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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 5, 2003

George Filer:
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Sightings Continue Worldwide

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate: Mars - that has ancient cyanobacteria life, New York City - sphere over the Helmsley Palace Hotel, Pennsylvania - craft took control of my auto, West Virginia – flying rectangle, Florida - an iridescent boomerang, Alabama - hovering metallic UFO, Ohio – cluster of lights, Wisconsin – maneuvering lights, Illinois – Flying disk, Minnesota – strange cloud and flying triangle, Texas - metallic sphere seen by many, Idaho - oval shaped UFO, New Mexico -very unusual atmospheric entry of unknown craft, Nevada – disk with evenly spaced lights, California – black flat object with circular base with top and Oregon's flying triangles. Overseas reports are from Canada – triangle cluster of lights, Alaska – red flying dot, Norway- three floating lights, Netherlands – high speed bright UFO, Iraq - object tracked and annotated by Air Operations Center, South Africa-round sphere, Singapore – four circling oval lights, Australia – red lights split, and in New Zealand - a huge disc buzzes house.


A major solar eruption on November 4, 2003, at 12:40 PM (MDT) flung a cloud of expanding, hot gas into space. It was the largest solar flare every recorded. Fortunately, for Earth it came from region 486 that is the furthest portion of the Sun's western limb, thus minimizing the effects to Earth. "This solar flare was the largest I have every seen" said Dr. Ernest Hildner, director of the NOAA/NASA Space Weather Center. The solar flares are expected to cause satellite communication problems and weather changes. See


Dr. Serguei M. Pershin, Ph.D. an Investigator for the NASA Mars Polar Lander LIDAR experiment, Russia's first experiment on a US spacecraft claims he has discovered organic pigments on Mars relating to ancient photosynthetic organisms. ICAMSR Executive Director, Barry E. DiGregorio has written an exclusive article about his discovery in Spectroscopy Magazine. Hubble Space Telescope images of Mars show green patches each spring and key wavelengths were used in his analysis. Why is the discovery of organic pigments on Mars so important for the science of exobiology?

Because it might still be there today, and perhaps that is what Dr. Gilbert V. Levin and Dr. Patricia Ann Straat found in their experiment 24 years ago with NASA's Viking Mars spacecraft. On Mars, during the Hesperian period of postulated oceans, lakes and rivers, there would have been sufficient energy input from solar radiation to support life with the characteristics of the cyanobacteria that dominate many terrestrial and aquatic habitats on Earth, e.g. the cold deserts in Antarctica. The key to the survival of cyanobacteria are in part due to the pigments they have such as: Chlorophyll for converting solar radiation into food (photosynthesis). They can tolerate the extreme damaging effect of solar UV-B by synthesizing a variety of protecting pigments, which either screen or prevent the effect of the radiation.

There are a series of strange tunnels, possible structures and canals on Mars. NASA has provided the data, and you can decide for yourself, if Mars once had intelligent life. There is other strange phenomenon on Mars. When the data is analyzed there are surprising results. Dr. Pershin may have found porphyrins derived from chlorophyll and hopanoids that are found in cyanobacterial sedimentary deposits. These photosynthetic pigments are auto-fluorescent and all biomolecules have unique spectra which can be detected amongst other compounds within a community. Dr. Pershin has used a two-band, red/green radiance-ratio technique as a tool for detecting evidence of pigments and related compounds derived from any cyanobacteria-like organisms in sediments residual from possible former potential habitats on the surface of Mars covering a rather large area in the western Utopia Planitia region of Mars. It is well known that organic pigments and components have a visible and red part in fluorescence spectrum under the laser and solar UV-visible excitation. The question is: Are these pigments ancient or recent? Thanks to: ICAMSR Barry E. DiGregorio


MANHATTAN – The witness was on his break at work, at 10:10 AM, on October 28, 2003, and from the roof of his building saw a sphere very high up over The Helmsley Palace Hotel. It was silvery in color and did not move for at least two minutes so he called a coworker. They both watched it hover for another two minutes. It seemed to be fade in and out and began to move north very slowly and it disappeared behind a building. At 11:45 AM, I went back to the roof to look for it again, and this time two spheres merged into one in front of my eyes! It hovered around the same area as before, and moved away slowly, stopped and then once again disappeared behind a building.

I went back to the roof at 12:20 PM, and did not see anything. I was about to leave when I looked straight up in the sky and saw what looked like a stretched oval shape, that reminded me of an airplane wing. It was brownish in color. It moved south at a faster speed, more like an airplane speed for 15 seconds. It then stopped and hovered for 30 seconds, then maneuvered in three very tight circles. At the last circle it disappeared behind a building. I watched until it reemerged and make another circle, only to disappear behind a building once again. Thanks to Peer Davenport UFOcenter


PLAINS -- The object was low and stationary on October 14, 2003, at 7 PM. It appeared to be triangular in shape. It produced a white beam of light. There were red, white, and green flashing lights. We observed it for about 1 minute, then it disappeared suddenly without a trace. The object was completely silent as it hovered above. The weather at the time was light rain and windy, completely overcast.

INTERSTATE 80 WEST - On October 18, 2003, at 2 AM, between exits 24 and 25 on Route 80 the witness was looking up at Orion and saw the six sisters. Then suddenly there were three. The lights were getting bigger and brighter and closer. Panic started to grip me and I realized I'm seeing a UFO. There were three spheres of bluish white light that were just about the size of a dime at arm's length. The shapes were perfectly round as every abduction scenario I have ever heard raced through my head. I grabbed my mobile phone: no signal. I topped 95 MPH and my car began to shake as I tried to get close to other travelers. I glanced at the clock and it was 2 AM, and they were gone. I eased my auto around the next corner and freaked. All three balls of light were headed straight at me. This highway is split in half by some serious hills and valleys. You would have to be suicidal to drive the wrong way. However, they were at the tops of the trees ruling out a truck or car. I feared for my life. My steering wheel suddenly started twisting left and right, swerving me all over the road. I gripped it so tightly trying to keep control that I put a blood blister on my right thumb. The lights seemed to be controlling my auto and I was in absolute terror. I let my steering wheel go. They were more powerful than me. I resigned myself to probing and let go of the wheel. The moment I let go, my car straightened out and the lights surrounded me. There was one on the front bumper and one on each side. They guided my auto and sent beams into my auto, attempting communication, and then they shot up into the stars and were gone.

When I looked back at the clock it was saying about 2:15 am. It seemed much longer. I studied the one by my door that was perfectly spherical about two meters in diameter, made of a metal seamed in an intricate lattice. They all seemed to be identical. I felt vibrations like an electric shaver pulsing through me. I saw ripples of heat pulsing up and some sort of energy field that pulled my auto through the air and now was holding it. Between each sphere and my auto was this ripple, maybe some magnetic field that allowed them to control my auto. There was no sound, my engine had stopped and the power to my dashboard dimmed, all the lights just barely faded out. The spheres changed color from the white blue of twinkling stars to a dim silvery blue. The sphere in front changed to a pale washed out sea foam green. Then as if an aperture had opened, a beam of that same pale green light shot out through my engine to me. It felt as if someone had struck me with a bat. The sphere on the passenger side shot a beam through the door at the same level in the same green. It was very short and painless. When the beam stopped the sphere changed to the sea foam green. I turned and looked out my window to see the last sphere change to a deep sapphire blue. My auto was somehow in the air from the moment I let go of the wheel. It was some kind of force/magnetic beam.

I felt a slight bump as we touched down and the green spheres changed to a pulsing red and shot up into the sky. The blue sphere was still at my side. I could see the entire sphere with intricate lattice seemed to glow in a deep purple. The sphere was about eye level with me as if trying to stare me down. A bright light blinded me and I could feel its warmth and an electric like razor vibration. I was paralyzed with fear, and could hear a mechanical voice. That said, "Sorry for your loss, it is our loss as well." It turned red and shot into the sky then joined by the other two and they blinked out of sight in less than a second. When I say joined I mean as a group not into one unit. My auto started and it was now 2:15 AM.

NUFORC Note: We are uncertain this is a serious report. It seems a bit "theatrical" to us. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


BECKLEY – Two friends were driving down S. Kanawha Street about 8:45 PM, on October 21, 2003, when they saw a huge glowing fluorescent green flash shooting down from the sky with a glow around it. There was a slight arch trailing behind it and then it suddenly shot straight down over the mountain. There was total silence. I thought some kids were on the golf course doing some unusual fire works that lit up the sky. I talked to a friend of mine later who said, He told me, "I saw the strangest a few minutes ago..." His description was the same as mine. ((NUFORC Note: One of several reports of the same object. PD)) UFOcenter


MIAMI -- At 7:49 PM, a couple and their son were outside looking at the stars and how beautiful the sky was at 3 AM, on October 29, 2003. The husband saw a boomerang shaped shadow in the western sky moving south that had an iridescent glow that disappeared. After about five minutes, they saw the boomerang shaped object flying, but with orange lights. It was again in the western sky moving south quickly. There was an airplane moving east, and we thought there would be a collision, but all of a sudden the boomerang hovered and then disappeared. This was not a regular airplane. UFOcenter


CHEROKEE -- Enroute from Sheffield to Cherokee, around sunset at about 7:15 PM, a couple saw something strange in the sky on October 18, 2003. They pulled off the highway and got out to watch it hovering about 500 feet away on the other side of the highway. The object had no lights, and made no sound, but it reflected the sunset with a pinkish color. They thought the object was metallic and then it just vanished. It didn't fly away it just disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


SAGAMORE HILLS -- At about 7:10 PM on October 30, 2003, a family was talking with some friends when they saw about 8-10 bright lights in the sky. At first we thought they were helicopters, but then the lights started zigzagging and getting brighter. Every few seconds the color would change to red and white so the witness grabbed his camcorder and was filming. All of a sudden, the sky around the lights turned bright red for about five minutes, then it was over. I have the whole thing on tape. UFOcenter

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter continues to videotape UFOs behind his home and over a neighbor's farm. A spectacular Manta Ray like craft was captured flying at an estimated 2000 mph. Frames 1 and 2 can be seen at my website in these Weekly Files, see Views.


STEVENS POINT - Vincent R. reports, “I was traveling from the Mobil Gas Station on Highway 10 going east on October 26, 2003, when I observed a circular yellow-orange-red flashing light looking out my windshield on the left side of my truck at 6:30 PM.” I watched the object fly above the tree line straight east of Wal Mart and disappear. Thanks to UFO

HALFMOON LAKE - About 7:30 PM, I was night fishing off the shore of Halfmoon Lake and October 26, 2003, when the red and blue strobe lights were suddenly flying across the lake. They moved in random directions and speeds within two miles of me. At one point it changed to more like an orange/white sphere moving in my direction and back, strobing red & blue again very close to the tree line moving very erraticly. Then it went down below the tree line, but not near the airport, after five minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


CHICAGO – The witness just got off the phone with her husband on October 20, 2003, at 4:45 PM, who advised her to get out of the house, because it was a beautiful 84 degrees. Going out, she saw a disk-like object gliding slowly eastward toward Lake Michigan. It looked like a black balloon but it looked too big to be so high in the sky. Then it turned and I could see that it was not a balloon, but flat like a disk but not completely flat...and shiny with a kind of orange/gold circular shape in the middle. It kept flipping, over and over. It wasn't moving fast, just kind of gliding and I lost sight of it. UFOcenter


POCATELLO – On October 13, 2003, a disc shaped object was seen at 10 to 15 thousand feet high at 11:50 PM. It first looked like an airplane, but the object turned or rolled, at this time it looked long shaped or cigar shaped, then it rolled to the right showing an oval shape, silver in color. The sun caught it just right and it reflected the sunlight. It then flew upward and within a second or two faded out. It vanished into thin air. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


West Central – A couple was relaxing on October 3, 2003, when they noticed the sky turning a strange pink, so the husband got his camera and began to take pictures. A strange vertical cloud started near the bottom of a hill and seemed to be walking up the hill. It seemed to be ‘body-like' in form and emitted some kind of ‘Mental energy.' There was an unusual line left in the sky. The ‘walking cloud' moved over the rise, and then zoomed off to the west. The sky returns to normal color. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research CANADA HBCC

COTTAGE GROVE – At 6:34 AM, on his way home from work early Sunday morning October 19, 2003, the witness noticed bright lights just above the trees. He realized they were too high to be attached to the ground. The object was hovering slowly and very low. When I reached my driveway and turned my engine off I could hear a low hum that was right above my backyard. There was a big black triangle with three lights that slowly traveled north. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


LAREDO -- We had just finished playing a soccer match and we were laying on the grass on October 19, 2003. One team player sighted a metallic sphere up high in the sky at 12:30 PM. It was just hovering at a very low speed, moving in a southerly direction towards Mexico. Even though it was bright and sunny, we could see how it changed color several times. It went from a silver metallic color to a bright white back to metallic. It moved very slow for about 25 minutes until suddenly it just moved at a very fast speed in a straight southerly direction and vanished. UFOcenter


PINOS ALTOS – A high speed UFO was spotted on October 16, 2003, at 8:17 PM, flying a heading of 115 degrees straight to Restricted Area R-107A, at White Sands, N.M. A blue UFO with white borders, was first observed crossing part of the sky that changed color to a dark orange/red streak that broke up the farther east it flew. The width of the streak was about as wide as a pencil eraser held at arm's length. At the end of the visible streak, the object went invisible! The same exact sighting was seen the next night, ten minutes later at 8:26 PM. The observer stated, "I have seen many entries into the atmosphere by various different craft, but this is completely unlike anything I have seen before!" Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


LAS VEGAS – BJ writes, "On November 1, 2003, about 7:45 PM, I spotted something that I thought was a hotel that was decorated for Halloween." But I realized there were no hotels in the area, near Nellis Air Force Base on the west side of Sunrise Mountain. "The object was a round shape with evenly spaced lights around the bottom half, and above them was a brighter light." All of a sudden it moved, and it was just not there. I reported it to metro and they just told me to forget it. I'm a mature woman of good standing, and know what I saw, but I could not get them to understand. "It looked like a round saucer shape, with two sets of lights, and the one on top was very bright," she reports. Thanks to


HAYWARD -- On October 16, 2003, around 5:34 PM, the witness was leaving work and saw a black object in the sky that at first glance was a hawk. A couple of minutes later, it was still in the same position. My office is located in the middle of an industrial park, and the object was just hovering as the sun set. I tried to determine its shape by the reflection of sunlight, but because it was all black, I could not see any reflection. The base was somewhat circular and flat, but the top was a bit strange looking. The object did not have any wings or tail. When the bus came I could still see the object in the sky in the same position, so I decided to call my co-worker who was still at work to go outside. She came back to the phone and told me she also saw a black object in the sky but it was not moving. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


SCAPPOOSE -- At 11 PM, on October 30, 2003, the witness saw two fast moving noiseless flying triangles passing over their town. Both craft were much faster than a small prop plane low or a jet plane high, but much slower than a meteor. A similar sighting was reported last week. Both craft were hard to track, because again it appeared that the 'lights' on the craft were more reflective than self-luminous. The first craft was traveling from NW to SE towards Portland. The second craft was seen about 1 minute later traveling from SW to NE. Both were seen as they traveled away from us. The first craft had a 'light' at the front and 4 or 5 on each of the swept sides, but the trailing edge, if it was there, was completely dark. The second craft had only three lights, one at the front, the others at the trailing tips. The shape was determined by the placement of the lights only. They could have been triangular or chevron shaped.

We both find it quite odd that with as much time as we spend outdoors at night, we have had 3 sightings within a week, yet none for the previous 8 years here. My dad, who is an published astronomer and recently gave a talk on Mars at Princeton, told me a few days ago that he saw an identical object in 1956 in Pennsylvania. He saw the same, quiet triangular craft moving noiselessly at extreme speed with a pale light at each tip. He says it was translucent and observed stars through it. UFOcenter


YUKON -- While packing out on a sheep hunt in the Yukon Territory at 3 AM my guide and I saw a cluster of lights moving across the sky, 20 degrees above the horizon on October 21, 2003. I told him, here comes a airplane. He said "That is odd" because we were in the upper part of the Yukon near Mount McDonald and you do not see many airplanes. Suddenly the cluster of light stopped dead about 3 miles away. Then, it started darting around, up and down, then sideways. Then stopped again. We watched it for about five minutes, then it darted around again, then stopped and held steady. The lights were red, blue and white. Through my rifle scope it was a triangle of 12 lights all of equal brightness. As we walked on we could see it for about thirty minutes.

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN -- On Saturday, October 25, 2003, a deer hunter walked out of a farmer's field located 25 kilometers east of Regina and was waiting for a ride at 7:00 PM, when he noticed a light suddenly appear. It was heavily overcast with clouds down to about 300 - 400 meters and the light just winked on. It was orange-yellow and was the same brightness as Mars. The light slowly started to move north and would accelerate and slow down. It traveled about 20 degrees north before it came to a dead stop and reversed direction. It moved in the same odd accelerating/slowing down motion as it flew back south. Several farm dogs were barking frantically, as well as cattle "screaming" and coyotes howling frantically as well. This light made this traverse several times and I never heard any noise. I had the odd sensation that it was looking for something. At 7:10 AM, it moved back to the same place were it appeared and faded out. The animals stopped making noise as the light faded out. I called the Regina airport, but they had no information. Thanks to Brian Vike CANADA HBCC


ANCHORAGE – A group of students at the Hanshew Middle School bus stop saw a red light moving across the sky on October 22, 2003, at 7 AM. One girl among the six people at the bus stop said, “There it is.” The witness says, “I looked up and saw a red dot moving and then it started gaining altitude very rapidly and stopped and started moving to the left. Then, I saw another red dot moving towards it. When the first light disappeared, so did the second. My friends and I saw a red light that flew straight up very fast and disappeared. No plane can climb that fast." Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


ASKER -- It was a dark, starry morning on October 22, 2003, at 6:30 AM, when a 60 year old woman observer looked up and saw three lights floating up in the sky, some 100 meters above her. It was totally soundless and flying south. The lights were soft, but distinct. The space between the lights was firm. There is no air traffic in the area. UFOcenter


VALE, GUERNSEY – The witness was looking at the night sky on October 26, 2003, at 11:05 PM, from his mates car when a red light shot across the sky leaving a vapor trail. It looked like a fighter plane, but also like a meteor, and was traveling straight from the east. It was traveling at least mach speed or probably more judging by looking at the normal jets in the sky. Other jets can't compare in terms of speed! It flew across the sky in two seconds. UFOcenter


DRIEBERGEN - A 40 year old resident from Utrecht, on Thursday night October 16, 2003, at 8:45 PM saw a huge, bright, coherent light in the crystal-clear sky. The white light appeared between the height airliners usually fly and satellites, according to the witness. It moved extremely fast in a straight line into space and disappeared. "I never witnessed such a high speed in all my life," said the witness. No sound was heard. Thanks to Toine Trust Site


BAGHDAD -- On October 17, 2003, An unidentified flying object was tracked by radars in use by the Coalition Forces at the Air Operations Center in Qatar. There was no visible observation of any UFOs. UFOcenter


CAPE TOWN – The observer was standing in the office driveway and looked towards Table Mountain and saw a round sphere that looked like a weather balloon. It was quite low flying below the tip of the mountain peak and speeding along in a horizontal path on October 17, 2003, at 4:54 PM. It flew in a horizontal line and started to accelerate at an awesome speed and we were unable to follow as it disappeared. A very eerie feeling came over us after realizing that it was no weather balloon. UFOcenter


A UFO report was shown on Singapore television news on October 30, 2003. Many Singaporeans had noticed the UFO and reported it to the television hotline. According to the news, they contacted Singapore aviation authority but received no explanation. Basically, there were four oval lights circling and merging and then circling again. A similar craft was seen the week before.


PERTH – Four witnesses in a shopping center in Nollamarra saw a low flying jet pass by noisily heading north at low altitude on October 24, 2003, at 7:15 PM. The witnesses noticed two red strobe lights in the distance also coming from the south, like the jet had. The strobes were alternating on and off and they disappeared as if they had gone behind a cloud. However, the night was cloudless. They then reappeared to the east, still bearing north. The lights were much brighter than stars, but there were only the two red strobes, no green lights. As they came closer to our position they showed themselves to be very bright. They passed by us with no sound, behaving as if they were a part of the same craft. They appeared to bank slightly and drifted apart slowly as they flew northeast and northwest respectively. The sighting took five minutes. Thanks to Stuart Durkin Television and Video Producer Winter Creek Media PH: 9344 8806 MOB: 0409 376 728


MOSGIEL -- Lee Blackmore writes, “My first unexplained sighting happened in a small town in South Island called Mosgiel in 1978, when I was 14 years old. It was about 8:15 PM, sometime in October, and very warm and I was making my mother a cup of tea. At first I heard a rumbling sound similar to thunder, and as the rumbling got closer the windows started to shake. The lights in the house were flickering on and off and the TV reception was going haywire. I was looking up at the sky above the trees when they were bent over as if pulled to the ground by their tops. A huge shadow was coming over the house, and the thunder like sound had changed to a low whoop whoop. As the shadow grew larger and larger you could see faint grayish colored lights. The shadow was now a definite shape, out lined by the grey lights. A huge disc was only about 30 meters above the house (probably higher but it sure was close and very large). It filled up the sky. The trees were still doing their dance. Swinging back and forth like crazy. As the disc passed over the house, three very bright lights were visible from the back. One red, one green and one yellow. Octagon in shape and looked like honeycomb. The sound seemed overwhelmingly loud, but in reality it wasn't. The sound felt like it was in my head not in the room. Very disorientating. The disc then speed off south at an alarming rate, towards Dunedin, over Saddle Hill. The lights in the house had stopped flickering and the trees were calm again. I am not sure at what point the sound stopped. Overall this experience took only two minutes. Over the next week there were reports in the paper and on the radio. Reports as far south as Tairei Mouth ( 60 km away). I had the chills all through this experience and also now, writing about it." Thanks to Lee Blackmore


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