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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 11, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. USA TODAY asks: Is there another earth out there? Whitley Strieber asks, will this be the year of the alien? Is SARS disease from space? New York - glowing object hovering over Shea Stadium, Virginia - two flying cylinders travel parallel, Florida - two discs spotted, Wisconsin - bright light in sky, Illinois - yellow glowing lights, Iowa - three multi-colors spheres, Missouri - boomerang, Arkansas - flying cone, Arizona - formation close to ground, California - metallic object flips along, Canada - five witnesses see flying boomerang, Argentina - underground signals, England - UFO observes police helicopter for ten minutes, German - split light, Saudi Arabia unidentified object crashes, and Australia - big disk with flashing colors. Abductees have electrolyte imbalances such as low potassium levels.


Scientists say new space probes might find another Earthlike planet -- one that could support life -- in the next decade. Forget the next Star Wars movie. The real space sequel guaranteed to capture public attention, astronomers say, is the discovery of another planet like Earth in our own starry neighborhood -- and it is likely to happen within a decade. That discovery might hold the key to the mystery that long ago captured the minds and imaginations of scientists, philosophers, filmmakers and novelists: Is there life on other planets? On the heels of discoveries beginning in 1995 of more than 100 planets orbiting nearby stars, a planet, or even planets, twin to our own in size and composition, likely will soon be found, thanks to new telescope designs, say astronomers such as Wesley Traub of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Within 10 years, an Earth-size planet -- the size that scientists consider the most likely to contain oceans and therefore life -- is expected to turn up in searches by two scheduled NASA probes. Astronomers hope to be able to detect life, or rule it out, in such places within 20 years. Snip


Last October, Whitley Strieber asked the question: "Will this be the year of the alien?" It has been known for some time that Mars oppositions bring increases in UFO activity, and Mars is going to make its closest approach in 70,000 years this August. As the opposition of the two planets draws closer, we can expect UFO activity to continue to rise. A fleet of satellites are headed to Mars.


National Geographic News' Stefan Lovgren reports, "The source of SARS has mystified medical experts. Some say it must have jumped from an animal, maybe a chicken or an exotic bird. But one group of British scientists suggests a more far-out origin: space." In a letter to the British medical journal The Lancet, Chandra Wickramasinghe, from Cardiff University in Wales, and other scientists, propose that SARS may have originated in outer space then fallen down to Earth and landed in China, where the outbreak began. June 3, 2003


BAYSIDE -- I was driving across the Throgs Neck Bridge at 10:30 PM. with my wife and two sons on June 1, 2003, my wife noted that there seemed to be a lot of planes in the air in the vicinity of LaGuardia Airport. There was a Mets game on at Shea Stadium, and at first I noticed what appeared to be a group of small white lights moving in formation. On my second look, these lights seemed to be helicopters and were actually stationary. Then I noticed a large oblong object near the other lights. This object had a red/orange glow emanating from the bottom. The object did not move across the sky, but it seemed to dip up and down periodically.

We continued driving over the bridge, and I noticed the object just above the tree line. I pulled off the highway and got out of the car. I happened to have my digital camera in the car, and I took several pictures using the extreme telephoto setting. I got back in the car and headed to Shea Stadium. I thought the object might be a blimp but when I got to Shea about ten minutes later, there was nothing there. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ARLINGTON -- I was driving on interstate 495 heading south towards Fairfax on June 1, 2003, when I saw the UFO on the left side of the road in the sky at 10:34 PM. Two objects that were a faint cigar shaped lights were seen traveling parallel to each other. They seemed to be stable at first and then the object on top seemed to shoot up into the sky very rapidly, while the object below traveled in a straight line until they both disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MIAMI - An exceptionally credible witness reports, "Too much coffee kept him tossing all night, so he was looking through full length doors at the Big Dipper when a few minutes after 4 AM, I saw two disk shaped objects moving north parallel to each other." I knelt up in bed and saw the second one pass the other. Then the first one passed the other and slowed down. This happened three times then they both turned east. The speed was amazing. There was a commercial jet in the background, when both objects disappeared. There were no blinking lights and they had the color of etched glass and the light source came from within. They were about 3000 feet away. I called the regional airport control tower but they said no one is in the tower until 7 AM. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WISCONSIN DELLS -- UFO WISCONSIN report by Steve H. reveals that on May 28, 2003, he saw an object about the size of his thumbnail. I was sitting outside 9:45 PM, looking at the Big Dipper. It was a bright white light that appeared to come out of total darkness. I watched it slowly fade out or dim out as it moved to the south. About a half hour later I saw another object out east of the Dipper which acted in the same manner. It was a clear night at the time of this sighting. Thanks to Wisconsin UFO for sightings & information: UFO


WILLOW BROOK -- On June 4, 2003, the witness reports, "My girlfriend and I witnessed a yellowish glowing light in the southern sky at about 4 AM at which time I found my binoculars and trained them on this object." I saw two lights equal distant to each other beside this main glowing object. I videotaped this event. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


DES MOINES - The observer saw three objects in the sky at 11:33 PM on May 31, 2003. He states, "They were spheres flying in a v formation and changing to different colors. After flying together for about three minutes they stopped. Then the outside two began slowly circling each other in a very tight circle pattern. While circling, the lights on the outside spheres changed to red and the middle light changed to all green. After another two minutes all three spheres shot straight up and out of site. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


JOPLIN - The eyewitness was taking the trash out on May 27, 2003, when he noticed boomerang shaped white lights in a triangular formation coming from over a tree in his neighbors back yard. He reports, I saw a circular reddish glowing bottom with boomerang shaped white lights that moved quickly from north to south at 1:20 AM." I looked up at the stars when I saw the lights with a dull reddish glow in between making a circle with the white lights making a meeting point. I couldn't see the sides or top of the object so I'm not sure of its exact shape or have anything to judge its height or size by. It was totally silent and moving quickly from north to south. The incident lasted 5 to 10 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HARRISON -- K. S. George writes, "This morning about 3:30 AM, June 5, 2003, my mother says she saw a very bright object which looked like an ice cream cone in the sky." She described it as such as it looked like it had something coming out of the bottom. About 5 AM. I did not see what she described, but I saw an object that was rather reddish gold in color. I feel that I have seen this object before around my house. I also think I may have been taken last night as I felt like something was pushed up my nose. Thanks to K. S. George,


PICACHO PEAK - The witnesses were driving south on I-10 on May 31, 2003, when they noticed an object flying at a high speed in irregular patterns at 1 AM. They state, "We noticed an object flying close to the ground on the other side of the freeway going in the same direction with a row of three lights. We could not make out a shape due to the color and brightness of the lights that changed several times as it maneuvered in irregular patterns next to the rail road tracks. It then flew over the interstate for a few seconds and then returned. At that time we were traveling away from the object and lost sight of it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BOISE -- Ike Bishop, MUFON Idaho State Director, writes, "I was observing with binoculars, a small two engine aircraft circling over at approximately 3000 feet, when I noticed a silver disc much higher up." The disc was unmistakable, silver, and flying in a south/southwest direction. I was able to keep the disc in sight for six seconds. There was no contrail and the disc appeared to be at an altitude of 20 to 25 thousand feet. Time of the sighting was 11:05 am on Monday, June 9th, 2003. The sky was clear, blue, and unobstructed, making the sighting very obvious. Thanks to Ike Bishop MUFON Idaho State Director


LOS ANGELES -- Two couples were driving home on the 101 Freeway on May 18, 2003, from the Oxnard Strawberry Festival on a very clear day at 4:30 PM. They noticed a kite like object reflecting the sun. The witness says, "I noticed this object was not normal but very strangely metallic and it was flipping from it's top to it's bottom and the "craft" had the appearance of a giant fan but it did not seem to move." The craft would flip around very sporadically, but not moving from its place off to the left a little in a field. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


TORONTO -- Michel M. reports. "On Thursday, May 22, I was outside saying good night to one of my friends who had come over for a coffee and was heading off to the cinema. The time was 10:38 p.m. From the corner of my eye, I saw a single light source moving overhead, traveling from south to north (roughly). It was a steady white light, about the brilliance of the planet Venus. It was too bright to be a satellite and its altitude seemed to be much lower than 35,000 feet. Speed seemed to be the same as a satellite. This was too high to have been a flight coming in from somewhere else. I know it wasn't a plane, a satellite nor a bolide, meteor, fireball or a shooting star. Thanks to Michel M's e-mail report.

HOUSTON, BC resident phoned and reported that he and a friend watched a steady bright white light fly rather quickly over the edge of the town at 11 PM, on May 31, 2003, at six thousand feet heading east. One of the witnesses is a pilot. There was no tail seen trailing the object. The light was twice as bright as the planet Venus.

HOUSTON, BC - Brian Vike writes, "On June 5, 2003, at 1:30 a.m., I just missed by seconds an important phone call." A witness was calling to inform me that west of town was a UFO they were all watching. The witness telephoned later and said, "A few minutes drive west of Houston, five witnesses watched a huge object move silently and low over the tree line. Just before 1:30 a.m., the witness awakened and saw a very bright light moving very slowly that was of an enormous size. She screamed for her husband to get out of bed, and the their three children, also, got up to see what was going on. One of the youngsters said, "What is that big flashlight doing in the sky?" The object was boomerang in shape with a massive white/yellow glow around it and large bright white lights in the center. There was no sound and the dogs took no notice of it. It disappeared southwest after three minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research


Two scientists affiliated to the Fundaci-n Instituto Biof'sico de Investigaciones (FICI) directed by Pedro Romaniuk claim they have picked up radioactive signatures, microwaves, levels of electricity and oscillations originating from the depths of the earth. Omar Hesse and Jorge Millstein surveyed the mountains surrounding Cachi last week -- 157 km from the capital and 2,280 meters above sea level. After applying a Russian tester in the vicinity of the Nevado de Cachi, they concluded that the signals are not natural in origin, and rather originate by machinery operated by intelligent beings. "The oscillations clearly indicate that many kilometers beneath the surface there are alternating electrical waves, which means a power source," said Hesse. "This could mean engines," he added.

The area was not chosen at random. It was based on 4 film recordings made by local mountaineer Antonio Zuleta last year. All of them show strange swiftly moving lights, which appear to "plunge" into the ground at the same point. "We will have to return with equipment of higher sensitivity," observed Millstein. This is one of the hottest areas of the planet regarding extraterrestrial activity. It's a band that stretches from La Poma to Cayafate." The two researchers estimate the signals recorded from the depths of the earth correspond to a technology not native to our world. "To those of us in this field, the possibility that vessels may penetrate the earth is nothing new in the Andes, as depicted by numerous stone records. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Translation (C) Gloria Coluchi


KINGSTON-UPON-HULL - A witness who holds a position of responsibility, and possesses considerable technical background observed a light approach at high speed at 11:25 PM on May 30, 2003. It stopped about 300 meters away from the circling overhead police helicopter and continued to "observe" it for ten minutes in the dark, clear sky. It not only stopped and observed the helicopter; it made circular sweeps and right angled sweeps. When the helicopter vacated the area, the light flew at vast speed in a southeast direction and disappeared. It was impossible for it to be an airplane as the object was stationary when it was observing. It couldn't have been a helicopter as the right angled movements it made would not have been possible for this type of aircraft. This is the first time I have ever seen something like this, and to be honest it was a weird experience and fascinating to watch it perform. When it vacated the air space, I can only describe it as "bloody fast" and silent as the light faded. It was a really wonderful experience. I reported the incident to my local police. Thanks to NUFORC

BIRMINGHAM -- The Evening Mail by Steve Swingler, states, "UFO experts are investigating reports of strange lights seen in the sky over the city center. The respected investigators, Contact International UFO Research (CIUFOR), are looking into the sightings over Broad Street on May 31, 2003. A man in his 30s phoned the organization after he was left 'disconcerted' by what he saw at around 11:20 PM." CIUFOR spokesman Michael Soper said: "The eye witness told us he saw two triangular shapes of white, bluish light moving west. They were moving silently, when a third object joined them and together moved in a set square shape before one of the objects shot off vertically. The remaining lights then disappeared after a couple of minutes." Mr. Soper said the organization was now investigating the sighting and checking with air traffic control. UFO hotspots include the Malvern Hills and Clee Hills. CIUFOR was founded in 1967 by the eighth Lord Clancarty, Brinsley le Poer Trench, author of several UFO books. Fifty overseas branches were set up in the 1970s with a membership of 11,000. CIUFOR is now limited to collecting and disseminating data. cfm?objectid=13034897&method=full&siteid=50002&headline=Take%20me%20to%20your%20boozer


ELBINGEN - The observer was in his garden and noticed a moving white light at 11:45 PM on May 29, 2003. The light increased intensity and became exceptionally bright like aircraft landing lights, but it was curious because it was moving way too fast and way too high to be a commercial airliner. After observing this light, it then split into three separate lights and disappeared. The witness states, "I believe I saw a small dull reddish light in the same path and directly behind a dull red light moving behind the first light." The red light was moving at an exceptionally high rate of speed and appeared to fade in and out. None of these lights had any type of strobe effect. There was also an increase in very fast moving aircraft in the same area.


JEDDAH - Arab News reports on 9 June 2003 - "An unidentified flying object fell to earth in the southern Jizan region and experts believe that it could be part of a spy plane that invaded Saudi airspace." Witnesses told Al-Watan daily that the object looked like a flying saucer and radiated light. A number of people in Arraith town, about 220 km northeast of Jizan, watched the strange object fall at about 9 a.m. on Monday. The fall of the object sent shockwaves through the area and frightened cattle. People ran away from the object and observed it from a distance. Abdul Rahman Al-Osaimi, governor of Arraith, told the Arabic daily that he visited the area where the object had fallen, adding that it had frightened the residents. "The object is not big, but it scares people," the governor said. Informed sources told Al-Watan that security officers visited the site to inspect the object and interview witnesses. If the UFO turned out to be a spy plane, it could bring back memories of stories of flying saucers frequently found during the Cold War period. The United States recorded some 850 flying objects crashed on its territory in those days.

On June 10, 2003, Jizan Governor Prince Muhammad ibn Nasser denied that the unidentified object that fell to earth in the region was part of a spy plane. In an interview with Okaz newspaper, the prince said the object had merely been a balloon. A2%20Arab%20News%20Staff, Thanks to Skywatch International


WOLLONGONG, NEW SOUTH WALES -- An oval or egg shaped craft was in the sky at 8 :04 PM, on May 31, 2003. The witness says, "When I finished shopping, three other customers were staring up in the sky, and I saw an orange colored object that got smaller, then turned bright red and got smaller again. It then really got bright and disappeared." This happened at Fairy Meadow outside a local supermarket called Woolworths at 8 PM. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


Patricia Gray, R.N. writes that the collective stats from Saber Enterprises results in a high number of reports from abductees concerning low potassium (K) levels (some of which seem to be at a "critical level" and need emergent treatment. There is, also, the interesting report of "salt cravings" among abductees and as far as I have heard, none of these abductees reporting salt craving are ever put on salt restrictions by their physicians related to conditions that are exacerbated by the heavy (or even normal) use of salt. In other words, perhaps their bodies need more salt, and then of course the question would be, "Why?" I am including salt cravings in this overview because salt is sodium chloride (NaCl) which are two electrolytes, as potassium is and craving can sometimes mean, "lack".

I do find it interesting that abductees report low K values and do not report low Na or Cl values as they are all laboratory tests that are normally ordered at the same time in an "electrolyte panel". A potassium check will sometimes be done individually as a recheck of a high or low value under treatment. Whether this is a lack of reporting on the part of the abductees, or lack of reporting on the part of the physician to the patient (because it is common and an easy "fix", I suppose) or whether it is just not occurring would be valuable to know. Alterations in electrolytes are not uncommon and cause their own symptoms (which can be mild to lethal) if not treated in a timely manner. In my hospital experience (43 years in variable medical services) these altered lab values are most often secondary to an underlying medical condition. That may be not be the case in the abductee and is part of this investigation.

This research cannot be conducted totally independently from the reported alterations found in neurohormones among abductees. These observations to date are the child of mature discussions from our abductee records at Saber Enterprises, of medical stats, and from a broader set of conversations about levels of the neurohormones, dopamine, serotonin and melatonin that appear to be altered due to reported contact with an alien presence. This brief overview will not discuss these alterations in detail; it is just noted here that there may be a connection. In the soon to be released book by Derrel Sims, "Fluorescence: Bringing the Evidence to Light," the reader will begin to note the real interconnectiveness of one set of evidences to another. This is just one place where his research makes that evident.

Some of the underlying questions that lead the research in this noteworthy chemical alteration are:

1. Are there any common denominators between the specific abductees reporting this alteration or between specific events in an individual and their electrolyte levels? In other words, does a specific type of event precipitate this medical condition?

2. Are their underlying medical conditions that would contribute to this alteration?

3. Are the underlying medical conditions forming a pattern that might direct the research further?

4. Are the alterations of a chronic or acute nature?

5. Do those reporting salt cravings and altered electrolyte levels also report-altered levels of neurohormones, either by test result or symptoms?

6. Was a Na and Cl level done at the same time as the K level? If so, what are those lab results?

7. Is there a relationship between salt craving and the timing of an event?

8. Do other members of the family have alterations of electrolytes or neurohormones? (Could this abductee characteristic be of a genetic nature?)

Questions of a more speculative nature.

1. Which came first, the alterations or the abductions? In other words, could this alteration of body chemistry cause the alien's original "interest" in the abductee?

2. Do these alterations make a person more susceptible to suggestions?

3. Do individuals with these alterations just "remember" more of their events, therefore identifying them as abductees more often?

4. With salt causing retention of fluid, perhaps "other things" (introduced into the blood during an event through direct injection or intradermally through the application of alien embedded fluorescence) will not be eliminated as quickly increasing their effectiveness?

5. Is this a possible reaction to physical, emotional, and psychic stress?

6. Is it a side effect of procedure or related to other alterations such as neurohormones?

Brief overview of the role of potassium, sodium, and chloride in the body

Most often, lowered results of these electrolytes in an otherwise healthy individual are related to prolonged vomiting and diarrhea, as these are "washed" out of the system. Excessive fluid intake can also result in lowered values as it dilutes the electrolytes in the system. Any large change in blood volume (such as occurs when someone bleeds excessively) may alter the electrolyte level. Diuretics (water pills) are a common cause of lowered values, especially potassium. Severe dehydration may elevate the levels because of the increased concentration of the blood serum.


Chloride interacts with sodium to maintain the osmotic pressure of blood, helping to regulate blood volume and arterial pressure. It is absorbed from the intestines and is excreted primarily by the kidneys.

Abnormal results and their symptoms:

Low levels (hypochloremia): Are usually associated with low sodium and potassium levels. Symptoms are depressed respirations, Hypertonicity of muscles, elevated levels (hyperchloremia): May be the result of renal shutdown or head injury. Symptoms are developing stupor, rapid deep breathing, weakness that may lead to coma.


Maintains cellular electrical neutrality. The sodium-potassium active transport pump maintains the ratio of intracellular potassium to extracellular potassium that determines the resting membrane potential necessary for nerve impulse transmission. Disturbances in this ration can alter cardiac rhythms, transmission and conduction of nerve impulses, and muscle contraction. Aldosterone and acid-base balance regulate potassium concentration.

Abnormal results and their symptoms:

Muscle weakness, neuromuscular irritability, tingling of lips and fingers, restlessness, intestinal cramping, diarrhea, paralysis and EKG changes. Low levels (hypokalemia) can result in decreased reflexes, mental confusion, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, numbness, cramping of muscles and rapid, weak, irregular pulse. Elevated levels (hyperkalemia) may result in serious heart arrhythmias.


Affects body water distribution, helps promote neuromuscular function, influences chloride and potassium levels. Excreted through the kidneys and a small amount through the skin. Aldosterone inhibits sodium excretion and promotes its resorption (with water) to maintain balance. Low sodium levels stimulate aldosterone secretion; elevated sodium levels depress adosterone secretion.

Abnormal results and their symptoms:

Low levels (hyponatremia) usually occur with inadequate sodium intake or excessive loss of sodium through sweating, diuretics, diarrhea, vomiting, and severe burns. The individual may present with symptoms of apprehension, lassitude, headache, decreased skin tugor, abdominal cramps and tremors that may progress to seizures. Elevated levels (hypernatremia) will cause symptoms of thirst, restlessness, dry and sticky mucous membranes, flushed skin, decreased and frequent urination, diminished reflexes. Diagnostics: An A-to-Z Guide to Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures. Springhouse, Pennsylvania: Springhouse Corporation, 2001. Florescence: Looking at Evidence in a new light. Soon to be published by Derrel Sims, R.H.A., with Patricia Gray, R.N. "Interview with an Alienhunter". Thanks to Saber Enterprises cc 2003

Editor's Note: Anyone suspected of being an abductee should have blood screening accomplished and a physical check up by his or her physician. There is some evidence that blood and other body fluids are diminished during an abduction. There are certainly other possibilities that must be researched. High levels of electrical energy may disrupt the functions of the brain causing the abductee to believe that an abduction has taken place.


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