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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 17, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate: Double trouble from Hurricane "Isabel" and Yellowstone Super-Volcano Threatens. Venus was habitable for billions of years, Maine - multiple flashing lights, New York - large disk shaped object over NYC, New Jersey - light in orbit around a larger light, Florida - three lights in triangle with the Titan 4 rocket, Tennessee - disc shaped video, Ohio - flying triangle, Wisconsin - bright white light moving faster than a jet, Louisiana - strange lights confirmed, California - disk that stood still, Washington - red cylinders and lights, Canada - large increase in sightings and abduction, England - silver cigar, Netherlands - black object, Croatia - photos of two UFOs also cigar seen, and in Jordan - a strong strange light passed above my car. Chilean Air Force general chases UFO in his F-5 fighter.


According to the National Hurricane Center "Isabel" is dangerous and remains just below category 3 strength with maximum sustained winds recently reported by Air Force reserve hurricane hunter aircraft near 105 mph with higher gusts. This makes "Isabel" a category 2 hurricane. Fluctuations in strength are possible during the next several days. It is thought "Isabel" is headed for the East Coast and me.

YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO THREAT - Dr. Bruce Cornet and others are warning that an eruption of a volcano could occur. Volcanologists calculate that in parts of Yellowstone the ground has risen over seventy centimeters this century, and parts of the park are now off limits to tourists. Scientists have revealed that Yellowstone Park has been on a regular eruption cycle of 600,000 years. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago so the next is overdue. The next eruption could be 2,500 times the size of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Fish are floating dead in the streams, and the lake is closed. There is a very strong smell of sulfur that is often a sign of the impending eruption of a volcano. Animals are migrating out of the area and new geysers and mud pots are springing up daily. Ground temperature often reaches 200 degrees and earthquakes are occurring regularly.


The hellish climate of Venus may have arisen far more recently than previously supposed, suggests new research. If so, pleasant Earth-like conditions probably persisted for two billion years after the planet's birth - plenty of time for life to have developed. Venus is virtually the same size as Earth and, on average, is our nearest neighbor. Today, its atmospheric temperatures are hot enough to melt lead and concentrated sulfuric acid continuously drizzles down from thick sulphurous clouds that block out the Sun. But, the planet once had a climate similar to Earth's and vast oceans of water. Planetary scientists agree that period ended when Venus lost its water due to a runaway greenhouse effect.

The best estimate, calculated by Jeffrey Kargel, of the US Geological Survey, was this happened four billion years ago. However, new work by David Grinspoon, at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, suggests the momentous transition may have occurred much later. Clouds reflect sunlight back to space and therefore cool a planet's surface, and Grinspoon's preliminary calculations indicate that the effect can be dramatic -- keeping the atmosphere 100 Kelvin cooler than without them. Grinspoon says the difference could mean that oceans and pleasant temperatures may have persisted on Venus for at least two billion years. This also suggests that another global transformation on Venus about 700 million years ago, in which the whole planet's surface appears to have melt ed and reformed, may actually have been a continuation of the same greenhouse warming that dried out the planet. Once the water was lost, Grinspoon says, plate tectonics would have stopped completely, and with it the most efficient way for the planet to shed its internal heat. This could have led to a buildup that eventually caused the whole crust to melt and then reform. If this analysis is right, it means that the "habitable zone" for planets around other stars may be much wider than has been assumed, since Venus had been thought to be far outside it. Grinspoon presented his work at the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting. Thanks to David L Chandler, Monterey


CARRABASSET VALLEY -- Three hikers decided to take the half mile hike up to North Horn to watch the sunset at the Bigelow Preserve on September 6, 2003. In the northeast a flash of light caught their eyes at 8:30 PM. Flashes got more frequent and they all saw them 10 to 15 miles out against the shadows of the next ridgeline. The random flashes were very bright alternating between blue/white and orange. At first, they thought they were explosions from military testing but this was ruled out knowing that the fire risk was too high. The lights most certainly were not planes or flares as the flashes varied in intensity. The flashes were roughly over the Appalachian Trail. The witness states, "Among the flashes we could make out a red antennae like object that was not flashing, but glowing." My two friends thought they also saw small objects in the sky being illuminated by the brighter flashes. After 15 minutes or so we were more than a little freaked out and decided to make the half-mile descent back to camp. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BROOKLYN -- On September 8, 2003, at 10:35 PM, a large disc was seen moving at a moderate speed across the sky above lower Manhattan. The body of the craft had a very dim luminescent glow and a small flashing light at the left end. The craft was flattish, but with a curvature on top, like an upside down dinner plate. It seems to be flying, near the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges. The disc was still there at 11:30 PM, near the JFK Airport. Personnel in the tower and planes should have seen it. The UFO had a flashing rear light, a white light in the top center moving in a circular motion on the crown. There is an orange-reddish color to it and there wa s an upward tilt at the front of the craft. It changed shape as it flew back and forth, and had an elongated disk shape to it. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SPRINGFIELD --This was a normal night, on August 31, 2003, when a couple and friend were outside and noticed an object in the sky that looked like a hot air balloon, but it was all lit up and moved much quicker than a hot air balloon. On the bottom of t he object was a blinking light. It moved too quickly to be a hot air balloon or blimp, nor was it in the shape of a blimp. I said it must be an UFO! They laughed. I said, "Well it is an unidentified flying object."

BEACH HAVEN TERRACE - The observer was looking at the sky on September 8, 2003, at 11:30 PM, and observed a brownish/red star (Mars) in the west. The strange thing about this was that a light at times circled around the planet object, Later it moved left to right and right to left. This light was a bluish/white. The object itself appeared to be moving with the orbit of Mars. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CAPE CANAVERAL -- A Titan 4 rocket was launched at 00:29 hours on September 9, 2003, carrying classified National Reconnaissance Office satellite. Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center ( NUFORC ) received seven sighting reports from multiple locations during this time period as follows:

TALLAHASSEE -- Two graduate students from National High Magnetic Field Laboratory observed a rocket shaped object with a flat bottom at 10:15 PM, changing from vertical to horizontal speed for fifteen minutes. The object was flying extremely slowly, at an angle changing from 0 to almost 45 degrees and appeared almost motionless and floating in the air at very low height, almost 30 to 50 feet above the tree tops. A blue light flashing in the bottom of the object and 2 red lights flashing on 2 sides. The object made a low rumbling sound like an aircraft's engine. It suddenly went vertical and then as we followed it and parked our cars, it became horizontal and increased the speed all of a sudden and vanished quickly.

CLEARWATER - A couple went for a late night swim and saw a bright light at 12:30 PM, to the east that split into three triangles, one hovered and two dropped, and the first then disappeared. Four people observed a streak in the sky, a light shot ahead, then the light in the rear broke into two, then one, by one, they all burned out. Four of us observed a streak come up (slightly from the ground direction) and then go sideways (east). A light shot ahead and it was almost as if the object (the faint triangular outline) was stretching. That light burned out and the light in the rear broke into two. Then one at a time they each burned out as the mass moved across the sky.

TAMPA - The witness was driving home when a huge ball of blinding light was taking off with a rectangular shaped trail tapering off of it, which fluctuated in length. The ball of light morphed into three separate lights forming the shape of a triangle, which continued to flicker. All three of these lights had distinct coloration's to them. The main most radiant light at the front/top of the triangle was a pale yellow color, the light on the left was a pale red color, and the light to the right was a greenish blue color. The shape of the lights was in the form of an acute triangle and just floated with such grace. As these three lights got closer they stopped flickering and a form appeared around the lights.

The shape was of a triangle craft with the top peak cut off almost in half. The body was a gray color with a gray blue paneling around it. By this time it was hovering over the tree line and was the size of one and a half football fields. Then the ship gradually disappeared, starting at the rear two dimmer lights, which faded away like streaks in the sky as if it was traveling at great speeds. The main light gradually diminished in size and rose in the sky as if it took off towards the southeast until it fully disappeared. Every thing about this unidentified object was so geometric and precise in it's shape that it was breath taking. This sighting lasted for about three to five minutes.

PORT ST LUCIE - The witness reports something caught on fire while entering the atmosphere at a northeastern direction from me in the sky. Heading ESE there were two long golden flames close together and parallel, with a small bright dot in front as if this thing caught on fire when entering the atmosphere. As it moved across the sky the front dot slowly drifted away from the long flames. The long flames went out first and the small dot stayed lit for about 1/2 a minute longer then went out. The long flames were about two inches long and move about 1 ft across the sky before they went out. the front dot was almost connected to the flames for about 10 seconds before drifting away from the 2 flames. I watched the event for three minutes.

PUNTA GORDA - The observer watched an object in the sky for about five minutes on the southern Gulf Coast of Florida. We thought it was a plane at first but it was too bright and it had a comet like tail.... the object then flared a red color and split into two pieces, one flared again and disappeared the other continued in a bright glow with a tail then flared red and fell straight down also disappearing.

FORT LAUDERDALE -- My fiance, her mother and a physician were driving north on I 95 when we all saw a large trail of light as if fire was being left behind moving east. We pulled off the highway to take a picture. The object then lost the trail and 3 lights appeared. Two were very bright orange the other a fainter white. These lights appeared to hover in a triangular formation fainting again into the clouds. My fiance's mother made an interesting comment that at the age of 15 she saw a similar event over her country of birth, Argentina.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Seven sightings occurred around the time of launch of the Titan 4B missile into a cloud layer shortly after lift off. Some witnesses in Tampa, Clearwater, and Port St Lucie, 125 miles away, reported seeing three lights, not one rocket launch pattern. This might be explained by two massive 112-foot solid rocket boosters and a two-stage liquid Aerozine- 50 and nitrogen tetroxide main engine that boosted the rocket further east and into space. A liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen Centaur upper stage was to boost the cargo into its proper orbit. Several witnesses said, "the object was hovering for several minutes." We have the possibility that cloud layers, distance, and the night launch of several missile stages caused the witness's misperception. However, there is also a possibility that other craft were present. The Tallahassee sighting may have been a UFO moving into position prior to launch, since UFOs are frequently seen in the vicinity of missile launches.


SEAMAN, ADAMS COUNTY -- Kenny Young was contacted on the Cincinnati UFO Hotline to report a tremendously large object seen around midnight of September 13, 2003. Mandy, a 21-year old along with her Mom, her sister and one of her friends saw a huge object off Route 32. They observed a triangular-shaped formation of lights on one large object, the lights flashed in sequence and would simultaneously alternate in color from pinkish-red, blue, white to yellow. There were 4-or 5 lights on the outer edges of the triangle facing downward that flashed as a row of lights. The flashing effect was vastly different than the twinkling of a star. The colors would change in unison, all red or all yellow, etc., and would flash along the outer edge of the object in a slow sequence at first, then the flashing sequence escalated in speed after several minutes into the sighting. The UFO was not quite as big as a full moon, and it hovered above Belfast for almost an hour at an elevation less t han 45 degrees above the horizon. Her mother, who is skeptical about UFOs, decided to have her report the object because it seemed to be so unusual. Both her sister and her friend are skeptical about UFOs, but could not identify the object.. Coyotes were heard howling ridiculously loud during the sighting, and also the previous evening. Thanks to Kenny Young UFO RESEARCH Hotline 513-588-4548


CHIPPEWA FALLS -- It was a very clear sky on September 3, 2003, at 5:00 AM, I had just sent my daughter off to college and I stood alone in the driveway observing the stars, when I noticed a commercial jet on its way to the St. Paul/Minneapolis Airport. It was using the east to west flight corridor. An object appeared from the west that was a very bright white light moving faster, but lower than the jet. It flew directly over my head with no sound and flew northeast in less than a min ute.


BRISTOL - Kim Shaver video taped a disc on August 2, 2003, that was witnessed by his entire family. The object was first observed an estimated altitude of 6,500 feet at 7:45 PM and descends. Video is being uploaded to:


BROUILLETTE -- Andrew Griffin writes, "I forwarded my story to you regarding the strange lights witnessed by many on August 28, 2003. I got another call from a credible witness saying he saw the same lights in the community of Brouillette, between 9 and 10 p.m. when most of the sightings in south and southwest LA took place. The distance between Brouillette and Moss Bluff, Louisiana is 100 miles. The gentleman I interviewed, also, mentioned that this object went toward the southeast, not the southwest toward Lake Charles, and he is positive it was not a helicopter. He was convinced it was a UFO. Thanks to Andrew Griffin/The Town Talk


RIVERSIDE -- My Father-in-law saw a bright light in the sky from the freeway on September 7, 2003, at 9 PM. He kept watching it for over ten minutes as it slowly moved over a small mountain near March Air Force Base looking like a very bright light bulb. It started hovering and looked like a satellite dish in shape that had a halo around it. It didn't look like any normal plane or any other object he's seen. NUFORC


FEDERAL WAY - A couple was taking an evening walk on September 3, 2003, when they saw a very bright lights moving speedily past them at 9 PM. It was a black triangle with three or possibly more bright lights. We thought it was a plane until we noticed it was moving backward it took two or three turns and then started rising and eventually moved out of sight. NUFORC

SEATTLE - An hour later, another witness was walking his dogs in Northgate and saw two distinctly red oblong luminous objects moving northwest across the sky at a high angular velocity at 10 PM. They were very bizarre in appearance, and maneuvered, relative to each other and disappeared behind a nearby building, The witness quickly returned to his residence and drew a picture of what he had just witnessed minutes earlier. NUFORC

EASTERN CASCADES - Cliff Mickelson writes, "Last week, red lights were over Los Angles; my neighbors and I have been watching them up here for over a year now." We, also, witness nighttime military traffic including the flying triangle. I live 25 miles from the nearest town on a small farm in the Eastern Cascades. My home sits on a hill and we have seen enough to make a believer out of anyone! This summer my neighbors, kids, and I watched them every night. They usually appeared several hours after sundown, but rarely after 3 AM. These objects fade and sometimes brightening considerably. Other times they cross the entire horizon at incredible or more moderate rates of speed. Some objects exhibit a single white glowing light with radiant luminescence. An entire group at the reservation gather each night near Mt. Adams, to watch. The highlight of the year was watching a military jet try to catch one. Large groups of stationary and semi-stationary objects flash blue, red, green and white. These lights vary in intensity from one minute to the next. Beginning two years ago, these objects have increased until they fill every quadrant. I have very little use for the desk bound opinions of professionals who fail to come and look. I can guarantee you that you are on to something big! Thanks to Cliff Mickelson Yakima, WA


SAKINAW LAKE - Brian Vike writes, The witness who owns a summer home on the Sunshine Coast reports that on August 7, 2003, she took her star gazing gear in a peddle boat out to the middle of the lake. She states, "I usually stay out for a couple of hours and watch the shooting stars before peddling home." At 10:15 PM, I spotted a shooting star that streaked across the sky heading south then stopped, and split into four lights which formed a square with a light in each corner. It stayed in the square formation for four seconds before it changed forms again. Two lights stayed in place while the other two moved slightly away, then stopped. The four lights together looked like a rectangle and stayed this way for a few seconds. Then the two lights that moved to form the rectangle shot off northward, like parallel shooting stars, while the other two lights only separated slightly and remained stationary.

ENDERBY BC --On August 28th, 2003, around 8:30 PM, my sister and I went for a walk and saw a medium sized hovering white light in the sky. Then not even in a blink of an eye it went from medium size to big, then to very tiny and started moving very fast. It confused me and frightened her.

BARRIERE, BC - A fellow telephoned to say he heard Brian on CIFM Radio talking to a witness about a sighting she and a large number of others had on September 3, 2003,. He said, "I saw something move very strangely at 11:10 PM, and have that object on video. The radio witness says, she saw a huge cylinder shaped craft flying very low, that was larger and longer than any aircraft! There were bright white lights that looked like windows running down the full length of a long tube. No sound was heard. Their cat went nuts when the object passed by

KELOWNA - At midnight on July 31, 2003, two ladies decided to go star gazing at an isolated area off the side of a back road. They were out of the car a minute as Pat shined her flashlight into the sky and they saw three white stars in a triangle shape that started moving together. The lights changed to a neon green and the object flew to a position just ahead of their car. Pat shined her flashlight down the road and spotted something which frightened them - five sets of eyes were staring from 40 feet away. Their first thoughts were coyotes or wild animals. The creatures were roughly four feet tall, with dark gray shoulders. They started coming towards the women. Pat said, "I was so scared. I yelled, "Get in the car." They scrambled into the car, but everything slowed down and the ignition failed."

Finally the car started and they sped off towards home, and noticed a fair bit of traffic and wondered where was all the traffic when all this was happening?" As they drove Pat said, "This is the weirdest thing. I feel like electricity, my whole body is tingling, just like I was zapped by a charge from a battery." When Linda heard this, she said, "I am feeling the same. As if I was hit by an electrical charge." Linda glanced at the car's clock and said, "Look at the time, we were only stopped for a few minutes, now the clock reads an extra 25 minutes of time." Investigation continues. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director UFO Research


BURNLEY TODAY NEWS -- Burnley cabbie, Mr. Steve Haworth, and a passenger watched a mysterious flying object suddenly appear, perform a series of maneuvers and then simply disappear without trace above the town, early on August 30, 2003. Mr. Haworth was taking a customer to work at 7:45 AM, and saw a silver cigar- shaped object with a small pulsating light in the middle, that stopped and hovered. Then it changed shape as it flew forward and backward before vanishing into thin air. Sightings date back to 1869, and have been reported regularly throughout the decades since.

LIVERPOOL -- Four witnesses saw a black shape changing object on August 24 2003, at Glen Park Road Wallasey, Merseyside. It 7:30 PM, as they sat in the garden of a friend's home enjoying the clear weather. One of the party noticed a black spherical shaped object moving at high speed faster than aircraft. Binoculars were brought from the house. The object changed direction and its shape. They lost sight when it went over the roofline. The object was fingernail size at arm's length. Nikki Limb will investigate. Thanks to Bill Bimson

Graham Birdsall has suffered a brain hemorrhage has undergone two operations at the neuro-intensive care unit in Leeds. We urge you to pray for his quick recovery.

Note: Since this issue was written Graham sadly passed away. See


BERGEIJK - At 4:05 AM, a married couple while camping on August 25, saw a big, round, black object hovering at 500 meters above them. Two red 'spots' were visible. Suddenly, "the first part the round object disappeared, and then there a huge extremely bright flash, as it disappeared. Thanks to Toine Trust Site


SLAVONSKI BROD - The witness reports on September 4, 2003, at 3:35 PM, I saw an object that didn't look like a plane or helicopter. I never believed myself in stuff like this but I couldn't explain what I saw. It was moving too slowly for a plane and it didn't have any lights. The craft was shaped like a cigar and was gray in color. It wasn't very high but I didn't hear any sounds and there was no trail. I thought it was a Zeppelin, but I know now it wasn't. I watched for twenty seconds but when it came near a cloud, it just disappeared.

Two unidentified craft were photographed this summer. They may be fighter aircraft, but no tail or wings are evident. Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin @ UFOPlaza x UFOPortal


AQABA -- I was driving home from Aqaba on a desert road south towards Amman on September 2, 2003, at 2:15 AM. It was so dark that you can hardly see a car at this hour. Suddenly I saw a very strong white light coming from behind in my mirror. The light was so bright; I could hardly open my eyes. It kept coming closer and closer so fast. The car shook as it passed over my car and I almost lost control as it passed. I have never seen any thing that fast in my life. I wasn't able to see the shape of the object as it disappeared so fast. I didn't hear any thing but the sound of strong wind just like the sound of a storm. NUFORC


General Hernan Gabrielli described his 1978, UFO encounter to Alejandro Guillier stating: "We were flying two F-5s, dual training craft, and we were returning to base from Mejillones to Antofagasta. I suddenly detected a radar fault and saw a line that ran side to side on the scope, and my student, Danilo Catalan, also detected the same, and curiously enough it was the ground radar, which has a large screen, that also indicated a radar fault. At that time we looked toward [the part of the sky indicated on the radar screen] and we saw that UFO.

It was visualized as a smoke-covered, half-deformed banana, that was very large and in plain sight. It was tremendously large and surrounded by a fumarole, which moved, in our same direction and at the same speed as our aircraft. We approached it carefully. We were heading back from Attack 1, which is a combat tactic involving gun cameras, no cannon, missiles or anything else. So we approached it with caution. The UFO did not go away, so we arrived in an instant at the same altitude, between 30,000 and 35,000. The F-5 fighter covers 10 nautical miles a minute, (20 kilometers a minute).

Alejandro Guillier: And this object you saw, how fast did it vanish?

Hernan Gabrielli: Unimaginable, in other words, thousands of nautical miles a minute, because it vanished toward the west suddenly and the screen cleared up. In other words, all three radar screens--the ground radar, mine and Danilo's -- were operating normally. It wasn't just a visual experience but a physical one as well, one that materialized on the screen. I haven't the slightest idea, where they come from. At that time there was also another sighting by a pilot near Calama, in a Vampire aircraft. Vampires were wooden aircraft, and the fighter climbed to a high altitude but could see from below that the UFO didn't move. However, as the pilot climbed, he said, he could never reach it. They later sent out a pair of fighters, then an F-5 and nothing, really. They climbed to fifty something thousand feet, and had to turn back but they never reached it.

Alejandro Gabrielli: And by the descriptions you recall, general, was there any similarity with the sighting you had in Antofagasta?

Hernan Gabrielli: No, because this one had another shape, it had a other words, as though looking from below upward, the pilots flying at the time said it was triangular. This was 1978, and latest thing around was the Mach 3, SR-71, U.S. spy plane. This thing did not move.

Alejandro Guillier: Now, why does the FACH [Chilean Air Force] handle all of this with such secrecy, because it has in fact appeared before Congress, before parliamentarians, and everyone was deathly silent...there were no such things. Al l they do is create more concern, because one says: "Well, there must be something awful that the FACH, the senators and the deputies don't want to discuss," and in this case they were all quiet.

Hernan Gabrielli: Look, it's not that there's an unwillingness to talk, but since it is an almost intangible piece of information it cannot be handled, it cannot be processed. The base commander is informed and then the page is turned and normal activity resumes.

Alejandro Guillier: Last weekend in Calama, a LAN airliner was flying with the players of the Wanderers team for the big match against Cobrelola and the pilot was forced to make a spectacular turn, diving to avoid a collision with a UFO. Supposedly, there was no airplane there. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Translation (C) 2003.


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