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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 22, 2003

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Asteroid gets within 52,000 miles of earth. Crack in the Earth, UFOs – Nanotechnology and biological machine theories for George Ritter's videos, Massachusetts - five hovering lights, Connecticut -- We saw two discs, New York – sphere heads north and up, New Jersey - sphere with 37 windows, Maryland – seemed to be practicing formations, North Carolina - small orange oblong craft, South Carolina - video of UFO, Florida – Arrowhead UFO, Ohio - strange passenger jets and new dirigibles to be built, Indiana - saucer shaped craft with kaleidoscope lights, Illinois – four lights rotating in a circular motion, Michigan - light circles another, Wisconsin – Missouri - the teardrop object flew faster than any plane I've ever seen, Arizona - huge gold saucer sighting, California -- discs, orange oval dropping flares, Canada - flat silver UFO, UK/England - two bright lights hovering 200 yards off the ground. Sweden - two flying objects flying at incredible speed, and Bahrain - strange bright yellow lights

MUFON's mission is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of mankind, investigate sightings, promote research, and educate the public on the UFO phenomenon.


PHOENIX -- By Michelle Rushlo, Associated Press Writer - An asteroid discovered by Arizona astronomers last month passed within 52,000 miles of Earth — the closest documented approach of an asteroid that didn't collide with the atmosphere. Close encounters with 3 to 6 meter asteroids in diameter are not unusual, but catching images and documenting orbits of those asteroids are difficult. "The coup is to actually see one of them ... so we had a bit of luck," said Edward Bowell, director of Lowell Observatory's Near Earth Object Search program. Images of SQ222, as it's been dubbed, were captured by Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff and documented by Fountain Hills-based nonprofit Minor Planet Research. Minor Planet Research was testing a computer and image system designed to allow students to look for asteroids and other space objects when a researcher spotted an object moving about twice the speed of the moon that passed less than a quarter of the distance to the moon, on September 27th. Had it struck the Earth's atmosphere, it likely would have simply burned up. Paul Johnson, executive director of Minor Planet Research, said the discovery of SQ222 helps illustrate the importance of the human element in searching for asteroids and other space objects. Minor Planet Research's asteroid discovery system adds the human eye to the equation. The nonprofit hopes to have the system installed at the CHALLENGER SPACE CENTER, an education center in Peoria, near the beginning of the year, so that students will have a chance to make their own discoveries. Thanks to Michelle Rushlo


FOSTORIA -- George Ritter continues to take videos of UFOs on an almost daily basis of ghostlike, almost supernatural objects. His VHS RCA camera films UFOs flying above a farm silo beyond his pond some 265 yards away. Some of his films show aircraft, birds, and the UFOs. Often the UFO's reflection can be seen in the water in the pond. The UFOs are of various shapes such as cylinders, discs, and triangles. Many appear to be heading into or out of a large farmer's field. They seem to be able pass through the surface of the field or into the farm buildings. Many do not seem to be fully formed or solid, and appear almost ghost like reminding me of Halloween images of spirits, phantoms, ghosts, and apparitions. It is possible we are observing advanced technology, of an object that is not yet reconstituted. Often UFO photos and videos show some kind of light, or wavy kind of object. We have often thought the propulsion system is causing some type magnetic or electrical interference on the film. This interference in the video may be caused by their high speed, the propulsion system, or the construction methods of the UFOs. The first UFO I saw as a child appeared like millions of swarming bees. My friend and saw the swarm maneuver, land, and form a disked shaped craft. The technology of the UFO we can speculate is fashioned with advanced technology that often appears as magic to us.

Back in the 1960s, an IBM mainframe computer with much less capacity than yours could fill up a good-size office. Today, engineers are developing new machines at the microscopic level using nanotechnology that can fit in the period at the end of this sentence. A nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter, or about the length of 10 hydrogen atoms lined up in a row. Carbon nanotubes, one of the basic building blocks, can be manufactured today. This nanotube is essentially a sheet of carbon one atom thick, rolled into a tube and has the strength of more than 20 times that of steel. They can act as conductors or semiconductors. When a magnetic or electrical switch is thrown they can magnetize and come together. They can have gears, differentials, bearings, and even simple motors. These machines are made of molecules. The molecules are so small that chemical and biological molecules probably are more effective than metallic molecules. It is likely that the flying machines in George Ritter's back yard are an advanced technology using biological molecules with an electromagnetic aspect similar to electric eels. In a sense these UFOs are alive, they appear to dematerialize as they fly through the air, only to reconstitute when they land. The advantages of this technology is wonderful in that they can overcome the problems of mass and weight. If they are hit by a meteor or meteor dust they can absorb and repair the wound or damage. Additionally, they have the ability to dematerialize penetrate solid surfaces.

Video of two high speed UFOs over Ohio taken by George Ritter on August 18, 2003.
If you have seen anything like this please contact me.

The craft appear to be created from materials that can be manufactured, then disassembled or dematerialized, and finally reconstituted at will. Several contactees claim their UFOs traveled through space as a diminutive object. In some way they were miniaturized, divided into diminutive pieces for travel, then when they got back to Earth they were enlarged and restored to their original size. Many observers have seen relatively small lights the size of a basketball fly to a position near them, and suddenly enlarge into a giant space ship. These descriptions indicate that the alien technology is building the objects using nanotechnology at or near the molecular level. We've watched the miniaturization trend intensify, as smaller and smaller machines have become more powerful. But at some point in the microscopic level -- machines stop being machines, and become something more akin to molecules or cells. The flying objects observed are most likely composed of mineral, chemical, and biological molecules that can pass through a dirt field. They combine the best features of life and machine.

George speculated, “The objects are there moving at very high speeds. They have the ability to penetrate a dirt field about a half-mile in circumference. They seem to be operating out of phase or frequency with our reality." Let us assume this observation is correct. They may not enter or leave the field in a solid configuration. The Star Trek episodes often showed the beaming up of members of the cast. As you read this article, radio, television, telephone, and radar, signals are passing through your home, the next advancement in technology is likely to be the ability to beam a solid object that has been dematerialized from one place to another. An advanced form of craft may literally divide into cells or pieces, or dematerialize prior to entering the field. They may pass through the dirt of the field like we walk through water. At the molecular level, what appear, as miracles are possible? If you have seen the recent advancements in high definition television, you can understand how the next advancements in broadcasting molecules may not be so far away. The propulsion system and the entire craft appear magnetic, if you cut up a magnet it automatically returns to its orginal form. George Ritter is definitely picking up evidence of the existence of extraordinary machines. George and I both operate without financial support for research, and your support would be appreciated. These UFOs seem to coexist with us using advanced technology and George Ritter is video taping the evidence of their existence. We need to purchase or borrow more sophisticated equipment.


MOUNT VESUVIUS, ITALY - Mitch Battros (ECTV) warns that Mt. Vesuvius poses imminent danger. The Italian government believes Mt. Vesuvius to be such an imminent threat, that they are offering hundreds of families $35,000 each to move outside the eruption danger zone. Many geologists believe that it is only a matter of time before another major eruption will devastate populated areas around the volcano. A large eruption in 79AD buried the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Vesuvius is part of a Super-Volcano named "Somma" that sits in a caldera formed about 34,000 years ago. This is similar to North America's Yellowstone Super-Volcano that is also acting up. An area of 31 square miles was uplifted, in places up to 5.9 feet damaging homes. Vesuvius is a dangerous and deadly volcano that killed 3,500 people in 631. About 3,360 people died in the 79 A.D. eruption.

MAYON VOLCANO, PHILIPPINES STIRS – One thousand families may be evacuated, according to the Provincial Disaster Management Office of Legazpi City while nearby disaster councils in Albay brace for an imminent eruption. On Saturday, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) confirmed a general increasing trend of volcanic activity and has now raised the Mayon assessment to Alert Level 2. Incandescence inside the summit crater was confirmed as a persistent and significant phenomenon. Sulfur Dioxide emission rates on October 9, rose to 2,386 tons per day. This alert condition signifies a volcano instability that may eventually lead to ash explosions or to magmatic eruption. The most recent eruption, in 1993, began unexpectedly with an explosion that killed 77 people and prompted the evacuation of 60,000 others.

Editor's Note: There is now a sunspot the size of Jupiter on our sun and solar activity is high and may be related to the build up of pressure at Yellowstone, Mt Rainier, Three Sisters, Mayon, and Mt. Vesuvius. UFO activity is also generally high near expected volcanic and earthquake activity


NEW BEDFORD HARBOR -- While traveling at 8:40 PM on October 3, 2003, the witness noticed five white lights flying over Route 18 in an odd way. At first, they appeared to be airplanes, but after watching more closely, there were no red lights. They moved across the night sky towards transmission towers that were flashing red warning lights. The five white lights hovered next to the tower's red lights, making me think they were helicopters searching for something. The witness states, “I turned my vehicle around to follow the lights, and as I did, I noticed that the hovering continued until I was probably a mile away from the transmission lights, when suddenly all five lights went out simultaneously.” They did not land anywhere, when the lights went out. The sighting lasted almost ten minutes. The lights appeared in a well-lit area overlooking New Bedford Harbor. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


WATERBURY – Two brothers and a friend were returning from a fishing trip on the Farmington River on Route 8 and as they came over a rise above a power station they spotted two saucer shaped objects at 11 PM, on October 13, 2003. They were hovering above the station, and one was closer to the observers than the other by a 1/4 mile. The witnesses stated, “We had the radio on and all of a sudden we saw the closest object veer off like a shooting star and combine with the distant object and instantly disappear.” I was driving and checking the radio static and trying to pull over we all saw this happening in about five seconds. I was amazed to say the least and we got off the first southbound exit and turned back on Northbound Route 8 to see if we could see more. We pulled over for 20 minutes and scanned the skyline to no avail. It was not from this world, as I know it. I am going back their tonight after dark. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


BINGHAMTON – A father and son were getting into their car at a downtown business at 11:30 PM, on October 14, 2003, when the son asked, If a bright object was Mars? I said, no because this light was moving towards the north. We watched the object about 70 degrees above the horizon fly in a straight line north. Then, it made a curve towards the northeast at 45 degrees above the horizon and faded out like it was going higher into the atmosphere. This was not a satellite since it started at a dead stop. It was not a plane, since it had no wing blinking lights, and the object was too far up for that. The object was a pure white and was a sphere that dimmed in intensity as it curved and flew to higher altitudes until it was a tiny point, and kept going until buildings obscured the view. This sight was only three miles form Johnson City where another report was recently made. Is the southern tier of NY becoming UFO central? Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


BALTIMORE – Bill Bean reports that a witness saw maneuvering lights in the early morning sky, twice in October. On October 7, 2003, he saw the lights in the sky early that morning. Thanks for being there with some info on something most people don't want to talk about. Thanks to Bill Bean

KENNEDYVILLE -- It started out as three equally spaced orange lights in a diagonal formation at about 7:30 PM, on October 9, 2003. The three lights blinked out at the same time, then a large ball of orange light appeared and two lights broke off into a horizontal formation. They faded out again. This went on for almost an hour. Sometimes the ball would break off into a vertical formation while at other times they flew in a horizontal or diagonal formation. It would only stay visible for five seconds at a time. The last ten minutes were the most active. They broke off into a formation of four that were all perfectly spaced. Then when it reappeared it broke off into a formation of five lights, and finally into a vertical formation of six equally spaced lights. The main light never moved once it appeared. Once each ball of light went to it's place in the formation, the formation stayed still for five seconds and then would fade out all at the same time. My wife went next door to tell our neighbors. When the neighbors came out to see, the craft(s) never revealed themselves again. The lights seemed to be no more than 1,000 feet from the ground. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


TRENTON - One night last week -- and again, on October 13, 2003, the observer saw low flying "mystery planes" passing over his town in an area surrounded by small, modest, municipal airports since it is the birthplace of aviation. The nearest airport is in Middletown, and services a private airline composed of smaller DC-3 aircraft. The low flying planes are the size of a large passenger jet liner such as a Boeing 727, with weird characteristics:

#1 - No sound of a discernible jet engine, even though they were low enough for engine noise to be heard.

#2 - They appeared to be flying so low as to be coming in on a relatively close landing approach, yet the two airports nearest me that are large enough to land a passenger jet of THAT size are in Cincinnati and Dayton - which are quite a ways away from Trenton. The airfields are too small to handle these large planes.

#3 - The plane had it's wing tip lights TOO FAR BACK, as if it's fuselage tapered into a "Delta" wing configuration similar to a British Dehavilland Vampire fighter jet, or the Concord. I know of no planes that fly around here with wings of that type. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

AKRON -- Not far away in Akron, the city where dirigible airships were first built in 1924 and where lighter-than-air ships were made during World War II could be the birthplace of a new generation of super-sleuth blimps. The new generation of blimps designed at the Lockheed Martin Airdock will not look like Super Bowl blimps but will be 25 times larger and look like dirigibles. They will fly at twelve miles above the Earth and carry radar systems used to detect missile launches, ships at sea or for telecommunications. The Missile Defense Agency agreed to pay $40 million for the company to design the new airship and prove the technology can work indicating prototypes may already be flying. I suspect some UFO reports of exceptionally large, low flying triangles may be a prototype already flying.


FRASER – The witness pulled into the parking lot located ten miles from Selfridge Air Base and noticed a family loading groceries on October 17, 2003, at 4:17 PM. All five of them were staring into the sky, they were at a stand still. I parked two spaces over from them, and when I got out, they asked me what that was in the sky. "Its been there for a few minutes, the small light keeps moving around the big one." What I was looking at was a large light shining in our direction that was about a mile north of me, and about a half mile up. There was a smaller light hanging out down and to the left of it. Moving a bit. Both lights were very slowly moving towards us but very slowly. After about a minute, they turned and flew away. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


BLOOMINGTON -- A 53-year-old mother of four who considers herself to be a sensible person and faith believing saw a disc on a cold evening on October 10, 2003, at 10:30 PM. This object was about 70 to 80 feet across with lights on the bottom. The lights were moving from the outer edge toward the center of the disc in rectangular shapes. The disc appeared to have louvers toward the center. When the light reached the center it would radiate back out toward the outer edge. It appeared as if you were looking in a kaleidoscope. The lights were a brilliant white. The lady watched for three minutes as it moved from the northeast to a southwest direction. She went into the house to get her husband, but when they came out, it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


POPLAR GROVE – The witness was heading east on Route 173 on September 30, 2003, when he reached Caledonia at 10:34 PM, he witnessed two craft that appeared to be planes with their landing lights. The lights were not coming in his direction, but when he reached Poplar Grove, he realized he was closing in on the craft, as they appeared larger and much brighter. Continuing east the craft was fairly large and bright and appeared to be hovering. I shut the headlights off and got out and saw two planes flying, but suddenly the two other hovering objects shot straight up to the sky, and within five seconds became distant stars themselves. They were very faint lights but visible. The distance traveled in time was incredible. It appeared that the craft flew 200-250 miles upward in a matter of 5 seconds. These craft that I saw did not have blue or red lights and did not appear to be planes at all. As I said, there were two other planes flying in the vicinity, which circled around and flew southwest toward Rockford Airport direction. I would find it hard to believe that the pilots did not witness this also. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

LA MOILLE – On October 4, 2003, a truck driver, his teacher wife and a 12 years old son observed four lights rotating around the outside of a craft in a circular motion at 9:30 PM. Then the four white lights would go back to the center and then do it all over again. There seemed to be very faint light beams coming down from each one of the four lights. As we observed the lights the whole formation moved a great distance over a 45-minute period. We live with vast amounts of cornfields around us. My wife used to be a skeptic, now she doesn't know what to say, but that it was the most amazing thing she's ever seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


KANSAS CITY -- I looked in the sky as I was driving down a semi-lit street at 10:53 PM, on October 6, 2003, and saw a bright light flash from one side of a flying object to the other. The light bent on the object as if it were curved or raindrop shape, and as if the object was spinning or turning. When the light got from one side to the other, the backside of the object was facing me and as it did, the object dimmed and shot at LEAST 20 miles across the sky and disappeared... It was a crystal clear night, so it didn't disappear into any clouds.... I instantly called my house to tell my fiancé what I saw, as soon as I began to say hello, the weirdest noise shot through my cell, she told me she heard it on her phone too. I was only 1 mile from home. The noise sounded like radio frequency, but was only a second long. Conditions were clear, with no clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


KINGMAN – The witness was outside October 5, 2003, about 9:14 PM, having a smoke, and talking to his best friend when they saw a huge saucer floating over the neighbor's house. The witness states, “I mean this thing was HUGE and had Gold flashing lights and reminded me of gold and diamonds that were so bright and so glamour like.” It was kind of rotating back and forth in small motions. I started to yell into the phone and told my friend to get her outside. I looked back up, just in time to see the saucer take off. I ran over to my Mom's house to tell her and she said she was so jealous, because I always catch this kind of stuff. We all went outside, and about two minutes later about 40 planes filled the sky. They all met over the Cerbat Mountains and then separated. We have never seen more than five planes in the sky on any given night. After the planes left a huge bolt of green light flew out of the sky and landed in the little mountains by my house. My Dad came running out and the sky was filled with 40 planes again. Then another huge Gold glowing light was hanging over by the Kingman Airport. We looked at it in the telescope and it looked like two gold cat eyes. Then all these planes returned again but within five minutes they were all gone. This was very real and very freaky! Thought I would share my experience! Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


SAN DIEGO -- Looking from our house in Spring Valley on hill we noticed high up 5,000+ feet an on orange light moving slowly southwest on October 7, 2003, at 9:35 PM. The orange dotlike light began to drop flare type flame fireballs almost dipping several times until the light moved out of vision due to overcast conditions. This sighting only lasted about 45 seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director, HBCC UFO Research

WINTON -- In a clear sky at approximately 6:30 PM, on October 13, 2003, my daughters and I observed a white shaped disc object in front of the setting sun moving north to south. We took two photos of the object. The disc was large and white and flew in the area for about a half hour. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


SMITHERS, BC -- Four witnesses who were near the Driftwood fossil beds watched a strange looking object for ten minutes around 2:35 PM, on October 9, 2003. The object was described as being very flat (almost looking like a wing of an aircraft), silver in color and very long. It appears the sun was reflecting off it, as it was shinning very brightly. One of the witnesses described the tips of the object as being like a jet's wing tips, slightly bent upwards. The object generally stayed stationary in one spot, but from time to time it did move from side to side. There was a line of red lights running along the object. The lights moved from the tips of it into the center of the object then disappeared. The red lights continued the same pattern over and over again while it hovered. As the object was leaving the area, it grew smaller and smaller as it moved into the distance. But before they lost sight of it, they noticed that it started growing in size, and all the witnesses said it grew some 3 to 4 times larger then just vanished.

VONDA, SASKATCHEWAN -- Two friends were lying on the roof of a shed star gazing when they both observed a lot of lights fly really fast flashing across the sky in a circle on October 7, 2003, at 6 PM. It was yellow with a tint of green in the shape of a circle. There were blinking lights with all different colors. It was seen for ten seconds and then disappeared. It was pretty scary because we had no idea what it was since it was too colorful to be a plane and we never have balloons around Vonda. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989, CANADA HBCC


BICKERTON -- At 11 PM, the witness took one of his dogs out on a clear night with a full moon on October 10, 2003, and noticed clear lights but fuzzy not more than 100 yards in the sky. The two lights were phosphorus like in a large circle chasing each other. After a while they met together for a while then parted and the pattern started over again. Above the lights was a small, funny gray cloud. After about half an hour they suddenly shot off in a northerly direction and disappeared. I went inside and came out again with the other dog, when suddenly they came back to the same spot. They continued for another 10 to 15 minutes and then just shot off again in the same direction. I have not seen them since. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


KISTA – Two friends where outside Stockholm at 2:15 AM, on October 9, 2003, when one said, “What if a UFO would come from those clouds?” Just as he said that, his friend shouted "LOOK A UFO!" They both saw a circle shaped flying object just where he was pointing. It was flying with great speed with a bright aura white light that later turned red. The craft then slowed and then just vanished in the clear sky. We where shocked and started to figure out every possible explanation to what we had just witnessed, we told each other that it could have been a meteoroid. The witness stated, “I clearly felt that they where listening to our conversation since they showed up just as we where talking about them.” I said, "If you really heard what we said and wanted to show us that you exist, then please show yourselves one more time so that we can be sure". We kept looking at the stars a couple of minutes as another one appeared in the sky above us flying with great speed leaving a yellow trail after itself and then disappearing as well. As soon as it appeared I yelled "LOOK ANOTHER ONE" and my friends said "YES I SEE IT, I SEE IT!" They appeared in different locations in the sky and different heights. We are 100% certain that they where not airplanes or anything natural, they where flying objects and they seemed to communicate with us just by showing themselves in the sky as we talked about them and with them.


QURRAYAH -- Bahrain Tribune – People around the country have reported seeing a UFO in the skies of Bahrain emitting strange lights at around 11 PM on October 17, 2003. Bahraini Mohammed Jaffer Al Hajer was sitting with six of his friends outside his home near Budaiya when they noticed the UFO. Al Hajer 'caught' the strange object on his digital video camera as the lights appeared twice -- once when the UFO emitted a bright yellow light and the second time when it split into two before disappearing. "We first noticed the strange light appear to the left of the Batelco tower," he said. "We saw it again just above the tower when I reached for my camera and began to video tape it." Al Hajer videotaped the object for about 40 seconds before it disappeared. The pictures were not clear because of the high speed of the object and the low resolution of the camera. People in Manama also reported seeing the UFO. Bahrain International Airport tower said the radar's did not register any abnormal activity.


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