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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 10, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate: SECOND Anniversary of 9/11 attacks, Ten Commandments and UFOs, New Hampshire - daylight stars maneuver, New Jersey - UFO teardrop, Maryland- extremely bright searchlight, Virginia - hovering object with two lights on each end, Georgia - two cylinders fly side by side, Ohio - residents see strange lights in sky, Tennessee - disc shaped craft video investigation, Louisiana - string of lights above field, Colorado - couple sees flying triangle while looking at Mars, California - bright red light hovering above LA, Washington - fireball crashes, Canada - intense white light surrounds auto, Mexico - red and white sphere later a blackout, England - shiny black cylindrical UFO fly's by gliders, Did UFOs cause the Blackouts? Germany - experts claim no increase in UFO sightings due to Mars, Finland - object changes shape, Israel - two UFO's were seen in Tel-Aviv.


We now know that eighteen Saudi Arabian fundamentalist Muslim radicals hijacked four aircraft and carried out a well-planned and calculated attack on the New York's World Trade Center and Washington killing almost 2,000 people. Since then President Bush has carried out a crusade against terrorists in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Iraq's defenses fell in three weeks, but many of Iraq's strong believers have continued to fight with US forces losing 400 killed thus far in the war. The Quran encourages Muslims to fight, even when they would rather seek peace with those who do not wish to adopt Islam. The Quran provides support for Fighting and the Sacred Rage in the Cause of Allah (Jihad) or Holy war. It states, "Fight against those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger, have forbidden -- such men as practice not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book -- until they pay tribute out of hand and have been humbled" (Sura al-Tawba 9:29).

President Bush has acknowledged his belief in Christianity, while the al Qaida and various fundamentalist Muslim groups declare their intent to destroy the US, Israel and its allies. Al-Qaida believes that governments of Muslim countries that fail to follow Islamic law should be overthrown and US troops must leave Saudi Arabia. Al-Qaida considers the US to be a primary enemy of Islam. While it is generally not mentioned in our news media, much of the Muslim world believes, we are engaged in a great (Jihad) Holy War. Most of those who died on September 11, 2001, had no idea they were at war. Over the last two years Islamic militants have killed more than 350 people in Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and India. A new tape purporting to be from al-Qaida network yesterday threatened an onslaught against Americans so devastating it would obliterate memories of the September 11 suicide attacks.

TEN COMMANDMENTS -- I suggest UFOs have played an important role in the history of the world. Reverend Barry Downing in his book "The Bible and Flying Saucers" declares the messengers are here and that the Pillar of Fire and of Cloud are ancient descriptions of UFOs. He and other experts feel that when the Hebrew Scriptures are translated correctly, they describe cylinder or saucer shaped craft with a dome, that carry God's messengers, angels, or the Lord. The word most often used in the Old Testament for cloud is 'anan,' a word that describes anything that flies except birds and insects. The clouds or 'anan' are described as having attributes not normally associated with fluffy clouds such as flying towards the observer and landing, glowing at night, and carrying passengers. Reverend Downing states, "During the exit of Israelites from Egypt they are guarded by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.' (Exodus 14:24), Sometimes the pillar of cloud is referred to as the "Lord" (Exodus 13:21; 14:24); other references seem to be "the angel of God" (Exodus 14:20), "the glory and brightness of the Lord appeared in the cloud" (Exodus 16:10), "I am coming to you in a thick cloud" (Exodus 19-9), "Mt Sinai was wrapped in smoke because the Lord descended upon it in a fire" (Exodus 19:18). Obviously, normal clouds cannot carry passengers, so we can assume the Bible is referring to some type of flying craft that hovers in one spot for months. The descriptions often describe coming in the clouds. The power of the Lord met Moses on the top of Mount Sinai and gave Christians and Jews the Laws of God, known as the Ten Commandments. They begin, Because "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage," "You shall have no other gods before me" (Exodus 20:2,3). These commandments provide a standard of behavior brought in a UFO by the Lord who came from Heaven, so that Earth can fulfill God's plan.

Today the US faces a constitutional crisis to determine, if we are subject to the higher Law of God? Or is law simply what one judge or the government says it is? Are human rights unalienable because they are the gift of our Creator, or are they simply negotiable privileges that government can give or take away at will?

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's battle for the Ten Commandment monument may be critical to the future of our world. US District Judge Myron Thompson ruled last year that the monument violates the constitution's ban on government endorsement of a religious doctrine, and that the Ten Commandments must be removed from the Alabama Judicial Building by August 21, 2003. Alabama Judge Moore replies, "It is a sad day in our country when the moral foundation of our laws and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge." He has promised a full appeal to the US Supreme Court.

United States was formed by belief in God, and has become the mightiest nation on Earth by following its concepts. The legal system seems to have lost its way. Many immoral acts are defended in our courts, while the moral foundation of law is taken away. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. I wonder, if these factors have anything to do with the blackouts and large number of UFOs in our skies? As President Bush, says at the end of every speech, "God Bless America." Perhaps he is aware of UFOs, and the importance they play in the history of the world. God will remember even if no one else does.


PLAINFIELD -- Carolyn McNellis writes, I had an interesting experience on Sunday, September 7, 2003, from 2:15 to 2:50 PM, while sitting in my yard in the shade and looking northwest up through the trees into the clear, blue sky. I thought I was witnessing a meteor shower, except the "stars" were going in all directions, stopping in mid air and then moving rapidly along and out of sight; or changing direction completely and zipping out of sight; or two coming from different directions, and colliding, then moving off in different directions as if they hadn't "met." There were occasional (2 or 3) tiny "vapor trails" which would disappear almost immediately. The "stars" were very bright, and about the size of a pinhead held at arm's length -- all about the same size and brilliance -- all reflecting the suns rays I thought. The sky seemed full of them; maybe over 100 during the period. It rivaled the last spring's great meteor shower. I thought I was witnessing white moths, which were flying into the trees with the sunlight shining on their wings. I realized the STARS were extremely high in the heavens, certainly not 100 to 200 feet! That got my attention. I watched for about 5 minutes before going into the house to call our friend, an astronomer at Dartmouth. He lives two miles away, and went into his yard to spot them. He was unable to see anything, and finally suggested I try to photograph them. By the time I got the camera, they were almost gone, and I was only able to catch one. We ruled out an airplane discharge and ice crystals. Thanks to Carolyn McNellis See photos at FF#37views


LINDEN -- At 9:30 PM, while driving on August 30, 2003, the observer saw a silver disk shaped object in the sky with extremely bright lights. One of the lights was yellow. He states, "While driving I called a family member on my cell phone and stopped to look at it and describe what I was seeing." Then the disk took off but, while I was still on the phone my uncle went outside to look and he spotted it. When I approached the street that it was on, to look at it again it disappeared. I drove around town to look for it, but could not find it, 4 other people (including my uncle witnessed this event), Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Reports


LAYTONSVILLE --At 10:13 PM, on September 1, 2003, the witness heard a loud noise resembling an engine outside, so she looked out her window and saw something like a shooting star, but it was falling UP very fast! A light on the object started flashing VERY brightly and then a HUGE, EXTREMELY BRIGHT searchlight turned on. She states, "I thought they were looking for something as I moved around in my bed to try to get a better view, then the searchlight shined REALLY bright on my window, and I could hardly see." So I closed my eyes for a second, then it was gone! I was still looking out my window when I saw a man's reflection in it. I turned around and nobody was there. Thanks to


ELBERON -- On August 31, 2003, a friend told her driver, "Look at those hovering lights!" The driver acknowledged she could just barely see them. The driver states, "As I began to enter the bend in the road, four lights were directly over top of us with the two on the outsides being slightly the largest. I could not see a shape of the object, because the lights were so bright and it was so close. I told her I was stopping the van when I got out of the curve, right at the highway intersection. The object was hovering, because I could now see it behind me. I said, Let's get out. We both jumped out of the van. The very second I turned, it was absolutely and completely GONE. This thing was SO CLOSE to the ground that the lights were almost blinding to look into. The lights were like vehicle lights 80 feet ahead coming toward us. Without disussing what we saw, we both drew pictures of the same thing." Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Reports


SAVANNAH - The witness reports, "I was on the deck around 2330 hours, on September 1, 2003, and saw Mars off to my east; and I turned and saw a strobe of an aircraft off to the west of me but, I noticed that it was not moving." It looked like a Christmas light, flashing red, blue, and amber color. I grabbed a pair of binoculars and it was so far off that I could only see the lights flashing and changing. I could not see a shape. I thought it was a star -- but I noticed that the other stars were not flashing or changing light texture. I sat down and watched through the binoculars, and it barely moved, while it would flash rapidly and then slow way down. It seemed to grow larger then back off, all the while the lights flashed blue, red, and amber or white. The clouds passed in front of the object and myself and I went inside when it started to rain. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Reports


Kim Shaffer writes, " Just received this conclusion from Jeff Sainio, MUFON's video expert about the disc I filmed August 2nd. Subject: RE: Weather balloons? I measured the object size; not very exciting; the attached graph shows the size (in arbitrary units over the length of the video); drops somewhat, then stays fairly constant. Assuming the object is actually constant, this indicates the object distance; moving away but then stopping. But in doing so I noticed the contrast was quite bad at several points (most notably when a bird flies through the upper right of the video). The contrast loss is not simply due to glare and small size; other points in the video showing a small object (probably due to rotating to a small 'face') show good contrast. The obvious conclusion is that the poor contrast is due to being almost in the clouds. This gives the Rosetta stone; an indication of object distance. Assuming the clouds are at 10,000 feet (is a better number known)? simple trig indicates an object distance of about 4 miles and size of about 20 feet, Max speed about 20 MPH. These numbers are only good to 20% or so. The 20-foot size is certainly interesting. Thanks to Kim Shaffer, 9/7/03 message from See photos at FF #36 views


ROME TOWNSHIP -- Tim Stephen's of the Herald-Dispatch writes, "Maybe it is something for the X-Files. Residents in the Rome Township, Proctorville and Chesapeake areas were curious about the source of odd lights in the sky Sunday and Monday nights. Two lights appeared to circle as if chasing one another each night over Rome Township, prompting residents to peer skyward. Occasional blips or flashes also appeared at random, sometimes over Ohio 7 and sometimes over Ohio 243 toward the Ohio River." "They were just kind of circling around," said Roger Lambert, "The lights appeared, at times, to resemble spotlights reflecting off clouds." The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department received phone calls inquiring about the lights, as did television stations WOWK and WSAZ. The circling lights certainly didn't appear to be lightning. "I didn't think anything of it until I saw the little flashes. Ohio traditionally has been a hotbed for UFO sightings. The northeastern section of Ohio, particularly around Akron, has garnered much more attention for strange phenomena in the sky.

On Friday, then again on Saturday, Heather Rice of Bainbridge, Ohio, spotted and filmed something she couldn't explain in the skies of central Ohio. "It looked like a circular thing with windows with the red and green lights shining through." "It was spinning fast." Thanks to Jim Hickman and the Herald-Dispatch 9/4/3


PONCA CITY -- On September 3, 2003, the witness was outside, at 7:10 PM, and saw a bird, and then he saw this strange bright object with a black dot in the middle of it. First I thought it was a plane, then I realized it wasn't because it was shaped like a disc. I was watching it, and then started to think it was a UFO. It looked silver, but bright like a reflection. It was moving straight then it would move left then back to the same place. I ran inside to get someone, then when we came back it was gone.


LAKE CHARLES -- KPLC in Lafayette, reports Dwayne Wilks says, "My daughter called and said, 'Dad, come outside-there's something really weird in the sky.' It was sometime after nine p.m. last Thursday night. I never saw anything like that before in my life." Witnesses saw a strange string of bright lights in a field, just above a group of tall trees. Wilks says, "I know there were ten of us and we all saw the same thing." Wilks' father Daniel saw it, too. He says, "There was definitely lights out there. Was it a craft? I couldn't say yes or no because it was dark and I couldn't see any craft, but I did see the lights." The Bellon family, who lived close by, saw it too. Wilks says, "I have been living here all my life and have never seen anything in that field, so it wasn't just some object out there It was high enough off the ground. It was something in the air...You couldn't hear it. It was strange, totally strange."


APACHE JUNCTION After taking several photos of the sunrise on August 28, 2003., I came home and uploaded the photos to my PC. One photo has a very clear image of an object that is quite enigmatic. I increased the size by 600% and it still seems to be a solid circular object. Several other photos of the same part of the sky were taken just seconds apart do not show the object. I am willing to send photos Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LOS ANGELES -- My friends and I saw the same light that was described but on Sunday, August 31. 2003. It appeared twice. The first time it appeared it was 11 PM, not long after that there were two red lights in the sky. The sky was clear, no clouds, no glare, no nothing around it. At this time my girlfriends sister called us in the car and we looked up through the moon roof and there it was two bright red dots in the sky. When we got to their house it was gone. I looked up at the sky and saw two stars in the sky. Two hours later it came back. This time only one bright red light appeared, and this time I had my video camera and recorded it all on tape. The light just stayed stationary and didn't move. Then after a few minutes it started to blink almost like morse code. Then it disappeared. After we recorded it, we viewed it in slow motion and at the end we saw a stream of light moving upwards from the ground up into the sky. A video was taken on Labor Day of a similar light and shown on CNN and numerous TV stations around the country. NUFORC


TROUT LAKE -- At 11 AM, August 31st, a very large fireball, green in color, came in from the west and looked as if it hit the eastern slopes of Mt Adams. Fifteen people present at a skywatch witnessed it. There were several other sightings that exhibited strange behavior. One in particular had a brilliant red point of light on the front of the object. It did not strobe and was very high, most likely outside of the Earth's atmosphere. On the 30th, a large triangle was spotted that made course corrections and angle changes as it flew over. Many are trying to say these triangles are tethered satellites; a secret spy satellite system. Sorry, we are not buying it. There may be such a system but it does not make right angle turns and change angles as it flies over. We have these large triangles on film and have seen them at tree top level. They have form; look metallic, yet not totally physical. They flashed a bank of red lights at the tail as they flew over. Thanks to -James Gilliland ECETI Director


BARRIE, ONTARIO -- The witness reported that he and his wife were driving home at 12:29 AM, on August 31, 2003, when their car was enveloped in a very high intense white light coming from behind them. They first thought it might have been a O.P.P. cruiser with its spot lights on. But they soon realized that it was something very unusual due to the light growing in size around their vehicle and the surrounding area. The light was so intense that it lit up the whole sky and area for five seconds. His wife who was driving looked into the outside rear mirror and observed an object flying up from behind them with three colored lights that were orange, red and green. The white light which engulfed their vehicle was so bright, that they had a very hard time seeing and a dozen cars near by hit their brakes almost simultaneously. Suddenly the light disappeared. After the couple arrived home they saw some neighbors sitting outside, who also saw it. Also the TV and radio stations and pilots were reporting it as well.

PENTICTON - BC - A dentist and friend witnessed a massive bluish colored ball of light on August 30, 2003, at 11:30 p.m. that was traveling south over Okanagan Lake and left a trail behind it for 10 to 15 minutes glowing in the night sky. Also the witnesses noticed something dark in color in the center of the blue ball of light. Thanks to Brian Vike, Editor: Canadian Communicator Magazine email: CANADA HBCC


FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL/Reuters -- A power outage left at least four million Mexicans in five states without electricity on September 2, 2003. The blackout occurred before dawn in Mexico's southern states of Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo and parts of Tabasco and Chiapas. By afternoon, power had been returned to about 80% of the affected area. `The preliminary diagnosis is a flaw in a transformer in the Ticul substation in Yucatan. The Federal Electricity Commission said, "The fault, which automatically shut down power lines, could have been caused by lightning, a fire, or transformers.

AJIJIC -- About 10 PM, a retired oil executive and his business administrator wife were enjoying their outdoor Jacuzzi when they observed a red and bright white sphere on August 31, 2003, for some 45 seconds, traveling rapidly towards the northeast. As it approached - quite rapidly in an arc flight path below a moderate cloud cover - it became evident that it was no aircraft. No navigation lights, no strobe lights, no green starboard light. There was no any engine noises. As it approached, the red light took on a ball shape with a steady, bright white light emitted. It disappeared to the northeast, covering the 100 degree arc in 45 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LONDON -- Another mysterious blackout occurred last week, USA Today reports when "power went out in London and parts of south England, stranding thousands of commuters" for 45 minutes on Thursday, August 28, 2003. Half a million people were affected when the outage struck in London and Kent. Much of the London Underground (subway) and regional trains stopped at rush hour." "The power problem originated in two high-voltage lines belonging to the national power grid southwest London." On September 5, 2003, thousands of homes were plunged into darkness after a power cut just after 8.15 PM. EDF Energy said electricity engineers battled to repair a fault in an underground cable. Thanks to

BASINGSTOKE - A shiny black cylindrical object was observed at 4 PM, for about 20 minutes at a low altitude and gliders in the vicinity on August 31, 2003. The object slowly tumbling moved at the same speed as the clouds like a balloon. It appeared to be solid when viewed through binoculars. It did not appear to distort in the wind as a long balloon would. NUFORC


TOLEDO - On August 28, Filer's Files #36 Lissy Dunning's reported a triangular UFO was spotted over Toledo, Ohio, a port city at the western end of Lake Erie, the day before August 14, blackout. Both before and after the blackout George Ritter took photos of UFOs over Fostoria thirty miles south of Lake Erie. Michehl Gent, president of the North American Electric Reliability Council, said that though the cause remains unknown, initial evidence points to the loop that encircles Lake Erie. Gent said power on the northern side of the lake was flowing from west to east just before the incident, and "as it unfolded, the power reversed itself" and nearly doubled. Some 300 megawatts of electricity moving east abruptly reversed course and within seconds 500 megawatts of power suddenly were moving west." "The whole loop had this oscillating power phenomenon, the blackout cascaded off the loop and spread before the electrical system was able to stop it. Terrorism or cyberterrorism was not the cause. It should be noted that UFOs are frequently reported flipping and changing directions. Air Force electronic aircraft have detected large outflows of electric energy from UFOs, equivalent to a power station in output. It is certainly possible that UFOs are tremendous balls of plasma, similar to ball lightning. I have observed while flying large clouds lit up by lightning almost continuously, it seems possible that this tremendous energy becomes electrified mass, held together like any cloud, and appears like a florescent or neon light. This object under the right circumstances can retain its energy for an extended period. It may have a type of intelligence to maintain its life span by attempting to capture additional energy. We have video of this type of UFO moving towards and stopping over thunderstorms apparently to capture more electrical energy. Many eyewitnesses have reported seeing UFOs over power stations, and power lines. If a UFO was taking on power it is quite possible it would cause a tremendous drain that could cause the electrical flow to reverse direction. Electrical engineers claim that large theft of energy could go undetected. Twenty-four hours after the Toledo sighting of a strange triangle-shaped craft, the electrical lines of the Lake Erie region triggered the biggest mass blackout in American history. An August 1st, Florida report describes a UFO sighting that states, "It was right over us coming FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST toward the highway at a pretty high speed. As soon as it was directly over us IT FLIPPED, REVERSED and started heading WEST AGAIN finally shooting away" Each of the blackouts has UFOs reported in the vicinity within a few days.


Two German UFO reporting centers: MUFON-CES and DEGUFO state, there has been no increase in UFO reports due to the closeness of the planet Mars. The group GEP had also said that the Mars hysteria has so far not caused more UFO sightings. More UFO sightings were only reported by Werner Walter from the group CENAP. AP reported that Walter received Mars caused UFO reports on an almost daily basis. The unusual closeness of Mars stimulates people's fantasy, AP wrote. (

"The only thing that Mars stimulates is the fantasy of the press," Illobrand von Ludwiger, physicist and head of MUFON-CES, stated, "The press only reported about UFO sightings that could be explained, consequently, interesting UFO reports don't show up in the press," On August 29, 2003, dpa repeatedly portrayed the German UFO investigator Werner Walter. According to Frank Menhorn, head of DEGUFO, it was unusual that GEP was also mentioned. Usually Werner Walter was almost exclusively the only source and is known for identifying reported UFOs without scrutiny," Menhorn says. Both DEGUFO and MUFON-CES talked to UFO witnesses that rejected Werner Walters explanations.

DEGUFO spoke to two police officers in July 2002, whose sighting was identified by Walter as a "party balloon." One of the officers said, he was "sure that it was something else. It was simply too fast. For me it was just a unique experience." MUFON-CES investigated the UFO sighting of a Berlin resident in June. After Walter identified this UFO as a "miniature balloon," a MUFON-CES field investigator contacted the witness. He regards Walter's explanation as "implausible." The witness had observed a "flat disc" that "disintegrated" over a ten-minute time span. MUFON-CES filed the case as "unidentified" -- as more than 400 other cases. Ludwiger can imagine that the CENAP hotline indeed gets more UFO reports, because the press predominantly reports about it.

On June 23, 2002, dpa even wrote CENAP ran "the only reporting center in Germany." "We feel that we are more being called by more people that have actually seen something strange," Ludwiger says. "On ethical grounds and from the research perspective, it is irresponsible to tell witnesses, that they had seen something else, something that Mr. Walter can explain himself," the physicist says. Contrary to CENAP, MUFON-CES and DEGUFO state there are anomalies. Since 1975, MUFON-CES investigates this phenomenon. The groups goal is "to raise the discussion to a scientific level and inform colleagues about the phenomenon." DEGUFO, too, wants to help answer the UFO question. On September 13, 2003, the group has its 10th anniversary symposium with Menhorn, Ludwiger, and ten more lecturers. Contact DEGUFO Frank Menhorn: MUFON-CES Hannes la Rue:


NASTOLA --On August 28, 2003, the observer reports seeing an object that changed its shape rapidly, and was surrounded with a bluish haze at 10:10 PM. It moved very fast, before it stopped for a few minutes, and then accelerated into distance after five minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


TEL-AVIV - The witness was up on the roof watching the sunset on August 29, 2003, at 7:30 PM, when he saw two black spots flying towards him for 3 minutes. He states, "I fly hot air balloons so I am close to the aviation field. If these are helicopters, I would hear their engines. They were too slow to be airplanes. They flew in a structure, in a very different way from the clouds around them and I've noticed circular spins in the way they move. My balloon instructor happened to notice them at the same time from a different location. We called each other to tell each other the same crazy story! NUFORC


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