worldwide Anomalous Phenomena Resource


KALININGRAD HARBOR -- Last week, we reported an unconfirmed report of a flying triangle crashing into the harbor. "I cannot either confirm, or deny, that the article is accurate, but I seriously doubt that it is. We, and other UFO investigators, almost certainly would have been inundated with reports and video, if it had occurred. The issue about radiation, together with the multiple misspellings of Russian words, makes it look a bit bogus to us. By the way, that should read "Kaliningrad," which was mispelled. Also, it should be a "Sovrimenni" class ship, not "sovriminni." Had that article originated from Russia, the errors probably would not have occurred. Going to also pulls up some more information, but in no way enough to confirm or deny the story that a UFO allegedly crashed April 18th, off the coast of Kaliningrad in the Baltic Sea, and was witnessed by the Russian Navy. Russian State TV crew according to the story, got the fly-over and crash on video tape, but nothing has been released. Thanks to Skywatch International


COLOMBO -- On April 17, 2003, the witnesses spotted a fast moving light or disk flying horizontally to the right and then to the left. It was Good Thursday at 8:05 PM, AM. It is unknown where they went to. When it was first observed about 60 degrees high in the southern sky, it was moving in a shaky manner. It began to go away, but then came towards the land side. The object was luminous with a green/blue color and beam. After about three seconds it began to run towards the opposite side. It flew higher and flew to its highest point, moved to both the right and left sides and suddenly disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport


IRIGA CITY -- Eye witnesses report seeing two strange cigar-shaped objects flying in the sky just above Mount Asog on March 29, 2003. The cigar changed color alternately from yellow to blue then to red. Then after a few minutes of observation from about five kilometers, those two strange cigar-shaped objects disappeared in the clouds at 2:00 AM. Thanks to Peter Davenport


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