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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 6, 2004

George Filer:
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Mars Lander Has Landed in the Mud, Georgia - Finely Polished Silver Disc, Massachusetts – Something Touched Me While I Slept, Georgia - Finely Polished Silver Disc, Florida - Black Triangle Over Highway, Ohio – Strange Happenings in Haunted House, California – Beings of Light and Unusual lights, Four Plus Dimensions and a Parallel Universe, Arizona – Millennium New Years Eve UFO, Washington – Flying Triangle, Canada – Police See Diamond UFO With Hundreds of Lights, Argentina – Luminous Object Seen as Cattle Mutilations Increase, Northern England- Flying Triangles and Shining Balls, England - UFOs Were Globular With Lots of Twinkling Lights, Netherlands - Fifty UFO Sighting Reports Last Month, Japan – UFO Shaped Like Three Diamonds, and Australia – Orange Lights

Mars - Lander Spirit Has Landed in the Mud

Mars Controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrated Saturday night with the successful landing of the Exploration Rover Spirit on Mars. Spirit landed right side up and the first photos showed a very flat area in the Gusev Crater. The Rover scans the land with a pair of panoramic cameras that detect visible light. The mission is to search for evidence of water on the planet. Where there is water there is life. Buried at the base of the Rover's mast lies a third eye that is sensitive to heat, or thermal-infrared radiation. Every Martian rock, radiating heat absorbed from the sun, broadcasts its mineral composition.

Mineral molecules vibrate at a distinctive frequency, emitting a particular wavelength of infrared light. "In these thermal infrared wavelengths," Ruff says, "all minerals have a distinctive infrared signature that's really like a fingerprint." A computer program on Earth will scan each spectrum sent back for telltale signs of rocks that signal the past presence of water on Mars.

A close up of Gusev Crater is shown in the new detailed images that reveal a mysterious substance right at the rover's feet, which scientists described as a "strangely cohesive" clay-like material with alien textures. The material was mashed and clumped, like something moist and viscous, and was broken away in pieces at some spots. "The way the surface has responded is bizarre," said lead rover scientist Steve Squyres of Cornell University, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is managing the mission. "I don't understand it. I don't know anybody on my team who understands it. It looks like mud, but it can't be mud."

Editor's Note: "Water mixed with dirt equals mud!" As the photos start coming in watch to see if all white parts of the lander are tinted red/orange. NASA and JPL apparently want Mars to appear red/orange. If the sky is blue like Earth's you are seeing the real colors.

Massachusetts – They Touched Me While I Slept

Kenny writes, “After going to sleep and feeling something touch my forehead above my nose, then a head explosion with both a sound and the big flash of light.” Then I awake and wonder what was that and how did it happen? Thanks To Kenny

Editor's Note - We have put video cameras in people's rooms with a motion sensor on it, and picked up electrical plasma like objects floating around the room. The cat watches and verifies what the camera sees. These plasmas can apparently cause many types of reactions. I wonder if a similar phenomenon is floating around your room causing these problems?

Georgia - Finely Polished Silver Disc

FLOWERY BRANCH - On January 1, 2004, around 3:30 PM a family was driving home and had turned off of I985 onto Spout Springs Road (heading east) when the wife said "what is that?". The husband states, “It appeared to be several hundred feet up and my first thought was that it was a reflective foil-like balloon but the sun's reflection from the object was very bright and the object's surface was like finely polished silver. My wife, daughter age 5, and son almost 3 got real curious. We got the impression that the object was 4 to 6 feet in diameter. We passed the object by and turned around and came back and parked. From this vantage point we could clearly see the object was moving slowing away from us flip and roll sort of like it was tumbling but not consistently in any given direction.

From this movement we could make out that the object was an almost flat disc. When it would roll to its thin side it looked black and there was no reflection. When it would roll and reveal its flat side it would appear to be silver and the sun's reflection was strong. It looked like polished silver and in the middle of the object was a red circle. My wife said it looked like a big silver button in the sky with a red dot in the middle that did not reflect the sun. The object looked solid and tumbled on its axis and changed direction from west to the northeast. My daughter thought it was a floating CD (compact disc). We tried to follow and my wife was looking at it as we were driving, she turned away and when she turned back, "It's gone" she said. I looked all over the sky and it was just gone. This was the most baffling part to us how quickly it disappeared. Our eyes were off it only for a few seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike,

Florida – Black Triangle Over Highway

MARATHON (FIESTA KEY) – The witnesses were driving toward Key West from Miami on US1 at about 12:30 AM January 4, 2003, and as they drove over a bridge and in the they saw something with a green and red light. I noticed it and told my friend I thought it was the balloon that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba. (Many people may not know-the US government has a large balloon located at Cudjoe Key, FL that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba), but they were too far away to see this balloon.

When we got closer to the lights the driver lost them but the passenger saw an object moving over the road. He saw a red and white light 100 to 250 feet hovering directly over the highway. He also saw a black mass between the lights in what looked like a triangle but didn't totally point at the top. From his account the white light was on the top and he saw a red light on the corner of one of the bottom of the points. There was never any sound it made. We opened the windows of the truck when we were close to it, and it was just quiet.

I had to go about 1000 feet before I saw a driveway to turn around. When we went back, there was nothing there. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Ohio – Strange Happenings in a Haunted House

FOSTORIA - Susan H. lives with her family in a 160 year old Victorian house that seems to be haunted. Strange balls of light are seen outside the home about the size of basketballs. Orange orbs are often seen hovering above the barn. The children reported dancing lights in the sky, lights shining in the windows, and faces looking in the second story windows. Many electrical anomalies and weird noises are heard throughout the house. The daughter reports there is a little man in the backroom and a moon face at the windows. The occupants report dreams of aliens and small creatures in the backroom. The mother had a very real dream, where she awoke and saw a small alien near her pillow, and a tall one at the bottom of the bed touched her with a 30 inches long glowing blue rod about the diameter of a pencil. The children when younger would awake with tremendous nose bleeds.

A few days before Christmas Susan saw bright lights outside her home and beams of lights came down from the sky. She later dreamed she was holding their seven year old grandson with an alien holding his hand to help her. She could see a huge craft about the size of their quarter acre pond parked across the road. She thought these were strange dreams until a friend came to tell her that he saw her aboard a UFO. The investigation will continue. This Victorian Home is a few miles from George Ritter's home where UFOs are frequently videotaped. Susan indicated several neighbors have confided they have also seen UFOs in the area.

Editor's Note: George Ritter predicts UFO flap in 2004, and so do I.

California – Beings of Light

R. David Anderson writes, “I read your messages these past two weeks regarding white cloud like UFO's and a relationship to angelic beings.” The UFO's which I have seen and photographed were of an intense white radiant nature. I also have had the impression of messages given to me and an encounter with certain beings of light who refer to themselves as the "Adonai ." I am aware now that the term Adonai is one name for God in the Old Testament. Adonai is used to refer to the merciful aspect of God, and it also means the energy that transforms. I have been given the distinct impression that the "Adonai" are here to transform the Earth and to confront those dark forces that oppose God's plan. I noticed while videotaping that unusual objects precede the UFO by seconds. Objects begin in vertical position and rotate counterclockwise. See

Thanks to R. David Anderson

Four Plus Dimensions and Parallel Universe

We live in three dimensions: You can go north-south, east-west or up-down. Simple enough. If you add one more dimension for time -- as Albert Einstein suggested -- that's four altogether. That's plenty for most of us. And, until recently, it would have been enough for most physicists as well. But the past few years have brought a flurry of new ideas about the structure of the universe, and physicists are now contemplating multidimensional worlds that put our seemingly three-dimensional surroundings to shame. It all starts with string theory, which attempts to unify gravity with the other forces of nature. In the string picture, the most fundamental "bits" of matter are not point-like particles but rather one-dimensional loops of string. But to make the theory consistent -- to make the math work out -- string theory relies on a framework involving extra dimensions.

"String theory is the only theory we know about that consistently puts in quantum mechanics and gravity, and it necessarily has other dimensions," says Lisa Randall of Harvard University. "It just doesn't work if the theory is fundamentally 3-plus-1 dimensional," that is, if the theory contains only three dimensions for space plus one for time. "So if string theory really is the right theory, there are these extra dimensions. And the question isn't, 'Why are they there?' The question is, 'What happened to them?' What are their consequences? Do they do anything useful?" The answer to that first question -- what happened to the extra dimensions -- seems to be straightforward: They're all around us, but hidden from view. That is, they're thought to be "curled up" on scales far too small to see.

The original version of string theory was weird enough, but, in the 1990s, physicists came up with a refined version known as M-theory. In the new picture, one-dimensional strings give way to higher-dimensional membranes, or "branes" for short.

As theorists investigated the properties of these branes, they found that not all of the extra dimensions needed to be curled up. Some of them, in fact, could be infinite. These new "brane world" models offer a startling new description of the cosmos. In some of the scenarios, the entire visible universe is merely a "3-brane" -- a three-dimensional membrane -- embedded in a larger structure, called the "bulk," which has at least four space dimensions (and, as usual, one more for time).

The remarkable part of the theory is that there's no reason to presume that our universe -- our 3-brane -- is unique. There could be any number of "parallel" branes nestled alongside ours in the four-dimensional bulk. Think of a series of parallel sheets of paper suspended alongside one another. Why don't we notice these other branes? Theorists believe that most of the known physical forces operate only within a particular brane. For example, we can't see these parallel branes because light is governed by electromagnetism; photons of light are trapped, stuck on the surface of our brane. The case is obviously still speculative, Professor Steinhardt says, "but it seems like a natural possibility." "Imagine a force between these two three-dimensional worlds that would tend to draw them together, as if they were two rubber sheets being drawn together by a spring," he says. "At regular intervals, they would come together, smash together, creating a certain amount of heat -- which we would think of as radiation and matter -- and then bounce apart."

Of course, the idea of extra dimensions would merely philosophy (with a heavy dose of mathematics thrown in) if there were no way to test it. But, theorists believe that there may be at least three ways of indirectly detecting these extra dimensions.

Editor's Note: It is quite possible that UFOs operate in another dimension or a parallel brane and periodically leak out into our world due to gravity. Any light it emits will remain trapped in its own world, but its gravity reaches across to ours. Perhaps even the reverse is true that gravity remains trapped in the parallel world, but light from the UFO is seen in ours. I suggest to Professor Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University, a pioneer in developing brane-world cosmologies that I can help prove or disprove his theories by the study of UFOs.

Arizona – Millennium New Years Eve UFO

PHOENIX - On December 31, 1999, at 11:55 PM, my boyfriend and I were outside his home preparing to celebrate the millennium. Many neighbors were, also, outdoors, as we stood there waiting for the New Year we had a lovely view of the night sky. It was perfectly clear and noticed a very bright and large light traveling from south to north about as fast as a helicopter flies appear high up in the sky. We both watched it approach, as did some of the neighbors, as it was bigger and brighter than any we had seen. As it got closer, we realized it was extremely high but very big. I kid you not..exactly at 12 AM on the turn of the century...this object stopped dead in the sky over Sky Harbor Airport and remained motionless for 15 seconds while we all stared and discussed what it could be. Then, right before our eyes it split into two separate parts which zoomed away faster than anything I've ever seen! At that point, all thoughts of celebrating the New Year were forgotten, and while we had been discussing the object moments before, now there was only a stunned silence. Some people turned and went into their homes without a word. We all went inside a little shaken.

Washington – Flying Triangle

WOODINVILLE – The eye-witness was at his computer on January 5, 2004, at 5:10 PM,, when he was distracted by flashing lights outside. The object had a row or two of flashing white lights that were reminiscent of emergency lights -- the kind that police vehicles use. These were white and seemed to be all over the craft that was moving south. It slowed to a stop and started going in reverse, northward. That was when I pointed it out to my girlfriend. It then tilted one of its points towards us and started a lazy circle, revealing a triangular shape. At two apexes were alternating red lights, with the flashing white lights on the bottom. In the center of the triangle was one slowly flashing larger red light. I could not discern a light at the third corner, but sometimes thought I saw a bright white light flashing there as well. It seemed that the pattern of flashing white and red.lights changed as the craft moved in different ways. The craft had completed its circle and was hovering four blocks away. It was about the size of a silver dollar at arm's length and hovering at about 300 feet altitude. It then rotated on its tail and rotated so that the "front" point was now level and facing north. It then picked up a lot of speed and flew out of sight.

It accelerated very fast and was out of sight within four seconds. At 5:13, I picked up my camera and immediately it came back into view, and hovered over the same area as before. I could hear the faint sound of a propeller plane, but it seemed very faint. After a minute, it began to move slowly back to the north. My camera's batteries were too low, so I could not get a picture. Some neighbors were walking up the path from the parking lot as I tried to take a photograph. The man immediately commented that it looked like a UFO to him. Soon it picked up speed at an alarming rate and was gone again within seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Canada – Police See UFO With Hundreds of Lights

SICAMOUS, BRITISH COLUMBIA - On December 26, 2003, the dispatcher for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took a call from an excited woman who saw unusual sights over a period of time. She felt she wasn't being taken seriously but at 11:30 PM, an officer arrived and saw an object and stood in amazement. He then drove towards the mountain where the object was sitting to get a closer look.

(HBCC UFO Note: So far Brian Vike left two messages with the Sicamous RCMP detachment to have the constable call me back. Excellent video footage has been shot by the family where you can hear the children in the background commenting on how quickly the object was moving all over the sky. It moves rather quickly, zigzagging, etc.. In the footage it shows the object moving erratically around the sky. The other members of her family who stood watching this event unfold saw the very same thing with the naked eye. There are more than one on different days and they are as big as a house and covered in lights only a mile away. Though binoculars it was the shape of an acorn or a diamond. It shot out a large red fireball, then six bright orange lights appeared in the sky around it. Each of the orange lights had another two white lights on them. These white lights shot a beam of light towards the ground. A half an hour later four more of the large acorn/diamond shaped objects showed up and sat either stationary or moved around the sky with hundreds of lights on each of them.

This story proved interesting enough that the television station (CHBC TV out of Kelowna, British Columbia) sent a news crew to interview the family and to get a copy of the footage. An RCMP officer who was out in his patrol car ... noticed an object in the sky and was instantly hit with a beam of light from it. After his shift was over and upon his return to his detachment he informed his co-workers of what he had seen. They thought he was seeing things. Now perhaps they have a different interpretation of the event.

Comox Valley, B.C.- On December 29, 2003, at 6:50 PM, the witness reports seeing a glowing almost round shaped object coming from the southwest, then just stopping, and then moving slowly to the north. It flew slowly southwest, hovered, then zoomed off towards east at an amazing speed. Later, I went outside and saw what could be the same object that had returned to almost the same spot but much higher. I am 100% sure of what I saw unless its some kind of manmade experimental object. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director CANADA HBCC

ABBOTSFORD, BC – A formation of two Crop Circles was found on December 15, by Laurel Leaman-Konrad and Jo Slingerland, near a previous "trident" formation. One circle in cattle corn and the other partly in cattle corn and partly in grass, about 30 - 46 meters (100 - 150 feet) apart. Circle in both cattle corn and grass slightly was larger and 55 feet in diameter. This was the seventeenth known report for 2003.

Argentina – Luminous UFO and Cattle Mutilations

ROSARIO -- The UFO was seen last Saturday, December 27, 2003, between 1 and 1:30 a.m. in the "El Patio de la Madera" sector of the city. The luminous object traveled from west to east at a speed similar to that of an airliner. Upon seeing the object, the eyewitness ran for his camcorder but couldn't find a free tape, so he chose not to waste any more time and used his digital camera. Rosario is less than 60 km from Victoria in the province of Entre Rios, which is famous for sightings that involve lights. The person who sent these images to the list states that a fisherman recognized the object and said that it was identical to others that he had seen in the past over the same area. Reports of animal mutilations continue to increase from Argentina. Thanks to Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

Northern England- Flying Triangles

WEST CUMBRIA - Three UFOs were spotted during the festive season over Workington and Whitehaven. Shining balls and spooky triangles were seen in the night sky. Daley Rogers, of Hensingham, was left spellbound by a red object hovering overhead. He said: “We were coming home and we could see something in the sky that dropped something white and bright that exploded. Then, it took off. Daley, 23, admits that although he wasn't frightened by the ball-shaped object, he's found it hard to get it out of his mind.

At least six other people witnessed strange goings-on in the West Cumbrian skies over Christmas. UFO expert Sharon Larkin, of Broughton Cross, near Cockermouth, said: “We have had sightings of a triangular-shaped craft and an orange ball over the Workington area." The triangle was going over the Stainburn bypass at around 10.30 PM on a Sunday at the end of December. Before that it was sitting over Clifton. “The orange ball was spotted over Broughton Moor last week.” The area has a higher than average of unexplained sightings. “The night sky in Cumbria is particularly alive. From September onwards, the skies are full of lights. With it getting darker earlier, people are more aware of what is going on over their heads.” Thanks to Emma McGordon and Fiona MacRae The News and Star 05/01/2004

England - UFOs Were Globular Twinkling Lights

HUDDERSFIELD – The Daily Examiner reports - Twinkling Christmas stars may have been replaced by UFOs over Huddersfield. Shocked pensioner Malcolm Stapp is adamant he saw a couple of flying saucers in the night sky. Mr. Stapp, 74, of Salendine Nook, said: "It sounds incredible I know, but I couldn't believe what I was seeing." He was going to bed at 12.30 AM, on Monday when he saw a bright light in the sky. He said: "It was stationary for at least 15 minutes and another one appeared traveling north and going very fast - a lot faster than the jets that fly over here. It was certainly not a helicopter or a plane." He added: "Both UFOs were globular with lots of lights on them. I tried to look at the stationary one through binoculars, it was just a blur of intense lights." I watched it for 15 minutes and it was still there when I went to bed. "I've never seen anything like it before."

Netherlands - Fifty UFO Sightings Last Month

STEENWIJK – On December 10, 2003, a 20 year old student and his family spotted some strange objects in the dark sky at around 6.10 PM. They spotted six strange objects in the dark clear sly with freezing temperatures: I was driving across my block while I saw this bright light up in the sky that moved a couple of kilometres in less than a second. It actually scared me so I stopped my car, opened my window and stared at the sky?

Suddenly I spotted more of these very same objects surrounded by a blue-white glow and softly but rapidly pulsating to red. One object became very, very bright. Within every five seconds or so the objects moved a couple of kilometres, however, these maneuvers were very unpredictable. I quickly drove home and shouted to my family to come out of the house to be able to see what I was seeing. They saw the same objects. But when my mother saw one craft shoot a couple of kilometres from it's position within less than a second, she screamed and asked, "What it could be?" One craft actually flew from a distant position right over us to a position behind us. At one time two were pulsating extremely bright, and one flew off. I would like to make it clear that these objects were nót planes. They moved far too quickly for that.

WERVERSHOOF - A 27-year old and some friends witnessed a bright ball of light on a cold clear New Year's Eve at twenty minutes after midnight. "I and a couple of friends saw the ball of light arriving from the Ijsselmeer (IJssel-lake is a shallow lake of approx. 1250 km²). It moved horizontally and extremely fast. This definitely couldn't be fireworks, since they can't travel that far. The very bright ball of light was initially blue-violet colored and changed to red. I followed the object until I couldn't see it anymore. It disappeared out of my sight after some houses and trees, but I didn't have the impression that it decreased in speed or height. What it exactly was, is a mystery for me, it was a great experience." Thanks to Toine Trust, Home of the Dutch UFO Community site: mail:

Japan – UFO Shaped Like Three Diamonds

TOKYO - Director Jun-ichi Kato, Organization of UFO Research Japan (OUR-J) reports, “A very unusual flying object was seen over the suburban area on December 14, 2003. Mrs. Miyayama dedicated OUR-J member and spotter on Sunday, around 12:20 PM, she was checking out the clear sky as usual from the balcony of her apartment. She saw an orangish translucent object suddenly appear in the sky and looked at it through her binoculars to verify its shape. Interestingly, found it was very unique that it looked like a fragment of abacus or three diamond shaped structures that connected in line.

One of three diamonds was shining metallic. The direction of appearance is east and the altitude is between 65 - 70 degrees. To share this exciting moment with her family, Mrs. Miyayama called out to her husband and her sons who were in the living room at the time. They all eye-witnessed this amazing object as well, said Mrs. Miyayama. The UFO hovered for about 10 minutes or so, and slowly descended and finally disappeared. Drawing by the witness Thanks to: Organization of UFO Research Japan (OUR-J) website is Toshie Nakagawa

South Australia – Orange Lights

ADELAIDE SA - A former soldier Anthony age 45, was outside having a smoke when he called his wife outside to observe a moving orange light that was very large, coming from the north., on Sunday December 29, 2003, about 10:30 PM. The bright orange light was almost as big as the moon and traveling northeast to southwest. They couldn't make out the shape or hear any noise. It was not on a regular flight path but flew near the Royal Australian Air Force Base. He thought it could be relatively close, and thought for a moment it could have been a helicopter but for the color of the light. It traveled steadily then made a turn at constant speed until after 5 minutes it disappeared over the hills to the southwest. Thanks to Diane Harrison

NSW NEWCASTLE - Trish reports, “I was standing out the front of my home here in New Lambton with my 15 and12 year old children on New Years Eve. With us were my neighbor couple with their 3 kids (7yrs, 14yrs and 16yrs). It was around 11:45 PM when we all saw two bright orange lights, a little larger than a star, that were traveling southwest in a straight line, one behind the other about one hand width apart. Then, the one behind swung down under the front one and passed to go in front. They hovered for about 10 seconds, then started to fade and disappeared. Then, about ten minutes later they re-appeared in the same flight pattern and maneuvers to bring in the New Year for 2004, then, hovering and fading. This happened 6 times. On the third time my daughter and the man next door saw another orange light same size to the north along the coastline. My son saw two other orange lights the same size under the other lights but they disappeared behind a tree. Comment: There have been more sightings of the orange UFOs reported that same night. Thanks to Diane Harrison, National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network, Australian Skywatch

International UFO Congress Feb. 8-14, 2004

We are rapidly approaching our 13th Annual Winter Convention on Feb 8 to 14th. Our steady growth over the years prompted our move last year to a larger facility at the Flamingo Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The Flamingo has a new 20,000 square foot convention center, which will easily seat 1200+ attendees on the banks of the Colorado River! The event is one week long, and will host 25 speakers from around the world. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable conferences in the world!

Speakers include: George Filer, Jim Marrs, Matthew Hurley, Joe McMoneagle, Wynn Free, David Wilcock, Riley Martin, Adrian Dvir, Russell Callaghan (U.K.) Rich Dolan, Haktan Akdogan (Turkey), Ed & Kris Sherwood, James Mccanney, A.J. Gevaerd (Brazil), Claude Swanson, Stan Gordon, Budd Hopkins, Carol Rainey, Lisette Larkins, Daniel Sheehan, Leah Haley, Santiago Yturria Garza (Mexico), Michael Horn, Mary Rodwell (Australia), and Wendelle Stevens.


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