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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 25, 2003

George Filer:
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"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance ---- it is the illusion of knowledge." -- Daniel Boorstin.


The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Did Christianity come from outer space? Mars Rover and Earth headed for Mars, New York - investigation of alleged UFO landing, New Jersey crop circle and sightings, Maryland - shade like UFO, North Carolina -round black object, Georgia - hovering saucer on ridge, Florida - three star-shaped objects, Alabama - disc above divinity school, Tennessee - slow eerie green craft, Illinois - four foot alien with orb, Texas - blue crescent, California - flying triangle, Oregon - could not have been a jet, Canada - bright blue light, England - almost and abduction and orange lightning, Turkey - sightings increase, India - huge boomerang UFO, and Australia - a big UFO near my school.


Rossella Lorenzi of Discovery News reports - Christianity may have spread from outer space, according to a report on an impact crater published in this week's New Scientist. Created in the fourth or fifth centuries by an asteroid exploding "like a nuclear blast" in the Italian Apennine mountains, the crater explains the legend of a falling star and the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity. Constantine (288-337 A.D.) converted in 312, after seeing an amazing vision of a sign of the cross in the sky. He won a crushing victory against emperor Maxentius, who challenged his authority. As a result, all the western empire fell into Constantine's hands, a conversion to Christianity followed, and anti-Christian fervor ended.

Editor's Note: There have been many reports of UFOs in the shape of a cross. An unknown flying object in the sky changed the course of history. We still often argue if they are asteroids or UFOs.


After two days of weather delays, the Mars Exploration Rover, nicknamed "Spirit" lifted off from Cape Canaveral as part of a global fleet of probes sent to Mars. If the rover Spirit and its twin, Opportunity, succeed in reaching Mars scientists will know if ancient, now vanished, water sources on Mars were there long enough for life to emerge. Mars is a perilous destination for spacecraft. Of 30 missions launches by various nations over the years, only 12 have succeeded. Landing on the surface is even harder, with just three of nine attempts ending in success. "We celebrate in just small steps, one at a time. The launch is just the beginning of the journey," Orlando Figueroa, the NASA Mars program manager, told reporters after the launch. The rovers will join Japanese and European satellites on their way to Mars and two NASA satellites already orbiting there.

The launches take advantage of a rare proximity between the planets that has cut the normal travel time to seven months from the usual nine to ten months for mission launches this year. The two Mars explorers, worth a combined $800 million and each about the size of a golf cart, are wrapped inside a landing craft that will descend by parachute on Mars after a seven-month, 311-million-mile voyage. After nine balloons have deployed, completely enveloping the landing craft, it will bounce along like a toy on the Martian surface as much as a mile before coming to rest. Large petals on the landing craft will then open like a flower, allowing the six-wheeled rover to roll off and begin its exploration. The solar-powered rovers will land where scientists think large bodies of water once formed, before some cataclysmic event or epoch stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere, causing much of its surface water to boil away.

In late August of this year, Earth and Mars will again be on the same side of the Sun but this time the distance between the two planets will be at the minimum possible separation of about 34 million miles. This is the smallest separation between Earth and Mars in many thousands of years and it won't be bettered until the year 2287, when we will be just 43,500 miles closer. UFO sightings are expected to increase this summer as we all hurtle through space at 25,000 mph towards Mars.


SARATOGA SPRINGS - A former investigator writes, "This is in response to Debbie who wrote to you about a UFO landing in Saratoga Springs, NY. There were five crop circles formed in a field on Glenmore Avenue. I investigated the circles but found no witnesses that saw a UFO. A neighbor living near the field heard a high-pitched hum, but saw no strange lights or UFOs. Thanks to MDelvec144

RYE -- In the last few weeks, on the few nights it hasn't been raining and/or overcast, I've seen small blue lights traveling slowly from SW to NE. (Between 9 PM and midnight). They appear to be smaller or the same size as the less brighter of the visible stars. They appear to be much higher than regular commercial aircraft would fly. (Plus, they're so tiny). They do not blink, twinkle, or stop. If they were not moving, I would say they were stars, without question or doubt (unless I was an astronomer, and knew by their position that they were not known stars...which I am not). I have seen 5 or 6 of these in total, over 3 or 4 nights. In one instance, the object simply disappeared as it moved. The rest of them always just moved slowly, going roughly SW to NE. Only one of them seemed to be traveling SW to N. My first thought was that they could be satellites, but I was under the impression that seeing this many in so short a time would be unlikely. My girlfriend has been with me on all but one night of seeing these, and suggests they are military aircraft, just patrolling. E-mail report.


MOUNT BETHAL TOWNSHIP - Irregular shaped patches of grass were reported in Larison's Corner on June 15, 2003. There have been 44 crop circles reported so far this year in Australia, Italy, Germany, Canada and the US. Perhaps the most interesting was found in Ogbourne, St.George, England with a complex design of crescents based upon eight-fold geometry found on June 15, 2003. Lake hopefully forms the 'definitive' database of crop formations available on the Internet. Crop Circle Research has an excellent website with over 2000 formations logged. This is one of the most comprehensive online databases of crop circles in the world.

TRENTON -- I was outside in my garden watching the sky on June 10, 2003, and I saw, in the course of a few minutes, two slow moving meteors that moved across the sky in five to seven seconds each. They were moving very fast but slow compared to meteors I have seen before. I went in to get my wife, as I thought there might have been a meteor shower going on. She came out and within a minute she and I saw seven points of light moving closely together in the same direction at the same speed. They appeared to be crossing each other's paths and came closer together as they moved across the sky. The movement was extremely fast and somewhat organic as they flew across one-third of the arc of the sky. The lights were about as bright as a star but more of a yellow/orange color.

PARKWAY NORTH - A dull green oval crossed the skyline on June 15, 2003, at approximately 11:20 PM. The witness writes, "I had just gotten on the Parkway from Route 1, when I saw a dull neon greenish oval pass from a high altitude to low at a downward diagonal, somewhat northwest to southeast, at a very high speed. My first thought was that it was a glow stick, but it was too fast, too large and covered to much distance in the skyline to have been a glow stick. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

OCEAN GROVE - The witness reports, "I was walking toward my home around 11 PM, on Monday, June 16, 2003, when I noticed a bright star. Then, suddenly it began to move and slowly became dimmer then finally it disappeared. The object was not a satellite, or space debris. It made a sudden movement from a fixed bright star or planet to a short movement forward. Then it seemed to stop and grow trailing off or anything or reappearing somewhere else. It was great, truly my first UFO observation. I was in the airline business for 20 years and know what aircraft look like at a distance, and how they behave. This was none of that! Thanks to


ARNOLD - The witness went out to check the thermometer in his driveway on June 17, 2003, at 1:30 PM. In a wooded area I heard a sharp shriek very close to me. My wife came out and asked what it was? I told her, "I don't know, get back inside NOW " I was very frightened and looked around the woods and over in the valley I saw a very dim object. It was a strange color that I've never seen before. It was not any kind of color, more like a shade. I was sick to my stomach just looking at the thing in the sky about 200 yards away. My wife came back out and asked what I was looking at? I said, "I don't know, go back inside!" It had an extremely low hum and the shade got brighter and it made the loud shriek again. My wife thought it was fireworks, but I knew it wasn't. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HIGH POINT - The observer says, "I saw a round black object move across the moon from west to east at 10 PM on June 13, 2003, that moved like a floating balloon, but it was traveling horizontal to the ground at a pretty good speed. I noticed there wasn't any wind at all so I didn't think it was a balloon. There were no lights and there was no sound. It was pretty quiet around our neighborhood. I watched it for about 1 minute, it flew over the lake and I lost sight of it in the night sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HELEN -- Tom Sheets, MUFON Director reports that on May 13, 2003, a married Tennessee couple was visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains and lodging at one of the motels when at 11:30 PM they noticed a white flashing light moving slowly over a nearby ridgeline. The couple was rocking in their chairs enjoying the view when the craft stopped, and began to hover. She then noticed red, blue and green lights and felt it did not appear to be like any standard aircraft. The witness' husband had gone to the motel office, so she ran in and grabbed their video camera and began to take footage of the object. He returned in about 15 minutes, and the craft was still in place. The object vanished after 30 to 45 minutes, but not before two similar craft appeared. These also vanished. The craft was saucer shaped with an apparent size of a penny at arm's length. They flew at an estimated altitude of 500 feet, at less than one mile. It moved in a straight-line path before taking up it's extended hover, and seemed to fade in and out, all against a cloud cover. The lights were steady, but then seemed to also pulsate. Duration of the event was thirty to sixty minutes. They are submitting a copy of the video to MUFONGA for analysis. Thanks to Tom Sheets. MUFONGA


LARGO -- I was driving east at 11:15 PM, then out to the right of my car window on June 13, 2003, I saw 3 large white star shaped objects flashing at different times one was higher at the top left than the one at the right which was a little lower, then another one underneath these more to the right, they were together, but not in a formation and not far apart. I yelled to my son to look but he wasn't sure what or where I was talking about. I wanted to pull over but I was going 45 mph in the center lane and another vehicle was in the right lane. The road curves and the tress were now blocking my view. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BIRMINGHAM - Two divinity school students report, "My friend and I were walking on the Quad at Samford University on June 13, 2003, when we noticed a saucer-like object hovering about 1/4 of a mile above the Divinity School dome. At first I thought I was seeing things, or possibly the rapture-taking place (no JOKE!) but my friend and I saw it as well. We never believed in any of that UFO crap until tonight at 12:18 AM. We ran back to our dorm and reported this to campus safety, which ignored us, but we think they are just covering up the TRUTH! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MANCHESTER -- If you get any more reports of this incident please email me, thanks. I was at the Bonnaroo Music Festival outside of town on June 15, 2003, it was the last show of the festival, the grateful dead, I would have to approximate on the time that I saw it, but just after it was no longer visible the band started playing Dark Star so I would approximate 9:15-9:45 when I first saw it. The angle of elevation was at least 60 or 70 degrees. It began off right stage and for three minutes rotated clock wise and slowly moved right across the sky. It had an eerie green glow. The UFO itself was triangular or possibly had 3 darker areas that gave the impression of a triangle. I approximated that if the object was 35 meters in length then it was at least 2000-4000 meters in altitude. My friend, also witnessed it. As I pointed it out later, a female friend, also, agreed that she had seen it when I mentioned it back at the camp sight. I had not been drinking at all because I wanted to remember the show. I have an IQ of 135 and do not want to sound like I'm crazy, but I got the feeling the entire night that they were here to examine human emotion and the invisible ripple effect of feelings, emotions and thoughts that were occurring. It's the same reason that "yawning is contagious". Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SPRINGFIELD -- My wife arrived home from work late at 10:30 PM, on June 10, 2003, in a state of panic and terror. She was pounding on the front door so shaken; she was unable to get her key into the lock. It was very disturbing for me to see my wife going through the fear she was experiencing and I assumed she had been assaulted or raped. As I was getting ready to call the police, she calmed down somewhat and she told me to put the phone down, that it would not do any good anyway. Confused and shaken I asked why? She explained, that as she was pulling into our apartment complex, she noticed what appeared to be a small child playing around a large steel waste dumpster in the corner of the parking lot about 15 feet from her. She got out of her car to get her brief case and saw movement out of her periphery. Her next concern was if this child was too young to be playing out in the dark late at night. She began to slowly walk towards the dumpster to ask where the child's parents are at.

As she approached the dumpster she could make out the contrasting shape of a head peeking out from one corner as she calmly spoke. She approached to within 6-8 feet when she heard a loud banging noise and this "child" suddenly had ability to high jump 5 feet. It was then standing on top of the dumpster's steel lid staring down at her. At this point she described feeling a pressure in her head, nausea and dizziness. She told me she strained to identify if it was a neighborhood child who was staring at her for about 20-30 seconds, a kind of "standoff." Just as she realized this was not a child, the "being" produced a glowing-white orb of light about the size of volleyball in its hands and held on to it at about chest height. The light cast off from the glowing orb illuminated its head for several seconds and she described a large almond shaped head with big black eyes staring intently at her movements. She told me that she just stood there in stunned silence trying to understand, everything was happening in slow motion. The "being" seemed to tighten its grasp on the glowing orb of light and it jumped feet first into the dumpster and disappeared without making any noise. Right after that is when she began to breakdown emotionally and ran to the apartment.

Between the times she entered our apartment and calming her down and debriefing her was about an 1-hour. With much reluctance, I'll admit I was really crept out to do this. I went back out to the exact spot she described with my metal softball bat and D-Cell Mag-Lite. I examined that whole area, even to the point of looking inside the dumpster and I did not see or notice anything. Over the past several years we have seen many electric-white blue streaks of light in the evening around this parking lot, and have had frequent, but brief power outages. My wife and I conclude that these may be related to what she experienced. This is going out on a limb here, but my wife thinks that the orb of light was some kind of device that gave this "being" an ability to disappear, conceal or transport itself. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WAXAHACHIE - The observer went outside on June 15, 2003, and was enjoying the cool breeze, when he saw a plane heading for Love Field and DFW Airport to the north at 10:25 PM. It only took a second to realize this thing was moving too fast with a faint blue crescent or what may have been lights around the leading edge and sides with a faint yellowish circle in what would appear to be the middle. It was traveling at 1200 to 1500 miles per hour at around 10,000 to 15,000 feet. It crossed roughly 30% of the sky in about 3 to 4 seconds. There was no noise from its engines. I grew up around the airline industry and was unable to identify it. I called the Dallas Fort Worth Airport Information line and they referred me to you. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CAMARILLO - A Doctorate level professional in education saw a Chevron shaped black object flying low and slow with no sound on June 6, 2003. The observer was driving south on Lewis Road near the Point Mugu Naval Air Station and saw three Navy planes flying low along foothills of Santa Monica Mountains that veered around mountains to south and went out of sight. I thought it was "cool," a free air show, like the Blue Angels. Then at 5:30 PM, I looked to my left (east), and saw a large, low flying black chevron shaped craft moving slowly. I thought Stealth Bomber, because of its low altitude and a straight on view. It appeared completely flat on top, unlike the stealth bomber. It flew overhead with no sound. I parked and looked towards where it had been heading. Nothing was there. It had been flying east to west. I assume it is some craft I'm not familiar with. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PORTLAND -- Early this morning just after midnight, my wife and I were watching the skylight on June 18, 2003, as there was a storm well off in the distance. In between the flashes of the lightning, we were looking up at the stars and at the same time we both pointed out a bright object moving at a constant rate of speed. I thought at first that it was a jet, but it was much too high in the sky to be so. It traveled from north to south and was not blinking like lights on an airplane would be. The object looked exactly like the other stars we were gazing upon. We watched this object travel through the sky -- it did not appear to increase nor decrease its speed -- until it faded from our view as it came within proximity of another star still well above the horizon.

CRESWELL - My friend and I were outside playing basketball in front of her house and I noticed two bright lights blinking at a very rapid speed. It was moving extremely fast through the sky on June 15, 2003, just a few minutes after midnight. One minute it was in one spot and the next it was on the other side of the sky. We watched it for about five minutes as it zigzagged left and right and also up and down. We noticed it dropped something small and red. Then it kept trailing off into the sky and then it finally disappeared. It seemed to have a pattern: left, up, dropped down fast, then it went up really fast, then it went right, then all of a sudden it went left then disappeared. What we both thought was very odd was how the object sailed all the way across the sky in about 30-45 seconds and then disappeared and ended up turning around while repeating the pattern 5 or 6 times. Then all of a sudden it came really close to the ground and paused for a couple of seconds. When it came down close enough to see, it for a minute looked like a plane but then I noticed running lights: red and orange. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - In an email report on June 16, 2003, at 11:05 p.m. the witness writes, "I think I saw a UFO as I closed my blinds on my window that faces north. I saw a single blue light traveling very slow towards the east. Then it flew slower and slower, and came to a complete stop, and that's when I opened my window to see if I could hear any sound and I couldn't. Then it flashed a big bright white, yellowish light and made a sharp left turn and moved faster towards the north, the light fading as it moved. I lost sight of it over the high buildings in the downtown area. Do you know of any aircraft that has this kind of lighting and can move like that? Thanks to Brian Vike


CAMBRIDGE -- Walking down the street with my friend on June 15, 2003, at 4:10 PM, we saw this big long cigar shape but with spikes all over it. It came right above us, then lowered down and suddenly shot off at the speed of sound (very fast) away.

VALE OF PEWSEY - During the early hours of June 22, 2003, brilliant lightning bolts without thunder, or rain hit the area. Shortly after midnight, until well after sunrise, bizarre orange lightening bolts shot around the sky even though the air was very calm and still near Avebury, in Wiltshire. Orange lightening was also seen to leap between the clouds and orange lightening appeared in the form of a momentary circular glow in the clouds, as though the affected clouds had been punched-through by a giant cookie-cutter. Another bizarre factor was that these orange lightening bolts frequently occurred in pairs, with a separation of something less than a second.
We were situated on Knapp Hill, and the orange lightening bolts formed an arc across the horizon in front of us, and our area remained unaffected. This relative calmness ended at around 7 AM, when the wind picked-up speed, and the clouds blew over our area. As dark clouds massed overhead, a barrage of small hailstones and heavy rain hammered down on our car. East field, directly below us, was then pummeled by normal looking, blue-white lightening and earsplitting thunder. This location is known as being a hot spot for crop circles, and UFOs. Thanks to Steve Clementson. Stephen clementson


According Sirius UFO Organization Turkish Intelligence (MIT), has received an official request from CIA for UFO reports from the Turkish Air-Forces and Turkish Airlines. . MIT has asked the Sirius UFO Organization to provide reports where pilots claimed to have had UFO sightings. Countires around the Black Sea have had increased UFO sightings since 1999, and Turkish UFO reports are up for the spring of 2003. Sirius received 14 different reports on sightings within Turkey during April and this number increased to 26 in May. Some of the UFO sightings that have been reported in May have been video taped and photographed by some of the eyewitnesses. Sirius expects there shall be a considerable number of new UFO reports during the summer as we get nearer to Mars.

ISTANBUL -- On May 8, 2003, Faruk Demirci who videotaped a UFO states; " The place which was photographed is at a ruins located on the Anatolian Side of the Bosphorous Sea at the tip of Karadeniz. The interesting part is that while filming I did not see the object with clear vision, I noticed it while I was watching the video."

SIRIUS TRAVELING UFO MUSEUM is on the road on World UFO Day, July 2nd 2003, and will visit 55 cities in Turkey. Thanks to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center & Sirius International UFO Museum


BAY OF BENGAL - To begin with, I would like to throw some light on my self and my friend. I am Anish Naidu, 27, and my friend David is 30. We are management graduates (MBA) and a network engineer. We were lying flat on the beach on May 19, at 9:45 PM having a discussion of a partially cloudy night, when we noticed this strange object, the exact shape of a 'Boomerang' just flying its way towards the land (west) from the Bay of Bengal side (east). My friend and I are damn sure of one thing, what we saw was a UFO or something really supernatural but one thing is sure after seeing it, we surely believe that we aren't alone in this astronomically huge infinite universe, we have company.

It was flying at a great height and all we could see was the exact cloud colored frame of the huge Boomerang like object, that had no lights and was flying smoothly, fast, agile and with ease in between the clouds. We saw it take two rounds, each after a gap of 4 to 5 minutes and then disappear. We have never seen anything like it ever in our lives. It was too high-tech, not the least bit like the modern day spy aircraft's used by the US and other developed countries. Thanks to UFO India NUFORC


CANBERRA - On June 11, 2003, the student reports, "My teacher was reading us a book when my friend told me there was a UFO outside, I quickly looked outside and I saw it at 1:40 in the afternoon." It was really strange, because it kept on disappearing and reappearing as different shapes and colors, firstly it was a white cigar, then it disappeared and reappeared as a black cigar, it then disappeared again and reappeared as 2 white blobby things, it then seemed to turn and it was a big triangle thing with big lights on it and each end, firstly i thought it was a stealth bomber or something but it did not have any weird tail, and it seemed to move really strongly, my other friends saw it too and we were all convinced it was a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


I study electrolytes (minerals). A blood test is an indication of a short window of time. If these people are low in Na or Cl, then the blood is low and either one of two things are happening: the person used up their minerals in both the blood and all body tissues or their blood minerals were used up and the body tissues are restoring the blood levels. Without a TMA (tissue mineral analysis) it would be hard to tell if their body tissues and blood levels were low before being abducted. There are two ways to use up your minerals: they are simple fuels that naturally get burned up by the body on a daily basis and burn, as we get older. We also burn minerals under stress to cope with stressful situations; emotional or physical. The part that no one talks about is insidious; when our minerals are low, the body gets stressed by not having fuel reserves and then burns even more minerals in a downward spiral. If abducted people showed a hair analysis with low chromium, vanadium, selenium, copper and iron, as most axe murderers, then based on mineral analysis, they could be believed to be able to convince themselves of being abducted. If not, then I highly doubt it, the scientific evidence points the other way. I bet they are not the axe murder type and magnetic/radio frequency burned their minerals and because they were low then, the body was stressed and then burned even more, etc, etc.

Editor's Note: Research funds are needed to study the possible lack of electolytes in abductees. People who believe they are posible abductees should have blood tests to determine the state of their health. Most people are not getting enough vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in their daily diet. Government guidelines are bare minimums to keep you from getting various deseases.


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