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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 1, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate: The missing link is missing "suggesting a creator for homo sapiens, Mars - Arthur C. Clarke says, "Mars has vegetation," Maine - triangular cluster of lights, New York - fighters try to shoot down UFO? New Jersey - two triangle shaped UFOs, Florida " four triangular objects, Kentucky - strange vanilla star-like light descends over yard, Tennessee - disc video investigation, Kansas - ongoing sighting, Washington - UFO photo of disc, Canada abduction and sightings continue, Mexico - silver-plated spheres, England - UFO video at air show, and Netherlands - huge cigar sighted, Watch for UFOs in the movies, and Japanese mystery UFO Armada seen in 1938. I'm sorry to report that Betty Hill the first reported abductee is ill.

"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform." Mark Twain


Der Voron, author of the book "Starcraft" reports in Pravda News - Scientists cannot find the "Missing link," that was an immediate ancestor of the original Homo Sapiens, referred to as the Cro-Magnon man; while they found and continue finding remains of many less advanced forms that existed previously. The remains of the immediate ancestor that evolved into Homo Sapiens, should be found. The remains of Neanderthal, which is not the Homo Sapiens ancestor, existed at approximately the same time. Evolution takes many generations, and the next generation has more representatives of a species than the previous one. The probability of finding remains increases with the number of generations and greater numbers of beings. If scientists cannot find such a form, while they find many less advanced forms, this may mean for 99.9% that this form never existed, and that the original Homo Sapiens was genetically engineered. By whom? I believe the answer is evident: by certain intelligent beings, of extraterrestrial origin. If we assume these intelligent beings were of terrestrial origin, i.e. were non-human intelligent species who lived on the Earth and who reached such a level of development that could engineer the Homo Sapiens, then the situation will be yet more complex than with the "Missing link," since no remains of any other intelligent beings for those times were found. In addition, if we assume they buried their dead so that no remains would have been found, then how could they do that at the level they reached befWore, i.e., when they were not as advanced as when they buried their dead in the described way? Could they have found and buried (burned) all of their dead? There should have been more than enough, else how could they create such a developed civilization that was supposedly able to biologically engineer such species like Homo sapiens? Unless we assume that intelligent octopuses or dolphins -- sea inhabitants -- could have created a civilization and engineered an intelligent primate.

Many scientists think that the creation issue is simply this: Our existence, the universe and everything we observe was a product of either: A. Creation = Intelligent design B. Chance or Random Occurrence = Evolution. I don't think that, with the level of science reached nowadays, scientists can duly discuss and solve the problem of creation of the entire Universe (galaxies, stars, planets, satellites etc.), but perhaps the problem of emergence of life and intelligent life can be discussed in the following way... Calculations show that the chance for emergence of life and moreover intelligent life is very low ("it is more likely that a hurricane could compose a new Boeing aircraft from the fragments of a broken one lying on the ground"). But the Universe is giant -- endless -- so this chance did take place, and the life, and then the intelligent life emerged. The civilization that was created by this intelligent life -- we can call this civilization God -- began creating life/intelligent life in other star systems (besides what we call aliens' bases in star systems, or giant mother ships), and maybe it was not only the life and bases that this civilization created, but also some star systems, planets, their satellites, quasars, etc. The issue here is that the Universe is not only endless, but also eternal, and this means that the process similar to the one described above may have taken place many innumerable times in its different innumerable parts. Thanks to Pravada 19 Sep. 2003.


Arthur C. Clarke says, Mars has a case of the munchies. That is, the red planet is spotted with vegetation with some sort of life feasting on the foliage. The noted sci-fi writer and space visionary, made the claim during the 2nd annual international conference on the space elevator, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sir Arthur beamed into the gathering by satellite link on September 13, 2003. When asked what destination he'd like to travel to via the space elevator, Clarke said he was "ready and willing" to journey to the red planet. "Mars is the obvious place," Clarke said. "I'm now quite convinced that Mars is infested with life. Mars orbiter photographs show huge areas of vegetation. I don't think there's any doubt anymore on that. And where there's vegetation, there will be something nibbling on it," he said. Just as the audience was chewing on Clarke's Mars life view, he added yet another bit of speculative advice -- this time on cold fusion. "It's not cold. It's not fusion. It may be tepid fission or something," Clarke said. "DWon't laugh¦but there's something going on there. Thanks to Leonard David and Bruce Cornet


A triangle shaped object containing three bright lights was viewed through an 8" telescope on September 12, 2003, at 8:40 PM. At a local star gazing session, we noticed a possible satellite (no blinking lights) traveling west across the southern sky 25 degrees above the horizon. I managed to catch the object in an 8" Dobsonian reflector telescope and track it off and on for over a minute. It had three bright lights arranged in a triangular shape and passed in front of the startled behind it. We all thought it could have been the ISS or a satellite, however, upon returning home, I checked NASA's J-Track software for satellite observations at 20:40 and the only objects remotely visible were 2 small orb comm satellites (FM7 and FM8). I had a good view with the telescope and have never seen an object like this traveling east to west; since no satellites travel in this direction.

FORT DRUM -- Some friends were outside watching satellites at 10 PM, and saw some explosions in the sky toward Fort Drum on September 16, 2003. The witness states, oWe saw a flashing light moving across the sky at a high rate of speed, changing directions and stopping many times.Then it moves almost out of site and then rapidly zooms over Ft. Drum. What looked like several fighter planes attempted to follow it and more bright orange fireballs appeared behind the UFO. We could hear jets going to afterburners aWnd the object would zoom away again only to return after several seconds to be fired upon again. Truly amazing! The sky was clear and the Milky Way was clearly visible. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ ] UFOCenter


WILLIAMSTOWN On September 19, 2003, a 16-year-old was up in his bedroom watching TV when he heard a very odd noise, so he looked out the window and saw a flying triangle with a light at each point. The lights were a whitish-yellowish color. He states, oI could clearly notice it had no wings and there was a weird blue haze around this craft. It seemed to have equal sides on each side of this triangle and if anything, it looked metallic. It flew over my house so I went into the hallway to see out the other side of the house. Then, I saw two triangle crafts with the three lights one in front of the other. These crafts were flying over Black Horse Pike and Cross Keys Airport. There are always planes, but these were the only ones, The flying triangles were VERY big. They continued flying away out of my view.

BRICK The witness was traveling east on Route 70 in rain at 3:30 AM, on September 13, 2003, and noticed the rain suddenly stopped hitting his windshield, and then started back up after about 1/10th of a mile later. The gap in rainfall lasted about 7-10 seconds, like it does when you pass under a bridge during a storm. The sky was darker than normal here so he pulled over to look towards the west. The witness states, oThe clouds in the sky picked up the ambient light from the streetlights, and against them I could see a much darker object, hovering over Route 70. I couldn't gauge the exact size or shape, but my impression was that it was huge. It seemed to drift towards the south, and then I couldn't discern it anymore. There were no overpasses or bridges in the vicinity for me to pass under, and the trees did not overhang the highway. There was no sound and no lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ ] UFOCenter


ORLANDO - On September 17, 2003, at about 10:30 PM, a couple were taking their dog for a walk and were looking at Mars, at about 10:35 PM, when they saw a flashing white light moving east. The wife discovered a second flashing red light that was stationary directly below Mars. The first object was heading directly towards the stationary object that had a red light underneath. When the first object lined up directly over the stationary object the two then began to move north. It wasn't a satellite, because satellites do not make 90-degree turns. These objects were very high up. We saw a third stationary object flashing, and then a fourth. The two new objects were stationary and the first two objects were heading directly towards them. At this point we became very uneasy. The first two objects now lined up with the two new objects and all four began to head north. One object was substantially larger than the other three, and they suddenly went black, and only the larger object was visible. I doubt the military has anything that can hover in the upper atmosphere, wait for the other objects to catch up and then proceed. If there was ever a doubt that there is something else out there we have now seen it with our own eyes. My wife, a devout Christian, didn't want to see this. 10-15 minutes. UFO Center

LAKE WORTH The witness was driving and saw three orange orbs in a triangular formation on September 12, 2003. Each one had the same dark orange color glow. The witness stepped out of his vehicle and the orbs went behind a tree. Very soon the nose light of the UFO triangle emerged. After a few seconds the last UFO disappeared. The witness states, oI heard no noise coming from these UFO's and no flashing lights. It was pretty low to the ground, so low that if it were a plane you would definitely see flashing lights of some kind. It was heading from east to south. UFOCenter

SARASOTA K. Dittman writes, My girlfriend was driving west towards downtown at 7:50 PM on Friday, September 12, 2003, when she saw a slow moving fireball with an inch long trail. She called me from her cell phone, and asked me to go outside to see if I could get a photo of the fireball. She stated, oIt moved too slow to be a plane or a bolide and remained in sight for eight minutes. It had a reddish pink glow to it. Our home is located out by interstate 75 and I was unable to view this object. When she returned a short time later, I was still outside looking around. When she got out of the car, she pointed up at Mars and said the object was ten times bigger in size than the planet and was the strangest thing she ever saw.


Corbin The observer was out on the deck star gazing around 9 PM on September 17, 2003, a beautiful bright, vanilla star about the same size and color of Mars appeared very close overhead in the north sky and started to smoothly descend towards me. It was a steady light, moving deliberately and it did not seem to be a falling star or comet. There was no noise. The speed at which it descended is hard to describe, as it was as if it was a controlled speed, not really fast or slow but very smooth and deliberate. It came in so close to the yard it was level with the high treetops. Although at fWirst I was mesmerized by it's beauty, the closer it got to me, I became terrified, and ran inside. I know this sounds crazy but it was as if the light could sense my fear and retreated backwards until it faded from view. It looked like a bright star with a hard, almost diamond- like brilliant center surrounded by a softer glow of the same color. The reason I got so frightened was was that I felt like it would have come right down to me, if I hadn't gotten out of the way. I live in the country near Daniel Boone State Park. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ ] UFOCenter


Bruce Maccabee writes, "Kim Shafer videotaped a disc with a cloud ceiling reported at 16,000 feet or 3 miles high If the disc was at a 45 degree angle the slant range up to a height of 3 miles is 3/0.707 = 4.3 miles. At a 30-degree slant range would be about 6 miles. If the clouds in the video were at 16,000 ft and the object wasn't close to the clouds then it was several miles away. I don't recall a place in the video where it went into a cloud, so I guess we don't know how high it was when you videotaped it. But, if it were 1000 ft away it was about 1.5 ft in diameter and if 16,000 ft away it was 16x larger or 24 ft. Big for a child's balloon! Thanks to


PHILLIPSBURG - A neighbor and her son were standing in their front yard pointing to the sky. They said that they were watching for a light that would be in one spot and then in a totally different spot later that night and other nights. The boy was told to watch by his high school science teacher, who had been watching it for several nights. The observer writes, on September 23, at 10:08 PM, I saw what I believe to be the same light. The light was low and very bright (about the same brightness as Mars but whiter) and flashing in the northwestern sky at about 30 degrees above the horizon. The flashing light remained constant in that position for an hour. Subsequent nights since then have shown no lights (or stars) in that position During this and all other nights, Mars was visible in the southeast sky. Thanks to Jennifer Brown-Jacobs


We were driving along I-20 and saw this 'object' way off in the sky that just stayed in one spot. We were in no particular hurry so we decided to see if we couldn't get close enough to identify it. We took some side roads and got close enough to see that it was a huge tethered balloon. While we were stopped by a field, the farmer said, It was a balloon with a radar on it to track smugglers coming up from Mexico.

ALBUQUERQUE - Don Robertson reports, "It was stationary for at least 30 minutes and was still hanging there the last time we looked." We stopped our vehicle and sighted it over a fence post for a while and it appeared to travel with us as long as we drove straight west. It was many times larger than the lower aircraft, silver white in color except when it was reflecting the sun set and then it was red orange. The sky was cloudless, so no clue about wind at that altitude. We lost sight of it when we turned. My husband iWs an engineer (defense contractor) and this was the first sighting that stumped his logic -- due to size and height and length of time it just hung there. Also, after sunset it resumed to a silver white appearance in a dark sky which seemed to us to be self illuminating. It was maybe 50 X larger than stars & planets but it was the only object in the sky other than the planes which were our frame of reference -- it dwarfed them. Thanks to Don Robertson

Editors Note: I have seen these tethered balloons in Florida and Puerto Rico that carry radar antennas to locate low flying drug running aircraft. Rumors persist that the Air Force, Navy and DEA also have large blimp like craft that carry radars to plug gaps in our radar air defense system.


MT. RAINIER -- I have enclosed the photo I took while in the Mt. Rainier area in August. I don't know if it is a UFO, so I leave it to the experts. The photos were taken from inside a vehicle thru the front window, but the objects appear to be solid and not a reflection from inside. At the time I took the photo I did not see the objects. There was nothing except mountains and trees. Thanks to Vanessa Romero.


KELOWNA - Investigator Brian Vike, below are three pictures I received from the ladies who had the missing time in Kelowna, British Columbia. Linda who was the passenger in the car that night and had wounds on her body after a possible abduction. In the first photo, the wound had healed up somewhat, but it took a turn for the worse and the results are shown in picture number #1. I was told that the doctor is stumped due to not knowing why the wound will not heal. Also, the doctor reports that he still does not know what caused it. Let us hope the wounds completely heal. Many thanks to the ladies for providing these pictures to a very important event. Photos can be viewed along with the full report at:

Thanks to: Brian Vike, Director CANADA HBCC Research

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC - Mark explains, "My wife spotted something in the corner of her eye, on August 11, 2003." She went out on the deck around 6:20 PM, and saw a round hovering object that flipped, and turned bright blood red. She yelled, so I got my got my new camcorder shot a saw a cigar shaped object over the trees. I had trouble locating it in the viewfinder, as it was flying very fast. I was shocked, I thought it was just a balloon, but I wasn't laughing when I reviewed the tape. I'm using a JOCK mini DV, GR-d90 camcorder; that shows a very unusual craft. Thanks to Mark

BARRIERE - On September 10, 2003, a couple were outside tending their farm animals when they saw a bright white light heading directly in their direction that passed soundless over them at 8:50 PM. They then heard a sound coming from the north that was growing louder as it approached. He was so shocked seeing a large silent bright white light, he never thought to "try" to take a bit of footage. The witness got his video equipment that he often uses to catch footage of forest fires and as the sound from "something" eWlse drew closer, he started shooting. He was surprised to see two large military helicopters fly low overhead chasing the strange light. A large number of Canadian troops are fighting forest fires throughout the province. Recently, the media, and the general public were taking pictures of a forest fire when the RCMP took everyone's film away from them.

KAMLOOPS, BC - On September 18, 2003, at 7 PM, the witness saw a white spherical object moving west that was about 3/4 of the size of a dime held at armÖs length. Strong winds were blowing a thick lower cloud cover. It was not yet dark, when the witness saw a perfectly round white object moving slowly west above the lower cloud cover against the wind for about 45 seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike CANADA HBCC


TIJUANA -- On September 10, 2003, at 3:30 PM, three silver- plated spheres were spotted at a distance of 1 kilometer on a sunny day by a family. Looking east the family saw three objects approaching that appeared to be silverplated form of a sphere. They observed the spheres for about 5 minutes that were flying at only 200 meters of height. The witness thought the objects were about 3 meters in diameter as they flew off towards the south at medium speed.Tijuana The witness states, oI was cleaning my dog on September 17, 2003, at 5:10 PM, when I looked to the west and I saw a flying object 250 meters above a hill that is about 1/2 mile away. It was gray and sometimes it flashed brightly as it moved irregularly. It hovered for several minutes and instantly disappeared leaving a momentous trail pointing to the south. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOCenter


UFO VIDEO AT AIR SHOW GOODWOOD FESTIVAL -- Santiago Yturria writes, "On September 5, 2003, at the Revival air show, two aircraft were flying in formation above the crowd when a disc entered the formation at 1:35 PM. Aviation expert Don Berliner informs me that he identified the aircraft as a US Navy F4U Corsair, and a P-40 Tomahawk fighter in Chinese Flying Tiger markings. The disc is about one third the size of the P-40, that has a wingspan of 37.3 feet or about 12 to 13 feet. The disc may be closer to the camera and its size maybe smaller. Simon, a 29- year-old from West Sussex was filming the event with a JVC Hi-8 PAL camcorder and his images are excellent. The maneuvering UFO indicates it operates with its own propulsion system and could have caused a dangerous collision as an unknown metallic brown disc passes from right to left close to the airplanes at moderate speed. Simon made a great zoom to the object and it's shape and size was clearly revealed. The disc impressed Simon and the crowd. Thanks to Santiago Yturria and Jeff Rense. The film is at

GLOUCESTER - Four light brown/red oval objects seen in the sky flying from northeast on September 4, 2003, at 10:23 PM. The object was the same size as Mars in the night sky, but without the glare. The object was a trapezoid with a craft/light at each corner. The rear two objects accelerated to the front and seemed to touch. The craft made absolutely no noise.

LIVERPOOL, WALLASEY -- A housewife claims that the area is a hotbed of UFO activity. Nikki Limb is the newly appointed Wirral representative of the Merseyside Anomalies Research Association (MARA), which was set up in 1996 to investigate and research UFOs and other strange incidents. She says UFO sightings are extremely common in Wirral and many are regularly reported to her. She also claims to have seen UFOs herself. "There have been lots of recent sightings," said Nikki. "We log each sighting and interview the people who report them. We check flight paths and make sure no planes were flying over when the object was spotted because sometimes planes wings can catch the light and distort the shape of the aircraft. "If we think it's something that can't be explained we look into it" furWther and try to find more witnesses. If we can't verify the sightings we don't record them." Witnesses are interviewed and each incident is looked at with an open mind. Nikki said: "We meet monthly to discuss all the group's findings. We're not saying that what people are seeing are flying saucers -- they could be something completely natural or even something from the military.

"We get a lot of reports of objects rising out of the Mersey so we think that the water has something to do with all the sightings in the area." One of the strangest of MARA's incidents occurred on August 24, 1997, when a black sphere rose out of the river. MARA founder Tony Eccles said: "Most of the things people see are explainable, they look mysterious but can mostly be identified. "However, there are areas in Wirral that seem to have more sightings than most places. There are quite a lot of sightings in Bidston and several people have seen them while they are driving on the M53." 9-26-3 Thanks to Jim Hickman


In the "1999" Movie "Arlington Road" with Jeff bridges and Tim Roberts there is a scene when they are in the backyard arguing and if you look over the shed in the background you can see very clearly a small, white, oval, shape move very quickly across the screen. JAWS has two streaking objects, below the cloud layer, in the original film, immediately following the discussion of the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis toward the end of World War II, the three actors move from the cabin of the fishing boat to the deck. In rapid sequence, two small, brightly lighted objects are seen streaking across the sky behind one of the actors. The objects probably are not meteors since they would create a sonic boom that would have been evident, and the actors did not flinch. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ ] UFOCenter


'MYSTERY ARMADA' WATCHES JAPANESE PLANESTokyo, Jan. 27, 1938.--(AP) -- The Japanese navy spokesman said Thursday a mysterious aerial armada "apparently of considerable size" had been following and observing operations of Japanese planes in China. Thus far no aerial combats between the mysterious, unmarked armada and Japanese craft have been reported, but the spokesman said there were several instances in which Japanese planes had pursued the phantom observers. "In such cases," he said, "the mystery planes fled. We were unable to locate their base." Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, North Dakota) Thursday, January 27, 1938


HUGE CIGAR On September 21 at 7.15pm a huge cigar shaped object was seen above Zwartewaterland, Overijssel,. An amateur astronomer watched the object through his professional Oberwerk 11x70 binoculars on a tripod for almost 20 minutes. The object flying at a height of about 7 km looked like a small letter 'l' without the loop, and had on the right bottom a small hook. The object was yellow-red colored. At the end of the sighting the witness noticed two small star-like lights beneath the object, who went on in turns, with an interval of 2 seconds. These intelligent-behaving lights moved away from each other, and next moved back to each other for several times. According to the astronomer, the object could not have been a satellite, ISS, plane, weather balloon or whatever. The object moved very slow, even slower then a satellite, almost floating. It finally moved out of sight. Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza - UFOPortal site: mail:

BETTY HILL - WORLD'S FIRST ALIEN ABDUCTEE SUFFERING PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- Betty Hill a wonderful 84-year-old women is suffering from lung cancer. That didn't stop her from recently celebrating the 42nd anniversary of her abduction, which happened September 19, 1961. On that night, Betty and her husband, Barney, were reportedly taken aboard a disc-shaped craft and given a medical examination by a group of aliens. Hill claims her E.T. examiners were bald, big-eyed and only about 5 feet tall but, otherwise, looked human. She's going through chemotherapy for lung cancer and asks you send donations to American Cancer Society

PINE BUSH N.Y. Vinny Polise writes, The hottest area on the East Coast for UFO and paranormal activity is located only forty-five minutes away from New York City.Ø For decades hundreds of UFO sightings and their occupants have been seen throughout the Hudson Valley, that seem to originate from the Pine Bush area, the Northeast UFO capital of the world. A new Web site has been created to document the activity. We ask for your help in reporting UFO sightings. A support group is in the area. Please contact Vinny Polise at: New site at


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