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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 28, 2004

George Filer:
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Mars Has Water Vapor

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. European Space Agency Claims There is Water on Mars, Opportunity Lander Shows Blue Skies on Mars, The Monoliths Of Mars, Vermont - It Looked Like A Football Stadium Flood Light Structure, New York - Metallic, Object Approached Then Passed Overhead, New Jersey – Exotic Propulsion Aircraft, Pennsylvania – Three UFOs and Tracks in the Snow, Delaware – Climbing Lights, North Carolina - Disk Shaped Craft, Mississippi - Large Cylinder, Illinois - A Bright Light Moving Unbelievably Fast, Arkansas - Three Lit Objects Travel From A Satellite, Arizona - Police See Light Moving In The Sky, California – Police Officer Takes UFO Photos, Oregon -This was no satellite, Washington - Saw A Circular Bright Spot On The Ground, UK/England - Metallic Craft Went From Saucer To Teardrop Shape, Netherlands – Flying Triangle, Germany - Light Flash Turns Darkness Into Daylight, Conversation With My Mom, Soviet Army Fought UFOs and Set Up a Secret Laboratory, and Australia - UFO photo.

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European Space Agency's Claims There Is Water On Mars

European Space Agency's Mars Express is already sending back spectacular close-up High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) images and have announced there is water on Mars. Mars Express detected ice at the Red Planet's south pole, mission officials at Darmstadt, Germany, said Friday. "We have already identified water vapor in the atmosphere," scientist Vittorio Formisano said. "We have identified water ice on the soil on the south polar caps." The High-Resolution camera is the best sent to Mars thus far to search for the geological features that betray the presence of water and look for ancient oceans. It will make the first ever sub-surface investigation of Mars, using radar to penetrate down to three or four kilometers below the surface. It may even reveal underground lakes of ice or water.

Newly released ESA images reveal leakage of water from crater walls.

Mars “Opportunity” Lander Shows Blue Skies

The twin rover Mars Lander called Opportunity landed successfully on Mars on January 24, 2004, at 12:05 PM EST, and soon began beaming images back to Earth from showing as we predicted Mar's blue skies. Video released to the news media for the first time showed blue skies on national TV. NASA has apparently decided to show the actual sky color rather than the red tinted version shown up to now. Blue skies indicate atmosphere much greater than previously thought. The solar-powered rover is equipped with tools to scratch and drill into rocks and to examine the soil. Opportunity should operate for at least the next three months to look for water. Both Mars Landers have landed in areas that appear to have water near the surface. Just when the Spirit Lander was supposed to do its first drilling into the pyramid-shaped rock in the Gusev Crater its data stream shut down. Spirit has not sent any images or scientific data since January 21st, when it discovered a rock with a square hole. Some people are asking why the Lander shut down just when it might find water or other interesting artifacts? Don from Georgia claims he has obtained images from the Spirit that are “not to be released to the public” showing why Spirit shut down. :)


Norman Monteith Bryden writes, “I have spent thousands of hours studying the Mars Global Surveyor images. I am a graduate of Control Data Institute for Computer Technology. I have had love of science my entire life. This and my curiosity has driven me to great lengths. I think that I have discovered evidence of intelligent life on Mars. George Filer of Filer's Files has been very kind to me. He has put up on his site slideshows of my work. By clicking on the link below it will take you to the images. When you get to the web page click on the numbers below the introduction and a slide show will start. The images will change about every 10 seconds. To the left of each slide show are thumbnails that can also be accessed for that slide set. These images show evidence of running water, vegetation, animals and even full blown cities on the planet Mars. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Vermont - Looked Like a Football Stadium Flood Lights

CORINTH -- The witness cannot explain what he saw after seeing an exploding star in the east as I was driving home at 7:20 PM, on January 20, 2004. Backing out of his neighbor's driveway in a small meadow about 75 feet in front of him and directly straight up, about 100 feet high was what looked like a light fixture one would see at a football stadium. The witness states, “It had three or four large lenses, (side by side) each a medium-bright glowing white light beam that blinded me, but just hung there and was bright and glared.” I looked beyond the side of the lights to glimpse at what was holding this up there. What I saw was an outline showing that it curved away and behind the "set of lights". I pulled my car ahead and to the side of the road trying to keep an eye on it to get a better look through my passenger side window....when it just disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

New York - Metallic Object Passes Overhead

SARATOGA – A married couple were southbound on I 87 at the 32 mile marker just south of Saratoga NY on January 10, 2004, 3:30 PM, when they saw a distant object that they thought to be a hot air balloon in the distance. It was a clear cold night and unlikely for a hot air balloon to fly in temperatures 5 degrees above zero. The shape of the object changed and they were closing on the object faster than would be expected if it were a hot air balloon. The husband states, “As it passed overhead my wife was able to crane her neck and look up and see a disk shaped object, metallic in color, and not entirely smooth.” The object did not have lights. At the closest point the object appeared about the size of a quarter. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

New Jersey – Exotic Propulsion Aircraft and Oval UFO

TURNERSVILLE - Evelyn Galson called to tell me she had just taken a digital image of a strange diamond shaped craft or flying pumpkin seed over her home on January 22, 2004 at 4 PM in clear blue skies. The craft flew across the entire sky from west to east in a matter of seconds leaving behind a long white contrail. Other craft were seen in the sky over Philadelphia a few miles away. She often takes photos related to her work in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Editor's Note: The US is believed to operate advanced reconnaissance aircraft to follow on to the SR-71 aircraft. The image shows an elongated diamond shaped aircraft with dimensions estimated at 70 by 110 feet. Jet engines appear to be buried in the fuselage and propel the vehicle at supersonic speeds, probably in the range of 5000 miles per hour. The diamond shaped vehicle was white in color and likely generates intense heat due to the friction encountered. The craft appeared to fly above the 35,000 feet civilian air traffic in the Philadelphia area. The flying pumpkin seed could achieve hypersonic flight by pumping fuel from its midsection into a cone of air bounded by its shock wave. Popular Mechanics, carried an article by Gregory Pope, "America's New Secret Aircraft," in December 1991. The aircraft did not seem to have pulsed detonation engines that leave a puff of smoke or donut-on-a-rope contrails. Congress appropriated $1.5 billion to develop and test a single high-speed high-altitude aircraft. This may be the first known image of a the advanced Exotic Propulsion Aircraft. Some estimates indicate these aircraft can reach 36,000 kilometers per hour (roughly Mach 36).

Pennsylvania – Three UFOs and Tracks in the Snow

IVYLAND – The witness saw UFO's outside his bedroom window on January 16, 2004, at 11:11 PM. There appeared to be three UFOs in the sky that night. The next morning we found unexplainable looking foot prints or tracks in the snow in our yard. Also there was a slice chopped off one of the trees. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Delaware – Climbing Lights

ELSMERE – The witness was coming home from shopping on January 10, 2004, and when he got out of his car and turned to his left he saw three craft flying overhead in a straight line at 5:35 PM. The witness states, “I pulled out my binoculars and saw they were round and had no tracer or underbelly flashing lights.” They did not make a sound. I waited for a few minutes before one went left and out of sight and the other two shot up and disappeared from my sight. He remarked, “I grew up in a military family and I know my planes and helicopters very well enough to say that these were not military or civilian.” Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

North Carolina - Disk Shaped Craft

BARCO -- The observer was driving along NC-158 going about 70 MPH on January 15, 2004, when he saw a white object fly over the top of his car 12:30 AM. It seemed to hover up the road and the flew off into the woods, so he thought it may have been an owl. A minute later, an object approached from the left shot out in front of the car and hovered like before above the streetlights, but seemed to be producing a soft, white, pulsing glow. After a few seconds, it dashed off eastward. It was shaped like a disk but on either end had one, wavy, streamer like "tentacle" that also seemed to glow. When the craft was moving, the tentacle would flow behind it. When the craft hovered, the tentacles went out to the sides, in line with the craft like you would see the wrappers ends on the end of a piece of hard candy but longer. They would move like a flag does in a calm wind. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Mississippi - Large, Cylinder Shaped Craft

BILOXI -- A large cylinder shaped craft was seen hovering above the Gulf of Mexico about a mile from the city on January 8, 2004. The witness was driving east on I-90 and looked out over the Gulf and saw a long dark shape that was maybe 50 feet above the water at 4:45 PM. It was a good distance away so I couldn't make out any distinct shape. I watched it for more than 5 minutes and it never moved. It just sat there. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

UFOWisconsin - Good news! will live on!

UFOWisconsin has officially been sold to Mr. Noah Voss, owner of Noah has always had a fascination with the paranormal and has had personal UFO sightings. His expertise in websites and the paranormal will be a great addition to UFOWisconsin. We feel confident that the site will continue to grow and develop with Noah behind it. In the words of the great Captain Kirk and his ship the Enterprise....First star to the right and straight on until dawn. Good luck to all....Your friend and star searcher. Frank! Thank you! We enjoyed starting this site & working with all of you. We are thrilled that Noah will be taking it over and will enjoy seeing it continue to thrive under Noah's leadership. Thanks to John and Jenny Hoppe

Editor's Note: You have done a great job and will be missed.

Illinois - A Bright Light Moving Unbelievably Fast

PEORIA – The witness was driving her car with her aunt on January 7, 2004, at 3:30 PM, when they saw a brilliant light extremely high in the sky in mid-afternoon. It seemed to bright to be a plane although the sun may have been reflecting off it. Ten seconds later, it was further away and the brightness faded, and then it was gone. The whole sighting was less than 20 seconds. It could have been some sort of aircraft of ours, but I have never heard of anything we have invented that moves that fast; it was gone without a trace before we had a chance to try to follow it across the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport

SOHO OBSERVATORY – The observer often reviews the SOHO photos for anomalies that would otherwise be hidden by the Sun's brightness. On January 21, 2004, at exactly 7:00 AM the SOHO "blue spectrum" still shot captured the unmistakable image of a huge craft just above and to the left of the sun. I used Microsoft's Picture 7.0 to enlarge the section of the photo to 999%, the results were truly amazing! There is no longer any doubt in my mind. Though our government attempts to restrict public knowledge of these craft, it was their hardware, their physical evidence, and their website that published the data confirming its existence. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

Arkansas - Three Lit Objects Travel From A Satellite

ST. GEORGE ISLAND -- While on a cold starlit evening walk on January 11, 2004, two friends witnessed three lighted objects appearing to come from a star/satellite in the southern sky at 7:10 PM. The star or satellite appears every night at about 18 degrees up and south southwest and is bright compared to other stars. It does not blink and twinkle like a star would so I am assuming it is a satellite. Within a 15 minute period we saw three brightly lit objects appear to come from this satellite. There was a space of about 5 to 8 minutes between each light, they would head in a slow southerly direction and each one would gradually become dim and fade out, the skies eventually clouded over ending our observations. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

Texas - Extraterrestrial Edge Helps Balance Sheet

The Houston Chronicle by Craig Copetas writes, “A galactic mystery hovers over the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland: How many of the 2,280 global leaders, including 31 heads of state, gathered in this Alpine resort conduct business with extraterrestrials?” This is no whimsy for Davosians. It's on the agenda of the annual powwow of the influential and affluent who will ask forum participants such as Vice President Dick Cheney, Coca-Cola Chairman Douglas Daft and De La Rue Chief Executive Ian Much, if the aliens have landed and are collaborating with them to concoct government policy. "The extraterrestrials have yet to make contact with me," said Much, who will help moderate tonight's dinner seminar (closed except to forum participants) on The Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories: Have Extraterrestrials Made Contact With Government Leaders?

The British moneymaker is confident — at least for now — that De La Rue remains the largest non-government printer of bank notes in the Milky Way. "If the aliens are here," Much reckoned, "I'd absolutely expect them to call me to have their currency printed." Despite the twilight zone topic arching many an eyebrow along the snow-covered strip of fashionable hotel bars, forum officials maintain their five-day program on Partnering for Security and Prosperity requires an unambiguous examination of extraterrestrial presence on Earth. "The panelists are the best in their domain; they all have expertise in specific fields," explained Philippe Bourguignon, the forum's co-chief executive officer. "The themes and sessions at Davos reflect the global agenda." And the public's pulse.

A 1996 Gallup Poll found that 71 percent of Americans believe the government knows more about UFOs than it has disclosed. A Roper poll found that some 80 percent of those questioned think Wall Street and Washington are hiding knowledge of extraterrestrial contact. And the Internet search engine Google turns up as many Web pages dedicated to UFOs as it does for investment banking. "It is possible that UFOs really do contain aliens, and the government is hushing it up," Cambridge University physicist Stephen Hawking told British television viewers in a 1998 interview. President Bush's recent call to put a man on Mars before 2030 has swelled investor interest in exotic technologies, last week boosting the Bloomberg Aerospace Index 1.9 percent, its biggest gain since October. Earth's leaders prospecting extraterrestrial commerce as part of the forum's agenda has set off anticipation not seen among UFO analysts since Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released on DVD. Snip This article is:

Arizona - Police See Light Moving In The Sky

QUARTZSITE – The observers were camping on January 16, 2004, and saw a bright off-white to orange light in the southeastern sky at 7:30 PM. The light was brighter than the stars and was moving towards them and it appeared to stop. He states, “As we watched, another light shot from the bottom of the main object (like a shooting star) straight towards the ground at high speed until it dissipated to nothing.” This shooting object was the same color as the main object. I went and got a video camera and by that time the main object was moving away from us and I shot footage of it going away from us until it also disappeared. I am a Detective for a Southern California Police Agency and have never seen anything before like this. We had several witnesses present and the landscape was peppered with RV'ers that must have seen the same thing. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Oregon – Three Lighted Objects Over The Ocean

COOS BAY -- Two witnesses saw three lighted objects on January 21, 2004, about five miles out at sea at about 6 PM. The couple reports one object was very large and high in the sky, and two were smaller. The large one had red and green lights, plus a large white light that could have been shining into the ocean. The large object maneuvered, hovered, and dropped at a high rate of speed. The other two objects did not move. The lights of all three had a scrubbing effect. Witnesses watched with binoculars. A Coast Guard helicopter headed out toward the objects.

ALOHA -- On January 21, 2004, at exactly 6:23 PM, the witness a police Officer-Reserve, and pilot was on his back patio, looking through his binoculars for his usual satellite sightings. He spotted a satellite following it's normal west to east path, but he spotted another much fainter satellite directly above it heading in the opposite direction only moving much faster. I followed it and saw it split into two. Now, following a parallel course to each other at a speed faster than satellite's fly, it joined into one, then, split into two. They headed at a 45 degree angle away from each other, then came back to parallel each other. However, sometimes they would jump backwards and were definitely jerking and would shoot out fast then come back a little then join together and head out. I followed them until out of sight, about three minutes in all. They made the other satellite seem slow but I have been watching satellites long enough to know the difference.. moving at 90-degree angles, 45-degree angles in a split second. It was quite amazing. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Washington - Saw A Circular Bright Spot On The Ground

LANGLEY – The witness who lives on a golf course was looking down the fairway on January 18, 2004, 10 PM, where it is always pitch blackness and saw a flaming bright spot on the ground with two lights on the left, low in the sky. The lights and bright spot looked to be about 300 yards away. I thought there was a fire on the fairway. With the binoculars I saw a circle of bright light with heavy white vapors swirling within it and evaporating upward. There were two bright lights above. One light was pulsing brighter and seemed to be a spotlight on the circle. No noise. As time passed, the two lights moved slowly backwards...always low to the ground.. away from the fairway.. and the circular light with the vapors moved at the same rate...keeping the same distance apart. I watched until 02:15. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

UK/England - Craft Went From Saucer To Teardrop Shape

DUNSTABLE -- It was a cold night on January 10, 2004, at midnight, when several student friends were walking home from the pub. They were walking down High Street when they heard a humming noise. The witnesses stated, “It was a metallic looking craft, it was in a saucer shape and was just hanging there in the air.” Then it changed shape into a teardrop shape and flew upwards at an incredible speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

Germany - Light Flash Turns Darkness Into Daylight

COLOGNE -- On January 21, 2004, a large light flash occurred for two seconds that was witnessed by hundreds of persons from Kaiserslautern to Wiesbaden to Koln (Cologne), at 6:35 AM. It started as a low intensity flash and suddenly became brighter. It lit up the early morning darkness like daylight. The high intensity light appeared bluish, similar to that of light emitted from a halogen car headlight or lamp. The total incident lasted no more than two seconds. A friend related German media had reported the light was caused by a meteor reentering the earth's atmosphere however, I don't know if that's been verified at this time. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

Netherlands – Flying Triangle

UTRECHT -- A 21 year old resident from Vianen witnessed a triangle-shaped object fly over at 6:55 AM, on December 12, 2003. The witness who lives along the River Lek witnessed the object from the first floor of his house and states, “I saw an extremely bright light that wasn't steady, and was kind of turbid, like an image that's distorted by a flame.” He woke up a friend and both saw the light approaching. When the object almost passed over the roof, I was able to see a large triangle-shaped wing. The wing was just as wide as long, and was surrounded by white, yellow, orange/red and green colored light with the borders relatively bright, and the bottom less bright. The object was as large as a medium-sized jet, and flew at a height of 120 meters at a speed between 100 to 140 km/h. The witness heard a strange humming sound and was emotionally touched and somewhat confused after the sighting. During the sighting the witness made a low resolution digital picture with his mobile phone, but unfortunately it didn't show much. Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza Editor UFOPlaza Nieuwsbrief site: mail: news:

Conversations With My Mother on Her 93rd Birthday

My Mother says, “There probably is life on other planets because God would logically place intelligent life everywhere in hopes that they would worship him and follow his teachings.” The main teaching is to worship God and do unto others as they do unto you. This would allow all planets to live together in harmony. If we were told there was life through out the universe, I doubt it would hurt Christianity or other religions. Narrow minded people may be offended by the remark, but its a huge universe out there and I refuse to believe that we are the only ones occupying it. Whatever God saw fit to put in the universe is all part of a greater visionary plan than we know. God is much greater, omnipotent and all-powerful than most of us realize. Maybe the world would be a better place when we all come to the common understanding that all life is sacred and we need to respect it both here on earth or any where in the universe." For the UFOs to fly around and do the things they do, they must be fairly close or at least have bases near by. It seems reasonable that God has his own Air Force.

In the nursing home where my Mother lives there are many who just want to die and be left alone. She attempted to comfort another blind woman by playing her music, talking to her, and rubbing her hands to try to cheer her up. She also offered her a hearing aid since the woman was hard of hearing. Regrettably, the woman was not responsive and didn't seem to want any help. She prefers to be unhappy, to stay in her room and eventually die. My mother attends everything such as spelling, history, and trivia, where you answer questions. She enjoys life and listens to a new book almost every day. You don't get to die you've got to wait. Her thought for birthday was: “Its a great life if you don't weaken.” Love Mom.

Soviet Army Fought UFOs

Soviet military encountered many UFOs, and established at the end of the 60s a secret laboratory for researching flying objects in the USSR. Among the laboratory's tasks was researching anti-gravitation, but the research results were kept secret.

In 1947. Antiaircraft guns of Transcaucasian Military District fired on a flying cigar-shaped object which came from the Turkish border. The object's flying altitude was below 4,000 meters, but they failed to hit the cigar when the cigar increased its speed and flew away over the mountains. The Border District command ignored and ordered the monitors not to disclose the information that the object reached a speed up to 2000 kilometers per hour.

A similar case took place in 1984, in the Turkestan Military District. Near the city of Astrakhan air-defense system marked the ball-shaped object flying at the altitude of 2000 meters along the Caspian seashore. The object did not respond to radio communication and two fighters were launched, but they were unable to bring the object down. After being under fire, the object descended to 100 meters, and at this low altitude the planes were unable to continue firing. Despite being fired at, the object flew at slow speed. The ball passed over several military units, and was photographed. Near the city of Krasnoyarsk the military tried to bring the object down with the helicopter. However, it quickly increased its altitude so that the helicopter could not reach it. After firing all its supply of shells, the helicopter landed, and the ball abruptly flew in the direction of the sea and disappeared from the radar screens. In the same area a cylinder demonstrated its invulnerability. UFOs moving toward the border were attacked apparently unsuccessfully.

In 1985, near the town of Krasnovodsk the radar station under the command of Captain Valuev tracked a 1,000 meter disc-shaped object! The object was immovable, and some time later a small 5 meter disk flew out of it and then landed. Patrol boats rushed to that area, but when they closed to 100 meters, it took off and flew one kilometer away. This happened five times. Then the object flew up at a high speed to the bigger disc, which finally flew away spaceward.

In the end of June of 1971 the military could see over this area a black cigar-shaped flying object floating under the clouds at the altitude of 800 meters. The object was 25 meters long and had about 3 meters in diameter. It had neither stabilizers nor wings nor engines and was moving at the speed of 150 kilometers per hour producing no noise. In 1978, a Special Soviet military unit in the town of Mytishi was in charge of collecting data, and newly established "space troops" were designated to fight a possible threat from space.

In the beginning of August 1987, five soldiers of Leningrad Military District went to the North of Karelia region on a special mission to guard an object of unknown origin. It was found near the town of Vyborg and was 14 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high. The object had neither doors no hatches, and all attempts to open its hull were unsuccessful. The military tried to break off some object parts, but were only able to take some rods from its stern. In the end of September the object disappeared from the hangar without leaving a trace.

Australia -- Council Refers Photo To Government Agencies

WHITTLESEA -- An employee of this major municipality during his routine work as a traffic engineer took a photograph of a level railway crossing at Beveridge north of Melbourne using a digital camera. When it was downloaded from the camera on to a computer an object appeared in the sky on photograph. We just do not know what the object could be and would welcome any explanation. This Council believes it has an obligation to pass the image on to the relevant authorities for their consideration and investigation. The image has been referred by Council to the Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science & Technology Organisation, and the Civil Aviation Authority. This Council has no opinion about the object. Thanks to Anastasia Wietrzychowska, Mutual UFO Network, CT and Jim Linton, Communications Officer. email:

Editor's Note: The object in the photo appears to be a flying disk such as those that are seen and photographed thousands of times a year around the world.

International UFO Congress Feb. 8-14, 2004

We are rapidly approaching our 13th Annual Winter Convention on Feb 8 to 14th. Our steady growth over the years prompted our move last year to a larger facility at the Flamingo Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The Flamingo has a new 20,000 square foot convention center, which will easily seat 1200+ attendees on the banks of the Colorado River! The event is one week long, and will host 25 speakers from around the world. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable conferences in the world!

Speakers include: George Filer, Jim Marrs, Matthew Hurley, Joe McMoneagle, Wynn Free, David Wilcock, Riley Martin, Adrian Dvir, Russell Callaghan (U.K.) Rich Dolan, Haktan Akdogan (Turkey), Ed & Kris Sherwood, James Mccanney, A.J. Gevaerd (Brazil), Claude Swanson, Stan Gordon, Budd Hopkins, Carol Rainey, Lisette Larkins, Daniel Sheehan, Leah Haley, Santiago Yturria Garza (Mexico), Michael Horn, Mary Rodwell (Australia), and Wendelle Stevens.


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