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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 2, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Our UFOs headed for Mars, Massachusetts - a round bright white light flying, New York - crop circle investigation, Georgia - bright domed disc, Florida - three stationary, orange, rectangular lights, Bahamas - daylight disc, Mississippi - sun cloud and flying flashlight, Michigan - Jet flying too slow, Missouri -- hovering bright triangular shaped object, California - flying triangle, Washington - daylight disc sighting and photos, Argentina - cattle mutilation UK - UFO flap, Belgium - flying triangles return, Netherlands - UFO runway, Spain - UFO videotaped, Russian - fisherman see green UFO, Ukraine - cylinder UFO with diamond emblem, and Australia - bright light.


Mars is getting closer each day, the ruddy light in the early morning sky is growing bigger and brighter, from just after midnight to sunrise. If you have a telescope or binoculars now is the time to start observing because on August 27, Mars will be closer to Earth than ever in recorded human history. Traditionally whenever we have been close to Mars, the UFO numbers have greatly increased. You may be able to see Mars white polar caps or dark surface markings. This year's close approach, while not dramatically nearer than those of 1971 and, 1988 will nonetheless be the closest in almost 60,000 years.


SOUTH EASTON - The witness was taking out her dogs at exactly 9:49 PM, on June 15, 2003, and immediately saw a VERY bright white light in the sky east with a pointy tail following it that was an electric blue color (like a blue colored flame from a gas stove). She states, "I couldn't help but follow the bright white light with my eyes that went straight across the sky in front of me from left to right." There was no angle to its flying. No upward direction, no downward direction-just straight across the sky perfectly from east to west. There was no smoke behind its blue tail. Then in a split second I lost sight of it behind a very large tree in my yard. My first thoughts were "I ran behind my large tree to see if I could still see the bright white light with the electric blue tail but it was completely gone. During this whole time there was no sound. After I lost sight of it, I looked straight up and saw a large jet flying in the eastern direction and I could just barely hear its engine sound soaring through the skies. I immediately ran inside the house to tell my husband. He unfortunately did not see it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SARATOGA SPRINGS -- FOX 23 News in Albany, NY telephoned Ray Cecot on the evening of June 12, 2003, to say they wanted me to look at film footage they took of a crop formation in Saratoga County. I reviewed the footage and later met with Joe who found the formation(s). He was awakened around 2 AM by a short duration "humming sound," on the night of June 11. It had a definite "harmonic" quality about it with three different "tones" to the hum. There were no other sounds, nor lights seen in the area. The next day Joe took his dog for a walk, and the dog refused to go into the field. Joe then noticed that the waist-high grass was laid down in (at least) five different areas. The areas that were laid down were in a perfect east -- west alignment. Starting on the western edge of the field, the first four "swirls" were relatively small, a yard or two in length. The fifth formation (the easternmost) was the largest, 100 feet in length and 80 feet wide. The pattern was irregular, but the grass was laid down in a variety of ways, some bent in a westerly direction, some toward the east, some southeast or southwest. Many areas had definite circular swirls. Often the grass was laid in one direction underneath other grass, which lay in a totally different direction.

The crop circle is next to a church parking lot. The witness took "flash" pictures at 8:30 PM, on June 11 and in some of the photos there are globes of light, orbs hovering above the formations. In some they appeared to be coming out of the grass in an upward motion. On the night of June 21 - 22, Joe's wife was awakened by a similar humming sound at 1:30 AM. Looking out the window they saw a police car drive by but nothing else. That morning, Joe walked his dog and once again the animal avoided going into the area where there was more swirls in the field. A lamppost nearby had been knocked to the ground, the metal at its based twisted, but without visible signs that it had been hit by a car. The investigation continues. Thanks to Ray Cecot Director Independent Researchers' Association for Anomalous Phenomena Albany, NY 12212

Elizabeth Tuttle writes Duane Saari is our primary researcher and found that on June 10 and 22, 2003 at around 2 AM; a resident in this silent Saratoga neighborhood was up with their 2-month-old infant and heard a "harmonica" type of sound. The resident couldn't see anything in the dark, so he took pictures into the darkness with his digital camera. The next morning when walking the dog, they found the crop circles in the field across from their house. The second event on June 22 repeated the procedure again. The next morning the circles had been rearranged, several smaller circles had been added, and a lamppost in the parking lot adjacent to the field had been twisted off its base.

RYE -- I read the report about the Rye, NY sightings, and the gentleman referenced in that report should not underestimate the frequency one may see satellites these days. A couple nights ago, some friends and I spotted at least a dozen of varying description in an hour's time. Some would disappear as they entered the earth's shadow, some were flashing on and off (tumbling) and often there were several visible at once. They moved generally northeast, but there were a few stragglers moving in other directions. At one point, we observed a satellite passing under another at much higher altitude going in the same direction, giving the impression of an object overtaking and passing another. Thanks to Greg St. Pierre


STOCKBRIDGE -- Tom Sheets MUFONGA's Director reports an eyewitness observed an unusual event on I-75 North in the Stockbridge area of Henry County on June 16, 2003, at about 4:59 PM. He observed a bright domed disc and it was moving faster than any aircraft with which he was familiar. ASD Mark Ausmus is attempting to investigate.

DOUGLAS COUNTY - Tom was contacted by a former witness who has high credibility and is an intelligent retired professional with outstanding credentials. He had been contemplating giving us a call due to some very unusual events that occurred in his home beginning about May 19, and extending through early June. One night after turning in, he noticed a glowing round orb near his closet door. It was a fairly bright circle, with less bright radials from the center to it's outer perimeter, diameter about 12 inches, silvery white, but mottled, outer edges not smooth, perhaps slightly jagged. It seemed to have a shallow depth and glowed from within. No light reflections were noticed in the room. Witness felt calm, so went off to sleep. Later that morning, while still asleep, some sort of force hit from above the witness, which seemed directed at the upper right side of his body. Witness came fully awake startled and frightened, and momentarily noticed what he could only describe as some sort of vague, dark, "ectoplasm" near the bed. His fear turned to anger, so he threw his pillow and shouted for it to get out. It drifted away down the hall and the witness returned to bed.

One night about a week later, an extremely loud BOOM awakened the witness and he saw a flash of lightning-like blue-white light in his bedroom. He felt a sort of electric feeling over his body, and smelled for odors that might indicate fire or an electric short, of which there was none. Witness then noticed hundreds of sparkles developing in the corner of the room near the bed and toward the ceiling, an area of about 4 feet x 4 feet. These sparkles would vanish, redevelop, repeat etc. After watching for ten minutes, he became calm as the electric feeling receded, the sparkles also receded and he fell asleep. Within about a week, he awoke one night to a buzzing sound, looked and the sparkles were back, but brighter, with blue, yellow, orange and white. After peacefully observing, he fell asleep. This witness has a particular talent for research and after consulting with this writer, as is his wish; he is continuing his own inquiry of these events. Before his retirement, he was responsible for the lives of hundreds of people on a daily basis. Thanks to Tom Sheets


DAYTONA BEACH -- The observers were walking south on the beach on June 13, 2003, around 11:30 PM, and noticed some unusual lights over the ocean. The lights were one-third above the horizon and were an inch to two inches across together. The lights were rectangular shaped and evenly spaced in a parallel line. The stationary lights were orange in color and disappeared like someone had turned off a light switch. We observed them for about 15 to 30 seconds on a fairly clear night with a few cirrus clouds over head. It was a full moon and plenty of stars visible. After the lights disappeared nothing could be seen where they once were. I believe it to be one craft, if a UFO.

KEY LARGO -- Three large white star shaped objects flashing at different times were observed on June 13, 2003, at 11 PM, with one higher at the top left than the one at the right which was a little lower. Another one was underneath these but to the right. Although they flew together they were not in a formation and not far apart. A similar sphere shaped object was seen the following night at 10 PM, in Key Largo

NAPLES -- The witness was traveling south on Interstate 75, eleven miles south of Naples on Friday morning, March 1, 2002, at 6:22 AM, when he noticed an object in the sky to his front left. It had three tiny white lights and came closer at a very slow pace. The witness says, "I was able to make out the shape very distinctly as a low flying triangle. It was well below the clouds, and its lights were at each apex. The lights did not illuminate any portion of the craft. I pulled over to the side of the road, and shut off the engine to listen. It was traveling west and passed by in three minutes. The window was down, and the engine off, but there was no sound. I turned the ignition to 'Aux' to hear the shuttle launch on the radio, but, it was not visible due to the clouds. I looked back and the object was gone. I noticed the van's digital clock lost two minutes.

NAPLES - Edwin R writes, "I have a friend that saw either this same very large black flying triangle craft or one very similar back in 1996, near the Gulf." He was excited and freaked out. He said, "It was a triangular shaped craft with either three or five lights on the black metallic under belly in a triangular pattern with an array of several smaller lights around the perimeter of the vehicle. The most astonishing feature was that it was gliding eight miles per hour, at only 100 yards above the ground, and was dead silent. You could probably throw a baseball and hit it. We feel sure it was not manufactured on this planet. Thanks to Edwin R.


THOMPSON BAY (Long Island) -- A husband and wife in their early 50's were heading in a southerly direction on June 9, 2003, at 1 PM, when a saucer shaped craft was seen coming out of the clouds and descending to the bushes about 300 feet away. The sighting lasted only ten seconds in the middle of the day and no lights were seen. No investigation was attempted because it was impossible to turn off the highway. Other sightings have been observed before in this same area. The wife is non drinker and the husband is moderate drinker. Thanks to Peter Davenport

CARTHAGE - The observer says, "This is going to sound weird, but I saw something in the sky on June 15, 2003, at 4 PM, that at first I thought was the space station." I had heard a report about being able to see it and I've seen it before but what I saw this time was not the shape, texture or glow of the station. I often search the skies for an answer to something greater than life. When I saw the sun-cloud hovering I was speechless. I wanted to say 'over-here pick me up!' I couldn't scream a word; which is not like me. It was like a really bright flashlight, except it had an another flashlight behind it, a larger one. It looked like the sun's corona but smaller. Truthfully, I was a bit taken aback by it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SIGNAL MOUNTAIN - The eyewitness was out in his driveway about 3:15 AM on June 10, 2003, because he could not sleep. It was a clear night and the stars were bright. He states, "Looking toward the southwest I saw what at first I thought was a satellite with three lights in a triangle formation moving toward the northeast at about satellite speed." Two lights were in front and a single was in back, they were as bright as a bright star. They were three separate lights as they would close then move apart, there was no sound but they seemed to be very high then they just faded away. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BRIGHTON - My significant other who runs a real estate office just called me at 5 PM and said that she just saw something very odd in the sky above "old US 23" She saw two flat, matte black helicopters "escorting" a jet fighter! This jet was also flat matte black and was maybe 1500 feet high and resembled the types of planes used by the Blue Angels and the thunderbirds but was flying at the same speed as small aircraft. She said it was not a stealth aircraft. Any ideas on what type of military fighter is painted flat black and can "chug" along at 200 mph or less. E-mail report.


KANSAS CITY -- On Sunday, June 8, 2003, at about 11 PM, we were driving south on Highway 435, ten miles from the Kansas State line, when myself and my two passengers asked each other what was that object we all had been watching? It was a quarter of a mile away and was large and very bright. It looked about the size of a football field, and the top surface seemed to be covered in very bright lights. The lower side was dark with rotating red and blue lights. We stopped on the highway, got out and watched the object for five minutes as it just hovered not moving. After five minutes it started a very slow forward motion, it flew over a hill and descended and disappeared. There was no engine or propellers noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


OXNARD - Two objects flew in different directions but came to a stop in the sky at about the same height at 8 PM on June 13, 2003. Then one continued downward toward the earth and the other continued upward at about a 45 degree angle. I lost view of both after a few minutes. But I recorded it on videotape. NUFORC


KINGSTON - Dr. Annamarie Johnstone reports she was photographing chemtrails in the Thriftway Parking Lot on Highway 104 on May 30, 2003. The town is eleven miles east of Bangor submarine Base, and in the general area where I had photographed a cigar-shaped cylinder, angled downward and moving to the west on May 12th. I took several 35 mm photos in seconds, facing south with no craft visible. Upon film development, two sequenced prints displayed two discs joining, followed by two joined discs in juxtaposition, with a very distinct atmospheric ionization line, for and aft. The craft were moving east over Puget Sound toward Seattle. Thanks to Dr. Annamarie Johnstone author of "UFO Defense Tactics"
Dr. Johnstone

PUYALLUP -- On June 9, 2003, at 10:32 PM, the witness was laying on the couch watching TV and talking on the phone, when a red search light was seen falling from the sky with smoke behind it. The witness states, "I saw a light shinning in the top right corner of my slider door that looked like a light that a searchlight from a helicopter would make. I got up to see what it was and a bright reddish orange object was falling down out of the sky. You could see smoke behind it. As it dropped, it got significantly smaller to about the size of a dot and then went behind some trees and then all you could see was the smoke. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CUCHILLO CO --"El Diario" (La Pampa) reports that Cuchillo Có was among the most affected areas during last years cattle mutilation wave that appears, never ceased altogether. The provincial government, Director of the Ministry of Production, Nestor Alcala, coordinated the sending of veterinarians to the Cuchillo Có area to examine the bovine found mutilated in recent hours in a rural estate. "I asked Juan (Isequilla) to conduct an urgent experts' analysis and send people to verify any signs that may be found," explained Alcalá. The official furthermore stated that he is not opposed to meeting with area ranchers who are demanding a thorough explanation of these events. The minister pointed out that "we were unable to find anything because the previous cases involved animals in a state of decomposition, this case interests me because this rancher speaks of a considerable number of mutilated animals." This is why we want to see them and analyze them," added Alcalá. The young rancher who filed his complaint is the same cattleman who lost twelve cattle last March. "This can't go on. The number of mutilated animals stands at 17 and we haven't found a way of stopping these strange events. Thanks to El Diario and Scott Corrales Institue of Hispanic Ufology.


BRIDGEND, WALES - The observer was staring out the window at 12:31 AM, on June 9, 2003, and saw a bright object south of his house near Cardiff, a few miles in the distance. He states, "It was stationary and much too big and bright for a star." After a few minutes it moved very quickly in the opposite direction to me, still silent, before vanishing after a few more minutes. I was terrified by this time.

SALFORD, ENGLAND - FLYING TRIANGLE SPOTTED -- Warren Knocerman states, "The last sighting was June 19, 2002, at 12:35 AM, when I saw a big triangle shaped object in the sky change shape into a circle and disappear over Irlam in Salford. I've seen it 13 times now I'm getting sick of it. Thanks to Warren Knocerman

WORCESTER AND HENDON -- "The witness rang Contact International UFO Research, in Oxfordshire to report, "A triangular object with a shiny tail behind it has been sighted across the Worcester skies." "A man in St. John's claims he saw the strange triangular shape with six lights on the left-hand side and six lights on the right-hand side on Tuesday, June 3, 2003, around 1 AM." "It was moving towards the Malvern area with a shining tail behind it."

"On May 31, a man and his wife, say they spotted a white light above Worcester Cathedral." "'The light suddenly shot off towards Birmingham,' said Michael Soper, spokesman for Contact International." "And in Kidderminster, on June 4, two people say they saw a pearl-shaped object flying over Coventry Street as they were driving home." "'It was hovering in the sky; then it darted out of sight,' said Mr. Soper. "The Evening News told people in the Malvern area to look out for unexplained objects after three triangular objects were seen moving southwest over Birmingham on the same night." On June 16, at 7:08 p.m., eyewitness N.C. "saw a UFO appear in Hendon, near London. He reported, "It was flying high with green flashing lights, and my friend, who had binoculars, says he saw little red men. Before I fainted, I took a quick look and saw something red that was shiny with green lights around," at 1,500 meters Many thanks to Robert Fischer and Contact International.


ANTWERP -- A 19 year old resident from Edegem spotted a triangular shaped object on May 14, round 1 o'clock at night, while driving home on his motorcycle. On June 20, he sighted the triangle again with flashing lights hovering 125 meters above a house. He drove to the object and the UFO gradually departed and accelerated. The biker had to speed up to 20 km/h to keep up. Somewhat farther, the object halted again above a house. The witness put his motorcycle aside and waved to it, but there was no reaction and no sound. From beneath, it looked like a triangle, but without sharp edges. Besides the flashing lights, the object had blue and red lights. From behind, the object looked like a "flattened pyramid-shape." He tried to make "contact" with a laserpointer but didn't succeed. After a minute, the object began accelerating again; first jerkily and then fast. The biker got on his bike, and followed it to the next town, at high speeds. Near a bridge the UFO accelerated and disappeared. Thanks to Toine Trust


HOUTEN -- The coming of the so-called "runway for UFOs" along a Dutch highway is a fact. The Dutch artist Martin Riebeek is going to furnish two traffic circles as a piece of art. On the first traffic circle, there will be a blue glow over a concrete plate: the landing strip. The other one is being decorated with a six meter high air-traffic control tower that guides the aliens to the runaway. The UFO pilots are warned, when a yellow light shines it's too busy to land. The area between the two traffic circles gets on either sides blue pillars. Sponsoring from companies funds raised 190.000-euro ($225.000). Thanks to: Toine Trust Site: "


GIJON -- A UFO was videotaped in Northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay on June 23, 2003 at 11:55 AM. Anyos Luz News reports, "The sighting took place within the framework of the traditional celebrations of St. John's Eve when 'A light crossed the sky, making strange movements. The object resembled a star moving in the distance and passes over some buildings. It was a large thing that flew away very swiftly. Thanks to Scott Corrales Institue of Spanish Ufology


Pravda reports, "Fishermen in Russia say they have been driven to drink by a UFO that regularly passes over them near Yekaterinburg, in western Russia. They claim to have repeatedly seen the small green UFO over the last two years. Some locals admitted they become anxious when they see the object, described by eyewitnesses as a small green object the size of a light bulb and most recently sighted on June 20. But local fishermen, who claim to see it more often than anyone else, say that every time it passes over them they have an almost unquenchable thirst for alcohol. Thanks to

YEKATERINBURG --Pravda reports that a rather unique phenomenon, was filmed by several cameramen from Pervouralsk and Yekaterinburg on the night of June 2003. Witnesses describe the phenomenon as something resembling a bright beautiful comet moving underneath clouds. The UFO brightly lit the night sky and then disappeared Tomilova an eyewitness, journalist says that the UFO is a small green object of a bulb size. The object can be seen only at night and flies along the same trajectory. It emerges in the sky above the local matchmaking factory, then it slowly moves along the Tura River towards the pulp plant, turns toward a railway bridge and flies to the city of Tavda.

WEST SIBERIA -- On Sunday evening, June 29, 2003, Russian 1st TV channel broadcast a report from Okunevo (region of the city of Omsk, Siberia. Interviews with local residents were shown and a multitude of testimonies claim there are numerous anomalous phenomena in nearby forests and lakes. The so-called Shay'tan (Devils) Lake that is considered "bottomless" has numerous reports. Local residents regularly view numerous UFOs looking like "fiery globes", "saucers" over the area. One male witness stated that an underground cavity was found in that location at 16 meters deep. He stated there is an underground tunnel that goes to the ancient temple located underground as well. (From TV report, program "Namedni"). Thanks to Anton A.Anfalov


SIMFEROPOL -- Anton A.Anfalov our Research specialist for MUFON in Ukraine reports, "The UFO flap over the Crimean peninsula in the Southern Ukraine, was very active during June and indicates the definite presence of several underground alien bases in our region. On Saturday, June 21, 2003, at 11:35 PM, an amazing object was seen over Simferopol' flying from east - to north, from the direction of Black Sea towards Moscow. This was a dull-grey cylinder with with a bright front light and six dull-white windows. The front part of this cylinder was more elongated and protruded forward like a bird. The craft was big 200 meters long and 40 meters in diameter and flying low.. It was clearly visible and was likely a fascinating mother ship . An emblem was noticed in the front part of the cylinder, reflected by the front light. This emblem was like vertical rhomb or diamond with a horizontal line in the middle, or two triangles joined together.

SIMFEROPOL' -- On Sunday, June 22, at 10 PM, Anton saw a UFO hovering directly in front of the windows of his flat, near the nearby 9-storied building on Prospect Pobedy (Victory highway). The object was about 200 meters above the town creating three bright white flashes at an interval of 7 to 10 seconds. This was definitely not an airplane, and the intervals between the flashes were long, indicating that the object was almost hovering over the same place. The exact shape was not visible since it was dark. There was an airplane with a clearly visible red blinking light and auxiliary lights flying behind the UFO.

On June 24, two UFOs were observed over Simferopol', both flying north. The first was at 22:10, and second at 22:15. Both were disk-shaped, or "hat-shaped." The first was brightly shining; the second suddenly increased and decreased its brightness, vividly demonstrating itself. Mrs. Lenura Azizova states, "I clearly saw the shining of the silver hull of this craft that was flying at a very low altitude of about 150-200 meters above me." The dull-grey object was shaped like two deep saucers joined together. It was ten meters in diameter and five meters high. It was like inside a cloud of dust visibly spraying some powder or aerosol around it. Thanks to Anton A.Anfalov


BRISBANE - We were driving as the sun was going down on June 14, 2003, when my partner pointed at a stationary bright light in the sky at 5:20 PM, that looked like a very bright star. I pulled over to look and I noticed someone behind us also pulled over, got out of their car and was looking. To the right of us were dwellings, and I noticed someone taking photos of the object, we could see the camera flash. This object started to drop in altitude. It looked like a very bright teardrop about the size of a pea and flew behind the trees. We moved the car but could not find it any more. The sun was behind the object, yet it had a very intense light.
( NUFORC Note: Witness provides photograph, which does, indeed, look bizarre. If the second light in the sky is not caused by ice crystals refracting the Sun's light, then we do not know what the object is. PD)


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