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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 25, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate: Are there aliens among us? Maine - triangular cluster of lights, New York - a bright light almost a peach color, New Jersey - flattened oval and red lights, Maryland - flying triangle, North Carolina -- hovering bright red and green lights, South Carolina - more orange lights over Atlantic, Ohio - flying triangle investigation, Indiana - great balls o' fire videotaped, Illinois - three objects spread apart in Draco, Nebraska - two unidentified crafts playing, Washington - green ball, UFO photos and electric blackout, Canada - lights and abduction investigation, Mexico - saucer like lights, Scotland -lights, England - UFO video at air show, Belgium -flying triangle. Do we have a Moon base? I'm sorry to report that Graham W. Birdsall the Editor of "UFO Magazine," passed away in England.


This weekend I was shown through a millionaire's home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. On the roof of the home there is a spectacular view of Long Beach Island, the Bay and the Ocean. I said, "This would be an ideal spot to look for UFOs." Andy assured me that it was and one had been seen a couple weeks ago.

The discussion turned philosophical into why they are they here. He informed me that they were mating with humans and developing a superior race. He had recently met several women who appeared to be at the most 35 to 40 years old. Their actual age was 65 to 70. They had no surgery or medical tricks to keep them young. They had knowledge of the aliens and their ships. His conclusion was that they were bred to be in position to accomplish some task in the future. Although they did not know what the tasks would be, it seemed involve the medical field since they were trained professionals.

I, personally, have interviewed, four nurses who when abducted had been shown glimpses of the future and a terrible war. They were within the futuristic war scenes giving aid to aliens who had been wounded. They were told that many of Earth's nations were fighting with the aliens and many were fighting against them. Some were shown catastrophes on Earth such as Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. They told me that during their abduction there was a meeting with a divine or sacred being. This seems an attempt to provide a form of religion and bonding with the abductee. Often the abductee has specimens taken from her and is impregnated. Later the abductee is shown her baby offspring that generally appears half alien and half human. The implication is the aliens intend to occupy Earth or have their offspring do so. There are many indications they are already here occupying bases under the sea and in various mountain retreats. Additionally, large alien space ships may orbit Earth. In Fostoria, Ohio George Ritter took this photo of a large cylinder UFO in early August.


YORK -- My mother took a photo of a triangle of lights on August 31, 2003, when she was up having coffee at 4:30 AM. One of those lights just shot off from the other at incredible speeds. There were more lights in a cluster. When we examined the pictures on September 14th, we saw the lights at different spots in all the pictures. In addition, there are pictures of my fiancee's baby shower and there are no lights in those pictures and they were both on the same roll of film. I will send you one of the pictures if you think we got something. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director UFOCenter


GLENFIELD - A group of friends were sitting on the deck of a home in Upstate New York near Ft. Drum on September 9, 2003, at 8 PM, when they noticed over the trees a very bright glowing object. They knew it wasn't Mars or the Moon and continued to watch for about thirty seconds when it totally faded out. It reappeared several times in different spots and faded out again. There were two separate objects that joined and then separated again. One faded then the other. Thanks to NUFORC

NORFOLK - An hour later, three UFOs were viewed appearing and reappearing at a rapid pace. The witness writes, "My husband and I witnessed an extremely bright light SW of our home at 9 PM. As we watched it vanished...reappearing horizontally several miles from the original spot almost instantly. It then disappeared and reappeared with another back at the original location. They vanished, reappearing only seconds later in a triangle shape. They hovered and circled each other, then vanished. My son woke up the previous night with a bright light shinning in his window. When he peered into the brightly moon lit sky, he distinctly saw a triangle shaped craft with red, white and blue lights that changed to red, yellow, and green. The craft moved back and forth coming closer and then shifted rapidly and then vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport


CAPE MAY - The witness writes, "Kevin and I were walking north along the beach from the Lighthouse and I felt strange like I was being watched." About 9 PM, we saw two red orange lights bigger then I have ever seen. They quickly spread outwards into ten lights in each direction, and then converged into two lights as if lining up. The sky got extremely bright and then there was a flash of sparklers that cannot be compared to fireworks. It looked very much like a calculated formation and they then disappeared. The witness states, "I grew up on military installations and I have never seen anything like this since the lights were too bright to be planes or flares," These were too high to be flares and there were no trails. The lights were about eight times brighter than Mars. Sometimes there was one light but then three lights appeared and flew in formation and then blinked out. On one occasion the light stayed on for a minute and then disappeared. My first reaction was fear and anxiety. I have a background in physics and was shocked to see what I saw. I have brothers who are pilots in the Air Force, so this was very bizarre.

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP -- On September 8, 2003, at 11:05 PM, while watching Mars I observed a brightly lit flattened oval object in the sky just above the treeline south of my house in Bedminster and above Bridgewater. The object suddenly appeared in my view and moved slowly to the west for ten seconds before disappearing. The horizontal object was a flattened oval, and seemed to have two stories of numerous windows or lights. The object was a quarter wider than the moon. Immediately after seeing the object, I made a sketch of the object and telephoned the Bedminster township police to report what I had seen and asked if anyone else has reported seeing this object. The answer was no. I am a college grad, an artist and a journalist. I have never witnessed anything like this before. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


ELLICOTT CITY -- Three bright white lights were seen hovering in a triangular formation to the right of Mars on September 9, 2003. The lights turned an orangish color at 8:45 PM. The lights then disappeared after two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


MEBANE -- Looking west along Interstate 40, the observers saw a light in the sky that was moving very slowly to the north on September 11, 2003, at 10 PM. Red and green lights were moving around a bright white center light. It was too slow and almost stationary so it could not have been an airplane. The observers thought it might be a blimp, but there were none in the area. The other aircraft in the sky were moving quickly, consistent with normal airplane flights. The bright light we saw was moving too slow for any plane and the light movements were very strange. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


MYRTLE BEACH - A teacher and a law enforcement officer were sitting on their front porch about five blocks from the beach on September 9, 2003, at 10 PM. The witness states, I noticed several yellowish or orange lights over the Atlantic Ocean. I drew my wife's attention to the lights just before they blinked out. She did get to see them, saying that there were four lights configured so that they appeared to be the headlights of a car. A similar Myrtle Beach sighting was reported to NUFORC on August 31, and it was suggested these could be landing lights. As a resident of Myrtle Beach, I can state that these lights were the wrong color and were stationary, whereas aircraft landing lights are a brilliant white and slowly move toward the airport. Our sighting was several days after that other one, and yet the similarity is striking. As to our backgrounds, my wife works in law enforcement and I am a teacher. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


SEAMAN, ADAMS COUNTY -- Kenny Young was contacted about the sighting of a tremendously large flying triangle seen at midnight of September 13, 2003. Mandy, a 21-year old, her Mom, her sister and one of her friends saw a huge object off Route 32. They observed a triangular-shaped formation of lights that flashed in sequence and changed color from pinkish-red, blue, white to yellow. Coyotes were heard howling ridiculously loudly during the sighting, and also the previous evening. The Adams County Sheriff Department was contacted by telephone (937-544- 2314) to find out if anyone had reported a UFO sighting sometime around midnight this morning. The dispatcher taking the call was interested in the report, saying she lived near Belfast, but that the office had received no calls on it. She took my number and said that it would be posted in the office for future reference in the event of any UFO calls. Next, the Highland County Sheriff's office was contacted at 937-393-1421 to find out if anyone had reported a UFO near Belfast, Ohio after midnight. The dispatcher said he checked the daily log and could find no mention of a UFO complaint.

COMMENT: Kenny Young states, "I view this witness as sincere and reliable." Belfast, is 5-miles northwest of the Serpent Mound State Memorial, where a crop formation was discovered on August 24. I notified Nancy Talbott of BLT Research (Cambridge, MA) and Nancy had additional questions. We had a 3-way telephone conversation. The witness informed us that her father -- had just returned from the store where "a woman came in and told of a 'UFO' seen last night." This UFO sighting is but one of many recent reports originating from Southern Ohio in the past few weeks. Details of the other sightings can be found at Thanks to Kenny Young Hotline = 513- 588-4548


SOUTH BEND - Tribune's writer Ken Bradford reports, "Chris Hardy and his uncle, Brad Hardy, are hoping to grab a lot of attention among meteorologists with the ball lightning they caught on videotape." Brad Hardy was keyed in on the thunderstorm he was watching through the viewfinder of his camcorder. Chris saw, an eerie ball of light crossing the sky about 9:30 PM, on August 21, 2003, in a heavy rainstorm. No pilot would be flying on a night like that so perhaps it was a UFO? Ball lightning is one of those quirks of nature that scientists haven't quite figured out. Some scientists even argued that ball lightning didn't exist. Several sources indicate ball lightning has never been caught on videotape. "We got it," Brad Hardy said. According to the US National Lightning Detection Network, which provides lightning strike information to the National Weather Service, ball lightning is not well-studied and it's not well-documented so a videotape would be very much of interest to the lightning community." Rick Mecklenburg, WSBT-TV meteorologist, had a chance to see the videotape. "It's amazing," he said. Snip. Thanks to (574) 235-6257. UFO Research


COAL VALLEY - As I often do, I was looking at the stars just after 11 PM, on September 3, 2003, essentially reviewing my knowledge of the heavens. I also had a small fire that I was tending to nearby, the remnants of an old tree. I was looking at the northwestern sky, noting that it was remarkably clear this evening. I began to trace out the constellations of Hercules and Corona Borealis, when I noticed that within the adjacent constellation of Draco three previously motionless objects that I had assumed where stars, began to spread apart in the sky! These objects resembled stars; however, they spread apart, briefly, and began to travel in tandem across the sky! I watched them travel across the sky in a triangular pattern until the three objects grew faint and disappeared. Satellites move faster across the sky and do not orbit this close to each other. Certainly, they would not grow faint and disappear. These flew too high to be planes. Their flight lasted 25 seconds and was something extraordinary. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


OMAHA - The witness was standing on his deck, on September 3, 2003, at 11:30 PM, when he noticed two objects hovering near the horizon. The lights didn't blink on and off, they pulsed from dim to bright like the rhythm of a heartbeat. There were a lot more lights, than I've ever seen on a plane. My brother came out and saw them start to move. One began an upward climb that curved up in a perfect half circle on an arching path up and over the stationary one. It then started to move in our direction and everyone in my house was on the deck watching. It didn't make a sound as it flew right over us. The stationary one flew off to the northeast as the lights pulsed and changed color, it flew smoother than a falcon catching an updraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


RENTON - On September 8, 2003, at 11:30 PM, looking east, a large moon sized green ball shot down at a 75-degree angle at what seemed like 400 miles per hour. No sound or explosion occurred it just vanished. A light trail followed it but dissipated almost immediately. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter

BANGOR SUBMARINE BASE -- Dr. Annamarie Johnstone writes concerning electrical blackouts, "During my close-up, daylight sightings, just outside Bangor Submarine Kitsap on October 29, 1996, and immense disc hovered in a tree saddle, adjacent and parallel to high-tension electric power lines. A power outage occurred in North Kitsap County immediately thereafter, with service to 4,343 homes and businesses for four hours. While returning from the Base after the sighting, a multitude of power company trucks and employees were trying to resolve the problem at a local electric substation. It was a clear sunny day, eliminating weather as a cause to the loss of power. Thanks to Dr. Johnstone


ANCHORAGE -- On September 9, 2003, 11:30 PM, the witness noticed an object looking like a star was moving across the sky and changing direction once or twice. I have a report already filed from April 19, and since then I have had 2 more similar sightings, including one on Monday. Both times have involved The second sighting was also watched by my friend Dan, but I don't remember the exact date on that one, it was around 3 weeks ago. I am still at a loss since if they were satellites, they wouldn't change direction, and if they were planes, there'd have at least been noise, or blinking, or something. They always just fade away too, instead of continuing on their way. Has anyone seen similar stuff lately? Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


SASKATCHEWAN -- At 8:45 PM, the witness saw thirty lights in a triangular patterns on September 12, 2003. An additional five were moving at high speed trying to catch up to the lead triangles. They were all moving northwest across the sky. In the last month, my wife and I have seen four other triangles of lights. These sightings kind of freaked me out. There were so many light patterns perfectly formed in triangles, with the lights never breaking formation, with the exception of the ones moving individually.

HOUSTON, BC -- An elderly couple living on Bold Road, reported that they watched a very strange object hovering over the top of Pea Cock Mountain on September 2, 2003, at 11:05 p.m. Lights were running around the outside of the round object as it moved along the top of the mountain for a kilometer without making a sound. Then it stopped and dropped down behind the mountain rather quickly. The following night at 11:45 PM, the same extremely bright object showed up over the mountain for 7 seconds before it dropped out of sight.

ABDUCTION IN KELOWNA, BC - Investigator Brian Vike writes, "At midnight on July 31, 2003, two ladies went stargazing in an isolated area and saw three white stars in a triangle shape that started moving together." The lights changed to a neon green and the object flew to a position just ahead of their car. Pat shined her flashlight down the road and five sets of eyes were staring from 40 feet away. They started coming towards the women. Pat yelled, "Get in the car," but everything slowed down and the ignition failed." Finally the car started and they sped off towards home and realized 25 minutes of time was missing." As they were just about home, they turned onto Baker Street, and saw a bright, glowing neon green ball low in the sky. The object started maneuvering in the sky. When the ladies car stopped, so did the object. The ball of green light started heading towards them at a high rate of speed and hovered high above their car. Pat drove into an orchard that they thought would hide them. Pat said; "They will never find us here." Linda pointed, "We don't have just one green ball of light, there are now three, glowing green objects each half the size of a full moon." The way the green lights were in the sky, it looked as if they formed a triangle and were all moving together. After a short period of time, each of the green lights moved away.

Once safe at home, both ladies were shaken and when they awoke that morning, Pat discovered a large bruise on her left breast and another on the bottom of her foot. These were extremely painful. Linda said, "I feel rough this morning." Then blood came pouring from her nose and she complained of great pain in her lower back area. Pat looked at Linda's back and saw a large circle burned into her skin in the lower tailbone area. Bruises were found on Linda's body that looked like finger marks-three of them on each thigh. Linda, who was visiting from Abbotsford, consulted her family doctor since she was still experiencing terrible back pain. Her doctor examined her back and said, "If I didn't know any better, I would say you have a radiation burn." Brian Vike's HBCC UFO investigation continues. Photo at CANADA HBCC


MEXICALI - The witness was driving parallel to the border on September 9, 2003, at 10 PM, when his wife asked about the lights in the northeastern sky. The lights were flying on top of one another just across the border from Calexico. Then some smaller lights start to appear -- and they resembled a flying saucer or an airplane shooting fire and the lights followed the path. The lights were moving and too high up to be ground lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


BONNYBRIDGE -- On September 9, 2003, at 8:23 PM, with twilight cloud cover and good visibility a light took the form of a dome shaped bright white light. Whilst traveling to Falkirk for a meal with my partner, we both noticed a bright light in the distance within 4 miles. At first we both thought it was a star, however as I was driving towards the direction of the light (above Falkirk) both my partner and myself clearly saw the white light became dome shaped. After about one minute of clearly seeing the object, we both witnessed the light simply disappear. The light disappeared as if the light was being extinguished from the top to the bottom. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


GOODWOOD FESTIVAL -- Santiago Yturria writes, "On September 5, 2003, at the Revival air show, two World War II aircraft were flying in formation above the crowd when a disc entered the formation in a clear sky. A British Spitfire and a P-47 were flying in formation, when a disc shaped UFO joined them at 1:35 PM. Simon, a 29-year-old from West Sussex was filming the event with a JVC Hi-8 PAL camcorder and his images are excellent. The maneuvering UFO could have caused a dangerous collision. The footage is crystal clear with zooms to both the aircraft's and the UFO. The two planes, flying in formation and making a turn from left to right are filmed with an unknown brownish object, round in shape that appeared in the scene passing from right to left close to the airplanes at moderate speed. The images are clear and the unknown object was caught in several frames by Simon's camera. Simon made a great zoom to the object and it's shape and size was clearly revealed. A disc shaped UFO was floating making balancing movements and appears to be a metallic structure. Simon and the crowd were impressed by the unknown intruder. Thanks to Santiago Yturria and Jeff Rense. The film is at

EDITOR's NOTE: -This is the second well known Air Show that has been joined by a UFO. A Stunning video was shown on Ukrainian ICTV and Russian television showing a UFO skiming a Ukrainian fighter jet moments before it crashed into a crowd of aviation enthusiasts at Sknilov Aerodrome killing 84 people on July 27, 2002. The video clearly shows a UFO that is mentioned by the TV commentator, which passed near the descending Su-27 fighter that killed 27 children, and wounded 199. It was the most tragic air show crash in history. The UFO's presence during this tragedy was confirmed again and attracted public attention when published in the "Komsomolskaja Pravda" newspaper in Moscow and the "Komsomolskaja Pravda" in the Ukraine on August 7, 2002, Page 10. The UFO that participated in the Air Show in England fortunately did not cause the fighters to crash. The UFO pilots must be aware that that high quality video is available at most air shows indicating their willingness to be videotaped, and to show they're maneuverability and superiority. Both of these incidents indicate a brazenness and openness not generally shown by UFO pilots. I predict they intend to display themselves to more of the world's population in exciting and spectacular ways in the future. Photo is taken from video and shows cylinder shaped UFO, outlined in dark disc.


LEEDS -- I'm sorry to announce that our friend Graham W. Birdsall the Editor of "UFO Magazine," suffered heart failure and passed away on September 19th. His passing came just two days after undergoing a seven-hour operation following his recent brain hemorrhage. His wife Christine and daughters were by his side. Graham brought serious UFO research into the public domain and was an enthusiastic Ufologist and will be greatly missed. Funeral arrangements have been made for 1 PM, on Tuesday September 30. The service will be held at St. Mary's Parish Church, Leeds, England.


GENT, EAST-FLANDERS -- A 43-year old woman living in an upper floor apartment along the River Schelde, noticed on September 14, 2003, at 3:15 AM, a strange object above the inner court of her apartment complex. The witness suddenly woke up, and everything was deadly quiet, no trains, no clock, or other noises. She only felt a strange vibration and could hear more sharply and was very quick-witted. Sitting on her bedside, she noticed from out her window a dark isosceles flying triangle, from about ten meters. The object moved at a distance of 20 meters and a height of 50 meters. On each corner there was a big bright white light. It moved very slowly from the east to the west and covered a distance of 3 meters in about 7 seconds. The continuance was very slow without shaking and it gradually moved out of her sight. When the sighting was over, she could hear her ticking clock again and the night light now worked. Although the sighting lasted only a few seconds, it was 15 minutes later on the clock! She was very amazed by this. She had fifteen minutes of Missing Time. She tried to wake her husband, who had slept through all this, but he didn't want to hear her story. As a kid she had experienced something similar. She was sure this object was not from Earth and wanted to be noticed. Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin @ UFOPlaza x UFOPortal site:


BOSTON - Claude DiDomenica writes, "Previously classified military documents may hold key to answer to a moon base. announced today the release of a new E-Book CD- ROM entitled, "Project Horizon: Do we have a Moon base???" In 1959, a technical task force that included the US Army Corps of Engineers, authored the Project HORIZON study. The primary objective of the study was to build the first permanently manned self-sustaining moon base by 1966. Claude DiDomenica said, "I first learned about Project HORIZON from the controversial 1997 book, 'The Day After Roswell,' by US Army Colonel Philip J. Corso (Retired). Although the general theme of the book was about the extraterrestrial presence, there was an interesting chapter called Project Moon Base." Mr. DiDomenica added, "In July of 1997, I contacted the historian of the Corps of Engineers to verify the Project HORIZON study existed. He replied, not only did the study exist, but that he would be happy to send me a copy."

Mr. DiDomenica received the document and said, "I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I receive the document, but also received three Appendices of Volume I that were not included in 'The Day After Roswell,' and the complete Volume II of the study." Volume II of the study is around 300 pages, which are included on the CD-ROM. "I took great care in scanning Volumes I and II, and created a user-friendly navigation system," stated Mr. DiDomenica. He continued, "I also wrote an overview, explaining my theory that we have a secret moon base." Mr. DiDomenica explains, "As far as I know, the 400+ pages of previously classified US Army documents have never been released to the public and what I am doing is providing some convincing evidence that a moon base was very serious in 1959." So, the question of 'Do we have a Moon base?', is up to the readers of my E-Book." This provocative CD-ROM creates more questions than it provides answers. What I do hope is that people will find these documents interesting and perhaps prove that a moon base may be real. DiDomenica 781/ 440-6595


Pat Marcatillio is holding The Great UFO /ET Congress in Bordentown, NJ on October 4 and 5th at the Days' Inn. Speakers are: Dolores Cannon, Dr. Hans Holzer, Dr. T. Peter Park, Budd Hopkins, Rob Swiatek, and Rick Fisher, Details are at--


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