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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 9, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Ufologist Gail Dillon - a UFO hero dies, Mar's Moon Phobos has artificial structures, New York - Bruce Maccabee crop circle investigation, New Jersey - shoe and orange crescent shaped UFO's, Ohio - daylight discs photographed, Wisconsin - high speed flasher, Arkansas - Nancy Talbot says crop circle has high magnetic material, Utah - UFO divides in two, California - crop circle, Canadians have strange scoop marks, Mexico- cylinder near volcano - Argentina -luminous sphere, UK - saucer spotted, Italy - cylinder UFO causes near miss with airliner, Russian - James Oberg says UFO was the Molniya-M launch, India - UFO may have caused train accident? Severe weather causes global alert.


GAIL DILLON passed away in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Friday, May 23rd, 2003. she was a past member of the UFO Institute of Colorado Springs and was a member of the Mutual UFO Network of Denver. Her support of Contactees around the country and in Colorado Springs was much needed and appreciated. Gail will be missed...Thanks to George and Paula Wolkind.

Editor's Note: Gail was a great person who worked at the Air Force Academy Library and was instrumental in locating a rare AF Academy physics book for me. which essentially says, "UFO's are real and much of the physics taught today is probably wrong.
The book "ENVIRONMENTAL SPACE SCIENCES" was taught at the Air Force Academy and written by Professor and Colonel Donald G. Carpenter, who was also the Commander of the Spacetrack Radar Site at Shemya, Alaska. He was the originator of the Space Science Course at the USAF Academy. See: Outer Space at: for the chapter on UFOs.


The Mars Global Surveyor recently captured a photo of Phobos, the larger of Mars' two moons that show converging grooves and the possibility of artificial structures on its surface. There has been speculation for years that Phobos was hollow and is an artificial satellite that and been placed in orbit by intelligent life forms. The Russian Phobos 1 satellite did not make it to Mars, and Phobos ll attempts to scan the moon with a spectroscopic laser and conduct a landing ended in disaster. The last known images captured by Phobos II satellite shows an approaching UFO.

Phobos is only 3,728 miles away from the surface of Mars and always keeps the same side facing Mars. It seems to have been placed by design in its orbit to provide an excellent viewing platform of Mars. Phobos has an enormous almost bottomless crater that may be entry point to an underground base. Radiating out from the crater are numerous straight grooves, never satisfactorily explained in geological terms. Isaac Asimov and others have suggested Phobos might be an ancient spacecraft. In the 1970s, physicist Gerard K. O'Neill published "The High Frontier," a blueprint for designing habitats in space. He describes in detail how hollowing out a captured asteroid to make room for a human population would provide abundant raw material for a self-sustaining microgravity industry. Many large monuments on Mars can be seen from Phobos feeding speculation that an intelligent life form once existed there. As the atmosphere dwindled, the Martians may have set up monuments to be viewed from Phobos. The so called Face on Mars, pyramids, dolphins, and other depiction's of animals are apparent. The grooves could have been caused by space craft entering and leaving Phobos or by propellants used to propel the moon through space. Phobos is rich in potential rocket fuel and minerals, making it an attractive base for intergalactic travel.

Additionally, there are conspicuous cuspid-like formations that were found by Efrain Palermo, that pose the possibility that Phobos may have artificial structures. Palermo and Lan Fleming have investigated a sharp-edged anomaly called the "Phobos Monolith." Analysis by Chris Joseph suggests, that the "Monolith" may be pyramidal in shape, suggesting a link with similar pyramid shaped formations on the Martian surface. Many of these features appear to be artificial, implying that Martian or space traveler bases were once on Mars and Phobos.

Mars has unexplained domes, forts, tubes, pyramids, and various structures. Infrared images show heat and deep foundations beneath the surface. A Martian civilization might build partially buried structures, to protect them from aerial bombardment, to maximize insulation from cosmic rays, to preserve its atmosphere and to use subsurface water ice. As we get closer to Mars each day, get out your telescope and look at the green patches of vegetation. Thanks to Efrain Palermo and Mac Tonnies


Dr. Bruce Maccabee writes: Regarding the Saratoga Springs agriglyph (crop circle) you wrote: "The crop circle is next to a church parking lot. The witness took "flash" pictures at 8:30 PM, on June 11 and in some of the photos there are globes of light, orbs hovering above the formations. In some they appeared to be coming out of the grass in an upward motion. "The round "globe" or "orb" images may be a result of light reflected from dust in the atmosphere that is very close to the lens when the flash went off. "Flash orb" images are quite common nowadays because the flash lights are so close to the lens on modern cameras. Thanks to Dr. Bruce Macabee

Kathie Grimes writes: "I just wanted to let you know about an investigation that was done in Kentucky where globe lights were seen in pictures taken in a dark house." The investigator went to the house one night and found that the globe lights, or Orb lights were caused in flash photos by the flash picking up the bugs flying around. I just felt that this is probably a common occurrence at night where flash is used. We were amused that such small bugs could make such big orbs on the pictures. I felt your readers might like to be aware of this occurrence and felt it might explain Orbs in pictures taken in the dark, where flying bugs may be present. Thanks to Kathie Grimes, KY MUFON


BARNEGAT - Cardinal Ethics writes: "Last Friday, June 27, 2003, I was driving on the New Jersey Parkway heading to Barnegat and I suddenly saw a crescent shaped orange object gliding almost in slow motion right above the tree line. It had been seemingly following me for about four minutes, then suddenly it was gone.
Thanks to Cardinal Ethics

SEA SIDE HEIGHTS -- Robert E. Deininger writes on July 3, "I watched as two white shoe shaped objects did what looked to be similar moves in the sky like they were imitating each other for over 30 minutes over Sea Side Heights. The speeds and turns were unreal, it was amazing. I have seen at least 100 UFO's and as a field representative for, Don Smitts and Billy Dee's site where I am a director and investigator for 5 years now, I have interviewed many who have seen all types of UFOs, or have been abductees, and only once was this shape recorded. In the past 2 weeks there have been many sightings, all over New Jersey. In September, we will release something that will get the world talking, so be ready.
Thanks to Robert E. Deininger


FOSTORIA -- Between May 30 and June 20, 2003, George W. Ritter captured a series of daylight photos of fast moving disc shaped UFO's near his home. Thanks to George W. Ritter.


STRATFORD - UFO Wisconsin report by Mike D. "The object I saw, I had seen before in Mosinee last summer. I know Mosinee has a large airport, but this was no plane. The first time, last summer, I was with a good friend and we were fishing at night. On June 29, 2003, at 11:00 PM, I was outside with my cousin, smoking a cigarette, when we saw a strange object headed over Stratford, flying towards Wausau. It flashed on and off like a strobe light. It moved a great distance between flashes, like 2 miles or so. It was I'd say 3000 feet up? At Mosinee, when I saw it, it came from way up and almost landed in the water. It came to a sudden stop like nothing moving at that speed could. It hovered and my friend and I could actually feel it watching or observing us. We got the hell out of there. One thing in Mosinee though, it shined a light on the water like a search light, but the beam did not spread out, it was straight up and down, like a five feet wide beam. And as it went higher above the water, the beam did not change size or shape. Thanks to: Mike D. and UFO Wisconsin


KNOBEL -- Nancy Talbott, BLT reports, "She is investigating the "mini" triple Julia crop formation and taken soil samples. Although the plants were cut immediately after the formation occurred, soil samples revealed a massive amount of magnetic material. The Magnetic particle concentration samples yielded a much higher concentration of magnetic material than would be expected in "normal" soil --3.30 mg/g-soil." We've got several anomalous daytime photos, taken two days after the formation occurred, which seem to indicate energy emanating straight upwards to at least 800 feet above the formation.

I was an eyewitness to a crop circle forming in the Netherlands in Aug. 2000. She says, " What's most interesting to me is that the Earthfiles site has a PHOTO taken by three Italian kids this year of a brilliant tube of light coming down from the sky, which looks very much like what Robert and I saw in 2000. (In our case, we saw three tubes of brilliant light, and they were "fatter" than the photo provided by the Italian kids.) The unique photo taken with a new cell phone, by a 17 year old boy, of a thin colored beam emanating down into a crop circle from a sphere of light in Italy that can be seen at:

Nancy says, "I'm off to Europe on a very special investigation......a situation in a country I've never been to before, in which we may have evidence of a landed UFO directly related to crop circles. I've already begun analysis of some physical artifacts recovered from the scene, and am going myself to carry out interviews, collect more samples, etc. If the case holds us upon real scrutiny, it's going to be a dilly. When I get back, I'll be putting together a report on this. While in Europe I'm also going to go to Germany and Holland and Brussels. I have a feeling this is going to be a "banner" year for not only crop circles, but all this other really strange stuff. Thanks to Nancy Talbott, BLT, WEB:


ROY -- I had an interesting experience yesterday on June 29, 2003, between 5 and 6 PM. We were having a family gathering in our backyard in Roy, Utah and my son-in-law pointed out an object in the sky. It was pretty high, I assume because, with the naked eye, it was about the size of a pencil eraser. The rest of the family searched the sky and spotted the object. Watching it, it looked like it was heading toward the ground, because it looked like it was getting larger. Then it stopped and hung there for about five minutes. Then the object slowly began moving north and suddenly divided in two. I spotted the two objects. The second just accelerated really fast and flew off to the south-southwest and disappeared. We continued watching the first object, when suddenly the second returned with equal velocity catching up to the first. The first still traveling slowly north-northeast. The second object then changed direction and flew off to the south at a high rate of speed then disappeared. I looked back to the first object and watched it for a few more minutes then it, too, disappeared. The objects appeared round or oval, I thought they may have had wings but I cannot be sure. It was either white or silver-reflecting-sunlight. The display lasted over a half-hour. There were three of us watching the whole time, and four others watched for a few minutes. Thanks to Ben Sloots Roy, Utah


ROCKVILLE, (AP) -- Wheat farmer Larry Balestra might have trouble getting a great yield, with the crop circles all over his field. Balestra, of Suisun City, says he found more than a dozen large flattened circles and shapes in his wheat field Saturday -- one measuring more than 140 feet in diameter. "What the heck?" Balestra muttered to himself upon walking into the field and making the discovery. He pulled out his cell phone and told his wife, "You won't believe what I'm looking at." Balestra says the stalks were curiously bent flat to the ground and the crop circles stretched out longer than a football field, forming various shapes and symmetrical designs. "The harvester can't pick this up," he told The Fairfield Daily Republic as he held up a broken stalk. "This is weird." Snip. Thanks to Bruce Cornet


OTTAWA - The witness reports, "I had gone to bed around midnight in February 2003, and woke up at 8 AM, and found a small roundish scoop mark on my left wrist, characteristics were as follows:
1. About 1/8" or two millimeters in diameter.
2. The bottom of the wound is concave.
3. There was no pain at all associated with the wound.
4. The bottom of the wound was flecked with very small dots of blood.
5. The bottom of the wound was slick and smooth as if it was cauterized.
6. It looked as if it had been done just five minutes before I awoke. The wound took two months to heal and is now only visible using a jeweler's loupe. - There is nothing sharp near my bed that would cause a wound. - I know there was no wound on my wrist before hitting the sack because upon retiring I took off my watch and did not observe any blemish in the left wrist area. Thinking it had been a rather large insect bite, I went to a local Ottawa clinic.

The doctor looked at it and said, why did you have that done? When I informed him how it had appeared, he became quiet and paused for a few moments, then said that the mark was from a procedure called a "punch biopsy" that appeared to be done by a left-handed individual using a laser scalpel-type device. The doctor said that he could not comment on this officially and recorded the reason for my visit on my file as an "insect bite." He also consulted a small notebook and gave me a URL stating that I could get more information. The doctor stated that this was the fourth or fifth case of what he called "involuntary sampling" and noted it appears to be an emerging phenomenon. The fact that this doctor had the URL handy is pretty interesting.

Brian Vike writes, I recently reported on a report and pictures I received. It was titled "Small Roundish Scoop Mark Called A "Punch Biopsy." Since I received that one report, my fingers have been running wild over the keyboard replying to emails. Report after report are coming in, not just ones that took place years ago, but recently, even as new as today. Everyone is reporting the same type of marks. After the score has cleared up a scar has been left behind in many of these cases. Another interesting and I guess disturbing situation is reports of needle marks found after people have awakened as well. Photos are being taken and sent along to me.

BRITISH COLUMBIA - Brian Vike writes, "A man reported to me that he and his wife were just heading out for a couple of days fishing trip at Prince Rupert on June 24, 2003, at 10:20 AM. They were just outside of Terrace, BC driving on highway #16 along the Skeena River heading west when the man's wife gave out a yell for him to look up and towards the south. The gentleman said it took a couple of seconds before his brain kicked in; thinking what he was looking at was very unusual. He pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road and both watched an egg shaped object hovering over the south side of the river at about 1000 feet. They mentioned it was the size of a pickup truck, shiny silver in color. It was completely smooth, or no seams on the object were visible. "Witness expressed: it looked like an egg"! (He laughed and said they must grow large chickens in Canada.) Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


MEXICO CITY -- On June 23, 2003, at 13:10 hours, a group of four professionals witnessed an object from their office windows at an 80 degree angle of elevation. The dark object--described as being "the size of a pinhead" remained static until it moved swiftly against the general movement of the clouds. The episode lasted only a few minutes and the object lost itself amid the city's buildings. Thanks to Lucy Guzman and Scott Corrales Translation (C) 2003. Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

POPOCOTAPETL VOLCANO -This volcano is watched by several video cameras continuously. I have been notified that a cylinder shaped object has been observed in the videos. It has been in relatively the same location for a number of images and as you may be aware, there was a minor eruption from the volcano earlier in the day. I know that others who submit to Fliers Files also watch the live camera from this volcano, so they may have seen it as well. Images I have been watching are from 20:05 - 20:09 July 2nd, 2003, GMT. Thanks to William Stewart


CACHI -- Diario "El Tribuno" de Salta reports that on June 24, 2003, three UFOs were seen and videotaped by Antonio Zuleta, an indefatigable researcher, after being phoned by a teacher. Art instructor Maria del Valle who teaches at the Payogasta School saw the UFO at close range at 7:30 PM, and phoned Mr. Zuleta. She says the sighting was incredible...fantastic. The UFOs appeared behind the western hills and the first one to emerge was enormous in size. It gave off lights of different colors and moved slowly, without making a sound." I was coming back from work on Route 33 about three kilometers from Cachi and pulled over and called Zuleta on my cell phone, who came to my observation point. After the first UFO appeared, it was followed by another two, which also crossed the skies. They hovered nearby and their light was intense and shifting, but it didn't hurt the eyes. It was motionless, as though they were looking at us from their interior. I only wanted to strain my eyes to see into the core of those objects, which suddenly, propelled by a strong and powerful force, vanished at breathtaking speed over the horizon," said María de Valle. Thanks to Scott Corrales Translation (C) 2003 Institute of Hispanic Ufology...

BUENOS AIRES -- On Monday, June 23, 2003, at 7:03 p.m., brilliant luminous spherical UFOs were seen over the capital according to Ufologist Ricardo E. D'Angelo. Ricardo reported, "I observed an 'intense luminous sphere' over the district of Chacabuco from my position, looking northeast. It was moving at a very, very low altitude over the city. It began to disappear as it neared the eastern horizon. It vanished in a series of degrees, gradually becoming more and more transparent. It was not a satellite, a bolide or a meteor because of its slow velocity, and it was last seen heading towards Uruguay to the east." Thanks to Revista TOC and Diario La Cuarta (Chile) July 4, 2003


BUCKINGHAMSHIRE -- Stuart Wood reports, "I spotted what I thought was a low-flying plane out of my living room window" in Great Missenden, on June 25, 2003, at 11:20 PM. He says, "I soon realized that there was no engine noise, and that it could not be a hot-air balloon at that time of night." "It was saucer-shaped with four metallic legs hanging from the undercarriage that were bent in the middle, almost in a crouching stance, with three amber lights, one of which lit up the leg-like structures. It also had one red and one white blinking light situated on the port or starboard (left or right) side of the object." "It measured about a centimeter (0.4 inches) across. I think it was about one-half to three-quarters of a mile (0.8 to 1.2 kilometers) away. My friend also witnessed this. The object never moved; it just hovered. After two or three minutes of staring at it, it (the UFO) disappeared." Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 8, # 24, July 2, 2003 Editor: Joseph Trainor E-Mail: Website:


BENEVENTO --The commander of a Alpi Eagles Fokker 100, that was set to land in Naples with 80 passengers at around 8 PM, on June 25 , reports they were buzzed by a missile-shaped object. The commander called the control tower to report having observed a strange and large, elongated "missile-like" object, coming towards him from the opposite direction and passing very close underneath the plane. The alarm involved ENAV (the National Flight Assistance Agency), ENAC (Civil Aviation National Agency), ASV (Flight Security National Agency), the Ministry of Transportation Services, and the First Minister Crisis Unit, featuring the activation of the usual security procedures. In the report drafted the following day, the commander described an "unidentified flying object" approaching him at an altitude of approximately 8000 feet: it was cylindrical in form, 3 to 4 meters in length, white in color, and reflected the sun rays. The object, observed by both pilots, was reportedly not detected by radar systems; for security reasons, however, the state prosecutor in Naples opened an investigation and confiscated the radar recordings and the tape recordings of dialogue between the aircraft and the control tower. Thanks to Edoardo Russo for the Italian Center for UFO Studies (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici),


SVERDLOVSK - Distinguished NASA author James Oberg writes, Pravda - RU reported on the night of June 20, 2003, citizens of the Russian cities of Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk observed an unidentified flying object high in the skies. Witnesses describe the phenomenon as something resembling a bright beautiful comet. The strange object was moving underneath clouds. The UFO brightly lit the night sky and disappeared. Many of the witnesses managed to take pictures of the phenomenon.

James Oberg writes, "It was just the Molniya-M launch from Plesetsk June 19, at 20:00 UTC, that resulted in an UFO-like celestial pattern visible from as far south as from Moscow. Multiple observers saw the movement of the launch vehicle and its trail and gas envelope. Some freaked out enough to report it to UFO groups. It passed across South America about half an hour after sunset, while the sky was still bright. When these kinds of spacecraft, which fire engines and dump a cloud of excess fuel over South America, pass over between one and two hours after sunset, they spark OVNI reports throughout Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil. They have been doing so for more than thirty years. See this twenty year old article from FATE about how this type of pseudo-OVNI was solved. James Thanks to James Oberg


"Interplanetary Space Port is Discovered in the Foothills of North Caucasus Plateau, Where UFOs are Pasturing" - this is headline of the article in a respected Russian newspaper "Trud", Moscow, dated June 20, 2003, p. 4. Intensive alien activity is reported from the area of Lagonaki plateau north of the Russian resort town of Sochi, near the nature reserve. "Local residents and Ufologists are convinced that there is an interplanetary space port," -- states Mr. Nikolay Sedov, the journalist. Several witnesses are quoting. Mr. Viktor Yasenev stated that he saw a cylinder-shaped object, silver in color, over Cice River Canyon. "It was shaped like a rocket (missile), with windows and structure above. There were three of us. What amazed me, it suddenly froze in the air over our heads, like it was overlooking us. Then, it sharply zoomed up and disappeared behind Mt. Fisht in complete silence, only the sound of the river was heard."

The second UFO, met by Mr. Yasenev, was shaped like a saucer, more exactly, like two saucers joined together, with a transparent dome on top and in a pulsing semicircle (like plasma) beneath. It is most amazing that those reports coincide word by word with the story of other witness, Mr. Dmitriy Didimov, local forester -- security officer of the Nature Reserve. He and his wife, local teacher, did observe UFOs at least seven times. Sharp changes of pressure were sensed. At first, thinking of these observations of optical deceptions or accidental events, he later started a chronicle of those UFO cases, with the help of his colleagues. Now his chronicle contains more than 20 cases that are almost the same (by different witnesses) even in diminutive details.

"The recent UFO visit was not long ago, states Mr. Didimov. - The UFO was hovering over the trees about 100 meters from me. I did see light in the windows. After that, I sensed the wave of air from it, the lower part of the "saucer" became saturated by cherry color. In a sudden, it disappeared." All facts indicate that, very likely, another underground alien base in located in the area of Mt. Fisht (2867 m over the sea level, with eternal ice glacier) and nearby Laganaki plateau (isolated remote area), as well as in the other places of the Caucasus region (including its highest mountain - El'brus) that have numerous underground alien bases, sub-bases, deep caves, connected by tunnels. These tunnels go to Crimean bases as well (as we remote-viewed that). The regions named are known by regular intensive UFO activity. Thanks to Anton A.Anfalov and Trud News


NEW DELHI -- The last chairman of the Railway Board (CRB) has blamed the death of 120 persons in the Rajdhani accident on the Pakistani ISI. Now responsible officials in the board are talking about planets, rahu nakshatra, Unidentified Flying Objects, tornados and sudden inexplicable radioactivity as the reasons for four major accidents in 180 days. Thanks to: Thanks to Rajesh Ramachandran Times News Network, July 5, 2003


THE INDEPENDENT - UK -- The World Meteorological Organization declared the world's weather is going haywire. The WMO reports record extremes in weather and climate occurring all over the world in recent weeks. Switzerland had its hottest-ever June and the United States had a record number of tornadoes. The Geneva-based organization provides weather services to 185 countries. The events this year in Europe, America and Asia are so remarkable that the world needs to be made aware of it immediately.

Record high and low temperatures, record rainfall and record storms in different parts of the world, is consistent with predictions of global warming. Supercomputer models show that, as the atmosphere warms, the climate not only becomes hotter but much more unstable. "Recent scientific assessments indicate that, as the global temperatures continue to warm due to climate change, the number and intensity of extreme events might increase," the WMO said, giving a striking series of examples. Many temperatures around the world are 5C to 7C above the average


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