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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 18, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Asteroids with water explode, Unidentified object seen floating outside ISS, NASA worried over sun's activity, New York - alleged UFO landing, Georgia teardrop and green tear UFO, Florida - two discs spotted, Alabama - oval UFO sighting, Tennessee - rectangle UFO, Ohio - photos of discs and cylinders, Indiana - circling UFOs, Arkansas - Crop circles, Missouri - six daytime spheres, Kansas - six daytime spheres one hour later, Oklahoma - three lights in triangle, Arizona - formation close to ground Investigation, Washington - two green fireballs, Canada - three witnesses see disc, Scotland - green cylinder, German - split light, Turkey - UFO sightings continue, India - moving star in daylight, and New Zealand - rare green meteor lights up the morning sky.


We often receive reports of asteroids, meteorites or UFOs entering the atmosphere. Many of these appear to explode and disintegrate, while others change course and fly off in a new direction. My records show numerous sightings of rare green fireballs dating back to the early 1930s. These do not act like other meteorites.
Scientists Kazushige Tomeoka and colleagues have been conducting experiments in order to learn why most of the space dust that falls to Earth is wet, while larger space rocks found on the planet are usually dry as a bone. More than 97 percent of all meteorites collected on Earth's surface lack water, while 30,000 tons of interplanetary dust reaches the Earth's surface every year. Almost all of this dust contains water, resembling the paltry 2.8 percent of known, hydrated meteorites. Scientists have been left to assume that wet space rocks simply don't survive the trip through Earth's atmosphere. Not buying that explanation, Tomeoka's team decided to figure out what happens in space when asteroids collide. With a specially designed gun -- they shot meteorites with projectiles moving at up to 4,026 mph. The result was that the watery meteorite was reduced to minute particles and produces explosive expansion upon release of the pressure." "In contrast, the dry meteorite does not show significant changes." The researchers conclude that what's collected on Earth is a result of what happens in space. When watery asteroids are hit -- dust explodes into space. When a dry asteroid is hit by another rock, not much happens, dust wise.

"As a result of these differences in shock response, watery material would become the predominant kind of dust particles produced by mutual collisions of asteroids, Tomeoka said, adding that larger watery fragments would not be abundant. Dust and rocks moving fast in relation to Earth frequently slam into the atmosphere and burn up, generating shooting stars. Stuff moving more slowly relative to Earth can be captured by the planet's gravity and survive the plunge. Thanks to: see Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the scientific team did not provide an explanation for the green shooting stars that often change direction or appear to hover in our skies.


CAPE CANAVERAL -- WKMG TV Orlando, Florida reports, "NASA is trying to identify a small object spotted floating outside the International Space Station on June 12, 2003." Astronaut Ed Lu spotted the object outside the window of the US laboratory and took pictures of it, Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported. Ground controllers are analyzing Lu's photos but don't yet have enough information about the object's direction of travel to determine where it came from. The object, which has moved out of sight, is likely from the station itself, according to the report. NASA is asking US Strategic Command to use its resources to gather more information about the object. Strategic Command was able to track a small object seen floating near Columbia shortly after the shuttle-entered orbit on its last mission. Ground controllers plan to transmit pictures of labels to Lu in hopes he can compare them with the object he saw and possibly identify it. No unusual events have occurred at the station that might explain the object. Lu and cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko are in the middle of a six- month stay aboard the station.


Mitch Battros (ECTV) writes, "I have received several unofficial chatter telling of NASA's grave concern with the unusual increase in solar activity. Earth and particularly satellites, are at most risk. The rumors suggest NASA has been handed a gag order' issued by DOD (department of defense). The reason for this order is directed at our spy satellites. It is suggested that 'in the name of national security' we cannot confirm or deny recent and current solar activity is at dangerous levels. Over the past week a reported 65 C-Class flares, 16 M-Class flares, and 2 X-Class flares have occurred. Just the week prior, another 2 X-Class flares and 4 M-Class flares erupted. In addition to the solar flares, perhaps as many as 45 CME's (coronal mass ejections) emerged. Another area of concern is our 'power grids'. If Earth experiences a direct hit from any one of these M-Class or X-Class flares, it could in fact cripple our infrastructure.

Some of you may remember what happened in 1989 when an X-Class flare ripped through our Magnetic Field knocking out power grids all across parts of the world. One area, which suffered a devastating hit during the winter months, was Quebec, Canada where power grids where knocked out for almost two months. This had occurred and people literally had to set up emergency communities to survive. Those who had homes with "fireplaces" quickly filled to as many as 20 to 30 people per household. An area of over 7 million people was reduced to using fires as a method of warmth and to cook meals. I am a bit nervous of sunspot region 380. It is very large and is set dead center, which could produce a direct, hit to Earth. An X-Class flare occurred on June 16th erupting from this region. The question is in what direction is it headed. Watch for "freak storms" to continue, tornadoes or tornado-like winds, sudden rain and hailstorms are likely. Also watch for 'record breaking' temperatures. Equation: Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption Thanks to Mitch Battros ECTV


Regarding last weeks article regarding electrolyte changes in abductees, "My mother is very sensitive to EMR ... electromagnetic radiation." During Solar and Geomagnetic Storms, her electrolytes get out of balance, that drinking Gatorade daily helps to restore. Maybe that is why abductees have similar problems. The very intense exposure to EMR may cause their electrolytes and body to get out of balance. This high sensitivity to EMR may cause them to think they have been abducted, when in reality they haven't been. They may only have been exposed to very high levels of electromagnetic radiation instead.

Editor's Note: Many abductees report seeing balls of light floating near them indicating the area is highly charged with electrical energy and electromagnetic radiation. It is known that the brain is susceptible to imagining and fabrication under these conditions. Abductees often claim these balls of light develop into aliens. Further research is needed. These lights have been videotaped within people's homes. See floating light at: views of this file


Mike Andrews writes last week, you asked is there another Earth. "In the religion of the Ancients whom I revere, there was an inner cadre of enlightened sages and holy men who kept secret books." These were never presented to the masses, but remained hidden within subterranean catacombs and sanctuaries and were guarded with the utmost secrecy. In the latter part of the 19th Century a new portion-albeit small-of the secret teachings was released to the world through the Theosophical Society, co-founded by Madam H.P. Blavatsky at Adyar, India in the 1870s. The portion of new revelations released includes a fascinating segment about Earth's sister planets, of which there are, accordingly, six. In the ancient teaching all planetary spheres, including suns, are septempartite (seven-fold) in nature, the same as a human is said to be.

Our earth is, according to the Ancients, is the fourth globe in a series occupying the lowest position relative to the spiritual aspect of the other six. The nearest *other* Earth is the Fifth planet in our chain. It is invisible to terrestrial vision, however, and can only be seen by an entity who has passed through a rigorous and difficult, long period of study and of keeping the LAW. This, of course, alludes to initiation. In the future of Humanity this Fifth planet will begin to become visible to the human sensory mechanism; yet this will not happen any time soon. It should be understood that this thing of gradually becoming visible has little to do with changes to the Fifth sphere ... but everything to do with human spiritual progress. Because of our close proximity to this Fifth Earth (and the Third, as well) it's highly possible that many of the luminous objects seen in the sky (and some not so luminous) have originated on a neighbor bearing our own namesake. You no doubt realize that the Humanity we belong to is rather insignificant in the overall scheme of things, and that the universe is literally filled-even in the apparent "voids" between the visible planets-with sentient beings.

We tend to become intoxicated by the form aspect of our ultra-material lives. True understanding of whom and what those objects in the sky are requires some hard work in contemplation upon the inner Nature. Snip. Thanks to Mike Andrews


SARATOGA -- Debbie writes, "I have recently heard a report of UFO sighting in Saratoga Springs, on Glenmore Avenue on June 14, 2003. A UFO supposedly landed in a field and set off car alarms in the neighborhood and got the dogs barking. Please advise if you have heard anything regarding this issue. Thanks to Debbie


ATHENS -- On Wednesday, June 4, 2003, at midnight, eyewitness Juliet S. was outdoors at her home in Athens located 67 miles east of Atlanta when a UFO appeared from the northeast. "It was a big bright light that lit up the whole area," Juliet reported, "I saw it in the sky floating, and it flew along about 20 feet in the air over my head. It was a bright purplish color, sort of magenta, and it looked like a big raindrop. And I heard a noise that sounded like electricity mixed with a type of gerbil noise. It went about 70 miles per hour." "I was freaked. I thought my family was in danger. It was not seen by anyone else in the part" of Athens, Ga. "where I live." (Email Report) thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 8 # 21, June 11, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor

DOUGLASVILLE -- A Delta Air Lines employee writes that, I want to report a short sighting on my way to work this morning on June 12, 2003, at 4:47 AM. I was heading south on North Burnt Hickory Road, about one mile south of the Cobb/Douglas County border. "A green tear shaped light flew in front of my vehicle moving from my left to my right, at about 1500 feet (the point of the tear was at the back like a short tail). The speed would be hard to estimate, but it was somewhere between the speed of a shooting star (it was slower) and an airplane (it was faster). It appeared to be about 1/4 inch in size and made no sound. There was a vehicle directly behind me, but I don't know whether or not that vehicle saw the light. I watched it disappear behind a tree and as I drove south I caught another glimpse of it once the tree moved out of my field of vision. It appeared as it would crash but I never heard any noise. It may be psychological, but for a second I felt as if I had passed through an electrical field. There are high-tension wires in the general area (about 1/2 mile or better north). Email report.


CULLMAN - The observer reports, "I saw a yellowish green oval shaped object with red and white lights surrounding the outside of the flying object on June 1, 2003." The object appeared to be bigger than a full moon at 10:30 PM, and was moving south brightly lit up. My dad told me to run get the video camera and I got the object on video. I ran and got the car and my mother and I tried to follow it, so we could get more video, but we were unsuccessful. It was moving too quickly for us to film it, but we could see it in the distance very briefly. Three family members sent in reports concerning the sighting. Peter Davenport reports they are investigating locally to establish whether the object might have been an illuminated blimp. PD))


NASHVILLE - Two friends were playing tennis at McGavock High School on Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 3 PM. The eyewitness says, "I only saw the object for a couple of seconds that was a white square with no reflection." There was a large yellow blimp flying overhead in the distance, going west and the sun was behind me on a partly cloudy day. I looked up, saw the blimp and some airplanes and a white rectangular shaped object, that may have been a dull silver color. It was very small, but not too small to tell its shape. It appeared to cut across the path above the blimp while we were relatively close to the airport. I only saw it for a second, then it was gone. I kept looking, but did not see it. I told my friend, but he did not see it. He knows me well enough to know I was not lying. NUFORC

HIXSON - The witness spotted a UFO with a fiery glow with a glowing light going from side to side on June 9, 2003. He says, "It was about 100 to 200 feet above me moving north at a controlled speed at 10 PM and looked like a stealth aircraft but with a bright orangeish fiery glow. It was a clear night and the object was extremely visible. I ran back into the house to get the camera and took a picture but it was already far off. I wish I didn't hesitate on getting my camera. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


NW OHIO -- George Ritter reports he was video taping on May 17, 2003, during the afternoon and taped lots of discs and some unusual craft like I've never seen before. I started taping at 2 PM, 242 VHS on tape #, and the first object was found 23 minutes and 58 seconds into the tape. In all thirty objects were recorded on the film that was shot. The last object was at 3:59 PM. Many of the objects can be viewed at my website. Thanks to George Ritter


In a message dated June 18, 2003, VegasPoker007 writes: "

Over the last few days UFOs have circled the White River in Indiana as tho they were waiting for something. Thanks to VegasPoker007


KNOBEL -- There were 10 circles, each 10 feet apart and varying in size from 8 to 31 feet in circumference. The wheat crop was bent or broken (not established yet) and laying in a clockwise rotation. According to the investigator from the Clay County Carrier Newspaper, there were no prints and no marks inside any of the circles. One circle had an undisturbed small bird's nest in the center. The wheat was undisturbed at the spot where the bird's nest sat. The circles were first noticed on Saturday, June 7th by farmer/pilot Bruce Katt, from Korning, Arkansas as he flew over the area. Mrs. Katt gave me the phone number of Clay County Co-op Extension Agent who gave me many of the details. She will e-mail me a photo that was taken on Sunday, June 8th by Fred Martin, reporter with the Clay County Carrier. The farmer, Todd Young, went ahead and harvested the crop and burned the field. I do not know if samples were taken prior to the harvesting and burning. I am still trying to reach him. The Jonesboro Sun and KAIT8 TV in Jonesboro reported on the anomaly. I understand that Nancy Talbot is going to go over and make an investigation of it. Thanks to Jean and Richard Seifried, Author of "Medicine Grizzly" A saga of modern day adventure and mystery!


NUFORC - The witness reports, " I personally viewed 5 of 6 objects moving from one horizon to the other at a great altitude and at a great rate of speed at 11:35 AM on the morning of June 9, 2003." My neighbor, whomI was visiting, suddenly jumped up and pointed to the sky and said "Jesus what was that?" I had not seen the first of what was eventually to become a total of six objects that came streaking across the sky from horizon to horizon at a great altitude and an enormous rate of speed. The individual objects appeared one at a time at about three or four minute intervals, all coming out of the southwest and bearing to the northeast in what seemed to be a fanning out pattern originating in the southwest. Each of the individual objects streaked across our plain of view from horizon to the top of a tree line 30 degrees above the northeast horizon in six to eight seconds. It flew a vast distance in a relatively short amount of time. None of the objects had a wingspan or tail and they appeared to me as being just bright silvery orbs streaking across the sky without a vapor trail or a mechanical noise such as is found in commercial air flights or military flights. Both witnesses are former members of the military and quite credible. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

LENEXA -- Six small silvery-white spherical shapes were seen moving very rapidly across the daytime sky on June 9, 2003, one at a time, over a 15 minute period around 12:35 in the afternoon. The eyewitness states, " I suddenly sat bolt upright, the realization hitting me that I couldn't identify what I had been watching, and said to my friend, "What the hell is that?" He didn't see it, but suddenly there was another, coming from the northeast. I quickly pointed this one out to my friend, and he immediately spotted it and began tracking it across the sky. Now, I consider myself a serious aviation enthusiast, and I know military aircraft better than most people, even other enthusiasts. I served in the Air Force as a flight line mechanic, and my buddy who was with me served in the Navy where he specialized in guided missiles. The objects didn't "float" on any breeze, they were on a laser straight course and moving at a very high rate of speed. They didn't seem to be burning or breaking up as any other meteor does, they didn't emit any sound and left no vapor trails or contrails. They didn't disturb the air at all. And any aircraft moving as fast as these were would most certainly have broken the sound barrier and delivered the telltale thunderous 'clap'.

As we stood staring in utter disbelief at the sky, the object quickly disappeared beyond the horizon. After a minute or two there came another object, again moving from the same general direction. Some looked slightly larger than others, giving the indication of a difference in altitude or size. I dialed my brother in Idaho and excitedly told him what we were witnessing, as we spoke. They kept coming, a few minutes apart, until we counted six altogether. At one point, I watched one of the objects (which seemed either larger or lower in altitude) moving at a slower pace than the rest. As it neared the far horizon, roughly 70% of the way across the viewable sky, it seemed to suddenly accelerate. This was my first sighting of anything I could consider as even possibly having been of a non-terrestrial nature. NUFORC Note: Peter Davenport spoke with this witness on several occasions, and we found him to be exceptionally credible.


PICACHO PEAK -- The witnesses were driving south on I-10 on May 31, 2003, when they noticed an object flying at a high speed in irregular patterns at 1 AM. They state, "We noticed an object flying close to the ground on the other side of the freeway going in the same direction with a row of three lights. We could not make out a shape due to its color and brightness. NUFORC

Gene Kilber writes, "Sorry, it's just a crop duster, here in Arizona in the summer time they fly at night with three lights. When they make passes over the crops they then climb and bank to make another pass, just exactly like described. It's a really neat thing to watch if you're into aircraft. Thanks to Gene Kilber Queen Creek, Az


OMAK -- On May 28, 2003, at 10:30 PM, the male eyewitness was outdoors at his home in Omak, 125 miles northwest of Spokane, when he spotted "a UFO heading north towards Alaska" Forty minutes later, a second one headed the same way at 11:10 PM. The first one came from the southeast, and the second one came straight from the south over Omak. They were both heading north towards the Mackenzie Mountains." They both glowed green, and looked like glowing green balls. They both seemed to be traveling fast when I saw them, till they disappeared about four seconds later." I got the impression that they were trying to imitate a planet. They were in outer space with the stars." (Email Form Report) UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 8 # 21, June 11, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor


CONCORD, ONTARIO -- John P. writes, Why do you go on about UFO sightings? I am a contactee and have the visitors in my home? Every sighting you advertise includes a bright light! Or a bluish light! Or a whitish light! Bull! The UFO I saw was in broad daylight and had no lights at all! "For some reason, I do not know why, a large dull gray metal sphere appeared over the rail yard where I was working (Macmillan Yard in Concord Ontario). We were having noon lunch and I happened to gaze out the window and summoned the men there, "Hey look. A genuine UFO." Not many were interested but Alex, said, "Interesting...." Then Edward, who smirked and said ,"Where?" I had to point it out. He started swearing his head off and ran back to his seat, yelling, "I didn't see anything! I didn't see anything!" Interesting reactions. He now denies it. The UFO hung there immovable, no motion. We watched it a few minutes, then Alex sat back down to his meal. Another strange reaction. When it was just me looking, it darted off, circled the yard, which is miles across, then I think I saw it again in the distance, westward. It was too big for a least 10 meters across. No noise, no clouds, no wind, no lights, no windows and it moved smoothly. Thanks to John P. email report.


DUNOON -- On Sunday, May 25, 2003, a couple was walking down a hill in the West Bay section of Dunoon, Argyllshire when they saw a bright green-yellow oblong shape moving really quietly horizontally across the top of the Bishop's Glen Hills. The female witness reports, "They both saw the same thing and noted that there was no noise." "It was traveling faster than the speed of the (RAF) fighter jets that fly over here on training regularly. The object made no noise, moved quickly, was 'luminous' green/yellow, and I noticed slight pinkish tinges around the edges. Then it just disappeared." "It was going from north to south, very big and very fast. Didn't know who to report it to. Found your Web site." (Email Form Report UFOROUNDUP Vol. 8 # 21, June 11, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor


LYON - On June 9, 2003, a brighter than bright fast object with a dark shadow around it was observed about 11:30 ...I need to know I'm not going mad? I saw a round bright faster than fast thing shooting downwards out of the sky, then it was just gone in a couple seconds. That light was so bright I cant believe it. Thanks to NUFORC


BURSA - On May 8, 2003, three witnessess observed two hovering UFOs. Canan Demir states: "On that day at our office at the Bursa Acemiler Catalogue filming, we went for a cigarette break to the balcony and saw two UFOs travelling from the I.zmir Way towards Uludag a few minutes just after sunset." The UFOs came up suddenly amongst the trees and at first starting hovering independantly from each other and made a few turns on top of the trees as we could see. They moved more in a zig-zag manner, and these movements led us to believe that these objects were not typical airplanes or any other aircraft of worldly technology." Especially the bigger one which had a metallic structure could be seen although it had lights surrounding it. At that moment I went inside to get my digital camera, and my friend said that one of the UFOs disappeared behind the trees. As I was preapring to photo the sighting it reappeared. As you can tell from the photo it was near the trees while I was photograhing it. When I lowered my camera the UFO on top of the trees elevated to the height as the other UFO and then proceeded quickly to take off in the direction of Uludag (South) and then vanished from sight. Due to this speed we were unable to photograph the second sighting because it did not come out . Thanks to Sirius UFO Organization


BANDRA -- This sighting happened at Bandra a suburb of Mumbai on June 7, 2003, at 5:15 PM. The witness reports, "I was having a late afternoon break with my colleagues when I noticed a star like object high in the sky next to the moon, which was in the mid sky." The sun was still dazzling and I was having difficulty looking at the sky because of the glare. I pointed it out to my colleagues and we all started wondering what that thing might be. We have never seen a star in broad daylight. After a few minutes we noticed that the object was not stationary but was gradually moving further away from the moon. We waited for nearly 15 minutes watching it move ever so slowly. I had to go back to the office for a few minutes and when I came back the object had vanished. This means that the object was not a star. The object was fairly high in the sky and well above the clouds.

I have been a keen sky watcher since my childhood and have seen stars, planets, planes, satellites, comets, meteors, balloons, etc., but this object does not fit into any of these categories. What was it? A rare celestial or atmospheric phenomenon, or some secret air force flying vehicle on surveillance or anything else I would like to know. I read about the recent sighting of a white object over Baku in Azerbaijan, may be this thing was something similar. Thanks to Randhir and UFOINDIA


AUCKLAND - Amanda Kyne reports, "A rare bright-green meteor flew across the sky early June 12, 2003, surprising early risers around the country." Denise Buckton of Auckland's Blockhouse Bay said she gasped when she saw the meteor from her living room window. "It was lovely to look at. It had the same brightness as a flare." Stardome Observatory spokesman Warren Hurley said the meteor was particularly bright and larger than average, at 20-50cm in diameter. It flew across at 7:07 AM, providing a rare daytime spectacle. It was first visible at an altitude of about 80 km in the north and at about 20 km when last seen in the south. "It's rare to see them of that size," Mr. Hurley said. It traveled from Whangarei to Edendale, near Invercargill, and was visible for 10 seconds down the East Coast of New Zealand. Meteors, which are leftover debris from the solar system, travel at 17 km a second.


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