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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 14, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Eclipse of the Moon will occur Thursday evening, Sun is racked by powerful solar flares causing hundreds of tornados. Aliens may be sending each other secret messages, Asteroid Connecticut metallic saucer spotted, New Hampshire - mysterious metal found, Pennsylvania - reflective" white "tube" flying low, Georgia - Daylight disk, Florida - an orange ball, Illinois - two flying triangles spotted, Wisconsin - five small flickering lights, Oklahoma possible missing time, Idaho - aqua blue sphere with a long trail shot across sky, California- New technology fly by, Washington - flying triangle and lights, Canada - V shaped object and truck size lights, Ireland - bright lights, England - UFO or perhaps a kite? Netherlands - flying triangle, Ukraine - possible base as UFO wave over Crimea continues, India - light with long tail, and circular object over New Zealand. Ancient ruins of Kadath allegedly found in Antarctica?


On Thursday evening, May 15th, there will be a total eclipse of the Moon. It begins at 10:03 PM (EDT) when the Moon first enters the edge of the Earth's shadow, and the Earth shadow gradually covers the Moon and at 11:14 PM, totality begins. The Moon starts to come out of the shadow at 12:06 AM, when totality ends and it leaves the Earth's shadow at 1:17 AM, when the eclipse finally ends. Mid-eclipse is at 11:40 PM and while totally eclipsed, the Moon will be red in color. All you need to view it is the unaided eye or a pair of binoculars. This should be an awesome sight if it's clear! Lunar Eclipse - +


Two scientists have come up with a possible solution to the long-standing puzzle of why, if alien civilizations are out there, no one has ever picked up signals from them. Their signals are buried in background noise. The Fermium paradox, first posed by the physicist Enrico Fermi, is still one of the strongest arguments against the existence of intelligent aliens. But Walter Simmons and Sandip Pakvasa, from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, have worked out how the aliens could be hiding. First the signaller splits the message into two parts, so that its photons are sent in opposite directions to mirrors far from the home planet. The mirrors redirect the signals to the intended receiver, who recombines the photons to reconstruct the message. Neither the intended receiver nor any eavesdropper would be able to locate the home planet of the sender. Also, it would be impossible to detect the message at all without extremely sophisticated technology, New Scientist magazine reported. To recombine the beams and recreate the message you would need to detect the arrival time of the photons extremely accurately to identify pairs of photons split by the sender. Mr. Simmons said, "Such photons are distinguishable from the background of stellar photons because they arrive very close together in time. But any eavesdropper, like us, might not realize this and see only the background." Thanks to The Western Mail - The National Newspaper Of Wales


The most ever devastating tornados have been reported across the US that may be in part due to the strong sunspot activity with 66 already reported this year. For the third month in a row, high-latitude observers have spotted auroras triggered by solar wind streams flowing from coronal holes on the Sun. Our Earth's magnetic field was buffeted by solar wind gusts on May 1st and May 7th-9th, that may be effecting our weather. Heavy Sunspot activity happens when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields (usually above sunspots) is suddenly released. Flares produce a burst of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to x-rays and gamma-rays. A flare is defined as a sudden, rapid, and intense variation in brightness. A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. Radiation is emitted across virtually the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves at the long wavelength end, through optical emission to x-rays and gamma rays at the short wavelength end. The amount of energy released is the equivalent of millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time! Scientists classify solar flares according to their x-ray brightness in the wavelength range 1 to 8 Angstroms. There are 3 categories: X-class flares are big; they are major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms. M-class flares are medium-sized; they generally cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth's polar regions. Minor radiation storms sometimes follow an M-class flare. Compared to X- and M-class events, C-class flares are small with few noticeable consequences here on Earth. Geomagnetic storms caused by the sunspots can cause significant disturbances in Earth's magnetic field. During the recent activity there have been bright Auroras over the Antarctic lighting up the night skies. Thanks to and NASA


POTTSTOWN -- The witness was driving on Highway 422 west on May 1, 2003, when he noticed a reflective" white "tube" flying 100 feet or so under a low flying passenger plane during daylight at 1:30 PM. The witness states, "The passenger jet had red and white paint with white words, that caught my attention, because it was flying lower than usual." I stopped my car in middle of the intersection when I saw a sunlight glint moving about 100 ft. underneath the jet. A "reflection" followed exactly with the jet but it was 1/5th the size. The best I can say it was either a "steel pipe" shape or tube. Absolutely stunning, it moved with the jet perfectly timed but definitely an object, as it moved it stopped reflecting the sun, and I saw it had white color, then it faded away. Cars honking behind me made me move. I pulled into a parking lot and could see the passenger jet, but not the object. I watched for about 30 seconds. It was broad daylight, great visibility that day. I stared again and again to try and make out more, but it was mostly a bright "reflection," like shiny metal. The object seemed white when the reflection of the sun died down. It was about the size of an automobile in relation to the jet.

ST. CLAIR - The witness reported seeing a bright light hovering above on May 3, 2003, at 2:45 AM, and states, "Traveling to work in my car I noticed a greenish-blue light at the altitude of a small aircraft that appeared to be hovering or moving very slowly above a nearby treeline." As I slowed to view the object, it shot away to the east at high speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport


CONCORD MONITOR - The newspaper reports, "Hope MacDonald awoke to a loud bang and a bright light. The next day, her tenant found a small piece of charred metal that reeked of fuel and was covered in more than an inch of gob. The noise was enough to alarm MacDonald and scare her cat off the bed. The metal was enough to prompt her to call her son, a state trooper, who then called the Federal Aviation Administration. The metal appears to be from a snowmobile, said Jim Peters, a spokesman for the FAA, adding that MacDonald's home is near a trail. That's a lie," said MacDonald. "There's no trail near my house." MacDonald wants to make two things clear about the incident: She's not crazy, and she knows what she saw. "It was about 11:30 at night and something banged the back of the house. At the same time, there was the brightest light I've ever seen in my life. "I had to shut my eyes but as quickly as the sound and light came, it went," she said. Candy Hovey, who lives in the lower level of MacDonald's two-story chalet, found a 4 by 7 inch piece of metal on the lawn the next day. "I didn't see or hear anything," She said. "But it wasn't there the day before." Hovey said the metal had a very strong fuel smell and it looked charred. "If you touched it with your hand, you'd get ash on it." She said. The ground beneath the metal appeared unharmed. FAA safety inspector Sylvester Dye went to MacDonald's home and took the metal for testing shortly after she reported the incident. MacDonald said she initially thought the metal may have been "space junk." And she made a point of asking Dye if it could be just that. (Dye) knew it wasn't from an airplane," she said. "I asked him if it could have been from the shuttle, and he just shrugged his shoulders. There's so much stuff flying around up there." Dye told MacDonald the metal couldn't be from a plane because it appeared to have been welded onto something, she said. "There were no planes around that night either," she said. Her second-floor bedroom is high enough off the ground so that a passing snow machine or vehicle most likely would not have thrown a piece of metal near her window, she said. "There was no snow in the yard at the time," I just think they (FAA inspectors) don't know what it is and they're passing the buck. But I'm sure it's not from a snow machine. Thanks to Rebecca Tsaros CONCORD MONITOR 5/3/03


ATLANTA -- The saucer was flying south, parallel to I-75 While riding north through Atlanta on I-75, on April 26, 2003. I noticed an object just below the clouds and flying south at 5 PM. At first I though it was a plane until it rotated and it did not have wings that I could see. Having observed planes flying into the Atlanta airport all afternoon, this object stood out because of the altitude it was flying, and its size, which was smaller than a plane would have been. After observing this for thirty seconds, it went west, and that was the last I saw of it. Thanks to Peter Davenport


CHOCTAWHATCHEE BAY, IN WALTON COUNTY -- I was facing north looking at Legion Park on Choctawhatchee Bay on April 26, 2003. There is a security light in the park that has a bluish/white light on a telephone pole and almost directly over the security light was an orange ball. The orange ball was just slightly larger than the security light but much further away at 8:35 PM. It appeared to be over the middle of the bay. I watched it for about five minutes during which time it did not move. It was much larger than a planet or star but not nearly as large as a full moon would have appeared that close to the horizon. It did not appear to be a flare as it was stationary in the sky and it did not appear to be burning. I went inside to get my wife and when I returned it was gone.


DES PLAINES -- The witness reports seeing a large object in the night skies April 28, 2003, on a humid and hot clear night near Elk Grove. He explains, "The object was bright, big, triangular and it came real close to me and after about 20 seconds it just disappeared at 10:30 PM." My friend, my brother and my two sisters saw it as it took off real fast." It flew northeast into a clear sky. Ten minutes later it came back once again and it was the same thing, but now there were two flying triangles. We got a better look the second time and it appeared to me as a UFO or an alien type object. Thanks to Peter Davenport


MILWAUKEE -- On May 1, 2003, at 2 AM, the witness reports seeing a white flicker in the sky, then another, and another till there where five flickering lights. They seemed to have made a box with one craft on the outside moving away. Then the others followed. The remaining four lights shined unsteadily at a half second pace simultaneously and then came together in a line. They moved on the same path as the first light and they all slowly departed. As they left a bluish color replaced the white light. Thanks to Peter Davenport


BESSIE -- Jim Hickman writes, I got a call on Wednesday, May 7, 2003, from a teacher in the town of Bessie, stating one of his students had see a very bright light, then a big flash, and then reported missing time. Susan will do the investigation and forward the report to me, I will send it to you. Thanks to Jim Hickman MUFON


SANDPOINT -- While riding my motorcycle north toward Sandpoint on Highway 95 at 11:45 PM, on April 23, 2003, a very bright, aqua colored, round object with an extremely long trail caught my attention, as it came across the sky traveling from east to west and downward in a fashion that suggested it would impact the ground. I expected to see a flash or perhaps feel a jolt from the event but neither occurred. It was simply there and gone. The color was quite remarkable and unlike anything I have ever witnessed.


NEWARK -- The witness claims, "Never saw anything like it - if it's military (ours) its decades ahead of "known" technology!" The witness was taking his dog for a walk at 9:04 P.M. on April 24, 2003, when he saw a bird flying overhead. I looked directly at the object and thought that's not a bird its a hang glider because of it's altitude, shape, and lack of noise. Then I said," Oh my God, what the heck IS that?" I watched the object, perfectly focused for about 6 seconds before it flew into some clouds. I followed the path of the object hoping it would hold it's course. I thought I saw it circle tightly and turn towards the east. Then four planes came out of no where and converged on the mountains east of my house; where the object headed. Then, what I thought were two F-16? jets headed over towards my direction. They made very little noise, but I could still hear the jets. I grabbed the binoculars and ran back outside as my wife came out for a short look, but went back in because it was too cold for her. I watched the sky intensely and watched for the craft. I ran into the garage, grabbed the ladder and climbed onto the roof. There were a lot of aircraft over the mountain range. Two passenger jets went over head slightly west of me The object had now flown over the mountain range and disappeared.

BUENA PARK -- On May 1, 2003, the witness who has considerable technical background noticed round spheres of light above his home at 10: 42 PM. He states, "There were four spheres of light that were very noticeable. They were each about two to three feet in size. The one sphere of light was west of me where I stood. The other two spheres of light were north of me. The last sphere of light was straight above my head and my home. The four spheres of light were white in color and I heard beeping sounds from one of the spheres. Thanks to Peter Davenport


WAUCONDA -- On May 1, 2003, the witness who lives in a very rural area with no city lights nearby stepped out of the back door and observed a circular blue-white light about 3" in diameter at arm's length coming from the north. It was heading toward the southeast at about satellite speed at 10: 45 PM. When I first saw the object it was about 20 degrees elevation in the north. The object became gradually smaller as it proceeded across the sky until in the southeastern sky at about 70 degrees elevation it instantly returned to a 3" size at arm's length again and shot off.

WEST SEATTLE -- A married couple were walking into their house on May 1, 2003, when something caught the wife's peripheral vision at 10 PM. She looked up and said something like "What the hell is that?" She states, "A triangular craft was moving across the sky above us at an altitude similar to airplanes in this part of the city near Boeing field, not far from SeaTac Airport." It had a light at each of the points that was a dim orange and the lights seemed striped rather than solid. The craft was completely silent. We watched it fly in a northeasterly direction until it encountered the city light reflection in the sky and we could no longer see it. Our dog was trembling and became lethargic and lost his balance.

The witness sent an MS Paint image of the husband's recollection. I recall big, round lights, while he recalls trapezium-shaped lights and wings. I recall the round lights, as I said, and drew the wings as round, although I'm not sure they were. They were definitely not pointed; we both recall the corners were blunt or rounded.


HALIFAX INVESTIGATION - Sydnie reports, "Four of us were outside as it was dusk and just getting dark when we saw the UFO that was about the size of a pea. " There were no lights on the object (it was completely blank). There was a little wind, and it only passed through one misty cloud, other than that the weather was warm. It was sort of moving like an arrow through the sky. It was flying towards Sherwater Air Base and it took three or four minutes to go across the sky. Thanks to Sydnie

CHILLIWACK, BC - The Mother was driving her son home from work on May 1, 2003, when they saw a red flashing light just to the left of the mountains in the west. It was flashing consistently and sitting in one spot. The son says, "I told my mother to stop the car as we were on a back road that had little traffic and I rolled down my window and looked at the strange red light." At 10:30 PM, we noticed that it would move south horizontally in little spurts, but mostly stayed in one spot. We drove home and could just see it over the roof of a house. I noticed the light drop down a bit, so I stood up a bit straighter, but the light dropped down again. I moved over to where my Mom was standing, and we observed it clearly. It was staying in one place again. Suddenly a bright flash of light came from about the same place I'd initially seen the red light. It happened again a few seconds later, closer to the location of the red light that was now fading, and the flashing wasn't as brilliant. After fifteen minutes of viewing I went inside.


WATERFORD -- A bright light appeared in the sky on April 28, 2003, above the Waterford area. It was too early in the evening to be a star, but that's exactly what it looked like. At first I thought it was a reflection of an aircraft as it was a bright evening but it suddenly disappeared and a minute later reappeared in a slightly different location. There were some clouds around but not in this area of the sky. It was moving in a westerly direction at 7 PM.


LINCOLN -- On April 22, 2003, around 4 PM, the witness was skating outside the Lincolnshire College and noticed a small dot in the sky above the South Common. He states, "I looked at the object thinking that it was a distant approaching plane, but the object stayed stationary and moved side ways and upwards like no other aircraft I have seen." My friends who were also with me saw this object, but they thought it was a kite, but the object was about half a mile away and was flying too high to be a kite. The object stayed there for about 15 minutes.


ALMERE -- Two witnesses spotted a triangular shaped object flying over the highway on May 3, 2003. The witness reports, "At 12:30 AM, I was driving my car north with my brother when I noticed a police car with lights coming from the side lane, so I changed lanes and looked in my rearview mirror and saw two red lights in a horizontal line flying southwest across the highway." A second later there was a third light, which was flashing white/green. That is when I realized the craft had a triangle shape. I shouted to my brother that there was a UFO. The craft hovered over the highway. The red lights were not flashing. It hung over an open field for a minute and than sped off. I got off the highway and started following it. I stopped the car and got the camera out and we started recording for 20 seconds, but it was already far away. It shows one red light as a dot in the night sky and no sound. We knew it had to be a UFO because of the shape of it.


SIMFEROPOL' -- Anton Anfalov, Ukrainian UFO Association writes, "On Saturday, April 30, 2003, at 8:45 PM, while standing on the Lenin Square and talking with my friend, Mr.V. Zdorov, we noticed several bright flashes of white-silver and of ruby red colors to the northeast. This was definitely neither airplane nor satellite, because the flashes were short, stationary, and with a big time lag (2-5 minutes) between them indicating that the flashes were from a hovering object.

CRIMEA -- New UFOs were observed over the Crimean peninsula, south of Ukraine, on Monday, May 5, 2003, starting from 12:30 AM until 3 PM. A large strange and definitely outlined lens-shaped cloud hovered over Chatyrdag Mountain and plateau south of Simferopol.' The large cloud was present in an almost cloudless sky. Despite the laws of atmospheric circulation, this cloud had a definitely outlined form and shape for over two hours DESPITE THE WIND. This was noticed by many local residents of Simferopol', and Anton photographed these strange clouds. The clear impression was that this was just camouflaged hovering UFO, no less than 50 meters in diameter.

Simferopol' -- On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 9:20 PM a UFO was observed again over flying south over Mrs. Lenura Azizova house at 13 West Street. Like on April 23, it was moving in a zigzag trajectory without any sound. The six cornered in shape UFO had a clearly visible single bright red blinking light, but not like an airplane, that changed color to brighter white. The impression was that the first red light was a navigation light and the bigger white light was the shining plasma envelope around the alien craft on a standard route to underwater alien base in the center of the Black Sea.

ANTON ANFALOV writes, "Crimea is a " UFO hot spot." There are frequent sightings of craft leaving and entering the Black Sea about 150 km south of Foros, between Crimea and Turkey. We have contacted several remote viewers who have used their talents to penetrate this base. The remote viewers have observed a complex of watertight underground compartments, hangars and tunnels built inside the rock using some natural caves, in the depths of the Black Sea that perfectly hides the alien activity. This is confirmed by constant observations of fiery globes descending and ascending out of the sea. The base has two basic openings that are connected by a complicated system of tunnels. Remote viewers observed the aliens are involved in some kind of mining, manufacturing operations, repair and technical examinations of their crafts. They supposedly produce trans-uranium fuel from depths of the Earth for their engines. Thanks to Anton Anfalov, Ukrainian UFO Association


CHANDIGARH -- On April 23, 2003, at 6 AM, I saw an object appearing from the east and moving towards the north. it had a long whitish trail behind it. ((NUFORC Note: Description by witness is not inconsistent with a contrail behind a high-altitude aircraft, but we do not know what the witness observed. PD))


TAURANGA -- On Christmas morning 2002, at 4:50 AM, near dawn with a very clear sky, Mr. A. Thompson witnessed a circular object with blue, silver and white pulsating lights. It was flying at 12,000 feet and was observed for about 12 minutes from an elevated rural location. The object moved along coast a short way towards Papamoa, turned back towards Tauranga then headed out to sea. Mr. Thompson remarks how clear the object was and the lack of sound in the stillness of the early morning.


According to Joseph Trainor, editor of UFO Roundup, "A California TV crew missing since November 2002, a video they left behind and a mission by US Navy SEALs are the key elements in a story that claims extensive prehistoric ruins have been found under the ice of Antarctica. "The US government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles beneath the ice." "AtlantisTV stressed that the company's primary concern is for the safety and welfare of the missing crew, but they will 'vigorously oppose' any attempts to 'censor material that is clearly in the public domain.' The video is the property of AtlantisTV. Two Navy officers who saw the tape said it showed spectacular ruins. Officials of the U.S. Naval Support Task Force, Antarctica deny the story or the possession of any video shot by the missing AtlantisTV crew."

Science fiction author Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) claimed in several stories that a prehistoric city existed in Antarctica called "Kadath of the Cold Waste." Lovecraft described its discovery in his novel "At the Mountains of Madness," written in 1931. Incredibly, one of his passages is a precise description of a scene in the AtlantisTV video. Lovecraft wrote, "But the salient object of the place was the titanic stone ramp, which, eluding the archways by a sharp turn outward into the open floor, wound spirally up the stupendous cylindrical wall like an inside counterpart of those once climbing outside the monstrous towers or ziggurats of ancient Babylon...The thing was excellently preserved up to the present top of the tower-- a highly remarkable circumstance in view of its exposure-- and its shelter had done much to protect the bizarre and disturbing cosmic sculptures on the walls." "As we stepped out into the awesome half-daylight of this monstrous cylinder-bottom--fifty million years old, and without doubt the most primal ancient structure ever to meet our eyes." "According to the sculptures, the original tower had stood in the center of an immense circular plaza; and had been perhaps 500 or 600 feet high, with tiers of horizontal discs near the top and a row of needle-like spires along the upper rim." Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 8, #19 5/14, Joseph Trainor



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