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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 16, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Did life begin on an ancient planet 13 billion years ago, NASA Astronomer suspects extraterrestrial travel, New York - wingless craft, Pennsylvania - elongated egg UFO, North Carolina - daylight disc and fighter dogfight, Wisconsin - high speed flasher, Texas - weather UFO filmed, Nevada - saucer passes overhead at 150 feet, discs spotted near Area 51, California - crop circle investigation, Puerto Rico - three ruby red lights, Azores - low flying cross, UK - 84 constables spot UFO's, Holland - low flying saucer, China's - Lake Tianchi monster spotted, and Taiwan - UFO videotaped.


Long before our Sun and Earth ever existed, a Jupiter-sized planet formed around a sun-like star. Now, almost 13 billion years later, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has precisely measured the mass of this farthest and oldest known planet. The ancient planet has had a remarkable history, because it has wound up in an unlikely, rough neighborhood. It orbits a peculiar pair of burned-out stars in the crowded core of a globular star cluster. Maybe someday we will send probes to HD 70642 or similar discoveries much closer. The new Hubble findings close a decade of speculation and debate as to the true nature of this ancient world, which takes a century to complete each orbit. The planet is 2.5 times the mass of Jupiter. Its very existence provides tantalizing evidence the first planets were formed rapidly, within a billion years of the Big Bang, leading astronomers to conclude planets may be very abundant in the universe.

The planet lies near the core of the ancient globular star cluster M4, located 5,600 light-years away in the northern-summer constellation Scorpius. "Our Hubble measurement offers tantalizing evidence that planet formation processes are quite robust and efficient at making use of a small amount of heavier elements. This implies that planet formation happened very early in the universe," said Steinn Sigurdsson of Pennsylvania State University..

Editor's Note: There sure has been a lot of time for intelligent life to be created on those millions of planets in our Galaxy. It is my opinion that we are not alone in the universe and it would seem logical that we are being visited on a regular basis since oasis Earth is an interesting spot to visit to view primitive life forms, and pick up water and food.


Mitch Battros (ECTV) writes, "There are new scientific studies which show there is in fact a speed faster than light." New evidence, which is currently meeting the trials of intense scientific peer reviews, show the "speed of gravity" is at least one hundred times faster than light. Some researchers suggest a thousand times faster than the speed of light. Live on Tuesday's ECTV's 'Radio Hour', my guest Dr. Tom VanFlandren hit us with an unexpected surprise. While discussing the inter-planetary play of asteroid's, comets, and minor planets, Dr. VanFlandren disclosed his groundbreaking research with regard to the 'speed of gravity'.

Dr. Tom Van Flandren - NASA Astronomer and author of "Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets." He has worked steady for NASA for least two decades. Dr. VanFlandren spent 20 years at the US Naval Observatory, where he became the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch. In 1991, he formed a Washington, DC-based organization, called Meta Research whose ideas conflict with mainstream theories in Astronomy. Soon the conversation turned to his research on the 'speed of gravity.' We were all in awe just acclimating to this new concept of something faster than light.

Then he dropped the bomb. Dr. VanFlandren stated unambiguously that due to his (and several colleagues) findings of the speed of gravity, "that it is highly possible there has been, and currently is extraterrestrial travel." With new evidence which shows the 'speed of gravity' can be over a thousand times faster than the speed of light has opened a whole new perspective of extraterrestrial travel. Go to 'audio/video' page to listen to this groundbreaking interview. Subscription required at:


MANLIUS -- Craig S. reports that on July 3, 2003, at 8:35 PM, on Broadfield Road my cousin and I observed a wingless oval shaped object traveling from east to west for 15 to 20 seconds overhead, before it went behind the area's trees. The angle of observation was from 50 degrees to 85 degrees relative to the horizon. The object was the size of an aspirin tablet held at arm's length. It appeared metallic and was a dark copper color and reflected the setting sun's rays and had gold highlighting. The object emitted no sound or contrail. It flew about the same speed as a commercial jet airliner at a medium high cruising altitude. The night was clear except for a few cirrus cloud wisps, which the object was visually below. At 10:00 PM we observed a white light traveling at very high speed from the south to north, which covered the whole visible sky in approximately five seconds and then disappeared. Thanks to UFO Wisconsin filed with FAA Hancock Airport


DOYLESTOWN -- My name is Dolores Ely and I have always wanted to make your acquaintance. "My husband Bob and I are located in Kennett Square and on Saturday, July 12, 2003, at 9:15 PM, we saw an elongated egg shaped object glowing white in color almost in our back yard." It looked like a shimmering sideways flame. The nose cone front of this object wavered like it was emitting heat. This object was seen in the southern night sky and flew from west to east over southeastern Pennsylvania. Its flight was very fast with a straight path and jerky movements. It made no sound what so ever. It was flying just above treetops and power lines and was large. At arm's length the object was larger than my fist. The sighting was less than five seconds but awe-inspiring. You have permission to use my name. Thanks to: Dolores and Bob Ely


SYLVA - A, Ph.D., professor of computer science in a university called to explain he had a life changing experience on July 9, at 11:30 AM, when his family observed a disc shaped UFO being chased by an F-14 fighter. The disc looked similar to a garbage can lid, and was only a slightly smaller diameter than the fighter aircraft was long. The professor estimated the diameter or the disc at fifty to sixty feet. He felt our understanding of physics was very wrong after seeing the performance characteristics of this UFO. He stated, "The fighter would dive toward the disc and it would simply move to another spot in the sky. It seemed to jump from place to place, actually it would dissolve from one spot and appear a mile away.

GASTONIA - Ginger writes, "We see the lights every night we are looking, they travel in all directions with crazy zigzag motion, even stopping and sometimes reversing direction." These lights were traveling, from a northern to a southeastern direction on July 7, 2003, between 12:30 and 1:00 A.M. Two of the lights were very bright and the third light was dim. On July 6, 2003, my husband and I took our 18 year old son to college at Western, about three minutes from Sylva where he entered a summer program. I'm a real estate broker, and I have been using the products you sell for about 6 years. I love OPC-3 as well as, Multi-vitamin and Thermo-chrome Select. Thermo-chrome really curbs my appetite and gives me energy. I have lost 128 pounds and have kept it off going into my 5th year. I have been featured in First Magazine, on the cover of Woman's World Magazine, and was flown to Australia, to do commercials for Jenny Craig Weight Loss Systems. Thanks to Ginger


ARDMORE - Brian Vike reports that in early June a couple was coming home about 9:00 PM, when they got a glimpse of a very bright light off to the north, not very high up, over the tree tops. It was more of a glowing or illumination! The witness told her husband to look up, but he said it was a plane. She states, "I told him that it was not a plane and since it was moving slow, I was going to follow it, and we did." We took back roads and tried to keep it in site, at one point, we went down a dirt road and it looked like it just hovered above the trees, maybe 1500 feet or so. It was a giant egg shaped object. One thing for sure, it was something I had never seen before.

There was no sound at all, and it was moving very slowly. Not once did it speed up. As it moved out of sight, we had to drive a short distance to be able to see it again, and it was moving southwest. We followed the object from 30 to 45 minutes. As we got into town, where we could see it better, it was moving higher. It was an inch and half to 2 inches in size at arm's length. It never made a sudden movement, and never sped up. It was the color of a fluorescent light, glowing and putting off a lot of light. It was oval shaped, with the egg lying on its side. My husband said it was probably a blimp, but it flew too slow and low.

Later, I was talking to a friend and told her about it, and she remembered she had seen it also. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO


SAN ANTONIO -- Chuck Fehlis captured the image of a bubble like black ring UFO on his digital camera shortly before 11 AM, on July 10, 2003. The National Weather Service officials first believed a halo effect produced by the sun but have now determined that an 'explosion caused by lightning' produced the ring. In addition to the usual fare that comes with a thunderstorm, many on the city's Northeast Side witnessed an unusual dark circle in the sky, which turned out to be a ring of smoke that a weather official said emanated from an "explosion caused by lightning. Chuck Fehlis, an associate appraiser who works at Blair T. Stouffer took his Kodak DC5000 digital camera and walked out in front of his building to check it out. Fehlis, 29, took three photos of the large circle in the sky at 10:44 AM. "The circle got larger and larger until it finally started breaking up," said Fehlis, who was among seven co-workers looking up at the rainy sky. "Nobody had ever seen it before. Thanks to John Thompson who states, "Weather UFOs often appear immediately before, during or after an intense electrical storm."


PUEBLO WEST -- Bill Winkler, Director of UFO Connections of Pueblo writes, "The Duh Light went off yesterday with regard to an observation my wife and I had in February this year. Out here in our beautiful clear skies, we have seen chemtrails for the past four years or so. But on this one afternoon, in a clear cloudless sky, we saw yet another plane way up and we both noted before the nose of the plane, and moving before it as the plane was moving, there was a distinct dark grayish line that was the same width as the fuselage of the plane. This line preceding the plane was about two to three inches long at arm's length. This line held at this constant size, despite the plane moving, which was moving from north to south. We observed this for about two minutes. This phenomena was again observed several days later. Respectfully submitted, Bill Winkler, Director of UFO Connections of Pueblo, Colorado."


HENDERSON -- Victoria Liljenquist writes, "I was driving into Henderson, outside Las Vegas on June 21, 2003, when a UFO saucer flew heads on toward me at 5 PM at only 150 feet above me." I was traveling on the freeway at 65 mph, and could not stop to film it, but I am sure many other cars also saw the UFO. Victoria stated, "It was an incredible UFO Saucer, and I could see all the detail on the bottom as it flew over my car." It was in diameter the length of a Semi Truck. I saw it approaching my car 1/2 mile away and as it came closer I realized it, indeed, was a UFO.

As it was approaching in front of my car the song "Return to me" was playing on the radio on the oldie's station in Las Vegas. As it flew over the top of my car, the next song played was "Fly with Me." Great synchronicity! My heart was full with joy and hope. As I retired in my motel that night, I turned on CNN and saw a glimpse end of a sentence on the HEADLINE NEWS bulletin that runs on the bottom of the screen. The last of the sentence said "UFO." It never repeated UFO again on the Headline News so I was not sure what they were referring to. Immediately after that I felt that familiar and wonderful TRANCE FEELING COMING OVER ME...Like I do when it is time to teleport my consciousness on to the ship. I was "out" for 4 hours; and returned at 4 AM. I came back to consciousness to then crawl in bed to sleep. Thanks to Victoria Liljenquist

HIKO -- Gary Emry writes, "I was riding in the passenger seat of Idaho MUFON Director Ike Bishop's car, on July 8, 2003, on Highway 318, headed for Rachel about 40 miles to the west." About 8:30 PM, I glanced out the window on my right when I saw a flash in the sky. The sun was still above the horizon. I saw a silvery object in the sky about 50 degrees above the horizon. It appeared to be wobbling while it hovered, thus producing the occasional flash of reflection from the sun. It gradually started to drift off to the southwest toward the restricted air space of Area 51. As it drifted, it's relation to the sun changed and it gradually could not be seen. Ike Bishop and I watched this object through binoculars until it was no longer visible. Within a few seconds, a second object appeared in the same area of the sky and followed the same course as the first. We estimated these objects to be approximately 40 feet in diameter. When we originally emerged from the car, there was a large jet followed by a contrail in the same area of the sky, which gave some perspective to the silvery object. Large commercial jets will typically fly at 30-35 thousand feet at around 500 MPH. We could hear the jet engines until even a few seconds after we could no longer see it, about 30 seconds after we could no longer see the second UFO, they were totally silent. The jet was on a straight east to west course, north of the restricted airspace of Area 51. We estimated the speed of the silvery object, when moving at between 50 to 70 MPH.

Rachel - On Wednesday, July 9 at about 9:30, Ike Bishop and I together with two friends met at the Little'aleinn. We drove to the "Mailbox Road" on the famous Extraterrestrial Highway 375, twenty miles west of Rachel and our friends were facing east, while Ike and I were facing west. They started to holler and point to the east. I turned around in time to see a bright, luminous object about ten degrees above the Tikaboo Peak horizon, moving from north to south. I saw it drift for about one-second, then plunge straight down behind Tikaboo Peak. The others observed this object for a total of about five seconds. The object was as bright as the moon and about 50 feet in diameter. It's circular shape was clearly defined and not just a luminous glowing light. Tikaboo Peak is about 11 miles from Mailbox Road. Thanks to Gary Emry -


ROCKVILLE -- Today KGO an ABC affiliate in San Francisco reported that some students from the nearby community college claimed responsibility for the formation in Rockville. They said they did it in the moonlight. Problem is as pointed out by the owner of the field, who feels it was made by pranksters, that at the time of the crop circle creation the moon was not out. I think the students might have made a simple circle or two that appeared a couple of weeks later in fields next to the college.
An early witness claims the crop was not broken but growing back up until onlookers trampled it heavily as it dried out.

Nancy Talbot writes, "None of the investigators are experienced crop circle fieldworkers and much of the info they have provided has been inadequate to make any authoritative evaluation of "genuineness." The first formation (the long pictogram) at Rockville Road data is inadequate to make a conclusion. Since that posting, more info is coming in.....I now have photos of bent nodes down near the base of many of the wheat stalks inside the well as video of undamaged morning glory plants inside the formation.....both of which argue against mechanical flattening of the crop.

We are also pursuing multiple eyewitnesses to unusual aerial light phenomena in the area, which may provide clues to what went on. However, without a proper sampling of the plants (both many samples from inside and many controls from outside) and with no sampling at all of the soils, I suspect we (BLT) will not be able to make any definitive statement about this pictogram, in spite of the bent nodes and the undamaged flowers. Node bending does not occur in very mature, dry crop....but without enough samples of this effect, and the locations of these samples, as well as a thorough check of the control areas, we cannot tell if this node bending may be related to an EARLIER, probably weather-related, downing of the plants while they were still green....when node-bending would have been related to the growing plants' efforts to reorient themselves toward the sun (phototropism) and in relation to gravity (gravitropism).

Without proper sampling and field documentation, we really can't make any judgment at all. The problem is that most of the people who are interested in the crop circle phenomenon are not particularly adept at the scientific approach....they, generally, are not trained for fieldwork, but it would be nice if a few people who understand the value of the scientific approach--and who have the physical stamina and the time to do careful fieldwork--would emerge. Thanks to Nancy Talbott


SE COAST -- A former US Infantry officer and 3,000 hour commercial pilot writes, "My wife and I live on the SE coast of Puerto Rico and we are in the habit of sitting on our roof at night looking at the sky, since it's cooler and breezier up there. Three months ago, at about 11 PM, on a clear night, we both became aware, simultaneously, of three ruby-red lights, bright and distinctly visible, like car taillights or red aircraft navigation lights, approaching us from south to north, as we viewed them, in a symmetric V formation, one leading and two trailing. After three seconds of this motion, the three lights diverged, the lead light continuing straight, each of the trailing lights turning 90 degrees away from the original direction of motion. The lights passed more or less overhead as they made this divergence, then they didn't fade away into the distance but simply vanished out of sight in about two seconds, pouf, they're gone. We had the "impression" that they were several thousand feet above sea level, and that the rate of movement must have been much faster than our fastest fighters. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Hotline 1 866 262 1989


SAINT MICHEL ISLAND -- A strange phenomenon as been observed on the sky of Povoação village hovering above the Atlantic Ocean. The principal witness, Nidia Fidalgo, is teacher of Physical-Chemistry Sciences from continental Portugal, and was recently sent to her new position. She customarily observes the stars at night, and noticed a strange white cross, shaped like a + sign, hovering in the night sky in April at thirty minutes after midnight. There were many stars with just a few clouds and the cross seemed to be made of clouds, but the edges were too defined for a normal cloud. Nidia, says, "It was a cross painted in the sky with two large whitish perpendicular bands crossed in the middle. At the point where the two bands intercepted, the color and detail was clearer.

She has now observed the same cross at the same place four times. The last time was on July 2, about 1 AM in a very cloudy sky. She observed the object through the clouds, witness many times as the clouds passed between her and the cross. Several times she observed the cross with other witnesses who thought it might be a laser projection or something like that. The apparent size is bigger than the full Moon and she has attempted to see it during day without success. On the same day, 7 July, I talk with Nidia by cell phone and know more about that, apparently strange, aerial phenomenon.

The cross was not projected on the clouds, so it is unlikely there is a projection from ground. The cross can't be seen from every place in the village. It's a phenomenon so located that you can see it, like the cross shape, just in a precise point of the village.

She goes to a specific place in the village to see it better. The people from the village do not seem very interested, perhaps, because the fear of the inexplicable. The witness said, she can see some change on the cross shape, if she walk between the seaport and the municipal house, on a distance with some 200 meters. It's a phenomenon very local. The cross appears near the zenith point. She has been unable to film the object, but has tried. It seems to hide behind the 1000 meter altitude clouds. The cross must be at more than 1000 meters, perhaps 1100 or 1200 meters altitude. The object is always in the same place in the sky and might be some sort of an optical phenomenon, possibly made by strong lights. An RTP Azores television reporter is investigating. Thanks to Filipe Gomes from Portugal


Toby Manhire of the "The Guardian" reports, "If you need convincing the truth is out there, what better authority than the British constabulary? In UFO Magazine (July), Gary Heseltine, detective constable No 1877 of the British transport police, presented the results of a year's work compiling police officers' observations of unidentified flying objects. "The last 12 months have literally flown by," recounted DC Heseltine. But his feet were firmly on the ground as he presented a database bulging with encounters of the first, second and third kind -- a total of 84 incidents, spanning the period from 1950 to 2002, involving more than 200 police officers. "Given that well over half the number of incidents were corroborated by other police officers present at the time, this dispels any notion that all of the 218 officers could have been mistaken or imagining things," said DC Heseltine.

And he was keen to find more members of the flying saucer squad: "I firmly believe that this report is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg -- and I appeal to all officers out there who have had such experiences, past or present, to come forward and contact me, safe in the knowledge that I will protect their identities, if required to do so. Snip Thanks to the Guardian July 9, 2003,

GLASTONBURY -- Lee Newell writes, "A colleague from work went to the Glastonbury Festival on the 28th June 2003, when herself and others noticed four points of red lights slowly glide over the area which is called the Pyramid." The lights came from behind them and the lights were hovering above them while a song was playing before disappearing. This part of England has a very spiritual landscape, Stone circles and Ley lines in a place called Worthy Farm. Thanks to Lee Newell

BIRMINGHAM CITY -- Aaron Mcfarlane writes, I'm 15 years old, and live on Mosley Golf Course and on Sunday, 14th of July at 11:15 PM, I could see the Full moon without any visual disturbance in a clear sky. For some unknown reason, I headed to my window and to my astonishment I saw two separate red lights that moved simultaneously at a slow steady speed without noise or turbulence and obstructed the moon. They look remarkably like the middle photos posted on the Filer's Research Institute web site. I ran out side to take a closer look, but they had vanished, leaving no trace. Thanks to Aaron Mcfarlane


KATWIJK-AAN-ZEE -- A 63 year old retired public officer from a Dutch sea-resort, had, a "Close Encounter" for almost one and a half hours during the night of July 8, 2003. The witness states, "It was 3:10 AM, when I saw this strange saucer shaped object, round and flat, that looked like sort of a white button with four dark holes in the middle." Somewhat outside of it, there were small square lights, that didn't emit real light, but a kind of hazy shine. The object was about 10 meters in diameter. The object was hovering 6 to 7 meters above my garage. The object itself was twirling around very fast, like a bicycle wheel. It was striking, that the object made the same half circle over and over again; northwards and then back to my house.

I watched for quite some time, but I didn't dare to go outside. I opened the window and found it quite remarkable that I could hear no sound from such a big object. About 4:15 AM, it got lighter outside, and I could merely see the curves of the object. It became blurry, but still visible. It didn't fly away, but as it became lighter, the contours of the object faded, until I couldn't see it anymore. I got an enormous headache, the whole day after it also.

The sighting made a deep impression on the witness, and she can't stop talking about it. BTW: I'm investigating a detailed sighting of a triangular shaped object, that was seen near a Dutch Air Force Base on the night of June 28, 2003. Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin @ UFOPlaza site: mail: Ðutch UFO Ðisclosure "


Several Chinese government officials report seeing large mysterious fish or animals in Lake Tianchi near the Korean border. Twenty were observed at one time. These are China's version of the "Loch Ness Monsters" -- that have been seen for centuries.


Taiwan Central News Agency reports a white, oval unidentified flying object described as being the size of a basketball was sighted and videotaped by a Chiayi woman in southern Taiwan Sunday. A "UFO specialist" did not rule out the idea that it could have been an object from outer space. The woman, surnamed Wang, reported that she saw the object moving noiselessly and immediately videotaped the scene. Wang reported that the object was tinged with green around the edges and moved up and down, right and left for 20 minutes before flying out of sight. Lu Ying-chung, a professor at Nanhua University and the founder of the Taiwan UFO Association, examined the videotape and refused to rule out the possibility that the object could have come from outer space, saying that no flying vehicle on earth could move so quietly and in such a fashion. Thanks to and


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