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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 6, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Panspermia is spreading life throughout the Universe, Mars - has strange spots, New York - formation of lights, New Jersey - upright cylinder, Pennsylvania - tube changes to a saucer, Washington, DC - chevron-shaped craft glides over capital, North Carolina - maneuvering lights sighted, Ohio - daylight disc photographed, Michigan - two crop circles, Illinois - small hovering object over Chicago, Louisiana - large flying triangle, Kansas - Brilliant white daylight flying saucer, California - amber light maneuvers, Oregon - daylight sphere takes off after an hour, Washington - a sphere hits a plane and keeps flying, Canada - UFO's help tourism, Argentina - more mutilated cattle, UK - Royal Air Force interceptors chase UFO, Netherlands - six unusual lights, Croatia - light ball hovers then charges towards viewers.


Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute writes, "The conventional wisdom is that Earthly life began on Earth." A few decades ago, many scientists believed (as did Charles Darwin) that terrestrial life first appeared in "some warm little pond." Today's astrobiologists are less fond of ponds, and more likely to suggest that biology began in the hot, sulfurous thicket of a deep-sea vent. But there is a controversial alternative to this life from hell scenario. It's life from heaven. Or if not from heaven, at least from the stars. About 25 years ago, two British astronomers, Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramsinghe, proposed that comets might be the Johnny Appleseeds of life, carrying vital spores from star system to star system, an idea that is known today as panspermia. If the tail of such a life-loaded comet were to brush the Earth, it might pass some of its frozen microorganisms into the atmosphere where they could descend to our planet's surface. The two astronomers suggested panspermia could spread disease. Now you might wonder whether life from space, as intriguing as the idea might be, solves the mystery of how biology got started in the first place. Or does this theory merely push the problem of life's origin into someone else's lap? Well, of course, to some extent it only accomplishes the latter. But there is an appealing aspect to panspermia: it allows life to be widespread, even if the genesis of life is a difficult and rare event.

After all, humans cover the planet, even though Homo sapiens got his start in only one locale (Africa, presumably.) Life might blanket the Galaxy even if it only sprung up on a small number of worlds. Jayant Narlikar, of the Inner-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Pune, India, claims to have data in support of panspermia. Narlikar recently flew an experiment in a high-altitude balloon. On board was a cryogenic sampler consisting of 16 cylinders that were pumped out and decontaminated before launch. As the balloon climbed into the Indian sky, puffs of air were sucked in. One by one, the cylinders were automatically filled with samples from various altitudes, ranging from 25 to 41 km. Once the payload returned to Earth, it was examined in biology labs in Cardiff and Sheffield, England. To their amazement, the researchers found evidence for live cells in the samples from 41 km. Even more interesting, these "bacteria" recovered at high altitude were non-culturable and could not be grown in laboratory Petri dishes. According to Narlikar, this was important in ruling out laboratory contamination of the samples -- the cells found were clearly not a common lab bacterium. Narlikar emphasizes that this is the first attempt to demonstrate that biological systems exist at such heights. But he admits that he still doesn't know if the biology he's found comes from above or below. After all, perhaps all he's found are high-flying, single-celled earthlings. But the Indian researcher seems confident that they've come from above, because atmospheric scientists have told him that even during the strongest volcanic eruptions, ash is ejected to heights no more than 32 km. So the fact that he's found something at 41 km, and during a period when there were no volcanic eruptions, speaks to the real possibility of an extraterrestrial origin. There is the possibility that a disease like SARS may have come from space? "We sent a letter to Lancet, the medical journal," Narlikar says, "suggesting that these things are percolating from atmospheric heights down to Earth. Clearly, they would reach the tallest peaks first (the Himalayas - and thanks to the wind - into China.) So we suggested that this might be the origin of the SARS virus." Thanks to the SETI Institute


There is no place like Mars for fueling speculation about geologic features that must have been created by intelligent beings. Now scientists bring us the Fortune Cookie photo. It's doubtful this newly released image will rise to the level of controversy that surrounds features like The Face or Inca City. "Some are shaped like fortune cookies," said scientists at Malin Space Science Systems. The Mars Global Surveyor probably imaged wind blown hills in this north polar region but they could be something else? views.


MANHATTAN -- The witness reports, "My friend and I saw a strange black object rise over the west side of Manhattan on at 9:19 PM, on July 17, 2003." The object proceeded to float eastward over the East River, like "a string of illuminated pearls" trailing this black balloon-esque object. The strings were stationary and just trailing the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport

QUEENS - The witness reports, "My friends and I were sitting outside looking into the sky on July 19, 2003, at 9:36 PM when we saw a light moving really fast." At first I thought it was a shooting star, but than all of a sudden it went out like someone flipped a switch and turned it off. The object kept fading in and out, until it finally disappeared. About two minutes later, we saw a real brute moving pretty fast. My friend put up his telescope and all we saw was a light that we felt wasn't a plane. Finally at about 9:48 PM, it zoomed off traveling east. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


JERSEY CITY -- Two witnesses were on the roof at 6:30 PM, watching the Manhattan skyline on July 19, 2003, when they noticed an upright cylindrical object appear from the Southwest tip of Manhattan. It ascended slowly and without sound, maintaining constant ascent and flight path towards the center of Manhattan. It changed shape and color several times before it disappeared behind the clouds. The object had a whitish/gray matte finish with a trace of red color, perhaps due to the setting sun. Its redness seemed to intensify as it climbed higher. The object was relatively big, half a thumbnail size at arm's length and flew at between 10,000 to 35,000 feet. The cylinder maintained its amazing upright posture throughout its flight and had no light emissions. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LEOLA - On July 17, 2003, the boys were playing lacrosse outside when one looked up to catch the ball and noticed a strange flying object in the sky. He says, "I pointed toward the object and my friend also saw it." At 5:15 PM, we thought it looked like a flying tube, but then it turned towards us looking like a disk or saucer high above us. From what we could see it was silver and also reflected the sun back towards us. After turning back and forth a few times it kept flying away from us and vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


RESTRICTED AIRSPACE -- On July 22, 2003, the witness states, "I turned off the lights in my apartment about 9:30 PM, on my way to bed, and was startled to see out my window, what looked at first to be a large passenger jet passing low over the apartment building." I live in the middle of Washington, DC, and this is restricted airspace so passenger jets never fly over this building. "I raced to the window and pulled out the screen, and saw what looked like a giant boomerang, with several flashing lights around its edge, flying low, slow, and silently toward the west." When it reached the Potomac River, it turned south and continued until it was out of sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


OUTER BANKS -- The family was staying in a rented beach house and on July 28, 2003, about 10 PM, they noticed a very bright object in the dark sky above the Atlantic Ocean. The witness states, "It was about a 45 degrees above the ocean and had a reddish color, as it moved slowly at first to my right, the object then moved back to its previous spot and from there it traveled up at a 75 degree angle and finally stopped about 100 feet from its previous location." I continually watched this object for about two hours and at first I hesitated to call this object a UFO because, after all, it could easily have been a plane or a helicopter, but neither of these explanations seem plausible because the object was moving at speeds, either far too fast or far too slow for any commercial helicopter or plane. The object also moved at angles dissimilar to planes, jets, and helicopters. My uncle and two brothers also saw this UFO and concurred that what I was watching seemed to be an object that met absolutely no criteria for any air borne objects known to the public (that does not include military). So I am forced to believe that what I saw was either a military plane or a UFO, the former seems far more likely.

The second sighting occurred while my uncle and younger brother were walking on the beach August 2 at around 10 PM. They watched an object similar to the one we had seen on the 28th. Apparently the object began to sway backwards and forwards as if it were searching for something. They watched it move off to their right at a very high rate of speed and then return to the previous spot at a lesser speed. This time the object sped off at an incredibly high rate of speed and disappeared into the nighttime sky. There were no clouds on either night. I am 17 years old and live in Virginia. Anyone who would like to discuss the event in further detail or who would like to relate a story similar to mine please feel free to email me at Thanks to

Editor's Note. Mars was rising in the ESE evening sky and remains highly visible in the southern sky all night and appears reddish. However, it does not maneuver.


FOSTORIA - George Ritter writes, "I photographed a dark disc in the gray overcast sky at about 4 PM on Saturday, August 2, 2003. It was moving at high speed just above the trees. It appears to be about 25 feet in diameter. Thanks to George Ritter. See views


HOWELL -- Two crop circles were discovered on July 28, 2003, in an 80-acre wheat field southwest of the city. The first one was 50 feet in diameter with a short protrusion on both the east and the west side. The second circle was only four feet in diameter. The wheat was laid down in counterclockwise fashion. The farmer who discovered them says that they must have been generated sometime between July 10 to 24th. He likened it to the film Signs with Mel Gibson. In his opinion, it was not the work of pranksters, because there were no footprints in the field, and he was amazed at the precision of the circular patterns ruling out natural weather phenomena. Thanks to Doug Parrish


BATAVIA - The witness was looking at a plane in the eastern sky on July 19, 2003, when he saw a small silver object that was moving slowly across the sky at 4 PM. He told his wife, sister, and Nanna to look. The object stopped and hovered in the same place for at least 15 minutes. It was very small, but it definitely was not a plane or balloon because it didn't move. We know it wasn't a helicopter. The witness took several digital pictures, but I couldn't see if he was getting a good shot even with 8 x optical lens. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SHREVEPORT - The witness was driving home at 9:30 PM, after picking up a pizza on July 21, 2003. He states, "While going down the road I thought I saw some helicopters, but they looked strange because their lights were so dim." After I looked a little more closely I realized it was just one large flying triangle with rounded edges and had really dim lights going around it. There were 10 to 15 steady lights that were not blinking or changing. The craft appeared to be pretty large and far away and flew laterally very easily. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ELSMORE - The witness was driving along the highway between the city of Moran and Elsmore on July 21, 2003, when an object in the shape of a flying saucer appeared to lift off from a rural farm and moved across a field at 2:06 PM. The object was a pure and brilliant white with no visible lights and was flying very low and very slow. It was 20 feet off the ground and flying west then it made a sharp turn north with no sound. Then it ascended slowly, accelerated quickly, and then disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


TWIN FALLS - The witness was riding his motorcycle east on July 18, 2003, at 10 PM, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a flashing green light. He states, "I turned to my right and saw two or three green flashing orbs about a half-mile away." They were moving away from me and I didn't think too much about it since I thought the local airport had runway approach lights. A few minutes later, I was returning on the same road and I saw the lights again. This time they were on the other side of the road and coming towards me. They passed to the right about 150 yards away and were flying 25 feet above the ground. They were green in color and flashing like a strobe about one flash every two seconds. They looked to be traveling at about 75 to 100 mph. I stopped to get some gas and one stopped about a half mile away, hovering and flashing. After I filled up, I drove toward it, and it started moving again. It was gone by the time I got to its former location. I called the 911 Center to inquire if anyone else had reported seeing these things. The dispatcher told me no one had called that night, but about a week earlier a policeman reported seeing similar lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SAN DIEGO -- Jan Kregers writes, "With the monsoon flow bending in our direction this summer, I have had good viewing on a few nights both last week and this week." I am continuing to see oddly moving star-like lights, that I was also observing last summer. They range in color from a very bright almost blue-white through amber to a cigarette-ember orangey-red. I watch on clear nights from about 8:30 to 11 PM. On July 22, 2003, about halfway through my viewing session, I spotted an amber-colored dot flying in from the west. It was to the north, and as it drew level with me, I thought, 'Hmm, this one is really bright! I wonder if it's a satellite, reflecting towards me? Just as I had this thought, the dot made a sudden 90-degree turn, and started heading away from me to the north. What was odd about the turn was that the dot was moving relatively slowly before and immediately after the turn, and the turn itself was a sudden 'hiccup' of movement. I was thinking, 'Well, this is no satellite judging by what it just did. Then the dot made another abrupt 45-degree angle to the right and kept heading away from me to the northeast. The second turn had the same 'skippy' quality to it as the first one: at first it was going north and then suddenly it just jumped and was going northeast at the same leisurely pace. It was a very odd thing to watch. It was moving fairly slowly and I kept it in sight for four minutes. First, I watched it by eye and then with binoculars until I finally lost it in the city light-haze. Even though it was around 9:45 PM, I never saw the dot go into Earth shadow as it traveled northeast. It stayed bright until I lost it in the haze and distance. Regards, Jan Kregers, CA


PORTLAND -- On Thursday, July 17, 2003, myself and three coworkers (all engineers) were golfing when Chris spotted a strange craft. We looked up into a clear blue sky at 3:15 PM, to see a stationary object at about a 55░ angle. The object gave off a "silvery" reflective light that looked like it was undulating or rotating in an irregular fashion because of the variations in light emissions. As we watched it became apparent to us, that it was not a small helium balloon and was hovering over us. This thing was very high since planes coming from PDX appeared to be flying way below it, and it wasn't moving. I watched the object in between golf shots as we played. About an hour and fifteen minutes later as we neared the last hole, Chris again brought the object to our attention. It appeared to be in the same area of the sky, but was even smaller (or higher) than before. I took my eyes off of it for a second, when Chris said, "He saw it move to the right about eight inches at arm's length and was now quickly climbing away." This thing was very puzzling. Many other people had to observe this object, as it was CLEARLY visible for at least an hour and fifteen minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


DUPONT - The witness went to bed around 2 AM, on July 18, 2003, when he noticed three hanging orange lights spaced at intervals, emitting a saucer-shaped glow. They slowly changed into a triangle shaped pattern as he watched for thirty minutes. The lights were quite high in the sky so he ran out back to get a better view. He says, "When I opened the back door, my Mom heard the noise and came out to view the lights and was amazed as well. She felt it was something to do with Ft. Lewis that is a mile from our house. The shape changed, or rather the angle changed as I went out back to get a better look. From then on, it just looked like a blob of three vaguely orange lights in a triangle pattern. Within 15 minutes, it had moved to my right and the orangeness emitted a glow. Together, the three orange lights formed a saucer shaped halo in the sky. It was completely unique and the aura caught my attention. Thanks to Peter Davenport

PORT ANGELES -- On July 21, 2003, the first plane, possibly an F-16 fighter, came from the south and passed overhead at 9:10 PM, and turned east towards Seattle. The witness began filming because the fighter was making a pink contrail in the sunset. He then videotaped a second aircraft, heading north, crossing the Straights into Canada. The witness states, "As I watched through my viewfinder, I saw a round unidentified object fly from the east to the west towards a second jet plane, and appeared to hit it. Just before the round object hit the belly of the jet plane the lights on both wings and the tail flashed on together. The round object went under the facing wing and out the back. He says, "What looks like spray can be seen on the videotape, and the round object can again be seen leaving the tail of the aircraft and continuing west." Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


TERRACE STANDARD NEWS -- Jennifer Lang reports, Terrace's reputation as British Columbia's UFO capital is creating a new kind of tourism boom in the region. Curious travelers from across North America are inquiring about the tourism facilities in communities across Highway 16, says a UFO researcher based in Houston, B.C. "You would be surprised just how many emails I get requesting information for our area", says Brian Vike, editor of Canadian Communicator, a magazine specializing in the paranormal, and director of HBCC-UFO Research. Earlier this year, Terrace cracked the Top Ten in a national UFO survey, earning third place, just ahead of Houston, where Vike operates a toll-free UFO hotline, so he can collect and investigate eyewitness reports. "Terrace recorded the third highest number of UFO sightings in the country last year, bringing national and international attention to the region," Vike says. The resulting publicity means the Northwest is rapidly emerging as one of the best places to see UFOs in Canada. Savvy tourists know they're more likely to see a flying saucer than the elusive Kermode bear, the white form of a black bear that is the city's official symbol. Vike says he's often contacted by UFO buffs and the just plain curious who want to know about the region's tourist attractions and accommodations. snip

TERRACE, BC - Brian Vike reports, "The gentleman was sitting outside on his porch at 11:30 PM, on July 27, 2003, and ten degrees above the treeline he spotted a great big bright white light moving very slowly." He said the light was at least three times brighter than the planet Venus and flew in a northerly direction for three seconds when the light just faded out.

TERRACE -- A witness called to tell Brian, "My wife and I were watching vehicle traffic entering the town on July 24, 2003, from our mountain home when we saw a large glowing/oblong shaped object moving slowly along Highway 16." "It was heading north at 11:45 PM, near the Skeena River but it was flying way too low for any plane to fly at night," he said. Eventually the object made a sudden move, or jerked across the highway and came to a stop. It would stop for a split second, then start moving again. As it moved ahead it would slide back just a bit, and then travel ahead. It was sitting in a stationary position, then gained a little altitude and shot off towards the west at an incredible rate of speed. Last year, his grown children and he watched as a huge glowing/golden colored "thing" flew over Terrace fairly quickly. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research 1 866 262 1989 - Editor: Canadian Communicator - Paranormal Magazine Website: CANADA HBCC


RIO NEGRO ON LINE -- The cattle mutilations caper, which was brought to a close last year when officials explained that the cattle were attacked -- after dying -- by a strange red mouse, continues to be a source of bewilderment in Valle Medio as mutilated animals continue to appear. On July 24, 2003, a veterinarian and a farmhand from a local Sociedad Rural ranch found a cow -- showing incisions similar to the ones seen last year. The animal had clear signs of mutilation: it was missing an eye, its udders and its reproductive organs. These had been removed with surgical precision and there were no tracks near the animal. "As a whole, whenever an animal dies a natural death there is much kicking, or rigor mortis sets in shortly afterward, but there is nothing like that here," stated an astonished Enrique Sánchez of the Sociedad Rural. Veterinarian Carlos Montobbio pointed out that "the animal was found in the El Gualeguay ranch belonging to Arsenio Ferrarino, a rural cattleman with years of experience who had never seen anything like it." Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the Translation (C) 2003


RAF BAWDSEY -- John Cotton writes, "I was a National Service Fighter Plotter stationed at RAF Bawdsey, a GCI site, and one night in late 1954, we were in the middle of an exercise when over the intercom came the radar sighting of an unidentified flying object." At the time I was working in the RT recording area. As soon as the Meteor NF11s interceptors we were controlling were sent to investigate, I started recording the intercept. This is the normal procedure. As the interceptors approached and got visual contact with the target they reported that it was a stationary object (confirmed by radar) and "saucer like" in shape. On being ordered to approach closer the target shot off at high speed and then hovered again. The second time the fighters neared, the target went straight up at very high speed until they disappeared off the Type 13 height RADAR. I like many others in the "hole", had gone into a Control Cabin that wasn't in use to see this phenomena. The Chief Controller that night (either Flt Lt Jack Smith or Flt Lt Clifford) asked to hear the recording of the interception, but for the first time we could remember, there was no recording. It was a simple system of a continuous loop of clear film on which the voices and a time signal were "scratched" and supposedly fool proof.

The following morning we were not allowed to sleep in, but had to parade for the CO to remind us that the Official Secrets Act applied to events of the previous night. Later that day, the CC tried to get in contact with the two pilots concerned at their airfield, but were told they had gone on leave! There was an unconfirmed rumor that the aircraft were contaminated by radiation. It was also confirmed that there were no weather balloons being launched in the vicinity. That was the last we heard of it. This is not the same incident as has been reported in the same area in, I think 1956, involving Mildenhall and Woodbridge. My wife, who was the CCs assistant at the time, confirms this incident, but from a different viewpoint. "It was such a vivid experience that I can still picture it after (heaven forbid) 50 years!" Thanks to 2590718 SAC John Cotton

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE - The witnesses were in the back garden on July 20, 2003, at 1:30 AM, looking at the stars, when they saw a bright white light traveling across the sky at extremely high altitude. They report, "It was traveling too fast to be an aeroplane and there was no engine sound." The first sighting took one minute to travel across the sky to the base of the Big Dipper. The light was not steady, as it would be, if it had been an aeroplane. The light appeared unsteady and wobbly. The second sighting took place fifteen minutes later, when a light slightly duller and lower light in the sky flew past. I am confident that this also was not an aeroplane as there were no wing lights or sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ROOSENDAAL - The witness was spotting satellites on July 19, 2003, when he suddenly noticed six faint lights in the sky (far fainter than the satellite at 22:42 UT). He states, "I was already quite use to the low light environment or else I doubt if I would have seen them." They were around 80 degrees up in the sky to the south and they disappeared around 45 degrees to the southeast. Their speed seemed to stay the same, but they moved a little faster than standard satellites. I've confirmed with a normal satellite that this was about the height where they went into the shadow of the earth. The thing which disturbed me most was that there were six objects flying near each other in formation with some little shifting back and forward as you see in formation flight in air shows.

HAELEN -- We saw four lights flying with high speed on July 19, 2003, moving north at 11:30 PM. One of the four crafts made sudden movements through the formation. We don't think they were aircraft because of their altitude and movements. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MLJET, SOLINE - The witnesses went for a walk after dinner on July 17, 2003, and saw a bright tiny light hovering above the shore at 9:15 PM. They reported, "We couldn't figure out what it was, but it started flying towards us at high speed, faster than I have ever seen before." The light became about the size of a volleyball, but didn't look like an electrical light. It was very solid and bright. My friend and I were frozen to the ground, and all we could think was, "Go away, we were scared, because the object was completely silent, no wind and just so different from anything else we have ever seen." After the light became the size of volleyball, it started to move away from us to about the size of a prune, and then it vanished. We ran back to the hotel and asked the locals, if they know anything about strange lights at night. Nobody knew about this light. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


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