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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 21st, 2004

George Filer:
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UFO Sightings Pick Up

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Mars Lander Finds Mud and Water, Conversation With My Mom, New Hampshire - Three Possible Communicating UFOs, Massachusetts – Green Descending Fireball, Connecticut - Two Triangular Craft Seen, New York –Three Lights in a Horizontal Line and Flying Triangle, New Jersey – Light Causes Power Failure? North Carolina - Very Large Hovering Object with Flashing Lights, Florida – Triangle Shape With Sparking Flashing Lights at Each Tip, Ohio – Three Saucer Rims, Indiana – Investigating UFO Sighting by Three Police Officers, Illinois - UFO Sighting in Downtown Chicago, Texas - A Triangular Object at a Low Level, Montana – Green Pulsating Orb, Arizona - Large bright white light over downtown Phoenix, Nevada - Large Bright White Circular Object, Canada - Black Triangular Craft With Green/Red Lights, Sweden – Circular Object, India - A Bright Show of a UFO, and Australia - White/Blue Sphere Hovers Above Boat. All photos can be viewed at Weekly Files Views at:

Mars Muck "What I Really See Is Mud,"

Mars muck "What I really see is mud," suggests Gilbert Levin, a former Mars Viking life detection experimenter in the 1970s. He is now Executive Officer for Science at Spherix Incorporated in Beltsville, Maryland. My recent thoughts too! Levin said that the formation of liquid water can happen under the environmental conditions of Mars. Indeed, that water can even exist in liquid form on the surface of the red planet. Furthermore, the detection by NASA's Mars Odyssey of the widespread presence of near-surface ice means liquid water is on the Martian surface.

"Liquid water is generally acknowledged to be necessary for the presence of life on Mars," Levin said, hence the importance of addressing the issue that the so-called Magic Carpet has raised on Mars, he said. Levin added: "If it looks like muck, and it puddles like muck, and it tracks like muck -- it must be muck." Thanks to

Editor's Note: If NASA reveals there is life in space, it opens a Pandora's Box of questions. Perhaps that's why the most recent Mar's Lander carries no equipment to test for life. It seems very strange that we spend millions to send probes to Mars, and that they do not contain at least tests for microbian life. The lander landed in some mud that would be ideal for testing. I wonder why there is a program to make the public think Mars is absolutely dead? The lander equipment is essentially designed to find water, since it landed in the mud, it is successful in its endeavor. Here On Earth water mixed with salts tend not to freeze at 0 centigrade. The more salt generally the lower the temperature. Although, Mars temperatures are low, the Viking Landers 1 & 2, as well as Pathfinder, found Mars Soil to be very salty. Other factors such as a low atmosphere, natural anti-freeze, and direct sunlight may cause the frost or ice to liquefy and create mud on Mars. Where there is mud there is likely to be life. Norm Bryden who has studied Mars images for twenty years has sent some spectacular images that seem to show vegetation and structures. See:

Europe's Eye On Mars From Mars Express

The European Space Agency's (ESA's) Mars Express was successfully inserted into orbit on Christmas Day 2003, and is already sending back spectacular close-up High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) images. The High-Resolution camera is the best sent to Mars to search for the geological features that betray the presence of water and look for ancient oceans. MARSIS will make the first ever sub-surface investigation of Mars, using radar to penetrate down to three or four kilometers below the surface. It may even reveal underground lakes of ice or water. It is a prime candidate for future manned exploration, and even colonization. The picture taken by ESA's Mars Express on 14 January 2004 of a portion of the 1700 km long and 65 km wide swath Grand Canyon of Mars (Valles Marineris). It is the first image of this size that shows the surface of Mars in high resolution (12 metres per pixel), in color and in 3D.

Conversation With My Mom

Now that I'm older I recognize that my own Mother Francis Filer has much more wisdom than I previously recognized. In recent years she lost her eyesight and listens to talking books most of the day. She turns 93 on January 27, 2003, and is quite alert and pleasant. She has amazing good spirits and lives in a Nursing Home that costs $4500 a month. I asked how do you cope with being blind, broke, and old?

She stated, “I wake up each morning and make up my mind that it's a beautiful world each day.” I can remember the good times and the bad. I feel much better when I see in my mind's eye a beautiful world and the happier times. She makes up her mind to be more contented rather than sad. She spends much of her day listening to good books, or praying for her two sons.

Even though blind, she has many new friends, so I asked her how she gets these friends. She remembers the scriptures advice when she goes to meet new friends, “Lord, I'm not proud and haughty, I don't think of myself as better than others. I don't tend to “know it all.” I am quiet now before the Lord, just as a child who is weaned from the breast. Yes, my begging has been stilled.”

Psalms 131.

I told my Mother I have started telling about her in my weekly files. She saw a UFO in her backyard in Western Springs, Illinois hovering above the electric wires in the summer of 1965. She told me UFOs and God are real. The Bible says we were created to worship God, let us create them in our image. Some how its all tied together, the UFOs are here for Earth's most precious commodity...the spark of life, our DNA, or perhaps our souls. From the moment of fertilization all human chromosomes are present, after three weeks the baby's heart begins to beat, at about six weeks brain waves can be detected and most organs are in place. About 30% of all babies are aborted. If someone wanted to collect life on our planet, the US alone has one and half million abortions a year. Some tests indicate the soul has a weight of a few grams. She asked me to give her love to all of you.

New Hampshire - Three Possible Communicating UFOs

HAMPTON-MANCHESTER – The witnesses were driving back from Portsmouth and as they got on to 101 West, at 5:41 PM, on January 1, 2004, they saw a hovering bright white light to the south. My mother-in-law, my wife and I tried to catch it by taking some back roads south, but as we got close, it moved away. We went back to the highway and continued to Manchester. The object sometimes was even with us, went ahead and even in back of us. When we got to Epping area, a small flashing red light appeared to the right and another in front of us.

They would appear and reappear randomly. At one point, the flashing reds changed their flash pattern and the bright white light to the south dimmed to almost nothing, and changed to an orange color. Then, changed to a flashing red light, disappeared and then reappeared as bright as before. We lost track of the flashing reds, but the bright white continued to dim and rebright and looked to be positioned over Massabesic Lake in Manchester, where we have seen UFOs hover before. We gave up the chase at this point. All three looked like they could have been stars, but they moved. We have witnessed UFOs before and were actually chased by a UFO and at it was right over us. I was convinced. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Massachusetts – Green Descending Fireball

BEVERLY – The witness reports seeing thirty of more white disks fly across the sky over Lynch Beach Park at 9:33 AM, on January 10, 2004. They appeared to land somewhere in the forest near Lynch Beach Park. I am really scared right now. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. Thanks to Peter Davenport

BURLINGTON – The observer was driving home at 12:45 AM on January 14, 2004, on Route 128, when a little way down the highway he saw a descending green fireball with a tail that seemed to disappear as it neared the tree line. He states, “It really caught me by surprise; the sighting was not that long and the fireball was green, which I thought was really odd.” Thanks to Peter Davenport

Connecticut - Two Triangular Craft Seen

WEST HARTFORD – The eye witness, who is an avid sky watcher, was driving south on Trout Brook Drive around 10 PM on January 7, 2004, and saw two very bright lights in the sky, hovering and moving slowly only 300 feet above the ground. The moon was full, high in the sky and the object was hovering slowly in a sort of circular motion. One of the objects started moving away and I lost sight of it, so I focused on the other. I had to turn my car around and follow it and as I got closer I could see a triangular shaped form with three white lights on each corner of the triangle and a few blinking red lights on it.

I pulled my car over to the side of the road, as did a bunch of other people, to try to get a better look. I rolled my window down to see if I could hear anything, but it was completely silent. If it was a plane or helicopter, it was close enough that I would have definitely heard something. At this point it was much lower, probably 75-100 feet off the ground. It hovered and moved slowly and I continued to watch it for another couple minutes until it disappeared behind the tree line and I lost sight of it. Because of the lighting on the ground, I had a bit of a difficult time trying to decipher the dimensions, but I would have to guess that it was about 20 to 25 feet in length and about 10 feet in height. It looked like it was black, but being dark, I'm not completely sure. Thanks to Peter Davenport

New York - Triangular Object Flying on New Years Eve

MATTITUCK – At 11:10 PM, on New Years Eve, the witness looked out the window and a white triangular object flying through the sky caught his eye. There was a black circle on the bottom of it. The witness states, “I only got a few seconds look as it went past the trees moving fairly slow; but it seemed to be fairly big from the view I got of it." Thanks to Peter Davenport

ROCHESTER -- On December 30, 2003, at 6 PM, a brother and sister were watching TV when a disk shaped UFO flew past the window. The disk was glowing brilliant yellow and made no sound. They ran outside to the porch and the UFO was about 500 feet away. The observers report, “It stayed there and we got my Mom and she also thought that it was a UFO.” My sister got the binoculars and we saw three lights, yellow, white, and red in a horizontal line above our house. It slowly moved to the east and my sister and I ran to a nearby field where it disappeared into the dark sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport

CORAM -- It was getting late Sunday night on December 28, 2003, when two friends driving on Middle Country Road east to Coram, saw a bright light at 11:10 PM. We passed over North Ocean Avenue and saw it getting brighter but still in the same position. I pointed it out to my friend and then looked behind us. The object was about 3/4 of a mile away from us and about 1600 feet high behind the tree line. The object made no sound! We pulled over but lost sight of the object, then saw it about two miles away from us. It looked like a triangle with three lights at each tip and one light in the middle, so we observed this object for about 30 more seconds. It looked like it rotated 90 degrees and took on a Y shape and faded away. It flew two miles in six seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport

New Jersey – Light Causes Power Failure?

OLDBRIDGE – The power went out three times, so the observer went outside to see that the whole neighborhood was dark on December 23, 2003, at 9:30 PM. It was odd because there was no storm. Then, a glowing light changing color from green to white flew east, reversed, then very quickly went southeast. Then, from where the first one appeared, a second craft appeared on a more direct path as if in pursuit of the first. Both were changing speed and color. What I saw last night was unbelievable. Thanks to Peter Davenport

HARMONY TOWNSHIP -- The evening was partly cloudy, but stars were visible on December 29, 2003, at 6 PM. The object was first seen between tree branches on the lower edge of the horizon. The object was blinking red and white and moving in an unfamiliar fashion. It did not move like a plane or helicopter. It hovered and flitted around in a zigzag. After a few minutes of this, the object shot straight up in the sky, and hovered there. Then the color of the lights changed. The lights initially were blinking at the back, once it started moving over my house, there were red and white lights blinking in a chasing light type fashion across the front of the object. The oddest thing was, there was absolutely no noise whatsoever from this object. It was dead silent. Thanks to Peter Davenport

North Carolina - Large Hovering Object with Flashing Lights

FOUR OAKS -- On January 4, 2003, at 7 PM, the observer saw a bright light behind his home and at first thought it was the moon in the northern sky. He looked east and saw the real moon. He grabbed his binoculars and saw an extremely large gold-silver colored saucer with a definite dome on the top. The observer states,” Looking through the binoculars, I could see flashing lights at the top, bottom and on the left side." He ran and got a video camera and telephoned others to come out and see the object. I was able to get the object on videotape. After a few minutes of watching the object, it began to move very slowly to the east where it went behind some trees and out of sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Florida – Triangle Shape With Sparking Flashing Lights

TAMPA -- Prior to the football game between Iowa and Florida four military jets, and six other aircraft flew over the stadium at 10:45 AM, on New Years Day 2004. The aircrafts noise alerted this retired person of 34 years with the Department of the Army to grab his Nikon 10X50 6 degree glasses to get a better view of the action. He saw a military sky jumper parachuting into the stadium about a mile away when he noticed a UFO. He stated, “It was triangular shaped with sparking flashing lights at each tip that flew north, and was just barely visible due to heavy clouds in his area of flight. The other aircraft activities were performing in perfect VFR condition for viewing. I am 71 years old,. This is my first UFO report, ever. I have never witnessed such an aircraft configuration as the one I just reported. The bright lights at each tip appeared as sparking. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Ohio – Three Saucers Rims Were Seen

BEAVERCREEK – The witnesses saw the vapor trail of an airplane that seemed to be heading straight down toward the earth on December 26, 2003, at 3 PM. We stopped our vehicle, as it appeared that a crash was near. The "plane" suddenly made a right angle turn and stopped. The witnesses state, “What we could see was the "edge" of a "saucer" that was diagonal in the sky with the top, left side higher than the right lower side.” It was easily seen in a clear sky about as bright as a plane's vapor trail on a clear day. The object slowly changed its position, but never lost its "brightness".

Then we saw another object do the exact same apparent plunge to the earth and make the exact same turn and the two "disc edges" remained in the sky. Since they were just sitting in the sky, we drove the few miles left to our hostess' house and told them all to go outside. The four of us, who observed this event, jumped into the car again and drove until we could see this phenomenon again. While we were parked, a third phenomenon occurred exactly like the first two. We saw three separate occurrences, but never saw more than two discs together. There were four people in the vehicle. A woman 67, a woman 41, a boy 7 years old and a boy 3 years old. All of us saw it and the 7 year old was frightened by what was clearly observed by all of us. Thanks to Peter Davenport

WHEELERSBURG -- A bright light that changed colors from red, orange, blue, white in the sky was seen along the Ohio River on January 15, 2004. The object traveled from north to south very slowly over a period of 90 minutes then disappeared. This object first appeared in the summer of 2003, on several different occasions. We have seen the object twice this week. The object had no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter sends another photo of a UFO over the neighboring farm. These craft seem to be able to disappear and appear at will a number of yards away. It is like there are two tubs of water, the left tub is full and the water moves to the second tub. This happens at tremendous speed and the cameras seem too slow to catch the movement.

Indiana – Investigating Sighting by Three Police Officers

HUNTINGTON -- Roger Sugden who is a MUFON investigator writes, “I was the first to look into the Huntington UFO affair. I went to Huntington the very next day after the story in the Herald-Press. I had two MUFON investigators with me. Doug Egolf, and Gene White. We talked with the editor of the paper to verify the facts of the story, then went to the police station and talked with one of the police officers who was an eye witness. We found him to be very credible and perplexed at what he had seen. The newspaper report stated, “Officer Chip Olinger was warming up his car December 26, 2003, when he reported seeing a circular object in the sky and radioed officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who also saw it. All three say they watched as the object moved out of the northwest, drifted toward a church steeple, then shot straight north without a sound in an encounter that lasted less than a minute about 2:30 PM. The trio describes the object as about the size of a hot air balloon or a backyard trampoline. They said it was low enough in the sky that Olinger thought it might crash into the steeple."

“We were not able to talk with the other officers, or the other eye witness who is a pilot who viewed the object from his car, and told the police officer that it was very low, below 1000 feet, and that even in good daylight, he could not identify what it was, also that its size was larger than a Cessna aircraft.” We talked with another man who claims he saw a hover disc Mylar balloon, however, this has been ruled out due to the difference in the times that the objects were seen. The investigation is ongoing and I can be reached for comment at or at 260 489 0767. An interesting note: The land that the church is built on was given to the church by Miami Chief Richardville. Perhaps it was an old sacred site, and he knew that it would remain so by giving it to the church. Thanks to Roger Sugden ASD/CFI MUFON IN

Illinois - UFO Sighting in Downtown Chicago

CHICAGO -- At almost exactly 10:30 PM on December 28, 2003, the witness saw a UFO in downtown Chicago next to the lake, a few hundred feet from the Buckingham Fountain pathway. It looked like it was hovering over the Shed Aquarium and moved very quickly and maneuvered around as if it were a toy plane being flown. The lights on the UFO seemed to blink, but it was definitely not a plane. There were broken up clouds across the sky, as if they were providing protection from being seen. When I made it back into my apartment, on Michigan Avenue. I noticed a plane going very fast across the sky, toward the lake. At 11:15 AM., December 29, 2003, there was a helicopter that flew just over the buildings, which is VERY low and very unorthodox considering the terrorist threats. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Texas - A triangular Object at a Low Level

EL PASO – The witness was coming from med school in Juarez, Mexico at 6:35 PM, on January 12, 2004, and entering Executive Boulevard he saw a strange object. I was at a stoplight and looked up to the mountain area and saw a radio tower that looked slightly big. The tower was moving and now it was a floating triangular object. I do live around a military base called Fort Bliss and they have helicopters but you will always hear them. There was no way it could have been a plane. It flew straight then zigzagged. The lights emanating from this object weren't too bright but were definitely blinking. I had another eyewitness who was in a car next to my car. I rolled down my window to ask him if he saw what I saw. He was perplexed. He said he couldn't believe what he saw and he said he didn't know what it was. I tried to chase this object but couldn't catch up. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Montana – Green Pulsating Orb

HELENA -- On his way to work at 4:10 AM, on December 29, 2003, the witness saw a pulsating, green orb descending diagonally downward. The pulsating orb had a large bright center with its edge brightness kind of looking misty or foggy. The green orb pulsated slowly but it descended very rapidly. It disappeared before it touched the ground. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Arizona - Large Bright White Light Over Downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX – A couple noticed the very bright large white light on January 6, 2003, at 6:40 PM, in the southwest night sky. It was half as high above the downtown buildings as the planes after they level off from Sky Harbor. The object was so big and so bright it grew dimmer very gradually untill it just faded out from view about ten minutes. There were no blinking lights, just one bright white light about ten times brighter and larger than any typical star in the sky, but there were no other stars in the sky at the this time. The light never appeared to move, it just faded out. It seemed to just "hang" there. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Nevada - Large Bright White Circular Object

LAKE TAHOE -- On January 3, 2004, at 6:30 PM, an object was moving at a fairly rapid speed at a low angle along the mountain ridge less than a mile away. It was very bright, substantial white light and easily visible. About half way through the observation where was a pendant shaped iridescent (light red to blue) expulsion from the object (like a trail or gas explosion), which only lasted a moment, while the object continued on as it had originally appeared then disappeared behind the ridge.

If it were that big there would have been an explosion or hit someplace? Anyway the strangest thing I have ever seen in the sky. I have a master's degree in the physical/earth sciences. I have talked to a relative in the Air Force (who launches satellites) about space junk as a possibility--he says it wasn't junk. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Canada -- Black Triangular Craft With Green/Red Lights

VANCOUVER -- It was Christmas night, after 6 PM, and the witness was warming up his car when in the distance, above buildings, a very bright white light appeared. This light looked like a really big star, or a helicopter searchlight in the sky traveling north. As the object was above the small lake, I could now see the underside of the craft and I am positive that it was triangular in appearance, black/stealth in color. The lights that I remember seeing were red/greens, they might have been blue, also. At this point, the craft had been traveling in a straight line, but after it had passed the lake and was almost straight above me, it veered left (east) and I am positive that a regular passenger plane would not act in this manner. I chased the object a few blocks and the triangular nature was evident still. The object was now hidden behind trees and I gave up the chase.

England - Big and Blue Teardrop Things in The Sky

LONDON – The witnesses were sitting on the bank near the river, on December 29, 2003, at 8:38 PM, when an object appeared in the sky, then another four appeared. It was strange. They hovered there and glowed blue before they flew away. Thanks to Peter Davenport


HOOFDDORP -- (near Amsterdam) A 26-year-old woman witness on December 8, 2003, at 9:15 PM, saw a strange delta-shaped object on a night with some clouds and it was freezing. I was walking the dog in a field nearby and suddenly I got this strong urge to look up to the sky and then I saw this object. It was a neon-pink delta shaped object with a small triangle-shaped tail, totally illuminated. It was entirely luminously-pink and I couldn't spot any lights. The tail was a bit light pink-colored. The object had a light tail, that was somewhat lighter-colored than the object itself. The object suddenly disappeared behind the clouds. The light tail disappeared almost the same moment. It looks like the Oz Factor turned up during the sighting: It was bizarre, that I just looked up in these 5 seconds, you usually don't look up that soon if you're walking the dog. It was extremely quiet during the sighting, and when the object was gone I suddenly could hear the planes again. I was totally engaged in this sighting, even when the sighting ended. The witness saw a delta-shaped object, that was considerable larger than a jet at that height (1500m). The witness' dog, an American Stafford just walked on during the sighting, although he noticed that his boss behaved somewhat strange. I could have looked at it for hours. I will from now on keep my camera in readiness, I would have liked to record this one. The witness made a drawing of the object she witnessed (see attachment). Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza Editor UFOPlaza Nieuwsbrief site: mail:

Norway - UFO With Outer Circle and Two Inner Circles

KERI – The six witnesses were walking home when they saw a blue light circling around in the sky, about 100 meters above their heads. The married couple with four kids saw the lights slowly circling around. The object had one outer circle and two inner circles, and it was slowly moving north. There was a sound similar to a fog signal, given at short intervals. I couldn't see any physical shape of the object other than the rotating lights. As they entered their home the alarm sounded even though there should be a 25 seconds delay after opening the door. I took some pictures with my digital camera, but the batteries soon went out of power, also, when replacing them with new ones. The object was almost stationary in the sky at the same height just outside my house. We found more batteries and managed to take one more photo before they lost power. After taking that picture the object moved closer with the side pointing about 45 degrees upwards.

Sweden – Circular Object

OLMSTED -- We where walking home at 6:20 PM, on January 3, 2004, when we saw a circular object in the sky. The object flew very quickly across the sky and then disappeared without a trace. The sky was very foggy (we could hardly see the moon) so we believe that it couldn't have been a falling star, but something else. Thanks to Peter Davenport

India - A Bright Show of a UFO

SUTRA -- The witnesses were standing on the terrace looking at the full moon around 7:55 PM, when a saucer shaped object with whitefish color was observed on the northeast horizon. It was shining very brightly, and rather unusual. I can't confidently say whether it was a fireball or a UFO. It passed by in just for 45-50 seconds. My friend who was with me also witnessed the saucer and also questioned what was it. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Australia - White/Blue Sphere Hovers Above Boat

HARDWICK BAY, YORK PENINSULA – The witnesses were fishing for sharks about 100-500 meters off the shore when they noticed a strange object hovering above their boat on December 25, 2003, at 11 PM. It was a bright white/blue sphere, with strange magnetic affects such as metal hooks floating in the air. After about 10-20 seconds it seemed to just vanish in a flash of light.

International UFO Congress Feb. 8-14, 2004

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