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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 20, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Did UFOs cause the Blackout? Maine - trooper claims a UFO taps power line in 1965, New York - Pine Bush story, Are we alone? New Jersey -Sam Sherman family spots UFO, FLORIDA - UFO flips over highway, Alabama - daylight rectangle UFO, Louisiana - Three orange lights traveling in formation, Ohio - UFO causes power outage and daylight rods videotaped, North Dakota - five see disk that moves faster than an airplane, Montana - five lights like a cross, Canada - - UFO flap sweeps Ontario, Argentina - huge round object, UK - Glider pilots spot UFO, Netherlands - Portugal - fluorescent green triangle, Turkey - UFOs running wild


Millions of people were without power on August 14th and 15th. The exact cause of the Blackout as of now has not been found. I suggest that UFO activity should be examined as one of the possible causes for the Blackout and satellite data may provide proof of this possibility. The Canadian Prime Minister claimed the blackout started with a lightening strike at a power plant at Niagara, New York, but investigation has ruled out lightening as the cause, since there are thousands of lightening strikes each day and the system is well protected. The nation's fourth largest investor-owned electric system, serving 4.3 million customers, First Energy Corp., which is at the center of the blackout investigation says its high-voltage line failures could not have triggered the event, claiming there were numerous unusual power swings elsewhere in the Midwest hours earlier. First Energy spokesman, Todd Schneider said, "What happened ... is much more complex than a few tripped power lines in our system, the utility's data showed unusual conditions, including strange fluctuations of voltage, in the Midwest grid "as early as noon" Thursday, more than three hours before the First Energy lines failed. The blackout hit its peak at 4:11 p.m. EDT.

A federal task force of US and Canadian officials will investigate the power blackout and determine how to keep it from happening again. There was still no clear sense of what triggered the breakdown and sweltering in summer heat from southern New England to Michigan. The preliminary investigation focused on an electrical transmission loop that encircles Lake Erie. No one was sure where the blackout was triggered, although investigators have been intrigued by a series of interruptions on five power lines in the Cleveland area during the hour before the massive blackout began. The North America Electric Reliability Council states, "Two minutes after the last of the Cleveland-area line problems there were power swings noted in Canada and the Eastern US.'' They cautioned, "It's not clear if these events caused the wider blackout or were a consequence of other events.'' "We never anticipated we could have a cascading outage of this magnitude and speed", said Gent, chief of NERC, the organization charged with assessing the dependability of the nation's electric grids. If the problem began in Ohio or Michigan, as speculated, it should never have reached Manhattan, complained New York Gov. George Pataki, adding that the grid was supposed to be designed to isolate such problems. It may be weeks, before solid answers emerge, said Gent. The answer appeared to be somewhere on what is called the Lake Erie Loop.

About the time power was disrupted, technicians noticed a stunning development on the northern leg of the loop, some 300 megawatts of electricity moving east abruptly reversed course and within seconds 500 megawatts of power suddenly were moving west. Electricity flows on its easiest path, so it is believed the change in direction was caused by a sudden reduction in power somewhere on the line at the western end of the loop, investigators suggested. Michehl Gent states, "This was a big swing back and forth, throughout the grid system, power levels began to fluctuate. That caused generators and other systems to trip across the region to protect equipment." More than 100 power plants, including 22 nuclear reactors in the US and in Canada, shut down, to protect themselves against power surges, officials said. But, what triggered the shift of electricity flow, and where?

This is where UFO intervention should be examined. Numerous UFO reports are related to power outages. In last weeks Filer's Files #33, Minnesota - two saucers knocked out electricity near the Iowa border on August 5, 2003, at 5:30 AM. The witness saw two saucer shaped UFOs that fried the solid state-switching unit in his well. The local electrical provider came out and found a problem with a transformer and also had to replace a section of underground cable on the road where the witness saw the two saucers. George Ritter who fought in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces videotaped during the Blackout large cylinder shaped UFOs near Fostoria, Ohio only thirty miles from Lake Eire. Sam Sherman the President of Independent International Pictures also had a UFO sighting in New Jersey on August 15, 2003, that is detailed later in these files. The average UFO has shown it has the energy equivalent to a power station. They are frequently seen hovering above power plants and power lines often when the power fails. I contacted transmission line experts who admitted it was possible for large amounts of electricity to be taken from these lines without their knowledge.

Geomagnetic storms are another possibility but NASA's spaceweather site Dr. Tony Phillips stated, "Readers have asked if solar activity could be responsible for the widespread blackout in the eastern US and Canada. Not likely. There were no strong solar flares or geomagnetic activity yesterday to trigger the outage."

Many readers may remember the largest previous blackout in history, The Great Northeast Blackout on November 9, 1965, when the power system failed at 5:16 PM, and 30 million people in Ontario, New England, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania were without electricity for 13 hours. The event started at the Ontario - New York border, near Niagara Falls when a single transmission line from a Niagara Falls generating station tripped. Five other transmission lines overloaded and tripped within 2.5 seconds, isolating Niagara Station 1,800 MW generators that became unstable and shut down. The Northeast Power System became unstable and failed within seconds. A Niagara Falls faulty automatic relay device was blamed. However; there is evidence that UFOs may have contributed to the power failures. A month later in December, the grid systems failed in Texas and New Mexico, after UFOs were observed.

Dr. James E. McDonald, a noted physicist submitted a report to the US House Committee on Science and Astronautics on July 29, 1968, during Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects. He states,

"Then there are scattered instances in which substantial power distribution systems have failed at or very near the time of observation of aerial phenomena similar, broadly speaking, to one or another UFO phenomenon. I have personally checked on several such instances and am satisfied that the coincidence of UFO observation and power outage did at least occur. Whether there is a causal connection here, and in which direction it may run, remains quite uncertain. Even during the large Northeast blackout, November 9, 1965, there were many UFO observations, several of which I have personally checked. I have inquired at the Federal Power Commission to secure data that might illuminate the basic question of whether these are merely fortuitous, but the data available are inadequate to permit any definite conclusions. In other parts of the world there have, also, been reports of system outages coincident with UFO sightings. Again, the evidence is quite unclear as to causal relations."

The largest wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1965. From coast to coast strange low flying objects were reported almost nightly by people of all ages and walks of life. These sketches compiled by a NICAP researcher represent a small sample of hundreds of investigated cases in which truly unknown objects were judged to have been involved. As the year progressed the number of reports rose dramatically. On the night of August 2, thousands of people in 4 Midwestern states witnessed spectacular aerial displays by large formations of UFOs. That same night a multicolored disc was photographed in Tulsa, Oklahoma while several persons watched it perform low altitude maneuvers. This picture was extensively analyzed, pronounced authentic, and later published by Life magazine and many newspapers. But the year's most incredible development was yet to come. On the evening of November 9 hundreds of UFO sightings were reported throughout the northeast. In New York State luminous objects were seen hovering over 3 very significant locations. New York City, a Syracuse relay station, and a Niagara Falls power plant.

Within moments of the Syracuse sighting 9 northeastern states and parts of Canada experienced the largest power failure in history. Media accounts including those by NBC news, The Associated Press, and some local papers openly reported the UFO sightings and in a few cases suggested that they be investigated as a possible cause of the blackout. However, before this speculation could gain much momentum the Federal Power Commission announced that the problem had been caused by a broken relay in a Canadian power plant. This answer was accepted by the press and public and the UFO angle was quickly forgotten. But, the official explanation was untrue.

Major Keyhoe reports that a private investigation by the utilities industry later concluded that the relay had NOT broken, but had been tripped by a huge, unexplainable surge of power. The only major paper which attempted to follow up on a possible UFO connection with the outage was the Boston Record America. But the paper's editors told a NICAP investigator that shortly after publishing this account of the Niagara Falls sighting they had been called by an Air Force officer at the Pentagon and severely reprimanded for printing the story. In any event, the public at large remained unaware of the presence of UFOs during the Great Northeast Blackout.

Filer's Files urges Congress to investigate the possibility that UFOs contributed to the Blackout. Videos and other evidence will be presented if needed. See Filer's Files #34 Views


Mort Twain writes: "I have always enjoyed and been fascinated by your website. It seemed I should share some information. I went to college in New Hampshire in 1965 when the big power blackout happened on the East Coast. I was just going through the food line when all the food prep machines stopped and the lights blinked. It felt very strange but the power came right back on. However, I sensed something big had just happened so I went back to my dorm room and found out that there had been a massive power blackout on the East Coast. But, I found out more than that as I started listening to local New England talk radio.

Reports were rampant immediately following the blackout that a fully credible Maine State Trooper had reported seeing a UFO come down and tap into a power line followed by the blackout. This story was all over the news in New England and New Hampshire. I believe the trooper had been interviewed or at least talked to and he was sticking by his story. But, then as so often happens, this news story and its details vanished and was never heard again in the subsequent discussions. No explanation was ever made for the story itself. In short, the entire account was erased as if it hadn't been the main topic of discussion at the time of the blackout itself when cause and effect are most obvious. We're being told the current reversed itself suddenly in the Lake Erie loop. In short, safeguards were put into effect after the 1977 NYC blackout but the whole thing happened again like in 1965, except bigger ... and again ... no one has a clue! Hope I was able to offer some "illumination.". If there had been an EMP big enough to knock the power grid down, all the cars and computers, etc, would be dead too, I suspect. Thanks to Mort Twain


PINE BUSH, SHAWANGUNK -- Members of the United Friends Observer Society don't think so! Rebecca Rothbaum, Poughkeepsie Journal writes: "Bill Wiand doesn't know who they are or what they want." But he knows what he has seen and it is enough to tell him there is life out there, from some far away part of our universe or maybe even another dimension. ''I did recently have a visitation and it terrified me,'' he said. ''It started like it always does, with the noise in my ears and it just kind of rumbles through. I couldn't move my body, but I could move my eyes and I knew the room was filled with entities.'' Wiand was talking at the most recent meeting of the United Friends Observer Society or UFOS, which describes itself as a ''support group for those who have seen UFOs, would like to see a UFO, or have experienced contact with a UFO.'' ''We're here for anyone who needs us to help them through their experiences,'' explained Sue Wiand, who with her husband Bill and Newburgh couple Sue and John Mann, run UFOS. Sue Mann, who was listening, added: ''Also, we're here for anyone who is interested. We don't make any judgments.'' The group was founded 10 years ago in nearby Pine Bush, Orange County, an area considered ground zero for UFO sightings in the Northeast and made famous among UFO circles by the late Ellen Crystall's 1994 book ''Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a UFO Researcher.'' snip

Bruce Cornet, who holds a doctoral degree in geology has been studying UFO activity in the area for more than a decade, and has been trying to marshal scientific documentation to back up his own experiences. As people were filing into the meeting, he described to a handful of listeners what he believes was his first alien abduction -- back in 1981 -- which he has remembered only through hypnosis. ''They immobilized me and undressed me and put this device on my genitals and took a sperm sample,'' Cornet said. After overcoming his paralysis, Cornet said he tried to free himself. But the aliens, whom he described as humanoid but ''looking like they were 2,000 years old, shriveled up, with jaundiced skin,'' stunned him with a probe to his forehead. Cornet considers the possibility that many of the UFOs spotted locally may in fact be military aircraft, flying in and out of Stewart Airport. But like other UFO-ologists, Cornet is not totally satisfied with that answer. ''What would the military be parading super secret aircraft through farm fields for?'' he asked. snip Thanks to Rebecca Rothbaum, Karl Rabe,


OLD BRIDGE - On August 15, 2003, Sam Sherman writes: " My wife and I were driving east on Cottrell Road at 8:43 PM, and just as we approached Route 34, my wife noticed an odd lighted object hovering over some trees. From the distance it looked like a football shaped object, self illuminated fully (from within) by what looked like pure white light. I decided to cross Route 34 and get closer to the object, which apparently was hovering in place. After driving around a few blocks to get a clear view without trees obstructing the view, I stopped the car and took my monocular from the car trunk. With the monocular, I got a clearer view of the object. It had a white strobing light on top and a similar light on the bottom. On the side of the object I saw some darkened pattern, but could not make out what it was. Seeing this pattern gave me the idea that it might have been an advertising blimp, not a true UFO, but there are concepts against that. First, I could see no pilot's cabin or gondola on the bottom of the object and the bottom white strobing light was right on the bottom of the object not under such a gondola. Second, if it were an advertising blimp the message (dark part) on the side was impossible to read clearly and would never have been noted by the unaided eye -- what would be the purpose of such advertising? Third, if there were flashing lights on it to warn planes, it would seem that those should be red not pure white. Fourth, the object as seen appeared very similar to the British sighting as written in the email post -- below. I have gone to the FAA website and downloaded the Official Regulations for AIRSHIPS (BLIMPS)- They MUST have a RED and a GREEN LIGHT. They MUST have a light at the FORWARD END and a light REAR END. The object we sighted did not meet these regulations. My wife and I are leaning to the opinion that what we observed was a non-terrestrial craft of unknown origin. It may not have been a Football Shape but a Lenticular (lens-shaped) object such as a flying disk -- of which we only saw one side view making it look from that side as "football shaped". Thanks to Sam Sherman


TAMPA - Three businessmen were heading northbound on I-75 on August 1, 2003, around 9:30 PM. Off in the distance they saw a baby blue,, greenish and white light, spaced apart but on the same aircraft. The passenger seat says, " Do you see that?" I acknowledged, it was weird. A few seconds later it was right over us coming from the west to the east toward the highway at a pretty high speed. As soon as it was directly over us it flipped, reversed and started heading west again finally shooting away. When directly over us it could have been no more then 100 feet way. When it changed directions, I knew something was up and just as it was starting to head away I stuck my head out the window to catch a glimpse and could actually see the craft. It was FLIPPING head over end as it turned! It was a grayish dull metallic color, but its shape was hard to make out, but probably an oval or saucer. It had a greenish baby blue light on one end and a white light on the other. Me and my friend started yelling at each other, "DID YOU SEE THAT?" Four other cars around me were hitting there brake so they must have seen it too. Weird stuff. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BIRMINGHAM - Two drivers in two cars in phone contact were 15 miles south of Birmingham on I-65 when they noticed a perfect rectangle shaped UFO, like a flat non-reflective white 2-by-4 board. The huge object seemed suspended in air. If it was a single-level passenger craft, the fuselage average passenger height is twelve feet high. One witness asked the other, "If he had noticed the bogey at 2 o'clock? The second witness, a Marine Sgt. noted that although he knew of an airport close by, he had noticed the object and that it was certainly not moving, nor was it a contrail. He described it as Rectangle shape, like a flat non-reflective white 2-by-4, that seemed suspended in air - - no movement. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WEST CHESTER -- Mort Twain writes, "This afternoon I talked with researcher Donnie Blessing by telephone concerning her investigation of a UFO sighting on June 2, 2003, that dealt with a reported power outage while the UFO was in relatively close proximity to the witness. Donnie has spoken with the witness and is preparing a report and drawing to send to NUFORC. As we discussed plans on the case and preparations to go about contacting CINERGY to confirm power service disruptions on June 2 around the 2:30 a.m. time frame, it was a big surprise to learn of the major blackout. The data looks very good so far.

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter, who fought in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces, videotaped UFOs on August 15, 2003, the second day of the Blackout. He videotaped a series of photos of large lake freighter-size cylinders flying over his home, thirty miles from Lake Eire. The video is shot on VHS tape at between 10,000 to 15,000 frames per minute. This speed is fast enough to stop any insect or bird. These craft are moving at thousands of miles per hour. Photos can be seen at's Files #34 Views


TIOGA -- Saturday night on August 2, 2003, at 10:52 PM, a group of us (three who had seen this object, and two who had not) crawled up on a roof of a picnic area at our park. My friend and I had seen the light in the sky twice and my sister had seen it once, therefore, we thought we would see if it would come again. We wanted to look at it closer with binoculars. At around 10:50-10:58 CST it came, for about 2-3 minutes or less, it looked like a star not blinking, it moved quickly and then it just vanished after a bit of flying. My friend looked in the binoculars and said it was spinning and looked like a disk. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KALISPELL -- I noticed a yellowish bright light in the sky on August 1, 2003, out my bedroom window, at ten minutes to midnight. Then, I noticed it wasn't moving like a plane would, so I watched it and it would move only slightly, then be still again. This caught my attention, so I awakened my husband and we got out our binoculars and when you looked through them you could see a row of five lights, then almost two sets of two from the center of the object almost like a cross. I watched it move very slowly over a period of hours from 11:20 PM to 3:30 AM until it was out of sight. That's what we saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


STRATFORD, ONTARIO -- UFOs have been particularly active in Canada's eastern province of Ontario during the past week. The witness reported, "On the evening of August 4, 2003, my friend and I were sitting in the hot tub at 10 PM, in my backyard 67 miles west of Toronto and saw a single, slow-moving light headed east." Then I noticed an airplane coming in fast, approaching the light. It was as if he was giving chase, as he had to make a big curve in his flight path to catch up and come up beside the light. It looked as though he had passed to the left of the light, slowing down just before passing. Then the two dropped out of sight due to our house."

NORTH BAY, ONTARIO -- Just 24 hours later, on Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 12:32 AM, Canadian ufologist Brian Vike reported, the eyewitness and a couple of close friends came to a full stop near Lake Nipissing, located about 250 miles north of Toronto. The witness saw a really strange object and pointed it out to his friends. Due to the object being so low, they wondered if it was attached by a cable, wire, etc. because it sat stationary in one position. At that point, they grabbed the camera, got out of the vehicle and took three snapshots of it. The UFO was cigar-shaped, solid gray in color and sitting at 250 feet altitude. The witness said, "While they stood watching the object, it started to pulsate, then disappeared or blinked out." It was also very close and they watched for about four minutes.

SALMO RIVER - On August 14, 2003, at 11:20 PM, A husband and wife were traveling to Nelson, BC on Highway #6,along side the Salmo River when to their right flying at the top of the mountain was a round red ball of brilliant light. The witnesses said it moved very quickly, too fast to be an airplane and hugged the contour of the mountain. No sound was heard. Thanks to Brian Vike


CARACAS -- Mrs. Enza Colucci, who was returning from the Los Samanes urbanization to her home in Santa Monica, was followed by an enormous round object, surrounded by blinking blue lights on August 19, 2003 between 8:35 and 8:50 PM. Mrs. Coluchi was very excited and her driver, Mr. Alberto Amorín, phoned CEINPLA immediately to file a report and make their experience known. They regret not having had a photo camera on them. Thanks to:


BANBURY, Oxfordshire -- I am a glider pilot in the UK, and the following, which may be of interest to you, is a slightly amended and expanded form of a posting I made on a glider pilots' online discussion group yesterday: On Sunday 3rd August at about 2:30 PM, 1430, I was standing at the launch point at Shenington Airfield when I noticed a small object passing overhead, downwind, directly above and in line with our E-W runway. At first I thought it was a tiny feather drifting with the wind a few feet above my head, but on looking again, I realized it was much higher, moving in a straight line and at a steady speed. I would hazard a guess at 3000 to 4000 feet altitude. The object was white, but with a slightly wispy, almost translucent appearance which gave it a somewhat indistinct outline, hence my initial reaction that it was a feather. I could however just make out a definite structure, that was basically rectangular in overall plan form, and consisted of what might have been a lattice of booms, which gave it an appearance rather reminiscent of an old-fashioned TV aerial. Seen from a long distance this would explain why it looked rather vague and wispy. It was moving asymmetrically, that is, set at a slight angle in relation to its direction of travel, which was from west to east. It had a steady and purposeful forward motion, and remained observable as a white speck receding into the distance for a short time after it had passed overhead. Another glider pilot, who that afternoon had landed in a field some 30 miles to the east of my position, reported that he and his retrieve crew had also seen the same object. They, too, were unable to identify it.

STEVENAGE -- About 12.30 PM, on Saturday August 2, 2003, I was observing aircraft flying about six miles from final touchdown into Luton Airport. I was suddenly aware of a bright object in the sky at about 60 degrees from vertical. The sky was clear and sunny with only the jet streams of high civil aircraft breaking an otherwise cloudless sky. Later, I was able to find it, unmoved from the first location. A balloon would have drifted out of sight by now. A second light drifted slowly across from the direction of the Knebworth festival. This second light passed close to the first light before suddenly accelerating northeast in excess of 2000 mph. It was closely followed by what appeared to be a haze, or very small cloud traveling at the same speed, followed by the first at high speed. There was no noise. Two airliners were on final approach to Luton Airport, and one appeared to be heading straight for the light before banking left to take up final approach. The flight crew must have seen the light. I have to draw the conclusion that the mass gathering of 125,000 people at Knebworth for the Robbie Williams concert had something to do with the appearance of these objects. They most certainly were not balloons, not high-level airliners, not helicopters and not flares. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


APELDOORN -- On August 4, 2003, at 11:30 PM, the witness reports seeing green, yellow, red, and orange lights moving around the outside perimeter of a saucer shaped craft at 5:30 AM. The craft was a gray saucer. It was moving fast, bouncing up and down, left and right in the morning, in a cloudy sky. It was half daylight and the duration of the sighting was for one minute. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


REFAHIYE -- UFOs were first seen by the workers at the Refahiye Baku-Tiflis-Ceyhan Pipeline work site. The illuminated lights thought to be UFOs caused great anxiety among the public. Officials said, "It could be a UFO, since illuminated lights, said to be UFOs, have been seen over the skies of Erzincan for a few days. Mr. Halil Canavar, the district official stated that he had a 15 minute recording of the illuminated object's on video-tape, which he was keeping for further study. The object that hovered for two hours, shifted south and disappeared.

Mr. Erkan Karaman, the Mayor of Erzincan observed the object together with the public and stated " It did not look like a star. The inside was red, the top and bottom parts were green. Some parts were a metallic color. We think it is a UFO. The experts should definitely analyze it." The Sirius UFO Research Center in Istanbul has started an investigation on recent sightings in the region. Thanks to Recep Demirci, YARIN National News, 8/13/03.

EDIRNE -- Four UFOs were spotted between August 2nd and 6th. Commerical planes and F-16 s fighters were seen while the sighting occurred. The UFOs were distinctly different. Their maneuver abilities were much greater than those made by manned aircraft. Thanks to The Sirius UFO Center Turkey

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